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[IMPORTANT: As with any transcription, please make sure to verify all information yourself from the original source.
E's and C's looked alike on my copy. All info typed "AS IS" - some typos were theirs, and I'm sure some are ours.

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Business Directory


Dryer, William, carpenter, bds. 150 W. 12th
Dryfo, August, clk., r. 256 W. Adams
Dryfoos, Al, clk., bds. 545 S. Halsted
Drynan, Margaret, wid. William, r. 41 Joseph
Drysdale, Andrew, (Prickett & Drysdale), r. Englewood
Drysdale, George, carpenter, r. 42 Mary
Drysdale, Thomas, lab, bds. 63 N. Green
Drzymala, Antoin, shoemkr., r. ns. W. 22d, bet. Paulina and Wood
Duan, Anthonie Miss, r. 83 Weed
Duane, Alice, wid, William, r. 356 22d
Dubach, Andrew, carpenter, r. 445 Wentworth av.
Dubach, Frank, machinist, r. 445 Wentworth av.
Dubach, Frank, tailor, 8 Shurtleff av.
Dubach, John G., carpenter, r. 27 Kinzie
Dubach, Nicholas, foreman, (Engine No. 8), r 199 Arnold
Dubb, Peter, lab, r. 27 Sheridan pl.
Dubb, Peter jr., painter, r. 27 Sheridan pl.
Dubcku, Frank, lab, bds. 97 Bunker
Dubcku, Joseph, lab, r. 97 Bunker
Dube, Carl, cigarmkr., bds. 189 W. Randolph
Dubeck, Frederick, show case mkr., r. 272 31st.
Dubel, Michael, lab, r. 32d. nr. Centre av.
Dubenau, John, switchman, bds. 147 N. Desplaines
Dubetz, R., grocer, 411 State
Dubetz, Samuel, r. 411 State
Dubia, Henry R., clk., r. 345 S. Morgan
Dubie, Theophilous, machinist, r. 861 Clark
Dubino, David, confectionery, 123 LaSalle, r. 235 Van Buren
Dubois, Anson, cooper, r. 160 N. Peoria
Dubois, Charles, r. room 6, 47 Clark
Dubois, Charles L., sign painter, r. 513 State
DuBois, F. F. clk., bds. 14 Bishop ct.
Dubois, Joseph B., broom mkr., r 158 W. 18th
Dubois, Lincoln, ins. agt., bds. 20 Congress
DuBois, Robert K., teamster, bds. 107 Ellis av.
Dubois, Smith, car builder, bds. 348 Blue Island av.
Dubois, Thomas, machinist, bds. 348 Blue Island av.
Dubrance, Charles, carriage smith, (California Carriage Mnfg., Co.)
DuBrul, Cyriac, pattern mkr., r. 138 W. Indiana
Dubrul, Joachim, ship carpenter, bds. 266 Milwaukee av.
Dubuis, Oscar, draughtsman, (West Chicago Parks)
Dubuque, Julius, shoemkr., r. 198 Blue Island av.
Ducall, James, lab, r. 546 Centre av.
Ducanson, Alexander, r. 160 1/2 Warren av.
DUCAT, ARTHUR C., ins. agt. 155 LaSalle, r. Evanston
Duchac, Alexander, teacher dancing, r. 163 W. Harrison
Ducharm, Henry, carpenter, r. rear 123 Maxwell
Ducharme, Alonzo, carpenter, bds, 167 Adams
Ducharme, Charles, carpenter, bds. 167 Adams
DuCia, Monroe, porter, bds. 21 Cook
Ducit, James, carpenter, r. 268 Forquer
Duck, Frank R., (Ritchie & Duck), r. Norwood Park
Duck, John, cabinetmkr., r. 17 W. Superior
Duck, Louis, grocer, 674 W. Lake, r. 744 W. Lake
Duck, Michael, lab, r. 54 Hickory
Duckendorf, John, gardener, r. 312 Church
Ducker, George E., clk, r. 120 Honore
Duckett, William, r. 24 Carl
Duckham, Richard, carpenter, r. 835 W. Adams
Ducks, John, lab, r. 114 Wesson
Duckwitz, Ernst, carriage mkr., r. 292 Wentworth av.
Duclas, Michael, glazier, W. Stevens
Duclos, John, carpenter, (Goss & Phillips Mnfg. Co.)
Duczek, August, lab, r. N Sangamon, bet. Chicago av. and Front
Duda, John, lab, bds. Blue Island av. nr. Ashland av.
Dudachek, Thomas, r. 61 W. 15th
Duddles, Anthony, gardener, r. 818 Clybourn av.
Duddles, Michael, lab, r. 786 Clybourn av.
Duden, Simon, lab, r. rear 48 English
Dudenbostel, Heinrich, saddler, bds. 351 3d av.
Dudenbostel, William, (Dudenbostel & VanWerveke), r. Archer av. nw. cor. Clark
Dudenbostel & VanWerveke, (William Dudenbostel and Henry VanWerveke), boots and shoes, 893 State
Duddleston, George, butcher, r. 746 State
Dudley, Benjamin F., packer, 253 S. Halsted
Dudley, Charles A., pipeman, (Engine No. 13), r. 19 Dearborn
Dudley, Edward, clk., bds. 612 State


Dudley, E. M., messenger, (Am. Ex. Co.), bds. Wood's Hotel
Dudley, E. O., messenger, (Am. Ex. Co.)
Dudley, Henry W. (Sibley, Endicott & Co.), r. 1121 Indiana av.
Dudley, James B., clothing, 225 W. Washington
Dudley, John, lab, r. 221 Hawthorn av.
Dudley, Joseph E., carpenter, r. 252 Division
Dudley, O. L., clk., r. 423 Catherine
Dudley, Robert, bookbinder, r. 538 W. Indiana
Dudman, George S., iron railings, 199 W. 14th
Dudpurs, Joseph, shoemkr., bds. 223 W. Polk
Dudscheck, Mathias, carpenter, r. 336 Noble
Dudy, John, lab, r. rear 47 English
Due, Joseph, cooper, r. al. bet. Desplaines and Union Hubbard and Indiana
Due, Wilhelm, baker, r. 97 Cornell
Duecke, Thomas, lab, r. 119 W. 15th
Dueholm, Nils, farmer, r. 24 Hunt
Duel, Walter, bkpr., bds. 245 Indiana
Duell, Charles E., blksmith, 144 Clybourn pl.
Duensing, Edwin, salesman, r. 354 W. Chicago av.
Duensing, Frederick, saloon, 716 W. Madison
Duentzer, John, lab, r. 137 Lincoln av.
Duer, George, lab, bds. 219 Southport av.
Duer, Peter Charles, upholster, bds. 151 18th
Dueringer, Phillip, shuttermkr. r. 68 German
Dues, John, gardener, r. 14 Temple
Duesberg, B., agt., (V. Blatz, Milwaukee) 133 Milwaukee av., r. 1st, nr. Wood
Duesing, John, mason, r. rear 201 W. Superior
Duest, Abraham, lab, bds. 112 W. Lake
Duest, John, teamster, bds. 112 W. Lake
Dueusko, Charles, cabinetmkr., bds. 109 Cornell
Duey, William, millwright, bds. 359 S. Canal
Dufack, Frank F., butcher, r. 86 McGregor
Dufcan, Louis Z., marble cutter, r. 340 S. Morgan
Duff, Alexander, blksmith, r. 32 Alexander
Duff, Alexander, stonecutter, bds. 113 Forquer
Duff, Andrew, lab, r. 122 S. Desplaines
Duff, Baldwin, physician, r. 97 Blue Island av.
Duff, George, engineer, r. 287 Franklin
Duff, James, fireman, r. 36 Chicago av.
Duff, James S., insp. (Custom House), r. 315 N. Paulina
Duff, James T., gas and steam fitter, r. 376 W. Monroe
Duff, John T., clk., r. 172 N. Jefferson
Duff, Joshua B., (Cox & Duff), r. 97 Blue Island av.
Duff, Locket, butcher, r. 203 Bushnell
Duff, L. C., salesman, r. 506 Wabash av.
Duff, Michael, lab, r. rear 120 Foster
Duff, Thomas, carpenter, bds, 259 Division
Duff, William, carpenter, bds. 1762 S. Halsted
Duffell, Elizabeth H. Miss, dressmkr., r. ns. Wrightwood av. nr. Sheffield av.
Duffett, William, (Barrett & Duffett), r. 1658 Indiana av.
Duffey, Bernard, bartender, r. 129 N. Market
Duffey, Bernard, lab, r. 196 Forquer
Duffey, Daniel, bricklayer, bds. 541 State
Duffey, Eugene, grocer, Hurlbut, nw. cor. Menominee
Duffey, Eugene J., plumber, bds. Hurlbut, nw. cor. Menominee
Duffey, George F., gasfitter, bds. Hurlbut, nw. cor. Menominee
Duffey, James, sailor, r. 538 W. Ohio
Duffey, James, watchman, bds. 873 State
Duffey, John, baker, bds. 261 S. May
Duffey, John, lab, r. 618 Centre av.
Duffey, John T., pressman, bds. 422 W. Madison
Duffey, Louis, currier, r. 133 Rumsey
Duffey, Patrick, baker, bds. 261 S. May
Duffey, Patrick, helper, r. 24 Redfield
Duffey, Patrick, lab,r. 200 Henry
Duffey, Patrick, lab, bds. 541 State
Duffey, P. T., milkman, r. 208 Huron
Duffey, Thomas, expressman, r. 384 W. 12th
Duffield, Charles, pres., (Duffield Ham & Provision Co.), 45 to 53 W. 18th, r. 52 South Park av.
Duffield, Charles jr., clk., r. 52 South Park av.
Duffield, Edwin R., contractor and builder, r. 128 29th
DUFFIELD HAM & PROVISION CO., (Charles Duffield, pres., Charles P. Dexter, sec.),
-----45 to 53 W. 18th
Duffield, William, clk., bds. 193 W. Washington
Duffield, William H., clk., bds, Mattoson House
Duffin, Daniel, carpenter, bds. 601 S. Jefferson
Duffin, Hugh, carpenter, bds. 601 S. Jefferson


Duffin, James, machinist, ------
Duffin, John, lab, r. 69 H------
Duffin, William, confecti------
Duffra, Bennett, painter, ------
Duffy, Annie M., teacher, ------
Duffy, Bernard, restaura------
Dubby, Bernard, boilermk------
Duffy, Charles, teamster, ------
Duffy, Charles M., firema------
Duffy, Ellen, wid. Consta------
Duffy, Henry, painter, r. ------
Duffy, Hugh, plasterer, ------ and Clybourn avs.
Duffy, James, bricklayer, ------
Duffy, James, clk., bds. 7------
Duffy, James, collarmkr., ------
Duffy, James, engineer, r. ------
Duffy, James, lab, r. 106 ------
Duffy, James, lab, r. 207 ------
Duffy, James, lab, r. 223 W------
Duffy, James, lab, r. ws.------bourn avs.
Duffy, James, milkman, ------
Duffy, James, milk peddl------
Duffy, James, overseer, r. ------
Duffy, James C., painter, ------
DUFFY, JAMES F., ------ton, r. 50 N. Halsted
Duffy, James H., switchm------
Duffy, John, blksmith, r. ------
Duffy, John, lab, r. 23 R------
Duffy, John, lab, r. 201 E------
Duffy, John, sewer builder------
Duffy, John, r. 250 4th av.
Duffy, John H., milk dlr. ------
Duffy, J. H. lab, r. 101 N. ------
Duffy, Lawrence, bkpr., r. ------
Duffy, Lawrence, painter, ------
Duffy, Margaret, wid. Jo------
Duffy, Martin, lab, r. 88 N------
Duffy, Martin, stevedore, ------
Duffy, Mary, wid. Georg------ and Clybourn avs.
Duffy, Mary, wid. Thoma------
Duffy, Mary S. Mrs., r. 188------
Duffy, Michael, engineer, ------
Duffy, Michael, expressman------
Duffy, Michael, machinist, ------
Duffy, Michael, moulder, ------
Duffy, Michael, plasterer, ------
Duffy, Michael, switchman------
Duffy, Michael C., fireman, ------
Duffy, Nicholas, brewer, r. ------
Duffy, Owen, lab, bds. 320 ------
Duffy, Patrick, lab, r. rea------
Duffy, Patrick J., saloon, ------
Duffy, Peter, helper, r. 864 ------
Duffy, Peter, lab, r. 5 Gear------
Duffy, Peter, lab, r. al. bet------Rush and Pine
Duffy, Terence, mason, r. ------
Duffy, Thomas, blksmith, ------
Duffy, Thomas, lab, r. 78 ------
Duffy, Thomas, switchman, ------
Duffy, Thomas, teamster, ------
Duffy, Thomas, bds.16 S. ------
Duffy, Thomas J., weather ------604 W. Adams
Duffy, William, bricklayer, ------
Duffyn, John, lab, bds. 243 ------
Duflay, Frank, lab, r 28 B------
Dufoe, Hiram, lab, r. 616 C------
DuForest, George A., bagga------
DuFour, Agnes Miss, teach------
Dufour Bros. & Rowe, (Hil------E. B. Rowe), sash, doo------English
Dufour, Hillary, (Dufour B------
Dufour, Peter C., (Dufour B------
Dufresne, Jerry, machinist, ------
Dufresne, T. O., draughtsm------
Dugan Bros., (T. M. and ------Milwaukee av.
DUGAN, CASE & SP------J. S. Case and H. D. Sp------ber of Commerce
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Lobach, Gerhardt, lab, r. 80 String
Lobach, John, lab, r. 80 String
Loban, Charles J., showcase mkr., r. 209 N. Wells
Lobbeke, William, policeman, r. 242 Orchard
Lobe, S., clk, r. 33 Newberry av.
Lobeller, Louis, notions, r. 1110 W. VanBuren
Lobenhover, John, cooper, r. 34 McGlashon
Lober, Henry, porter, r. 405 Clark
Lober, Thomas, waiter, r. Lake, se, cor. Ann
Loberg, Nicholas, brickmkr, Elston av. nw. cor. Bloomingdale av
Loberg, N. P., contractor and builder, room 69, LaSalle, nw. cor. Randolph, r. Montrose
LoBlonquist, John S., tailor, r. 51 Superior
Lobnow, Richard, sailor, r. 34 Emma
Lobs, August, lab, r. rear 17 W. 19th
Lobsky, Joseph, lab, r. 99 Wade
Lobstein, John, carpenter, r. 404 S. Morgan
Lobstein, John G., carpenter, r. 387 W. 14th
Loby, Margaret, wid. Edward, r. 26 Hope
Lochan, Lena Mrs., millinery and dressmkr., 281 North av.
Lochan, Victor, notary public, r. 281 North av.
Lochbihler, Ernst, tinner, r. 93 W. 13th
Lochbihler, Frederick, clk, r. 156 W. Randolph
Lochbihler, Louis, (Adams & Lochbihler), r. 110 W. VanBuren
Lochbihler, Ulrick, r. 93 W. 13th
Locher, John B., saloon, 332 22d
Lochermire, Jacob, shoemkr, bds. 638 Archer av.
Lochman, Ferdinand, letter carrier, r. 172 Orchard
Lochmann, Christina, wid. Christian, r. 172 Orchard
Lochner, Charles, inst. mkr., r. 144 Clybourn av.
Lochner, Frederick, baker, r. 486 N. Franklin
Lochner, John L., confectionery, 460 Milwaukee av.
Lochotz, John, lab, r. 29 Burlington
Lochont, John, blksmith, bds. 107 DeKoven
Lochow, William, carpenter, r. 555 Warren av.
Lochry, Robert, driver, bds 383 Park av.
Lock, Samuel A., grocer, 1491½ State, r. 1171 Wabash av.
Lock, William W., salesman, bds. 841 W. Madison
Lock, William, lab, bds. 112 Hinman
Locke, August, machinist, r. 46 Kroger
Locke, Amos G., (Skinner & Locke), r. 823 W. Madison
Locke, B. B. W., salesman, (Henry W. King & Co.)
Locke, Charles S., (Locke & Co.), r. 783 W. Lake
Locke, Christopher, shoemkr, r. 194 Cottage Grove av.
Locke, Clinton Rev., rector, (Grace Episcopal Church), r. 1072 Prairie av.
Locke, Edward P., conductor, r. 697 Hubbard
Locke, Edwin B., (Locke & Co.), r. 548 Centre av.
Locke, Frank W., expressman, r. 348 S. Halsted
Locke, H. M. Mrs., r. 836 Michigan av.
Locke, Mary E. Miss, bkpr., (T. H. Thompson & Co.), bds, 618 W. Monroe
Locke, R. C. M., foreman, (Knowles, Cloves & Co.), r. 1258 State
Locke, S. E., supt, (Crane Bros. Mnfg. Co.), r. 48 Park av.
Locke, Stacy H., (Locke & Co.), r. 783 W. Lake
Locke, William, lab, bds. 142 Hinman
Locke & Co., (Stacy H., Edwin B. and Charles S. Locke), bolt mnfrs, 31 N. Jefferson
Locker, John, milk depot, 107 Augusta
Lockermacher, August, lab, r. 214 W. Division
Lockermacher, Fritz, r. 244 W. Division
Lockett, Oswald, (Orr & Lockett), bds. 239 S. Sangamon
Lockey, Hannah Mrs., boarding house, 401 3d av.
Lockhart, C. F., (Belding Bros. & Co.), r. N. Y.
Lockhart, William, miller, r. 799 Clybourn av.
Lockhart, William, clk, r. 799 Clybourn av.
Locklin, Patrick, lab, r. 668 S. May
Lockman, August, painter, r. rear 122 Peoria
Lockman, Jacob F., moulder, r. 744 W. Monroe
Lockmann, Farwell, peddler, r. 430 North av.
Lockstritiz, August, harnessmkr, r. 162 W. 14th
Lockwood, Charles, clk, bds. 1252 Wabash av.
Lockwood, Charles, teamster, bds. Superior, nr. Lake
Lockwood, Charles A., printer, r. 121 S. Green
Lockwood, Edward, machinist, bds. 1358 State
Lockwood, Elias R., agt, bds 150 W. 12th
Lockwood, Eliza, wid. James, r. 564 Archer av.
Lockwood, Henry, fireman, (C. & N. W. Ry.)
Lockwood, H. B., agt, (Carter, Hawley & Co., New York), 41 Wabash av., room 36, 81 Clark
Lockwood, John H., mason, r. 69 Walnut
Lockwood, John J., brick agt, 10 and 12 W. Randolph, r. 776 Carroll av.
Lockwood, John J., clk, r. 776 Carroll av.
Lockwood, Joseph, (Lockwood & Bacon), r. 400 Michigan av.
Lockwood, Sarah Mrs., shirtmkr, 479 W. Madison
Lockwood, Samuel T., dry goods commission, 177 Randolph, r. Glencoe
Lockwood & Bacon, (Joseph A. Lockwood and Roswell B. Bacon), lawyers, 94 Washington
Locy, David W., clk, room 13, 167 Madison, r. 478 W. Harrison
Loda, Henry, brushmkr, r. rear 4 Samuel
Lodding, Frederick, r. 704 S. Halsted
Loder, George, brushmkr, r. 850 W. Harrison
Loder, Jacob, sailor, r. 77 Front
Loderbauer, George, shoemkr, r. 20 Burling
Loderhoze, Jacob, porter, (Hayden & Kay)
Lodering, August, salesman, (L. & R. Berlizheimer)
Lodge, Barton, lab, r. 20 Logan
Lodge, Bridget, wid. Joseph, r. 73 Waller
Lodge, Christopher, moulder, bds. 189 W. Lake
Lodge, Thomas, lab, r. 87 Garibaldi
Loding, Charles S., sec, (West Chicago Park Commissioners), r. 185 Park av.
Lodtz, Friederich, tailor, bds. rear Mohawk, se. cor. Menominee
Lody, Michael, saloon, Elston av. bet. Division and Wade
Loe, Frank, porter, r. 212 Larrabee
Loe, Henry, lab, r. 135 Augusta
Loeb, Adolph A., (Loeb & Bro. and Loeb & Co.), ?r. 401 W. Randolph
Loeb, A., (Rosenthal & Loeb), r. 289 W. 12th
Loeb, A. & Bro., (Adolph and William), real estate, 133 LaSalle
Loeb, Bernhard, peddler, r. rear 73 Wright
Loeb, Charles, peddler, r. 551 W. Chicago av.
Loeb, Gustave, (Daly, Loeb & Co.)
Loeb, Henry, lab, bds. 148 N. Sangamon
Loeb, Jacob, (Loeb & Adler), r. 37 Clark
Loeb, Joseph, peddler, r. rear 213 W. Lake
Loeb, Joseph, salesman, r. 455 Fulton
Loeb, Michael, saloon, 517 Larrabee
Loeb, Moses, r. 455 Fulton
Loeb, Nathan, clk, bds. 87 23d
Loeb, Solomon, salesman, r. 33 Newberry av.
Loeb, William, (A. Loeb & Bro.), r. 514 N. Dearborn
Loeb & Adler, (Jacob Loeb and Morris Adler), meat market, 379 Clark
Loeb & Co., (Adolph Loeb and ------), boots and shoes, 106 Archer av.
Loebe, Elias, dry goods, 1392 State
Loeber, Christian A. Rev., pastor, (VanBuren German M. E. Church), r. 1367 State
Loeber, John, peddler, r. 9 Rees
Loebnitz, Robert, (Bauer & Loebnitz), r. 128 N. Clark
Loebr, August, confectioner, 368 Clark
Loeche, George, lab, r. 20 Burling
Loeffel, Adam, (M. Koefer & Loeffel), r. 188 W. Superior
Loeffel, Felix, blksmith, r. 235 Townsend
Loeffel, S., restaurant,153 Randolph
Loeflier, Conrad, teamster, r. Gano, se. cor. Calumet av.
Loeher, George I., clk, bds 753 S. Halsted
Loehland, Daniel, lab, bds. 127 N. Union
Loehner, Jacob, lab, r. 295 Wentworth av.
Loehr, Felix, r. 187 N. Clark
Lochr, John P., r. 445 Centre av.
Loehr, Justus, job printer, 50 W. Lake
Loehr, Philip C., painter, r. 445 Centre av.
Loeller, Jacob, lab, bds. 229 Cottage Grove av.
Loennecker, Gustav A., bookseller and stationery, 98 Market, r. 325 Sedgwick
Loennecker, J. A., cigars and tobacco, 98 Market, r. 325 Sedgwick
Loenson, Peter, lab, r. 259 W. Erie
Loenthal, Louis, jeweler, r. 119½ 3d av.
Loepple, Conrad, porter, bds. 17 Rush
Loes, Michael, street scavenger, r. rear 88 Archer av.
Loesch, George, musical director, bds. Everett House
Loescher, Herman, foreman, bds. 587 Elston av.
Loescher, Julius, (Loescher & Caspari), r. 587 Elston av.
Loescher & Caspari, (Julius Loescher and Frederick Caspari), tannery, ns. Armitage av. bet. Elston av.
-----and Mendel
Loeser, Joseph, bookbinder, r. 65 Chicago av.
Loeser, Louis, mason, r. 293 Mohawk
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Martin, Paul, grocer, 566 W. 12th
Martin, Paul, lab, bds. 171 W. Harrison
Martin, Peter, grocer, 213 Ogden av.
Martin, Peter, lab, r. 487 W. Indiana
Martin, Peter, salesman, r. rear 3?8 W. Carpenter
Martin, Phileius S., clk, (Hugh Martin)
Martin, Philip, painter, bds. 311 S. Canal
Martin, Prudent, coo, 167 Adams
Martin, P., porter, (William A. Butters & Co.)
Martin, Richard, currier, r. 269 N. Market
Martin, Richard, bds, r. 146 N. Halsted
Martin, Richard A., clk, r. ?5 William

Martin, Richard S., driver, r. 674 W. Lake
Martin, Robert, iron bedsteads, 435 Sedgwick
Martin, Robert, lab, r. cor. English and Fisk
Martin, Robert S., salesman, r. 458 Hurlbut
Martin, Robert T., auctioneer, r. 7 18th
Martin, Robert W., tel. opr., bds. Maulton House
Martin, Samuel, druggist, Ogden av. nw. cor. Harrison, r. 80 Honore
Martin, Samuel, horse shoer, rear 35 W. Adams, r. 357 Centre av.
Martin, Samuel B., showcase mnfr., 57 State, r. 13 N. Green
Martin, Samuel K., lumber, 438 Lumber, r. 1003 Michigan av.
Martin, Sarah E., wid. E. B., r. 501 Carroll av.
Martin, Seam, safemkr., bds. 309 Kinzie
Martin, Stephen, stone cutter, bds. 230 W. Polk
Martin, Stephen E. W., (Case & Martin), 674 W. Lake
Martin, S. E., (Bishop & Martin), r. 80 Honore
Martin, S. L., (Gray, Buckman & Co.)
Martin, Theodore, carpenter, r. 121 Sigel
Martin, Thomas, bricklayer, r. 76 Sholte
Martin, Thomas, fireman, (C. & N. W. Ry.)
Martin, Thomas, grocer, r. 73 Hurlbut
Martin, Thomas, lab, r. 16 O'Brien
Martin, Thomas, machinist, bds, 170 N. Halsted
Martin, Thomas, meat market, 71 14th, r. 74 14th
Martin, Thomas, plasterer, bds. 5 Price pl.
Martin, Thomas, plasterer, r. 359 N. Market
Martin, Thomas, saloon and boarding house, 1626 S. Halsted
Martin, Thomas H., printer, r. 32 S. Clinton
Martin, Thomas J., salesman, r. 7 18th
Martin, Thomas W., lab, r. 202 W. Adams
Martin, T. G., bookbinder, bds. 130 Indiana
Martin, T. Jefferson, hatter, bds. 7 18th
Martin, Vincent F., com. mer., r. 38 Whiting
Martin, Walter, bkpr., (Wheaton & Henderson), r. 280 S. Water
Martin, Walter, painter, r. 32 Plum
Martin, William, (Tanner & Martin), r. 826 Cottage Grove av.
Martin, William, bricklayer, bds. 114 S. Halsted
Martin, William, engineer, r. 594 Archer av.
Martin, William, finisher, bds. 71 W. Monroe
Martin, William, grocer, 776 W. VanBuren
Martin, William, ice peddler, r. 313 Stewart av.
Martin, William, lab, r. 51 White
Martin, William, lab, bds. 217 S. Desplaines
Martin, William, lab, bds. 336 22nd
Martin, William, lab, bds, 717 S. May
Martin, William,
physician, 422 W. 12th
Martin, William, plumber, r. 20 Hubbard
Martin, William, porter, r. 386 Wabash
Martin, William, shoemkr., bds. 467 W. Erie
Martin, William, r. 197 Main
Martin, William, bds. 754 S. Jefferson
Martin, William A., (W. A. & D. N. Martin), r. 739 W. Washington
MARTIN, WILLIAM I., night editor, (Chicago Times), rooms 253 W. Madison
Martin, William J., dentist, r. 181 W. Madison
Martin, William J., stove cutter, r. 197 S. Clark
Martin, William K., bkpr, (Snyder & Miller), r. 161 Park av.

Martin, William L., clk, (Handy, Simmons & Co.), r. Waukegan
Martin, W. A. & D. N., (William A. and D. Nelson), hardware, 866 W. Lake
Martin, Zinni S., r. 647 Madison
Martin & Leonard, (Neal K. Martin and Charles W. Leonard), painters, 125 W. Madison
Martindale, A. S., agt, bds. Maulton House
Martindale, Henry H., blksmith, 443 W. Lake, r. 462 W. Randolph
Martine, George W., butcher, r. 200 13th pl.
Martine, Johanna, wid. Thomas, r. rear 9 Towne's ct.
Martine, J. Edwin, dancing academy, 53 and 55 S. Ada
Martine, m., helper, (I. C. car shops)
Martine, Theodore, cabinetmkr., r. 121 Sigel
Martineck, J., helper, (I. C. car shops)
Martinez, Henry, clk, bds, 341 W. Washington
Martini, Charles, cigars and tobacco, 570 S. Jefferson
Martini, Fedali, teaming, r. 202 Henry
Martini, Gustave, bartender, bds. 24 Meridian
Martini, Hans, sailor, bds. 195 N. Desplaines
Martini, Joseph, carpenter, r. 1-5 Maxwell
Martinison, Gunder, clk, bds. 124 W. Indiana
Martinka, Peter, helper, r. 134 Fisk
Martins, August, lab, r. 234 Cleaver
Martins, Charles, clk, r. 38 Whiting
Martins, Frederick, lab, r. 573 n. Halsted
Martins, John, lab, r. 91 Bissell
Martins, John, painter, r. 88 W. Erie
Martins, Louise, teacher, bds. 163 S. Morgan
Martins, R. N., boots and shoes, 202 Cottage Grove av.
Martins, Theodore, com. mer., 81 W. Kinzie, r. 35 Whiting
Martins, Walter, plasterer, bds. 5 Price pl.
Martinsen, Jens, lab, bds. 71 W. Kinzie
Martinsen, Martin, carpenter, bds. 137 N. Halsted
Martinson, John, carpenter, r. 157 Larrabee
Martinson, John, printer, r. 33 Wendell
Martinson, Marion?, lab. r. rear 90 Fry
Martinson, Martin, lab, bds. 165 N. Morgan
Martis, Christian, sailor, bds. 167 W. Erie
Martis, Peter, sailor, bds. 167 W. Erie
Martis, Sebastian, car repairer, r. 172 W. 14th
Martison, Alf, carpenter, r. 27 Cornelia
Martsen, Catharine Miss, bds. 24 W. Erie
Martten, Gustav, bartender, r. 3338 South Park av.
Martus, Gedius, lab, r. 17 Kramer
Martuz, Augustus, lab, r. 234 Augusta
Marty, Frederick, cigarmkr, 165 11th
Marty, John, cigar mnfr, 692 State
Martyn, Edward J., bkpr, (Hugh McLennan & Co.), r. 439 N. Dearborn
Marvede, Wilhelm, bricklayer, r. 11 Crittenden
Marvin, Charles, lab, bds. 22d, nr. Throop
Marvin, Frederick, nailmkr, bds. 204 S. Sangamon
Marvin, James, lab, bds. 699 Centre av.
Marvin, James, painter, bds. 248 S. Desplaines
Marvin, John, bridge tender, r. 141 Townsend
Marvin, John, nailmkr, r. 165 W. VanBuren
Marvin, John, lab, r. 645 S. May
Marvin, Peter, lab, bds. 780 Centre av.
Marvin, Squire, clk, r. 354 W. Harrison
Marvin, Thomas, lab, bds, 34 O'Brien
Marvin, Samuel A., clk, r. 423 Butterfield
Marvin, Simon, carpenter, r. 535 W. 15th
Marwedel, Freiderich, cabinetmkr, r. 104 Schider
Marwedel, Henry, draughtsman, r. 241 Huron
Marwehs, Henry, cabinetmkr, r. 246 Noble
Marwert, Charles, lab, bds. 39 Bissell
Marwitz, Joseph, lab, r. 134 Noble
Marx, Agnes, wid. Nicholas, r. 7 Cedar
Marx, August, clk, (M. Marx)
Marx, Charles, bootmkr, r. 259½ Hurlbut
Marx, David, (Henry Oppenheimer & Co.), r. 152 State
Marx, Emanuel, (Waite & Marx), r. 156 3d av.
Marx, Emanuel, peddler, r. 132 Forquer
Marx, Ferdinand, physician, Willow, se cor. Dayton
Marx, Frederick, blksmith, r. 19 Weed
Marx, Frederick, expressman, r. 417 Dearborn
Marx, Fritz, house mover, r. 169 Portland av.
Marx, Henry, provisions, r. 108 N. Lincoln
Marx, John, butcher, r. 852 Milwaukee av.
Marx, John, expressman, r. 791 Milwaukee av.
Marx, John, wagonmkr, r. rear 149 North av.
Marx, Jonas, peddler, r. 791 Milwaukee av.
Marx, Louis, foreman, bds. 156 3d av.
Marx, Matthew, notary public, 74 N. Clark, r. 305 W. Clybourn pl.
Marx, Peter, lab, r. 167 W. 14th
Marx, Peter J., clothing, bds. 410 North av.
Marx, Stewart, insurance, r. 479 Hurlbut
Marxen, Louis, bkpr, bds. 410 N. Ashland av.
Masal, Lewis, lab, r. 539 Throop
Masall, John, lab, r. 581 W. 19th
Maschek, James, lab, r. 12 Blair
Masschek, Joseph, clk, r. rear 181 W. 15th


Maschek, Paul, lab, r. Centre------
Mascher, Augustus, boarding------
Mascher, Louis, bartender, r.------
Maschinsky, Frantz, lab, r. 3------
Maschke, Otto, cigarmkr, bds.------
Maschke, Reinhold, cooper, ------
Mascoliet, John, meat market------
Masegowsky, James, organis------
Masekay, Mary Mrs., r. rear 4------
Maselter, Philip, lab, r. 155 ------
Maseman, Fritz, bds. 183 W. ------
Masenbrink, Fred, salesman, ------
Maser, George, shoemkr, r. ------
Mash, Elleck, lab, bds. rear ------
Masher, Charles D., photograp------Biglow House
Mashinske, Michael, lab, r. ------
Mask, August, lab, r. 170 Co------
Maska, Julius, stone cutter, ------
Maskal, Joseph, clk, bds. 18------
Maske, August, mason, r. 111------
Maske, Henry, carpenter, r. ------
Maske, William, mason, r. 11------
Maskell, Catharine, wid. Mic------
Maskell, Henry, meat marke------
Maskell, Peter, coal and woo------
Maskell, William, lab, bds. r------
Maskell, William J., wood an------Desplaines, r. 114 W. Jac------
Masker, Albert, collector, bds.------
Maskil, William, lab, r. 166 ------
Masman, Joseph, lab, r. 45 E------
Masman, Peter, lab., r. 47 Elg------
Masmann, Christian, lab, r. ------
Mason, Albert W. (Hunting------
Mason, Alvin C., (Mason & ------& Co.), r. 134 Cottage Gr------
Mason, Alexander, bkpr, bds.------
Mason, Alexander jr., file cutt------
Mason, Alonzo W., brickd, r. ------
Mason, Andrew, J., janitor, r. ------
Mason, Carlile, (Carlile Maso---
Mason Carlile & Co., (Carlile------Mohr), foundry, Carroll ------
Mason, Charles, butcher, r. 7------
Mason, Charles, cornicemkr, ------
Mason, Charles, painter, bds. ------
Mason, Charles, physician, bd------
Mason, Charles, stone cutter, ------
Mason, Charles D., tobacconi------
Mason, Charles W., lab, bds.------
Mason, Daniel, cabinetmkr, ------
Mason, Daniel A., cabinetmkr,------
Mason, David, boxmkr, r. 26------
Mason, David H., editor, r. 46------
Mason, Dewitt C., organ build-----
Mason, D. W., r. 1322 Wabash------
Mason, Edward G., (Mattocks---)---gan av.
Mason, Edward J., (Mathews---)---House
Mason, Edward T., (F. A. Be---)---Harrison
Mason, Elijah jr., clk, r. 71 Se------
Mason, Eugene, (Mason & Son---)---Mason, E.
Mason, E. ?., clk, r. Ashland
Mason, George, (Carlile Mason---)---
Mason, George, blksmith, bds.------
Mason, George A., agt., (Davis------Water), r. 257 W. Congress
Mason, George E., bkpr, (J. H. ---)---av.
Mason, G. W., clk, bds. St. Des------
Mason, Henry, bkpr, (Richar---)---Jackson
Mason, Henry E., book agt, r. ------
Mason, Henry H., (Smith, M---)---field, Vt.
Mason, Herman, painter, r. ------
Mason, Hornby & Horton, (J.---Hornby and Jonathan H.---Adams
Mason, Hugh, bkpr, (F. M. Ha---)---son
Mason, H. L., clk, (H. B. Good---)---
Mason, Ira J. (Wells, Mason &---)---

PAGE 665

Merchant, Max J., salesman, r. 254 Dearborn
Merchant, Robert, plasterer, bds. 596 W. Taylor
Merchantall, Adam, wagonmkr, r. es Dashiel, bet 37th and 38th
Merchant's Building, LaSalle, nw cor. Washington
Merchant's Despatch Trans. Co., (J. G. Ogden), agt, 106 Dearborn
-----Sidney Myers, cash.), 62 S. Halsted and 75 Clark
Merchants' Ins. Co. of Newark, N. J., (O. W. Barrett & Co.), agts, 120 LaSalle
MERCHANTS' NATIONAL BANK, (C. B. Blair, pres, John DeKoven, cash), 16 Chamber of
MERCHANTS' SAVINGS, LOAN & TRUST CO., (S. A. Smith, pres, William E. Doggett, Vice pres,
-----Charles Henrotin, cash), Dearborn, ne cor Madison
Merchursen, Nicholas, carpenter, r. 145 Farrell
Mercier, Adolph, waiter, bds. 131 Adams
Mercier, Edmund, (Mercier, Limoges & St. Onge), bds. 22d nr. Blue Island av.
Mercier, Frank, r. 372 S. Sangamon
Mercier, Limoges & St. Onge, (Edward Mercier, Benjamin Limoges and Joseph St. Onge), brick mnfrs,
-----Egan av. at Northwest bridge
Mercier, Louis P., clk, r. Holt House
Mercier, Napoleon, carpenter, bds. 469 S. Morgan
Mercier, Joseph, carpenter, r. 259 Forquer
Merckes, Matthias, lab, r. 68 Hastings
Merckle, Henry, physician, 387 State, r. 539 Michigan av.
Mercy Hospital, under the direction of the Sisters of Mercy, Calumet av. nw cor 36th
Merdes, Michael, lab, r. 17 W. Cramer
Merdstatz, Christopher, lab, bds. rear 312 Milwaukee av.
Meredith, Joseph, lab, r. 169 Fry
Meredith, Robert H., clk, r. 9 N. Peoria
Meredith, Robert R., music printer, r. 9 N. Peoria
Meredith, Theodore J., cigarmkr, bds. 102 Judd
Meredith, Thomas,s lab, bds. Ashland av. cor. 32d
Meredith, Thomas C., r. 9 N. Peoria
Meredith, Thomas F., teamster, r. 208 Rebecca
Meredith, William H., machinist, bds. 499 W. 12th
Mere?ess, A. J., tel. opr, bds. 328 W. Washington
Meret, Claudius, confectionery, 546 State
Merfait, Nicholas, wood turner, r. al. bet Division and Goethe, Wells and LaSalle
Mergenthaler, Adam, r. 27 Finnell
Mergenthaler, John, clk, r. 24 Portland av.
Mergenthaler, John, peddler, (W. H. Hutchinson & Sons)
Mergenthaler, Martin, carpenter, r. 24 Portland av.
Mergenthaler, Nicholas, r. 27 Finnell
Mergentheim, Bernhard, (D. Mergentheim & Co.), r. 27 16th
Mergentheim, David, (D. Mergentheim & Co.), r. 530 Michigan av.
Mergentheim, D. & Co., (David and Bernhard Mergentheim), leather and findings, 134 Lake
Meriam, Arthur, bds. 719 W. VanBuren
Meriam, James L., (Meriam & Street), r. 719 W. VanBuren
Meriam & Street, (J. L. Meriam and Samuel Street), architects, room 19, 188 Madison
MERIDEN FIRE INS. CO. of Meriden, Conn., (Goodwin & Pasco), agts, 162 LaSalle
Merigold, Charles, ins. agt, r. 882 Michigan av.
Merigold, Frank, contractor, r. 882 Michigan av.
Merigold, James A., (Merigold & Lloyd), r. 120 Warren av.
Merigold, William A., (William D. Kerfoot & Co.), r. 120 Warren av.
Merigold & Lloyd, (James A. Merigold and Robert Lloyd), dry goods, 326 W. Madison
Meriaboum, Myer, peddler, r. 272 4th av.
Merion, George, machinist, r. 555 Archer av.
Meritte, Mary, wid Thomas, r. 325 W. Erie
Merk, Louis, (Merk & Sackreson), r. 14 Gano
Merk, Nicholas, lab, r. 18 Wesson
Merk & Sackreson, (Louis Merck and John P. Sackreson), locksmiths and bellhangers, 106 12th
Merkel, Casper, r. 1087 W. Madison
Merkel, Jacob, (Muell & Merkel), r. 1027 W. Madison
Merkel, John B., lab, r. 545 W. 12th
Merkel, William, r. 410 S. Morgan
Merkel, William, r. 573 N. Franklin
Merkell, John, furrier, r. 351 W. Randolph
MERKER BROTHERS, (Paul and Richard), fancy goods, 143 State
Merker, Charles, lab, r. 550 W. 16th
Merker, Henry, carpenter, r. 43 Alexander
Merker, John H., foreman, r. 56 Alexander
Merker, Paul, (Merker Bros.), r. 42 Hastings
Merker, Richard, (Merker Bros.), r. 42 Hastings
Merker, William, vinegarmkr, bds. 298 Paulina
Merkl, A., inst. mkr, r. 244 Oak
Merkl, Frederick, carpenter, r. 244 Oak
Merkl, John, grocer, 329 Larrabee
Merkle, Charles, wagonmkr, r. 611 State
Merkle, Henry, physician, r. 539 Michigan av.
Merks, Peter, butcher, r. rear 164 Maxwell
Merle, Charles, meat market, rear 616 W. 12th, r. 614 W. 12th
Mernin, John, tailor, r. 366 W. VanBuren
Mernin, Thomas, brass finisher, r. 366 W. VanBuren
Merow, George, cabinetmkr, r. 32 Rucker
Merrell, Augustus M., salesman, 61 S. Water
Merrell, George W., clk, (Board of Health), bds. Hatch House
Merrell, G. William, clk, bds. Commercial Hotel
Merrell, Hiram A., lawyer, 59 Clark
Merrell, James, lab, r. 813 S. Morgan
Merrell, Morris, com. mer, 186 S. Water, r. Evanston
Merrett, Frederick J., trav. agt, (Nonotuck Silk Co.)
Merriam, Alden N., prin, r. Monroe, sw. cor. Hoyne av.
Merriam, Charles W., (Harmon, Messer & Co.), r.575 W. Washington
Merriam, Edward D., baker, bds. 590 W. VanBuren
Merriam, Edward H., bds. 499 Dearborn
Merriam, Erastus D., baker, 195 S. Desplaines, r. 434 W. Adams
Merriam, Joseph W., (Merriam & Perkins), r. 18 S. Ann
Merriam, Nathan, (Merriam & Dunn), r. 11 Green
Merriam, Noah, laundry, 201 W. VanBuren
Merriam & Dunn, (Nathan Merriam and Horace g. Dunn), com. mers, 233 W. Lake
Merriam & Perkins, (J. W. Merriam and Marland L. Perkins), lawyers, room 19, 157 Washington
Merrian, William F., bakery, 237 W. Randolph
Merrick, A. S., clk, r. 1303 Indiana av.
Merrick, Benjamin, clk, bds. 612 State
Merrick, Benjamin E., painter, r. 320 24th
Merrick, B. G., freight clk, (Am. Ex. Co.)
Merrick, Caroline, teacher, bds. 507 N. State
Merrick, Charles C., coal, r. 8?5 Indiana av.
Merrick, George G., room 6, 150 Dearborn
Merrick, John, r. 917 N. Clark
Merrick, Levi C., (Spaulding & Merrick), r. 1303 Indiana av.
Merrick, Marcus M., agt, (Nonotuck Silk Co.), r. Austin
Merrick, Otis S., clk, bds. 1303 Indiana
Merrick, Patrick, tailor, r. ss Lime, bet. Archer av. and 27th
Merrick, William M., engraver, (Baker & co.), r. Austin
Merridoth, Thomas, clk, bds. 95 N. Clark
Merridth, Frederick, lab, r. 84 Calumet av.
Merriell Bros., (Henry J. and George H.), hardware, 223 S. Halsted
Merriell, George, agt, room 36, 90 LaSalle
Merriell, George, tinsmith, r 223 S. Halsted
Merriell, George H., (Merriell Bros.), r. 240 Desplaines
Merriell, Henry J., (Meriell Bros.), r. 223 S. Halsted
Merriell, William, tinsmith, r. 205 S. Halsted
Merrifield, Samuel, stone cutter, bds. 163 Mather
Merrigan, Michael, lab, r. 259 Emerald
Merrihew, Edward T., clk, bds. 721 Wabash av.
Merrill, Alba, com. mer, r. 347 W. Jackson
Merrill, Albert, porter, (Reid, Murdoch & Fischer)Merrill, Ann J., wid Henry, baker, r. 68 29th
Merrill, Arthur H., hay, 177 to 181 Johnson, r. 398 Blue Island av.
Merrill, Benjamin, (Merrill & Engle), r., 491 N. LaSalle
Merrill, Caleb H., with (Coey & Merrill), r. 591½ S. Canal
Merrill, Charles, papermkr, bds. 127 N. Clark
Merrill, Charles G., printer, r. 699 Hubbard
Merrill, Charles H., bkpr, (Charles P. Kellogg & Co.), r. 364 W. Congress
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PAGE 933

Thompson, William P., yard master, (C. & A. R. R.), r. 74 Bunker
Thompson, W. G., (Tuttle, Thompson & Wetmore), r. Adams, cor. Morgan
Thompson, W. H., (James P. Dalton & Co.), bds. 81 Clark
THOMPSON & BARBER, (D. S. Thompson and H. H. Barber), teas, coffees, etc., 30 and 32 S. Water
Thompson & Bishop, (J. H. Thompson and H. W. Bishop), lawyers, room 25, 159 LaSalle
Thompson & Blomhoff, (Haken Thompson and Francis Blomhoff), clothing mnfrs., 259 W. Ohio
Thompson & Edwards, (W. N. Thompson and H. J. Edwards), mnfrs., fertilizers, room 16,
-----164 Washington
Thompson & Payne, (Mrs. Jennie Thompson and Sarah A. Payne), restaurant, 50 Harrison
Thompson & Purnell, (John Thompson and Otto F. Purnell), carpenters, rear 1024 Indiana av.
Thompson & Smedley, ( Mrs. E. Thompson and Miss Mattie Smedley), dressmkrs., 972 Wabash av.
Thomas, Charles E., lab, r. 145 Townsend
Thomsen, Andrew, boarding house, 142 N. Desplaines
Thomsen, Andrew, expressman, r. 39 Will
Thomsen, Andrew, lab, r. 164 D. Desplaines
Thomsen, Bernhard, sailor, r. rear 22 W. Ohio
Thomsen, Bertha Mrs., r. 195 N. Union
Thomsen, Charles, carpenter, r. 161 N. Desplaines
Thomsen, Charles, lab, r. 39 Will
Thomsen, Christen, lab, r. rear 14 W. Ohio
Thomsen, Christian, sailor, bds. rear 192 N. Desplaines
Thomsen, Emanuel, sailor, bds. 77 W. Kinzie
Thomsen, Hans, bartender, r. 22 W. Indiana
Thomsen, Hans, boarding house, 137 N. Halsted
Thomsen, Hans, cabinetmkr., r. 178 N. Desplaines
Thomsen, Julius, asst. treas., (Marine Co. of Chicago), r. 830 Prairie av.
Thomsen, Peter, bartender, bds. 364 Milwaukee av.
Thomsen, Robert S., bds. 317 Illinois
Thomsen, Thomas, brewer, r. 5 Lainbier
Thomsen, Thomas, cabinetmkr., bds. 178 N. Desplaines
Thomsen, Thomas, S., tinner, bds. 142 N. Desplaines
Thomski, Julius, lab, bds, 14 Kramer
Thomson, Abraham, carpenter, r. 200 N. Sangamon
Thomsen, Alex M., (Thomson & Taylor), r. Lake View
Thomson, Andrew, tanner, r. 161 Ada
Thomson, Andrew, r. 326 W. Ohio
Thomson, Bernt, clk., r. 153 W. Indiana
Thomson, Betsey, wid. Conrad, r. 174 W. Indiana
Thomson, Charles, (Armour & Thomson), bds. 84 26th
Thomson, Charles, carpenter, bds. 90 Clinton
Thomson, Charles, chainmkr, bds. 57 Bremer
Thomson, Charles, lab, r. 221 Emerald
Thomson, C., bricklayer, bds. Hotel Denmark
Thomson, Ellen Mrs., r. 271 W. Polk
Thomson, Elsie, wid. Thorsten, r. 38 Crosby
Thomson, George, (Relief Aid Society), r. 588 Arnold
Thomson, Isaac, teamster, r. 782 Carroll av.
Thomson, James, machinist, r. 486 Dearborn
Thomson, James, painter, r. 62 Grant pl.
Thomson, James K., agt., bds. 222 N. Clark
Thomson, Jane E., wid. Robert, r. 25 Meridian
Thomson, John, blksmith, bds. 231 Van Buren
Thomson, John, physician, r. 404 W. Erie
Thomson, J. C., solicitor, (Charter Oak Life Insurance Co.)
Thomson, Martha, wid. Michael, r. 164 N. Desplaines
Thomson, Mauritz, lab, r. 68 Crosby
Thomson, Michael, sailor, r. Macedonia, cor. Ellen
Thomson, Oscar G., clk., bds. 159 S. Robey
Thomson, Peter, lab, r. 64 Division
Thomson, Robert, moulder, r. 414 W. Huron
Thomson, Robert H., hardware, r. 18 Seeley av.
Thomson, Samuel, tailor, r. 211 North av.
Thomson, Sarah Mrs., milliner and dressmkr., 401 W. Erie
Thomson, Sommerville, (Thomson & Templeton), r. 655 Dearborn
Thomson, Theodore, lab, r. 6 Crosby
Thomson, Thomas, bkpr., (Gilbert & Brega), r. 249 W. Monroe
Thomson, T. B., coffee stand, 213 Madison, r. 47 Clark
Thomson, William N., fertilizers, r. 1012 Prairie av.
Thomson, W. A., clk., r. 186 W. Washington
THOMSON & TAYLOR, (A. M. Thomson and J. E. Taylor), Western Coffee and Spice Mills,
-----38 S. Water
Thomson & Templeton, (Sommerville Thomson and Hugh Templeton), bakery, 213 Randolph
Thon, Frank, painter, r. 507 W. Chicago av.
Thonander, John, shoemkr., r. 78 W. Erie
Thone, Frank, with (Shoenfeld, Bros. & Co.), bds. 18 Church
Thone, Henry, painter, r. rear 565 Chicago av.
Thorall, Henry, carriagemkr., r. 423 W. Indiana
Thoresen, Andrew, carpenter, r. 84 W. Division
Thoresen, Haus, blksmith, r. 20 Kate
Thoresen, Ingebrekt, lab, r. rear 122 Rucker
Thoresen, Martinius, lab, r. 125 Cornell
Thoresen, Ole, carpenter, r. 167 W. Huron
Thoresen, Osmond, mason, r. 204 N. Desplaines
Thoresen, William, lab, (James Stenson)
Thoreson, Ernest, machinist, r. 105 W. Erie
Thorgrunsen, Martin, machinist, 240 N. Halsted
Thorkelsen, Nicholaus, sailor, bds. 38 Crosby
Thorkildsen, Elless, sailor, bds. 121 n. Union
Thorm, John H., constable, r. 316 Hurlbut
Thomalen, Ernest A., furniture, r. 110 Walnut
Thormann, William, painter, r. 15 String
Thormeyer, Richard, painter, r. 70 Hill
Thorn, Albert H., policeman, r. 106 W. 13th
Thorn, Edward, carpenter, bds. 686 S. Canal
THORN, EDWIN, (Platt, Thorn & Maynard), r. 144 Park av.
Thorn, Frank H., ticket agt., (P., Ft. W. & C. Ry.), bds. Central Hotel
Thorn, Frederick, carpenter, bds. 62 Pacific av.
Thorn, Frederick, teamster, r. 457 W. 18th
Thorn, George S., machinist, r. 220 N. Green
Thorn, John, constable, r. 316 Hurlbut
Thorn, John, lab, bds. 220 N. Green
Thorn, Jonathan, carpenter, r. 72 W. Division
Thorn, J. R. packer, bds. Woodruff Hotel
Thorn, William, trav. agt., r. 291 Division
Thorn, William S., ticket agt., (P., Ft. W. & C. Ry.), r. Englewood
Thornbush, Charles, pressman, bds. 549 Milwaukee av.
Thorncroft, Henry, clk., r. 516 Hubbard
Thorndike, Isreal, scalemkr., (A. M. Gilbert & Co.)
Thorndike, J. Prince, bkpr., r. 146 Stanton av.
Thorne, Arnold, architect, room 12, 116 Randolph
Thorne, A. L., (Thorne & Co.)
Thorne, Benjamin, carpenter, r. 1733 State
Thorne, Charles S., salesman, r. 29 Hermitage av.
Thorne, Edward, carpenter, r. rear 119 Fisk
Throne, Edwin, r. 39 Pearson
Thorne, George R., (Hawley, Thorne & Co.), r. 389 Orchard
Thorne, Hiram S., (E. F. Cadwell & Co.), and physician, r. 945 W. Lake
Thorne, H. S., (H. S. Thorne & Co.), r. 674 Hubbard
Thorne, H. S. & Co., (H. S. Thorne and ------), druggists, Robey, cor. Hubbard
Thorne, Jacob, carpenter, r. 598 Cottage Grove av.
Thorne, John, painter, r. 125 Archer av.
Thorne, John R., (Thorne & Co.), Union Stock Yards
Thorne, Walter, clk., r. 74 Henry
Thorne, William K., (Canoll & Thorne), r. 882 Indiana av.
Thorne & Co., (John R. and A. L. Thorne), packers, packing house and office, Union Stock Yards
Thornley, Joseph, salesman, r. 10 Dussold
Thornley, Joseph, stone setter, r. 310 S. Morgan
Thornley, Thomas, clk., r. 237 Forquer
Thornquest, Frederick, carriagemkr., r. 109 White
Thorns, William, milk depot, 136 W. Huron
Thornton, Able, carpenter, r. 215 Bushnell
Thornton A. Bierd, clk., bds. 627 State
Thornton, A. C., brakeman, r. 152 S. Halsted
Thornton, Charles, brass moulder, r. 61 William
Thornton, Charles, moulder, r. 502 W. 15th
Thornton, Charles S., law student, bds. 550 Wabash av.
Thornton, Daniel, lab, bds. 466 Elston av.
Thornton, David, liquors, 20 Arcade ct.
Thornton, Edward S. baggageman, r. 152 S. Halsted
Thornton, Elias R., confectioner, 124 S. Halsted
Thornton, Eliza Mrs., dressmkr., 128 S. Halsted
Thornton, Frank, bartender, r. 20 Arcade ct.
Thornton, Frederick, stone cutter, r. 11 Kansas
Thornton, Frederick L., clk.,( Orient Hotel)
Thornton, Henry, lab., r ss. 26th, 2d w. of I. C. R. R.
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CAR---, Continued
Florentini, Francisco, 1015 State
Forth, August, 25 Willow
Hansen, Hans, 20 Mary
Huchbarger, Joseph, 253 W. 16th
Koppmier, John, rear 26 Hastings
Kroeber, Philip & Co., 633 N. Wells
Larson, Isaac, 156 N. Ada
Magerstadt, Fred, jr., 116 Archer av.
SAMPSON, GILBERT & CO., 267 and 269 Wabash av.
Schaff Bros., 257 Clybourn av.
Schmidhauser, Frederick, 365 North av.
Schroeder, Henry, 27 Dobyns
Schulz, Charles, 45 Cottage Grove av.
Sievert, Friederich, Sedgwick, ne. cor. Menominee
SWINEY, DENIS M. & BRO., 507, 509, 511 and 513 W. Kinzie
Thompson, Rasmus, 733 W. Kinzie
Zacherpe, Bernhardt, 236 N. Wells

W. W. STRONG FURNITURE CO., 266 and 268 Wabash av., factory 353 to 359 W. Randolph.

Bosley, Daniel W., 117 W. Washington

MARTENS, JOHN, F., 74 and 76 W. Washington

Bachil, John jr., 9 Archer av.
King, Alexander, 24, 26th
Krausee, Clemens, 256 Larrabee

Hemmerich, Antoine, 379 State

CANNED GOODS - Wholesale
Hoge & Jewell, 205 W. Washington

HUBBARD, GILBERT & CO., 226, 228 and 230 S. Water

FOSTER, G. R., SON & MCFARREN, 4 Market, cor. Lake and S. Water - (Old canvas for stack or
-----wagon covers)

Compound Car Axle Co., Reuben Mickel, see. 24 Bryan blk.

HASKELL & BARKER, 68 Washington
Wells, French & Co., 146 Dearborn

CAR SPRINGS - Manufacturers and Dealers
Empire Car Spring Co., Western agency, room 10, 126 Dearborn
FRENCH, A. & CO. of Pittsburgh, J. J. Young, agt., 54, 5th av.
Middleton, N. & A., 122 Randolph
Northwestern Car Spring & Plow Beam Works, George H. Rozet, propr., office, room 9, 155 LaSalle
Rozet, George, ws., Noble, bet. North av. and Blanche
VOSE, DINSMORE & CO., 52, 5th av.

Barnum & Richardson Mnfg. Co, office, 64 S. Jefferson
Russell, B. F. & Co., 153 to 161 W. Kinzie

La Ransieur M. & Co., 259 S. Halsted

CLEVELAND PAPER CO., C. H. Roberts, agt., 109 Madison
GILLETT, TRUMAN S., 116, 5th av.

Hair, James T., room 5, 145 Clark

Allen & Co., rear 131 S. Canal
Anderson, C. A. & Co., rear 17 Larrabee
Arens, Jacob, 40 Wendel
Barker, Alfred C., al. nr. Harrison, bet. Wabash and Michigan avs.
Barney, William, 136 Sherman
Bartlett, B. J., room 2, 155 Lasalle
Bast, Jay S., ss. Chestnut, bet. N. Clark and LaSalle
Beadell, C. G., 55 S. May
Beagan, John, rear 56 Farrell
Beardsley, G. R., 110 23d
Beau, Cyrille, 16 Gold
Beebe, Henry T. & Son, 1215 State
Belden, William P., 46 S. Morgan
Bishop, William, 201 Washington
Boyd, Isaac, 455 W. Harrison
Braga, Arsa John, ss. Ohio, bet. Clark and Dearborn
Bristow, Josiah, rear 20 N. Canal
Brockway, Eliphalet, 364 Butterfield
Brown, Bailey & Hedden, 62 S. Green
Brown, John, 110 W. Quincy
Browne, George W., 323 Clark
Bryant, George, rear 802 Carroll av.
Bryer, T. M., rear 899 State
Burdick, Samuel M., 74 Dearborn
Byrne Bros., 192, 5th av.
Carpenter Bros., 41 N. Ashland av.
Carpenter, William R., 58 Walnut
CARR & BARTLETT, rear 656 Wabash av.
Chandler, Cornelius C., 1483 State
Child & Hughes, 141 Bunker
Clark, C. H., rear 84, 6th av.
Clark, Jonathan, Wabash av. se. cor. Monroe
Cody, David, 779 State
Cook, Jerry, 1345 S. Halsted
Cormode, Thomas S., 37 Hammond
Cornwall, Benjamin, 41 Egan av.
Danks, Albert, 1261 Prairie av.
Darcy, T. J., box 178, 133 LaSalle
Davis Bros., 137 Adams
Dean, J. D., room 6, 185 Washington
Devine, Harry, 290 N. Franklin
Diez, John L. & Co., 34 to 38 Indiana
Dold, Max, 550 W. 14th
Dewey & Moore, box 199, 133 LaSalle
Doolan, James, ws. Arnold, bet. 25th and 26th
Dryer, Thomas M., al. bet. State and Wabash av., 18th and 20th
Dunn, Martin, Mohawk, sw. cor. Menominee
Duster, Peter, rear 292 North av.
Edbrooke & Gomery, rear 48 Randolph
Eddy, N. H., room 36, Randolph, nw. cor. LaSalle
Elliekson, Louis H. 118 Huron
Ellinwood, Oren, rear 287 W. Monroe
Eliott, E. D., 55 Pearson
Faro, Frederick, J., 39 S. Union
Fisher, Freeman A., 198 S. Clinton
Fix, George H., rear 105, 22d
Fletcher, William D., 245 N. Market
Fowler & Carr, 74, 4th av.
Gale, Samuel, 184 S. Green
Gallagher, John, 21 N. Ada


Garrison, David, 359, 3d av.
Gilbride, William, 196 Clark
Gilsdorff, Henry, 395 and 397 N. Clark
Goldie, William, 18th, se. cor. Canal
Goodjohn & Skinner, rear 10 S. May
Griffin, James, 162 S. Desplaines
Grannis, Amos, 6 Indiana av.
Griffiths, William, N. Clark, nr. Schill-----
Grimes, George J., 92 Harrison
Gritzmaker, Charles, rear 1024 Halsted
Gunagan & McKinstry, 255 and 257 3d av.
HABERER, GEORGE, -----716 S. Halsted
Ham, Charles E., 86 N. Peoria
Hamel & Sauer, rear 164 S. Desplaines
Hartbridge, Thomas, box 29, 133 LaSalle
Harris M. & G. H., 90 3d av.
Hayman, G. G., 67 School
Healey, Thomas, 83 and 85 Franklin
Hearson & Payne, 45 Lumber
Heath Bros, 1459 Indiana av.
Holm, Lewis G., 1050 Fulton
Hennessy Bros., (8 or 3)1 N. State
Homan, Brown & Co., 232 Michigan
Hurter, Peter J., 236 Church
Ivenson, Edward, rear 163 Adams
Johnson, John P. & Co., 44 W. Adams
Kempster, Christopher, 103 Erie
Kenning, John, 558 W. Chicago av.
Kiel, John, 167 Church
Koutsky, John, 699 S. Canal
Kroncke, Fred, 238 Noble
Lucas, William, 559 Victoria av.
Ludwig Bros., rear 443 N. Dearborn
Luncy, George, 52 and 54 N. Jefferson
Lynch, Allan, 184 N. State
McDONALD BROS. LECKE, 223 Washington
McGrath, William, 85 W. 13th
McKay, James B., 193 LaSalle
Mason, Peter, 204 Illinois
Michel & Kiebel, 434 N. Wells
Middleton, John & Son, 50 and 52, 3d av.
Milord, Israel, 281 Cottage Grove av.
Morgan, R. H., 11 Michaigan av.
Mowatt & Rice, ss. Lumber, nr. Halsted
Murchie, George L., box 238, 133 LaSalle
Murray, James, 191 LaSalle
Murray & Tough, ws. Lewis, 2d n. of-----
Negus, John R., 48 N. Western av.
Newcomb, James, 418 and 420 State
Norton & Skerritt, 130 and 132 Michigan
O'Neil Bros., rear 679 W. Lake
O'Shea, Timothy, rear 60 Kossuth
Olds, Orrin, 29 Polk
Olsen, P. C., 51 Franklin
Ostrom & Morse, rear 369 Wabash av.
Page, Frank, 54 Pearson
Patterson, Samuel, 730 State
Petersen, George, 425 Milwaukee av.
Pitkin, John J., 201 Washington
Pond, Thomas, rear 881 W. Lake
Porter & Darby, rear 115 W. Washington
Ramsay, William, 173 W. Jackson
Reeves Overmire, 493 Victoria av.
Reid, John W., 1029 State
Reymann, Frederick, 90 Sigel
Rice & Wallace, rear 182 23d
Richards, Jacob A., 849 Fulton
Rigley Bros., 117 Dearborn
Ritter & Schoof, 212 Milwaukee av.
RUECKERT, JOHN J-----rear 72, 22d
Russ, David, Huron, bet. Clark and L-----
ST. JOHN, JOHN M., -----80 Douglas av.
Schell, John, 572Sedgwick
Schulz, Charles, 11 Willow
Schurz, Charles L., 119 N. LaSalle
Schwennessen, Theodore A., 256 Larrabee
Scott & Gage, 321 S. Halsted
Sexton, Patrick J., 58 and 60 Pacific av.
Sheldon, Hinman & Co., 53 W. VanBuren

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CARRIAGES - Continued
BOHANON, GEORGE W., 60 W. Madison
California Carriage Mngf. Co. J. G. Read, gen. agt., 843 to 847 State
Card & Fancher, 47 and 49 N. Wells
CARSON, JOHN H., 344 Wabash av.
CLARK, A. B. & CO., 402 and 404 W. Madison
Coan & Ten Broeke, Randolph, nw. cor. Ann
Connelly, James J., 175 W. Adams
Edwards, Henry J., 10 and 12 W. Randolph
Erbsy, William, 166 N. Wells
Fletcher, Lazcar & Cheney, 325 State
Fuller & Johnston, 769 W. Madison
Garland, Holmes & Co., 50 and 52 N. Canal
Gerber & Jarratt, 228 to 234 Franklin
Hathaway, Lewis F., 600 State
Hill, H. B., 27 and 29 S. Clinton
Hull, Charles J., 243 and 245 Bushnell
Jones, W. T. & Bro., 743 W. Lake
Krzikowsky, Frank, 801 W. Lake
Meliwee & Dammarell, 239 S. Canal
Malefyt, Albert, 82 Kramer
Meckel, Louis C., 109 and 111, 12th
Michel, Frederick, 208 and 210 N. Sangamon
MILLAR & PARSONS, 155 W. Washington
Molin, Louis, 233 Cottage Grove av.
Penneyer, Shaw & Co., 325 and 327 Wabash av.
Pitts, A. J., 272 N. Clark
Read, James G., 845 State
Saunders, Joshua, 682 State
Shramm & Hoeft, 985
Schukraft & Bro., 40 N. Green
Shafer & Dolder, 460 Clark
Shouldice & Anderson, 453 N. Wells
Slade, Howard, 222 W. Washington
Smith, Peter & Co., 53 and 55 N. Wells
SMITH, PHILO L., 327 State
Stone, Calvin, 418 W. Lake
Stoneham, George T., 44 Eldridge ct.
Telafaus, John, 78 W. Taylor
Tower, L. S. & Bro., 105 to 109 S. Clinton
Trauscht, Nicholas & John Baumann, 372, 22d
Voltz Bros., 361 S. Halsted
Wentel, August, 1159 Milwaukee av.
Weidinger, George, 1169 State
Wetterlund, Gustaf, 143 W. Lake
Willets, Henry, 80 and 82 12th
Withey, J. B. & Co., Ohio, ne. cor. Noble
Wright, William, rear 33 W. Washington

Kirkland, J. F., 267 and 269 W. Lake
Roeber, Edward E., 223 W. Lake
Tirkland, James F., 267 and 269 W. Lake (yes, I think it is a dupe of Kirkland, also, transcriber)

HALL, KIMBARK & CO., 80 to 84 Michigan av.

Barrows, Carpenter & Co., 202 Lake
Houton, Smith & Co. 7 and 9 Lake
Loomis, A. C. & Co., 275 S. Canal
Scribner, L. S. & Co., 169 Madison
Stow, N. L., 27 and 29 S. Clinton

MARTENS, JOHN F., 74 and 76 W. Washington

HUSSEY, WELLS & CO., of Pittsburg, J. J. Young, agt., 54, 5th av.

BOLTER, ANDREW, 172 and 174 VanBuren

Wright, John, 647 and 649 Wabash av.

KOCH, GUSTAV, 73 Dearborn

McDonald, William H., Halsted, se. cor. 22d
Whitcomb, R. S. & Co., 191, 22d

CHICAGO UNION LIME WORKS, F. E. Spooner, agt., 153 Market
MONTAGUE, JOHN J., 45 and 47 Market
NEELY, ALBERT E. & CO., 16 Clark
PORTLAND CEMENT, Wadsworth, Dickinson & Co., 198 to 210 Market
Sharp, A. P., box 67, 133 LaSalle
Union Akron Cement Co., W. N. Newman, agt., 57 Market
Utica Cement Association, James Clark and Henry Martin, managers, 246 Randolph
Williams, N. A. & Co., 219 Washington and 3 W. Washington
Wilson, Henry L., 51, 5th av.

Calvary Cemetery, ten miles n. or the city, T. D. Guinea, supt., John Doyle, asst. supt., office Madison,
-----s. cor. Wabash av.
Graceland Cemetery Co., Thomas B. Bryan, pres., Bryan Lathrop, sec. and treas., room 12,
-----Washington, sw. cor. Clark
OAK WOODS CEMETERY, Cottage Grove av. cor. 67th, Charles F. Schaffer, agt., Lake, ne cor.

Chicago Chain Works, S. G. Taylor, propr., 98 and 100 Indiana
Lane, C. H. & Co., 54 and 56 N. Franklin

CHAIR DEALERS - Cane and Wood
W. W. STRONG FURNITURE CO., 266 and 268 Wabash av., factory 353 to 359 W. Randolph

ANDREWS, A. H. & CO., 166 to 170 State
Ford, J. S., Johnson & Co., 211 and 213 Monroe
HALE, A. L. & BRO., 10 to 16 N. Canal
MANN BROS., 11 and 13 Wabash av.
Peirce Bros. & Co., 207 and 209 Lake
Phillips, John, Green, cor. Erie
SAMPSON, GILBERT & CO., 267 and 269 Wabash av.
Wachs, Edward H., Indiana, nr. Franklin
Wilson Adjustable Chair Co., 56 Clark

Christin & Co., 362 S. Halsted
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