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Bambold, John, lab, (Fox & Howard), bds. 20 Erie
Bammeler, Karl, machinist, r. rear 315 Sedgwick
Bammer, William, moulder, (Ford Mnfg. Co.)
Banbele, Mary, wid. William, r. 384 Chicago av.
Banben, Frank, wks (Walley & Horking)
Bancroft, James, shipping clk, (H. M. Sherwood), bds. 175 S. Jefferson
Bancroft, John, porter, (S. H. Thompson), bds. 666 Wabash av.
Bancroft, John, printer, r. 411 Webster av.
Bancroft, Sidney, lab, bds. 119 Sebor
Bancroft, S. D., grocer, 22d, se. cor. Indiana av., bds. Grand Central Hotel
Band, Henry, teamster, r. 42 Emma
Bandaw, Christ, lab, r. 15 Clarinda
Bandell, Frederick, mason, bds. 194 Van Buren
Bandelow, Gustave, machinist, (Grover & Baker S. M. Co.), r. 419 Loomis
Banderob, Herman, wks, (H. Will), bds. 77 Larrabee
Bandin, A., packer, (Field, Leiter & Co.), r. 604 W. Adams
Bandle, Frederick J., salesman, (Blackburn Bros.), r. 399 W. Lake
Bandle, Louis, fireman, bds. 399 W. Lake
Bandman, J., carpets, 572 State, r. 20 Harmon ct.
Bane, Elizabeth, wid. Peter, r. 38 Fry
Bane, Levi B., cashier, (Clement, Morton & Co.), bds. 742 W. Monroe
Bane, Oscar F., (Clement, Morton & Co.), r. 742 W. Monroe
Bane, Phillip, r. 81 Vincennes av.
Bane, Roger, plasterer, r. 115 Wentworth av.
Bane, William C., Jr., clerk, (Clement, Morton & Co.), bds. 742 W. Monroe
Banes, Alfred, painter, bds. 140 W. Washington
Banes, George, constable, r. 30 Erie
Baneson, Andrew, expressman, r. 505 Kinzie
Baneson, Gustoff, lab, r. 505 Kinzie
Baneusto, J., lab, (C. U. Lime Works)
Banfield, Charles, teamster, bds. 1262 Wabash av.
Bang, Anton, lab, r. 25 Kroger
Bang, Christopher, lab, r. 302 Larrabee
Bank, Emanuel, watchman, r. 497 S. Canal
Bangard, Nicholas, cooper, (Page & Sprague), r. 100 Larrabee
Bangkong, August, tinsmith, (Ernst Schlick)

Bangley, Alexander, clothier, r. 502 W. Taylor
Bangs Brothers, (I. W. and Dean Bangs), mnfrs. stoves, ranges and furnaces, 333 State
Bangs, Dean, (Bangs Brothers), r. 1260 Prairie av.
Bangs, Edward, tinsmith, (Bangs Brothers), r. 227 W. Tyler
Bangs, Edward W., (J. B. Hobbs & Co.), r. 122 S. Morgan
Bangs, Fred B., student,
Bangs, George H., gen. supt., (Pinkerton's Nat. Detective Agency), r. New York
Bangs, George S., gen. supt., (Ry. mail service), r. 347 South Park av.
Bangs, I. W., (Bangs Brothers), r. 75 24th
Bangs, J. D., bkkpr., (Bangs Brothers), r. 1260 Prairie av.
Bangston, ------, lab., (N. W. Mnfg. Co.)
Banhart, Anna M., wid. Johann, r. rear 552 N. Clark
Banholzer, John, harnessmkr, r. 311 N. Market
Banin, James, machinist, bds. 225 Rumsey
Baninghaus, Eugene, chemist, r. ws. Western av. bet. Flournoy and Polk
Bank, August, bartender, (Henry Ackhoff), bds. 91 Milwaukee av.
Bank, August, tailor, r. 110 Sampson
Bank, Henry, machinist, bds. 76 N. Union
Bank, John, lab, r. 159 Cornell
Bank, J., locksmith, (H. F. Fromhold), r. 443 N. Paulina
BANK OF CHICAGO, (George C. Smith, pres, C. Matthew Smith, vice pres., William H. Park, -----cashier), 107 W. Randolph
BANK OF MONTREAL, (Chicago Branch), W. Richardson, manager, 227 and 279
Bank, William, teamster, r. 102 Hinman
Banker, John W., bkkpr., (U. S. Life Ins. Co.), r. 1015 Wabash av.
Bankiger, Barnhart, barber, (Peter Baar), bds, 76 E. White
Banks, Adoniram H., r. 123 Western av.
Banks, A. Arthur, salesman, (Gage Bros. & Co.), r. 168 Park av.
Banks, A. E., trav. salesman, (Doggett, Bassett & H?lls)
Banks, A. O., salesman, (M. D. Wells & Co.), r. 387 South Park av.
Banks, Charles, actor, r. 111 14th
Banks, Charles, clk., (W. Rainburgh), r. 370 W. Van Buren
Banks, Charles, tallyman, (Hubbard & Ward), r. 293 Clayton
Banks, Edwin, apprentice, r. 128 S. Desplaines
Banks, Horace, teamster, (McCarty & Bro.), bds. 81 Illinois
Banks, James, roofer, bds. Farmers' Hotel
Banks, James, waiter, bds. 19 Depuyster
Banks, James M., r. Leavitt, nw. cor. Van Buren
Banks, John, lab, r. 192 William
Banks, J. N., physician, r. 874 Michigan av.
Banks, Michael, porter, bds. 41 W. Adams
Banks, Stephen, lab, r. 128 S. Desplaines
Banks, William, drayman, r. 41 W. Adams
Banks, William, watchman, (H. H. Shufeldt & Co.), r. 33 Will
Banks, William, physician, 262 S. Halsted
Banks, W. H., (Bradley & Banks), r. 441 W. Washington
Bankson, Harriet S., wid. Andrew, r. 733 W. Lake
Bann, Alexander, pork mer., r. 824 Prairie av.
Bann, Clement, clk, bds. 824 Prairie av.
Bannan, Phillip, cooper, bds. 128 Burnside
Bannard, George, grocer, r. 63 13th
Bannard, Henry C., with, (Franklin MacVeagh & Co.), r 63 13th
Bannell, Samuel, foreman, (Conklin Campbell), r. 1233 S. Halsted
Banner, Burt, carpenter, (Daniels & Spore), bds. 317 Illinois
Bannerman, Isabella, wid. Brosnan, r. rear 572 W. Taylor
Banneweg, Nicolaus, lab, r. 487 N. Clark
Banney, Michael, lab, r. 22 Kramer
Banning, Ephraim, notary public, r. 328 Wabash av.
Bannister, Henry, bkkpr., bds. 168 W. Adams
Bannister, ------, asst. weigh master, (Board of Trade), r. 169 W. Madison
Banush, Frank, tailor, (Charles Schweitzer), r. 145 12th
Bansbach, Lawrence, baker, r. 78 Sampson
Banser, Henry, pressman, (
Staats Zeitung Printing Co.), r. 85 Canalport av.
Banson, George, lab, r. 179 4th av.
Banta, James H., engineer, (I. C. R. R.), bds. 552 Michigan av.
Banta, J. engineer, r. 569 Burnside
Banta, Levi S., dry goods, 1298 State
Bantell, Herman, lab, (Barton & Jones), r. 30 Barber
Bantes, M., lab, (I. C. R. R. car shops)
Banthuer, Charles, lab, r. 112 Cornell
Bantry, William, plumber, (L. A. Beebe & Co.), bds. 19 Hammond
Banville, Thomas, lab, bds. 333 Clark
Banwick, Michael, collarmkr, r. 16 Goethe
Banyon, Augustus H., justice of the peace, room 2, 371 State
Banyon, Horace, japanner, (Dane, Westlake & Covert), r. 19 Blue Island av.
Banyon, Wilbur, ------, (------R. Chester---) ?
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Marquett Jacob, mechanic, P.M. Livingston, r. 180 Taylor
Marquette J.A. salesman, Warner, marston & Felix, r. 285 Michigan av.
Marquis Charles, plasterer, r. 7 Emma
Marquis Lucy, tailoress, bds. 70 N. Green
Marr George H. (Lawton Bros & marr), r. 203 W. Washington
Marr John, bkkpr. r. 176 N. Curtis
Marr John, lab. bds. 72 W. 12th
Marr Maria, wid. Michael, r. 41 Archer av.
Marr Mary, wid. Thomas, boarding house, 21 Blue Island av.
Marr John, bkkpr. John Phillips
Marr William, printer, rEpublic Life Ins. Co.
Marres John, r. 260 Arnold
Marrett Louis, painter, Garden City Mnfg. & Supply Co. bds. 77 W. Madison
Marrick O.S. tobacco, bds. 201 25 h
Marrill Comford, teamster, bds. 342 Noble
Marrion Patrick, moulder, bds. es. Quinn, bet. Archer av. and Wrong
Marriott Henry, collarmkr. r. 6 Henry
Marriott Henry, shoemkr. French & Emery, r. 294 N. LaSalle
Marriott W. A. showcasemkr. Northwestern Show Case Mnfg. Co. r. 61 S. Canal
Marris, Daniel D. lab. bds. 266 S. Clinton
Marris Rowland D. carpenter, bds. 266 S. Clinton
Marrnky John, lab. r. 25th, nr. se. cor, Murray
Marronay Patrick, car repairer, r. 81 Stewart av.
Marrsam Peter, grocer, 786 Archer av.
Mars Andrew, teamster, r. 43 Fay
Mars Charles, lab. r. 148 Sedgwick
Mars Rudolph, carpenter, r. 13 Weed
Mars R.W. engineer, C. & N. W. Elevator, r. 174 N. May
Marsch D. S. salesman, T.B. Weber & Co. r. 52 24th
Marsch Peter, foreman, bds. Eagle House
Marschack Joseph, lab. r. ns. Walsh, bet. Brown and Morgan
Marschalick John, lumber measurer, r. 177 Brown
Marschaus, Christopher, carpenter, r. 37 Block
Marscheck James, lab. r. 217 Kossuth
Marse Henry, butcher, bds. 1347 Prairie av.
Marsen M. beltmkr. T. Munson & co. r. 184 N. Jefferson
Marsey David, lab. r. rear 404 Wentworth av.
Marsey W. lab. Kimball & Sheridan
Marsfelde A. druggist, 475 W. Chicago av. r. 133 Rumsey
Marsh Anna Miss, prin. Ellis Park School, r. 101 Wahpanseh av.
Marsh A r. 107 South Park av.
Marsh Bros. (James H. and Charles V.), merchandise brokers, 256 Michigan av.
Marsh Charles, machinist, Eagle Works Mnfg. Co.
Marsh Charles D. grocer, r. Indiana av. ne. cor. 29th
Marsh Charles F. clk. Baird & Bradley, bds. 148 4th av.
Marsh Charles H. clk. North Bennington Boot & Shoe Co. r. 127 Lake av.
Marsh Charles V. (Marsh Bros.), r. 1203 Indiana av.
Marsh c. student, Bryand & Stratton Business College
Marsh Daniel, clk. J. E. O'Sullivan & co. bds. 360 Centre av.
Marsh David H. painter, r. 100 S. Sangamon
Marsh D.S. boots and shoes, r. 52 24th
Marsh Emeline Miss. teacher, Kinzie School, bds. 18 Throop
Marsh Eugene T. harnessmkr. G. Loas, r. 720 W. Lake


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