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Directory of the city of Chicago, Illinois for 1843
Chicago: Fergus Print. Co., 1896

From August to December, 1843
Transcribed by K. Torp, ©2007

Remarks.- It has been the design to include in this Directory the names of all persons and all firms in the City; to arrange them alphabetically; and in every instance to give the correct spelling. There may be cases, however, where names may have been accidentially inserted in the wrong connection, and cases also of incorrect orthography. Abbreviations, which occur only in a very few words, will readily be understood: bet stands for between; res for residence; bds for boards; Rand for Randolph; Mad for Madison; Wash for Washington; etc. The word street in most instances is omitted. The place of business uniformly precedes the residence.
Very few of the buildings were numbered, except Lake Street; the numbers now given are those of the present, (1896).
The deaths in most cases, except as otherwise stated, occurred in Chicago.

H -- I -- J -- K -- L -- M -- N -- O

H Surnames

Haas, Louis, blacksmith, John B. Busch [died July 23, 1888, a. 67.]
Haas, William, brewer, sold out to Lill & Diversey and went to Texas [died, Boonville, Mo., September 21, 1862]
Hadduck, Benjamin F. (Tillotson, Humphrey & Co.), res Michigan ave, south of Lake [died December 23, 1871, aged 62.]
Hadduck, Edward Hiram, capitalist, res 79 Michigan ave [died May 30, 1881, aged 70.]
Hadley, Mrs. T. G. (Reed), dress and cloak maker, 147½ Lake
Hadley, [Maj.] Elijah W.. dentist, [died March 4, 1865, aged 51.]
Hadley, Timothy Gibson (Howard & H.), res alley bet N. Dearborn and Wolcott
Haeni, Henry, tailor, Hettinger & Peterman
Haffy, Michael, carpenter, bds H, Cunningham [d. Apr. 26,1884, a. 70.]
Hageman, Christoph, grocer, North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn
Hageman, Christoph, physician, N. Water, bet Dearb. and Wolcott
Hageman, Fred. Charles, barber, steamer Madison, bds C. Hageman [died, Winfield, DuPage Co., Ill., September 3, 1869, aged 51-9-7.]
Hageman, Joseph, tinsmith, William Blair
Haggard, Samuel B., carpenter, Scoville & Gates.
Hahn, Adam, teamster, res Dutch Settlement
Haight, Egbert Hand, carpenter. Cruver & Senser, bds Mrs. Haight [died. Elgin, Ill.. August 16, 1878, aged 57]
Haight, Mrs. Eliza, boarding-house, Clark, south of Randolph [died April 7. 1876, aged 80.]
Haight, Isaac, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson
Haines, John Charles (Clark, H. & Co.), bds Sauganash Hotel [17th mayor, died. Waukegan, Ill.. July 4, 1896, aged 78.]
Hale, Benjamin F., botanic physician, 185 Lake, res Wells, east side, first door south of Lake
Hall, Edward, saddler and harness maker, Silas B. Cobb
Hall, Elbridge Gerry, clerk, Samuel B. Walker, res same [died April 13,1877, aged 62.]
Hall, J. B., grocer, N. Water, bet Clark and Dearborn
Hall, Philip A., merchant, [died June 9, 1892, aged 74.]
Hall, William Mosley, lumber merchant, bds City Hotel [died, NewYork City, Nov. 8, 1894, aged 83; the originator of the Chicago River-and-Harbor Convention. July 5-7. 1847.]
Hallam, Rev. Isaac Williams, rector St. James Parish, res. 38 Cass.
Hallock, Isaac P., res West Lake
Hamilton, Polemus Draper, carpenter, res 126 Clark, bet Madison and Washington [died. Fort Worth. Tex., March 3, 1891. aged 77-9-3]
Hamilton, Richard Jones (H. & Chamberlin), res 264 Michigan [died December 26, 1860, aged 61¼]
Hamilton, Robert Perry (H. & White), bds Thomas E. Hamilton [died, Saratoga, N.Y., October 5. 1894. aged 75.]
Hamilton, Thomas, bds Washington Hall
Hamilton, Thomas E., carpenter, res 164 Madison
Hamilton, W. J., drug clerk, Sidney Sawyer, bds Charles H. Chapman
Hamilton & Chamberlin, attorneys at law, 57 Clark
Hamilton & White, dry goods and groceries, 139 Lake
Hamlin, E. H., Baptist clergyman, res LaSalle, bet Washington & Mad.
Hanchett, John L., surveyor, [died July 6, 1887, aged 80.]
Hanks, J. Demming, drug clerk. Sidney Sawyer
Hanlon, Edward, blacksmith, Frink, Walker & Co., res North Water. bet N. Clark and LaSalle [died July 24. 1891, aged 74.]
Hannahs, James Monroe, moulder, Stow's Foundry, bds Western Hotel
Hanson, Abraham, Methodist clergyman, res Clark, bet Washington and Madison
Hanson, Joseph L., teamster, res Monroe, bet State and Clark
Hanson, Knus, laborer, res near North Branch bridge
Harbarn, Mathias, shoemaker, res Dutch Settlement
Harding Charles, captain schooner Gen. Thornton, bds Tremont House [died July 15, 1883, aged 67.]
Harman, William, blacksmith, North Water near Wolcott, res same [died, The Dalles, Oregon. May 15, 1890, aged 84.]
Harmon, Charles Loomis, dry goods and groceries, 145 South Water. s.-w. cor Clark, res Dearborn, bet Washington and Madison [died November 2, 1868, aged 59-4.]
Harmon, Edwin Ruthven. clk. Elisha S. & Julius Wadsworth, bds same [died, Rogers Park, Ill.. May 20, 1896, aged 77-8.
Harmon, Elijah Dewey, physician, bds C. L. Harmon [died January 3, 1869, aged 86 1/3]
Harmon, Isaac Newton, with C. L. Harmon [died Nov. 8, 1891]
Harmon, Justus (Wooster & H.), bds John Gray
Harper, William, carpenter, res Madison
Harrington, Daniel, saloon. 10 Dearborn, near South Water
Harrington, James, res N. Clark, bet N. Water and Kinzie
Harrington, Joseph, Unitarian clergyman, res Michigan, n.-w. cor N. Dearborn [died, San Francisco, Cal., November 2, 1852, aged 39 2/3.]
Harris, Jacob, carpenter, res First, bet Clark and State [died September 11, 1877, aged 66.]
Harrison, Henry, grocer, South Water, east of Dearborn, res same
Harrison, Hiram H., drover, res South Water
Harrison, Robert, laborer, John Gage, res West Jackson, 3d Ward
Harroun, O. A., saddler, Doliver Walker, 79 Lake
Hart, George W., commission merchant, South Water, res Wabash ave
Hart, Lewis, laborer, res alley near Lake and Franklin
Harvey, Edward, laborer, N. Clark, bet North Water and Kinzie
Haslett, Peter, laborer, res West Water, bet Randolph and Lake
Haslett, William, shoemaker, res West Water
Haslett, --- , laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Hastie, Thomas, shoemaker [died July 14, 1879, aged 63.]
Hastings, Hiram, drover, res Washington, bet LaSalle and Wells [died. Riverside. Ill., July 14, 1880. aged 75 ½].
Hastings, Thos., shoemaker, Dan. Taylor, res W. Madison, w. of Clinton
Hastings, William, nursery, Archer ave. south of 25th
Hatch, David, hardware, etc., 98 Lake, res Adams nr Dearborn [d.. near Parksville, on Missouri River, en route to Cal., before May 7, 1850.]
Hatch, Heman (H. & Shurr), res South Water near Dearborn [died September 8, 1858, aged 59.]
Hatch & Shurr, saloon,
Hatfield, Isaac P., collecting agent, bds Mrs. Green [died March 16, 1879. aged 73¼.]
Hathaway, L. W., clerk, Samuel B. Collins & Co., res Wabash ave Hathaway, Mrs., dressmaker, 175 Lake Hawkins, William, clerk, Charles G. Wicker, bds David Jay
Hawley, John S., clerk. Sherman & Pitkin, bds Sauganash Hotel
Hayden, Chamberlaine, bds American Temperance House
Hayden, James, drayman, 84 Wabash ave [died]
Hayes, Benjamin F.. family grocer, 176 Lake, res Clark [died March 7, 1858.]
Hayward, Alvin. fanning-mill maker. Lake, near Sauganash Hotel
Heacock, Reuben B., medical student, bds Russel E. Heacock
Heacock, Russel Easton [Old Shallow-Cut. Chicago's first attorney at law], res 129 Adams [died, Summit, Ill., June 26. 1849, aged 70.]
Heacock, Russel E., jr., clerk, Charles Walker & Co., bds Russel E. Heacock
Heacock, R. E., mason, Alson S. Sherman
Heacock, Wm. Osburn, res R. E. Heacock [died Dec. 7, 1881, a. 62.]
Heald. Alexander Hamilton, mason, bds Daniel Heald, jr. [died. Oak Park, Cook Co., Ill., November 11, 1885, aged 721/3].
Heald. jr., Daniel, mason, Jackson, bet Clark and Pacific ave [died. Trenton. N.J., July 12, 1874, aged 66 - 9-28].
Heald, Horatio Nelson, bds Daniel Heald, jr. [d. Nov. 23,1883, a. 74½]
Heartt, Dan'l Brewster (Pop-Corn], constable, boarding house, 82 Wells [died July 31, 1868, aged 81.]
Heartt, Robert, teamster, bds D. B. Heartt [d. June 10. 1888, a. 72 2/3].
Henderson, Rev. Abner Wells, principal Chicago Female Seminary, bds Mrs. Green [died October 18, 1872, aged 60-3-16.]
Hennings, Thomas, laborer, res W. Randolph, 3d Ward
Henry, Hugh K., police constable and joiner, res N. Water nr Dearborn
Henson, Oliver Cromwell, (col'd) phrenologist, barber, etc., 183 Lake, res same [died, New Orleans, La., December 10, 1877.]
Hequenbourg, G W., clerk, Benjamin F. Sherman, res same
Herrick, Eliiah Ward, contractor, bds Mrs. Haight [died October 12, 1866, aged 53¾]
Herrick. Ira N.. contractor. [d. Park Manor, Ill., Jan. 17, 1890, a. 68.]
Hervey, [Sir] James, dry goods and groceries, 119 S. Water, res Indiana, bet Cass and Rush [died 1845, aged 36.]
Hervey, Robert, currier, Gurnee & Matteson
Hessey, William, ready-made clothing, 256 Randolph
Hettinger (John) & Peterman, tailors, South Water near Clark [died July 7, 1892, aged 81.]
Hibbard, Rev. John Randolph, occasional preacher in the New Jerusalem Church, resides at Canton, Ill. [became a resident Jan. 1, 1850; died June 26, 1894, aged 84-11-3].
Hickey, Patrick, drayman, bds Charles McDonnell
Hickox, Charles D., teamster, res Randolph near Market
Hickox, Philander, clerk, S. S. Robinson, bds same
Higgins, Edward, milk dealer, Canal, 3d Ward
Higgins, Floyd, milk dealer, Canal, 3d Ward
Higgins, John, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson, res N. Water near Franklin
Higginson, George M. (Tuckerman & Co.), bds American Temperance House
High, jr., John (H. H Magie & Co.), 13 Dearborn place [killed by falling wall at fire at 110 Lake, Oct. 19, 1857, aged 50.]
Higley, George, house of entertainment, South Water near LaSalle
Hildebrand, William, glove and mitten maker, 221 Lake, res same [suicided, New-York City, Nov. 4. 1876, aged 70.]
Hill, J. W., tinsmith, Bowen & Cole, bds Mansion House
Hill, Lewis P. (Marshall & H.), res New York House
Hill, William, jeweler, Smith J. Sherwood, bds Daniel B. Heartt
Hilliard, Laurin Palmer (Charles Walker & Co.), bds Mrs. J. K. Boyer [killed by cars, November 2, 1895, aged 81.]
Hills, William H., clerk, Horace-Norton & Co., bds Eli S. Prescott
Hindes, B. F., saddler and harness maker, Dennison Horton
Hinkley, Samuel Taylor, fireman. U.-S. dredge [died September 5, 1894. aged 76-2-13.]
Hitchcock, Ephraim, farmer, res State [died 1849]
Hitchcock, Luke, Methodist clergyman, res Parsonage, 115.Clark
Hixon, Jeremiah, captain schooner Martin Van Buren, res W. Water, bet Canal and Clinton
Hoard, Louis de Villiers. deputy-clerk. Cook-County Court [died, Ogdensburg, N.Y., March 4, 1893, aged 68-8-25.]
Hoard, Samuel, clerk. Circuit Court, office, 68 Clark, res West Adams,bet Canal and Clinton [died November 25, 1881, aged 81½].
Hobbie, Albert G., dry goods, groceries, and hardware, 142 Clark, res Wabash ave, bet Randolph and Washington Hobbs, James, sailor, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush
Hobson, Robert M., printer, Express office, bds City Refectory
Hodge, Job, laborer, res North Water near Franklin
Hodgson, Charles Hyatt, tinsmith, bds John H. Hodgson [died October 5, 1866, aged 40.
Hodgson, Henry Hyatt, bds John H. Hodgson, [now at Detroit, Mich.]
Hodgson, John Hyatt, merchant tailor, 61 Clark, res same [died 1854.]
Hoff, Mathias, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Hoffman, Francis A., bookbinder
Hoffman, Michael, laborer, res William L. Whiting [died September 5, 1891, aged 78-8.]
Hogan, Charles L. P., dry goods and groceries, 252 Lake, res Franklin near Lake [died, Morris, Ill., about 1855.]
Hogan, John Stephen Coates, ex-postmaster, bds Charles L. P. Hogan [died, Boonville, Mo., December 2, 1868, aged 63 2/3]
Hogan, Michael, res Michigan ave
Hogan, Thomas, laborer, res North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie
Hoisington, Jasper A., bookbinder, 35 Clark, bds Ariel Bowman [died, Oakland, Cal., March 25, 1895, aged 94.]
Hoisington, Jasper A. 31., bookbinder, Jasper A. Hoisington, bds same, [now at Denver. Col.]
Holbrooke, John, cooper, North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Holden, Albon Hatch, clerk, Charles N. Holden & Co. [died May 21, 1893, aged 71-8.]
Holden & Co., Chas. N., dry goods and groceries, 143 S. Water, cor Clark
Holden, Chas. Newton (C. N. H. & Co.), res Washington, bet Clark and Dearborn [died September 29. 1887, aged 71½].
Holden, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, clerk, Charles Sweet
Holden, William P. (Chas. N. Holden & Co.), bds Chas. N. Holden
Holland, Carlton (Lawrence & H.), bds Mrs. Green
Holmes, C. E., wagon maker, John Burgess
Holmes, Isaac, machinist, J. B. Nickerson [died September 14, 1874, aged 52.]
Holmes, John D., clerk, res Randolph, bet Wells and Franklin
Holmes, Mrs., res LaSalle, bet Washington and Madison
Holt, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Peter, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush
Holt, Thomas, carpenter, bds Mrs. E. Holt [died 1881, aged 60.]
Honeywell, David, teamster, West Water, bet Canal and Clinton
Hood, Andrew, butcher, Fulton Market
Hood. David (H. & Gallagher), res alley bet Wolcott and Dearborn [died, Gross Point, Cook Co., Ill., April 10, 1852, aged 42.]
Hood & Gallagher, butchers, Buffalo Market, N. Water, n.e. cor Wolcott
Hooker, James Louis, clerk, [died, Boston, Mass., September 20, 1892, aged 72-7-5.]
Hooker, John W., dry goods and groceries, 152 Lake, res 84 Dearborn [died May 14, 1866, aged 64.]
Hoover, John, butcher, res Wolcott, bet North Water and Kinzie
Hopper, George, mechanic, 1st Ward
Horn, John, res 1st Ward
Horner, Henry, grocers, etc., cor. West Randolph and Canal [died February 12, 1878, aged 61].
Hortley, Samuel, farmer, res West Water, bet Canal and Clinton
Horton, Bernard, bartender, bds Mrs. John K. Boyer
Horton, Dennison, saddler and harness maker, 15 Dearborn, res Wells. bet Lake and Randolph [died January 4, 1886, aged 70.]
Hotchkiss, Orrin, tinsmith, William Wheeler & Co., res Washington [moved to Ottawa. Ill.]
Houfe. Thomas, teamster, Wm. Lill, bds John Greenwood [died before July 10, 1851.]
Houfe, William, plasterer, res 5th Ward, 216 Chicago ave [died 1849]
Hough, Oramel Smith, laborer, bds Pat. Kelsey [d. Dec. 7,1876. a. 53½].
Hough, Roselle Marvin, laborer, bds Pat. Kelsey [d. Mar. 8,1892]
Houghton, David, shoemaker, Dan. Taylor
Hovey, Samuel S. (Clybourn & H.), res N. Clark, bet Ill. and Indiana [died March 2, 1872, aged 70.
Howard, Henry, grocer, Dearborn, bet South Water and Lake
Howard, John M., druggist, Dr. John Brinkerhoff, 143 Lake
Howard, William, shingle maker, bds David Honeywell
Howard, Wm. H. (H. & Hadley), res W.Washington, bet Canal & Clinton
Howard, William H., wagon maker
Howard & Hadley, livery stable, Lake
Howe, Charles F., clerk, bds Frederick A. Howe
Howe, Francis, book-keeper, Dyer & Chapin [d. Aug. 23, 1850. a. 40]
Howe, Fred'k Augustus, justice of the peace, 22 Dearborn, res Washington, s.-w. cor Dearborn [d., Englewood, Ill.. Oct. 27,1870. a. 75]
Howe. Fred. A., jr., clerk, bds Frederick A. Howe
Howe, Isaac, bricklayer, res Clark [died April 5, 1870, aged 79.]
Howe, James L., City bakery, 285 Kinzie near Rush [died February 27, 1863. aged 48]
Howe, Samuel, bricklayer, res Clark
Howe, Samuel, clerk, H. H Magie & Co., res State, bet. Madison and Washington
Hoyne, Philip Augustus, clerk, at Galena [d. Nov. 3, 1894, a. 68-11-13].
Hoyne, Thomas, attorney and counsellor at law, 218 Lake [23d mayor - killed, railroad accident near Carlyon, N.Y., July 27,1883, aged 66½].
Hubbard, Ahira, book-keeper, Gurdon S. Hubbard, res Indiana, bet Cass and Rush [died August 15, 1849, aged 70.]
Hubbard, Gurdon Saltonstall, forwarding and commission, South Water, near Clark, res 300 Indiana, near Rush
[died September 14, 1886, aged 84.]
Hubbard, Henry George, clerk, Circuit Court, res LaSalle, bet Washington and Madison [died, Sandusky, O., Aug 28, 1852, aged 43¼.]
Hubbard, Moses, dry goods and groceries, South Water near Dearborn
Hughs, William F., res Robert J. Woodworth
Hugunin, James Robert, lake-captain [died Jan. 19, 1892, aged 74.]
Hugunin, Leonard Clark, bds United States Hotel [died November 6, 1882, aged 79½]
Humphrey, James Oscar, wagon maker, 182 Randolph [died June 14, 1893, aged 83.]
Humphrey, Wm. H., wagon maker, Randolph, res Wells, bet Randolph and Washington
Humphreys, David (H. & Winslow), bds City Hotel
Humphreys & Winslow, forwarding and commission, 130-36 S. Water
Hunt, Mrs., res West Water, bet Randolph and Lake
Hunter, T. F., sailor
Huntington, Alonzo, attorney at law, notary, 98 Lake, bds Dr. C. V. Dyer [died November 17, 1881, aged 76.]
Hurlbert, Eri Baker, dry goods and groceries, 109 S. Water, res 73 State [died February 3, 1852, aged - .]
Husted, Harrison Hoyt, ready-made clothing, 97½ Lake, bds Francis C. Sherman [died August 29, 1890, aged 77]
Hyde, Z. W., mason, res Illinois, bet Pine and St. Clair

I Surnames

Illinois Exchange, n.-w. cor Lake and Wells, John Bates, jr., prop.
Ingalls, William A., sailor, res North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie
Intelligence office, 38 Clark, James W. Norris
Irvin, George, shoemaker, John B. Mitchell
Irvin & Co., J. B., dry goods and groceries, Dearborn, bet South Water and Lake

J Surnames
Jackson, Carding, police constable, res State
Jackson, Gideon Mathew, prop. Southern Hotel, State n.-w. cor 12th [died January 23, 1850, aged 34.]
[Jackson Hall, 45 LaSalle, erected 1847, office of Chicago Democrat]
Jackson, John J., sailor, res Indiana, bet Pine and St. Clair
Jackson, John Wm., teamster, res Morgan, bet Madison and Monroe [died March 8, 1892, aged 82-5-13.]
Jackson, Samuel Thomas, overseer Chicago harbor, res Fort Dearborn [died June 17, 1849, aged 49-0-5.]
Jackson, Samuel Ezra, bds Samuel Jackson [died, Bowrnanville, Ill., March 18, 1876, aged 52-6-25.]
Jackson, William, bds Carding Jackson
Jacobus, Augustus Larue (Manahan & J.), res 105 Michigan ave, near Madison [died July 24, 1850, aged 32.]
Jacobus, D. L. & A. L., looking-glasses, 10 Clark
Jacobus, David Lawrence (D. L. & A. L. J.), res 119 LaSalle [died October 13, 1884, aged 68 ½]
Jagger, Oliver, painter, Nath. S. Gushing, res Clark, 4 Morrison's Row
Jail (County), s.e. cor Randolph and LaSalle, Wm. Perrior. jailer
James, Thos. Christmas, cabinet maker, res cor Mather and Clinton sts [died August 20. 1865. aged 57.]
Jay, David, ladies' boot and shoemaker, Clark near Lake
Jeffrey, ---, carpenter, res Clinton, bet Washington and Madison
Jeffrey, George (J. & Bentley), shoeing smith and farrier
Jeffrey & Bently, shoeing smiths and horse farriers, West Water, bet United States Hotel and John M. Underwood's lumber yard
Jeffries, George, warehouseman, res Indiana, bet Cass and Rush
Jefts, Amasa, water borer, bds Michael McDonald
Jellerson, Oliver, blacksmith, res 158 Illinois, bet Clark and LaSalle [went to California in 1850, and supposed to have died at San Francisco in the fall of 1851]
Jennings, John Drake, clerk, Asher Rossetter. res Michigan ave. near S. Water [died April 14, 1889. aged 73.]
Jennings, S. H. (J. & Foster), res Michigan ave, near S. Water
Jennings & Foster, dry goods and groceries, S. Water near Dearborn
Jocelyn, J. H., bartender, Western Hotel, bds same
Johnson, A. (J. & A. Johnson)
Johnson, Abram, clerk, Charles Cleaver
Johnson, Andrew B., laborer, [died July 11, 1890, aged 67.)
Johnson, Benj. G., harness maker, Dennison Horton, res Wabash ave
Johnson, H. W. bds Mrs. Seth Johnson
Johnson, J. & A., grocers, Dearborn, bet Lake and South Water
Johnson, Jacob, waiter, Illinois Exchange
Johnson, Jacob B.. ship painter, res cor Indiana and Cass
Johnson, James, drayman, res east side of Wabash ave. near and south of Adams
Johnson & Co. (D. N. Davidson), John, barbers and hair dressers. 20 Clark
Johnson, John, carpenter, res near Jackson and State [died, Thornton, Ill., September 4, 1890. aged 82-9.]
Johnson, John (J. & A. Johnson),
Johnson, John (J. J. & Co.), res Dearborn, bet Washington and Madison
Johnson, John B., laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard [died, Leland, Ill., October 18, 1887, aged 09-7 7.
Johnson, John M, clerk, Bracken & Tuller
Johnson, Lathrop, cigar maker, A. B. Wheeler [died, Ontonagon, Mich., July 2, 1881. aged 79.]
Johnson, Peter M., millwright and carpenter [died December 28, 1884, aged 73.]
Johnson, Sanford, carpenter, Dearborn, bds John Gray [died April 10, 1873. aged 65]
Johnson, Capt. Seth, deputy-collector and inspector Port of Chicago. res s.-w. cor Washington and LaSalle
Johnson, Mrs. Seth, boarding-house, sw cor Washington and LaSalle
Johnson & Co., builders, Dearborn, bet Randolph and Washington
Johnson, William, mason, 220 Lake
Johnson, William, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson
Johnston, Anthony, steward, City Hotel [died before May 17. 1851]
Johnston, Joseph, soap and candle maker. 57-9 Lake [died April 15. 1864, aged 58]
Johonnett, E. S. (J., Wells & Co.), res Kinzie, bet LaSalle and Wells
Johonnett, Wells & Co., (E. S. Johonnett, A. S. Wells, and Alson S. Sherman), leather dealers, 158 Lake, cor LaSalle Jones, Benj. (B. J. & Co.), res 109 Randolph, bet Clark and Dearborn [died. Manitowoc, Wis.. August 11, 1881, aged 87.]
Jones & Co. (Wm. Jones), Benjamin, dry goods and groceries, S. Water east of Clark
Jones, D. A. & E. M., chair and cabinet makers, 18 Dearborn
Jones, Daniel Andrus (D. A. & E. M. J.). res 18 Dearborn [died February 22. 1848, aged 37]
Jones, David, cooper, John Govro
Jones, Elisha Morris (D. A. & E. M. J.), res Madison, centre Dearborn [died before September 28, 1850]
Jones, Fernando, clerk, bds William Jones
Jones, Hiram, clerk, Lewis W. Clark, bds William Jones [died February 5. 1849), aged 27]
Jones, John, carpenter, res south of Jackson, east of Clark
Jones, Kiler Kent, periodical depot, 42 Clark, bds William Jones [died, Quincy. Ill., August 20. 1886, aged 62]
Jones, Nathaniel A., clerk, John W. Hooker, bds same [died March 20, 1883, aged 82]
Jones, Tarleton, lumber, shingles, n.-w. cor South Water and Clark at bridge, bds Mrs. Green [died September 10, 1878, aged 65.]
Jones, William [Golden]. (B. J. & Co.), res 94 Randolph, s.e. cor Dearborn, member of Board of Health [died Jan. 18, 1868, aged 77¼.
Jones, William Edwin (Ogden & J.). bds Wllliam B. Ogden [died March 9, 1851. aged 34.
Jones, William Harrison, clerk, H. W. Bigelow, bds William Jones [died, Aiken. S.C.. April 25,. 1850. aged 23.]
Jordan, James, sailor, res Washington, bet Franklin and Market
Joyce, Thomas, butcher, res Kinzie, bet LaSalle and Wells
Judd, Norman Buel (Scammon & J.), notary, bds City Hotel [died November 11 1878, aged 64.
Judson, Edwin, dentist, 98 Lake, res State, bet Madison and Wash. [died March 3, 1889. aged 80].

K Surnames
Kane, Patrick, drayman, res Kinzie, bet Clark and LaSalle [died August 1885]
Kapahn, Godfrey, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Karle, Carl, laborer, res North Water near Franklin
Kaster, John, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Kastler, Nicholas, shoemaker, res Dutch Settlement [died January 4, 1888, aged 70.]
Kautenburger, Peter, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Kay, Abel, farmer, res cor Franklin and Madison
Keating, Owen, blacksmith, bds Charles McDonnell
Keef, James, laborer, res Chicago ave, 5th Ward
Keef, Michael, carpenter, Cruver & Sensor [died before Sept. 5. 1850.]
Keef, Owen, res Chicago ave, 5th Ward
Kehoe, Michael, laborer, [died May 5, 1890, aged 83 1/8]
Keilman, Henry, draper and tailor, Clark near South Water
Kelley, Edward, apprentice, Ellis & Fergus, bds Thomas Kelley
Kelley, John, blacksmith, North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie
Kelley, Patrick, provisions, Lake, near Sauganash Hotel
Kelley, Thomas, gardener, res North Branch, 4th Ward [died July 1867]
Kellogg, B. C, cooper, Norton & Tuckerman, res North Water
Kellogg, Chauncy P., stage-coach agent, Tillotson, Humphrey & Co., bds Tremont House
Kelly, Jas., printer, Western Citizen, res State, bet Lake and S. Water [died, Winnetka, Ill., May 5, 1895, aged 80.
Kelly, John, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Kelsey, Patrick, boarding-house, Wolcott, bet Kinzie and Michigan
Kemper, Wm., laborer, Wolcott, w. s., bet Oak and Bellevue, till 1852.
Kennedy, James, millwright and engineer, Stow's foundry
Kennedy, John, saddler, Dennison Horton, res N. Water, bet Clark and Dearborn
Kennedy, Michael, laborer, res North Water, bet Wells and Franklin
Kennicott, William Henry [the pioneer], dentist, 133 Lake, res same [died at "The Grove" Cook Co., Ill., Oct. 22, 1862, aged 54-8-6.]
Kernikerbacker, Samuel R., shoemaker, res south of First
Kernikerbacker, Mrs. S. R., dressmaker, res south of First
Kenny, Patrick, laborer, res Wolcott, bet North Water and Kinzie
Kent, B. H. (K. & Gilson), bds Tremont House
Kent, Daniel W., turner, Trumbull Kent
Kent, Lawrence, cabinet maker, Lake, near Tremont House, res Lake
Kent, Trumbull, turner, Randolph, bet LaSalle and Wells
Kent & Gilson, livery stable, Lake
Keough, Michael, laborer, res W. Water, bet Washington and Madison [died 1886]
Kercheval, Gholson, real estate dealer, bds Mrs. Post [died California]
Kercheval, Lewis Cass, justice of the peace, 5 Clark, bds City Hotel [died December 8, 1852, aged 64.]
Kesson, A., bds Mahlon D. Ogden
Kettlestring, Joseph, teamster, res Morgan, bet Randolph and Lake [died November 17, 1883, aged 75]
Kiest, Henry, laborer, res cor North Wells and Chicago ave [died, Nortfield, Ill., 1882, aged 75.]
Killey, Michael, laborer, res North Clark, bet Water and Kinzie
Killick, James Evans, soap and candle maker, res Michigan ave [died January 27, 1887, aged 83.]
Kimball, Harlow, res 71 Monroe near State [died, Oakland, Cal., August 25, 1881, aged 78.]
Kimball, Mark, bookkeeper, Botsford & Beers, bds Jabez K. Botsford [died May 29, 1891, aged 70.]
Kimball, Walter, [died August 17, 1882, aged 72.]
Kimbell, Martin Nelson, farmer [died Feb. 13, 1895, aged 83-0-20.]
Kimberly, Edmund Stoughten, physician, 101 Lake, res 77 State [died. Barrington, Ill., October 25, 1874, aged 72.]
King, J., carpenter, bds Samuel Jackson, Fort Dearborn
King, John, jr., fancy dry goods, 28 Dearborn, bds Mrs. Haight [died January 18, 1891, aged 85-9-13.]
King, Nathaniel, clerk, Tuthill King, res 12 Lake [died, St. Charles, Ill., February 21, 1894, aged 88.]
King, Solomon, hostler, Illinois Exchange, bds same
King, Thomas, shipcarpenter, res bet State and Clark
King, Tuthill, ready-made clothing, dry goods, etc., 115 Lake, res 198 Clark [died, Thomasville, Ga., March 16, 1886, aged 82.]
King, Wendell R., clerk, Gurnee & Matteson, bds Tremont House [died March 30, 1884, aged 60.]
King, Willis, lumber salesman, Geo. W. Snow, res Clark [d. Dec. 4, '53.]
Kingswell, William, teamster, res Wabash ave, bet Jackson and Fifth
Kinney, Joel, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson, res 43 Franklin near Lake [died, Wilmette, Ill, April 8, 1888, aged 86.
Kinyon, Anson, harness maker, Dennison Horton
Kinzie, John Harris, register U.S. land office, 82 Lake, res 243 Michigan [died, on cars near Pittsburg, Pa., June 19, 1865, aged 62.]
Kinzie, John Harris, jr., killed, Ft. St.Charles, Ark., June 18, 1862, a. 33
Kinzie, Robert Allen. [died December 13, 1873, aged 63.]
Kirk, George, foundryman, bds LaSalle House
Kirk, William, laborer, res cor Dearborn and North Water
Kisling, John, furrier, Anton Getzler, bds same
Kittel, Michael, cooper, Clark, res Franklin
Klaffy, Thomas, laborer, res N. Clark, bet N. Water and Kinzie
Klear, Francis A., res State
Klien, Matthias, baker, North Water, res same
Knapp, M. L., physician, professor Rush Medical College, bds Dr. Daniel Brainard
Knapp, Nicholas, wheelwright, Perkins & Fenton
Knickerbocker, Abraham Velie, groceries and provisions, South Water, bet State and Dearborn [died Aug. 20, 1847, aged 33.]
Knight, Henry, (col'd) barber, hairdresser, baths, 54 Clark
Knights, Darius, carpenter, Alex. Loyd [died Oct. 22, 1882, aged 68.]
Knopp, Henry, laborer, res Dutch Settlement [Wolcott, e. s., bet Oak and Bellevue pl] [died. Oak Park, Ill., 1890, aged 94.]
Knox, James H., tanner, Wells, cor Polk [died July 31, 1849]
Knutson, Nelson, laborer, res N. Wells, bet N. Water and Kinzie
Knutson, Olla, laborer, res North Water near North Branch bridge
Kober, Charles, butcher, south side Randolph, near Franklin, res same [died May 18, 1852, aged 47-4-20].
Kornmeyer, Bernhard, tailor, Clark, bet Lake and South Water [resides at Lockport. Ill.]
Krafft, Joseph W., shoemaker, Dan. Taylor, res Clark near Randolph
Kreinbill, John, cabinet maker, res rear 224 Randolph
Kreyenbeihl, John, cabinet maker, Caleb Morgan
Krinbill, Martin, clerk, Albert G. Hobbie
Kroger, Arnold, cabinet maker, res Lake [died Nov. 13,1878, aged 74.]

L Surnames
Labinbridge, Nicholas, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Lacey, John, baker, res North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
LaCroix, Joseph, cook, Canada Home, bds same
Ladd, Timothy H., auctioneer, res Clark
Ladtshaw, Joseph, clerk, Newberry & Dole, bds Tremont House
Laflin, George H., clerk, Dyer & Chapin, bds Mathew Laflin
Laflin, Lycurgus, clerk, bds Mathew Laflin
Laflin, Mathew, capitalist, res 7 Washington
LaForrest, A., bds Sauganash Hotel
Lahy, Sylvester, laborer, North Water near Franklin
Laister, Henry, clerk, George Chacksfield
Lake House, the largest in the city, occupying w. half of block fronting on Rush, Michigan, and Kinzie: erected in 1836
Lake-Street House (late Farmers' Exchange), 135-7 Lake, Dennis Spencer Cady, prop.
Lamb, Artemus, shipcarpenter, res 96 Michigan ave
Lamb, E. S., laborer, bds Samuel Jackson
Lamb, Larkin, clerk, Sherman & Pitkin, bds City Refectory
Lambert, Mrs. (E.) Luke, res South Water, bet LaSalle and Wells
Lancaster, Dennis, brickmaker, res 5th Ward
Landrakin, Cornelius, laborer, res N. Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie
Lane, Elisha Bachellor, carpenter, res Clark [died Feb. 6, 1884, a. 68 ¾.]
Lane, George W.. clerk, bds Tremont House [died, Morris. Ill., July 26, 1887. aged 70.]
Lane, James, boarding-house, N. Dearborn, bet N. Water and Kinzie
Lang, John L., carriage maker, cor N. LaSalle and Michigan [died April 12. 1877, aged 76 ½.]
Lange, Oscar Godfrey, drug-clerk. 46 Clark street [died July 13. 1893. aged 82-0 9]
Lansing, Cornelius, dry goods and groceries, Clark, res Michigan are
Lansing, Samuel, clerk, Cornelius Lansing
Lantry, Michael, drayman, res Wolcott, bet North Water and Kinzie
Lappin, Richard, teamster, res cor Wolcott and Chicago ave [died, Morrison, Ill., October 30, 1884, aged 76. ]
Lardin, Dennis, laborer, res 2d Ward
Lardner, Bostwick, straw milliner, Chirk
Larkin, Timothy, mason, res Kinzie, bet N. Franklin and Wells
Larrabee, Charles Rollin, librarian Young Men's Association, res Wm. M. Larrabee
Larrabee, Wm. Morse, book-keeper, Ogden & Jones, res 239 Indiana, bet Wolcott and Dearborn [died, Geneva. Ill., Sept. 28,1879, a. 70.]
Larson, Andrew, teamster, res Dutch Settlement [d. Apr. 2,1873, a. 83.]
LaSalle House, n.-w. cor Randolph and LaSalle, Wm. Day, prop.
Lathrop, Isaac, shoemaker, John B. Mitchell
Latwick, Simon, cooper, res Dutch Settlement
Launder, James, wagon maker, south of Monroe, west of Clark [died August 8, 1880, aged 66.]
Laux, Matthias, laborer, res Dutch Settlement [d. Feb. 25,1893,a. 67-9].
Laux, Peter, blacksmith, res Dutch Settlement
Law, Robert, tailor, J. H. Hodgson, bds Mrs. Susan Wagner [died December 12, 1895, aged 73.]
Lawler, Patrick, laborer, res bet LaSalle and Wells, north of Michigan
Lawless, F. H., Stow's foundry, bds Western Hotel
Lawrence, Edward, waiter, Farmers' Exchange
Lawrence, G. W.
Lawrence, J. I., mason
Lawrence, Leander (L. & Holland)
Lawrence, Patrick, waiter. Farmers' Exchange
Lawrence, William L., carpenter, res LaSalle, bet Randolph and Wash.
Lawrence & Holland, managers Illinois State Lottery, 19 Clark
Lawson, Canute, laborer, res 240 Superior [died Oct. 29, 1869, a. 50¾]
Lawson, Iver, laborer, bds 240 Superior [died Oct. 3, 1872, aged 51¾]
Leach, Patrick, laborer, res North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Leach, Robert, butcher, Archibald Clybourn
Leary, Albert Greene, attorney, 53 Clark, res same [died, New Orleans, La., August, 1853]
Leavett, C. B., carpenter, res Kinzie, bet Wolcott and Cass
Lee, Benj. Tyler, clerk, Illinois Exchange [d. Apr. 25, 1879. a. 68-1-5]
Lee, Daniel, farmer, res Randolph, bet State and Dearborn
Lee, David Stewart, attorney. Lake, bds Mrs. Haight [died, Northampton, Mass., November 15. 1860]
Lee, John, tobacconist, Henry Chapman [died before Oct. 27, 1858.]
Lee, Thomas, laborer, res near North Branch bridge, 5th Ward
Lees, James, res 6th Ward
Legg, Mathew, tailor, Edward Manierre, bds same
Leonard, Hugh, waiter, Chicago Temperance House
Leonard, J. W., clerk, Clark, Haines & Co.
Leslie, John, painter, res Kinzie, bet Wolcott and Cass
Leslie, Mrs., res North Water
Lesser, John, res 2d Ward, south of First
Lessey & Co. (Samuel Winegar). John F., billiard saloon, s.-w. cor S. Water and Dearborn
Letz, Frederick, locksmith, 53 LaSalle [died Sept. 22, 1886, aged 76.]
Letz, Jacob, shoemaker, Michigan, bet Wolcott and Dearborn [died February 18, 1857, aged 42]
Liendeivener, Joseph, tailor, Scott Benedik
Liffingwell, A., carpenter, bds Illinois Exchange
Lill, William (L. & Diversey), res Chicago ave near St. Clair [died, Denver, Colo., August 11, 1875, aged 67¼]
Lind, Sylvester, lumber merchant, 255 Randolph, bds Sauganash [died, Lake Forest, Ill., February 6, 1892, aged 84.] Lindebner, Joseph, tailor, Edward Manierre, bds same
Littlefield, J. C, carriage and sleigh maker, Randolph near Wells
Lobeke, William, laborer, res 5th Ward
Lock, William (William L. & Co.), res Washington near State [died August 10, 1883, aged 70¾
Lock & Co., William, ready-made clothing, 125 Lake, s.e. cor Clark
Lockhart, M., carpenter, res Franklin, bet Lake and Randolph
Lockwood, John B., tailor, res North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie
Lohn, Christopher, tailor, Scott Benedik
Long, James, proprietor hydraulic mill, n.e. cor Lake and Mich, ave [died, Paris, France, April 10, 1876, aged 74.] Loomis, Henry, lumber merchant, cor West Water and Randolph [died, Burlington, Vt., December 18, 1886, aged 68.]
Loomis, Horatio Gates, at C. L. Harmon's, res s.-w. cor State and Wash
Loring, L. D., clerk, Ward Rathbone
Love, James, carpenter, res Randolph, bet Franklin and Market
Lovell, Vincent S., leather, etc., Clark near Lake, bds Chicago Temp.
Lovett, Michael (Melvin & L.), res N. Clark, bet N. Water and Kinzie
Lowe, James M., city clerk, office s.-w. cor Clark and Randolph, bds Sam. J. Lowe
Lowe, Oscar, clerk, Elisha S. & Julius Wadsworth, bds Sam'l J. Lowe
Lowe, Samuel A., clerk, Scammon & Judd, bds Samuel J. Lowe [died, Alaska Territory, 188-]
Lowe, Samuel James, sheriff Cook County, res Jail, s.e. cor Randolph and LaSalle [died September 16, 1851, aged 52½.]
Lower, John, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard [Jacob, died, St. Louis, Mo., May 8, 1849.]
Lowry, James, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Lowry, John, laborer, res Fort Dearborn
Loyd, Alexander, carpenter and builder, (L., Blakesley & Co.), res 52 Wells [4th mayor, died, Lyons. Cook Co., Ill., April 11,1871, a. 69½]
Loyd, Blakesley & Co. (A. Loyd, H. A. Blakesley, and Henry Norton), dry goods and groceries, 101 Lake
Lubke, Ferdinand, mason, res south of Jackson and west of Clark
Ludby, John, soap and candle maker, South Branch, 3 miles south [died January 24, 1872, aged 78.]
Lunt, Orrington, commission merchant, S. Water, bds John B. Mitchell
Luther, John, chairmaker, D.A. & E. M. Jones
Lyman, Benjamin, cook, Illinois Exchange
Lyman. Daniel, miller, [died at Hyde Park, April 19, 1882, aged 92.]
Lynch, Patrick, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Lyons, Robert, looking-glasses, frames, etc., 83 Lake, bds Tremont
Lytle, William J., clerk, Hamilton & White

M Surnames
McAuley, Patrick, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
McBean, --- , laborer, res Dearborn
McBride, Thomas, teamster, cor Franklin and Madison
McCabe, John, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson
McCade, Patrick, porter, Tremont House
McCann, Francis, cooper, res VanBuren near Market
McCann, Patrick, laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Wells
McCanner, Mrs., res west of Market, south of Washington
McCanny, ---, clerk, Henry M. Stow
McCarthy, Owen, grocery and boarding, North Water near Wolcott
McCarthy, Patrick, laborer, n.e. cor Dearborn and Washington [died March 15, 1858]
McCarty, Timothy, laborer, res near North Branch bridge, 5th Ward
McCarty, William, Stow's foundry, bds Western Hotel
McCauly, Patrick, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
McClellan, John, general supt. of public works, on Lake Michigan
McClelland, Hugh, wagonmaker, James Clifford, res 5th Ward [died, Lake Forest, Lake Co., Ill., January 1, 1885, aged 79].
McClure, A. M., baker, James L. Howe
McClure, Sam'l, lottery ag't, Carlton Holland, bds Farmers' Exchange [died 1843]
McClusker, Patrick, mason, res near North Branch bridge
McComas, Samrel, tailor, res West Water, bet Randolph and Lake
McComas, Samuel J., teacher, school and res near Sauganash Hotel
McComas, S. H., tailor, res LaSalle, bet Lake and South Water
McComber, Miss, milliner, etc., 155 Lake, up stairs, res same
McConnell, Edward, gardener, res S. Branch, 2 miles south, west side [died May 11, 1878, aged 72½]
McConnell, John, book-keeper, Seth T. Otis, bds City Refectory [died August 18, 1855, aged 55.]
McCord, Jason (Moseley & McC), bds D. B. Heartt, alderman 2d ward, county commissioner [died November 28, 1870, aged 61.]
McCormack, Mrs., res North Water, bet Wells and Franklin McCorristen, Wm., prop. American Hotel, North Water [died, St. Louis. Mo.. October 25, 1862. aged 67.]
McCowan, James, res bet Market and South Branch
McCue, Patrick, laborer, res Randolph [died before Jan. 13. 1852.]
McCuen, Michael, warehouseman, Newberry & Dole
McCullough, David, mason, bds Illinois Exchange
McDermott, , hatter, Lorenzo P. Sanger, bds Mansion House
McDonald, Dennis, sailor, res Dutch Settlement
McDonald, Michael, grocer, North Water near Wolcott [died April 4. 1857]
McDonnell, Charles, grocery and boarding house, 33 Market [died April 16, 1885, aged 81.]
McDonnell, James [died 1870.]
McDonnough, Matthias, laborer, alley near N. Clark and N. Water
McDonnough, Michael, carpenter, alley near N. Clark and N. Water
McDonnough, P. H., captain schooner Charlotte
McDonnouglh, Thos., drayman, res W. Water, bet Randolph and Lake
McGilorey, John, cabinet maker, Manahan & Jacobus
McGlashan, John, gardener, res Archer ave, 2 miles south [died August 11, 1873, aged 58.]
McGlin, Michael, laborer
McGovern, John, laborer, res Franklin, bet Washington and Madison [died July 21, 1883, aged 82]
McGraw, Edward, laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn [died, Pecatonica, Ill., July 14, 1890]
McGraw, James, mason, A. S. Sherman
McGraw, Mrs., res S. Clinton, bet Randolph and Washington
McGraw, Patrick, clerk, James Hervey, bds Canada House
McGraw, Volney, laborer, Sylvester Marsh
McGuire, Michael, laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn [died, Pecatonica, Ill., July 14, 1890]
McHale, John, laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn [died March 17, 1854]
McHenry, Peter (col'd), [Black Pete], cook, City Hotel, res Clark near Jackson
McIlwaine, Mathew, physician, bds Sauganash Hotel
McIntosh, David, sailor, res Ohio, bet Pine and St. Clair
McIntosh, Wm., capt. schooner Victory, res Michigan, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [lost on Schr. Victory, March, 1844, on Lake Michigan]
McIntyre, Francis A., clerk, Asher Rossetter, bds same
McIntyre, John, grocer, cor West Water and Randolph
McIntyre, Morgan, res south of Jackson, 3d Ward
McIntyre, William, Scoville & Gates
McKay, Patrick, saloon, res North Water near Kinzie
McKay, Samuel, groceries and provisions, junction North Water and Kinzie, res same [died February 5, 1871, aged 58.]
McKinney, Joseph, pedler, bds American Temperance House
McKnight, John, hatter, Lorenzo P. Sanger & Co., bds Jas. A. Smith
McLaren, Henry, laborer, res Market
McLean, Thomas, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
McLeoud, R., Stow's foundry, bds Western Hotel
McMahon, Patrick, porter, City Hotel
McMahon, Patrick T., tailor, Lake
McManniman, Jacob, laborer, res Madison near Franklin
McMillen, A., carpenter, bds Illinois Exchange
McMullen, William, drayman, res Canal, bet Randolph and Lake
McNeil, James, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
McNeil, Joseph, laborer, res North Water near North Branch bridge
McNeil, Malcolm, shipcarpenter, North Branch near Chicago ave
McNeil, Michael, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
McQuin, John, laborer, res Washington, bet Wells and Franklin [died October 26, 1855]
McQuin, Michael, laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn
McShea, Michael, laborer, res North Water near Franklin
McWilliams, James, chair maker, 40 Franklin, res same [died, Oak Park, Ill., 1893, aged 75.]
Mack, Firman, clerk, Win. H. Adams & Co., res LaSalle, bet Madison and Washington [drowned in Chicago River]
Madden, William, grocer. South Water
Magee, Henry, lawyer [died June 21, 1855, aged 57¾]
Magee, William J., laborer, res W. Lake, bet Water and Canal
Magie, Haines H (H. H M. & Co.), res 279 Ohio [died, Washington, D.C., January 16, 1879, aged 75]
Magie & Co., H. H, dry goods and groceries, 130 Lake
Magill, Alexander W., clerk, Theron Pardee, bds Arthur W. Magill
Magill, Arthur W., clerk, U. S. land office, res Mich., bet Rush and Pine
Magill, Julian (Whiting, M. & Co.), bds Arthur W. Magill
Maguire, Bernard, cooper, Charles Walker & Co.
Mahan, Owen, laborer, res Kinzie, bet Franklin and Wells
Mahan, Thomas, sailor, steamer Champion
Maher, Hugh, cooper, Eri Reynolds' packing-house, South Branch [died, Hyde Park, January 22, 1884, aged 66.] Mahoney, Jeremiah, laborer, res N. Dearborn, bet Water and Kinzie
Malcolm, Robert, mason builder, res Clark near Washington [died October 9, 1871, aged 68.]
Mallady, John, laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn
Malzacher, Louis, groceries and provisions, 167 Lake, res same [died April 24,1868, aged 68.]
Manahan, Owen, carpenter, bds John Ryan [died, Highland Park, Ill., October 11, 1883]
Manahan, Thomas (M. & Jacobus), res Clark [died, Norwood Park, Cook Co., Ill,, March 31, 1884, aged 71½] Manahan & Jacobus, cabinet makers, 10 Clark
Manierre, Edward, tailor, 43 Clark, bds Elisha Clark, 1st Ward [died, New London, Conn., July 26, 1890, aged 78.] Manierre, George (M. & Meeker;, res 49 State, school commissioner [died May 21, 1863, aged 46.]
Manierre & Meeker, attorneys, 118 Lake
Manley, William E., Universalist clergyman, res Clark
Mann, Cyrus, family groceries, 47 Clark, res same [died in California, 1851.]
Mann. J., hatter, Israel Cyrus Stephens
Mann, Tielman, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Mansion House, 84-6 Lake, Skinner (Chas.) & Smith (Jos. Flint) props
Marback, Joseph, farmer, cor Chicago av and Rush, alderman 6th ward
Mariam, James, cooper, Charles Walker & Co.
Markesen, Ole, carpenter, res Dutch Settlement
Markle, Abram A., laborer, North Branch, 4th Ward [died November 30, 1845, aged 48.]
Mars, Samuel, pump pedler, res LaSalle, bet Washington and Madison
Marsallani, Louis, stone quarrier, bds Charles McDonnell
Marsh, Alexander, with Luther Marsh, bds same [d. Oct. 9,1874, a. 53]
Marsh, Elisha Azro, with Luther Marsh, bds same [died, Sitka, Alaska, April 10, 1880, aged 63.]
Marsh, Joshua Leonard, law student, Spring & Goodrich, bds L. Marsh [died July 23, 1890. aged 64.]
Marsh, Luther, lumber merchant, res Madison, bet Wells and Franklin [died November 14, 1859, aged 77]
Marsh, Sylvester, 98 Lake, packing-house, 304-6 North Water [died, Concord, N, H., December 30, 1884, aged 81] Marshall, Francis, auctioneer, bds New York House Marshall, Henry, Scoville & Gates' foundry
Marshall [M.D.], James Augustus, auctioneer, Parker & Dodge [died March 31, 1891, aged 81-9-22]
Martel, Thomas, carpenter, bds Washington Hall
Martin, John, laborer, res West Water
Martin, Joseph Hopkins, manager, Western Hotel, West Randolph [died March, 1895, aged 83.]
Martindale, John, clerk, Bristol & Porter, bds City Refectory
Martling, James A., printer, Ellis & Fergus, bds William Ellis
Mathews, James, ship-carpenter, [arrived September 6, 1843.]
Mathewson, Artemas J., draughtsman, Ogden & Jones
Mattes, Mathias, laborer, res east side of State south of VanBuren [died April 4, 1877]
Mattern, Frederick, tailor
Matteson, Jos. (Gurnee & M.), res State, bet Washington and Randolph [died January 8, 1852, aged 30]
Mattson, D., clerk, Sylvester Marsh
Maurer, David, teamster, res cor Madison and Desplaines
Maurer, Jacob [Water Jake], waterman, [died Dec. 22, 1885, aged 80]
Maxson, David, tin and coppersmith, Samuel J. Surdam
Maxwell, Philip, physician, s.-w. cor Clark and Lake, res 79 Clark [died, Geneva, Wis., November 5, 1859, aged 60½]
Maxwell, Thomas, laborer, res Illinois, bet LaSalle and Wells [died 1872, aged 54.]
Maynard, H. E., lawyer, Smith & Ballingall
Mayo, Samuel, carpenter, bds New York House
Meacham, H. T., hostler, New York House
Meacham, Silas, lighthouse keeper, res 2 River [died, Maine, Cook Co., Ill., July 21, 1852, aged 63]
Mead, Enos L., carpenter, res N. Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Medeweller, Henry, shoemaker. North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn
Meeker, George W. (Manierre & M.), bds 165 Clark [died April 2, 1856, aged 37]
Meeker, Joseph, carpenter and builder, res 165 Clark [died January 4, 1872, aged 66¼
Melody, Michael, res Washington, bet Franklin and Market
Melvin, Thomas, shoemaker, South Water, bet Clark and Dearborn [died July 31, 1883, aged 73.]
Melvin & Levett, boot and shoe makers, South Water east of Clark
Melvin, Thomas J., res State
Merriam, Mrs. Mary, boarding-house Lake, bet State and Wabash ave
Merrifield, Edward, clerk, Ballentine & Sherman [died January 27, 1889, aged 79½]
Merrill, George W., provisions, etc., 157 Lake, s.e. cor LaSalle
Merrill, Winthrop
Merritt, Jacob DeWitt, commission merchant, 116 So. Water, res State [died, Winona, Minn., July 24, 1881, aged 76.]
Mess, George, canal contractor, res 46 Michigan ave [died near Lockport, Ill.]
Metz, Christopher, tinsmith, William Wheeler & Co. [died December 10. 1886, aged 64.]
Meville, Peter Dominique, carpenter, bds Canada House [died March 8, 1884, aged 68-5.]
Mever, Ferdinand, butcher, bds Morris Meyer
Meyer, Matthias, res Michigan, bet N. Clark and LaSalle
Meyer, Morris, baker, Michigan, east of Clark
Migely, Rudolph, grocer, 182 Randolph, res same [died December 30, 1885, aged 74.
Miles, --- , carpenter, bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn
Millar, Robert M., ship carpenter, Fort Dearborn [died March 13, 1881, aged 65¼]
Miller, Chas. [Andrew J.], barber and hairdresser, 19 Market, res Canal [died, Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 2, 1864.]
Miller, David, machinist, Elihu Granger's foundry
Miller, H., tobacconist, 85 Lake Miller, Henry, mason, res s. e. cor Wells and Madison
Miller, Jacob, blacksmith, res Indiana, bet Wolcott and N. Dearborn [died March 16, 1890, aged 79.]
Miller, Peter, shoemaker, Thomas Whitlock
Milliken, Isaac Lawrence, foreman blacksmith, Frink, Walker & Co. res [13th mayor, died December 2, 1889, aged 76.]
Mills, John Rodney, produce dealer, bds American TemperanceHouse
Mills, Royal Alex. Blaine, bds [died Jan. 25, 1882, aged 60¼].
Mills, Samuel, grocer, res Clark
Miltimore, Ira, millwright and machinist, res S. Canal, 3d Ward [died, Janesville, Wis., June 8, 1879, aged 66]
Misener, Henry, blacksmith, hydraulic works, res Franklin [died August 9, 1851, aged 52.]
Misener, Mortimer C, printer, Ellis & Fergus, bds H. Misener [died February 5, 1891, aged 65.]
Mitchell, George, Stow's foundry, bds Western Hotel
Mitchell, George, cooper, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Mitchell, John Berry, boots and shoes, 22 Clark, res cor Clark and Kinzie [died March 17, 1878, aged 69½]
Mitchell, Joseph, carpenter, res North Branch [died September 13, 1856]
Mitchell, Mark, carpenter, res North Water near North Branch
Mitchell, William, carpenter, res W. Madison, bet Canal and Clinton
Mitchell, --, carpenter, bds Chicago Temperance House
Moeng, Diederic, cabinet maker, Caleb Morgan [died April 18, 1894, aged 82.]
Moffet, James, Scoville & Gates
Molloy, John, carpenter, bds Charles McDonnell
Monaghan, Hugh, blacksmith. [died Jan. 1, 1884. aged 64.]
Mongeon, Felix, grocer, cor North Water and Wolcott
Montgomery, G. B. S., shoemaker, Samuel J. Grannis
Montgomery, J. H., shipcarpenter, Fort Dearborn
Montgomery, Loton W., shoemaker, Jerome Beecher, res Market [died September 20, 1866, aged 60½]
Moody, Daniel, sailor, res North Water near Rush
Moody, Orin C hatter, Israel C. Stephens [died Oct. 15,1881, a. 65¼
Mooney, Michael, blacksmith, res Michigan ave
Mooney, Peter, blacksmith, bds M. Mooney [d. Jan. 22, 1893, a. 75]
Moore, Richard, tailor. South Water, bet State and Wabash ave
Morey, Davenport, lard-oil factory, 51-3 South Water
Morey, Davenport, jr., warehouseman, Horace Butler
Morey, Edward, treasurer Young Men's Lyceum
Morey, George (M. & Dike), bds Isaac Dike [died Oct. 3, 1893, a. 74]
Morey, Henry C, [died March 14, 1889, aged 57]
Morey, Richard H., law student, Spring & Goodrich
Morey & Dike, family grocers, 8 Dearborn
Morgan, Caleb, cabinet maker, 199 Lake [died Nov. 23, 1871, a. 75]
Morgan, Hector N., painter, Nathan. S. Cuishing [died Aug. 30, 1852]
Morgan, Patrick Richard [veterinary surgeon], carriage-driver [died September 5, 1891, aged 68-6]
Morris, Buckner Smith, attorney, 59 Clark, res Indiana, bet Cass and Rush [Chicago's 2d mayor, died December 16, 1879, aged 79¼]
Morris, Mrs., res N. Dearborn, bet North Water and Kinzie
Morrison, Daniel, teamster, [died November 8, 1880, aged 60.]
Morrison, Ephraim, hat-and-cap factory, Dearborn, bet Lake and South Water [died Sept. 22, 1851, aged 70.]
Morrison, Ephraim, jr., teamster, res 111 Madison [died June 16, 1880, aged 65.]
Morrison, Ezekiel, carpenter, res 123 Clark [died Feb. 26,1895; a. 84.]
Morrison, James M., carpenter, res 131 Clark [died Dec. 28,1868, a. 62]
Morrison, Michael, laborer, res near West Water and Lake
Morrison, Mrs., res Wells, bet Washington and Randolph
Morrison, Orsemus, carpenter, res 153 Clark [died Jan. 4,1864, a. 58½]
Morrison's Row, 139-57 Clark
Moseley, Flavel (M. & McCord), bds Daniel B. Heartt [died, Williamsburg, N.Y., September 29, 1865, aged 67]
Moseley & McCord, dry goods and groceries, 130 Lake
Moses, Hiram P., machinist, bds Sabin Wight
Mower, Geo. W., wheat buyer, Jno. P. Chapin & Co., bds City Refectory
Mudge, Colby, blacksmith, Asahel Pierce
Mueller, Jacob, blacksmith, res Indiana, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Mukant, P., clerk, John B. Busch
Mullen, John, farmer, res near W. Washington, 3d Ward
Muller, Matthias, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Munson. F. A., res Illinois Exchange, 192 Lake
Munzer, David, laborer, res W. Monroe, bet Clinton and Jefferson
Murphy, Edward, coroner, teacher in 1837 [died. Rogers Park, Ill.. January 25, 1875, aged 70.]
Murphy, James K., tinsmith, bds Peter Fennerty
Murphy, John, prop. United States Hotel, n.-w. cor W. Water and W. Randolph, alderman 4th ward [died August 14, 1850, aged 47.]
Murphy, John, laborer, res North Water near Pine
Murphy, Mrs., res Michigan ave, bet Adams and Jackson
Murphy, Timothy, res Washington, s.-w. cor Market
Murray, George, tailor, 204 Lake, res same
Murray, James (M. & Brand), bds City Hotel
Murray, John, laborer, res West Water, bet Canal and Clinton
Murray & Brand, bankers and exchange brokers, 125 Lake, s.-w. cor Clark
Musham, William, drayman, res Indiana, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [died August, 1844, aged 44.]
Myers, Frederick F., laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Wells
Myers, Matthias, res Michigan st
Myers, Owen, drayman, res Kinzie, bet LaSalle and Wells
Myers, Peter, laborer, res Chicago ave, Dutch Settlement
Myrick, Willard Franklin, hotel-keeper, Cottage Grove ave, bet 29th and 30th [died January 27, 1889, aged 79.]

N Surnames
Nauberger, Hugh, baker, Pfund & Co.
Nelson, Andrew, porter, Tremont House [suicide, March 15, 1856.]
Nelson, Andrew, laborer, res North Water near Market [died July 29, 1887, aged 69½.
Nelson, Claudius B., book-keeper, William Blair & Co. [died, Hyde Park, Cook Co., Ill., March 29, 1885, aged 65¾.
Nelson, Peter, sashmaker, res North Water near Dearborn [died before July 13, 1850.]
Neudorf, Nicholas, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Newberry, Walter Loomis (N. & Burch), res Illinois, bet Rush and Pine, member board of health [died on French steamer Periere, en route to France, Nov. 6, 1868, aged 64.]
Newberry & Burch, bankers and exchange brokers, 97 Lake
Newberry (Oliver, of Detroit) & Dole, forwarding and commission merchants, 146-52 S. Water and N. Water, s.e. cor Rush
Newburg, Philip, tailor and ready-made clothing, 153 Lake [res Cincinnati, O.]
New Buffalo, north of Chicago ave and east of North Clark- synonomous with Dutch Settlement.
Newcomb, -- , tailor, J. Elliott
Newcome, J. C, timber sawyer, and grocery, North Water near Clark
Newhall, Harrison, fruit and groceries, 123 Lake, bds J. D. Jennings
Nw-York House, 178-80 Lake
Niblo, Alex. Ramsey, printer, res State [killed by railroad accident, Mount Washington, Ohio, June 25, 1858, aged 50.]
Nichols, D. M. C, bds D. T. Nichols
Nichols, Luther, drayman, 48 Dearborn [died May 2,1881, aged 75¾]
Nichols, D. T., saddler, res cor Randolph and Wells
Nicholson, Edward, merchant, S. Water, res 97 Rush near Ontario [died September 15, 1849.]
Nickalls, Patteson, livery-stable keeper, 230 Kinzie near Wolcott [returned to England and died there.]
Nickerson, J B., machinist, Randolph, res South Water
Nickerson, John, captain schooner Wave, res Dutch Settlement
Noble, Aaron, grocer, res North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Noble, George Alexander, M.D., school-teacher, Lake, res s.e. cor Washington and Franklin
Noble, George W., carpenter, Clinton bet. Randolph and Washington [died November 1, 1885, aged 66.]
Noble, Samuel John, res George A. Noble
Norris, Henry, bds Mansion House
Norris, James, carpenter, bds A. H. Palmer
Norris, James Wellington, attorney, directory canvasser, 38 Clark [died Ottumwa, Iowa, March 3, 1882, aged 67.] Northam, Robert Robbins, clerk, John W. Hooker, bds same [died January 20, 1893. aged 73.]
Norton, Cyprian Collins (N. & Case), res State, bet Mad. and Monroe
Norton, George W., botanic physician, bds Illinois Exchange
Norton, Henry (Loyd, Blakesley & Co.), res 81 State, bet Randolph and Washington [died on the Isthmus of Panama, en route to California, 1849.]
Norton, Hiram (N. & Tuckerman), bds Seth Johnson
Norton, John, gunsmith. Peacock & Thatcher
Norton, Theron, dry goods and groceries, 117 Lake [died April 24, 1844, aged 40-4-3.]
Norton & Case, dry goods and groceries, 80 Lake
Norton & Co., Horace (H. Norton and J. C. Walter), dry goods and groceries, 137 South Water
Norton & Co., Horace (H. Norton, J. C. Walter, and E. K. Rogers), forwarding and commission merchants, n.e. cor River and Dock
Norton & Tuckerman, dry goods and groceries. 134 Lake, warehouse. North Water, west of north end of Clark-street bridge

O Surnames
O'Brien, Dennis, tailor, res North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
O'Brien, Michael, blacksmith, Frink, Walker & Co., res South Water [died August 14. 1852]
O'Bryan, George, grocer, North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie [died August 1849]
O'Connor, Jeremiah, blacksmith, N. Water, bet Clark and LaSalle
O'Donoghue, Peter, auctioneer, 170 Lake, res LaSalle [died August 1, 1851]
O'Leary, Dr. J. E., bds Dr. William B. Egan [died 1849]
O'Malley, Charles, cobbler, shoemaker, constable, J.-P., lawyer, North Water near Dearborn [died March 11, 1887, aged 75]
O'Meara, Timothy, ex-Catholic priest, bds James Carney, S. Water
O'Neil. Michael, carpenter, res Dearborn, bet N. Water and Kinzie [died December 9, 1863, aged 48]
O'Sullivan, David, res Kinzie, bet N. Franklin and Wells
Oakes, Noyes, house-mover, res State, bet Adams and Jackson [died September 12, 1854, age 40]
Ogden Mahlon Dickerson (Arnold & O.), res Ontario, bet Dearborn and Wolcott, probate judge [died, Elmhurst, Feb. 13,1880, a. 68 ½].
Ogden, William Butler (O. & Jones), res Ontario, bet Cass and Rush [died, Aug. 3, 1877, aged 72, at Boscobel- his residence, near High Bridge, on the Harlem River, New York.; Chicago's 1st mayor.]
Ogden & Jones, land-agents, Kinzie, bet Wolcott and Dearborn ave
Olin, Henry W., boarding-house, North Water, bet Rush and Pine
Oliver, John Alfred, house painter, North Water, res Michigan [died January 16, 1887, aged 72.]
Olliver, Rev. Warren, pastor Canal-st Methodist Church
Osborn, William, shoe dealer, Jerome Beecher, res 145 Madison [died January 2, 1884, aged 71]
Ost, William, tailor, Randolph, bet LaSalle and Wells
Otis, Edwin, clerk, Seth T. Otis, and librarian Young Men's Assoc.
Otis, Seth T., hardware, stoves, etc., 126 Lake, res 166 State [died, Ann Arbor, Mich., January 23, 1882, aged 71.] Otis, Seth, county poor-house keeper [died April 27, 1847, aged 70.]
Ottaway, Charles, family grocer, 175 Lake, res same
Otto, August F., watchmaker and jeweler, 173 Lake, res Wells [died January 4, 1890, aged 86.]
Ousterhoudt, Levi M., prop. Sauganash, Market, 100 ft south of s.e. cor Lake [died, Norwood Park, November 15, 1881, aged 73½]
Outhet, John C, wagon maker, 191 Randolph, res 244 Madison [died November 27, 1866, aged 55]

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