Cook County Illinois Genealogy Trails

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Aldermen, First Ward.
James A. Smith,
Oliver H. Thompson.

Aldermen, Second Ward.
Eli S. Prescott,
Clemont C. Stoce.

Aldermen, Third Ward.
William H. Stow,
Ira Miltimore.

Aldermen, Forth Ward.
John Murphy,
Asahel Pierce.

Aldermen, Fifth Ward.
Henry S. Rucker,
John C. Wilson.

Aldermen, Sixth Ward.
John H. Kinzie,
Buckner S. Moris.

Samuel J. Lowe, High Constable.

1st Ward, Alvin Calhoun.
2d --------, Thomas Brock
3d---------, Thomas C. James.
4th Ward, John Gray.
5th --------, James Duffy
6rh --------, Jacob Raynor.

Alvin Calhoun, Chief Engineer.
Charles T. Stanton, Geo. Chacksfield, Assistant Engineers.

Wm. W. Brackett, City Clerk.
Erastus Bowen, Collector.
Geo. W. Dole, Treasurer.Charles M. Gray, Street Commissioner.
S. Lisle Smith, City Attorney
Charles V. Dyer, City Physician.
Asa F. Bradley, City Surveyor.
George Davis, Sealer of Weights and Measures.

Peter Bolles,
David Moore,
John Scott,
Daniel Elston,
Nathan H. Bolles.
J. Y. Scammon,
Wm. H. Brown,

Police Constables.
Samuel J. Lowe,
Daniel B. Heartt,
D. C. Allen,
George M. Huntoon.

Fire Wardens.
1st Ward, N. H. Bolles.
2d---------, Jerem. Price.
3d---------, John Gray.
4th Ward, John Miller.
5th --------, David Moore.
6th --------, Alonzo Wood.

Drs. Brainard, Gray and Betts, Board of Health.


Chicago Business Directory, 1839

Note -- The asterick {*} is prefixed to the names of those known to have passed from "the land of the living." The words in italics, enclosed in brakets [John K. B.] correct or amplify the original record.

Adams, William H., shoe and leather dealer, 138 lake street
Arnold, Isaac N., attorney and counsellor at law, dearborn street
* Abel, Sidney, postmaster, office, clark street
Allen, J. P., boot and shoe maker, north water street
Attwood, J. M., house, sign and ornamental painter, randolph street
Bristol & Porter, agents for C. M. Reed, forward. commis. merchants, [* Robert C. Bristol; Hibbard Porter.]
* Beaubien, J. B. Esq., reservation, fronting the lake
Blassy, B., baker, randolph street
* Boyce, L. M., wholesale druggist and apothecary, 121 lake street
Brackett, Wiliam W. city clerk, clark street
* Brown, Henry, attorney and counsellor at law, clark street
Bancroft J. W. & Co., lake street coffee house, 135 lake street
Beecher, J., boot and shoe maker and leather dealer, 160 lake street
Burley, A. G., crockery, stone and earthenware merchant, 161 lake st.
Bates & Morgan, cabinet makers, 199 lake street, {A. S. Bates; Caleb Morgan.]
Botsford & Beers, copper, tin and sheetiron merchants, dearborn street
* Brinkerhoff, Dr. John, clark street
* Betts, Dr., residence and office mighigan street
* Brown, William H., cashier, Illinois branch state bank, lasalle street
* Boyer, J. K., coroner, south water street, [John K. B.]
Beaumont & Skinner, attorneys and counsellors at law, clark street, [* Geo. A. O. Beaumont; Mark Skinner.]
Balestier, J. N., attorney and counsellor at law, clark street.
* Burton, Stiles, wholesale grocer and liquor dealer, lake and state strts.
* Bowen, Erastus, city collector, foot of south water street
Berry B. A. & Co., dry goods and grocery store, south water street
page 24:
Brady, George, constable, alley between north water and kinzie streets
Briggs & Humphrey, carriage and wagon makers, randolph street [* Benj. Briggs; J. O. Humphrey.]
* Butterfield, Justin, attorney and counsellor at law, dearborn street
* Bolles, Nathan H., county commissioner, overseer of poor, lake street
Bethune, Andrew, Parisian dyer and scourer, north water street
Carter T. B. & Co., fancy dry goods merchants; 118 lake street
Clarke, W. H. & A. F., wholesale druggists & apothecaries, 128 lake street
Cole, A., ship, house, sign, and ornamental painter, 129 lake street
* Carney, John, grocery and provision store, 133 lake street, [James Carney.]
* Cure, P., grocery and provision store, randolph street
* Curtiss, James, attorney and counsellor at law, 175 lake street
Clever, J., soap boiler, factory on the south branch, [Charles Cleaver.]
Collins S. B. & Co., boot, shoe and leather dealer, 140 lake street, [* Saml. B. C. of S. B. C. & Co.]
* Church, Thomas, grocery and provision store, 111 lake street
* Childs, S. D., wood and metal engraver, saloon buildings, clark street
* Clark, L. W., exchange broker and lottery agent, 150 1/2 lake street
Cleveland & Co., house, sign and ornamental painters, dearborn street
Conklin, J., blacksmith, carriage and wagon repairer, clark street
* Cook, C. W., Illinois exchange, 192 lake street
Cobb, S. B., saddle, bridle, harness and trunk maker, 171 lake street
Cook, Isaac W., eagle coffee house, dearborn street
Clarke, Dr., 159 lake street
Cunningham, John, grocery, north water street, at the ferry, [Henry Cunningham.]
* Couch, Ira, hotel keeper, corner of dearborn and lake streets
* Calhoun, John, collector of taxes, Eddy's store
Carpenter, Philo, druggist and apothecary, south water street
Chacksfield, George, grocery and provision store, south water street
* Collins, J. H., attorney and counsellor at law, dearborn street
Colvin, Edwin B., door and sash maker, dearborn and north water streets
* David, William, boot and shoe maker, near New York house, lake street
page 25:
* Doyle, S., draper and tailor, junction of kinzier and north water sts.
Durand, Charles, attorney and counsellor at law, 149 lake street
* Davis, George, county clerk, 159 lake street
* Delicker, George, wholesale grocery and provision store, 163 lake street
* Dewey, Dr. E., druggist and apothecary, dearborn street
Dodge & Tucker, ship chandlers and grocers, south water street, [John C. Dodge; * Henry Tucker.]
Dalvin, John, Auctioneer, corner of dearborn and south water streets
Davis, Miss A., cloak maker and tailoress, 115 lake street
* Dole, George W., city treasurer, michigan street
Dyer & Boone, Drs., state street, opposite the new market, [Charles V. Dyer; Levi D. Boone]
* Davis, William H., constable, south water street
Eddy & Co., hardware, stove and ironmongers, 105 lake street, [Ira B. Eddy; Devotion C. Eddy.]
Edwards, Alfred, grocery and provision store, nothe water street
Eldridge, Dr., clark street, Harmon & Loomis' building, [John W. E.]
* Etzler, Anton, cap, stock and umbrella maker, 151 lake street, [Anton Getzler.]
Frink & Bringham, stage office, 123 lake street, [* John Frink; ----Bingham.]
Follansbe, A., grocery and provision store, dearborn street
Funk, J., fulton and illinois markets, 95 lake and north water streets, [Absolam F.]
Foster & Robb, grocers and ship chaldlers, dearborn street, [Geo. F. Foster; * Geo. A. Robb.]
Follansbe, C., grocery and provision store, dearborn street
Fenherty, John, fancy dry goods store, south water street
Fullerton, A. N., lumber merchant, north water street
* Foot, D. P., blacksmith, south water street [David P. Foot.]
Goss S.W. & Co., dry goods merchants, 105 lake street
Gale, S. F., bookseller and stationer, corner of lasalle 159 lake street
Gale, Mrs., New York milinery store, 99 lake street, [Mrs. Abraham Gale.]
Goodsell & Campbell, dry goods and grocery store, dearborn street, [L. B. Goodsell; ---- Campbell.]
Goold, N., grocery and provision store, 155 lake street.
Gurnee, W. S., saddle and harness maker, 129 and 164 lake street
page 26:
Gray, C. M., street commissioner, randolph street
Gill, Edmund, Shakspeare hotel, north water street, near the lake house
* Graves, D., Rialto, dearborn street, [Dexter Graves.]
Gage, J. flour store, south water street; mill on the south branch
* Gavin, Isaac R., sheriff, randolph st., north-west corner public square
Goodrich, Grant, attorney and counsellor at law, 105 lake street
Goodenow, A., dry goods merchant, 134 lake street
Gray, John, chicago hotel, wolf point
Hupp, S., tailor anc cutter, 210 lake street
* Hunter, Edward, deputy sheriff, wells street, [Edward E. H.]
Hubbard & Co., forwarding and commission merchants, north water st. [Gurdon S. Hubbard; * Henry G. Hubbard.]
* Hooker, J. W., grocery and provision store, 152 lake street
* Hamilton, R. J., clerk circuit court, clark street
Hobbie & Clark, dry goods merchants, 142 lake street, [* Albert G. Hobbie; John Clark.]
* Hanson, J. L., grocery and provision store, 146 lake street, [Joseph L. Hanson.]
* Hodgson, J. H., tailor and clothier, opposite city hotel, clark street
Hovey & Burbeck, lake street market, 143 lake street, [* Samuel S. Hovey; ---- Burbank.]
Howe, Miss, milliner and mantuamaker, corner of lake and wells sts. [Now the widow of Rufus B. Brown.]
* Henson, O. C., hair cutting and shaving shop, 183 lake street
Heymann, F. T., watchmaker and jeweller, 173 lake street
Hallam, Isaac W., rector St. James; church, cornor cass and illinois st.
* Howe, F., clerk, Illinois branch state bank, lasalle street, [Frank A. Howe.]
* Howe, F., A., justice of the peace, 97 lake street, [Fred. A. Howe.]
Harmon, Loomis & Co., wholesale grocers, clark and south water sts. [* Chas. L. Harmon; Horatio G. Loomis.]
* Holbrook, J., clothing, bed and mattress store, south water street
* Holmes, L. W., hardware and stove merchant, south water street
Hall, Henry P., barber, north water street, opposite the lake house
* Howe, J. L., city bakehouse, north water street, [James L. H.]
Hoyne, Thomas, attorney and counsellor at law, 107 lake street
Harmon, Isaac D., dry goods merchant, clark street, near the river
Harmon, William, blacksmith, north water street, [Harman.]
Hunt, B. T., bed and mattress store, south water street
Page 27;
* Huntoon, G. M., constable, near corner of dearborn and kinzie streets, [Geo. M. Huntoon.]
Higgins, A. D., merchant, (Parish & Metcalf's) 132 lake street
Hayward & Co., burr mill stone manufactory, kinzie street
Johnson, J., hair cutting and shaving shop, 131 lake street
* Jones, William, justice of the peace, dearborn street
Judd, N. B., attorney, exchange buildings, 107 lake street
King, Tuthill, New York clothing store, 115 lake street
King, Willis, lumber merchant, randolph street
* Kerchival, L., inspector of the port of Chicago, [Lewis C. K.]
Kinzie & Hunter, forwarding, commission merchants, north water st. [* John H. Kinzie and General Robert Hunter.]
Kendall, Vail & Co., clothing store, 119 lake street
Keogh, P. R., tailor and clothier, clark street
Killick, James, grocery and provision store, dearborn street
* Kimberly, Dr. E., residence, north water street, near the lake house, [Dr. Edmund S. K.]
Kent & * Gilson, livery stable keepers, state street
Leavenworth, J. H., overseer public works, garrison
* Lewis, ----- merchant, dearborn street, [L. F. Lewis, removed to Wisconsin.]
* Lewis, A. B., sunday school agent, lasalle street
* Lowe, Samuel J., high constable, clark street, near methodist church
* Loyd, A., carpenter and builder, wells street, [Alex. Loyd.]
* Lincoln, Solomon, tailor and clothier, 156 lake street
Lindebner, J., tailor and cutter, lake street
* Leary, A. G., attorney and counsellor at law, dearborn street
Lill, William, brewer, lake shore, north side of river
Magie & Co., dry goods merchants, 130 lake street, [Haines H. Magie; * John High, jr.]
M'Donnell, Charles, grocery and provision store, market street
M'Craken & Brooks, tailors and clotheirs, clark street, [Thomas Brooks.]
M'Donnell, Michael, grocery, north water street
Manierre & Blair, merchant tailors, clark street, [Edward Manierre; Geo. Blair.]
Morris, B. S., alderman, attorney and counsellor at law, saloon buildings
* Montgomery, G. B. S., merchant, 137 lake street
Mills, M., grocery and provision store, 154 lake street
Matthews, P., dry goods merchant, 162 lake street
* Merrill, George W., dry goods merchant, 166 lake street
page 28:
Morrison, John H., grocery store, 190 lake street
Murray, George, tailor and clothier, 198 lake street
Mooney, Michael, blacksmith, franklin street
Murray & Brand, exchange brokers, 189 lake street [James Murray; * Alex. Brand.]
Massey, I. F., saddler and shoe merchant, 175 lake street
Morrison, J., carpenter, clark street
* Morrison, Orsemus, morrison's row, clark street
Massey, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, 175 lake street
Malbucher, L., grocery and provision store, 167 lake street, [* Louis Malzacher.]
M'Combe, Mrs, milliner and dress maker, 165 lake street, [Miss McComber.]
Marshall, James A., auctioneer, commission merchant, south water st.
Mosely & M'Cord, merchants, south water street, [*Flavel Moseley' * Jason McCord.]
*Murphy, J., United States hotel, west water street, [John Murphy.]
Morrison, John C., grocery and provision store, south water street
Mitchell, John B., boot and shoemaker, south water street
Miltimore, Ira, steam sash factory, south branch of Chicago river
* Moore, Henry, attorney and counsellor at law, clark street
Marsh & Dole, butchers, dearborn street, [Sylvester Marsh; G. W. Dole.]
Merrick, Dr., 121 lake street; house corner state and randolph streets
* Manierre, George, attorney and counsellor at law, 105 lake street
* Meeker, George W., attorney and counsellor at law, 150 lake street
Mylne & Morrison, lumber merchants, south water street, [Robert Milne; Alex. Morrison.]
* Newberry & Dole, forwarding, commission merchants, north water st. [* Oliver Newberry of Detroit; * Geo. W. Dole.]
Norton & Co., H., grocers and provision merchants, south water street, [Horace Norton; Joel C. Walter.]
Nickalls, Pateson, livery stable keeper, kinzie street
Nicholson & Co., merchants, north water street
Osbourne & Strail, hardware, stove, iron merchants, 124 lake street, [Should be Osborn & S.]
Otis S. T. & Co., stove, iron, hardware merchants, dearborn street
Osterhoudt, L. M., New York house, 180 lake street
Osbourn, William, boot, shoe and leather merchant, 141 lake street, [Should be Osborn.]
* Oliver, John A., house, sign and ornamental painter, kinzie street
Page 28:
Ogden, William B. Esq. kinzie street
Ogden, M. D., of Arnold & Ogden, attorneys, dearborn street
O'Brien, George, grocery and provision store, north water street
O'Connor, Martin, blacksmith, randolph street
* Post, Dr., residence lake street, office dearborn street
Peck, E. treasurer canal fund, clark street
Page, Peter, mason, clark street, brick building above randolph street
Paine & Norton, dry goods merchants, 117 lake street [* Seth Paine and * Theron Norton.]
Parsons & Holden, grocery and provision store, market street [* Edward Parsons; Chas. W. H.]
Parish & Metcalf, general merchants, 132 lake street
Peacock & Co., J., gunsmiths, 153 lake street [Joseph Peacock; David C. Thatcher.]
* Pearson, Hiram, grocer and dry goods merchant, south water street [Hiram Pearsons.]
Periolat, F. A., grocery and provision store, 126 lake street
Pfund, J., bread and biscuit maker, clark street
* Philips, Clifford S., wholesale dry goods merchant, 125 lake street
Phillips, John F., tailor and clotheir, city hotel buildings, clark street
Pond, William, watch and clock maker, 183 lake street
Prescott, E. S., receiver land office, United States, 175 lake street
* Price, J., fire warden, south water street [Jeremiah Price.]
Price, Robert, tailor and clotheir, 153 lake street
Proctor, Dr., dearborn street, below lake street
Randolph, G. F., wholesale dry goods merchant, 109 lake street
Rankin, William & John, brass founders, clark street and Ilinois street
Raymond, B. W., general dry goods merchant, 122 lake street
* Reed, C. M., forwarding and commission merchant, south water st.
Reed, Mrs., cloak and dressmaker, 115 lake street
Ross, Hugh, bookbinder and paper ruler, clark street, below lake st.
* Rossetter, Asher, mansion house, 86 lake street
Rucker, Henry L., alderman and justice of the peace, dearborn street
Rudd, Edward H., job and book printer, saloon buildings, clark street
* Russell, James, city hotel, Clark street [Jacob Russell.]
Saltonstall, W. W., Hubbard & Co.'s warehouse, north water street
Sauter, C. & J., boot and shoemakers, 212 lake street [Chas. and * Jacob S.]
Sherman, A. S., mason, west of the south branch of Chicago river
Page 30:
Sherman, E. L., teller, Illinois branch state bank, lasalle street
Sherman & Pitkin, general dry goods merchants, 150 lake street [Oren Sherman; Nathaniel Pitkin.]
* Sherwood, S. J., watchmaker and jeweller, 144 lake street
Shields, Joseph, watch and clock repairer, dearborn street
Schollar, A., grocery and provision store, 200 lake street
Smith, Bradner, carpenter, wolcott street
* Smith, Lisle, city attorney, 107 lake street [S. Lisle Smith.]
Smith & Co., J. A., hat and cap manufacturers, 127 lake street
Smith & Co., George, exchange brokers, 187 lake street
Stanton & Black, auctioneers, commission merchants, 85 lake street [* Chas. T. Stanton; ----Black.]
Sterns & Hallam, fancy dry goods merchants, 148 lake street
Stoce & White, blacksmiths, corner randolph and wells streets [Clemens Stose; ---- White.]
Stocking, Rev. Mr., pastor metho. church, opposite pub. square, clark st.
Stone, H. O., grocer and provision merchant, south water street
Strode, J. M., register land office, saloon buildings, clark street
Stuart, W., publisher and editor of Chicago American, south water street
Sweet, C., grocery and provision store, north water street
Storms, A., carpenter and builder, state street
Sawyer, S., druggist and apothecary, dearborn street
Shelley, G. E., lake house, north water street
Steele, J. W., city refectory, dearborn street
* Seymour, Jesse, sauganash hotel, market street
Sweetser, J. Oldham, surgeon dentist, rush street opposite lake house
* Stuart, Dr. J. Jay, rush street opposite the lake house
Scammon, J. Young, attorney and counsellor at law, 107 lake street
* Spring, Giles, attorney and counsellor at law, 107 lake street
Snow, G. W. & Co., lumber merchants, south water street [* Geo. W. Snow, of G. W. S. & Co.]
* Sherman, F. C., contractor and builder, clark street
Tuttle, Nelson, stage agent, 180 lake street
Taylor, Daniel, boot and shoe maker, 120 lake street
* Thompson, O. H., grocer and dry goods merchant, south water street
* Tucker, William, cooper, south water street [Thomas E. T.]
Tripp, ----, carpenter, clark street, next the methodist church [Robinson Tripp.]
Page 31:
Taylor, Francis H., tailor, wolf point
Updike & M'Clure, carpenters and builders, dearborn street [* Peter L. Updyke; Andrew McClure.]
Van Osdell, John, contractor and builder, corn. wolcott and kinzie sts. [John M. Van Osdel.]
Vaugh?n, William, clothes broker, 159 lake street
Villiard, L. N., grocery and provision store, 187 lake street
Woodworth, R. & J., wholesale dry goods merchants, 103 lake street [ * Robert and * James H. W.]
Wheeler, William, tin, sheet-iron and copper smith, 145 lake street
* Wright, John S., forwarding, commission merchant, north water st.
* Weir, John B., cabinet and chair maker, 188 lake street
* White, George, city crier, market street, or at Stanton & Black's
Wilman, Andrew, blacksmith, randolph street, opposite public square
*Whitlock, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 102 lake street
*Whiting, W. L., produce and commission merchant, Hubbard's store
Wentworth, J. editor and publisher of Chicago Democrat, 107 lake street
* Wolcott, Henry, private boarding house, corner kinzie and wolcott sts.
Wadsworth, Julius, agent for the Hartford insurance Co., 105 lake st.
Warner, Seth, merchant, south water street [Seth P. W.]
* White, Alexander, house, sign and ornamental painter, north water st.
Wicker, J. H., grocery and provision store, 87 lake street
* Walton, N. C., grocery and provision merchant, south water street [* Chas. Walker; Almond Walker.]
Williams, Eli B., recorder, clark street; store south water street
Wait, H. M., grocery and provision store, lake street
Wandell, John, great western, 152 1/2 lake street
Wheeler, W. F., dry goods merchant, 107 lake street
Williams, J., hair cutting and shaving shop, 90 lake street
Wells, H. G., grocery and provision store, 101 lake street
Yates, H. H., grocery and provision store, clark street



Baptist Church, La Salle, above randolph street; I. T. Hinton, elder
Episcopal Church, Cass street, opposite Kinzie Square
Presbyterian Church, west side of Clark street, above the pub. square
Methodist Church, east side of Clark street, above randolph
Roman Catholic Church, Corner of Lake and State street
First Unitarian Society, Rev. Mr. Harrington, Saloon Buildings.

A number of omissions will probably be found in the fore-going directory, in consequence of the difficulty in procuring a suitable person to collect names and residences for it; but it is the intention of the publisher, as soon as circumstances will permit, to issue another edition, enlarged and otherwise improved.


Many thanks to Diane G. who transcribed this data and posted it online at the Genforum for the free use of all Cook County researchers.

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