1844 Chicago, IL Directory
by J.W. Norris
Transcribed by Kim Torp

Use your browser's FIND function to search for names because these names are not in perfect alphabetical order. Read the opening paragraph below (written by the author) to understand the abbreviations he used. Spellings are "as is", though I have inserted the occasional comma to help readability. If I couldn't read something, I tried to make those notations within ( ).


McCade, Patrick, porter, Tremont House
McCann, Francis, cooper, West Clark st Jackson
McCanner, Mrs., house West Market st. South Washington st
McCarthy, Owen, grocery, North Water st. b Wolcott & Dearb
McCarty, Timothy, laborer, near North Branch bridge, 5th ward
McCarty, Wm. at Stow's foundry, res Western Hotel
McCanny, ---(sic), clerk, at H.M. Stow's
Mack, Firman, at W.H. Adams & Co.'s, house Lasalle st b. Madison and Washington sts
McClellan, J., general superintendant of public works, on lake Michigan, res Lake House
McClernan, Hugh, wagon maker, at Clifford's, house 5th ward
McClure, A.M. , baker at J.L. Howe's
McClure, Samuel, at C. Holland's, res Farmers' Exchange
McComas, Samuel, tailor, West Water st. b Rand. & Lake sts
McComas, S.H., tailor, Lasalle st b Clark & Water sts
McComber, Miss, milliner, 155 Lake st
McConnell, Edward, clerk, house Clark st
Macormick, Mrs., house N. Water st. b Wells & Franklin sts
McCord, J. or Mosely & McC., res D.B. Heartt's
McCowan, James, house b Market st. and South Branch
McCue, Patrick, laborer, house Randolph st
McCuen, Michael, warehouseman, at Newberry & Dole's
McCullough, David, mason, res Illinois Exchange
McCusker, Patrick, mason, house N. Branch, near bridge
McDermott, -- (sic), hatter, at L.P. Sanger's, res Mansion house
McDonnell, Charles, grocer, market st near Lake st. house same
McDonnald, Michael, grocer, N. Water st. b Dearb. and Wolcott
McDonnough, Matthias, laborer, alley near Clerk and N. Water st
McDonnough, Michael, carpenter, alley near Clark & N. Water
McDonnough, Tho. drayman, house W.Water st. b Ran. & Lake
McGilorey, John, cabinet maker, at Mannahan & Jacobus'
McGlin, Michael, laborer
McGoorain, John, laborer, house Franklin st. b Wash. and Mad
McGraw, Edward, laborer, house N. Water st. b Clark & Dearb
McGraw, Mrs, house Clinton st. b Randolph & Washington sts
McGraw, Patrick, clerk, at James Hervey's, res Canada Home
McGraw, Volney, laborer, at S. Marsh's
McGuire, Michael, laborer, house N. Water st. b Clark & Dearb
McHale, John, laborer, house N. Water st. b Clark & Dearb
McHale, John, laborer, house N. Water st. b Clark & Dearborn
McHenry, Peter, cook, City Hotel
McIlwaine, M., physician, office and res Sauganash Hotel
McIntire, John, grocer, corner of Randolph & West Water sts
McIntire, Morgan, house 3d ward, South of Jackson st
McIntire, Wm. at Scoville & Gates'
McIntosh, David, sailor, house Ohio st. b Pine & Sand sts
McIntosh, Wm., capt. schooner Victory, h Mich st. b Dear & Wol
McIntyre, F.A., clerk, at A. Rossetter's, res same
Mckay, Samuel, grocer, cor N. Water & Kinzie sts, house same
McKinney, Joseph, pedlar, res American Temperance House
McKnight, -- (sic) hatter, L.P. Sanger & Co's, res J.A. Smith's
McKan, Patrick, laborer, house N Water st. b Clark & Wells sts
McLarnen, Henry, laborer, house Market st.

McLeoud, R. at Stow's foundry, res Western Hotel
McMahon, Patrick T. tailor, Lake st
McMann, Patrick, hostler, City Hotel
McManniman, Jacob, laborer, house Madison st. near Franklin
McMillen, A., carpenter, res Illinois Exchange
McMullen, Wm., drayman, house Canal st. b Randolph and Lake
McNeil, Joseph, laborer, house North water st. near N. Br. bridge
McNeil, James, laborer, at Hubbard's
McNeil, Michael, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
McNeil, Malcom, ship carpenter, North Branch, near Chicago ave
McQuin, John, laborer, Washington st. b Wells & Franklin sts
McQuin, Michael, laborer, house N. Water st b Clark & Dearb
McShea, Michael, laborer, house N. Water near Franklin
McWard, James, harness maker at Horton's
Madden, William, grocer, South Water st
Magee, Wm. J, laborer, house Lake st b Water & Canal
Magie, H.H. of H.H.M. & Co. house
Magie, H.H. & Co. dry goods & groceries, 130 Lake st
Magill, Alexander W. clerk Theron Pardee, res A.W. Magill
Magill, Arthur W., clerk Land Office, h Michigan b Rush & Pine
Magill, Julian, of Whiting, M. & Co., res A.W. Magill
Maguire, Bernard, cooper at C.Walker & Co's
Mahan, Owen, laborer, h Kinzie st b Franklin and Wells
Mahan, Thomas, sailor, steamboat Champion
Mahoney, Jeremiah, laborer, h Dearborn b Water & Kinzie sts
Malcom, Robert, mason, h Clark st near Washington
Mallady, John, laborer, h N. Water st b Clark & Dearborn
Malzacher, Louis, grocer, 167 Lake st
Manahan & Jacobus, cabinet makers, 10 Clark st
Manahan, Thomas, of M & Jacobus, res Clark st
Manierre, Edward, tailor, Clark st house E. Clark 1st ward
Manierre, Geo. of M. & Meeker, res State st
Manierre & Meeker, attorneys, 118 Lake st
Manley, W.E. Universalist clergyman, h Clark st
Mann, C., grocer, Clark st, house same
Mann, J., hatter, at I.C. Stevens'
Marback, Joseph, farmer, cor Chicago Ave and Rush st
Mariam, James, cooper, at C. Walker's & Co
Markle, Abram A., laborer, North Branch, 4th ward
Marrs, Samuel, pump pedlar, h Lasalle b Wash and Madison
Marsallam, Louis, stone quarrier, res Chas. McDonell's
Marsh, J. Leonard, law student at Spring & Goodrich's
Marsh, Sylvester, 98 Lake st packing house N. Water st.
Marsh, Luther, lumbermen, house Mad. st. b Wells and Franklin
Marshall, Francis, at New York House
Marshall, Henry, at Scoville & Gates'
Marshall, James A. auctioneer, at Parker & Dodge's
Martel, Thomas, carpenter, res Washington Hall
Martin, John, laborer, house West Water st
Martindale, John, clerk, at Bristol & Porter's res city refectory
Masham, Wm., drayman, house Indiana st b Dearb. and Wolcott
Mathewson, Artemius J., clerk at Ogden & Jones'
Mathias, Mathew, laborer, house State st
Matson, D., clerk at Sylvester Marsh's

Matteson, Jos. of Gurnee & M. h State b Wash and Randolph
Mavil, Peter, carpenter, res Canada Home
Maxson, David, tin and copper smith, at S.J. Surdam's
Maxwell, Philip, physician, cor of Clark and Lake sts house Clark
Maxwell, Thomas, laborer, house 5th ward
Maynard, H.E. at Smith & Ballingall's
Mayo, Sam, carpenter, res New York House
Maurer, David, teamster, res 3d ward, Madison st
Meacham, H.T. hostler, New York House
Meacham, Silas, keeper light house, res same
Mead, Enos L., carpenter, house N. Water st. b Dearb. and Wolc.
Medeweller, Henry, shoemaker, N. Ater st. b Clark and Dearb.
Meeker, Geo. W. of Manierre & M., res Clark st
Meeker, Joseph, carpenter, res Clark st
Meledy, Michael, house Washington st. b Frank. and Market sts
Melvin, Thomas J., house State st
Merrefield, Edward, clerk, at Ballentine & Sherman's
Merrell, Winthrop,
Merritt, James D. commission merchant, South Water st., house State st
Merriam, Mrs. Mary, boarding house, Lake st b State & Wabash
Merrill, George, provision store, corner of Lake and Lasalle sts
Mess, George, house Michigan ave
Metz, Christopher, tinner, at Wm. Wheeler's
Meyer, Ferdinand, butcher, res Morris Meyer's
Meyer, Mathias, house Michigan st. b Clark and Lasalle sts
Meyer, Morris, baker, Michigan st. 5th ward
Mignly, R., grocer, Randolph st. b Lasalle and Wells res same
Miles, -- (sic), carpenter, res city refectory
Miller, Porter, shoe maker, at Whitlock's
Miller, Charles, barber and hair-dresser, Market st. one door N. of Sauganash, house Canal st
Miller, David, machinist, at Granger's foundry
Miller, H. tobacconist, 85 Lake st
Miller, Henry, mason, house corner of Wells and Madison sts
Miller, Jacob, blacksmith, house Indiana st. b Dearb. and Wolcott
Mills, Samuel, grocer, house Clark st
Miltimore, Ira, millwright and machinist, house Canal st. 3d ward
Mitchell, George, at Stowe's foundry, res Western Hotel
Mitchell, George, cooper, at Hubbard's
Mitchell, Mark, carpenter, house North Water st. North Branch
Mitchell, J.B., shoemaker, Clark st. b Lake & South Water sts, house corner of Clark & Kinzie sts
Mitchell, Joseph, house North Branch
Mitchell, --- (sic), carpenter, res Chicago Temperance House
Mitchell, Wm., carpenter, house Mad. st. b Canal & Clinton sts
Mizner, Henry, blacksmith, at hydraulic works, house Franklin st
Moffet, James, at Scoville & Gates'
Molloy, John, carpenter, res C. McDonnell's
Mongeon, Felix, grocer, corner of North Water & Wolcott sts
Montgomery, G.B.S., shoemaker, at G.J. Grannis'
Montgomery, J.H. at Fort Dearborn
Montgomery, L.W., shoemaker, at Beecher's house market st
Moody, Daniel, sailor, house N. Water and Rush sts

Moody, O., hatter, at I.C. Stevens'
Mooney, Michael, house Michigan ave
Moore, Richard, tailor, South Water st. b State and Wabash sts
Morey, Davenport, lard oil factory, South Water st
Morey, Davenport, jr. warehouseman, at Horace Butler's
Morey & Dike, grocers, Dearborn st
Morey, George, of M. & Dike, res Isaac Dike's
Morey, Richard H., law student, at Spring & Goodrich's
Morgan, C., cabinet maker, 199 Lake st.
Morgan, H.N., painter, at N.S. Cushing's
Morriah, Doderie, cabinet maker, at C. Morgan's
Morris, B.S., attorney at law, Clark st opposite City Hotel, h Indiana st. b Cass & Rush sts
Morris, Mrs, house Dearborn st b Water and Kinzie sts
Morrison, Ephraim, teamster, house Madison st
Morrison, Ezekiel, carpenter, house Clark st
Morrison, James M., carpenter, house Clark st. near Madison st
Morrison, Michael, laborer, near West Water and Lake sts
Morrison, Mrs., house Wells st b Washington & Randolph sts
Morrison, Orsemus, carpenter, house Clark st
Moseley, F. of Moseley & McCord, res D.B. Heartt's
Moseley & McCord, dry goods and groceries, 150 Lake st
Moses, Hiram P., machinist, at Sabin Wights
Mower, G.W. at J.P. Chapin & Co's, res City Refectory
Mukaute, P., clerk at J.B. Busch
Mullen, John, farmer, near Washington st, 3d ward
Munrer, David, laborer, h Monroe, b Clinton and Jefferson sts
Munson, F.A. Illinois Exchange, 192 Lake st
Murphy, Mrs., h Michigan ave, b Adams and Jackson sts
Murphy, John, United States Hotel, corner Randolph and W.Water sts
Murphy, John, laborer, h N. Water, near Pine st
Murphy, Timothy, h head Washington st, 2d ward
Murray & Brand, exchange brokers, c Lake and Clark sts
Murray, George, tailor, 204 Lake st
Murray, John, laborer, h water, h Canal and Clinton sts
Mushun, W., drayman, house 6th ward
Myers, Frederick F., laborer, h N. Water, b Clark and Wells sts
Myers, Owen, drayman, h Kinzie, b Lasalle and Wells sts
Myers, Peter, laborer, h Chicago ave, Dutch Settlement

Nelson, Andrew, laborer, house N. Water at near Franklin
Nelson, Peter, sash maker, h N. Water st. near Dearborn
Nauberger, Hugh, at P. Fund & Co's
Newberry & Burch, bankers, 97 Lake st
Newberry & Dole, for. and com. merchants, cor Clark & S. Water and North Water sts
Newberry, Walter L. of N. & Burch., h Illinois, b Rush and Pine
Newburgh, Philip, tailor, 153 Lake st
Newcomb, -- (sic), tailor, at Elliott's
Newhall, (?) fruit and groceries, 123 Lake st, res J. Jenning's
Niblo, A.R., printer, house State st
Nichols, D. M. C., res at D.T. Nichols'
Nichols, D.T., saddler, house corner of Randolph and Wells sts

Nichols, Luther, drayman
Nickalls, Patterson, livery stable, Kinzie st. b Dearb. and Wolcott
Nickerson, J.B., machinist, Randolph st. house South Water st
Nickolson, Edward, forwarding & commission merchant, South Water st., house Rush st b Ohio & Ontario sts
Noble, Aaron, grocer, house N. Water st. b Dearborn & Wolcott
Noble, Geo. A, school teacher, Lake st. h cor Wash. & Franklin
Norris, Henry, res Mansion House
Norris, James, carpenter, res A.H. Palmer's
Norris, J.W., attorney at law, office Clark st. opp City Saloon
Norton & Case, dry goods & groceries, 80 Lake st
Norton, C.C. of N. & Case, house State st. b Madison and Mon
Norton, George W., res Illinois Exchange
Norton, H. of Lloyd, Blakesley & Co., h State b Rand. & Wash
Norton, Hiram, of N. & Tuckerman, res S. Johnson's
Norton, Horace & Co., forwarding & commission merchants, So Water st
Norton, John, gunsmith, at Peacock & Thatcher's
Norton, Theron, dry goods & groceries, 117 Lake st
Norton & Tuckerman, dry goods & groceries, 134 Lake st. warehouse North Water st

O'Brien, Michael, blacksmith, South Water st
O'Brien, Dennis, tailor, house N. Water st. b Dearborn & Wolc
O'Bryan, Geo, grocer, N. Water st., b Wolcott & Kinzie sts
O'Connor, Jeremiah, blacksmith, N. water st. b Clark & Lasalle
O'Leary, -- (sic), at Dr. Egan's
O'Meara, Timothy, clergyman, house S. Water st. near State
O'Neil, Michael, carpenter, h Dearborn st b Wolcott & Kinzie
O'Sullivan, David, house Kinzie st. b Franklin & Wells sts
Oakes, Noyes, house mover, house State st. b Adams & Jackson
Ogden & Jones, land agents, Kinzie st. b Wolcott & Dearborn
Ogden, M.D., of Arnold & O., house Ontario st. b Dearb. and Wol
Ogden, Wm. B. of O. & Jones, res Ontario st. b Cass & Rush
Olin, Henry W., boarding house, N. Water st. b Rush & Pine sts
Oliver, John A., house painter N. Water st. house Michigan st
Osburn, Wm., shoe dealer, at Beecher's, house Madison st
Ost, Wm., tailor, Randolph st., b Lasalle & Wells sts
Osterhoudt, L.M., Sauganash Hotel, c Lake & Mark
Otis, S.T., hardware, store Clark st. near Lake st. house State st (recently appointed U.S. Consul for Basle, Switzerland)
Otis, Edwin, clerk, at S.T. Otis's, and librarian young Men's Ass.
Ottaway, Charles, grocer, 175 Lake st
Otto, A.T. , watchmaker & jeweler, 173 Lake st
Outhet, J.C., wagon maker, Randolph st., house Madison st

Packard, Robert, teamster, house Randolph st. b State and Dearb.
Page, Peter, mason builder, res Wm. L. Church's
Page, Thomas, clerk, Post Office
Page, --- (sic), carpenter, Sturges & Stubbs' res city refectory
Paine, James S., saddler, Dearb. st. b Lake & Water
Paintor, Joseph, tailor, at S. Benedick's, h Chap. Buildings

Palmer, A.H., painter, c Clark & Illinois sts, h same
Pardee, Theron, forwarding & commission merchant, N. Water st, res City Hotel
Parker & Dodge, auction & commission merchants, Clark st, in Harmon & Loomis' building
Parker, John, of P. & Dodge, ho Dearborn st. b Wash & Monroe
Parry, Samuel, of Johnson & P., house cor Ohio & Cass
Parsons, Edward, of Clark, Haines, & Co., res D.B. Heartt's
Parsons, Samuel M., res Farmers' Exchange
Patrie, Phillip, blacksmith, at J. Taylor's, ho Dearborn st, 6th ward
Pattee, David, packer, at S. Marsh's
Patten, James, carpenter, ho alley b Wells & Franklin sts
Pattent, -- (sic), res Mrs. Green's
Patterson, John G., clerk, at Horace Butler's
P(?)aeoard, Joseph, cooper, h N. Water st. b Kinzie & Wolcott sts
Patterson, R.W., 2d Presbyterian minister, h State st. near Rand
Peacock, E., watchmaker, 195 Lake st., h Madison st. b Lasalle & Wells sts
Pearsons, Hiram, res Tremont House
Pearsons, P.H., clerk, at R. Ambrose's, res same
Pease, Simeon, butcher, at Fulton market
Peck, Azel, builder, h Clinton b Washington & Madison sts
Peck, Charles E., saddle & harness maker, 164 Lake st, h Lasalle st
Peck, David, medical student, at Dr. Brainards, res Mrs. Posts
Peck & Boyce, linseed oil factory, Madison st, 2d ward
Peck, David, res Mrs. Waggoners, Lake st west Wells
Peck, S.W. of P. & Boyce, res C. Beer's
Peck, P.F.W., house corner of Clark & Jackson sts
Pecrreolan (?), F.A., soap and candle factory, Frank & Indiana sts
Pelton, Elias S., mason, res Washington Hall
Penny, John, brick maker, near North Branch, 5th ward
Penton, D. R. at Dr. Brinckerhoff's, res same
Penton, Thomas B., clerk, at Clark & co's, res Dr. Brinckerhoff's
Periolat, Clemens, grocer, corner of Lake & Franklin sts
Perkins, A., clerk, at Sherman & Pitkin's, res O. Sherman's
Perkins & Fenton, wagon makers, Randolph st., b Clark & Lasalle sts
Perkins, -- (sic), of P. & Fenton, res Chicago Temperance House
Perrior, William, jailor, res Jail buildings
Perry, A.S., barber, house reservation
Peterman, John, of John Hettinger & Co., house N. Water st
Peterson, Geo. captain schooner St. Joseph, house Canal st
Pfeifer, Kaspar, shoemaker, at T. Melvin's, res same
Pfund & Co., bakers, Clark st. b Lake and S. Water
Pfund, John, of P. & Co., house Clark st
Phelps, P. attorney at law, Dearb. house cor Dearborn and Wash
Philipp, Solomon, merchant, res Washington Hall
Phillips, John, turner, Franklin st. near Lake st., house same
Philips, William, turner, at John Phillips'
Pierce, Asabel, blacksmith, S. Water st. b Lake and Randolph sts, house Lake st. 4th ward
Pierce, Royal, cooper
Pike, Daniel, laborer, house North Water st. near Franklin st

Pike, Thos. jr. clerk, at Sherman & Pitkin's res W.L. Church's
Pinkerton, Allan, cooper, hydraulic mills
Pitkin, N. of Sherman & P., house Clark st. opp public square
Pitney, Aaron, physician, Lake st. over Gales' bookstore
Pitt, Wm., cabinet maker, West Water st. b Lake & Randolph
Plagge G., shoemaker, North water st. house same
Porter, Hibbard, of Bristol & Porter, house cor Clark & Adams
Post, E.J. at Bowen & Cole's res Mrs. Post's
Post, Frederick, at Mrs. post's
Post, Mrs. boarding house, Clark st. opposite public square
Poussard, Joseph, ship carpenter, house N. Branch, 4th ward
Powell, J.P., cabinet maker, at J.B. Weir's
Power, Richard, stone mason, res C. McDonnell's
Powless, John shoemaker, at J.E. Ware's
Pratt, Moses G., carpenter, house S.Water st. 4th ward
Prescott, E.S., h cor Ill. and Cass, nearly opp Episcopal Church
Preston, John B., clerk, at Ogden & Jones'
Price, William, sash factory, South Water st. West Clark st
Protine, Francis, cooper, house Clark st. b N. Water & Kinzie

Quarters, William, Catholic Bishop, cor Mich. av. and Madison st
Quick, John R., shoemaker, at Grannis'

Raber, Philip, laborer, house State st. South of First st
Ransom, J.W., res corner Monroe & Clark st
Rantz, Henry, laborer, house Michigan st., b Lasalle & Wells sts
Rappee, P., laborer, house Lake shore 1st ward
Raskupp, John, at S.B. Cobb's
Ravencraft, William, res Henry Howard's
Rattle, F. & Co., boots, shoes & leather, 133 Lake st
Rathbone, ward, grocer and fruitier, 141 Lake st
Ray, Thomas, mason, house near S. Branch & Washington st
Raymond, B.W. & co., staple goods & groceries, corner South Water & State sts & 122 Lake st upstairs
Raymond, B.W. of B.W.R. & Co., h Wash. b Clark & Lasalle
Raymond, Geo. at B.W. Raymond's 122 Lake st
Reed, Frederick, porter, City Hotel
Reed, Robert, mason, house Wells st b Lake & Randolph sts
Reed, Stilman O., laborer, at John Davlin's
Reed, William, carpenter, house Monroe st. b Clinton & Jeffer
Rees, James H., clerk at Ogden & Jones', res Mrs. Haight's
Rees, Thos, house painter at A. White's
Reis, John, shoemaker, at Grannis'
Render, Daniel, tailor, h Ohio st b Cass & Rush
Rew & Russell, grocery and ball alley, South Water st
Rew, Norman, of R. & Russell, h State st
Reynolds, Eri, butcher and packer, S. Branch, r Dear
Rhines, Henry, deputy sheriff, h Lasalle st. b Lake and Randolph
Rice, Joseph, at Stowe's foundry, res Western Hotel
Rice, Peter, waterman, h State b Monroe & Adams
Rich, Michael, mason, West of Clark & South of First sts
Richards, J.J., clerk at A. Gilbert's, res Mrs. Coffin's
Rider, E.A., clerk at C.L. P. Hogan
Riley, John, laborer, Michigan b Rush and Pine sts

Robb, George A., of Foster & R., res J.B. Mitchell's
Robb, Thos. P., res J.B. Mitchell's
Robertson, Cyrus D., clerk at H.H. Yates'
Roberts, Alexander, h North Water b Dearborn & Wolcott
Roberts, D.L., Chicago Temperance House, Lasalle b Lake & S. Water sts
Roberts, Henry L, shoemaker, South water, h North Water st
Roberts, J.S., chair painter at J.B. Weir's
Roberts, John T., drover, h Clark st b Washington & Madison
Robertson, James, ship carpenter, h cor North water & Rush
Robertson, -- (sic), res Sauganash
Robinson, Alexander, farmer, h South Branch 3d ward
Robinson, James, carpenter, h Monroe st 3d ward
Robinson, John, house mover, h Adams b Clark & State sts
Robinson, P.P., boot maker, 139 Lake st
Robinson, S.S., grocer, 184 Lake st, house same
Rockwell, James, boarding house, Clark st b Wash and Madison
Roden, James, laborer, res C. McDonnell's
Roder, John, blacksmith at Humphreys
Rogers, Edward K. or Horace Norton & Co., h Ind. b Cass & Rush
Rodgers, John, lard oil maker, house N. Water st
Rogers, Geo. A.
Rogers, Geo. w., Chicago Hotel, cor Lake and Canal sts
Rooney, O., laborer, h Canal b Lake & Randolph
Rose, Freeman, wagon maker, h Wells st b Rand and Washington
Rose, John, clerk at Murray & Brand's
Rose, Russell
Ross, Geo, blacksmith, at Wm. Otis Snell's
Rossetter, A., dry goods and groceries, 92 Lake st
Rossetter, G., clerk at Norton & Case, res C.C. Norton's
Rossiter, Newton, lumber merchant, S. Water st, h Franklin st
Rossiter, Henry, res at N. Rossiter's
Rossiter, Luther, res a N. Rossiter's
Row, Jonathan, sawyer, near the Bridge, 5th ward
Rowlatt, W. Bethel clergyman, res at Henry Smith's
Rowlatt, Mrs. W.A., French teacher, res at Henry Smith's
Rowley, Aldrich, shoemaker, house Market st
Rowley, Thos. E., teamster, at A. Funk's
Rucker, Edward A., law student at H.L. Rucker's
Rucker, H.L., justice of the peace, Clark st
Rue, John C., carpenter, h Clark, b Madison & Monroe
Rumsey, G.F., clerk, Newberry & Dole
Rumsey, J.S., clerk at Newberry & Dole, res at G.W. Dole's
Rutledge, Thomas, laborer, h Lake st b Water & Canal
Russ, John, teamster, house cor Clinton & Madison
Russell, C.G. of Rew & Russell, res City Refectory
Russell, F.C., res Mrs. Green's
Russell, J., City Hotel, cor Clark & Randolph sts
Russell, J.B.F, land agent, Clark st, h c Wolc & Ind
Russell, Martin, sailor, h Wolcott, b N. Water & Kinzie sts
Ryan, Edward, laborer, h Franklin, b Randolph & Washington
Ryan, John, boarding house, South Water st
Ryer, G. & co., tailors, Clark st, next door to Post Office
Ryerson & Blaikie, dry goods and groc. 90 Lake st


Ryerson, J.T. of R. & Blaikie, res Tremont House

Salisbury, T.W., dry goods & groceries, S.Water near Clark st
Saltonstall, Francis, clerk at Parker & Dodge's
Staltonstall, Wm. W., assignee in bankruptcy, house Madison
Saltonstall, Wm., house Madison st b Clinton & Jefferson
Sammons, Frederick, cooper, h Canal st b Adams & Jackson
Sammons, John, cooper, Adams st. near Clark
Sammons, Joseph H., cooper, house Canal st. b Adams & Jackson
Sammons, E.W., cooper, house Adams st
Samuel, William, laborer, ho near North Branch bridge, 5th ward
Sandusky, Michael, chairmaker, h Washington st. b Wells & Frank
Sanger, J.Y. of L.P. Sanger & Co. res Mrs. Green's
Sanger, L.P. & Co. hat, cap and fur store, 110 Lake st
Sanser, John W. of Cruver & S., house cor Clark & Michigan sts
Satterlee, M.L. dry goods & groceries, S. Water, res Tremont
Sauter, Charles & J., shoemakers, 212 Lake st
Sauter, Charles, of C. & J.S., house 212 Lake st
Sauter, J. of C. & J.S. house 212 Lake st
Sawyer, S. drugs, medicines, and groceries, 124 Lake st. res City Hotel
Scammon & Judd, attorneys, 123 Lake st. 2d story
Scammon, J.Y. of S. & Judd, house cor Mich. av. and Randolph
Schank, Lewis G., currier, at Johonott, Wells & Co's
Schenerman, Michael, at Pfund & Co.'s
Schlatter, Chas. L., U.S. agent harbor, house Fort Dearborn
Schular, Mathias, blacksmith, at I. Taylor's
Schuttler, -- (sic), wagon maker, Rand. st. b Franklin & Wells
Scott, John, carpenter, house Canal st. 3d ward
Scott, James H., sash maker, 3d ward, South of Jackson st
Scott, William, shoemaker, res J.S. Curtis'
Scoville, James H. at Scoville & Gates' foundry
Scoville & Gates, founders & blacksmiths, 3d ward
Scoville, H.H. of Scoville & Gates, h cor W. Water & Rand.
Scougale, A. wagon maker, near State & Lake sts, h Mad
Scranton, N. block pump and sparr maker, c N. Water and Wolc.
Scurgie, William, lumber merchant, 204 Lake st
Scaley (Sealy?), George, grocer, S. Water st
Seaman, Willett, jr. clerk, at Bracken & Tuller's res Sauganash
Searles, Samuel V., machinist
Seebor, Christopher, agent Kelley's patent pump, at T. Pardee's
Seely, Rufus R., hat & cap store, 225 Lake st
Sergent, S.H., barkeeper, New York House
Serry, Edward P., blacksmith, at Snell's h Kin. st. b Cass & Rush
Setoen, Israel, carpenter, Washington st. b Wells and Franklin
Sexton, Stephen, carpenter, house Kinzie st. b Cass & Rush sts
Seyhold, F.E. blacksmith, Randolph st. near Wells
Shaddle, Peter, upholsterer, Clark st. house S. of First st. 2d ward
Shaddle, Miss Ellen, teacher, one door South 1st Pres. Church
Shapley, Morgan L., house Reservation
Sharer, Geo. tailor, at Hodgson's, h Wells st b Wash. and Mad
Shaw, Isaiah, clerk at C. Follansbe's
Shaw, John O. of Clark & Co. res City Hotel

Shaw, Joseph, carpenter, house cor Jefferson & Washington sts
Shay, John, laborer, at John Dennis'
Shay, Michael, house Wells st. b Water & Kinzie sts
Sheldon, C.P. clerk, at Phil C. Sheldon's
Sheldon, Philo C., grocer, corner Lake & South Water sts. house Franklin st
Shepherd, Hiram, mason, house East Water st. b Wash. and Rand
Shepherd, Robert, carpenter, house Cass st b Indiana and Ohio
Shepherd, Thomas J., mason, house East Water st
Sheriff, John, clerk, at J.P. Allen's, b cor Canal and N. Water sts
Sherman, A.S., builder, of Johonnott, Wells, & Co's, house Washingst. b Canal and Clinton sts
Sherman, B.F., dry goods & groceries, corner of Lake & Clark sts
Sherman, E.L., of Ballentine & S. res City Hotel
Sherman, F.C., brick maker, house Michigan Ave.
Sherman, F.T., clerk, at H.H. Husted's, res F.C. Sherman's
Sherman, N. jr. dry goods & groceries, 158 Lake st house Lasalle st near Lake
Sherman, Orin, of S. & Pitkin, house Clark st
Sherman, & Pitkin, dry goods & grocers, 107 Lake st
Sherman, R.D., agent, B.F. Sherman, h Clark st. b Mad. & Mon
Sherman, W.G., clerk, at Sherman & Pitkin's, res O. Sherman's
Sherry, Thomas, clerk, at Eddy & Brother's
Sherwood, Smith J., jeweler, 144 Lake st. house Lasalle st. b Washington & Madison sts
Sherwood, Wm. jr jeweler, at S.J. Sherwood's, res same
Shinnager, Joseph, house corner Lasalle & Ohio sts
Shoemaker, Coonrod, sailor, h near N. Water, Dearb. and Wolcott
Shoemaker, Joseph, mason, house 5th ward
Shollar, A. grocer, 209 Lake st
Short, Jacob, farmer, house near Franklin & Water sts
Short, Mrs, house Washington st. b Lasalle & Wells sts
Shurtlar, Krist, laborer, house Illinois st. b Pine & Sand sts
Shurtlar, Peter, wagon maker, h Illinois st. b Pine and Sand sts
Siear & Co., groceries and boarding house, N. Water st. n Dearb
Sinclair, Lewis G., painter, h Lasalle st. b Lake & Randolph sts
Simpson, John, mason, house Canal st. b Adams and Jackson sts
Simpson, -- (sic) mason, house Monroe st. b Clinton & Jefferson
Skinner, C. of S. & Smith, Mansion House, 86 Lake st
Skinner, Mark, of Beaumont & S. house Illinois st. b Dear & Wol
Skinner & Smith, Mansion house, 86 Lake st
Slater, J.E., warehouseman, at Newberry & Dole's
Slayton, John L., farmer, h b Wells & Franklin
Slenman, W.H., shoemaker at C.& J. Auter's
Slocum, Edward L., druggist, res H.B. Clarke's
Smale, William, carpenter, house Monroe st 3d ward
Small, William, blacksmith, North Water st
Smith, Andrew, lum. mer. head Lake st. h Clark b Mon & Adams
Smith, Abial, printer, Dem. Office, res lake Street House
Smith, Benjamin, tailor, cor Clark & Lake sts h No. 2 M(?)r Row
Smith & Ballingall, attorneys at law, Clark st Harmon & Loomis's Buildings
Smith, Christopher, teamster, h Adams, West of Clark

Smith, Chas A., clerk at B.F. Sherman's
Smith, C.B. pastor Taber, Baptist Church, h Mrs. Merriam's
Smith, C.D., clerk at G.S. Hubbard's, h Dearborn st
Smith, David S., physician, Clark st h Lasalle, op. 1st Bap. Church
Smith, Elijah, of H. & E. Smith, h Ohio st b Dear and Wolcott
Smith, George, of G.S. & Co. res City Hotel
Smith, George & Co. private bankers and exchange brokers, Bank Buildings
Smith, Henry, of H. & E. Smith, h Ohio st b Dearb & Wolcott
Smith, H. & E., dry goods & groceries, 146 Lake st
Smith, Hiram B., tinsmith at Wm. Wheeler's, h cor Lake & Wells
Smith, James, shoemaker, at David Jay's
Smith, J.A., clerk at L.P. Sanger & Co's house Lake st
Smith, John E., clerk at B.F. Shermans'
Smith, J.F. of Skinner & S., Mansion House
Smith, John L., clerk at Humphreys & Winslow's
Smith, John M., hatter, at L.P. Sanger & Co's h Clark st
Smith, --- (sic), shoemaker, at J.B. Mitchell's
Smith, J.T. auctioneer at J. Bates', jr. res same
Smith, Michael, laborer, West of Clark South of First sts
Smith, Michael, at S.B. Cobb's
Smith, Nicholas, laborer, house 2d ward
Smith, Orson, city collec., marsh., st com. & health off., h Wab st
Smith, S. Lisle, attorney t law, h cor Michigan & Rush sts
Smith, S.P., clerk at Gurnee & Matteson's, res Mrs. Haight's
Smith, Thos., teamster, h Wells st b Randolph & Washington
Smith, Theophilus W., of S. & Ballingall, Clark st near S. Water
Smith, William, carpenter, res Mrs. Post's
Smith, W.W., clerk at S.J. Surdam's
Snell, William Otis, blacksmith, North Water st near Wolcott
Snider, Jacob, currier, at Gurnee & Matteson's
Snow, G.W., lumber merchant, South Water st. h State st
Snow, Ira, teamster
Snowhook, W.B., grocer, Clark st., n S. Water st. h Kinzie, 6th ward
Sofftje, Charles, teach of music, res Jno. H. Kinzie
Sollett, John, carpenter, h Adams near Jefferson st
Soper, Palmer, sawyer, house Wells, b Rand and Washington sts
Soraghan, John, teamster, h Michigan st. b Clark & Wells sts
Spaulding, C., carpenter, h Wells st, b Washington & Madison sts
Speer, J., clock & watch maker, cor Lake & Dearborn sts
Speer, Thomas, tailor, at E. Smith's, h Wells st. b Wash & Mad
Spence, John C., hatter, at ?. C. Stephens'
Spencer, A.P., printer of the Better Covenant, Randolph st
Sperry, Anson, law student, Beaumont & Skinner's
Spring, Giles, of S. & Goodrich, h Adams st. b State and Clark sts
Spring & Goodrich, attornies at law, 124 Lakes t., 2d story
Squires, Nathan, of Fuller & S., h N. Water st. b Dear & Wol
St. Palais, Maurice de, Catholic clergyman, h c Mich Av & Mad st
Stains, Wm. F. at Henry Knight's
Stanton, C.T. auction & commission mer res U.S. Hotel
Stanton, D.D. at A. Gilbert's, res Mrs. Boyers'
Stead, Francis, city drug store, 76 Lake st
Stearns, L. at L.B. Goodsell's

Stearns, M.C. dry goods, &C. 136 Lake st
Stearns, William, mate of the propeller Independence
Stein, Charles, of Strausel & S., h Lasalle st near Lake
Steel, J.H., h Lake st. b Water & Canala sts
Stephens, I.C., hat, cap, and fur store, 108 Lake st
Steth, Joseph, blacksmith, at I. Taylor's, res same
Steven, Christian S., tailor, Clark, north Lake st
Stevens, S. tailor, Clark st. 4 doors north Lake st
Stevens & Carpenter, dry goods, groceries, 166 Lake st
Stevens, E.C.
Stevens, Geo., warehouseman, at Bristol & Porter's
Stevens, Henry, of S. & Carpenter, res Sauganash Hotel
Stevens, Geo. G. at Stevens & Carpenter's
Stevens, William, h River st
Stevens, William B., blacksmith, Randolph st. n Clark st. h same
Stewart, E.A. watchmaker, S. Water st b Clark & Dearborn sts
Stewart, E.T., dry goods & groceries, 85 Lake st
Stoce, Clemens, grocer, 149 Lake st, h same
Stockton, John, carpenter, h Illinois st, P Pine and Sand sts
Stone, H.O., dry goods & groceries, 114 Lake st h Michigan st. b Dearborn & Wolcott sts
Stone, Ira, waiter, New York House
Stowe, H.M., foundry, Canal st. store Clark st b South Water and Lake sts
Stowe, W.H. at Stowe's foundry, res Western Hotel
Strail, Isaac, dry goods & groceries, Clark st b S. Water & Lake
Strang, G., shoe maker, h Lake st. 4th ward
Strausel & Stein, boot makers, Lasalle st., b Lake & Randolph sts
Strode, James M., attorney at law, h Rand st. b Dear & Lake sts
Stuart, A., clerk, Post Office, res Wm. Stuart's
Stuart, J. Jay, physician, opposite City Hotel, h Indiana st n. Wol
Stuart, William, Post Master, h Ontario st. b Cass & Wolcott sts
Sturges, B.R., carpenter, res Western Hotel
Sturtevant, Austin D., school teacher, res J.M. Underwood's
Sturtevant, Noah, painter, at J.I. Dow's. h Market st
Sullivan, Anthony, laborer, h North Water st. h Wol and Kinzie sts
Sullivan, Jeremiah, ?, constable, h N. Water, b Clark & Dear sts
Sullivan, Michael, laborer, at Hubbard's
Sullivan, Martin, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
Sullivan, -- (sic) laborer, North Water st. near Franklin st
Summars, James, laborer, h Kinzie st. h Clark & Dearborn sts
Sunriker, Peter, tailor, at P. Newburgh's
Surdam, Duane, of Cook & S. American Temperance House
Surdam, S.J. stoves &c., 132 Lake st
Swain, Philip, tin smith, at Wm. Wheeler's
Sweet, C. Grocery, North Water st
Sweet & Doolittle, Columbian House, wells st b S. Water & Lake
Swenser, Even, laborer, at J.B. Weir's
Swift, R.K. pawn broker, 102 Lake st. h c Wabash Ave. and Adams sts
Swift, Elijah, pawn broker, 1?2 Lake st h Dearborn near Lake
Swinson, Edwin, laborer, h North Water st. near Franklin
Tallmadge, S.W., shoemaker, at W.H. Adams & Co., h Clark st

Talley, Alfred M., printer, house cor State & Talley sts
Tarbox, C.F., clerk, at O. Lunt's, res J.B. Mitchell's
Taylor, Ithream, blacksmith, Randolph st. house Wells st b Lake & Randolph sts
Taylor, A.D., builder, house Michigan ave, b Lake & Randolph
Taylor, Charles, merchant tailor, Clark st. house Canal st b Washington & Madison sts
Taylor, Dan, boot and shoe store, 120 Lake st
Taylor, E., coffee house, South Water st., 2d ward
Taylor, Francis H., tailor, house Canal st., 3d ward
Taylor, F. jr. tailor, res F.H. Taylor's
Taylor, H., saddle and harness maker, at S.B. Cobb's
Taylor, John O. clerk, at Gurnee & Matteson's, h Monroe n Clark
Taylor, Matthias, tailor, 131 Lake st house cor Lake & Dearborn
Taylor, Rueben, teamster, house 3d ward, near Randolph st
Taylor, Solomon, boot & shoemaker, 152 ½ Lake st. house West Water st. b Randolph & Washington sts
Taylor, Wm. H. at Dan Taylor's, 120 Lake st
Teshner, Charles, saddle & harness maker, at C.E. Peck's
Tew, George C., professor phrenology, h near Episcopal Church
Thirds, William, carpenter
Thomas, B.W., clerk at Lloyd, Blakesley & Co's, res A. Lloyd's
Thomas, H.J., printer, West Cit. office, h State b Lake and Ran.
Thomas & Wheelock, Washington Coffee House, Tremont House
Thompson, G.C. at Stowe's foundry, res Western Hotel
Thompson, Leonard W., carpenter, house 3d ward, S. of Jackson
Thompson, Joseph, caulker, house Adams st. b Clark & Lasalle
Thompson, Tho. C., ship carpenter, h Mon. st. b Clark & Lasalle
Thompson, W.G. Clerk, at N.& F. Tuttle's, res Tremont House
Thompson, William, laborer, house North Water st. 2d ward
Thrall, E.L., clerk, at C. Walker & Co's
Tierman, Hugh, waiter Mansion House
Tilden, Joel, res Mrs. Lambert's
Tingley, Michael teamster, at A.S. Sherman's
Tinkham, Edward I. clerk, at Geo. Smith & Co's, res City Hotel
Tinkham, R.H., clerk at King's, res Washington Hall
Timoney, Patrick, brewer, at J. Carney's
Todd, Lewis H., carpenter, at Cruver & Sanser's
Toohy, Dennis, laborer, house N. Water st. b Dearb. and Wolcott
Towner, N.K. clerk, at Ballentine & Sherman's
Townsend, E.H., clerk at B.F. Sherman's
Tripp, Robinson, carpenter, house Clark st. b Wash. and Madison
Truesdell, Geo. W., clothier, house Cass st. b Ills. and Indiana sts
Tucker, Philo, stage driver, at Frink, Walker & Co
Tucker, Thos. E., cooper, S. Water st. h Madison, head Franklin
Tuller, William G. of Bracken & T., res Sauganash Hotel
Tupper, Chester, house mover, house Wash. b Dearb. and Clark
Turner, Charles, of R.L. & C. Turner
Turner, J.L. livery stable, Wolcott st near North Water st
Turner, J. of J. & L. Turner, house Wolcott st
Turner, John M. captain propeller Independence, h Franklin st

Turner, R.L. & C., wheelrights, Wolcott st. near North water st
Turner, J.B. at Tremont House
Tuttle, Frederick, of N. & F. Tuttle, res Am. Temp. House
Tuttle, L.G., clerk Post Office, res Mrs. Green's
Tuttle, Nelson, of N. & F.T., res Tremont House
Tuttle, N. & F., dry goods and groceries, 68 Lake st
Tyler, E., draper and tailor, cor Lake & State sts

Underhill, E.R., wagon maker, at Perkins & Fenton's, h Clinton st
Underwood, John M., lumber merchant, office cor Lake & West Water sts, h Canal st. b Washington & Madison sts
Updike, P.L., builder, house Rand st. b Clark & Dearborn sts

Vander Cook, C.R., clerk at Botsford & Beers, res City Hotel
Van Drezer, E. Eagle Tavern, Dearborn st
Van Gaasbeck, T.L., clerk H.O. Stone's
Vanosdel, Jesse, carpenter, at J.M. Vanosdel's
Vanosdel, John M. of Granger & V. h Indiana st. b Dear & Wol
Vanosdel, Wm., C., carpenter, b N. Water st. b Wol & Kinzie
Van Sickle, Jannes H., tailor, at Benedik's
Van Black, Egbert, B., carpenter, h Wells st. b Rand and Wash sts
Van Wattenwylle, C.A.F., physician, 210 Lake st. res same
Vaughn, Edward, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
Velvershet, Irton, cabinet maker, 2d ward
Vial, --- (sic), laborer, at S. Marsh's
Vincent, --- (sic), res Randolph st. b Dearborn & State sts

Waddington, John, laborer, at Gurnee & Matteson's
Wadhams, Seth, clerk Ryerson & Blaikie's, res Tremont House
Wadsworth, E.S. & J. dry goods and groceries, 113 Lake st
Wadsworth, E.S. of E.S. & J.W., h c Wash. and Randolph sts
Wadsworth, J. of E.S. & J.W. res City Hotel
Waggonner, Harmon, carriage painter, h Mich st. b Wol & Dear
Wagner, Mrs, house c Wells and Randolph sts
Wahl, Frederick, clergyman, German Evangelical Church
Wait, John, blacksmith, at H. Chapman's, res New York House
Wait, Washington, laborer, E.A. Stuart's
Waldie, William, carpenter, North Water st. near Franklin st
Waldron, Hiram, wagon maker, at Wm. P. Howard's
Walker, Almond, of C.Walker & Co. S. Water st. b State and Dear
Walker, C. & Co. dry goods, gro. leather, &c. S. Water st. b State & Dearborn sts
Walker, Mrs. E.A., North water st. b Clark & Dearborn sts
Walker, Martin O. of Frink, Walker, & Co., h State st. b Lake & Randolph sts
Walker, S.B., dry goods & groceries, 148 Lake st
Walker, Wm. F., rector St. James church, res City Hotel
Wallace, Edward Q., carpenter and join. res Horatio Cooke's
Walter, E.
Walter, Casper, grocer, Clark st. b Lake & S. Water sts, h same
Walter, J.C. of H. Norton & Co. res E. Walter's
Walters, -- (sic) in store of T. Church
Walton, Nelson C. store S. Water st. h Kinzie st. b Dear & Wol.

Walton, J.W., dry goods & groceries, South Water st
Walter & Keilman, tailors, Clark st
Ward, B.C., clerk & Mosely & McCord's
Ward, Geo L., receiver land office, 98 ½ Lake st. res City Hotel
Ward, James, mason, house Randolph st
Ward Mrs., res near North Branch Bridge, 5th ward
Ware, Joseph, E., boot and shoe maker, Clark st
Warner, Geo. blacksmith, h Wolcott, st., b N. Water & Kinzie sts
Warner, Herman, dry goods and gro. c Lake & Wells sts
Warner, Samuel M., carpenter, house Kinzie st. b Cass & Rush
Warner, William, fan mill maker, canal st. b Lake & Water sts
Warren, -- (sic), shoe maker, res Henry Howard's
Wariner, Mrs. school teacher, 6th ward
Wariner, Wells, clerk at John Gage's, South water st
Warring, Elias, teamster, house b Wells and Frankin sts
Waters, Benjamin, carpenter, res Wabash st. near Monroe sts
Watson, A., carpenter, house Adams st., b Canal and Clinton sts
Waughop, J.W., tailor, at B. Smith's, res J. Rockwell's
Webster, J.B., U.S. Army, res Capt. Johnson's
Weber, Ignace, clerk at J.B. Busch's, Clark st
Weeks, John, chemist, house 207 ½ Lake st
Weeks, John S., brick maker, at Wood & Ogden's
Weir, John B., cabinet maker, 186 Lake st, house same
Weis, Frederick, of Pfund & co., h Kinzie st. b Lasalle & Wells
Welch, John, house 1st ward, South Jackson st
Welch, William, laborer, h Clark st. b N. Water & Kinzie sts
Welch, Thomas, laborer
Weller, George, butcher, house above Dutch Settlement
Weller, John J., above Dutch Settlement, Pearson's house
Wells, Andrew S., of Johonnett W. & Co., h Rand st. b Lasalle & Wells
Wells, Elisha, carpenter, c Wolcott & Kenzie st house Illinois st
Wells, H.G. clerk at Wm. Wheeler's, h Lake st. b Frank & Wat
Welles, H.W. agent Farmers' and Mech. Bank, office 122 Lake st upstairs, res City Hotel
Wentworth, Geo. W., ast. editor Chicago Democrat, res U.S. Hotel
Wentworth, John, ed pro. and pub. Chicago Dem. 107 Lake st, res City Hotel
Wescott & Steel, Western Coffee House, c Dear. and S. Water sts
Wesencraft, Chas., carpenter and wagon maker, c Clin and Monroe
Wesencraft, Wm., painter, cor Clinton & Monroe sts
Wheeler, Wm. & Co., hardward &c. 145 Lake st
Wheeler, Wm. of W.W. & Co., house 145 Lake st
Wheeler, William, boot and shoe maker, Clark st near Lake
White, Alexander, painter, 165 Lake st., H Wells, b Rand and Wash
White, Christopher, at Turner's livery stable
White, Frederick, baker, Clark st. house Madison st
White, Isaac, butcher at Reynold's
White, Patrick, laborer, house Randolph st
Whiting, J.T. of Whiting, Magill & Co., r W.L. Whiting's
Whiting, Magill & Co., forwarding & commission merchants, N. Water st
Whiting, William L. of W. Magill & Co., h Ontario, b Cass & Rush

White, M.L. of Hamilton & W. 139 Lake st
Whitlock, Thomas, shoe store, 104 Lake st. h cor Wells & Wash
Whitmore, Jacob, printer, at Citizen office, h State st
Wicker, C.G. of C.G. Wicker & Co., res Tremont
Wicker, C.G. & Co., dry goods and groceries, 94 Lake st
Wicker, J.H. at C.G. Wicker & Co.'s h Dearborn, b Washington and Madison sts
Wiggins, Wm., carpenter, h N. Water, b Wolc and Kinzie sts
Wight, J. Ambrose, ast editor Prairie Farmer, res Mrs. Wright's
Wight, Sabin, shoe maker, h Kinzie, b Cass & Rush sts
Wild, Joseph, carpenter, h Cor Monroe and Desplaines sts
Wildebrand, Wm., glove and mitten maker, 221 Lake st
Wilder, Benjamin, farmer, h west Clark and south First sts
Wilder, -- (sic), res Mrs. Green's
Wilder, John, house State st
Willard, A.J., bar keeper, City Refectory
Willard, E.W., clerk Receiver's office, h Michigan Ave
Willemin, Joseph, teamster, h Dutch settlement
Williams, Charles, cooper, N. Water, b Dearborn & Kinzie sts
Williams, Charles, laborer, h Water, b Canal and Clinton sts
Williams, E.S., law student at Butterfield & Collins
Williams, Eli B., h Washington, b State & Dearborn sts
Williams, John C.
Willis, Joseph, blacksmith at Snell's
Willis, Samuel, hatter, house Clark st. 1st ward
Wilson, Adam, jr., blacksmith, on S. Branch, 3d ward S. Jackson st
Wilson, Benjamin, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
Wilson, Daniel T., cook, at S. Jackson's, Fort Dearborn
Wilson, John, at J. Bates, jr res Tremont House
Wilson, John C., carpenter, h N. Water, near Franklin sts
Wilson, J.D., res Seth Johnson's
Wilson, Mathew, ship carpenter, h Washington, b Wells and Frank
Wilson, Thomas, millwright, S. Branch, 3d ward, S. Jackson st
Winegar, Samuel, of Jno. F. Lessey & Co., res city refectory
Winship, J., baker, South Water st., b State & Dearborn sts
Winslow, H.J. of Humphreys & W., res City Hotel
Wolcott, Henry, clerk, Post Office, res City Hotel
Wolcott, H.H. Clerk, at Humphreys & Winslow's, res City Hotel
Wood, Alonzo C., mason builder, house Cass st., b Indiana and Ohio
Wood, James, carpenter, house Clinton st. b Wash. and Madison
Wood, James L., cabinet maker, at C. Morgan's
Wood, Lawrence D., cabinet maker, Lake st
Woods, Charles
Woodbury, A.J., clerk, at T.W. Salisbury's
Woodrun, Joseph, shingle maker, 5th ward
Woodville, N.D., printer, res Western Hotel
Woodward, R.J., merchant, house blue row opp public square
Wooster, -- (sic), of W. & Harman, res Wab. av. b Mon. and Ad.
Worcester, D.L. at H. Norton & Co's, h Wabash st
Worthingham, Wm., mason, h Monroe st b State & Clark st
Wraight, Thomas, gardener, near Washington st, 3d ward
Wright, John S., editor Prairie Farmer, res Mrs. Wright's
Wright, P.R., carpenter, h Water st. b Rand. and Washington sts

Wright, Walter, attorney at law, 112 Lake st. res Mrs. Wright's
Wurts, A.P., house Michigan Ave.
Wurts, M. & M. A., dry goods & groceries, 99 Lake st
Wurts, M. of M. & M.A.W., res A.P. Wurts'
Wurts, M.A. of M. & M.A. Wurts, res A.P. Wurts

Yard, Archibald, tailor, at C. Taylor's, res S.H. Gilbert's
Yarnon, John, ship carpenter, house Dearborn st
Yates, Horace H., grocer, Clark st. h Clark b Madison & Monroe
Yeo, --- (sic) book keeper at Gurnee & Matteson's
York, Peter, laborer, house South of Jackson st
Young, A.W., medical student at Dr. Brainard's
Young, Elisha, house South Water st
Young, Hugh, carpenter, Washington, b Wells & Franklin sts
Young, W. & E., store South Water st
Young, William, of W. & E.Y. South Water st

Zigler, Isaac, pedlar, res Washington Hall


Containing the names of persons accidentally omitted above, and names handed in too late for insertion in the body of the Directory. The compiler cannot flatter himself that all omissions have been discovered in time to supply the deficiency by insertion in the addenda, but he trusts that the public will take such interest in the work as to report to him, as soon as detected, all names excluded from this edition; and also cases where names are incorrectly given -- cases of misdescription of business or residence, and all changes and removals which may hereafter take place.

Abel, Sidney, attorney at law, res Lake House
Bishop, George, house Dearborn st
Blaney, James V.Z., professor, in Rush Medical College, office Clark st. near South Water st
Breit, Adam, laborer, house Dutch Settlement
Brick, Henry, tailor, house Dutch Settlement

Castler, Matthias, laborer, house Dutch Settlement
Coburn, Isaac, carpenter, house Dearborn st. 1st ward
Comstock, Luke, laborer, house Wabash st
Cooley, Miss, dress and cloak maker, 175 Lake st

Dennis, Edward M. res Dr. Smith's
Dennis, John
Dennis, Mrs., res Dr. Smith's
De Wolf, Erastus, res American Temperance House

Diettrich, Lawrence, laborer, house Dutch Settlement
Diettrich, Veit, match maker, house Dutch Settlement
Doyle, William E., carpenter, house Indiana st. b Clark & Dearb
Drary, Benjamin, teamster, at John Gage's
Duversy, Michael, of Lill & D. house n Sand st. and Chicago ave
Dwight, A., currier, at Gurnee & Matteson's

Fairbourn, Henry, blacksmith, at Pierce's
Farwick, Bernard, carpenter, house Dutch Settlement
Fulton, H.L. carpenter, house State st

Gaugler, Morris, cabinet maker, house Dutch Settlement
Ganer, Austin, gardener, house Dutch Settlement
Gill, Edmund, tailor, house Ohio st. b Clark & Dearborn sts
Gill, H.F. teamster, res Edmund Gill's
Gillen, Jacob, tailor, house Dutch Settlement
Gilson, William, laborer, house Dutch Settlement
Greenwood, Theophilus S S. house Ontario st. b Dearborn and Wol

Hahn, Adam, teamster, house Dutch Settlement
Haight, Isaac, tanner, at Gurnee & Matteson's
Harbarn, Matthias, shoemaker, house Dutch Settlement
Henderson, A.W. principal of Chi. Fem. Sem. res Mrs. Green's
Hissey, William, store corner Randolph & Market sts
Hoff, Matthias, laborer, house Dutch Settlement
Humphrey, J.O.

Intelligence Office, Clark st opposite Saloon, over J.B.F. Russell's Land Office

Johnson, James, drayman, house Wabash st
Johnson, William, tanner, at Gurnee & Matteson's

Kaphahn, Godfrey, laborer, house Dutch Settlement
Kastler, Nicholas, shoemaker, house Dutch Settlement
Kantenburger, Peter, laborer, house Dutch Settlement
Kellogg, C.P. stage agent, Tillotson, H. & Co. res Tremont House
Knap, Henry, laborer, h Dutch Settlement

Labinbridge, Nicholas, laborer, h Dutch Settlement
Larson, Andrew, teamster, h Dutch Settlement
Lapin, Richard, laborer, h Dutch Settlement
Latwick, Simon, cooper, house Dutch Settlement
Lawrence, G.W.
Lobeke, William, laborer, house 5th ward
Loux, Matthias, laborer, house Dutch Settlement
Loux, Peter, blacksmith, house Dutch Settlement

Mack, Firman, shoe maker at Adams', h Madison st, 1st ward
Mann, Tielman, laborer, house Dutch Settlement
Markeson, Ola, carpenter, house Dutch Settlement
McCabe, John, tanner, at Gurnee & Matteson's
McCauly, Patrick, laborer, house Dutch Settlement
McComas, Samuel J., teacher, school and h nearly op. Sauganash

Mcdonald, Dennis, sailor, house Dutch settlement
McLean, Thomas, laborer, house Dutch settlement
McWilliams, James
Mudge, Colby, blacksmith, at Pierce's
Muller, Matthias, laborer, house Dutch settlement

Neudorf, Nicholas, laborer, house Dutch settlement
Nickerson, John, captain schooner Wave, house Dutch settlement

Oakes, -- (sic), house & sign painter, res Mansion House
Oberhart, Joseph, laborer, house Dutch settlement

Paintor, Mathias, laborer, house Dutch settlement
Palm, John, laborer, house Dutch settlement
Palmeter, David, house S. Water st
Patrie, Philip, blacksmith, house Dutch settlement
Peacock & Thatcher, gunsmiths, 155 ½ Lake st
Pierce, John, sailor, house Dearborn st, 1st ward
Pomeroy, T.S. at the City Hotel
Pope, John, butcher, at Reynold's
Post Office, east side of Clark b Lake & Randolph sts
Praler, Adam, laborer, house Dutch settlement
Prendeville, Maurice, laborer, house Dutch settlement
Price, Jeremiah, house S. Water st, b Lasalle & Wells

Reading Room, in the Saloon, 2d story, entrance Clark st
Receiver's Office, 98 ½ Lake st, 2d story
Register's Office, 92 Lake st, 2d story
Revenue Office, Clark st op. City Saloon
Reynolds, E.G. res Clark st. Morrison's Row
Reynolds, George W., clerk at E. Reynolds
Rice, John P. house state st
Ritchie, Alexander, blacksmith, at Pierce's
Root, -- (sic), carpenter, house Dearborn, b Mad and Monroe sts

Schenk, Henry, laborer, house Dutch settlement
Schmidt, Mathias, carpenter, house Dutch settlement
Scruder, Marcus, tanner at Gurnee & Matteson's
Seger, Joseph, waterman, Dutch settlement
Shelby, Daniel, Capt. house Adams st
Sherwood, R.N., teacher of penmanship, res Mrs Post's
Snook, Samuel, carpenter, Dearborn st, 1st ward
Smith, Barney, butcher, house Michigan av and Madison st
Spar, Andrew, stone mason, house near Rush st & Chicago av
Staffen, Nicholas, laborer, house Dutch settlement
Stage Office (General) cor Lake & Dearborn sts
Starkweather, C. Robt, ast P.M., h State st, b Wash & Mad
Stowell, E.C., agent General Stage Office, h Michigan av

Tappan, A.W. clerk at J.B. Irvin & Co's
Taylor, Joseph S., res American Temperance House
Ties, Matthias, teamster, house Dutch settlement
Tougood, William, farmer, house Michigan av.

Vassett, George, laborer, house Dutch Settlement
Veysel, Jacob, house 1st ward
Vogt, John, laborer, Dutch Settlement

Walker, Doliver, saddler, Lake st near Tremont, h State st
Wandall, John, house State st
Warner, Seth P., blacksmith, shop cor Randolph and State sts
Weber, Henry, teamster, house Dutch Settlement
Webster, Hugh, carpenter, house Clark st 1st ward
Webster, Thomas, carpenter, house state st near Jackson
Weller, George, teamster, house Dutch Settlement
Weller, John, teamster, house Dutch Settlement
Wheeler, A.B., tobacconist and cigar maker, Dearb. near Lake st

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