1844 Chicago, IL Directory

by J.W. Norris
Transcribed by Kim Torp

Use your browser's FIND function to search for names because these names are not in perfect alphabetical order. Read the opening paragraph below (written by the author) to understand the abbreviations he used. Spellings are "as is", though I have inserted the occasional comma to help readability. If I couldn't read something, I tried to make those notations within ( ).


Remarks -- It has been the design to include in this Directory the names of all persons and all firms in the City; to arrange them alphabetically; and in every instance to give the correct spelling. There may be cases however, where names may have been accidentally inserted in the wrong connection, and cases also of incorrect o_thography -- particularly where persons have been unable to spell, and the name has been written from the sound. Abbreviations, which occur only in a very few words, will readily be understood; b stands for between; Rand for Randolph; Mad for Madison; Wash for Washington, &c. The word street, in some instances, is omitted. The place of business uniformly precedes the residence.

Immediate measures will be taken to procure the names of all persons who have been accidentally omitted in this volume; a complete list, corrected from time to time, will be kept at the General Intelligence Office, where the public can at all times get correct information in regard to the names, business, and residence of every inhabitant of the City. Persons finding themselves excluded, and persons coming to the City hereafter, are requested to call at the above place and have their names enrolled.

Very few of our buildings are numbered, the necessity, however, of this can be avoided, if persons occupying buildings permanently, will put themselves to the trifling trouble and expense of putting their names on their doors.

Abbott, Thomas L., clerk at C. Mann's, residence same
Abbott, W., clerk at Ward Rathbone's, residence same
Ackhoff, Nicholas, teamster, res Canal st. b Lake and N. Water
Ackley, B.F. of Comstock & A. residence City Refrectory
Adams, Mrs., laundress, Clark st, b N. Water and Kinzie
Adams, George, laborer, at J.L. Gray's
Adams, George, tailor at O. Taylor's, Chicago Temperance House
Adams, R.E.W. physician, corner of Clark and Lake sts, house Clark st
Adams, W.H. & co., boot and shoe dealers, 138 Lake st
Adams, W.H. of W.H.A. & Co., residence Lasalle st, b Washington and Madison
Adsit, James M., carpenter, house Monroe st. near Dearborn st
Aiken, Samuel, shoemaker at Wm. Wheeler's
Albie, C.P. clerk at Fulton market
Allen, Geo. P., ship carpenter, residence at N.C. Walton's
Allen, James F., carpenter, house Illinois st, b Pine and Sand
Allen, J.P. & Co. lumber merchants on Canal st, 3d Ward
Allen, J.P. of J.P.A. & Co., house River st, 1st Ward

Allen, Wm., shipwright, house Wolcott st. b. N. Water & Kinzie
Ambrose, Ruel, dry goods & groceries, 156 Lake st house Wells st, b. Lake & Randolph
Alverson, Wm., mason, residence Washington Hall
Ambrose, Robert L., clerk to Horatio Buel
Anderman, Henry, shoemaker at Wm. David's
Anderson, Mrs. G., milliner and straw hat maker, 3d door N. Of P.O.
Anderson, Andrew, house N.Water st, near Franklin
Anderson, A., house 5th Ward, near Franklin and N. Water sts
Anderson, Cyrus, residence Washington Hall, N. Water st
Anderson, George, wigmaker, Clark st 3d door N. of P.O.
Anderson, John, Washington Hall, N.Water st n bridge
Anderson, W.H. Blacksmith at J. Taylor's, residence same
Anderson, Wm., blacksmith, at Perkins & Fenton's
Andrews, Collins, laborer, house North Branch, 4th Ward
Andrews, Loomis, of A. & Doyle, residence City Refectory
Andrus & Doyle, dry goods and groceries, S. Water st
Apley, C.F. mason at A.S. Sherman's
Arbuckle, Abner, waiter at the Tremont House
Armstrong, Mrs., milliner and mantua maker, 153 Lake st
Arnold & Ogden, attorneys and counsellors at law, 120 Lake st
Arnold, Isaac N. of A. & Ogden, house corner of Ontario & Dearborn sts
Arnold, J., carpenter, house Fort Dearborn
Arnold, John M., carpenter, house Madison st, 2d ward
Artes, Isaac, laborer, 2d ward, North of Jackson st
Ashton, William, at Manahan & Jacobus
Atherton, John F., res Illinois Exchange
Atherton, Richard, tailor, at Burton's , 6th ward
Athy, Stephen, laborer, Washington st. b Wells & Franklin sts
Atkinson, Mrs, milliner & dress maker, Clark st, opp P.O.
Atkinson, Joseph, hatter, at I.C. Stephens', house Clark st
Austin, Chamberlaine, farmer, residence Illinois st bet Clark & Lasalle
Averell, Albert, seaman, residence James Averell's
Averell, Andrew, shipwright, residence James Averell's
Averell, James, shipwright, house N. Water st. b. Rush and Sand
Ayres, Silas, machinist, at George Chacksfields

Bailey, Bennett, carpenter, Dearborn st, residence J. Gray's
Bailey, Harlow, laborer, Randolph st, 3d ward
Bailey, Henry, drayman, house Wabash st
Bailey, Justice, ship carpenter, N. Water st, bet Rush & Pine
Baker, Franklin, clerk to A. Follanshe, residence Tremont House
Baldwin, J., painter, at Dimmock & Stows, residence Western Hotel
Ball, Lebbus, residence Farmers' Exchange
Ball, S.R. house N. Branch, 4th ward
Ballentine, David, of B. & Sherman, Dearborn st bet Kinzie & Michigan
Ballentine & Sherman, dry goods & groceries, 122 Lake st
Ballingall, Patrick of Smith & B. res Illinois Exchange
Balts, Abram, cooper, at S.W. Tucker's, house Randolph st
Bandle, Willis, b'smith, at Stow's Foundry, h N. Branch, 4th ward

Bannister, T., overseer of Wood & Ogden's brickyard, 5th ward
Bannon, Andrew, teamster, Randolph st, b Franklin & Market
Barber, James, lumber-yard South Water st, foot of Wells
Barker, P.A. Farmers' exchange, Lake st, corner of Wabash
Barnard, Frederick S, teacher & Photographer, corner Clark & Lake st
Barnes, Miss, teacher, Lasalle st, b Washington & Madison
Barnes, Hamilton, carpenter, Randolph st, bet Clark & Lasalle st, house Madison st, West of Clark st
Barnes, Seth, editor "Better Covenant," Randolph st, b Wells & Franklin st
Barnett, John, Kinzie st, b Wolcott & Dearborn st
Barnett, George, mason, at Worthingham's, res Mansion House
Barnum, Truman, laborer, Dearborn st b Michigan & Illinois
Barr, James, shingle manufacturer, Madison st, South Branch
Barrows, D.A. & Co., confectioners, 147 Lake st
Barrows, Mrs. Phila A., 147 Lake st
Barrows, James, agent rail road line, res Tremont House
Barry, Andrew, waiter, City Hotel
Barry, Edward, laborer, house near North Branch Bridge
Barry, Samuel S., painter, at Cushing's, house Monroe st, b Clark & Lasalle sts
Bartlett, ---, (sic) res 4th ward
Baillett, Richard, soap & candle maker, at C. Cleaver's
Barton, Horace, clerk, at Norton & Tuckerman's
Bascom, Flavel, clergyman 1st Presbyterian Church, house cor of Clark & Washington sts
Bascom, Franklin, res 3d ward
Basley, J., cigar maker, Dearborn st, b Lake & South Water sts, res Western Hotel
Bassett, George, labourer, South Water st
Batcheller, Ezra, clerk, at N. Sherman, jr. house Lasalle near Lake
Bates, A.S., cabinet maker, 190 Lake st, house same
Bates, E.D., carpenter, Randolph st, corner Wells st
Bates, John, jr., auction & commission merchant, 174 Lake st house South Water st
Bates, Jacob R., bar keeper at Lake Street House
Baumgarten, Charles, carpenter, house Randolph st, c Lasalle
Baumgarten, Morris, Illinois st, b Dearborn & Wolcott sts
Baxter, Patrick, laborer, house Lake st
Bay, Henry B., carpenter, res Parnick Kelsey's
Beach, Oscar L., clerk, county clerk's office, res Geo. Davis'
Beaman, Abraham, shoemaker, at Solomon Taylor's
Beardsley, H.H., physician, office 136 Lake st, house Dearborn st b Lake & Randolph sts
Bearup, John L, teacher, res North Water st
Beaumont, George A.O. of B & Skinner, house State st b Randolph & Washington st
Beaumont & Skinner, attorneys at law, 92 Lake st
Bebb, Morris, laborer, res John L. Gray's
Bedwell, G.W. tin and coppersmith, at S.J. Surdam's house Dearborn st, bet Randolph & Washington
Beecher, George M., clerk, at Jerome Beecher's

Beecher, Jerome, boot, shoe & leather store, 160 Lake st. house corner Michigan & Lake sts
Beecher, Lewis, house Franklin st. b Lake & Randolph sts
Becker, Alexander C., merchant, house Clark st. 6th ward
Beer, Adam, shoemaker, at J.B. Mitchell's
Beer, Lawrence, shoemaker, corner Michigan & Wolcott sts
Beers, Cyrenus, of Botsford & B. house Wabash st
Beygeh, Peter, sausage maker, N. Water st. b Clark & Lasalle
Belden, Wm. E., carpenter, house Water st. b Canal and Clinton
Belkley, -- (sic), res Sauganash Hotel
Beil, James, gardner
Bell, John, at Stow's foundry, res Western Hotel
Bending, James, carpenter, house Wolcott st. b Kinzie & Michigan
Benedik, S. merchant tailor, 187 Lake st
Bennett, Abel, saddler & harness maker, at Paine's
Bennett, S.C., teacher, school & residence corner of State & Madison sts
Bentley, John, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
Berdell, Charles, cabinet maker, at D.A. & E.M. Jones's
Berg, Adam, grocery & tavern, Lasalle st. b Lake and Rand sts
Berg, Anton, at Charles E. Peck's
Berg, John, drayman, Monroe st, bet Clinton and Jefferson
Berg, Joseph, saddler and harness maker, at Charles E. Peck's
Berry, Joseph, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
Best, Henry, teamster, Canal st, bet Lake & North Water
Bewsey, George, mason, res John L. Gray's
Bickerdike, carpenter, Canal st, bet Adams & Jackson
Bigelow, A., clerk at H.O. Stone's, house State st, bet Washington & Madison
Bigelow, Henry W., clerk to S.J. Surdam, house Clark st, b Washington and Madison
Biggs, John, sailor, house Market st, b Washington & Madison
Bills, George R., clerk at H. Norton & Co., res Tremont House
Bird, J.H. at Dr. Brainard's, residence City Hotel
Bishop, Dardanus, farmer, house corner of state & Jefferson sts
Bishop, James E., dry goods, groceries and hardware, 131 Lake st, residence Theophilus G. Greenwood
Blackman, Edwin, clerk at H.H. Magic & co's, residence Mansion House
Blaikie, A. of Ryerson & B. res American Temperance House
Blair, Mrs, residence State st
Blair, Wm., stove and tin factory, cor Dearborn and South Water sts, residence Tremont House
Blakesley, H.A. of Loyd, B. & Co, residence Mrs. Boyer's
Blakey, John, carpenter, residence alley b Clark & Lasalle sts
Blanchard, Francis G., residence Wells st, b Lake & Randolph
Blanchard, Joseph, at C. Follansbe's
Blandey, Christopher, clerk to John H. Foster, residence same
Blasy, Barnhard, baker, corner of Lake and Wells sts, res same
Bliss, Charles, house 2d ward
Bliss, S.C. at Charles E. Peck's
Bolles, Nathan H., house Lake st, east of Dearborn
Boggs, Charles T., carpenter, house State st.

Boone, Levi D., physician, office Clark st, opposite City Hotel, house State st corner of Washington st
Booth, Daniel, carpenter, corner of Jefferson & Washington sts
Bond, Harvey, laborer, house Clark st
Bond, Heman S., clerk to Loyd, Blakesley & Co, house east of Clark st
Bond, Hiram, laborer, house east of Clark st
Bond, James, painter, residence City Refectory
Bostwick, George M., bar keeper, at the Illinois Exchange
Botsford, I. (or L.?), tailor, Wells st b Randolph & Washington sts
Botsford, J.K. of B. & Beers, 109 Lake st house Wabash st
Botsford & Beers, stove & hardware, 109 Lake st
Bowas, John, drayman, house S.Water st b State & Wabash sts
Bowen, Erastus, of B. & Cole, house Michigan ave
Bowen & Cole, dry goods & groceries, 66 Lake st
Bowen, Henry, carriage maker, house State st
Bowes, John P. at J. Gage's, house Clinton st b Adams and Jackson
Bowman, Ariel, house corner Dearborn and Madison sts
Bowman, Henry, res at Ariel Bowman's
Bowmaster, Wm. cabinet maker, at J.B. Weir's
Boyce, A.D., clerk at L.M. Boyce's residence at D.B. Heartt's
Boyce, L.M., wholesale & retail druggist and apothecary, 119 Lake st, Saloon Building, res E.M. Willard's
Boyer, V.A. justice of the peace, Clark st opp P.O. res South Water st, 2d ward
Boyington, Chas H. captain of schooner Charlotte, Indiana st b Pine and Sand sts
Boyland, William, carpenter, First st b Clark & Wells sts
Bracken, John, of Bracken & Tuller, res Wabash ave
Bracken & Tuller, dry goods and groceries, 161 Lake st
Brackett, William W. editor & proprietor "Chicago Express," 92 Lake st, res American Temperance House
Bradley, Asa F., county surveyor, cor Dearborn & Washington sts
Bradley, Bristol, dentist, cor Lake & Clark sts res Mrs. Merriam's
Bradley, Cyrus P., clerk at Horace Norton & Co's, house Madison st b Wells & Franklin sts
Bradley, David M., printer, res Jackson st b State & Clark sts
Bradley, Joseph, clerk, at W.H. Adams & Co's
Brady, Michael, blacksmith, North Water st near Clark st res cor Lasalle and Wells sts
Brady, Geo, constable, res near Clark & N. Waters sts, 5th ward
Brainard, Daniel, physician, Clark st. opp P.O. res City Hotel
Braise, Mrs., dress maker & tailoress, North Water st. b Wolcott & Kinzie sts
Brand, Alexander, of Murray & Brand, res cor Illinois & Cass sts
Brayton, H.H., physician, Clark st one door south of Methodist Church
Breen, John, packer at A.G. Burley & Co's
Breese, Robert B. clerk at James Hervey's residence Clark st, b North water & Kinzie
Bridges, P.B. carpenter, Lake st, 4th ward
Briggs, Benjamin, wagon maker, Adams st W. of Lasalle st
Briggs, Jeremiah, mason, residence S. of Adams st W. of Clark st

Brinckerhoff, John, physician, Clark st office 143 Lake st checkered drug store
Bristol & Porter, forwarding & commission merchants, cor South water and State sts
Bristol, R.C. of B. & Porter, residence on Reservation
Bristol, --- (sic), sailor, res Michigan ave
Brock, John, clerk, at James Bishop's, res Jas T. Durand's
Brock, Michael, carpenter, 211 Lake st
Brock, Mrs, straw and tuscan milliner, 211 Lake st
Brooks, Henry E., ship carpenter, Kinzie st b Cass & Rush sts
Brooks, Samuel, res Clark st b Madison & Monroe sts
Brooks, Thos. tailor, Clark st b Lake and Water sts res Illinois st b Clark & Dearborn sts
Brooksohonnedt, J.W. cooper, at Tucker's res Michigan st b Lasalle & Wells sts
Brown, Chas E. laborer on harbor, res S. Jackson's
Brown, Clement, res Sauganash
Brown, Francis O., shoemaker, at Mitchell's, res Dearborn st b Washington & Randolph sts
Brown, Geo. chair maker, r Wells st b Randolph & Washington
Brown, Geo. E, printer, at Express office, res at New York House
Brown, Henry, city attorney, office corner of State & Dearborn sts, house corner of Wolcutt & Ontario sts
Brown, Jeduthan, res Sauganash Hotel
Brown, Joseph, laborer, Madison st b Canal & Water sts
Brown, Jos. E. carpenter, Clark st b Madison & First sts
Brown, Samuel, blacksmith and boarding house, 142 Lake st
Brown, Rufus B., clerk at J.P. Chapin & Co's, res corner Lake & Wells st
Brown, S.B., Ohio st b Cass & Rush sts
Brown, S.C. clerk, at E.P. Clark's res Ruel Ambrose's
Brown, S.L., clerk, at A.G. Burley's, res W.H. Brown's
Brown, Thomas, drayman, res Lasalle st b Ohio & Illinois sts
Brown, William, grocer, res North Water st b Clark & Dearborn
Brown, William, res Sauganash Hotel
Brown, William H., attorney, office Bank Building, res cor Illinois & Pine sts
Brown, Mrs, dress & cloak maker, corner Lake and Wells sts
Buchanan, Nelson, saddler, at C.E. Peck's
Buckley, Noah, pawnbroker, corner Lake & Wells sts
Buchanan, Nelson, saddler, at C.E. Peck's
Buckley, Noah, pawnbroker, corner Randolph & Wells st
Buckley, Timothy, butcher, at Fulton Market, res City Refectory
Buddington, John, res Randolph st, 1st ward
Buell, Horatio, auction and commission, dry goods and groceries, stoves, 121 Lake st
Buell, Norman, printer, Democrat office, res D.M. Bradley's
Buhl, Charles, hat and cap store, 129 Lake st
Bumpstead, Thomas, jr, house Wells st b Lake and Randolph sts
Bunch, Clyborn, Wells st b Madison and Washington sts
Burch, G.H. of Newberry & B, res City Hotel
Burdell, Nicholas, musician, house Washington st b Franklin and Wells sts
Burdick, Amos W., carpenter, res Randolph st b Washington and Franklin sts
Burdick, E. porter, Mansion House

Burgess, John, wagon maker, Randolph st. near Wells st res Michigan ave
Burker, John, laborer, 3d Ward, S. of Jackson st
Burke, Lewis, S. of Madison st, E. of Lasalle st
Burker, Patrick, tobacconist, at Henry Chapman's
Burley, A.G. & Co., crockery store, 105 Lake st
Burley, A.G. of A.G.B. & Co., res Tremont House
Burley, Augustus H. of S.F. Gale & Co, res Mrs. Haight's
Burley, Chas., clerk at S.F. Gale & Co., res S.F. Gale's
Burnam, Ambrose, res Wabash st bet Washington & Madison sts
Burns, Michael, laborer, Tremont House, res Dearborn st
Burton, Edward, tailor, 162 Lake st, res same
Burton, George, sailor
Burton, Henry, at E. Burton's
Burton, Horace, clerk, at Norton & Tuckerman's
Burton, Stiles, res American Temperance House
Busch, John B., blacksmith, cor Randolph & Market sts, res Randolph b Wells and Franklin sts
Busch, Franz, wagon maker, at Burgess's
Bushnell, Wm. H. at K.K. Jones' periodical depot
Butler, Horace, dry goods and groceries, and forwarding commission merchant, South Water st
Butler, John H., carpenter, at A. Loyds, residence Clark st, b Madison & Monroe
Butler, Levi G., residence Clark st, b Adams & Jackson
Butler, Nathaniel F., clothier, residence Monroe st
Butler, Richard, laborer, Ohio st, east of Rush
Butler, Wm. H. clerk at Horace Butler's
Butler, Wm. M., clerk at C. Walker & Co's res N.F. Butler's
Butterfield & Collins, attorneys at law, 105 Lake st
Butterfield, George res Tremont House
Butterfield, Justin, of B. & Collins, res c Michigan and Rush sts
Butterfield, Justin, jr attor. Clark st. near S. Water st
Butterfield, Jonas, captain, res Franklin st
Butterfield, Wm., medical student, at Dr. Brainard's
Butterfield, Carver, printer of the Prairie Farmer, 112 Lake st
Butterworth, Mrs. S. Water, near Wolcott st
Buxton, O.S. wagon maker, at Humphreys'

Cady, Dennis, S Lake Street House, 135 Lake st
Calhoun, Alvin, carpenter, house Randolph st 1st ward
Calhoun, John, printer, house State st b Wash and Madison sts
Calighan, Matthew, carpenter, residence Edward Gravin's
Callahan, Cornelius, laborer. Wells st b Wash and Madison sts
Calson, Charles, house painter, for A. White
Campbell, Abel, carpenter, residence Illinois Exchange
Campbell, --- (sic), carpenter, residence Madison st b Clark & Dearborn sts
Campbell, John, laborer at A.C. Wood's residence 4th ward, west of Clark st
Camron, David, waiter at the Tremont House
Canfield, C.A., merchant tailor, res Mrs. Post's
Carney, Arthur, laborer, res Canal st b Randolph and Lake sts

Carney, James, brewer, South water st. b State and Wabash sts
Carney, Wm., sailor, residence Michigan st b Rush & Pine
Carpenter, George, Grocer, South Water st
Carpenter, James H. of Stevens & C, residence at Mrs. Green's
Carpenter, James H., care of Philo Carpenter
Carpenter, John D., laborer, residence State S
Carpenter, Philo, residence Randolph st Carpenter's addition
Carpenter, Samuel, residence N. Water st b Wolcott and Kinzie
Carr, Wm., sailor, residence 3d ward, Canal st
Carroll, Owen, laborer, corner of Washington & Jefferson sts
Carson, Wm., wagon maker, Randolph st, b Wells and Franklin sts
Carson, James, carpenter, residence State st
Carter, T.B & Co, dry goods and groceries, 118 Lake st
Carter, Thos. B. of T.B.C. & Co., house State st cor Madison st
Carthew, Richard, laborer, res Water st b Randolph and Wash sts
Case, Elan, carpenter, at Scoville & Gates's
Case, John R. of Norton & C., residence City Refectory
Casey, Hugh, tailor, at S. Benedik's
Casey, John, milkman, res Market st b Randolph and Wash sts
Casey, Patrick, waiter at the Mansion House
Casey, Peter, clerk at Isaac Strail's
Casey, Thomas, laborer, residence John Casey's
Cashan, Stephen, residence, Michigan st b Rush and Pine
Caspar, W.G. Blacksmith, Lasalle st, residence Wells st b Washington and Madison sts
Cassidy, P.E. clerk to H.O. Stone, residence same
Caswell, S., cabinet maker, at J.B. Weir's
Caton, John, laborer, residence Lake st
Cavanah, J. waiter, at the Illinois Exchange
Cavanaugh, Michael, carpenter, residence state st
Cavanagh, Martin, laborer, North Water st near Franklin
Cawker, Mat. Clinton Lunch, Clark st b Lake and S. Water sts
Chacksfield, George, grocer, Clark st b Lake and South Water sts
Chamberlaine, J.S. of Hamilton & C, res Dr. Adams'
Chandler, Joseph, residence Fort Dearborn
Chapin, Richard, laborer, Kinzie st b Michigan and Cass sts
Chapin, J.P. & Co., forwarding and commission merchants South Water st
Chapin, J.P. of Dyer & C., res Lake st b State and Wabash sts
Chapin, P.P., clerk, at J.P. Chapin & Co, res American Temperance House
Chapman, Chas. H., res Wells st, b Randolph and Washington st
Chapman, Henry, tobacconist, Clark st, res Chas H. Chapman's
Chapman, Thos., Wolcott st b Illinois and Indiana sts
Chappel, Marvin, res American Temperance House
Chapronne, Francis Gardner, res North Branch, mile out
Chapronne, Augustin, same
Childs, Shubael D., engraver on wood and metal, Clark st b Lake and Randolph sts, res 3d ward, school section
Chivill, Mathew, shoe maker, W. of Water st b Rand. & Lake sts
Choulet, Michael, carpenter, res Dearborn st
Chovie (?), Chas., clerk, at Tuthill King's res same
Christie, Jas. laborer, res Richard Buller's
Christy, Nathan, laborer, house Canal st b Lake and N. Waters sts

Christy & Dunham, carpenters, N. Water st b Kinzie and Dearborn sts
Christian, John, shoe maker, at Robinson's
Church, Thos, dry goods and groceries, 109 Lake st, res 55 Lake st
Church, Wm. L. clerk, at Dyer & Chapin's, res State st
Churchill, Jesse, house 175 Lake st
Cinfal, Dennis, laborer, Dearborn st, b Water and Kinzie st
Clancy, Mark B., house painter, at A.White's res Jas. Rockwell's
Clark, C.B. clerk, at E.P. Clark's, res Humphrey Clark's
Clark, De Marcus, clerk at V.S. Lovell's, res Chicago Temperance House
Clark, Edwin, grocer, Lake st
Clark, Elisha, carpenter, res Water st b Washington and Madison sts
Clark, E (?) P., dry goods & groceries, 154 Lake st residence Humphrey Clark's
Clark, F. of C. Haines, & Co, res American Temperance House
Clark, Haines & Co., dry goods and groceries 168 Lake st
Clark, Horace, bakehouse, Lasalle st
Clark, Humphrey, residence Indiana st b Cass & Wolcott
Clark, J. Coe, broker, Clark st north of Lake st
Clark, L.W. hardware, iron, nails &c 128 Lake st cor Clark st
Clarke, G.P. clerk, at Clarke & Co's druggists
Clarke & Co. druggists, manufacturers of lard oil and candles, 102 Lake st Indiana st b Cass & Wolcott sts
Clarke, S.C. of C. & Co., res Washington Coffee House
Clarke, William H. of C. & Co., res Washington Coffee House
Clarke, H.B., farmer, lake shore, below Michigan ave
Clarke, H.W. attorney at law, Clark st opp the City Saloon, res Mrs. Post's
Clarkson, Robt. R., bootmaker, at W.H. Admas & Co's res alley b Lasalle and Wells sts
Clary, S.N., clerk at the Illinois Exchange
Claus, Joseph, engineer harbor machine, Illinois st b Dearborn & Wolcott sts
Cleaver, Chas. grocery store, soap & candle maker, 177 Lake st
Cleaver, Joseph, cabinet maker at J.B. Weir's
Cleaver, T.B., soap and oil factory, res at Charles Cleaver's
Clement, Stephen, captain steamboat Champion
Cleveland, Alvin, ornamental painter, alley b State and Wabash sts, res Madison st b. Clark & Lasalle sts
Clifford, E.M. , portrait painter, Clark st Harmon & Loomis' bu
Clifford, James, wagon maker, at Scoville's, res Randolph st, b Franklin & Madison
Clifford, John, carpenter, N. Water st., near Clark st br 5th ward
Clinton, James, laborer at G.S. Hubbard's
Clyburn, Archibald, of C. & Hovey, res North Branch
Clyburn & Hovey, Clark st & western markets
Cobb, Geo W., clerk at M.C. Stearns', res Tremont House
Cobb, Silas B., saddler & harness maker, 171 Lake st, res Michigan ave
Cochran, John, waiter, City Hotel
Coe, John S., blacksmith at Pierce's, Lake st b Water & Canal

Coe, Thomas, cabinet maker, cor of Lake & Franklin sts res Sauganash
Coe, -- (sic), cabinet maker, at Manahan & Jacobus', res Thomas Manahan's
Coffin, Mrs, res Illinois st b Pine & Sand
Cole, Parker M. of Bowen & C, Lake st near State, res E. Bowen's
Coleman, Ira, shoemaker, at Dan. Taylor's, res 215 Lake st
Collier, Charles A, clerk in the land office, res corner of Clark & Kinzie sts
Collins, George, of S.B. Collins & Co. res S.B. Collins
Collins, James H. of Butterfield & C, res Lake st near Wabash st
Collins, Patrick, waiter, at the Farmers' Exchange
Collins, S.B. & Co., boot, shoe and leather store, 140 Lake st
Collins, Samuel B. of S.B.C. & Co, res Washington st b Dearborn and State sts
Comstock & Ackley, dry goods & groceries, 82 Lake st
Comstock, J.D., clerk & law student, at Arnold & Ogden's
Comstock, J.S. of C. & Ackley, res city refectory
Congrave, John, shoemaker, at (?). E. Wares
Connell, John, laborer, Wolcott st b Water & Kinzie sts
Connolly, John, laborer, res Kinzie st b Clark & Lasalle sts
Connor, James A. at sylvester Marsh's
Connor, Patrick, laborer, es Lake st b Water & Canal sts
Connor, Thomas, cabinet maker, corner of Lake & Franklin sts res Sauganash
Constantine, Patrick, laborer, residence b Michigan & Illinois sts, 5th ward
Cook, Chas W. of C. & Surdam, res American Temperance House
Cook Geo., barkeeper, at American Temperance House, res same
Cook, Isaac, land agent, corner of Franklin & Randolph & Washington sts
Cook, Josiah P., baker, res Michigan ave
Cook & Surdam, American Temperance House, Lake st c Wabash
Cook Thomas, teamster, Desplaines st
Cooke, A.
Cooke, Horatio, turner, res Franklin st b Lake & S Water sts
Cooley, James, mason, res Washington Hall
Corbin, D.H. ship carpenter, res b State and Clark sts, S of Jackson
Corey, John, res 4th ward
Corl, Patrick, laborer, corner of Kinzie & Lasalle sts
Cornmayer, Benhard, tailor, Clark st b Lake and N. Water sts
Couch, (can't read), proprietor of the Tremont House, corner of Lake and Dearborn sts
Couch, James, res Tremont House
Coughlin, Bryan, blacksmith, residence Randolph st b Franklin and Madison sts
Courmayer, Braus (?), laborer, res Canada Home
Courtin, Henry, sailor, res N. Water st b Dearborn and Wolcott sts
Covey, --- (sic), carpenter
Cowan, George W., blacksmith, Randolph st b Clark and Lasalle sts
Cowens, Thomas, laborer, res Water st. b Canal and Clinton
Cox, Andrew J., tailor, Clark st b Lake & S. Water sts residence Mansion House
Craft, George W., shoemaker, at J.B. Mitchell's

Cramer, H., professor of music, Clark st b Wash and Madison sts
Crane, Orson, teamster, res Washington hall
Crary, Oliver A., teamster, Wolcott st. b Kinzie & Michigan sts
Crawford, Wm., drayman, alley b Clark & Lasalle sts 5th ward
Crissman, John M, laborer
Crocker, Josiah D., white washer, res Clark st. corner of Monroe
Croghan, B.W., barkeeper at the Eagle Tavern, Dearborn st. b South Water & Lake sts
Crone, Adams, tailor, North Water st. b Wolcott & Kinzie
Crosbie, John, sailor, near Franklin, b Water & Kinzie
Cross, Antonne, sailor, Indiana st. b Dearborn & Wolcott
Crouse, Aenton, tailor, at E.Smith's
Crow, Wm. F., car driver, res State st
Crowly, Cornelius, laborer, N. Water st. b Clark & Lasalle sts
Cruver, John, carpenter, res Clark st b Kinzie & Michigan sts
Cruver & Sanser, builders, Clark st. b Randolph & Michigan sts
Cumberland, Charles, at Clark & Co.'s oil factory, Indiana st b Cass & Wolcott sts
Cumberland, William, at Clark & Co's oil factory, Indiana st b Cass & Wolcott sts
Cumstock, Luke, laborer, res Wabash st
Cunningham, Henry, constable, North Water st. b Clark & Dearborn sts
Cunningham, W.M. clerk at L. M. Boyce's
Cure, John, laborer, res Monroe st
Cure, Peter, grocer, 193 Lake st b Wells & Franklin sts
Currin, Barnard, tailor, at Benedik's
Curtis, Jacob S. water borer res M. McDonald's
Curtiss, James, state's attorney, office 136 Lake st., res Randolph st 3d ward
Curtiss, J.W., gunsmith, corner of North Water & Wolcott sts
Cushing, N.S. painter, State st. 1st door from Lake st res same
Cutter, Amos F., harness & trunk maker, Lake st b Wells & Franklin sts

Daily, John R., carpenter, at Temperance House, North water st
Daily, Barry, drayman
Dalton, Michael, laborer, res Wolcott st. b Water & Kinzie
Daly, Charles, shoemaker, at S. Melvin's res H. Cunningham's
Daly, John, pedlar, South Water st b State & Wabash sts
Daly, John, carpenter, N. Water st b Clark & Dearborn sts
Dana, Lorenzo, clerk to Johonnott, Wells, & Co
Dana, Patrick, teamster, at A.S. Sherman's
Daniels, Horace, stage driver, res Wells alley
Daniels, James, at Graves' livery stable
Darling, Wm., blacksmith, at Wm. B. Stevens'
Darr??, Sidney L, milkman, lake shore, 1st ward
David, Wm., shoemaker, 172 Lake st
Davidson, D., clerk to H. Norton & Co., res Amer. Temp. House
Davidson, D. N. of J. Johnson & Co., res J. Johnson's
Davis , D.M.P. stage agent, at general stage office, res J. Frink's
Davis, E.W., clerk to Norton & Tuckerman
Davis, George, clerk county commissioners' court, office, 107 lake st. res Canal st near Washington

Davis, John, sailor, North water st b Wolcott & Kinzie sts
Davis, S.H., manufacturer of lime, res A.S. Sherman's
Davis, William H., deputy sheriff, S.J. Lowe's
Davisson, A.W., physician, office Clark st house opposite public square
Davlin, John, auctioneer, corner of Lake and State sts
Daus, D., clerk at H.O. Stone, res Michigan st
Day, Wm., Lasalle House, corner of Lasalle & Randolph sts
Dean, James, saddler & harness maker, at Paine's
Dean, Philip, teamster, Madison st head of Franklin
Deinback, Francis, carpenter, res Dutch settlement
Delamy, Michael, laborer, Market st. b Wash. and Madison sts
Delap, Miss Maria, milliner, 142 Lake st. res E. Brown's
Dellicker, George
De Mont, Cornelius, shoemaker, at S.J. Grannis's
Dempsey, John, res 5th ward
Deperling, John G., basket maker, res North Water st. b Wolcott & Kinzie sts
Deuel, Wm. C. bar Keeper, at the Tremont House
Dewire, Cornelius, laborer, North Water st b Clark & Dearborn
De Wolf, Calvin, of Freer & D. res S. of Jackson st E. of Clark
De Wolf, Charles, shoemaker, res at C. De Wolf's
Dexter, A.A. clerk at E.S. & J. Wadsworth's, res Dearborn st
Diamond, Martin, house alley b Clark and North Water sts
Dickey, Hugh T. attorney at law, 103 ½ Lake st, res City Hotel
Dickinson, Aug. City Eating House, Dearborn st. b Lake & Water
Dickerson, --- (sic), fanning mill maker, at Dickey's
Dike, Henry, of Morey & D. res Isaac Dike's
Dike, Isaac, shoemaker, Dearborn st
Dike, James, grocery & provisions, Dearborn st
Dimmock & Stow, house & sign painters, 202 Lake st
Dimmock, Edw. of D. & Stow, res south of Monroe st west Clark
Dinsmore, E.W., clerk, at E.S. & J. Wadsworth's, res City Hotel
Dixon, John, barber, Clark st res Lake st. 1st ward
Dixon, Wm. carpenter, Dearborn st b N. Water & Kinzie sts
Dobson, Henry, mason, at Wood's
Dodge, Darwin D. teamster, res Franklin st
Dodge, John C. of Parker & D., res Wolcott st
Dodge, Martin, of Gould & Dodge, res N. Gould's
Dodge, N.S. carpenter, res Morrison's
Dobson, B.E. drover, res Sauganash Hotel
Doggett, J.B., dealer in iron and nails, cor Lake and State sts
Doherty, Owen, laborer, North Water st. near Wells st
Dole, Geo W. of Newberry & D., house Michigan st b Rush & Pine
Dole, Lewis G., clerk, lottery office, Dearborn st. res State st
Dole, J.L. billiard saloon, res at J.L. Millikin's
Done, Jacob, cabinet maker, Michigan st b Wolcott & Dearborn
Done, J., laborer on harbor, res Fort Dearborn
Doulin, John, grocery, cor North water & Clark sts at bridge
Donivan, Dennis, saddle and harness maker, at S.B. Cobb's
Donnohua, Daniel, laborer, North Water st. near Franklin
Donnohua, James, laborer at harbor
Donn, William, at Stow's foundry
Donoghue, P.O. auctioneer, 170 Lake st

Dougherty, Martin, hostler, Mansion House
Dow, John I. of J.I. Dow & Co. res b Lasalle and Wells st
Downing, Thomas, butcher, at Clyburn's
Downs, A.G. Clerk at T.B. Carter's, res Seth Johnson's
Downs, A.S. clerk, at H.& E. Smith's
Downs, Myron D. grocer, Dearborn st
Doyle, Michael, of Andrus & D.S. Water st, res city refectory
Drake, Jerome D., laborer 3d ward south of Jackson st
Drew, John, jr res Sauganash Hotel
Dubois, --- (sic), patten maker, for Scoville & Gates, res lake st. b Water & Canal st
Duffie, John, carpenter Market st S. of Washington st
Duffie, Michael, laborer, Kinzie st. b Clark & Lasalle sts
Duffie, Patrick, laborer, Kinzie st. b Clark & Dearborn sts
Duffie, Mrs, laundress, res N. Water st. b Clark & Dearborn sts
Delingan, John, laborer, Market st b Randolph & Washington sts
Dunham, Jullius, of Christie & Dunham
Dunlap, John, carpenter, Market st south of Washington at
Dunlap, Wm., clerk in Jones' lumber yard, res city refectory
Dunn, Wm., res Canal st
Durand, Charles, attorney at law, 131 Lake st house same
Durant, James S. res Clark st
Durell, Wm. tin and coppersmith, at S.J. Surdam's
Dyer, Charles V., physician, office 98 Lake st., res State st
Dyer & Chapin dry goods and groceries, 103 Lake st
Dyer, Thomas, of D & Chapin, res City Hotel

Earhart, C., tailor, res Washington st b Wells and Franklin sts
Eachus, Virgil H. tailor, at A.J. Cox's, res Mansion House
Eastman, Zebina, editor Western Citizen, 124 Lake st house Randolph st b Lasalle and Wells sts
Eaton, R.E. clerk to Norton & Tuckerman
Eckhoff, John, laborer, res Jefferson st b Wash. and Madison sts
Eddy & Co, dealers in iron, stoves and hardware, 96 Lake sts
Eddy, D.C. of Eddy & Co., res Michigan ave, b Lake & Randolph sts
Eddy, Ira B. of Eddy & Co res Michigan ave
Edwards, Edwin, shoemaker, at Francis Edwards'
Edwards, Francis, carpenter, Adams st b Canal & Clinton sts
Edwards, John, carpenter, at Francis Edwards;
Edwards, Thomas, shoemaker at Whitlock's
Eells, --- (sic) bricklayer, south of Madison st and east of Clark st
Egan, Wm. B. physician, recorder, c Clark & Rand st res Clark
Elderkin, S.W. at Chicago Temperance House
Eldredge, John W. physician, res Randolph st. east of Clark st
Elliott, J. tailor, 185 Lake st, res same
Ellis & Fergus, book & job printers, Saloon Buildings, 3d story, Clark st corner Lake st
Ellis, George A., Clark at market, res Farmers' exchange
Ellis, James, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
Ellis, Peter, shoemaker, at Wm. David's
Ellis, Stephen, butcher, res east of Clark st north of Jackson st
Ellis, Wm., printer, Saloon Buildgs, res Randolph st

Elston, Daniel, patent press brickmaker, res N. Branch Mile End
Emmonds, J.W. carpenter, res R. Tripp's
Enos, Wm. C., jr at A. Clyburn's

Fairbanks, Peter, ship carpenter, Lake st b Franklin
Falch, Leonard, soap and candle factory, res Michigan st b Lasalle & Wells sts
Falley, R.S. carpenter, Canal st 3d ward
Farall, Thomas, laborer, Michigan ave
Farewell, James, cigar maker, at A.B. Wheeler's
Faris, James, sailor, N. Water st. b Franklin and N.B. Bridge
Fearing, George B. captain of the Maria, res Washington Hall
Fearus, John, sailor, Rush st. b Indiana and Ohio sts
Felker, S.R. tailor, 143 Lake st over checkered drug store
Fellman, J. Francis, chairmaker, at J.B. Weir's, res N. Water st
Fennerty, James, dry goods & groceries, 100 Lake st
Fennerty, James, res Lake st. b State & Wabash sts
Fennerty, John, dry goods & groceries, 100 Lake st
Fennerty, Peter, auctioneer, at John Fennerty's
Fenton, Wm. of Perkins & F. res Chicago Temperance House
Fergus, Robert, of Ellis & F. house States t lot 6, block 3, sec. 15
Ferras, -- (sic), laborer, b N. Water & Kinzie sts near Frank st
Ferris, Arthur, sailor, house W. st b Lasalle and Wells sts
Fetter, John, blacksmith, at I. Taylor's
Field, -- (sic) house 3d ward
Fillmore, P.P. engineer, house corner of Clark & Illinois sts
Finey, Uriah, house South Water st
Finley, Edward, laborer, res 4th ward
Finmore, Richard, wheelwright, North Water st. b Clark & Lasalle sts, res at J.L. Gray's
Fischbein, J. merchant, res Washington Hall
Fischer, Francis, Catholic clergyman, res Wabash st
Fish, James, carpenter
Fish, John P. teamster, house Lake st b Water & Canal sts
Fisher, Peter H., turner, Franklin st b Lake & Randolph sts
Fitch, Patrick, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
Fitzgerald, Thomas, laborer, res West Water st b Lake & North Water sts
Fitzgibbons, John, res Michigan ave
Fitzgibbons, Patrick, drayman, house South water st
Fitzsimmons, James, clerk, at the recorder's office, res Dr. Egan's
Fitzsimmons, Michael, drayman, house Adams st. west of Clark st
Fitzsimmons, -- (sic), house Michigan ave
Flahavan, John, brick maker, at Wood & Ogden's, 5th ward
Flemming, Wm., tailor, corner of Dearborn & North water sts
Fletcher, Archibald, auctioneer, at Horatio Buell's
Fletcher, George, carpenter, res New York House
Flint, Mrs, house Adams st. b Clinton and Jefferson sts
Flood, John, teamster, house Wabash st
Florida, Hughes, brick maker, at Wood & Ogden's 5th ward
Fogal, Michael, at A. Funk's
Follansbe, Alanson, dry goods, groceries and hardware, 112 Lake st, house State st b Madison and Monroe sts

Follansbe, Charles, dry goods & groceries, 88 Lake st, house State st
Foot, S. teamster, corner of Clark & Monroe sts
Foot, David P., teamster, house Wabash st
Foote, Lucius, clerk, at Tuthil King's res same
Forbes, John, drayman, house State st
Forbes, Wm. at Chicago Temperance House
Ford, Alex, blacksmith, at S. Geuwey's, res Wells st
Ford, Christopher, carpenter, res city refectory
Ford, Martin M, tanner and currier, at Gurnee & Matteson's
Fordham, Saud (or Sand?), tanner and currier, house Randolph st
Forrest, Tho. L., clerk, at H. Norton & Co.'s, res city eating house
Foster, A.H. of Jennings & F., res American Temperance House
Foster, George F. of F. & Robb, res J.B. Mitchell's
Foster, John H., physician, 207 Lake st, house same
Foster & Robb, ship chandlers and sail makers, South water st
Foster, -- (sic), saddler, Frink, Walker & Co, r Ame. Tem. House
Fournmer, Bazil, grocery, N. Water st, b Dearborn & Wolcott
Fox, Alvin, wagon maker, Granger's foundry, h Illinois st. b Clark & Lasalle st
Fox, Geo., laborer, Jefferson st. b Washington & Madison sts
Foyce, Wm., sailor, res Henry Howard's
Frank, John, cabinet maker, at John B. Weir's
Frank, Henry, mason, h Monroe st b Canal and Clinton st
Frank, A., house painter, at N.S. Cushing's, res same
Frazier, Alfred B., tailor, house b Clark & State sts
Frazier, Andrew, tailor, at Elmer Tyler's, res same
Free, G.W., draper and tailor, 139 Lake st
Freeman, Vincent H., brick maker, North Branch
Freer & DeWolf, attorneys at law, Clark st opp City Hotel
Freer, Lemuel, C.P. of F. & DeWolf, house Monroe st b Clark & Lasalle sts
Freestone, Thomas, laborer, near Chicago ave, 5th ward
Frey, Philip, clerk at L.M. Boyle's res D.B. Heartt's
Frink, Walker & Co., stage proprietors, corner of Lake & Dearborn
Frink, John, of F. Walker & co., h Rand. st. b Clark & Dearborn
Frost, Geo., h Michigan ave
Fulleger, Samuel, butcher, at Fulton market
Fuller, Andrew E., clerk at W. Lock & Co.'s clothing store, res at Wm. Lock's
Fuller, Asa, of F. & Squires', h N. Water st. b Dearborn & Wolcott sts
Fuller, H., merchant, h Dearborn st b Rand. and Wash. sts
Fuller & Squires, coopers, on S. Branch, 3d ward
Fullerton, A.N., attorney at law, h Dearborn st
Fuller, H.L., carpenter, h State st
Funk, Absalom, butcher, Fulton & Boston markets, res Wells st b Wash. and Rand. st
Furgerson, Wm., laborer, N. Water, b Dearborn & Wolcott sts
Furlong, Michael, bootmaker, at S. Taylor's, h Rand. st. b Frank and Market sts
Fussey, John, sawyer, 5th ward, N. Branch Bridge

Gaffney, Barnard, leather dresser, at Gurney & Matteson's, h 3d ward, b Rand. and Wash. sts
Gage, E.D. daguerreotype, 90 Lake st
Gage, Jared, flour dealer, at Jno. Gage's, res Mad. st. b Clark & Lasalle sts
Gage, John, pro. of steam mill and flour dealer, S. Water st. h c. Canal and 2d sts
Gale, Abram, meat market, Clark st N. of Lake st
Gale, Stephen F. & Co. book store, 106 Lake st
Gale, Stephen F. of S.F. & Co., h c of Wabash & Dearborn sts
Gale, Mrs A., milliner, 163 Lake st
Gallagher, Francis, laborer, Madison st. W. of Franklin st
Gallagher, Wm. of Hood & G., h N. Water st. b Clark & Dear
Galvin, John, sailor, Wells st, b Madison & Monroe sts
Galvin, Michael, sailor, Wash st. b Wells & Franklin
Galvin, Mrs. Wash. st b Frank. and Market sts.
Garkin, Henry, laborer, Kinzie, b Cass & Rush sts
Garrett, Augustus, of G & Seaman, res Sauganash Hotel
Garvey, Tim. brick m'r, at Wood & Ogden's, h N. Water, N.B. Bridge
Gates, Edwin L., b'ksmith. St'e st, h Rand. b St'e st. and Dearborn
Gates, John, carpenter, r city refectory
Gates, Philetus W., of Scoville & Co., h Rand. b Wash. and Canal
Gates, Ralph, iron founder, at Scoville & Gates
Gavin, Edward, carpenter, Cass st. b Kinzie and Wash. sts
Gawey, Solomon, blacksmith, h State st
Gay, John, sailor, h S. Water st. b State & Wabash sts.
Gekler, Henry, b'ksmith, h Rand. st. b Lake and S. Water sts
George, Thos., tin and coppersmith, 197 Lake st
Gerrety, Patrick, shoemaker, N. Water st. b Clark & Dearborn
Getzler, A., hat, cap & fur store, 151 Lake st, res same
Getzler, Fred, clerk at Bracken & Tuller, r Sauganash
Gilbert, Ashley & Co. dry goods and groceries, S. Water st
Gilbert, Ashley, of A.G. & Co. r City Hotel
Gilbert, Edwd. A., med. stu. at Dr. Brainard's, r S.H. Gilbert's
Gilbert, Sam. H., clerk, at Dyer & Co's, Mich. b Clark & Dearb
Gilbert, Sherod, drayman, h Ohio st. b Dearborn and Wolcott
Giles, Wm., gardner, h Lake st. 4th ward
Gillis, Alex, carpenter, h Jackson
Gilmore, Wm., laborer, h N. Branch, n river
Gilson, Hiram L. of Kent & G., res City Hotel
Gilson, P., clerk to Bristol & Porter, res city refectory
Gilson, Stephen R., lumberman, at Snow's
Glansman, John, butcher, at the Western market
Gleason, Michael, cooper, alley b Dearborn and Water sts
Godard, H.B., clerk, at Ruel Ambrose's, res same
Goldan, John, stone mason, N. Water st, b Clark & Lasalle sts
Goodman, Fred, tailor, house alley, b Lasalle & Wells sts
Goodman, Leonard, shoemaker, at Dan. Taylor's, h alley b Lasalle and qqelss (sic) sts
Goodrich, Grant, of Spring & G, h Illinois st, b Cass & Rush sts
Goodrich, J.W., clerk, at T.B. Carter & Co's, res S. Johnson's
Goodrich, Willard, tinsmith, at Wheeler's
Goodsell, L.B. dry goods, &c Dearborn st, b Lake & S. Water

Goodwin, Francis P., plane maker, ho. Lake st. b Water & Canal
Goss, Jno. of S.W. Goss & Co., Sylves. Marsh's res city refectory
Goss, S.W. & Co., dry goods, &c. 98 Lake st
Goss, S.W. of S.W.G & Co, 98 Lake st, res city refectory
Gould, Ambrose B., sailor, Indiana st, b Pine & Sand sts
Gould & Dodge, ball alley and grocery, South Water st. b State & Dearborn sts
Gould, Nathan, of G. & Dodge, house corner of Mich. and Dearb.
Goulet, Gabriel, boarding house & grocery, Canada Home, North Water st
Goyro, John, cooper, North Water st. b Wolcott & Kinzie sts
Graff, Jacob, farmer, Kinzie st, b Cass & Rush sts
Graff, Peter, carpenter, res Monroe b Clark & State sts
Graham, Hugh, teamster, N. Water st. b Franklin and Wells sts
Granger, Elihu, foundry North Water st. b Lasalle and Wells sts
Grannis, Saml. J., shoemaker, 150 ½ Lake st. res Ch. temp. House
Grannis, S.W. hatter, st L.P. Sanger's
Grass, Sarah, res Madison st
Graves, Dexter, livery stable, and res State st. b Lake and Randolph
Graves, Henry, at Dexter Graves' livery stable
Graves, Peter, butcher, house in 6th ward
Gray & Butler, livery stable, corner of Dearborn & Randolph sts
Gray, Chas M. cradle maker, shop and res, Dearborn st, b Randolph & Washington sts
Gray, F.D., clerk at H. Norton & Co's, res E. Walter's
Gray, John, of G. & Butler, house Randolph st. near Dearborn st
Gray, John L, grocer, corner of Clark and N. Water sts, 6th ward
Gray, J.H., grocery and provision store, South water st, res E. Manierre's
Gray, Wm., clerk, at J.H. Gray's res, Columbian House
Gregg, David R., carpenter, N. Water st. b Wolcott and Kinzie sts
Gregory, E.M. Western Hotel, corner of Rand. and Canal sts. 3d ward
Gregory, Wm. F. , printer, res Western Hotel
Green, Mark T., clerk, at Stevens & Carpenter's, res Mrs. Green's
Green, Russell, clerk, at J.M. Underwood's
Green, Wm., clerk, at Chas. Buhl's, res Mrs. Green's
Green, Mrs. Marg. boarding house, corner of Clark & Wash. sts
Grenil, George, blacksmith, at Humphrey's
Grey, Charles, laborer, 2d ward
Greyham, W., hostler, at the Western Hotel
Gridley, George W., auction and commission merchant, 85 Lake st.
Grier, Samuel, carpenter, h N. Water st, b Franklin st and bridge
Griffin & Vincent, brokers, South Water st b Dearborn and State
Griffin, Samuel, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
Griswold, Chas. E., clerk, at G.S. Hubbard's, res D.S. Griswold's
Griswold, D.S., attorney, house Kinzie st b Wolcott and Case
Griswold, David D., res D.S. Griswold's
Griswold, Henry A., clerk, at A. Garrett's res Sauganash
Grose, John, miller, at J. Gage's, house near Jackson st 2d ward
Grose, Jacob, teamster, alley b Washington & Madison sts

Grul, George, blacksmith, Lasalle st, house Randolph st. b Lasalle & Wells sts
Gumperston, John, waiter, City Hotel
Gunter, Henry, sailor, house cor Michigan and Cass sts
Gurley, J., hatter, at L.P. Sanger's
Gurnee & Matteson, groceries, hardware, and leather store, 116 Lake st.
Gurnee, W.S. of G. & Matteson, ho Dearborn st. b Lake & Rand

Haddack, B.F. of Tillotson, Humphrey & Co., stage proprietor, house Michigan ave, b Lake and Randolph sts
Hadduck, E.H., house Michigan ave, near Lake st
Hadley, Mrs, dress and cloak maker, 147 ½ Lake st
Hadley, T.G. of Howard & H. house alley, b Wolcott & Dearborn
Haeni, Henry, tailor, at John Hettinger & Peterman's
Hageman, Christopher, grocer, N. Water st. b Clark & Dearborn
Hageman, F. barber, steamboat Madison, res C. Hageman's
Hageman, -- (sic), turner, at Blair's
Haight, Mrs. E., boarding house, Clark st, South of Randolph st
Haines, J.C. of Clark, H. & Co., res Sauganash Hotel
Hale, Benj. F., botanic physician, 185 Lake st res Wells st
Hall, Edward, saddler and harness maker, at S.B. Cobb's
Hall, E.G. clerk, at S.B. Walker's, res same
Hall, J.B., grocery, house North Water st. b Clark and Dearborn
Hamilton & Chamberlaine, attorneys at law, Clark st. opp. P.O.
Hamilton, Polemus D., carpenter, res Clark st b Wash and Madison
Hamilton, R.J. of H. & Chamberlaine, h Mich b Cass & Rush
Hamilton, Robert P. of H. & White, res T.E. Hamilton's
Hamilton, Thomas, res Washington Hall
Hamilton, Thomas E., carpenter
Hamilton, W.J., clerk, at S.Sawyer's, res C.H. Chapman's
Hamilton & White, dry goods and grocery store, 139 Lake st
Hamlin, E.H., Baptist clergyman, ho Lasalle st b Wash & Mad
Hanks, J. Deming, clerk, at S.Sawyer's
Hannahs, J.M. Stow's foundry, res Western Hotel
Hanson, Abraham, Methodist clergymen, res Clerk st b Washington & Madison sts
Hanson, Joseph L., teamster, house Monroe st b State and Clark
Hanson, Knus, laborer, near North Branch bridge
Harman, William, blacksmith, North water st res same
Harmon, Charles L., dry goods and groceries, cor Clark and South Water sts, res Dearborn st. b Wash and Mad sts
Harmon, E.R., clerk, at E.S. & J. Wadsworth's, res same
Harmon, J. of Wooster & H., res John Gray's
Harper, William, carpenter, house Madison st
Harrington, Daniel
Harrington, James, house Clark st, b North water & Kinzie sts
Harrington, Joseph, Unitarian clergyman, house cor Michigan and Dearborn sts
Harris, Jacob, carpenter, house First st b Clark & State sts
Harrison, Henry, grocery, south Water st res same
Harrison, Hiram, drover, house South water st
Harrison, Robert, at John Gage's, house Jackson st. 3d ward

Harroun, O.A., saddler at D. Walker's, res same
Hart, Geo. W. Water st, house Wabash st
Hart, Lewis, laborer, house alley near Lake & Franklin sts
Harvey, Edward, laborer, Clark st b North Water and Kinzie sts
Haslitt, Peter, laborer, West Water st b Randolph and Lake sts
Haslitt, Wm., shoemaker, West Water st b Randolph and Lake sts
Haslett, Wm., laborer, at Hubbard's
Hass, Louis, blacksmith, at J. Busch's
Hastings, Hiram, drover, house Washngton st b Lasalle and Wells
Hastings, Thomas, shoemaker, at Taylor's, Mad st. West of Clinton
Hatch, David, hardware merchant, 98 Lake st. h Adams
Hatch, Herman, of H. & Shur, South water st
Hatch & Shur, ball alley and saloon, South Water st. b State and Dearborn sts
Hatfield, Isaac P., res Mrs. Green's
Hathaway, L.W. clerk, at S.B. Collins & Co.'s, house Wabash s b Clark and Lasalle sts
Hathaway, Mrs, dress maker, 175 Lake st
Hawkins, William, clerk, at C.G. Wicker's, res D. Jay's
Hawley, J.S., clerk at Sherman & Pitkin's, res Sauganash Hotel
Hayden, Chamberlaine, res American Hotel
Hayes, B.F., grocer, 176 Lake st res Clark st
Hayward, Alvin, fanning mill maker, near Sauganash Hotel
Heacock, R.B., res R.E. Heacocks'
Heacock, R.E., attorney at law, ho Adams st. b Clinton & Lasalle
Heacock, R.E., jr., clerk , at C. Walker & Co's, res R.E. Heacocks'
Heacock, R.E. mason, at A.S. Sherman's
Heald, Daniel, jr., mason, Jackson st. b Clark and Wells sts
Heald, Hamilton A., res D. Heald's
Heartt, D.B. constable, boarding house, Lasalle st b Rand & Wash
Hennings, Thomas, laborer, Randolph st. 3d ward
Henry, Hugh K., constable and joiner, N. Water st b Kin and Dear
Henson, Oliver C., barber, 183 Lake st
Hequenbourg, G.W., clerk, at B.F. Sherman's, res same
Herrick, E.W., res Mrs. Haight's
Hervey, James, dry goods and groceries, South Water st. house Indiana st b Cass and Rush sts
Hervey, Robert, currier, at Gurnee & Matteson's
Hettinger & Peterman, tailors, South water st
Hickox, Philan, clerk, at S.S. Robinson's 184 Lake st. res same
Hickox, Charles D., teamster, house Randolph st. near Market st
Hickey, Patrick, teamster, at C. MacDonnell's
Higgins, E., milk dealer, Canala st, 3d ward
Higgins, F., milder dealer, Canal st 3d ward
Higgins, John, tanner, at Gurnee & Matteson's, house North Water st near Franklin st
High, John, jr. of H.H. Magic & Co. Wabash st b Clark and Lasalle sts
Higley, Geo, House of Entertainment, S. Water st. near Lasalle st
Hildebrand, Wm., glove and mitten factory, Lake st near Franklin
Hill, J.W. tinsmith, at Bowen & Cole's, res Mansion House
Hill, L.P. of Marshall & Hill, New York House
Hill, Wm., jeweler, at S.J. Sherwood's, res D.B. Heartt's
Hilliard, L.P. of C. Walker & Co., res Mrs. Boyer's

Hills, Wm. H., clerk, at H. Norton & Co's, res E.S. Prescott's
Hindes, B.F., saddler, at Horton's
Hitchcock, Ephraim, farmer, house State st
Hitchcock, Luke, clergyman, M.E. Church, res Parsonage
Hixon, Jeremiah, captain schooner Martin Van Buren, res South Water st b Canal & Clinton st
Hoard, Samuel, clerk Circuit Court, office Clark st. corner of Randolph st, house Adams st. b Canal and Clinton sts
Hobbie, Albert G., dry goods, grocers and hardware, 142 Lake st, res Wabash st. b Randolph and Washington sts
Hobbs, James, sailor, Kinzie st. b Cass and Rush sts
Hobson, Robert M., printer, Express office, res city refectory
Hodge, Job, laborer, North Water st. near Franklin st
Hodgson, John H., draper & tailor, Clark st. opp City Hotel, res same
Hoffman, Michael, laborer, res Wm. L. Whiting's
Hogan, C.L. P., dry goods & groceries, 252 Lake st., res Franklin st. b Lake & Washington sts
Hogan, John S.,C. at C.L.P. Hogan's
Hogan, Joseph, currier, at Johnnott, Wells & Co's
Hogan, Michael, res Michigan avenue
Hogan, Thomas, laborer, N. Water st. b Wolcott & Kinzie sts
Hoisington, J.A. book binder, Saloon Building, res A. Bowman's
Holdbrooke, John, cooper, N. Water st. b Dearb. and Wolcott sts
Holden, Albon H. at C.H. Holden & Co's
Holden, C.N. & Co., dry goods and groceries, corner of Clark & South Water sts
Holden, C.N. of C.N. H. & Co., house Washington st b Clark & Dearborn sts
Holden, Chas. C.P., clerk at C. Sweet's
Holden, Wm. P. of C.N. Holden & Co. res C.N. Holder's
Holland, C. of Lawrence & H., res Mrs. Green's
Holmes, C.E. wagon maker, at Burgess'
Holmes, Isaac, machinist, at Nickerson's
Holmes, John D., clerk, res Randolph st. b Wells and Franklin
Holmes, Mrs, house Lasalle st, b Washington and Clinton
Holt, Mrs., house Kinzie, b Cass & Rush
Honeywell, David, teamster, Water st, b Canal & Clinton
Hood, Andrew, butcher at the Fulton market
Hood, David, of H. & Gallagher, house alley b Wolcott and Dearb
Hood & Gallagher, Buffalo market, cor of Wolcott and N. Water
Hoof, Wm., plasterer, house 5th ward
Hooker, J.W., dry goods & groceries, 152 Lake st. house Dearborn, b Randolph & Washington sts
Hoover, John, butcher, res Wolcott, b N. Water & Kinzie sts
Hopper, Geo. mechanic, 1st ward
Horn, John, 1st ward
Hortley, Samuel, farmer, house Water, b Canal & Clinton
Horton, B. at Mrs. Boyer's
Horton, Dennison, saddler, Dearborn st., h Wells b Lake & Randolph
Horchkiss, Orrin, tinner, at Wheeler & Co.'s, h Washington st
Hough, O. laborer, res P. Kelsey's
Hough, R.M., res P. Kelsey's

Houghton, David, shoemaker, at D. Taylor's
Hovey, Sam'l. S. of Clyburn & H. Western market, cor of Lake & Wells sts, res Clark, b Illinois and Indiana sts
Howard, Henry, grocery, Dearborn st. b Lake & S. Water sts
Howard & Hadley, livery stable, Lake st
Howard, John M., druggist with Brinckerhoff, 143 Lake St
Howard, Wm., shingle maker, res at D. Honeywell's
Howard, Wm. H. of H. & Hadley, h Washington, b Canal & Clin
Howard, Wm. H., wagon maker
Howe, Chas F., res Frederick A. Howe
Howe, Frederick A., justice of the peace, office Dearborn, b Lake & S. Water, h cor Dearborn & Washington sts
Howe, Isaac, bricklayer, house Clark st
Howe, James L., city baker, N. Water, b Cass & Rush sts
Howe, Samuel, bricklayer, house Clark st
Howe, Samuel, clerk at Magie & Co's, b State, b Wash and Mad
Hubbard, A., book-keeper at G.S. Hubbard's, r Ind, b Cass & Rush
Hubbard, G.S., forwarding and commission merchant, S. Water near Clark, h Indiana, b Cass and Rush
Hubbard, H.G. at clerk's office, h Lasalle, b Wash and Madison
Hubbard, M, dry goods and groceries, S. Water, b Clark & Dear
Hugunin, L.C. at United States Hotel
Hulbert Eri B., South Water st, house State st
Humphrey, Wm. N., wagon maker, Rand st, house Wells, b Randolph & Washington sts
Humphreys, D. of H. & Winslow, res City Hotel
Humphreys & Winslow, for. and com. merchants, S. Water st
Hunt, Mrs, house West Water, b Randolph & Lake
Huntington, Alonzo, attorney at law, office Lake over S.W. Goss's, res at C.V. Dyer's
Husted, H.H., clothing store, 97 ½ Lake, res at F.C. Sherman's
Hughs, Wm. F, res at R.J. Woodward's
Hyde, Z.W., mason, house Illinois, b Pine and Sand

Ingalls, Wm. A., sailor, house N. Water, b Wolcott & Kinzie
Irvin, George, shoemaker, at J.P. Mitchell's
Irvin, J.B. & Co., dry goods, groceries, Dearborn, b Lake & S. Water

Jackson, John, teamster, house 3d ward
Jackson, John J., sailor, house Indiana, b Pine & Sand
Jackson, Samuel, overseer of harbor, res Fort Dearborn
Jackson, S.E., res at Samuel Jackson's
Jacobus, A.L. of Manahan & J., house Michigan Ave
Jacobus, D. & A.L. looking glass store, 10 Clark st
Jagger, Oliver, painter at N.S. Cushing's, res Clark, 4 Mor's Row
James, Thomas C., carpenter, res 3d ward, S. Jackson st
Jay, David, ladies boot & shoe maker, Clark st, near Lake
Jeffrey, --- (sic), carpenter, house Clinton st, b Wash and Madison
Jeffreys & Bentley, blacksmiths, west Water, b Rand and lake
Jeffries, Geo., warehouse man, house Indiana, b Cass & Rush
Jefts, Amasa, water borer, res M. McDonald's

Jennerson, Oliver, blacksmith, house Illinois, b Clark & Lasalle
Jennings & Foster, dry goods & groceries, W. Water st
Jennings, J.T., clerk at A. Rossetter's, house Michigan Ave
Jennings, S.H. of J. & Foster, house Mich. Ave, n S. Water
Jocelyn, J.H., barkeeper at Western Hotel
Joice, Thomas, butcher, house Kinzie, b Lasalle & Wells sts
Jordon, James, sailor, Washington, b Franklin and Market sts
Johnson, A. of J.& A Johnson
Johnson, Abram, clerk at Charles Cleaver's
Johnson, Anthony, barkeeper at City Hotel
Johnson, Benjamin G, harness maker at Horton's house Wabash
Johnson & co, builders, Dearborn, b Randolph & Washington
Johnson, H.W., res Seth Johnson's
Johnson, J. & A. grocers, Dearborn st
Johnson, Jacob B, ship painter, house cor Indiana & Cass
Johnson, J. & Co., barbers and hair dressers, Clark st
Johnson, Jacob, waiter, Illinois Exchange
Johnson, J.M., clerk at Bracken & Tuller's
Johnson, John, laborer at G.S. Hubbard's
Johnson, John, carpenter, house near Jackson & State sts
Johnson, Lathrop, cigar maker at Wheeler's
Johnson, Joseph, soap and candle manufactory, 57 & 59 Lake st
Johnson, Sanford, carpenter, Dearborn st, res J.Gray's
Johnson, Seth, deputy collector & inspector of Port of Chicago, house cor Washington & Lasalle sts
Johnson, Wm., mason, 220 Lake st
Johonnott, Wells & Co, leather store, c Lasalle & Lake
Johonnott, E.S. of J. Wells & Co, house Kinz, b Lasalle & Wells
Jones, Benjamin, of B.J. & Co, house Rand, b Clark & Dearb
Jones, B. & co., dry goods and groceries, S. Water, b Clark & Dearborn
Jones, D.A. & E.M., chair and cabinet manufactory, Dearborn st
Jones, Elisha M. of D.A. & E.M. Jones, res Madison st
Jones, Hiram, Clark at L.W. Clark's, res Wm. Jones
Jones, John, carpenter, house S. Jackson, E. Clark
Jones, K.K., periodical depot, Clark st n P.O.
Jones, N.A., res J.W. Hooker
Jones, Tarleton, lumber merchant, S.W. st, at bridge, res Mrs. Green's
Jones, Wm. of B. Jones & Co., house cor Randolph & Dearborn
Jones, --- (sic), cooper at Govro's
Judd, N.B. of Scammon & Judd, res City Hotel
Judson, E., dentist, 98 Lake st, h State, b Wash and Madison sts

Kane, Patrick, drayman, house Kinzie st b Clark & Lasalle sts
Kennedy, John, saddler, at Horton's, house N. Water st b Clark & Dearborn sts
Karles, Karle, laborer, North Water st. near Franklin st
Kastar, John, laborer, house Dutch settlement
Kay, Abel, farmer, house, corner of Franklin and Madison sts
Keast, Henry, laborer, house corner of Wells st and Chicago av
Keating, Owen, blacksmith, res C. McDonnell's
Keef, James, laborer, house North Chicago ave, 5th ward

Keef, Michael, carpenter, at Cruver & Sanser's
Keef, Owen, house North Chicago avenue, 5th ward
Keilman, Henry, draper and tailor, Clark st. near South Water st
Kelley, John, blacksmith, North water st b Wolcott & Kinzie st
Kelley, Patrick, dealer in provisions, Lake st. near Sauganash
Kelley, Thomas, gardner house North Branch, 4th ward
Kellick, James, soap and candle factory, house Michigan ave
Kellogg, B.C., cooper, at Norton & Tuckerman's house N. Water
Kelly, James, printer, Western Citizen, house State st. b Lake and South water sts
Kelly, John, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
Kelsey, Parnick, boarding house, Wolcott st b Kinzie and Mich.
Kennedy, James, millwright and engineer, at Stow's
Kennedy, Michael, laborer, house N. Water st. b Wells and Frank
Kennicott, Wm., H, dentist, 133 Lake st house same
Kent, B.H. of K. & Gilson, res Tremont House
Kent, Daniel W., turner, at Trumbull Kent's
Kent & Gilson, livery stable, Lake st
Kent, Lawrens, cabinet maker, Lake st near Tremont House, house Lake st
Kent, Trumbull, farmer, Randolph st. b Lasalle and Wells sts
Keough, Michael, laborer, house Water st b Wash. and Madison
Kercheval, L.C. , justice of the peace, office Clark st, 3d door S. of South Water st
Kennekerbacker, Samuel R., shoemaker house S. of First st
Kesson, A., at M.D. Ogden's
Kettlestring, Joseph, carpenter, house 4th ward
Kenney, Patrick, laborer, house Wolcott st. b Water & Kinzie sts
Killey, Michael, laborer, house Clark st. b Water & Kinzie sts
Kimberly, Ed S., physician, 101 Lake st, house State st
Kimball, Harlow, house Monroe st. near State st
King, J., carpenter, res S. Jackson's
King, N., clerk, at T. King's, house 12 Lake st
King, Thomas, ship carpenter, house b State & Clark sts
King, Tuthill, clothing, dry goods, &c., 115 Lake st. h Clark st
King, Solomon, hostler, Illinois Exchange
King, Wandal, clerk, Gurnee & Matteson's, res Tremont House
King, Willis, lumberer, at G.W. Snow's, house Clark st
Kingswell, William, teamster, res Wabash ave, b Jack. & Fifth
Kinney, Joel, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson's, h Franklin, near Lake
Kinyon, Anson, harness maker, at Horton's
Kinzie, John H., register land office, 82 Lake st, h c Mich & Cass
Kirk, William, laborer, house cor Dearborn and N. Water sts
Kisling, John, furrier, at A. Getzler's, res same
Kittel, Michael, cooper, Clark st, house Franklin st
Klear, Francis A., house State st
Klaffy, Thomas, laborer, house Clark st, b N. Water & Kinzie
Klein, Matthias, baker, North Water st, house same
Knapp, M.L., professor in Rush M ?? (can't read) College, at Dr. Brainard's
Knickerbacker, A.V., grocery and ??visions, South water st, b Dearborn and State sts
Knight, Henry, barber and hair dresser, Clark st. near Post Office
Knights, Darius, carpenter, Wells st, b Lake & Randolph sts
Knopp, Nicholas, wheelwright, at Perkins & Fenton's

Knox, James H., farmer, West of Clark st, South First st
Knutson, Nelson, laborer, house Wells st, b N. Water & Kinzie
Knutson, Olla, laborer, house North Water st. near N. Bra. gridge
Kraft, J.W., shoemaker, at Dan Taylor's, h Clark st. near Randolph
Kreienbir, John, cabinet maker, house Randolph st
Kreyenbeihl, John, cabinet maker, at C. Morgan's
Krimbhil, Martin, clerk, A.G. Hobbie's
Kruger, Arnold, cabinet maker, Lake st.

La Croix, Joseph, cook, at the Canada Home, N. Water st
La Forrest, A., res Sauganash Hotel
Laister, Henry, clerk, at G. Chacksfield's
Lacey, John, baker, North water st b Dearborn and Wolcott sts
Ladd, Timothy H., auctioneer, house Clark st
Ladtshaw, Joseph, clerk, at Newberry & Dole's, res Tremont House
Lafflin, George, clerk, at Dyer & Chapin's res M. Lafflin
Lafflin, Mather, house Washington st. near Michigan ave.
Lahy, Sylvester, laborer, North water st. near Franklin
Lamb, Artemus, ship carpenter, house Michigan ave
Lamb, E.S., laborer, res S. Jackson's
Lamb, L. at Sherman & Pitkin's, res City Refectory
Lambert, Mrs Lake house, South water st. 2d ward
Landrakin, Cornelius, laborer ho H. Water st. b Wolcott & Kinzie
Lancaster, Dennis, brick maker, 5th ward
Lane, Elisha, carpenter, house Clark st
Lane, George W., clerk, res Tremont House
Lane, James, boarding house, Dearborn st. b N. Water & Kinzie
Lang, John L., carriage maker, cor Lasalle and Michigan sts
Lansing, Cornelius, dry goods and groceries, Clerk st h Mich ave
Lansing, Samuel, clerk, at Cornelius Lansing's
Lantry, Michael, drayman, Wolcott b North Water & Kinzie sts
Lardin, Dennis, laborer, house 2d ward
Lardner, Bostwick, straw milliner, Clark st
Larkin, Timothy, mason, house Kinzie st. b frank. and Wells sts
Larrabee, Wm. M., clerk, at Ogden & Jones', house Ind st. b Wolcott & Dearborn sts
Launder, James, wagon maker, S. of Monroe st. and W. of Clark
Lawler, Patrick, laborer, b Lasalle and Wells sts N of Michigan
Lawless, F.H. at Stowe's foundry, res Western Hotel
Lawrence & Holland, managers Ill. State Lot. office Clark st
Lawrence, Patrick & Edward, waiters Farmers' Exchange
Lawrence, Wm. L., carpenter, res Lasalle st. b Rand. and Wash.
Leach, Patrick, laborer, N. Water st. b Dearborn & Wolcott sts
Leach, Robert, butcher, at A. Clyburn's
Leary, Albert G. attorney, house and office opposite City Hotel
Leavitt, C.B. carpenter, house Kinzie st. b Wolcott and Cass sts
Lee, Daniel J., farmer, house Randolph st. b State and Dearborn sts
Lee, David S., attorney, Lake st. res Mrs. Haight's
Lee, John, tobacconist, at Henry Chapman's
Lee, Thomas, laborer, near N. Branch bridge, 5th ward
Lees, James, 6th ward
Leg, Mathew, tailor, at E. Manierre's, res same
Leindeivener, Joseph, tailor, at Benedik's

Leonard, Hugh, waiter, Chicago Temperance House
Leonard, J.W., clerk, at Clark, Haines & Co.'s
Leslie, John, painter, Kinzie st. b Wolcott & Cass sts
Leslie, Mrs, house N. Water st
Lesser, John, house 2d ward, South of First st
Lessey, John F. & Co., billiard saloon, corner S. Water and Dearborn sts
Letz, Frederick, locksmith, Lasalle st. b Lake & Randolph sts
Letz, Jacob, shoe maker, Michigan st. b Wolcott and Dearborn
Liffingwell, A., carpenter, res Illinois Exchange
Lill, Wm. of L. & Diversy, brewers, n Sand & Chicago Ave.
Lind, S., lumber merchant, Randolph st. at South Branch bridge res Sauganash Hotel
Lindebner, Joseph, tailor, E. Manierre's, res same
Littlefield, J.C., carriage and sleigh maker, Randolph near Wells
Lock, William, of Wm. Lock & Co., house Washington st
Lock, Wm. & Co., clothing store, Saloon Build
Lockart, M., carpenter, house Franklin b Lake & Randolph sts
Lockwood, John B., tailor, N. Water b Wolcott & Kinzie sts
Lohn, Christopher, tailor, at Benedick's
Long, James, proprietor of mill, Hydraulic Co's works, res Michigan ave
Loomis, H.G. at C.L. Harmon's, house c State & Washington
Lroing, L.D. clerk, at Ward Rathbones'
Loomis, Henry, lumber merchant, c W. Water and Randolph sts
Lothrop, Isaac, shoe maker, at J.B. Mitchell's
Love, James, carpenter, house Randolph b Franklin and Market
Lovell, V.S. leather store, Clark st, near Saloon, res Chicago Temperance House
Lovatt, Michael, of Malvin & Lovatt, res Clark b N. Water and Kinzie sts
Lowe, James M., city clerk, office c Clark & Randolph sts, res S.J. Lowe's
Lowe, Oscar, clerk, E.S. & J. Wadsworth
Lowe, Samuel J., sheriff of cook co, res Jail buildings
Lowe, Samuel A., clerk, Scammon & Judd, res S.J. Lowe's
Lower, John, laborer, at Hubbard's
Lowry, James, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
Lowry, John, laborer, res Fort Dearborn
Lloyd, Alexander, builder, of L. Blakesly & Co. res Wells b Lake & Randolph sts
Lloyd, Blakesly & Co., dry goods and gro, 101 Lake st
Lubke, Ferdinand, mason, S. Jackson west Clerk
Lunt, Orrington, commission merchant, S. Water st, res J.B. Mitchell's
Luther, John, chair maker, at Jones'
Lyman, Benjamin, cook, Illinois Exchange
Lynch, Patrick, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
Lyons, R., looking glass maker, 80 Lake st, res Tremont
Lytle, Wm. J., clerk, at Hamilton & White's

McAuley, Patrick, laborer, at G.S. Hubbard's
McBein, -- (sic), laborer, house Dearborn st
McBride, Thomas, teamster, corner Franklin & Madison

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