1850 Products of Industry Schedule
from the
1850 Social Statistics Census for Cook County, IL

©Kim Torp

This is a list of individuals/corporations doing business in Cook County at the time of the 1850 Census. This was from the original microfilm and was very light and hard to read in places - especially for the Chicago section. I'm sure errors abound, both in the original and in my attempt to decipher the census taker's horrendous hand-writing, so do be sure and double check with the original source whenever possible.


A.S. Serman, marble (stone)
Joseph Krup, guns rifles &c (gunsmith)
W. Hildebraund (? hard to read), glovers
Thos. Crow, cabinet work
G. Franklin, tailor (clotheir)
Pisn/Pine (? hard to read), tailor (clothers)
Smmyley & Feris (??), looking glass
W.P. Roach, cigars & tobacco
A.F. Otto, watches
Thos. Manch-- (?), furniture
Thos. George, tinware
T. George, copper man
T. George, blacksmith
D & A. L. Jocbous, furniture
Holiday & Bradford, tin copper
Henry Bnud--il (?) confectioner
A.C. Stuart, baker
W. Wayman, wagons
W. Wayman, blacksmithing
P. Carter, blacksmithing
Jacob Shail (Shad/Sharl?), furniture
H. ?? (too light to read. may have been erased and the name below meant to be in this line), clotheir
Geo. E. Boardman (no business listed. May be meant for the line above as a clotheir)
Geo Sowerman, blacksmith
M. Hitz (Hity?), blacksmith
B. Bren--? & Co., clotheir
John M. Rus, shoes & boots
J.O. Humphreys, ca??
E. Benton, clotheir
N. Bushman, (can't read business)
J.J. wilk, (?)
J. & C. Litz, boots & shoes
Wm. Chapman, clotheir
Jas. Marks, clotheir
Saml. Cob, clotheir
A. Gab, millinery
Geo Brown, chairmaker
John A. Bap--?, hats & caps
Soloman L---or. boots & shoes
Ja- & Rankin, cabinet makers
P. Kickcox, baskets
Peacock & Thather, guis &c
Richd Fruker, boots & shoes
Thos. Clancey, clotheir

ink splotch on next few entries:
Mullin, ???

Huhl, barrels
S.S. Metcalf, sash & ?
Butcher & Gray, carpenters
Fritz Schuler, shoes & boots
Waldhausen & Co, marble
Bonan(?) Laiker, cigars
C. Krause, piano forte
Martin Beck, cigars
E. Granger, foundry
L. Fieloh, candles
Herman Harback, confectioner
Phlip Hicks, wagons
?. Lear, blacksmith
Allen Vane(?),. agricultural implements
John Rogers, brick
J.C. Gailand, trunks
S. S--?, shingles
E. Flaunder, shingles
Mrs. M. Soote (Scott?_, millinery
W. Soorgin, shingles
Elian--? Marsh, shingles
J.V. Am--& Sons, L. Machines
Smith & Lane tinman
J.W. Child, larup?
O.B. Blake, boots & shoes
John Davis, boots & shoes
H.H. Burow, turner
Edwards & Co, carpenter
Andrew Smith, shingles
John McDonald, baker
Sherman & Sturtevant, ??
John Ludby?, soap
John Penney, brick
W. Guthrie, alcohol
Jos Mills, blacksmith
H. Whincker, bras works
Danl Green, barrels
Lewis & Thompson, apinters
John Tinney(?), blacksmith
Geo Petuna, wagon maker
Shepard & Johnson, carpenters
Geo w. NOble, planing
Geo. W. Noble, sash blinds & doors
A. Hamburg, chairs
H. Whitlbeck, plows & wagons
G.W. Southwork(?), washboards
Jas Hood, wagon maker
Charles Chavin (Charon?), soap ? & hand oil
Gates & McKnight, foundry & engines, threshing machines
C. H. McCormick & Co., McCormicks patent reapers
J. Couthill, blacksmithing
Hellun & Nastin, boots & shoes
Mihgesling?, clotheirs
B. Cunan. clotheirs
J. Bateman, cigars
W. Carson, wagons
Barcky & co, ?
Peter Schuller, wagons & coaches
Haggart & Bay, ?
Salsbury & Sturhaus, wagons & sash doors &c
Morgan & Chamberlain, painters
R.C. Goodrick, painter
Nugent & Owens, brass & coffin
Mills & Co, matches
John McGuin, candles
M--? & Jurguson, shingles
F. McCanna, bowls
W. Haman (Harnan?). blacksmith
Anthony Hook, beer
Jacob Douche, beer
Lill & Diversy, beer
S. Purce, wagon plow &c manufacturer
J.R. Lucus, shingles maker
splotch - can't read
E.K. Brick, shash blind manuf.
Charles Roberts, chair factory
J.C. Littlefield, wagons & carriages
Lewis Pierce, blacksmith
Michael Grouber, tinman
?.N. McSwany, blacksmith
William Las?. shingles maker
Charles Morton, wagon factory
Joseph Sherman?, chair factory
S. M. Wilcox, shingle maker
Edward Snydar, coopers factory
James Gomen?, rope factory
Elish Clark, cabinet factory
John Philips, chair factory
Horatio Coats, chair & cabinet factory
James W. Cobb, foundry
Martin Lophart, potery
Alfred Kennede, cooper factory
Jas A. Lyon, sash & doors
J.C. On-ae, wagons &c
Fop & Brothers, planing (mills)
H.H. Scovile & sons, machinery
Holbrook & Dickenson, planing mill
Green & Holdan, shingles maker
Chas. Russey, boilers makers
T. Ilsen & & Padly, coopers
Gage & Hanes, mill
Lemuel Brown, watchers
Conard Geif, furniture
J.F. Summer, barrels
N.P. Mosse, furnace & machine shop
Barny McCormick, cooper
Butler & Morton, shingles
Narday(?) & Bro, blacksmiths
Miles Altree, sash & door factory
Elisha Clark, furniture

South Chicago
Woodworth & Meber, flour &c
A. ??, stoves
E. H.. Hadduck, flour
J.M(?) Fuller & Co, liquors
Jas Kanny, beer
Michael Cougan, blacksmith
A. Dittewig, shoemaker
W.B. Sloan, pat mid
C. Beces, oil & candles
J.K Botsford, tin??
Thos Sherry, tin ?
T. Sherry, foundry
F.C. Shuman & Co, brick
W. Lock, clotheir
G?? Hayden, lancers?
Geo Brown, sheepskins
Mills & Co, cigars
H.H. Hasted, clotheir
can't read
Chas Pou?ing, vinegar making
J. M. Monagh, boots & shoes
Eddy & Butler, tin man
C.E (or O.). Riley, Mag....(?) artist (Daguerris)
Murius Nones (Norris?), book binders
John Finnty, hatter
Thos E. Tucker, cooper
Michael Mooney, blacksmith
Michael Obrien, blacksmith
Osborn & Cobb, boots & shoes
C.E. Peck, harness maker
Isaac Marks, clotheir
M. Butler, boots & shoes
A.O Brigs, confections
Wm. Goodheart, clotheir
Mrs. Blake, millinery
Mrs. E.A. Williams, millinery
A. Thornfron, ?
O.J. Rosen, booths & shoes
C.Whitlock (Whitbeck?), booths & shoes
W.H. Adams, booths & shoes
S.B. Collins, booths & shoes
N.P. Harris, clotheir
Baker & Moore, hats & caps
S.B. Cook, gunsmiths
J.R. Murray, upholstery
Duncon Horton, saddles
J.P. Knott, bootmaker
Mrs. Hathaway, milinery
Hourd & Edwards, silversmiths
M.L. Liopola, clotheir
Hugh Baringan, tailor
B.G. Johnson, saddler
Ward & King, harness &c
J. Sh--(?), silver &c
Mrs. M. Erant (?), millinery
Wm. Ellson, confection
A.S. Foot, silver
N.S. Barton, carriage maker
Gorvey (Gowey?) & Blip, blacksmiths
Shuwood & Whatley, tin--? (silversmiths)
J. Johnson, oil & candles
A. Loya, carpenter
Mel Clauhaus (?), chairs
Calvut & Barslow, hats & caps
F.G. Andrews, bakers
Blair & Stevenson, tin man
S.J. Sinclair, tin man
Chich & Pribble, harness
Chas Beck, caps
M Suffer, clothing
A. Getzler, caps &c
M. Wheeler
John Ruh, clothing
M. Gleucon, boots & shoes
P. Navley, clothing
D. Mekowsky, clothing
J. Brig, harness
Geo. Anderson, milliner
Louis Leopold, clotheir
Jas. Smith(?), hats & caps
N.H. Targor, boots & shoes
H. Chapman, cigars
F.V. Pitny, boots & shooes

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