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E's and C's looked alike on my copy. All info typed "AS IS" - some typos were theirs, and I'm sure some are ours.

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Names, Changes, Removals, Additions, etc. "TOO LATE FOR REGULAR INSERTION"


Names, Changes, Removals, Additions, etc. "TOO LATE FOR REGULAR INSERTION"

PAGE 131

Andrews, William jr., real est. 7 168 LaSalle, res Trumbull av., nr 18th
Andrews, William A., r. 1666 (note: could also be 1888 or any variation of those numbers)
-----S. Dearborn
Andrews, William B., com. mer. 126 Washington, bds. 48 S. Ann
Andrews, William H., clk, 229 Wabash av., r. 194 Mather
Andrews & Kuhn (Aaron, Andrews and Jacob Kuhn) pawnbrokers, 291 Clark
Andrewson, Andrew, ice, bds 523 W. Huron
Andrieux, Charles, r. 419 S. May
Andrin, George, saloon, 68 Randolph, r. 69 W. Van Buren
Andrlik, Frank, stonecutr, r. 169 DeKo?n
Andrus, Adelon P., clk, 955 W. Madison, r. 1079 W. Lake
Andrus, Eveline C., bakery, 16 26th
Andrzelezik, Martin, harnessmkr, r. 89 Wade
Anerson, Ell, carp. r. 80 Superior
Anfang, George, carp. r. 36 Hanover
Anfang, P., packer, r. 365 3d av
Angel, Charles, lab., r. 20 Perry
Angel, Dabbio, saloon, 743 State
Angel, Frank, feeder, r. 35 Burling
Angel, Franklin E., tel. opr. r. 160 Centre av.
Angel, Frederick, lab. r. 20 Perry
Angel, Nicholas, upholsterer, r. 235 N. Franklin
Angel, Peter, feeder, r. 425 W. 17th
Angell, Charles, brakeman, r. 32 Ruble
Angell, Charles W., sec. Pullman Palace Car Cop., bds. Grand Pacific
Angell, Edward A. (Haight & Angell) r. Laflin nw. cor. York
Angell, F.B., jeweler, 522 S. Halsted, r Danbury
Angell, Henry H. (Angell & Arnold) r. Oak Park
Angell, John, lab, bds. 371 5th av
Angell, William A., pur. agt, 157 Michigan av
Angell & Arnold (H.H. Angell and R.B. Arnold) coal, 176 S. Canal
Angelo, David, bartndr, 24 N. Canal
Anger, A.S., shoemkr, 240 W. Indiana
Anger, Oscar, driver, r. 166 Ontario
Angerhardt, Frederick, lab, r 341 W. Erie
Angerstein, F., finisher 77 State
Angherum, John, lab, res. Bloom nr. 34th
Angler, Oscar F., driver, r. 166 Ontario
Angler, W.M., conductor, bds Sherman House
Angle, L.M. (H.S. Carter & Co) r. Evanston, Ill.
Angle, Horatio G., pres. Angle Iron rail co., bds Grand Pacific
Angle Iron Rail Co., H.G. Angle, pres. 243 LaSalle
Angle, J.M., reporter Inter-Ocean, bds Tremont
Angle, J.P., dentists, 26 N. Clark
Angle Lewis M. (H.S. Carter & Co.) r. Evanston
Angle, Orson D., clk, 29 N. Jefferson
Angle, Soloman, carp. r. 558 Wentworth av
Angleman, Jeremiah, clk, r. 58 Johnson
Anglemire, Henry, grocer, 1160 State
Anglin, Jeremiah, lab, r. 14 Wright
Anglund, Ludwig, blksmith, r. 156 N. Peoria
Angst, Jacob, tailor, 165 Harrison
Angst, William H., painter, bds 165 Harrison
Angsten, H., helper I.C. shops
Angsten, John, cooper, r. 177 Arnold
Angsten, Joseph, cooper, r. 124 Arnold
Angsten, Peter, cooper, r 196 Mohawk
Angsten, Phillipoena, wid. Peter, r. 177 Arnold
Angsten, William, cigarmkr, r. Arnold nr. 19th
Angstrand, Alfred, shoemkr, r. 199 Division
Anguera, A. de. clk, 207 State, r. 249 Park av.
Anguis, August, teamster, 216 S. Water
Angus, Adolph, musician, r. rear 61 Burling
Angus, B.F., bartndr, 123 S. Canal
Angus, James, carp. r. 22 Artesian av.
Angus, James A., saloon, 123 S. Canal
Angus, John, mason, r. 1318 Prairie av.
Anhein, Charles, cigarmkr, r. 190 Newberry av
Anhie, Eugenie, cigars, 216 W. Randolph
Ankarfeldt, Frederick W., printer, r. 68 Chicago av.
Anker, Charles (Charles Anker & Co.) r. Drexel boulevard ne. cor. 47th
Anker, Charles & Co (Charles Anker and Edwin W. Wood) importers, 9, 71 Washington
Anklam, Rudolph, tobacconist, r. 238 Rucker
Anlauf, John, boltmkr, r. 145 Hinman
Anlick, John, car repairer, r. 324 Hubbard
Annahine, Cornelius, teamster, r. 190 Newberry av.
Annan, John, sailor, r. 5 Brown
Annas, Casper, saloon, 30 Chicago av.
Annas, Wilhelm, bricklyr, r. 228 Rumsey
Annen, Alexander, clk, 91 State, bds 76 Van Buren
Annen, Frank, postal clk, 204 Dearborn, r. 63 Portland pl.
Annen, Nicolaus, carp, r. 284 North av
Annen, Peter, boltmkr, r. 122 Hinman
Annen, Peter, grocer, 365 Indiana
Annen, Peter, spou?man, r. 94 Fremont
Anners, William, watchmkr, r. 28 Henry
Annes, Robert, shoemkr, r. 18 Newberry av.
Anngardt, Henry H.., physician, r 229 21st
Annine, Matthew, teamster, r. 23, Elgin
Annin, William H. (Bushnell & Annin) r. 753 Wabash av.
Anning, Charles H., mason, r. 1352 W. Jackson
Annis, James, carp. r. 1727 State
Annis, John, lab., r. 48 Burlington
Annweller, Michael, lab, rear 469 22d
Anon, Fanny, wid. Julius, bds. 157 S. Peoria
Anos, John, confectionery 563 Blue Island av.
Anseheski, Frank, lab., r. 103 Cornell
Ansdauf, Isaac, bkpr, r. 104 Van Buren
Ansell, Alinda, r. 113 Blue Island av.
Ansell, David, auctioneer, 15 S. Canal, r. 175 W. Madison
Ansell, Isaac, clothing Market nw. cor. Madison, r. 92 S. Peoria
Ansley, John L., painter, bds 769 Wabash av
Anslow, John, mason, r. 279 Aberdeen
Anson, Andrew, lab. r. 98 Johnson
Anson, Helen, wid. Albert, r. 1060 Wilcox av.
Anson, Isaac, mer. r. 92 S. Peoria
Anstee, Edwin T., clk, 172 W. Randolph, r. 131 Hubbard
Ansteth, Andrew, harnessmkr, r. 346 5th av.
Anstrum, Nelson, coachman, r. 1047 S. Dearborn
Antef, Gustave, stonecutr, r. 398 S. May
Antenen, John, bartndr, 192 Madison
Antenk, Jacob, painter, r. 57 Hastings
Anternen, John, barktndr
(sic), r. 94 S. Desplaines
Antes, Charles H., sec. Specialty mnfg. co, 120 Lake
Antes, Christian, cigarmkr, bds. 1267 S. Halsted
Antes, George, saloon 117 Cornell
Anthon, A.G., clk, 237 State, bds. 562 W. Monroe
Anthony, Alfred W., clk. 139 Fulton, r. 148 Centre av.
Anthony, A., bds. Williams' hotel
Anthony, Barbara, wid. John, r. 18 Dussold
Anthony, Charles, waiter, 94 State
Anthony, Charles F., upholsterer, r. 109 Winchester av.
Anthony, Charles H., liquors, 520 Milwaukee av.
Anthony, David, waiter 48 Clark r.
Anthony, Edgar, printer, bds. 54 S. Green
Anthony Edward J., printer, bds Skinner's hotel
Anthony, Elliott (Hervey, Anthony & Galt) r. South pk. Boulevard nr. 46th
Anthony, Frederick, clk. 105 Madison, r. 109 Winchester av.
Anthony, George, boilermkr, r. 118 N. Paulina
Anthony, Hans, bricklayr, r. 178 W. 18th
Anthony, Harry R., porter, 39 W. Madison
Anthony, Hawe?ka, packer, r. 122 Larrabee
Anthony, James C., tinner, 82 Lake
Anthony, John, lab. r. 42 N. Peoria
Anthony, J.L., bds. 383 W. Taylor
Anthony, Lucinda, 606 Wentworth av.
Anthony, Richard, clk, C. & N.W. Ry
Anthony, Robert (Fraser, Chalmers & Co) r. 148 Centre av.
Anthony, Robert, lab, r. 91 Ontario
Anthony, Robert C. (R.C. Anthony & Co., bds 506 Wabash av.
Anthony, Robert C. & Co (R.C. Anthony and J.J. Johnson) livery, 133 Michigan av.
Anthony, William, lab, r. 483 W. 15th
Anthony, Worthington, blksmith, r. rear 386 4th av.
Anthony, ---
(sic), r. 198 4th av.
Antico, Vizenso, barber, r. 28 Pacific av.
Anting, Christopher, painter, r. 376 Rebecca
Antink, John, machinist, r. 57 Hastings
Antkowiak, Martin, lab, r. rear, 128 Cornell
Anton, Alois, tailor, r. 589 S. Jefferson
Anton, Christian, tailor, r. 181 Fry
(note: should probably by ANTON), Frederick, showcasemkr, r. 284 13th pl.
Anton, Hlinka, blksmth, r. 776 Alport
Anton, John, painter, bds. 141 Schiller
Anton, John, shoemkr, 305 North av.
Anton, Thomas, tanner, r. 32 Noble
Anton, ---
(sic), lab. 63 N. Desplaines
Antoni, Kreza, ?moother, r. 19th nr. Throop
Antonie, William, potter, r. 483 W. 15th
Antonitus, Frank, peddler, r. 37 W. 20th
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Boggs, Charles T., trav. agt, 309 W. 22d
Boggs, James, carp., r. 162 Sherman
Boggs, Joseph, clk, r, 239 S. Halsted
Boggs, Mary A., (M & K. Boggs), r. 239 S. Halsted
Boggs, M. & K. (Mary A. and Catherine M) milliners, 239 (
289?) S Halsted
Boggs, R., bds. De Forest House
Boggs, William, brakesman, r 610 State
Bogholtz, Fred, lab., r. 734 Centre av.
Bogine, Cavius, peddler, r. 1028 Fulton
Bogle, Daniel (D. Bogle & Sons) r. 38th cor. Grand boulevard
Bogle, Daniel, jr (D. Bogle & sons), r. 192 Centre av.
Bogle D. & Sons (Daniel, Daniel jr., and W.S.) coal, 133 LaSalle and 961 S. Halsted
Bogle, Walter S. (D. Bogle & Sons), r. 693½ W. Monroe
Bogle, William E., carp. es. Nixon, nr. Taylor
Bogle, William T. , machinist, es. Nixon nr Taylor
Bogleman, Henry, lab. r. 94 Washtenaw av.
Bogue, Charles H. (C.H. Bogue & co) r. Kewanee, Ill
Bogue, C.D., asst. manager Palmer house
Bogue, C.H. & Co (C.H. Bogue and James B. Goodman) lumber, 73 Dearborn
Bogue, George M., real est. and receiver Marine co., 38 Clark, r. Hyde Park
Bogue, Hamilton B. (Ogden, Sheldon & Co) r. Hyde Park
Bogue, Oswell A. (Hammond & Bogue) r. Egandale av., cor. 47th
Bogue, Roswell G., physician, 65 Randolph, r. 3 Washington pl.
Bogue, William L., plater, r. 250 N. Market
Bogue & Hyde (O.A. Bogue and J.C. Hyde) real est. 186 Dearborn
Bogus, August, lab, bds. 169 Augusta
Bohacek, Frank, jeweler, 154 W. 12th
Bohan, John, police, r. 98 Shoto
Bohan, John M., pawnbroker, 358 Clark
Bohan, Patrick, blksmith, r. 732 S. Canal
Bohan, Patrick, lab, M.C.R.R.
Bohan, William, conductor, r. 22 Artesian av.
Bohan, William, shoemkr, r. 154 Ontario
Bohan, Winnie, seamstress, bds. 67 Chicago av.
Bohanan, William, foreman, r se. cor. Schiller
Bohannen, Thomas, lab, r. 94 W. VanBuren
Bohanon, George W. (George W. Bohanon & Co.), r. 886 W. Monroe
Bohanon, Geo. W. & Co. (Geo W. Bohanon and Edward H. Chapman) carriagemkrs.,
-----60 W. Madison
Bohanon, Thomas, porter U.S. ex. co
Bohansack, Ludwig, lab, 22d cor. May
Bohemian Gymnastic School, 74 W. Taylor
Bohemian Turner Hall, 122 DeKoven
Bohen, William, shoemkr, bds. 135 Ontario
Bohenserck, Chris., mason, r. 488 Larrabee
Bohl, Charles, lab. r. 57 Perry
Bohl, Frederick, bricklayr, r. 31 Bissell
Bohl, Otto, clk, 33 W. Washington
Bohl, Theodore, lab. bds. W. 13th sw. cor. Laflin
Bohl, William, lab. bds W. 13th sw. cor. Laflin
Bohland, John, harnessmkr, r. 575 N. Franklin
Bohland, Michael, lab. r. 475 W Chicago av.
Bohle, Henry, carrier, r. 486 N. Franklin
Bohlen, Charles E., clk, 38 Clark, r. 215 S. Paulina
Bohlen, Gustave, lab. r. 5 Lock
Bohlin, William, r. 125 Bremer
Bohlman, Charles, lab. r. 256 13th pl
Bohlms, Henry, carp. bds. 397 S. CAnal
Bohm, Christopher, painter, r. 94 Larrabee
Bohn, Ernst, tinsmith, r. 94 Larrabee
Bohm, Robert, cabinetmkr, r. 181 W. 15th
Bohman, Gustof A. (Enander & Bohman) r. Lake View
Bohmann, John, bricklayr, r. 146 13th pl.
Bohmann, Wenzel, butcher 436 Webster av.
Bohn, Ernst, wagonmkr, bds 596 S. Canal
Bohn, John, tailor, r. 280 W. 14th
Bohn, John W., clk, 73 W. Lake, r. 76 Fremont
Bohn, Mary, r. 299 W. Erie
Bohne, August, harnessmkr, r. rear 344 N. Wells
Bohne, Charles, carp., r. 84 22d
Bohne, Henry, teamster, r. 278 S. Morgan
Bohne, Hettie C., knit goods, r. 84 22d
Bohnen, George, saloon, 43 Hanover
Bohnensack, F. Christian, lab. r. 488 Larrabee
Bohner, Geo. (George Bohner & Co) bds. Gardner
Bohner, George & Co. (George Bohnor and S.B. Eaton) lamps and glassware,
-----35 Wabash av.
Bohner, Joseph E., clk., 35 Wabash av., r. 118 Aberdeen
Bohnes, Charles E., clk, r. 215 S. Paulina
Bohnet, Frederick, barkpr, bds 140 N. Union
Bohnett, Louis, carp. bds. 44 Wesson
Bohnhoff, John, tailor, r. 737 N. Halsted
Bohnhoff, William, mason, r. 212 Division
Bohnsack, William, boxmkr, r. 446 Larrabee
Bohr, John, lab. r. 38 Otis
Bohr, Joseph, bricklayer, r. 34 Alaska
Bohr, J., machinist, r. 45 W. Monroe
Boice, Henry, yardman, bds. Transit house
Boice, Hugh M., bkpr. Ferry & Bro., bds. 1011 Wabash av.
Boice, William, gasfitter, r. ss. 45th nr. Evans av
Boier, Sidney, r. 27 Langley av.
Boies, Fay & Conkey (H.M. Boles, B.B. Fay and Lucius W. Conkey) grocers, 42 River
Boies, Henry M. (Boies, Fay & Conkey), r. 1102 Michigan av.
Boies, H. Frank, clk, 42 River, r. 1102 Michigan av.
Boies, William A., clk, 42 River, r. 1102 Michigan av.
Boilen, Andrew, r. 23 Rush
Boiler, Charles, carp. r. 199 Portland av.
Boin, Charles, tailor, r. 280 W. 14th
Boin, Frank, express, r. 1307 S. Dearborn
Boin, John W., trav. agt., r. 76 Fremont
Bointon, Richard, engineer, r. 116 Forquer
Bois, Bernice, tailoress, r. rear 229 W. Polk
Bois, Frank, clk. r. 1102 Michigan av.
Bois, Geo. P., goldbeater, bds. Metropolitan hotel
Bois, Henry, grocer, r. 1102 Michigan av.
Bois, William, clk, r. 1102 Michigan av.
Boisaeg, John, tinner, r. 374 Noble
Boise, James R., teacher, University of Chicago
Boisen, August L., cabinetmkr, r. 88 Fry
Boisen, Christian F., cabinetmkr, r. 88 Fry
Boisen, Frederick, cabinetmkr, r. 88 Fry
Boisen, Louis A., cabinetmkr, rear 92 Fry
Boisen, Paul, sailor, r. rear 88 Fry
Boiswic, H., scourer, r. Elston av. nr. Bradley
Boitz, Frank J., painter, r. 15 A
Boitz, F. Julius (Thomas & Boitz) r. 31 A
Boize, Charles, woodcarver, r. 76 Walnut
Bojens, Catherine, r. 25 W. 15th
Bokartz, Theodore, lab. r. 255 Augusta
Boke, John, r. 927 W. 18th
Boker, Joseph, teamster, r. rear 95 Forquer
Boker, Parkinson, porter, r. 355 3d av
Bokerman, Henry, lab. C. & N.W. R.
Bokkermann, Henry, lab., bds. 663 Blue Island av.
Bokkerton, --- (sic), printer, bds. 172 N. Desplaines
Bokoskey, Frank, cigarmkr, r. 418 S. Jefferson
Bolan, Daniel, carp., r. 19 O'Brien
Bolan, James, teamster, bds. 699 W. 22d
Bolan, John, lab., r. 105 Butterfield
Bolan, John, sailor, r. 249 Archer av
Bolan, Michael, lab. r. ws. Fox ne. cor. 32d
Bolan, Michael, lab. r. ss. Columbia, nr. Ashland av.
Bolan, Patrick, lab. r. ns. 32d nr. Fox
Bolan, Susan, dressmkr, bds. 115 Solto
Bolan, Thomas, lab. r. ns. 32d nr. Fox
Bolan, William, blksmith, r. 5 Seymour
Bolan, William, teamster, r. 60 Damen
Boland, Andrew, lab. r. ss. 34th ct. nr Auburn
Boland, Daniel, carp. P.F.W. & C. Ry.
Boland, Francis, lab. r. 34 Superior
Boland, Frank, molder, bds. 366 S. CAnal
Boland, Franz, teamster, r. 25 Vedder
Boland, Hugh, lab. r. 293 May
Boland, James, capt. r. 55 W. White
Boland, James, druggist, 53 Clark, bds. Tremont house
Boland, James, lab. bds. 672 W. 22d
Boland, James F., student BRYANT & STRATTON BUSINESS COLLEGE, State,
-----se. cor. Washington
Boland, John (Boland & Sullivan) r. 140 Eugenie
Boland, John (Lamb & Boland) r. 21st nw. cor. Paulina
Boland, Martin, lab. Union roll, mill
Boland, Michael, hammerman, Union roll, mill
Boland, Michael, lab. Union stk. yds
Boland, Patrick, lab. r. 197 Saber(?)
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Darlington, Herbert, cash, 170 LaSalle, r. 52 Ann
Darlington, Wilson M. (J.K. Mcdonald & Co.) r. Emerald av. nr. 45th
Darlow, James, real est basement 125 Dearborn, bds. 396 Michigan av.
Darm, August, butcher, r. rear 70 Larrabee
Darm, John, molder, r. 104 Mather
Darmody, James, lab. r. 67 Kossuth
Darmstadt, Jacob, lab. r. 27 Hinman
Darnbury, C., teamster, Elston av. nr. Bradley
Darnes, Alexander, sailor, r. 30 Dussold
Darnley, John W., planing mill, 548 Clark, r. 106 W. 19th
Darnlow, John, r. 282 Ridgeville rd.
Darr, Rebecca, wid. John, r. 41 Sigel
Darrell, Archibald, police, r. 266 N. Sangamon
Darrell, Caroline, r. 12 Bremer
Darringer, Mack, lab., r. 361 W. 16th
Darrow, Alexander, teamster, r. rear 1139 Prairie av.
Darrow, Alexander H., gen. agt, Agricultural ins. co of Waterotwn, N.Y. 1044 W. Monroe
Darrow, Arch., police, r 266 N. Sangamon
Darrow, Emma, dressmkr, 771 W. Madison
Darrow, George W., r. 1110 Prairie av.
Darrow, James E., carp., r. 147 22d
Darrow, John H., bkpr. 1044 W. Monroe, r. 25 Campbell av.
Darrow, Pliny, clk. 250 Madison, r. 1110 Prairie av.
Darrow, William L., express, r. 132 W. Monroe
Darry, Owen, lab. bds. 1568 S. Halsted
Darsey, Michael, lab. bds. 225 N. Ashland av.
Darst, Marvin, mason, r 1422 Shurtleff av.
Dart, Daniel C., ins. agt. 107 Dearborn, r. 144 S. Morgan
Dart, Frank, produce 187 S. Water
Dart, Samuel, butcher, r. 318 W. Madison
Dart, William, watchmkr, r. 318 W. Madison
Dartsch, Albert, foreman 276 Wabash av., r. 204 W. 12th
Dartscht, Henry, tailor, r. 28 Mohawk
Darwin, John, coal, r. 178 S. Peoria
Dasbach, Matthias, teamster, r. 115 Vedder
Dasch, Jacob, lab. r. 40 O'Brien
Dasch, John, shoemkr, r. 48 Kramer
Dascomb, James, bkpr. 230 Monroe, bds. 368 W. Washington
Dascomb, John W., bkpr, 203 Wabash av., r. 226 S. Hoyne av
Dashwe, Antoin, feeder, r. Hinman cor Oakley
Dasich, Jacob, lab. Loomis & Davis
Dass, Joseph, saloon 72 N. Desplaines
Dassler, Charles (Charles Dassler & Son), r. 314 Sedgwick
Dassler, Charles & Son (Charles and William) tailors, 314 Sedgwick
Dassler, William (Charles Dassler & Son) r. 314 Sedgwick
Dasso, D.M., clk, r. 200 N. Halsted
Dasso, Frank, bartndr, 417 W. Madison
Dasso, Joseph, clk. 152 State, r 191 N. Halsted
Dasso, Peter A., grocer, 93 ½ Milwaukee av., r. 200 N. Halsted
Dasson, John, currier, bds. 131 W. Erie
Dasy, Jeremiah, weigher, r. 139 N. Ashland av.
Datchmann, Joseph, trunkmkr, r. 596 Larrabee
Datchmann, Peter, plasterer, r. 596 Larrabee
Date, Henry S. (Date & Co), r. 394 Warren
Date, John S. (Date & Co) r. 394 Warren av.
Date & Co. (J.S. and H.S. Date) grocers, 955 W. Madison
Dates, George W., foreman, 184 Washington, r. 469 Fulton
Dathan, Oscar, butcher, r. 154 Canalport av
Datke, John, lab. 63 N. Desplaines
Dator, Frank, bds Central hotel
Dattelzweig, Frederick, boots and shoes 218 North av.
Dattus, John, coffinmkr, r. rear 199 Forquer
Datz, Sebastian, stonecutr, r. 72 Kansas
Datzman, Matthews, yardman, r. 1727 State
Dan, Jep J. (Holden, Bishop & Co) r. Oshkosh, Wis
Daubach, Charles J., trav. agt. 52 Lake, r. 224 Cass
Daubach, Emily, wid. Nicholas, r. 224 Cass
Daubach, Joseph P., clk, 52 Lake, r. 224 Cass
Daubach, Lawrence, porter, r. 224 Cass
Daubach, Oscar N., clk, 78 Madison, r. 224 Cass
Daube, Aaron, meatmkt. 317 W. Polk
Daube, August (McKeliner & Daube) r. 357 Larrabee
Daube, John, painter, r. 528
(or 523?) N. Franklin
Daube, Jacob, bkpr. 105 Wabash av., r. 817 W. Polk
Daube, Leopold, clk. 192 W. Lake, bds 189 S. Jefferson
Dabue, Louis, flour and feed, r. 189 S. Jefferson
Daube, L. student, BRYANT & STRATTON BUSINESS COLLEGE, State se, cor.
Dauber, Frederick, carp. r. 464 Milwaukee av.
Dauber, Frederick P., cigarmkr, r. 108 N. Wood
Dauber, John, cigarmkr, r. 671 W. Indiana
Dauber, Joseph, draughtsman, r. 551 Larrabee
Daubner, Christian, engineer, r. 481 W. 14th
Dauchy, George K. (French & Dauchy) r. 19 Honore
Dauer, Martin, teamster, r. 364
(or 864?) 26th
Daugherty, James, tailor, r. 159 Ewing
Daugherty, John P., fireman, r. 149 Illinois
Daugherty, Margaret, wid. Patrick, r. rear 149 Illinois
Daugherty, Martin, carpetlayr, r. 24 Better
Daugherty, Mary, wid. Owen, saloon 149 Illinois
Daugherty, Sarah, dressmkr. bds. 115 Sholto
Daukert J., lab. 63 N. Desplaines
Daul, Edward, r. 475 W. Chicago av.
Daum, Frederick, musician r. 22 Vine
Daum, Harry, clk, 156 Washington
Daum, John, bricklayer, r. 218 North av.
Daum, Leonard, carp. r. rear 80 Rees
Daum, Martin, paperhanger, r. 461 S. Canal
Dauphiney, Belle, teacher, r. 1012 W. Adams
Dauphiney, Robert J., clk, 221 State, r. 1032 W. Adams
Daus, Caroline, wid. Henry, r. 127 W. Kinzie
Daus, Christian, slippermkr, r. 194 Augusta
Daus, Macks, barber 624 State
Dausch, Philip P., barber, 65 N. Clark, r. 246 N. Franklin
Dausch, Peter, barber, r. 246 N. Franklin
Dautel, Frederick, glovemkr, r. 65 Canalport av
Dauvert, Charles, shoemkr, r. 24 Gardner
Davany, Patrick, lab. r. Edgar, ne. cor. Paulina
Davee, Frank, saloon, bds. 8 Polk
Davenport, Allen J., driver, r. 10 Meridian
Davenport, Ambrose R., weighmaster C.R.I & P. R.R., r. 1441 Wabash av.
Davenport, Benjamin F., draughtsman, r. 94 W. Adams
Davenport, Benjamin M., agt. L.S. Major, 145 LaSalle, r. 218 W. Washington
Davenport, Davis, painter, r. 39 Vincennes av.
Davenport, Edward A., clk. 126 Washington, r. 447 W. Lake
Davenport, Frank C. (Davenport & Andrew) r. 11 Ellis pk
Davenport, George, clk. 128 Lake, r. 1441 Wabash av.
Davenport, George, supt. Ill. char. eye and ear infirmary, r. 227 W. Adams
Davenport, Henry, waiter, 140 Madison
DAVENPORT, SAM, shirtmnfr, 187 VanBuren
Davenport, Samuel, waiter, 240 Clark
Davenport & Andrew (F.C. Davenport and S.W. Andrew) metals, 91 Lake
Davenson, J., lab. I.C. shops
Daverio, James, roofer, r. 314 W. Polk
Daverkosen, Harry, calciminer, r. 369 Clybourn av.
Daverkosen, H., foreman, 331 North Branch, r. 92 Bissell
Davern, Daniel Mrs. r. 154 Maxwell
Davey, Block, Madison, nw. cor. Green
Davey, Charles, carp. r. 246 Forquer
Davey, Dominick F., bartndr., r. 22 Nebraska
Davey, George, ice peddler, bds. Ashland av. cor Levee
Davey, James W., clk, 284 W. Madison, r. 280 W. Washington
Davey, John, driver, 602 W. Lake
Davey, John H., r. 876 Wabash av.
Davey, Richard jr, bkpr, 84 State, r. 232 S. Morgan
Davey, Samuel, shipcarp, r. 248 W. Ohio
Davey, Thomas, carp. Miller Bros
Davey, Thomas jr carp. Miller Bros
David, Adolphus, lab. r. 650 ½ Archer av.
David, Albert A., trav. agt, 165 State, bds 693 N. Franklin
David, Elizabeth, grocer 1006 S. Halsted
David, George A., violin teacher, r. 75 Wilmot av.
David, Henry, hack, r. 1006 S. Halsted
David, Henry A., dry goods, r. 11 22d
David, Jacob, bkpr, 71 Lake, r. 203 Cass
David, Jacob, salesman, 36 Lake


Dodge, John L., tick. agt. I.C. station, r. 1 Ellis Park
Dodge, John W., artist 170 State, r. 1118 Prairie av.
Dodge, John W., clk C. & N. W. Ry., r. 235 S. Morgan
Dodge, Leroy, agt, r. 619 W. Indiana
Dodge, Lewis (Dodge & Taylor) 51 Clark, r. 142 S. Sangamon
Dodge, Louis, carp. r. 404 S. May
Dodge, Mary, wid. Norman, r. 195 W. Washington
Dodge, Otto F., musician, bds. 235 S. Halsted
Dodge, Philo G., lumber, Canal cor. Forquer, r. 1428 S. Dearborn
Dodge, Richard V., fireman, bds. 823 Prairie av.
Dodge, Roger E., salesman, 12 LaSalle, bds Bishop ct. hotel
Dodge, Rosina E., wid. Joseph, bds. 235 S. Halsted
Dodge, Simeon, mechanic, r. 141 26th
Dodge, Thomas, lab., bds. 795 Archer av.
Dodge William, liquors 51 W. Washington, r. 339 W. Washington
Dodge, William, sailor, bds. 19 W. Randolph
Dodge William A., bkpr 92 Van Buren, r. 46 24th.
Dodge, William E., engraver, r. 126 Van Buren
Dodge, William M., Ins. broker 110 LaSalle, r. 155 N. Western av
Dodge & MacCormac (E.H. Dodge and James MacCormac) ins. agts, 152 LaSalle
Dodge & Taylor (Lewis Dodge and Henry M. Taylor) real est. 51 Clark
Dodson, Benjamin W., clk. 40 Lake, r. 241 Michigan av
Dodson, Elizabeth, wid. John, r. 42 Bremer
Dodson, Emory F., carp. r. 342 W. Polk
Dodson, Henry, mason, r. 121 Illinois
Dodson, Henry jr, plasterer, r. 932 N. Halsted
Dodson, Herman, paper mkr St. Clair cor. Michigan
Dodson, Richard, drover, r. 691 Emerald av.
Dodson, Walter A., clk, bds 23 25th
Dodson, William Mrs., r. 23 25th
Doe, Iver (Doe, Pettersen & Co) r. 128 W. Erie
Doe Pettersen & Co (Iver Doe, John Pettersen and Andrew Skow) furniture, Green
-----nw cor. Ridgely
Doedeck, Thomas, lab. 22d cor. Union
Doederlein, F. Rev., pastor Trinity Luth. ch.
Doehla, Gustave, helper, r. 322 North av
Doehla, Henry, blksmith, r. 322 North
Doehla, John, clk. 199 Lake, r. 28 W. Grove
Doehring, Felix C., clk, bds. 63 Wesson
Doehring, Frederick, lab. r. 164 Church
Doening, Christine, dressmkr, 765 Milwaukee av.
Doening, Charles, feed, r. 765 Milwaukee av
Doenkert, J., lab. 63 N. Desplaines
Doennweber, Charles, engineer, 235 Wabash av
Doepfer, Frederick, painter, r. 331 Milwaukee av
Doepp, John, shoemkr, r. 310 Mohawk
Doepp, John, tailor, r. 542 Sedgwick
Doerbandt, Ernst, engineer, r. 481 W. 15th
Doerbandt, Frederick, painter, r. 481 15th
Doerfler, George, porter, r. 235 Townsend
Doerge, Albert, coppersmith, r. 94 Cornell
Doerge, August, lab. 4. 1493 S. Halsted
Doerk, Herman, lab. r. 303 Ridgeville rd
Doering, Andrew, carp., r. 70 Kramer
Doering, Edward, binder, r. 238 Church
Doering, Edmond J., physician 1604 State
Doering, Frederick, lab. r. 164 Church
Doering, George, teamster, r. 335 Hurlbut
Doering, Louis, teacher, r. 412 S. Morgan
Doering, Ludwig, lab, r. 922 W. 18th
Doering, William, carp. r. 323 S. Jefferson
Doerr, Adam, boots and shoes 142 N. Clark
Doerrfeld, Christopher, foreman, r. 789 Milwaukee av
Doerr, Jacob, draughtsman, 107 Dearborn, bds. 170 N. Desplaines
Doerr, John (Doerr & Coyle) r. 595 N. Halsted
Doerr, John, saloon, 421 26th
Doerr, John S., saloon 731 S. Canal
Doerr, Philip, lab, r. 273 W. Chicago av
Doerr & Coyle (John Doerr and John Coyle) painters 125 N. Clark
Doerrer, Jacob, tanner, r. 117 Hurlbut
Doerrfeld, Louis, tinner, r. 180 N. Wood
Does, Frederick, brassfitr., r. 126 Archer av
Doesburg, Otto J., printer, r. 6 Hammond
Doescher, John, machinist, r. 384 Wentworth av
Doess, George, tailor, r. 189 N. Rucker
Doetsch, Joseph, cabinetmkr, r. 214 Clybourn av.
Doff, John, lab. 22d cor. Union
DOGGETT, BASSETT & HILLS (W.E. Doggett, D.H. Hills, C.H. Crane and H.D. Bassett)
-----boot and shoe mnfrs. 29 and 31 Lake
Doggett, Fred S., bkpr, 149 Fulton, r. 172 31st
Doggett, Joseph B. (Burton, Pierce & Co) r. 172 31st
Doggett, Samuel J., cash P.C. & St. L.R.R., r. 679 Fulton
Doggett, William E. (Doggett, Bassett & Hills) r. 316 Michigan av
Doghan, Ellen, 352 Emerald av
Dogherty, Martin, shoemkr, r. 184 N. Ashland av
Dogherty, Patrick, engineer, r. 144 W. Lake
Dohanney, John, lab. r. 12 Liberty
Dohany, Edward, butcher, r. 441 22d
Doherty, Arthur, r. ss. 13th pl. nr. Ashland av.
Doherty, Bridget, wid. William, r. 152 N. Peoria
Doherty, Charles, clk. 111 Wabash av
Doherty, Daniel, watchman, r. rear 425 S. May
Doherty, Delanty, lab. r. 75 Wright
Doherty, Edward, r. 62 Hastings
Doherty, Ellen, wid. James, r. 176 W. 15th
Doherty, James, lab. r. es. Ashland av. near Mill
Doherty, James, painter, r. es. Paulina nr. Blue Island av
Doherty, John, carp. r. 634 W. 14th
Doherty, John, clk. 44 Randolph, r. 197 Sedgwick
Doherty, John, engineer, r. 66 William
Doherty, John, lab. r. rear 544 S. Union
Doherty, John, stonecutter, r. 1 Lisle
Doherty, John, tinner, bds. 175 W. Washington
Doherty, John, watchman, r. 77 Waller
Doherty, John, r. 62 Hastings
Doherty, John T., marblecutter, bds. 85 William
Doherty, Joseph, lab, r. 114 W. Taylor
Doherty, Margaret, wid. Dennis, r. 69 Wright
Doherty, Michael, lab. r. Jones nr Archer av
Doherty, Patrick, lab. r. 176 W. 15th
Doherty, Patrick, teamster, r. 85 William
Doherty, Thomas, clk. 44 Randolph, r. 596 S. Morgan
Doherty, Thomas, r. 62 Hastings
Doherty, William, carp. r. 54 Sholto
Doherty, William, carp. r. 502 Wentworth av.
Doherty, see also Dougherty
Dohig, Johanna, r. rear 427 Hubbard
Dohl, Andrew, trunkmkr, George H. Walker, r. 148 Bushnell
Dohl, John, insp. r. 113 Townsend
Dohl, Louis, grinder, bds. 32 Wesson
Dohl, William, painter, r. 113 Townsend
Dohlenburg, Ernst, wagonmkr, r. 308 W. Chicago av
Dohlqurst, John, helper Union roll. mill
Dohm, Frederick, lab. r. 8 Blackwell
Dohm, John, cigarmkr, r. 63 Granger
Dohm, John, saddler, 54 W. 19th
Dohm, Max (Philip Dohm & Bro) r. 354 Sedgwick
Dohm, Peter, cigarmkr, r. 263 Rush
Dohm, Philip & Bro (Philip and Max) cigars 354 Sedgwick
Dohman, John, lab., r. 106 Hinman
Dohm, Philip (Philip Dohm & Bros) r. 354 Sedgwick
Dohn, Adolph W., bkpr. 38 Lake, r. 249 Erie
Dohn, John, florist, r. 405 Belden av
Dohnal, Frank, wagonmkr, Kaus & Mencel
Dohney, Bernard, grocer, 441 22d
Dohney, Edward, lab. r. 439 22d
Dohney, John P., machinist, r. 27 Archer av
Dohney, Mary, dry goods, 27 Archer av
Dohney, Michael, lab. r. 441 22d
Dohny, John, lather, bds. 320 W. Polk
Dohoney, John, lab. r. 463 22d
Dohoney, Thomas, lab. r. 36 Kansas
Dohr, Ferdinand, cabinetmkr, 823 W. Lake, r. 535 W. Erie
Dohr, Frederick, lab. r. 535 W. Erie
Dohrmann, Charles, collector. r. 178 Wesson
Dohrmann, Herman, carrier, r. 178 Wesson
Dohrmann, John H., wagonmkr, r. 178 Wesson

PAGE 333

Dryer, Frederick, fireman, (P. F. W. & C. Ry.)
Dryer, Henry, com. mer., r. 184 Mohawk
Dryer, Henry, lab. (P. F. W. & C. Ry.)
Dryer, Henry, switchman, r. ns.C. & N. W. Ry. nr.California av.
Dryer, H. W., clk., 229 State, r. 150 W. Monroe
Dryer, John P., r. 150 W. Monroe
Dryer, Louis, lab., r. 12 Cottage pl.
Dryer, William, lab., r. 466 Clybourn av.
Dryfous, Martin, tailor, r. 93 Bissell
Dryfuss, Adolph, (Dryfuss & Herman), r. 523 S. Canal
Dryfuss & Herman, (Adolph Dryfuss and Robert Herman), clothing, 335 Blue Island av.
-----and 523 S. Canal
Dryler, W., cigarmkr., r. 373 N. Ashland av.
Drysdale, A., (Drysdale & Co.), r. Englewood
Drysdale, George, mantels, r. 42 Ayers ct.
Drysdale & Co., (A. Drysdale and J. McWade), mantels and grates, 76 VanBuren
Drzmesck, Joseph, shoemkr, r. 140 Bunker
Drzwitzkl, Peter, lab., r. 266 Rucker
Drzymaia, Anthony, boots and shoes, 701 W. 22d
Dtenmeyer, Henry, tanner, r. 539 N. Franklin
Duane, Thomas, printer, bds. 556 5th av.
Dub, Peter, varnisher, bds. 262 21st
Dubach, Andrew, r. 445 Wentworth av.
Dubach, John, machinist, r. 445 Wentworth av.
Dubach, Nicholas, capt. eng. 8, r. 459 Wentworth av.
Duback, Joseph, lab., r. 14 Lessing
Dubar, Katrina, wid. Joseph, r. 447 S. Desplaines
Dube, T. C., r. 1205 State
Dubelbiss, Jacob W., molder, r. 27 Kinzie
Dubeod, Frank, saloon, 119 S. Canal
Dubetz, Louis, student, (BRYANT & STRATTON BUSINESS COLLEGE), State
-----se. cor. Washington
Dubia, Frank H., clk., 63 Randolph, r. 345 S. Morgan
Dubia, Henry F., paymaster, r. 345 S. Morgan
Dubia, Monroe, porter, r. 90 W. Water
Dubie, Theophilus, boilermkr., r. 1205 State
Dubinsky, Frank, cigarmkr., r. 167 W. 19th
Dubison, George, lab., r. 554 Arnold
Dubois, Annie, wid. Philip, dressmkr., 183 W. Kinzie
Dubois, Anson, cooper, r. 126 N. Peoria
Dubois, Fannie, r. 267 Clark
Dubois, Gus, actor, r. 325 W. Polk
Dubois, Helen, dressmkr., r. 187 W. VanBuren
Dubois, Ira, painter, r. 20 Gurley
Dubois, James S., clk., r. 541 W. Madison
Dubois, Joseph B., broommkr., r. 733 S. Union
Dubois, Leon, painter, r. 57 Sigel
Dubois, Lincoln, insp., (customs), bds. Atlantic hotel
Dubois, Robert K., clk., 154 Clark, r. 119 Lake av.
Dubois, William, cooper, bds. 74 N. Wells
Dubois, W., draughtsman, bds. 235 W. Washington
Duboki, Anton, lab., r. 49 Meagher
Dubridge, George H., brakeman, r. 543 W. Indiana
Dubski, Henry, peddler, r. 140 Bunker
Dubski, Joseph, lab., 97 Bunker
Dubsky, Max, clk., bds. 556 S. Jefferson
Dubufe, Jarmain, cook, 58 Clark
Dubuque, Julius, shoemkr, 90 Brown
Dubuque Shot Tower Co., (C. H. Vehmeyer, agt.), 4 State
Ducasse, John, stairbldr., r. rear 52 Gurley
Ducat, Arthur C. (Ducat & Lyon), r. Evanston
Ducat, Norval, waiter, r. 146 4th av.
Ducat & Lyon, (A. C. Ducat and G. M. Lyon), ins. agts., 55 LaSalle
Duch, John, cabinetmkr., r. 17 Fry
Ducharme, Alonzo, (Ducharme Bros.), r. Ducharme house
Ducharme Bros., (Alonzo and C. A.), props., Ducharme house, 70 Randolph
Ducharme, Charles A. (Ducharme Bros.), r. Ducharme house
Ducharme House, (Ducharme Bros.), props., 70 Randolph
Ducheck, Nicholas, lab., r. 185 McGregor
Duchek, Thomas, bridgemkr., r. 119 W. 15th
Duchek, William, saloon, 141 DeKoven
Ducher, James, carp., (Palmer, Fuller & Co.), r. 217 Johnson
Duchick, Joseph, lab., r. 434 W. 17th
Duchtermann, Lizzie, r. 22 Barber
Duck, Frank R., (Ritchie & Duck), r. 244 S. Green
Duck, John, cabinetmkr., r. 17 Fry
Duckendolf, John, lab., r 312 Church
Duckendorf, George, baker, r. 128 Liberty
Duckendorf, Mary, wid. Nicholas, r. rear 242 Mohawk
Ducker, George, salesman, 251 Madison, r. 120 Honore
Ducker, Theodore, machinist, bds., 210 Rush
Duckers, William, cabinetmkr., r. 24 Carl
Duckett, William, waiter, 81 Clark
Duckhem, Richard, carp., r. 863 W. Adams
Duckhone, Henry, liquors, r. 12 Center av.
Duddles, Michael, with, (Illinois distilling Co.), r. 787 Clybourn av.
Duddles, Susana, wid. Anthony, r. 47 Webster av.
Duddleston, George, clk., 84 Adams, r. 879 Dearborn
Dudenbostel, William, boots and shoes, 895 State
Duder, Otto, lab., r. 32 Lime
Dudley, Benjamin F., (Dudley & Co.), r. ws. Millard av. nr. Ogden av.
Dudley, Caroline, wid. Woodford, r. 848 Clark
Dudley, Charles, lab., r. 71 Hickory av.
Dudley, Charles A., asst. foreman eng. 17, bds. 74 W. Lake
Dudley, David, brickmkr., ws. North Branch, nr. Division
Dudley, Eugene O., messenger, (Am. ex. co.), bds. Metropolitan
Dudley, E. M., clk., 74 Monroe, bds. Gault house
Dudley, Henry W., (Sibley, Endicott & Co.), r. 1211 Indiana av.
Dudley, James B., clothing, 225 W. Washington
Dudley, John, lab., r. 71 Hickory av.
Dudley, Little, salesman, 196 Clark, r. Hyde Park
Dudley, Oscar L., clk, (R. P. Derickson & Sons), r. 432 Ashland av.
Dudley, Thomas, actor, 120 S. Halsted
Dudley, Thomas, patternmkr., r. 338 W. Huron
Dudley, William, clk., 164 Randolph
Dudley, William, lab., r. 171 Wright
Dudley & Co., (B. F. Dudley and T. F. Rooney), provisions, 171 W. Harrison
Dudman, George S., blksmith, r. rear 199 W. 14th
Dudman, John, driver, bds. 1440 S. Dearborn
Dudy, Patrick, lab., r. 874 Clark
Duebinger, Nicholas, millwright, bds. 13 Bremer
Duebrock, August, (A. Duebrock & Co.), r. Lake View
Duebrock, A. & Co., (August Duebrock and Lorenz Watry), bankers, 398 Larrabee
Duel, Charles E. blksmith, 144 Clybourn pl.
Duennebeck, John, tanner, r. 141 Cornell
Duenser, John, brewer, r. 634 Sedgwick
Duensing, Charles H., ins., r. rear 365 W. Chicago av.
Duensing, Henry, painter, r. ns. Laughton nr. Oakley
Duensing, Henry, bds. 174 W. Randolph
Duensing, Hiram, patternmkr., r. Laughton nr. Oakley
Duer, Charles, saloon, 947 State
Duerr, August, cigarmkr., bds. 46 W. 18th
Duerr, Michael, packer, r. 37 Ruble
Dueshaw, Charles, clk., bds. 127 N. Clark
Duesing, John, bricklayr., r. 489 W. Superior
Duesing, John, lab., r. rear 13 Newton
Duetsche, Arthur, clk., (C. B. & Q. R. R.), bds. 227 Division
Duette, Joseph, plasterer, r. 167 Clark
Duever, Adolph, machinist, r. 53 Brigham
Duevert, August, feed, 45 Milwaukee av.
Duff, Alexander, mechanic, r. 32 Alexander
Duff, Annie, r. 332 Ewing
Duff, Charles, pressman, r. 207 Church
Duff, Daniel, milkman, bds. 209 Hubbard
Duff, George, engineer, r. 287 Franklin
Duff, James, fireman, bds. 44 Superior
Duff, James S., clk., (p.o.), r. 315 N. Paulina
Duff, John, lab., bds. 287 Holt av.
Duff, Joshua B., physician, 118 VanBuren, r. 271 Clark
Duff, Peter, teacher, r. 66? W. 22d
Duffee, Thomas, collector, r. 563 W. 21st
Duffell, William, carp., r. Wrightwood av. nr. Seminary av.
Duffell, William jr., printer, 57 Washington, r. Evanston
Duffels, James, waiter, r. 155 S. Clinton
Duffett, William, butcher, r. 1658 Indiana av.
Duffey, Elisha, grocer, 275 Hurlbut
Duffey, Ellen, r. 61 Erie
Duffey, Henry, peddler, bds. 54 N. Market
Duffey, John, lab., r. 730 Archer av.
Duffey, John, teamster, r. 23 Rumsey
Duffey, Joseph, lab., r. 104 Desplaines
Duffey, Michael, lab., r. 99 Bunker
Duffey, Patrick, peddler, bds. 54 N. Market
Duffey, Prokop T. B., clk., 839 Blue Island av.
Duffey, William, r. 61 Erie
Duffie, C. T., tel. opr. (M. C. R. R.), bds. 279 W. Madison

PAGE 337

Dunn, Thomas, stairbuilder, 358 S. may, bds. 383 W. Taylor
Dunn, Thomas P., lab., r. 87 Wesson
Dunn, Timothy, helper, (N. Chicago roll. mill)
Dunn, Timothy, lab., bds. ns. 22d nr. Robey
Dunn, Walter R., newsdealer, r. 20 278 State
Dunn, Winfield P., (Dunn Bros.), r. 317 Orchard
Dunn, William, boots and shoes, 398 S. Jefferson
Dunn, William, boxmkr., r. 703 Centre av.
Dunn, William, glasscutter, r. 116 Erie
Dunn, William, lab., r. Blue Island av. se. cor. Wood
Dunn, William, lab., bds. 164 W. Harrison
Dunn, William, saloon, 874 Blue Island av.
Dunn, William H., tobacconist, r. 116 Erie
Dunn, William H., bkpr., 218 S. Water, r. 90 Seeley
Dunn, William J., carp., r. 270 W. Harrison
Dunn, William J., clk., r. 263 N. Market
Dunna, Phillip, lab., r. 100 Bremer
Dunnavan, Lucien G., clk., 337 W. Madison
Dunne, Ada M., student, (BRYANT & STRATTON BUSINESS COLLEGE), State se.
-----cor. Washington
Dunne, Bernhard, porter, r. 246 Townsend
Dunne, Edmund, coal, 227 Grove and 1403 State, r. 1437 Shurtleff av.
Dunne, Edward, carp., r. 105 W. Adams
Dunne, Edward D., Rev., (asst. pastor St. Mary's ch.), r. 490 Wabash av.
Dunne, E. F., clk., (city collector)
Dunne, George B., engineer, r. 133 LaSalle
Dunne, John, carp., 489 Wentworth av.
Dune, John, lab., 558 Emerald av.
Dunne, John, plasterer, r. 527 Wentworth av.
Dunne, Joseph, lab., r. rear 15 Cleaver
Dunne, Mary, wid. James, r. 17 Vincennes pl.
Dunne, Mary, wid. James, r. 113 S. Paulina
Dunne, Matthew, painter, r. rear 326 S. Morgan
Dunne, Maurice, coal, 216 Cottage Grove av. and 343 Archer av., r. 81 26th
Dunne, Michael, blksmith, bds. 980 S. Halsted
Dunne, Michael, mopmkr., r. 209 Cass
Dunne, Michael, saloon, 580 Wentworth av.
Dunne, Michael J., lawyer, 10, 99 Madison, r. 715 Fulton
Dunne, Patrick, lab., r. 209 W. Clybourn pl.
Dunne, Patrick, porter, r. 46 Pacific av.
Dunne, Peter E., conductor, bds. Tremont house
Dunne, Richard, r. 487 Wentworth av.
Dunne, Thomas, butcher, r. 232 Main
Dunne, Thomas, carp., r. 408 S. Morgan
Dunne, Thomas, lab., r. 108 Wright
Dunne, William, dentist, 2, 107 Clark
Dunne, William, physician, r. 105 W. Adams
Dunne, William C., physician, r. 134 S. Desplaines
Dunnebeicker, John, supt. (Eliel, Danziger & Co.)
Dunner, Henry, shoemkr., r. 1487 State
Dunnicliff, Edward, machinist, r. 151. W. Jackson
Dunnigan, Thomas, lab., (Union roll. mill)
Dunning, Andrew, (D.S. Dunning & Sons), r. Jefferson
Dunning, Armour, r. 109 14th
Dunning, Calvin L., hardware, r. 602 Carroll av.
Dunning, Cyrus A. collector, r. 50 Boston av.
Dunning, David S., (D. S. Dunning & Sons), r. Jefferson
Dunning, D. S. & Sons, (D.S., A.,F.H. and R.O.), nursery, 85 W. Washington
Dunning, Eber T., lawyer, 88 Washington, r. 174 Throop
Dunning, Freeman H., (D.S. Dunning & Sons), r. Jefferson
Dunning, Henry W., clk., 92 Lake, r. 167 S. Peoria
Dunning, James, lab., r. 368 Rebecca
Dunning, James C., aft., r 550
Dunning, Patrick, lab., r. 164 N. Ashland av.
Dunning, Patrick, r. rear 328 W. Indiana
Dunning, Russell O., (D.S. Dunning & Sons), r. Jefferson
Dunning, Seth M., lawyer, 54, 161 LaSalle, r. Englewood
Dunning, Silas H., clk., 2 W. VanBuren, bds. St. Denis hotel
Dunning, Virginia, teacher, (Sheldon schl.)
Dunning, William C., clk., 105 Wabash av., r. 867 W. Adams
Dunning, William D., foreman, (C. & A. R. R.), bds. St. Denis hotel
Dunnivan, Patrick, boarding, 252 Michigan
Dunnivan, William, lab., r. 219 W. Indiana
Dunnivant, George, printer, r. 184 Superior
Dunnough, James, clk, 328 W. Madison, bds. 16½ Aberdeen
Dunnor, Albert, stonecutr., r. 662 S. Union
Dunopsky, Joseph, lab., 73 McGregor
Dunphy, James, waiter, r. 86 W. Quincy
Dunphy, John M., contractor, r. 831 W. Jackson
Dunphy, Thomas, clk., r. 28 Rumsey
Dunphy, William, trunkmkr., r. 44 Sigel
Dunsen, Henry, lab., r. ws. Wood nr. Blue Island av.
Dunsing, Henry, teamster, r. 973 W. 21st.
Dunsmoore, John, janitor, 112 Lake
Dunstan, Basil, drygoods, r. 771 W. Congress
Dunstan, Edward H., clk., 150 Dearborn
Dunstan, Robert W., (Dunstan & Co.), r. 221 S. Robey
Dunstan & Co., (R. W. Dunstan and ------), loans, 5, 150 Dearborn
Dutton, George, carriagemkr., 92 Artesian av.
Dunton, George B., comm. mer., r. 232 Park av.
Dunton, Georgianna, r. 481 W. Kinzie
Dunton, Robert, teamster, r. 18 John pl.
Dunton, Rufus S., trav. agt., 22 Lake
Dunton, Thomas F., (Wight, Goodnow & Co.), r. 42 Seeley av.
Dunvey, Peter J., bartndr., bds. 227 VanBuren
Dunwell, C. W., eng., 63 Washington, r. Rogers Park
Dunwell, Mary E., r. 641 N. Ashland av.
Dunworth, William, lab., r. 94 14th
Dupe, Peter, housemover, r. 29 Sheridan pl.
Dupe, Charles A., (Hitchcock & Dupee), r. 219 S. Sangamon
Dupee, Charles B., provisions, Clark sw. cor. 16th, r. Woodlawn av. cor. 46th
Dupee, C. Frederick, with (C. B. Dupee), Clark sw. cor. 16th, bds. Woodruff house
Dupee, Horace M., (H. M. Dupee & Co.), r. 161 25th
Dupee, H. M. & Co., (H. M. Dupee), prov., 223 Kinzie
Dupee, Jacob, r. 219 S. Sangamon
Dupee, John jr., com. mer., 14, 165 Washington, r. 234 Park av.
Dupee, Joseph, calciminer, (P. Burroughs & Son)
Dupere, John, stonecutr., r. 507 Arnold
Duperry, Louis A., paperhanger, r. 184 Larrabee
Dupeshect, Anton, cooper, (Jacob Munch)
Dupil, Frank, painter, r. 234 Rucker
Duplain, F. P., instrumentmkr., r. 236 Rucker
DuPliese, Odlun, carp., r. 190 Centre av.
Dupont, Francis, painter, (W. & R. Strang)
DUPONT GUNPOWDER, (J. J. Whitehouse, agt.), 7 State
Dupont, Useme, carp., r. 80 Damen
Duprey, Thomas, machinist, r. 116 Church
Dupski, John, lab., r. 182 DeKoven
Duptke, John, lab., (Union stk. yds.)
Dupuis, Achil, cook, r. 34 Sigel
Dupuis, August, goldbeater, r. 34 Sigel
Dupuis, Frederick, yard master, r. 267 W. Indiana
Dupuis, Etienne, painter, r. 220 Centre av.
Dupuy, Henrietta, teacher, (Newberry schl.)
Dupuy, Henry, clk, 108 5th av., r. Halsted nr. Fullerton av.
Duquette, Louis, clk., 270 Wabash av.
Durack, John, lab., r. 479 W. Erie
Durand Bros. & Co., (C. E. and J. B. Durand and m. R. Doty), grocers, 237 S. Water
Durand, Calvin, (Durands & Co.), r. Lake Forest
Durand, Charles E., (Durand Bros. & Co.), r. 77 Calumet av.
Durand, Dolfish, shoemkr., bds. 388 Rebecca
Durand, Edward, lab., r. rear 24 Cherry av.
DURAND, ELLIOT E., reporter, (Times), bds. St. Caroline's ct. hotel
Durand, George F. bkpr., 242 Madison, r. 982 W. VanBuren
Durand, Henry C., (Durands & Co.), r. Lake Forest
Durand, Henry S., adjuster, 155 LaSalle, r. Racine, Wis.
Durand, John M., (Durands & Co.), r. Grand Pacific
Durand, Joseph, cabinetmkr., r. 22 Gold
Durand, Joseph, packer, r. 181 W. Adams
Durand, Joseph B., (Durand Bros. & Co.), r. Milwaukee
Durand, J. M. jr., clk., 42 Wabash av., bds. Grand Pacific
Durand, Louis, shoemkr., r. 388 Rebecca
Durands & Co., (John M., Henry C.and Calvin Durand), grocers, 42 Wabash av.
Durant, Charles, clk., 640 W. Madison, bds. 645 W. Madison
Durant, Horatio W., agt., (Richardson match co.), 13 Michigan av., r. 267 W. Monroe
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English, George, acct. r. 230 S. Sangamon
English, George, cooper, bds 338 Laflin
English, G.P., reporter Tribune, r. 1251 Indiana av
English Holland school, J.W. Puma prin. 563 W. 16th
English, Isaac B., grocer, r. 21 Cottage pl
English, Israel, switchman, r. 509 W. 16th
English, Jacob E. (Emery, Straight & Co) r. 295 W. Taylor
English, James Mrs., r. 741 S. May
English, John, baker, r. 200 Fulton
English, John, boots and shoes, 305 W. Polk
English, John, flagman, C.B. & Q.R.R.
English, John, lab. r. 176 W. 22d
English, John, lab. r. 214 Rush
English, John L., photographer, bds 699 W. 22d
English, Joseph, tinner, r. 60 Cornell
English, Margaret, music teacher, r. 76 Brown
English, Martin, lab. r. ed Ashland av. nr. roll. mill
English, Patrick, coat room 58 Clark
English, Patrick, lab. r. 26 Scott
English, Phillip, teamster, r. 981 S. Halsted
English, Richard, cigarmkr, bds. 164 Madison
English, Thomas, live stock, r. 645 Emerald av
English, Thomas, shoemkr, 275 W. Polk
English, Thomas G. (T.G. English & co) r. 277 Indiana
English, T.G. & Co. (T.G. English and ---) ticket agts, 101 Clark
English, William, plasterer, r. 178 27th
English, William J. (Moran, English & Wolf) r. 277 Indiana
Englund, Andrew, tailor, r. 33 Sloan
Engoe, Mary, dressmkr, 336 W. Van Buren
Engquist, Erich, clk. 128 Milwaukee av
Engquist, Martin, tailor, r. 305 N. Market
Engquist, Peter, porter, r. 451 N. Ashland av
Engris, Erick, stonecuttr, r. 178 N. May
Engs, William (Theodore B. Wells & Co) r. Oak Park
Engst, Anton, bartndr., 123 N. Clark
Engst, John, lab. r. 415 Clark
Engstrand, Alfred, shoemkr, bds. 86 26th
Engstrom, Frederick, painter, r. rear 41 Chatham ct.
Engstrom, Fred A., clk. W.U. tel.co., r. 207 Larrabee
Engstrom, John, carp. r. 21 Pleasant
Engstrom, John, helper, r. 330 Arnold
Engstrom, Nelson, coachman, 1068 Indiana av
Engstrom, Sophia, saloon, 101 W. Kinzie
Engwald, Oscar F. , watchmkr, r. 222 W. Indiana
Enk, Alexander, molder, r. 223 W. Taylor
Enk, Bernard, molder, r. 432 S. Halsted
Enk, Henry, molder, r. 432 S. Halsted
Enke, Charles, carp. r. 184 Lubeck
Enkhausen, Henry, clk. r. 618 Sedgwick
Enking, Clemens, cigars, 1282 State
Enking, John, cigarmkr, r. 481 Arnold
Enmark, John, carp. r. 371 Arnold
Ennerder, Charles, fitter, r. 150 Bremer
Ennerson, John, carp. r. 286 W. Ohio
Ennesser, John B., cabinetmkr., r. 416 Milwaukee av
Ennesser, Louis J., mechanic, r. 347 S. Morgan
Ennesy, Frank, cooper, bds Ogden house
Ennicalmyer, Charles, carp. r. 18 Barber
Ennich, Louis, conductor, N.C. Ry.
Ennis, Frederick lab. 214 13th pl.
Ennis, George, engineer, r. 150 Farrell
Ennis, James, lab. r. 321 Aberdeen
Ennis, James, lab. r. ss. 38th nr. Gage
Ennis, James, lawyer 22 Metropolitan blk. r. 118 Goethe
Ennis, James, yardman Union stk. yds
Ennis, John, builder, r. 736 W. Superior
Ennis, John, lab. bds. 69 Elgin
Ennis, John, lab. r. Paterson nr. Robey
Ennis, Patrick, fireman, 35 Dearborn
Ennis, Patrick, yardman, r. 37th nr. Wallace
Ennis, Richard J., clk. 104 State, bds. 186 State
Ennis, William, lab. r. 145 Menominee
Ennis, William, salesman 196 S. Water, r. 28 Willard pl
Ennisser, John, joiner, r. 418 Milwaukee av.
Enoch, Michael, lab. r. 231 Archer av
Enokson, Hans M., shoemkr, r. 88 Larrabee
Enos, Charles, clk. p.o. r. 215 26th
Enper, Bass, engineer, bds 127 N. Halsted
Enquist, John, carp. r. 226 N. Market
Enright, Bridget, wid. John, r. 118 Foster
Enright Bros. (James and Thomas) grocers 537 ButterField
Enright, B.A. Miss, teacher, r. 202 Sedgwick
Enright, Daniel, pressfeeder, bds. 47 Quincy
Enright, Dennis K., liquors 395 S. Canal
Enright, D.F., clk. 108 N. Wells, r. 202 Sedgwick
Enright, Edward, teamster, r. 247 W. 12th
Enright, Elizabeth, wid. John, r. 202 Sedgwick
Enright, James (Enright Bros), r. 537 ButterField
Enright, James, capt. eng. co no. 11, r. 84 White
Enright, James, carp., r. 9 Dussold
Enright, James F., engineer eng. co. no. 16, r. 305 31st
Enright, Jeremiah, horseshoer, r. rear 91 Ontario
Enright, Jeremiah, teamster, r. 234 S. Clinton
Enright, John, express, r. 169 W. 16th
Enright, John (Fredrickson & Enright) r. Sedgwick nw. cor. Hobbie
Enright, John, lab. r. 14 Wright
Enright, John, saloon, 831 Blue Island av
Enright, John, saloon, Wallace nw. cor. 28th
Enright, John H. lab. r. 47 W. Quincy
Enright, John H., jr. clk. 141 Monroe, r. 47 Quincy
Enright, John S., driver, r. 517 Hubbard
Enright, John W. (Enright and Kelly) r. 491 Hurlbut
Enright, J.D., baggageman, r. 94 Sherman
Enright, Martin, lab. r. 48 Sholto
Enright, Mary, wid. James, r. 48 Sholto
Enright, Mary, wid. Thomas, r. 72 William
Enright, May, servt. 227 W. Adams
Enright, Michael, boarding, Halsted nr. 43d
Enright, Michael, driver, r. 417 Hubbard
Enright, Morris, lab. r. 9 Mendell
Enright, M., prof. St. Ignatius college,, r.413 W. 12th
Enright, Patrick, bricklr. r. 420 W. 12th
Enright, Patrick, lab. r. 23 ButterField
Enright, Patrick, lab. r. 200 Farrell
Enright, Patrick, teamster, r. N. Pier
Enright, Thomas (Enright Bros) r. 537 ButterField
Enright, Thomas, driver, r. 87 Johnson
Enright, Thomas F., salesman 27 lake, r. 202 Sedgwick
Enright, Timothy, saloon, 173 W. 16th
Enright, Timothy, teamster, r. 112 Sebor
Enright, William, marblewkr, bds. 183 N. Halsted
Enright,William, painter, 434 ButterField
Enright & Kelly (J.W. Enright and E.F. Kelly) liquors, 48 Franklin
Ensign, Charles, dentist 191 W. Madison
Ensign, Elias, dentist, bds 159 W. Madison
Ensign, Frederick G., supt. Amer. S.S. Un., r. 8 Irving pl
Ensign, Herman L., bus. man. Chicago Alliance
Ensworth, Charles F., driver, r. 224 Maxwell
Ensworth, John, machinist, r. 138 N. Elizabeth
Ensworth, Millard, police, r. 140 N. Elizabeth
Entemger, George, lab. r. 104 N. Wood
Enter, Henry G., painter, r. 193 N. Ashland av
Enthof, Henry, grocer 95 Hinman
Entsminger, George G., clk. 14 5th av. r. 104 N. Wood
Entzminger, George, grocer, 351 Ogden av.
Entzminger, John M. (Enderich & Entzminger) r. 730 W. Lake
Enwalder, Sonnas, r. 267 Hubbard
Enwright, Ellen, dressmkr, 126 S. Desplaines
Enwright, Mathew, helper N. Chicago roll. mill co
Enyart, John P., tailor, 74 Dearborn, r. 315 Park av
Enz, Ulrich, porter, r. rear 401 S. Clinton
Enzenbacher, Andrew, lawyer 9 S. Canal, r. 77 Judd
Enzenbacher, Anton, cigars, 473 S. Halsted
Enzenbacher, Joseph, r. 386 W. 12th
Eoese, Jacob, lab. r. 89 North av
Eoff, J. Henry, real est. 14, Reaper blk. r 13 Forest av
Eost, Jacob, carp., r. 320 N. Wood
Epgar, Amos, molder, r. 67 Wendell
Ephraim, Hyman, tailor, 653 State
Ephraim, Manda H., barber, bds 52 Sherman
Ephraim, Morris H., barber, 1200 State, r. 349 ButterField
Epke, Frederick, lab. r. 968 W. 21st
Epler, John, lab. r. rear 690 S. Canal
Eplett, Henry, mason, bds 787 S. Halsted
Epley, Barbara, r. 481 Wabash av
Epp, Louis, lab. r. 9 Tell ct.
Eppel, Chris, express, r. 456 Larrabee
Epperson, R.B. milk, r. 20 Centre av.
Epperman, Martin, carp. r. 79 Wesson


Field, Lang & Co (C.A. Field, H.E. Lang, E.A. Hall and Arthur Kellogg) booksellers 34 Market
Field, Marshall (Field, Leiter & Co) r. 923 Prairie av.
Field, Michael W., carp. 73 13th pl
Field, Mrs., r. 127 W. Huron
Field, Nels F., police, r. 127 W. Huron
Field,Oscar, livery, 165 Michigan av. bds Gardner house
Field, O.L. watchman, 143 Market
Field, Peter, foreman, r. es. Arch nr. Lyman
Field, Peter W. (Field, Benedict & Co) r. New York
Field, Philip, coachman, 731 Michigan av
Field, Richard I. (Field, Benedict & Co) r. 331 Chestnut
Field, Robert, leather, r. 9 Vincennes av
Field, Samuel J., clk. 243 Madison, bds Palmer house
Field, Spafford E., mining, r. 1184 Wabash av
Field, Thomas F., printer, bds 2 N. Page
Field, William B., carrier, p.o., r. 281 W. Randolph
Field, W.D., newsdepot 120 VanBuren, r. Englewood
Field & Co. (H.N. Field and John A. Cole) sew. mach. attachments, 193 Washington
Fielden, Samuel, driver, bds 1018 W. Madison
Fielder, William, clk. Metropolitan hotel
Fieldhouse, Joseph (Fieldhouse & Dutcher) r. 132 S. Lincoln
Fieldhouse, J. jr., cash. 109 S. Canal, r. 132 S. Lincoln
Fieldhouse --
(sic), r. 104 Desplaines
FIELDHOUSE & DUTCHER (J. Fieldhouse and G.M. Dutcher) wrought iron pipe, steam fittings, etc. 109 S. Canal
Fielding, Grace, r. 894 State
Fielding, Henry, printer, r. 557 W. Kinzie
Fielding, Henry (J.E. Packard & Co.) r. 547 Kinzie
Fielding, James, shoemkr, r. 324 Church
Fielding, John, tailor, r. 108 Foster
Fielding, James, waiter, r. 545 Clark
Fielding, William, machinist, r. 32 N. Rucker
Fieldrook, Edward F., clk, r. 20 N. Grove ct
Fields, Alexander, blksmith, bds, 63 Bremer
Fields, Charles h., silverplater, 991 W. Harrison
Fields, Edward, waiter, r. 167 N. Hoyne av
Fields, George E., livestock, r. 379 South Park av
Fields, John, r. 112 N. Wood
Fields, John, r. 25 Keith
Fields, John, contractor, r. 598 Fulton
Fields, John, express, r. 478 W. Superior
Fields, John J., printer, r. 2 N. Page
Fields, Joseph B., carrier, r. 281 W. Randolph
Fields, Mary, prin. 107 Dearborn, r. Morgan Park
Fields, W.B., carrier, p.o. r. 106 Franklin
Fiellin, August, tailor, r. 224 Townsend
Fiene, Frederick, lab. r. 78 Rees
Fiene, Lewis, foreman, h. & 1 co. no. 4, r. 192 Wentworth av
Fierke, Frederick, foreman, r. 192 Augusta
Fierke, John, bartndr, 245 Kinzie
Fierler, James, glazier, r. 108 Mather
Fiertch, George, r. 490 Larrabee
Fiesher, Bradley, molder, r. 148 Hastings
Fiester, Jacob, saloon, es. Elston av. nr. Fullerton av.
Fiestner, George, lab. r. 303 Augusta
Fietsch, Hermann, police, r. 213 Milwaukee av
Fietzen, William, lab. L.W. & V. Co
Fieugenschuch, Kassain, plasterer, r. rear 609 25th
Fleytag, Morris, furrier, 109 5th av
Fife, Adam, police, r. Chicago av. station
Fife, Joel A., clk. r. 238 W. Madison
Fife, John, harnessmkr, bds. 40 Willow
Fife, William, lab. bds. ns. Lake nr. California av.
Fifeler, John, lab. r. 141 13th pl
Fifer, Christopher, boilermkr, r. 541 S. Jefferson
Fifer, Annie, r. rear 258 W. Ohio
Fifield, Edward W., machinist, r. 1068 Wilcox av
Fifield, Leavitt, mnfr. r. 1240 Michigan av
Fifth Avenue Hotel, Kelley & Wilborn, props. 179 Adams
Fifth Avenue Printing House, G. R. Cripps, prop. 76 5th av
Fifth Baptist Church, Harrison, ne cor. Sangamon
Fifth German St. Stepehn's church (Evang. united) Rev. Ernst Guntrum, pastor, Wentworth av. cor. 25th
FIFTH NATIONAL BANK, Nelson Ludington, ???, Henry C. Durand V. pres. Isaac G. ??? [page cut-off]
Figgat, M.T., conductor W. Div. Ry. r. 157 W. Madison
Figgen, Albert, grocer 63 Hanover
Figgen, Laurence, saloon 282 3d av
Figley --- (sic), r. 180 Fulton
Filas, John, lab. bds. 75 Meagher
Filas, Laurence, lab. bds 75 Meagher
Filas, Thomas, lab. bds 75 Meagher
Filber, Andrew, bds. 174 W. Randolph
Filbrandt, Frederick, lab. r. 116 Lock
Filburn, John, lab. r. 206 Hickory
Filburn, Thomas, lab. bds. 36 Elm
Filck, Frank, lab. r. 131 W. 19th
Filden, S., driver W. Div. Ry
File, Anthony, varnisher, r. 552 W. 14th
File, Christian, cooper, r. 505 W. Chicago av
File, Francis, carp. C. & N. W. Ry
Filene, Isidor, furng. goods 56 Archer av
Filer, Alanson G., teamster, r. 225 27th
Filer, Andrew W., patternmkr, r. 228 28th
Filer, Henry, tanner, bds. 193 W. Washington
Filer, Jonathan W., r. 228 28th
Filer, John, packer, r. 225 27th
Filer, Nicholas, r. 30 Starr
Filex, Augusta, wid. James, r. 678 N. Wells
Filey, Abel, bricklayr., r. 30 Goethe
Filig, Henry, clk. r. 40 Fig
Filkins, Charles, bartndr., r. 481½ Clark
Filkins, Edward A., clk. p.o. r. 236 W. Washington
Filkins, H.D. passenger agt., L.S. & M.S. Ry., bds Sherman house
Filkins, Lewis, police, bds Nortwestern hotel
Filkins, William, r. 35 Napoleon pl
Filkins, --- (sic), clk, bds. 219 W. Adams
Fillans, James D. (Leonard & Fillans) r. 105 Halsted
Fillans, Leonard H., marble, 406 Wabash av
Filler, John, cooper, r. 172 W. Division
Filley, Mary, wid. Isaac, r. 98 W. Polk
Fillger, Jacob, printer Western bank note and eng. co
Fillin, Swan W., cabinetmkr, r. 221 Erie
Fillippo, Louis, rags, r. 185 Monroe
Fillis, Edward J., lab. r. 169 N. Union
Fillwett, George, shipcarp, r. 29 Ashley
Filmerus, Hulda, seamstress, r. 71 Chicago av.
Filner, Andrew, foreman 347 Archer av., r. 134 Wentworth av
Filz, James, lab. bds. 97 Polk
Filz, Joseph, clk. 82 5th av., r. 164 Lincoln av
Finan, Daniel, boilermkr, r. Boulevard and State
Finan, Honora, wid. Thomas, r. 76 Waubansia av
Finan, James, lab. r. rear 695 Centre av.
Finan, Michael, driver fire marshal, r. 236 N. Market
Finan, Michael, teamster, r. 191 W. 13th
Finan, William, tailor, r. 94 Ewing
Finance, John, lab. r. 437 24th
Finch, Amasa Johnson, asso. editor Industrial Age, r. 44 S. Ann
Finch, Amelia, r. 117 Gurley
Finch, Edward, insp. r. 96 30th
Finch, Edwin P., harnessmkr, 181 Madison
Finch, Samuel, printer, bds. 634½ State
Finch, William, bricklayer, r. es. Laurel nr. 33d ct
Finch, William A., clk. Star Union line
Finck, August, bkpr. 946 W. Lake
Fincount C., carp. 226 cor. Union
Finder, Felix, machinist, bds. 36 Wesson
Findley, Alexander, carp. r. 131 Milwaukee av
Findley, Charles V., cabinetmkr., bds 230 Noble
Findra, Mary, r. 605 Centre av
Finegold, Andrew, gasfitter, r. 186 N. Green
Finegold J., conductor W. Div. Ry
Finell, Michael, lab. r. 1281 Shurtleff av
Finell, Thomas, lab. r. 347 W. 16th
Finen, Catherin, wid. Patrick, r. 120 Wallace
Fineron, Michael, sailor, r. 85 W. Erie
FINERTY, John F., reporter Tribune, r. 111 N. Dearborn
Finerty, John W., fireman, bds 441 N. Western av.

PAGE 395

Friedrich, Joseph M., lithographer, r. 56 Florimond
Friederich, J., painter, 53 N. Desplaines
Friederich,Kilian, baker, 729 Elston av
Friederich, Louis, saloon, 617 Milwakee av.
Friederich, Louis, shoemkr, bds. 780 State
Friederich, Margaret, laundry, 208 N. Clark
Friederich, N., lab. 63 N. Desplaines
Friederich, Theresa, seamstress, r. 62 Wendell
Friederichsdorf, John, tailor, r. rear. 499 W. 14th
Frieglestad, Peter, painter, bds. 17 Hubbard
Frieling, Edward, teamster, bds. 156 Centre
Frieman, Henry J., acct. 184 Dearborn, r. Lincoln ne cor. W. Huron
Friend, Adolph, prin. Bonfield Cath. schl., r. Bonfield nr. Archer av
Friend, Berman, wine, r. 55 Park av
Friend, Charles, bellboy, 58 Clark
Friend, Charles, clk. 35 W. Washington
Friend, Feist (F. Friend & Bro) r. 630 W. Monroe
Friend, F & Bro (Feist and Nathan) com. mers. 30 N. Dearborn
Friend, J.W., pressman, 92 5th av
Friend, Nathan (F. Friend & Bro) r. 94 W. Jackson
Friend, Nathan, market 1452 S. Halsted
Friend, Peter, driver 156 Dearborn
Friends' Meeting House, ns. 26th nr. Indiana av
Friends' Society, 20 107 Clark
Frier, Robert, boilermkr, r. 680 Indiana av
Frierson, Rufus, coachman, 962 Prairie av
Fries, Albert, clk. r. 506 N. Dearborn
Fries, Bernhard, stonecutr. bds 242 Blackhawk
Fries, Ferdinand, carp. r. 369 N. Franklin
Fries, George, collector, 157 Randolph, r. 369 N. Franklin
Fries, Henry, saloon, 111 Wallace
Fries, John, blksmith, bds 817 W. Kinzie
Fries, Louis, cabinetmkr, r. 616 W. Superior
Fries, Matthias, cabinetmkr, r. 81 W. Division
Fries, Nicholas, teamster, bds. 206 Canalport av
Fries, Phillip, shoemkr., 41 Cottage Grove av., r. 90 Douglas av
Fries, Thomas, trimmer, r. 428 Oakley
Fries, William, clk, 7 W. Randolph, r. 139 Liberty
Fries, William, Lieut. h. l. co. 3, r. 68 Larrabee
Fries, William, student Bryant & Stratton Business College, State se. cor. Washington
Fries, William, tailor, r. 506 N. Dearborn
Friese, August, bkpr. 172 Washington, r. 473 N. Wells
Friese, Emil, notions, 2. 285 Madison
Friese, George, patternmkr, r. 209 N. Wells
Friese, Paul, r. 54 W. 15th
Frieseben, Isaac, cigarmkr, r. 541 Archer av
Frieseben, Joseph, cigars, 541 Archer av
Friesenecker, Barth, cooper r. 118 Willow
Friesleben, Augustus, stonecutr, r. 1479 State
Friesleben, J., cigarmkr, r. 397 W. Randolph
Frietz, Charles, lab. r. 249 W. Division
Friewer, John C., cigars, 272 North av
Friezelben, Annie, r. 208 Wentworth av.
Friezell, Charles, r. 1429 Indiana av
Friezell, Loftus, weigher, bds. 1429 Indiana av
Frigast, John, drygoods, 162 W. Harrison
Frigilles, C., lab. I.C.R.R.
Frilitz, William, boots and shoes, 388 W. Lake
Frill, Michael, helper N. Chicago roll. mill
Frill, William, lab. j. Lister's
Frillman, Henry D. (Seba & Frillman) r. 195 Ontario
Frillmann, Frederick, saloon, 367 Division
Frine, D., driver W. Div. Ry.
Frinfrock, George, engineer, r. 37 O'Neil
Frink, Benjamin P., auditor P.P.C. co. r. 49 Ashland av
Frink, Charles, lab. r. 977 Butterfield
Frink, Charles, printer Journal
Frink, Charles S. cutter, 122 Monroe, r. 1151 Michigan av.
Frink, C.F., salesman, bds. Burdick house
Frink, George M., bds 37 S. Ashland av
Frink, Harry C., clk. 157 Michigan av., r. 49 Ashland av
Frink, Henry, lab. r. 18 Burlington
Frink, Henry F., bds 1004 Wabash av
Frink, John, weigher, r. 982 Butterfield
Frink, Joseph, shoemkr, r. 42 Wellington
Frink, Lucius, foreman, I.C.R.R., r. 81 S. Morgan
Frink, N.J., clk. 221 State, bds Gardner house
Frink, William H., clk. Star union line, r. 1151 Michigan av.
Frink, William S., clk. r. 81 S. Morgan
Frinkoff, William, bartndr, bds 446 Milwaukee av
Frinier, Joseph, teamster, r. 16 Hastings
Frinier, Oliver, r. 16 Hastings
Frintz, Eugene, salesman 91 State, bds Empire house
Friott, Edmond, printer, r. 112 String
Friott, George, watchman, r. 112 String
Frious, John, tailor, r. 336 26th
Frious, John Jr, tailor, r. 336 26th
Frippel, Charles, lab. r. 374 Sedwick
Frisbee, Charles F., foreman, r. 176 W. Jackson
Frisbee, William B., bookbinder, r. 350 Walnut
Frisbie, Augustus, ins. agt. 170 LaSalle, r. 685 Wabash av
Frisbie, Clarence L., boots and shoes, 712 W. Lake
Frisbie, Ella J., wid. John. r. ns. 47th nr. Halsted
Frisbie, Ezra C., flour 640 Wabash av., r. 1456 S. Dearborn
Frisbie, Frederick W., trav. agt. r. 539 Loomis
Frisbie, George W., tinner, r. 142 W. Adams
Frisbie, Henry L. conductor I.C.R.R.
Frisbie, James, peddler, r. 994 Fulton
Frisbie, Judson C. (Hibbard, Spencer & Co) r. 860 Wabash av
Frisbie, Mortimer A. (Frisbie & Rappleye) r. 986 Michigan av.
Frisbie, Mortimer L., hay. r. 467 W. 145th
Frisbie, Orton, real est. 25, 145 Clark, r. Englewood
Frisbie, William, brakeman, r. 721 State
Frisbie, William G., hay, r. 467 W. 14th
FRISBIE & RAPPLEYE (Mortimer A. Frisbie and Nicholas B. Rappleye) real est. loan and ins. agts, 170 LaSalle
Frisch, Christian D., r. 305 Hubbard
Frisch, Hans, drugs, 881 N. Halsted
Frisch, Josephina, wid. Frank, r. 456 S. Union
Frische, Christopher, cutter 129 State, r. 102 Wieland
Frische, Henry, lab. r. 45 McMullin ct.
Frischkorn, Frederick, lab. r. 703 S. May
Frisell, James, sailor, r. 71 Ohio
Frishben, Charles, blksmith, 80 Illinois
Frisholm, William, jeweler, r. 593 Butterfirled
Friska P., blksmith, 45 W. Monroe
Frisleben, Lepold, r. 457 W. Jackson
Frist, Herman, painter, r. 125 N. Market
Fritchie, A.A. tinner, r. 323 State
Frith, Thomas T. bkpr. 122 LaSalle, r. 193 Calumet av
Fritlander, Adolph, bkpr, bds. 216 Fulton
Fritsch, Alphonso, candymkr, r. 153 Carroll av
Fritsch, August, machinist, r. 812 W. 21st
Fritsch, Henry G., clk. 371 Illinois, r. 428 Chestnut
Fritsch, Joseph, lab. r. rear 145 N. Wells
Fritschle, Adolph, printer, bds 197 Blue Island av
Fritschke, Ernst, engineer, r. 829 S. Halsted
Fritter, William, lab, r. 485 N. Wells
Fritz, Bridget A., wid. James, r. 217 Bushnell
Fritz, Charles, lab. r. 249 W. Division
Fritz, Charles J., barber, r. 114 Erie
Fritz, Christ (Sylvester & Fritz) r. Houston nr. W. Division
Fritz, Conrad, printer, bds 81 N. Wells
Fritz, Edward, lab. r. 119 W. 20th
Fritz, Ferdinand, bricklayr, r. 94 Webster av
Fritz, Frederick B., cooper Perry se cor. Belden av, r. 774 Clybourn av
Fritz, George, lab. r. 21 Langdon
Fritz, George, saloon, r. Clybourn av. sw. cor. Webster av
Fritz, Gregor, cabinetmkr, 579 W. Taylor
Fritz, Henry, blksmith, r. 991 Archer av
Fritz, Henry, butcher 1140 Milwaukee av
Fritz, Jocahim, tailor 2 Houston
Fritz, John, barber, 103 Archer av. r. 395 26th
Fritz, John, driver, 627 W. Madison
Fritz, John, driver, r. 643 W. Madison
Fritz, John, drygoods, 395 26th
Fritz, John, lab. 68 N. Desplaines
Fritz, John, lab. r. 8 Shelby ct.
Fritz, John, lab. r. 264 Forest av
Fritz, John, lab. r. 787 Butterfield
Fritz, John, painter, r. 22 N. Union
Fritz, Joseph, carp. r. 449 25th
Fritz, Nicholas, feed 571 N. Halsted
Fritz, William, fresco artist, r. 456 North av
Fritz, W. , lab. 63 N. Desplaines
Fritz, --, stonecutr., r. 278 W. 15th
Fritze, George (Leet & Fritze) bds. Tremont house
Fritzenschaf, Ferdinand, bakery State nr. 48th

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Frost, George H., bkpr. r. 19 N. Carpenter
Frost, G.P. Mrs., r. 876 Warren av
Frost, Henry C., clk. 156 Washington
Frost, Henry D., salesman, 250 Madison, r. 28 Walnut
Frost, Jacob, carp. r. es. Alport av. nr 21st
Frost, Jacob, r, 1175 Michigan av
Frost, James, peddler, r. 1476 S. Halsted
Frost, John, teamster, 65 DeDoven
Frost, John, wks. Union stk. yds
Frost, John B. (Frost & Fetrow) r. Naperville
Frost, John D. cutter, r. 46 Marion pl
Frost, J., cabinetmkr., r. 359 Ashland av
Frost, J.F., capitalist, bds 18 S. Peoria
Frost, Louis D., (Flesh & Frost) r. Madison, Wis
Frost, Mark B., clk. 199 Randolph, r. 388 ½ S. May
Frost, Robert, clk. 192 Madison, r. 178 W. Washington
Frost, Rufus S. & Co., Nelson B. Record, Manager, dry goods, 165 5th av
Frost, Samuel, clothing, 173 22d, r. 1175 Michigan av.
Frost, Samuel, oculist, r. 388 ½ S. May
Frost, Thomas G. (Miller & Frost) r. Evanston
Frost, William E. (W.E. Frost & co) r. 1174 Wabash av
FROST, W.E. & CO (William E. Frost, Albert H. Larned, Daniel Keller, August M. Schilling, and Henry H. Drew) mnfrs. sash, doors and blinds, 144 116th
Frost, William H., cash. 58 Lake, r. 20 Oak av
Frost & Fetrow (J.B. Frost and Jacob Fetrow) com. mers. 15, 156 Washington
Froum, John, driver, r. 707 N. Franklin
Frousba, John, lab. r. 84 Clayton
Frowe, S.S. ins. agt. 104 State
Frowley, John, lab. r. 133 Deering
Fruam, Frederick, cigarmkr, bds 140 Webster av
Frude, Jacob, brewer, 264 W. 12th
Fruehjahr, William, boarding 102 Larrabee
Fruendell, Albert, cabinetmkr, r. 29 Nutt
Fruendell, Frank, cabinetmkr, r. 1 Nutt
Fruendell, Thomas, cabinetmkr, r. 1 Nutt
Fruhauf, Charles, milk, r. 26 N. Sangamon
Fruhm, C.M., clk. 284 Milwaukee av. r. 304 Milwaukee av
Frul, Frank, lab. r. 383 W. 18th
Fruman Bros., druggists 177 Clark
Frume, Frederick, lab. r. 140 Webster av
Frund, Peter, teamster, r. 167 Chestnut
Frundt, John, insp. r. 162 Johnson
Frundt, John, lab. r. 53 Perry
Frus, John, hair goods, 71 Metropolitan blk
Frusing, John, lab. r. 64 Fisk
Fruth, Michael, shoemkr, 686 S. Canal
Fry, Alfred W., waiter, 169 Madison
Fry Building, 84 LaSalle
Fry, Charles, harnessmkr, bds 186 W. 18th
Fry, Charles H., cash. Sherman house
Fry, Christian, waiter 35 Dearborn
Fry, Christopher, photofrapher, bds 210 Ewing
Fry, Daniel, teamster, bds 1573 S. Halsted
Fry, Ellen, wid. Michael, r. 4 Gano
Fry, George C., lawyer, 22, 86 LaSalle, r. 126 Ells Ave
Fry, Henrietta, wid. John, r. 245 N. Morgan
Fry, Henry, porter, 275 Kinzie, r. 82 Wieland
Fry, Henry, upholsterer, r. 302 21st
Fry, Henry T. , bkpr. 59 State, r. 424 Belden av
Fry, Ira, teamster, r. 887 State
Fry, Isaac H. drugs, 1011 State
Fry, Jacob, lab. bds 27 Elgin
Fry, Jacob, r. 692 W. 15th
Fry, John, flagman, C & N.W. Ry.
Fry, John, harnessmkr, bds 186 W. 18th
Fry, John E., teller U.S. asst. treas. r. 424 Belden av
Fry, John H., jr., yardman Union stk yds
Fry, Luther B., agt. Fuller, Warren & Co, r. 506 Fulton
Fry, Peter, teamster, bds 113 12th
Fry, Samuel, cash. Brevoort house, r. 127 LaSalle
Fry, Thomas, clk. 118, bds 318 W. Madison
Fry, Urias J., tel. opr. r. ss. 18th nr. Western av
Fry, William, painter, bds 210 Ewing
Fry, William, weigher, r. 410 S. Morgan
Fry, W.H. student Bryant & Stratton Business College, State ce. cor Washington
Fryar, William H., bricklayr, r. 861 State
Frye, Frank, canvasser, bds 864½ State
Frye, George, clk. 96 Lake
Frye, Jacob, com. mer. r. 65 Oakwood boulevard
Frye, John, driver, 106 S. Ashland av.

Left half of PAGE 396

Frye, Nathan, machinist, r. 864½ State
Fryer, Daniel, bds 1111 State
Fryer, P.J. livery, 1060 State, r. 1111 State
Fryer, R. boilermkr, I.C. shops
Fuberg, Niles A., shoemkr, r. 47 Heine
Fuchs, Adam, molder, r. 195 Hurlbut
Fuchs, August, bricklayr, r. Lull nr. Wood
Fuchs, August, r. 1164 State
Fuchs, August E., tinner, r. 28 Willow
Fuchs, Camillus, shoemkr, r. 192 North av
Fuchs, Charles, butcher, r. ss. 31st nr Clark
Fuchs, Charles W., printer, r. 153 N. Wells
Fuchs, Edward, polisher, r. 36 Sigel
Fuchs, Frank, clk. p.o. r. 415 Butterfield
Fuchs, George Mrs., saloon, 223 VanBuren
Fuchs, Henry, machinist, r. 101 Mohawk
Fuchs, Jacob, horseshoer, 253 Cottage Grove av
Fuchs, Jacob, lab. r. 77 Seward
Fuchs, James, lab. r. 456 S. Union
Fuchs, John, lab. r. 36 Dussold
Fuchs, Joseph, shoemkr, r. 27 Chicago av
Fuchs, Julius, music teacher, r. 273 Rush
Fuchs, J., turner, 45 W. Monroe
Fuchs, Louis, barber, 452 Larrabee
Fuchs, Louis, cabinetmkr, r. 464 W. Ohio
Fuchs, Martin (Zoeller & Fuchs) r. 46 W. 18th
Fuchs, Martin, foreman L.C. Huck, r. 46 W. 18th
Fuchs, M., shaper 45 W. Monroe
Fuchs, William, cigars 57 Kinzie
Fuchs, Xavier, clk. r. 779 S. Halsted
Fuchs, --- (sic) engineer ws. Benson nr. 31st
Fuchslein, Jacob, cooper 275 Cottage Grove av
Fuchstand, Ignatz, carp, r. 30 North av
Fuclend, Susan, r. rear 238 Larrabee
Fudden, Thomas, painter, r. 129 W. 12th
Fudrow, Christian, switchman, r. Butterfield cor. 46th
Fuehver, Adam, tailor, r. 282 Division
Fuel, Harriet, wid. Alonzo, bds 682 State
Fuellgraff, Lewis, tailor, r. es. Centre av. nr 12th
Fuellgraff, Robert L., barber 117 Blue Island av. r. 466 W. 12th
Fuenfle, Joseph, saloon 145 N. Wells
Fuermann, August, brewer 9 W. Ohio, r. 86 Chicago av
Fuermann, Thomas R., lab. r. rear 36 Wesson
Fuerst, Oswald, bookbinder, r. 183 Eagle
Fuerstenberg, Adolph, drygoods, 304 Milwaukee av
Fuerstenberg, Carl, cash. 124 Clark, r. 16 Grant
Fuerstenberg, Charles, clk, r. 16 Grant
Fuerstenberg, Henry, restaurant 319 Blue Island av
Fuester, H., r. 234 Mazwell
Fuesz, Frederick, lab. r. 277 Blackhawk
Fuesz, Philip, painter, r. 537 W. Chicago av
Fugate, Charles, molder, r. 270 S. Halsted
Fugelstad, Andreas, cooper, r. 170 Elizabeth
Fugelstad, Peter, sailor, r. 168 Elizabeth
Fugenschugh, Theodore, plasterer 578 State, r. 349 5th av
Fuhlrodt, Conrad, teamster, r. 109 Jane
Fuhring, Frank, stonecutr, 460 5th av
Fuhring, Helen, wid. Ferdinand, r. 128 S. Green
Fuhring, William, clk. bds 128 S. Green
Fuhrmann, Henry, zinc signs 123 N. Wells
Fuhrmann, Jacob, peddler, r. 101 Bremer
Fuhrmann, John G., cabinetmkr, r. 96 Larrabee
Fuhrmann, Mary, wid. Christian, r. 236 N. Halsted
Fuhs, George, lab. bds 369 5th av
Fuhs, Peter, cigars, 143 Fry
Fulck, Frank, grocer, 412 W. 18th
Fuke, Frank, tailor, r. 77 Seward
Fukel, Wenzel, lab. r. 106 18th
Fukeman, Charles, wagonmkr, r. 709 S. Morgan
Fukeman, Jacob, lab. r. 709 S. Morgan
Fulbrauch, Albert, gilder, r. 248 W. 12th
Fulcher, E.M., bkpr. 127 State, r. 878 Wabash av.
Fulde, Ohswald,cigars, 400 Milwaukee av
Fulgham, E.C., engineer, r. Peoria cor. Kinzie
Fulgraff, Otto, salesman, 175 Randolph, r. 113 Calumet av
Fulk, Henry, lab. r. 250 Orchard
Fulker, George, lab. bds. 843 Willow
Fulkman, Charles, lab. r. 494 Blue Island av
Fulkmann, John, carp. bds. 297 Sedgwick
Full, Ferdinand F., spinner, r. 713 Larrabee
Fullam, Charles T., foreman 5 Lumber, r. 579 State
Fullam, Timothy S. (Fullam & Co) r. 146 Forrest av
Fullam, William W., clk. I.C.R.R., bds. 146 Forrest av
Fullam & Co., sashmnfrs. 9 Lumber
Fullan, John, porter Grand Pacific

Page 410

Gerstley, Max M. (M.M. Gerstley & Son) r. 573 Wabash Av.
Gerstley, M.M. & Son (M.M. and Henry) shirts 232 Clark
Gerstung, Andrew, bartndr, r. 307 W. Madison
Gerstung, Christ, carp. r. 20 Cornelia
Gerstung, C.A. , bartndr, 312 W. Madison
Gert, Frederick, polisher, r. Jefferson se. cor. Barber
Gerten, Miles, lab. r. 339 Laflin
Gerten, N., lab. r. 342 North av.
Gertenrich, John, confectioner Jas C. Simms
Gerth, Henry, lab. r. 69 Wisconsin
Gertin, William, lab. r. 532 N. Halsted
Gertner, George, lab. r. 106 Rees
Gerton, John, blksmith, r. 17 Willow
Gerts, Geo. E. (Gerts, Lumbard & Co) r. Oak park
Gerts, John, cabinetmkr, r. 64 Rees
GERTS, LUMBARD & CO. (George E. Gerts, Henry Lumbard and John Schmidt) brushmnfrs, 176 Randolph
Gertsen, John, shoemakr, r. rear 42 Cornelia
Gerty, George, bkpr. 14 Charles pl
Gerty, John, teamster, bds 31st ne. cor. Farrell
Gerty, Miles, machinist, r. 341 Laflin
Gertz, Gustav, lab. r. Archer av. nw. cor. Lock
Gerus, David, clk, r. 543 W. Chicago av.
Gervals, Dosithe, carp. r. ws. Hanover nr. 31st
Gervars, Joussain Mrs. , r. 20 Gold
Gervars, Rock, lab, r. 18 Gold
Gerwin, William, ironwkr, r. 176 W. Chicago av.
Gesa, Frederick, carp. 21 Kroger
Geschke, Charles, carp. r. 149 W. Indiana
Gese, August, tailor, r. ss. 20th nr. Wood
Gese, Herman, tailor, r. ss. 20th nr. Wood
Gesel, Joseph, carp. r. 760 W. 18th
Geselbracht, William H., clk. 111 State, r. 202 Michigan
Geshelm, Henry, furniture, r. 1769 S. Dearborn
Geske, August, lab. r. 754 Elston av
Geske, Louis, cabinetmkr, r. 162 Willow
Geske, Robert, polisher, r. 143 18th
Geskey, Adolph L., clk, r. 171 Centre
Geskie, Frederick, wagonmkr, r. 186 Clybourn pl
Geskowski, Michael, carp. r. 384 Elston av
Gesler, Louis, cabinetmkr, r. 108 W. 13th
Gesner, Luther B., clk. 482 W. Madison, r. 813 Fulton
Gessel, Henry, carp. r. 118 Hurlbut
Gessel, John, lab. r 114 W. 15th
Gessen, Christian, blksmith, r. 165 W. Indiana
Gessen, Ges. Maets, shoemkr, r. 86 Jefferson
Gessler, August, teamster, r. 22 Weed
Gessler, Joseph, peddler, r. 67 Illinois
Gessner, Bayard, bkpr. r. 813 Fulton
Gessner, Herman Mrs., r. 30 Burling
Gestke, Henry, butcher, r. rear 366 Division
Gestrom, William, carp. r. 263 Henry
Getchell, Charles H. (H.F. Getchell & Sons) r. Des Moines, IA
Getchell, Edwin F. (H.F. Getchell & Co) r. 991 Prairie av
Getchell, Frederick (H.F. Getchell & Sons) r. DesMoines, Ia
Getchell, George W. (G.W. Getchell & Co) bds Burke's hotel
Getchell, G.W. & Co. (George W. Getchell and -- ) roofers 170 LaSalle
Getchell, Henry F. (H.F. Getchell & Co), 991 Prairie av.
GETCHELL, H.F. & CO. (Henry F. and Edwin F. Getchell ) lumber 25, 162 Washington
Getchel, H.F. & Sons (Henry F., Charles H. and Frederick) lumber 25, 162 Washington
Getchell, William H., contractor, r. 316 Milwaukee
Gether, Nicholas, stoker P.G.L. & C. Co.
Gethock, John, lab. r. 142 W. 19th
Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Rev. P. Ericson, pastor May cor. Huron
Getkmer, Michael, tailor, r. 534 W. 14th
Getman, Herbert, tel opr., r. 167 W. Jackson
Getman, J. Madison, clk. r. 167 W. Jackson
Getschel, John, painter, r. 525 W. Superior
Getskow, Edward, barber 442½ S. Halsted
Getteau, Frank, baggageman, r. 170 Washington
Gettemy, Robert H., bds. 42 Laflin
Getten, Albert C., foreman 107 Lake, r. Lake View
Getten, Matthias, blksmith, r. 36 McReynolds
Gettings, C.H., clk, 290 5th av., r. 465 Michigan av.
Gettins, Edward H., bkpr. bds 465 Michigan av
Gettins, James F., painter, 622 Carroll av
Gettler, Anne, wid. John, r. 131 Wright
Gettleson, George, carp. r. 35 W. Indiana
Getty, Harry, clk. 510 W. Madison, r. 234 N. Franklin
Getty, Henry H. (Martin Ryerson & Co) r. 439 W. Washington
Getty, James H., clk. B. & O. R.R. ,bds, 117 S. Lincoln
Getty, Stephen, porter, r. 234 N. Franklin
Getty, Thomas G. (Shannon, Platt & Co) r. Emerald nr 45th.
Getty, William, bkpr, 242 S. Water, bds Merchants hotel
Getty, William W., locksmith, r. 1441 S. Dearborn
Getz, Antonia, carp., r. 166 Augusta
Getz, Charles E., mechanic, bds 132 S. Peoria
Getz, Daniel, cattle, r. 540 S. Halsted
Getz, Ernst, car insp. r. 598 W. Superior
Getz, Frederick, car repairer, r. 336 W. Huron
Getz, Frederick, painter, r. 101 Newberry av
Getz, Harrietta, wid. Daniel, r. 477 S. Union
Getz, Henry, barber, r. 40 Clybourn av
Getz, H.W., clk. B. & O.R.R., bds. 269 25th
Getz, Louis, cabinetmkr, r. 477 S. Union
Getz, Myer, tailor, r. 166 Larrabee
Getze, Ernst, car repairer, r. 598 W. Superior
Getze, Gustave, teamster, r. rear 131 W. 18th
Getze, Herman, clk. 123 S. Water, r. 336 W. Huron
Getze, John A., bds 681 Indiana
Getze, Oscar, teamster, r. rear 131 W. 18th
Getzendenner, W.E., clk. MC.R.R., bds Adams house
Getzhult, Charles, lab., r. rear 117 Hickory av
Getzien, William , lab. r. , 214 W. Huron
Getzin, Frederick, lab., r. 159 Noble
Getzinger, August N., clk. 787 ½ W. Madison, r. 140 Rumsey
Getzinger, Charles, lab. r. 209 Augusta
Getzinger, Nicholas, grocer, 379 22d
Getzinger, Nicholas, plumber, r. 140 Rumsey
Getzinger, Wilhelmina, wid. Nicholas, r. 140 Rumsey
Getzler, Anthony J., printer, r. 205 Sedgwick
Getzler, Catharine, wid. Andrew J., r. 133 Superior
Getzler, William, porter, r. 133 Superior
Geuberger, Conrad, coppersmith, r. 58 Alexander
Geubert, Bernhard, clk. 364 Blue Island av
Geuder, Phillip, tinsmith, r. 670 S. Halsted
Geudtner, Francis (Vogler & Geudtner) r. Lake View
Geudtner, Paul, crockery 143 N. Clark, r. 187 Indiana
Geugin, Francis, lab. r. rear 27 Chatham ct.
Geurin, Daniel, bookbinder, r. 346 S. May
Geutsch, Edward, machinist, bds. 103½ N. Wells
Gewecke, Henry, miller, r. 35 Cornell
Gewehr, Catherine, wid. George, r. 116 Arnold
Geweke, William, printer, r. rear 171 Bremer
Gewgenpeck, Charles, carp. r. 130 N. Green
Gewinn, Fredrick, teamster, r. 115 W. Taylor
Gewinn, Gottleib, saloon, 359 S. Canal
Geyer, August, peddler 9 W. Ohio
Geyer, Henry, lab, r. 677 S Union
Geyer, John, cigarmkr, r. 437 S. Jefferson
Geyer, John E., saloon 39 Clybourn av
Geyer, Theodore, blksmith, 45 Monroe
Geyer, Vitellius F., painter, r. State nr 51st
Geyerstanger, Fredericke, grocer 397 Clybourn av
Geyner, James, lab. bds 146 N. Halsted
Geyster, Christian, yardman Brackebush Dickson & Co
Geywitz, Henry, cornicemkr, bds. 329 S. Morgan
Gezenn, Albert, peddler, r. 692 Ashland av
Gezeroosky, Leo, chainmkr 100 Indiana
Gfeffer, Martin, tailor, r. 266 13th pl
Ghant, John, carp. r. Ems nr Oakley
Gharrett, Louis, trav. agt. r 302 Fulton
Gheen, Thomas H., Butcher, r. 668 W. Madison
Ghequier, Antoine de, clk. 102 Washington, r. 252 Indiana
Gheret, Charles, cabinetmkr, r. 648 21st
Ghlene, Frank, conductor 251 Madison, r. 151 Brown
Ghiloni, Joseph, molder 511 Wabash av
Ghiloni, Raphael, molder, 511 Wabash av
Ghirt, Henry, lab. r. 69 Wisconsin
Ghislin, Ann, confectionery 2 S. Wood, r. 239 Walnut
Ghon, John, lather, r. 259 Centre
Ghormley, William, dressmkr, 821 Wabash av
Glabe, Phillip, tanner, r. 205 W. Huron
Giamalli, Pietro, plasterer, r. 277 W. Polk
Gib, Jacob, tailor, bds 1567 State
Gibberson, Charles, shoemkr, bds. 38 W. Madison


Adams, Fred. T., bkpr. 90 N. Sangamon, bds 277 W. Jackson
Adler, George W., engineer, r. 110 Canalport av
American Cordage Co. manfrs. cordage, etc. 282 S. Water
American Manufacturer and Iron World, R.C. Machesney, editor 7 Ashland blk.
Anderson, H., agt. Crucible steel wks, 156 and 158 Lake, r. 172 N. Curtis
Andrews, Edwin M. editor American Journal of Education, 213 Wabash av., r. Crystal
-----Lake, Ill
Avery, Frank R. (Loomis, Avery & Co.), bds. 26 Campbell Park
Baldwin, Lewis S., silverplater 6 Calhoun pl, r. 15 22d
Barber, Edward D., clk. p.o., r. 63 31st
Begalke, Mina, wid. Ludwig, r. 20 N. May
Bentley, Henry D., cash. 229 State
BERRY & YOUNG, fire-proof shutters 122 Lake
Blanchard, Rufus, map pub. 132 Clark, r. Wheaton
Bohme, August (Schubart & Bohme), r. 411 S. Halsted
Bowe, William J., bartndr, 726 S. Canal
Brayley, James, prop. Pitts' ag'l wks. 42 S. Canal
BREWER, JOHN S., agt, Union Car Spring mnfg. co., 156 and 158 Lake, r. 334 Ohio
Brooks, H.G., clk, 25 Randolph, r. 384 Warren av
Brooks, S.N. (Sargent, Greenleaf & Brooks), r. 384 Warren av
Brown, John (Brown & Maisch) r. 1044 W. Lake
Brown, M.M., real est. 3, 120 Randolph
Brown & Maisch (John Brown and Andrew Maisch) blksmiths, 1044 W. Lake
Burcky, Christian (Burcky & Milan) 148 Clark
Burcky & Milan (Christian Burcky and Edward Milan) restaurant, 148 Clark
Busbey, W.H., manager Am. Agriculturist, 16 Lakeside bldg, r. 21 N. Oakley
Bushel, Joseph, stereotyper, r. Clark, ne. cor Erie
Calkins, Lotta E., physician hospital for women and children, 117 S. Paulina
Carman, D.M. (Turner & Carman) r. Chicago University
Carr, Miles H. (Nelson & Carr) r. 271 Warren av
Carter, Thomas T. (Smith, Barnard & Carter) bds Brevoort house
Chemioux, Louis (Scales, Chemioux & Co) r. 167 21st
Chicago Alliance, room 52, 95 Clark
Chicago Magazine (monthly) Mrs. C.H. Church editor, 148 Clark
Childs, George A. (Childs & Prince) r. 622 W. Van Buren
Childs & Prince (Octavius Prince and G.A. Childs) bankers, 28, 116 LaSalle
Church, C.H. Mrs., editor Chicago Magazine, 148 Clark
Clark, James P., drug broker, 68 Adams, r. 51 S. Curtis
Cole, E.W., com. mer. 42 Lake, r. 1346 Prairie av
Colwell, F.E. & Co., gilders, 35 S. Canal
Conservatory, Lyman, McAllaster & Co., pubs. 31, 81 Clark
Cook, John H., agt Union ticket office, r. 41st nr. Langley av
Cutler, J.N., real est. 13 Otis blk, r. 651 Wabash av
Cutler, W.G. Wool 186 Kinzie, r. Milwaukee, Wis
Dempsey, John, grocer 167 W. VanBuren
Dexter & Noble (Wirt Dexter, Henry H. and E.S. Noble) lumber 23, 70 Washington
Dimond, Francis M., correspondent, r. 461 W. Ohio
Dinsmore, Abraham, printer, r. 718 Fulton
Dinsmore, F.C. Mrs., physician, r. 718 Fulton
Doolittle, R., sec. Western Excelsior Gas Co. 8, 86 Washington, r. 1009 Wabash av
Douglas, Archibald, agt. Schomacker pianoforte mnfg. co. 152 State
Dow, Asa, com. mer, 151 Monroe, r. 511 W. Adams
Driver, Edward A. (Spear & Driver) r. 526 W. Adams
Duncan, William (Sanborn & Duncan) r. Hinsdale
Dunn, Frances, dressmkr, bds. 13 S. Green
Dunn, Mary, dressmkr, bds. 13 S. Green
Edwards, Richard, pub. 13, 193 Clark
Ellis, Sumner Rev., pastor Second Universalist Society, r. 243 S. Leavitt
Endre, J.C. (Endre & Myers) 173 Eugenie
Endre & Myers (J.C. Endre and A.W. Myers) com. mers. 130 S. Water
Fish, C.W. (M.R. Tuttle & Co) r. 110 Walnut
Frees, James H., pur. agt. Crane Bros. mnfg. co., bds. 138 W. Ohio
Frink, Philip, mer 313 32d
Fyfe, William, lumber broker 242 S. Water, r. 468 W. Randolph
Gay, Orland C. with Traders' ins. Co., r. 336 W. Monroe
Gerwien, William, iron works, 161 W. Chicago av., r. Evanston
GOOD SAMARITAN INDUSTRIAL HOME, 74 Grant pl; office, room 10, 171 and 173 E. Randolph; (Mrs. Annie E. Walberg, pres; Mrs. T.J. Bluthardt and Mrs. Herman Raster,
-----v. presdts; Mrs. E.W. Spaulding, treas; Mrs. M. Baker, sec; Mrs. L.M. Byrnes, matron;
-----Dr. J. Henrotin, jr. physician; Miss Anna Henderson, solicitor)
GOOLD N. & SON, pianos, 248 State
GORDON, GEORGE A., asst editor Tribune, r. 593 LaSalle
Healey, James (Sweeney & Co) r. 186 S. Jefferson
Hobart, Henry M., student, r. 414 Centre av
Holmes, Byron, physician, 419 Milwaukee av
Holmes, Edward B. (Holmes, Pyott & Co) r. 458 Loomis
Honnichen, Ferdinand W., shoemkr, 43 Clybourn av., r. 19 Labor
Houghton, W. C. & Co (W.C. Houghton and James McDonnell) lumber, 22d nr. Blue Island av
JACOB, JAMES L., 52 W. Randolph
Jepson, Andrew J., (Jepson & Shue), r. 17 N. Clark
Jepson & Shue (Andrew J. Jepson and G.L. Shue) saloon, 17 C. Clark
Kirby, Charles, lab. r. 107 Howe
Kirkman, Marshall M., local treas. C. & N.W. Ry., r. 302 Warren av
KOERNER, C. FRANCIS, canvasser, r. 149 W. Randolph
Kortzeborn, Jacob, r. 400 3d av
Kutchbark, Charles, machinist, r. 476 S. Union
Laufer & Hill (J. Laufer and R.W. Hill) com. mers. 208 Kinzie
Londenberg, John, carp. r. 70 Kansas
Mazikowsky, Joseph, lab. r. 36 Chapin
Meckling, Jonas W. (Wicker, Meckling & Co) r. 606 W. Washington
Meyrath, Nicholas, teamster, r ns. Huron nr. Clark
Mills, Luther Laflin, lawyer, 72 Dearborn
O'Callaghan, Cornelius, mer. police, 559 State
O'Leary, Daniel, r. 768 W. Lake
Palmer, John, horseshoer, 846 W. Lake
Patterson, W.H. Gas fixtures, 46 Adams
Pitts' Agricultural Works, James Brayley, prop. 42 S. Canal
Ryan, Thomas, coal 639 Larrabee, r. 235 Orchard
Selig, Jacob J., cigars, 233 N. Clark
Skinner, E.S., treas.Western Excelsior Gas Co. 8, 86 Washington, r. Lake Forest
Sloan, Frederick O., agt. 27 S. Water, r. 685 N. Franklin
Smith, A.K., oculist and aurist 16, Randolph sw. cor. Halsted
Stevenson, Robert H., clk, C.B. & Q.R.R., r. 228 N. Ashland av
Sullivan, Alexander, sec. bd. pub, wks., r. 506 Wabash av.
Tence, Peter, confectioner, 191 S. Halsted
Thompson, Montgomery S., coal, 6, 157 Washington, r. Evanston
THURBER, GEORGE S., theatrical goods, 119 Randolph
Travelers Life and Accident Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn., John H. Nolan, gen. agt.,
-----1, 84 LaSalle
Truman, Augustus E. (Augustus E. Truman & Co.), r. 996 Indiana av
Truman, Augustus E. & Co., com. mers. 12, 120 Washington
Tucker, Charles L. (Tucker & Co.) 23 Randolph
Tucker & Co., chipped beef, 23 Randolph
Voss, Louis, engraver, 188 North av
Waldron, Niblock & Co. (A.D. Waldron, J.G. Niblock, W.H. Zimmerman and J.S. Alexander),
-----coal, 102 Washington
Webb, Josiah & Co., chocolate mnfrs. F.O. Sloan, agt 27 S. Water
Wyatt, Philip, foreman, 158 Clark, r. 686 N. Franklin
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PAGE 1152

BRASS - continued
GRAHAM & JOHNSON, props, (Chicago Brass Works), 38 and 40 S. Jeferson
Green, John, rear 211 Randolph
Humphrey, David, 28 Market
Manson, R. & Co., 33 N. Jefferson
North Side Brass Works, 79 Michigan
Owens, O., 226 Washington
Union Brass Manufacturing Co., 103 Ohio
WEIR & CRAIG, 369 Stewart av.
Western Star Metal Co., 17 S. Canal
WOLFF, L., Copper and Brass Works, 109 an 111 W. Lake St. (Quite a large, fancy ad.

DOWNER & WOOLNER, 98 and 100 Franklin
SCOVILL MANUFACTURING CO., (E. H. Patterson, agt.), 47 LaSalle,

CHILDS, S. D. JR. & CO., 115 Franklin
GARRETSON, D. G., 178 S. Water, cor. LaSalle

Bartholomae & Leieht, 694 Sedgwick
Bartholomae & Roesing, 335 W. 12th
Bergqvist, Oscar, 285 Division
Besley's Waukegan Brewing Co., (W. Besley, pres; E. D. Besley, sec.), 136 N. Jefferson
Best Ph. Brewing Co., Desplaines ne. cor. Indiana
Binz, Francis, 28th nr. lake shore
Blatz V., (Albert Kramer, agt.), Union se. cor. Erie
Busch & Brand Brewing Co., 31 Cedar
Chicago Union Brewing Co., 27th cor Johnson av.
DOWNER & BEMIS BREWING CO., 91 South Park av.
Doyle & Co., 423 N. State
Falk, Franz, (Henry Barrenseheen, agt.), 15 W. Ohio
Feigel, Frederick C., 721 Indiana av.
Fortune Bros., 138 W. VanBuren
Fuermann, August, 9. W. Ohio
Funk, E. & Co., 144 Willow
Gottfried, Matthew, 166 Archer av.
Hartke, August T., rear 82 Willow
Hoerber, Jhn L., 220 W. 12th
Metz, George jr., 401 N. State
Meeske Bros. & Hoch, 123 N. Clark
Schlitz, Joesph Brewing Co., (Buehler & Ulhlein, agts.), Union se. cor. Erie
Schmidt & Glade, 25 Grant pl.
Schoenhofen, Peter, Seward cor. Canalport av.
SEIPP, CONRAD, Johnson av., foot 27th
Sieven, Michael, 186 Pacific av.

KOCH, GUSTAV, 73 Dearborn

Falk, H. B. & Bro., 2, 202 Kinzie
Kolb, G. A. & Co., 67, 29th
Magnus, August, 106 S. Jefferson
National Finings Co., (E. Campbell, manager), 329 State

BRICK - Manufacturers and Dealers
Amman, Frank, North Branch nr. North av. bridge
Bottcher & Kahler, Southport av. nr. Div.
Brennan, Patrick, ns. Douglas av. nr. Laurel
Bush, Abrahm, 5, 200 LaSalle
Bush, John & Bro., Robey nr. Blue Island av.
Busse, John & Co., 9, 126 Dearborn
DeGolyer & Hubbart, w. of Ashland av. bet. Dexter and river
Derickson, R. P. & Sons, Laflin sw. cor. 22nd
Dunn, James, c. or Western av. bet. river and 31st
Dunn, John, 87 Washington
Eisendrath, Nathan, 164 Randolph
Eseman, Charles, Wood sw. cor. Blue Island av.
Excelsior Press Brick Co., 175 LaSalle
Hale, M. C., 172 Madison
Harbach, John W., 129 LaSalle
Hayt & Alsip, 5, 200 LaSalle
Hodgman Bros. & Miller, 102 Washington
Hoope & Kreatenstein, es. Paulina nr. 22d
Jones, David A., 200 LaSalle
Jones, H. & Co., 5, 200 LaSalle
Jones & Small, e. of Western av. bet. river and 31st
Kastins & Co., ws. Ogden canal bef. Division and Halsted
Keller, Fred, Perry nr. Diversey av.
Kennedy & McClourey, 38th ct. se. cor. Laurel
Kuehl & Helmann, Southport av. nr. Diversey av.
Labahn, Carl, Ashland av. nr. Wrightwood av.
Labahn, Fred, Dunning nr. Ashland av.
Lamb & Roland, es. Wood nr. Blue Island av.
Legnard & Shaul, ns. Egan nr. Ullman
Lembeke, John, Ashland av. se. cor. Diversey av.
Lill & Weekier, 163 Washington
Loberg, N. P., Elston av. nr. Clybourn pl.
Lockwood, J. J., 59 Dearborn
Lyon & Rohn, e. of Western av. bet. river and 31st
McKenna, William, Robey nr. blue Island av.
Mercier, Limoges & St. Onges, ns. Egan av. nr. Ashland av.
Moulding, Harland & Co., Laurel cor. 38th
Mueller, Charles, North Branch nr. Fullerton av.
Nash, John & Bro., 172 Madison
Nason, A. W. & Co., 90 Washington
Neebes, Wiliam J., Ullman foot 33d
Nesbitt, James, 24, 87 Washington
Nusew, Frederick, es. Elston av. nr. N. W. Ry. crossing
Price & Bebb, Robey nr. Blue Island av.
Quinn Bros., Archer av. nr. Quinn
Schanze, Henry, Robey nr. Blue Island av.
Schmidt, Charles, Ashland av. nr. Diversey av.
Sessier & Werhelm, North Branch nr. North av.
Sleuter, Christ, w. of Leavitt nr. 31st
Snow, Colomon, ft. S. Hoyne av.
Staples & VanLoan, s. of Douglas av. nr. Ashland av.
Strauss, Hahue & Co., Hawthorne av. ft. Rees
Sundmacher, Conrad, Ashland av. nr. Wrightwood av.
Tegtmeyer 7 Co., ss. 38th nr. Laurel
Tille, Henry, Perry nr. Diversey av.
Tully, T. & J. D., 5, 200 LaSalle
Voss, Henry, ws. North Branch nr. Division
Whiting, J. F. & I., s. of Douglas av. nr. Ashland av.
Yager & Shaul, Egan av. nw. cor. Ullman
Zapel & Wolff, North Branch nr. Fullerton av.

AMERICAN BRIDGE CO., (A. B. Stone, pres; H. A. Rust, vice pres; W. G. Coolidge, sec. and
-----treas.), 210 LaSalle
CANDA, F. E. & CO., 79 Clark
FITZSIMONS, CONNELL & CO., room 7, 100 Washington, and Union cor. 22d
Keystone Bridge Co, (A. Gottlieb, engineer), 53 Metropolitan blk.
Lassig, M., 8, 155 Washington
Wells, Franch & Co., 11, 146 Dearborn

Ames, Charles B., 14, 127 Clark
BROWN, IRA, Room 4, 142 LaSalle
Butterfield, James, 455 S. Canal
Cochran,John C., 12 Wabash av.
Custer, George G., 156 Washington
Cutting & Co., 10, 87 Washington
Deeves, T. S., 166 Washington
Farmer, G. Tom, 153 LaSalle
Fisk, D. E., 142 LaSalle
Freeman, W. P., 166 Washington
Geib, Clark, 6, 165 Washington
HEADLAM'S AGENCY, room 4, 148 Madison
Hemstreet, W. J. & Co., 152 LaSalle
Higginson, D. T., 96 Washington
Hunt, Charles J., 13, 150 Dearborn
LeGrand, Odell & Co., 32 Times bldg.
Levy, Solomon A., 182 Clark
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PAGE 1155

CANNED GOODS - Wholesale
Arehdeacon, William, 115 S. Water
Mallory, D. D. & Co., 114 W. Randolph
WAIDNER, F. A., 45 and 47 River

TODD, WILLIAM, 30 and 32 S. Water

CANS - Shipping
WILSON & EVENDEN, 47 and 49 W. Lake

CANS AND CADDIES - Manufacturers
NORTON BROS., 44 and 46 River

WILSON & EVENDEN, 47 and 49 W. Lake

FOSTER, G. F., SON & CO., 4 Market

FOSTER, G. F., SON & CO., 4 Market

CANDA, F. E. & CO., 79 Clark, wks. blue Island av. nr. Robey
Chicago Portable Track & Car Co., 57 Dearborn
Haskell & Barker Car Co., (Frederick Haskell, pres.), 68 Washington
Wells, Franch & Co., 146 Dearborn

CAR HEATERS - Manufacturers
BAKER, SMITH & CO., 81 and 83 Jackson, and Green & Houston sts., N.Y.


MIDDLETON, N. & A. & CO., rooms 1 and 2, 122 Randolph
Sellers, Morris, 6 Ashland blk.
UNION CAR SPRING MNFG. CO., of New York, (J. S. Brewer, agt.), 156 and 158 Lake
VOSE, DINSMORE & CO., 194 Lake; 32 Warren, N. Y., 720 N. Second, St. Louis

CAR WHEELS - Manufacturers
Barnum & Richardson Mnfg. Co., 64 S. Jefferson
BASS, JOHN H., (Andrew Wallace, supt.), Clark sw. cor. 47th
Chicago Car Wheel Works, Dearborn nw. cor. 15th
Russell, B. F. & Co., 27 Ashland blk.

CARBON OIL - All Grades
CHASE, HANFORD & CO., 1 to 5 Wabash av. cor. Water

WYMAN, CHARLES H., 61 Washington

Goetze, C. A., Grand Pacific Hotel
Webb & Stoner, 50, 161 LaSalle

CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS - See Also Contractors and Builders
Adams, Albert, 587 W. Washington
Alloway, John, State nr. 50th
Avers & Loomis, Stewart av. sw. cor. Judd
Bailey & Wallace, 75 Jackson
Baril, Joseph E., 76 Douglas av.
Bartell, John, rear 244 Madison
Beebe & Co., rear 1004 Michigan av.
Bobendecker, John, 127 N. Wells
Bristow, Josiah, rear 20 N. Canal
Brockway, Eliphalet, 45th nw. cor. Bissell
Campbell & Hews, 141 Bunker
Cargill, W. H., city agt., (LANGLEY'S FIRE PROOF PAINT), 169 Washington
Carpenter, John, 557 W. Madison
Carrick, Thomas, rear 15 Eldridge ct.
Case & Bartlett, 51 Franklin
Cassel & Cross, 43 Major blk.
Cassler, Adam, 1511 S. Halsted
Chamberlain, Orin L., 601 Victoria av.
Chessman, Nathaniel, 1001 W. Monroe
Chivell & Masterson, 421 Sedgwick
Clark, C. H., Court pl. rear 84, 5th av.
Clark, George F., 192, 5th av.
Clark, Jonathan, 19, 3d av.
Clark, Thomas, 127 W. Harrison
Cleveland Silas E., 68 Leavitt
Coey, David, 779 State
Corl, J. S., 71 Jackson
Craney, Lawrence, 157 LaSalle
Critzmaker, Charles, 1024 S. Halsted
Curtis, Henry, 13 Adams
Danks, Albert, rear 1261 Prairie av.
Darby, John E., rear 115 W. Washington
Davis, George B., 159 Erie
Davis, Isaac, rear 137 Adams
Davis, Joshua W., 195 LaSalle
Deidrich, Frederick, 280 S. Halsted
Ebert, August F., 129 Chruch
Edberg, Marcus A., 62 Fig
Edbrooke & Ewing, 149 W. Monroe
Ellickson, Louis H., 153 N. Market
Ellis, F. M., 143 LaSalle
Esterle & Dengenhardt, 541 N. Franklin
Evan, William R., 521 S. Halsted
Field, Michael W., rear 73, 13th pl.
Fischer, Groege, 463, 31st
Fisher, F. A. & Co., 198 S. Clinton
Fix, George, rear 1020 Indiana av.
Fletcher, John, es. al. bet. State and Wabash av. nr. 18th
Fletcher & Munro, 13 Cicero ct.
Ford & Custer, 39 S. Union
Fowler & Carr,74, 4th av.
Garrison, David, 359, 3rd av.
Gillham & Co., 185, 5th av.
Gordon, T. E. & Son, 220 Lake
Grannis, Amos, rear 831 State
Gray, N. B. & Co., 562 W. Madison
Griest, John W., 529 Victoria av.
Gunagan, Thomas C., 82, 16th
Hansen & Jacobsen, 59, 3d av.
Harris, M. & G. H., 90, 3d av.
Hart, Thomas, 42, 12th
Hartmann, William, 25 W. 13th
Heath Bros., rear 1459 Indiana av.
Heath,Frederick E., rear 270 South Park av.
Heydwellier, C., 473 S. Halsted
Hirstand, William H., rear 76 S. Halsted
Hochle, Frederick, 426, 26th
Horton & Skerritt, 130 Michigan
Hughes, Hugh, 168 W. VanBuren
Hylink, William, 1046 Prairie av.
Iverson & Bishop, rear 163 Adams
Jacobson, Nils, 19 Smith
James & Patten, 13 N. Ann
Johnson, John P., 190 Monroe
Jones, John G., rear 461 W. Madison
Kauff, Peter, 44 Dussold
KING, AUGUSTUS C., 533½ Loomis
Klauk, Peter, J., rear 97 Hastings
Knight, Henry F., 63 Douglas av.
Lamb & Marden, rear 299 N. Franklin
Lammers & Runde, 504 W. Chicago av.
Lewis, Bartlett, 515 Wabash av.
Lewis, John W., 53 N. Clinton
Lobstein, J. & Co., rear 103 Hastings
Lukis, William, 559 Victoria av.
Lumley, William & Co., rear 169 Adams
Lund, Valdemar, 82 Sedgwick
Lytle, John, 994 State
Mack, Thomas W., 160 Monroe
Makeham & Tregay, 154 W. Washington
Mason, Peter, 204 Illinois
McClennan, John A., 54 Judd
McDonald, E., 32d nr. Indiana av.
McKinstry, Alfred, 44, 13th
McLean & Faulkner, rear 232 Calumet av.
Middleton, John, 50, 3d av.
MORLEY, WILLIAM, 83 Franklin
Moore, Edmund, 149 W. Monroe
Moore, Richard B., 1191 W. Adams
Morrice, Henry J., 668 State
Mortimer & Tapper, 2, 87 Washington
Neal, Henry, rear 237 Randolph
Nelson, Oscor, 332 Whiting

PAGE 1156

Nicholson, H. W., 212 Illinois
Olson, John, rear 282 W. Erie
O'Neil, John J., 239 N. Market
O'Shea, Timothy, 60 Kossuth
Owen, L. D., Lincoln av. nr. Seminary av.
Palmer, William, 515 Wabash av.
Pennington, Richard, rear 359, 3d av.
Peters, Richard, 40 W. Randolph
Peterson, George, 425 Milwaukee av.
Porter, Robert, 148 Lake av.
Prussing & Muller, 143 Randolph
Purnell, Otto F., rear 105, 22d, and rear 1022 Indiana av.
Rehm & Rupp, 319, 3d av.
Rosa & Stewart, rear 214, 31st
Rossell, J. W., 87 Kinzie
Russ, David, 216 Huron
Russell & Smith, 3, 95 Washington
Scales, William, 789 Fulton
Schaler, Henry, rear 36 Clybourn av.
SHERMAN, J. J., 13, 4th av.
Spencer & Lyon, 20 S. Jefferson
Smith, John L., al. bet. Michigan av. and Indiana av. nr. 31st
Smith, Terence, 273 W. Polk
Stevens, James H., 526 Clybourn av.
St. John, John M., 80 Douglas av.
Swezey, M. B. & T. R., rear 689 Michigan av.
Thompson, O. R., 711 State
Tomlinson, I. Franklin, ne. cor. Congress
Turnbull, G. & J., 174 Monroe
Turnner, Cornelius, 40 S. Peoria
Walsh, E. F., 71 Dearborn
Wanders, Daniel, 714 W. Taylor
White, Henry, 959 Wabash av.
Wigmore, Alfred, 54 Ambrose
Wilson, Frank, rear, 365 W. Madison
Wischemeyer, William, ns. Superior nr. the lake
Woodart, J. W., rear 1124 Wabash av.
Zelmetz, Chris, 353 Hurlbut
Zimmerman, Nicholas, 59 Egan av.

HEADLAM'S AGENCY, room 4, 148 Madison

BOSTON STEAM CARPET CLEANING CO., 44 and 46 W. Adams, and 563 Wabash av.
Carpenter, H. S. & Co., 191 Wabash av. and Clinton cor. Quincy
COOK & SON, 314 W. Madison
FULLER & MACALISTER, 253 S. Canal, office 80 Dearborn
Hamilton & Alexander, 49 S. Canal
Marks, L., 70 W. VanBuren
Phillips, J. M. & Co., 943 Wabash av.
Weaver, Ledman & Mitchell, 227 Jackson

Berthel, August, 362 W. Chicago av.
Boyle, Alexander, 93 S. Peoria
Christopherson, Magdalena, 133 W. Huron
Gerlach, Charles, 127, 12th
Mathie, Charles, 83 Blue Issland av.
Montague & Mitchell, 124 Blue Island av.
Parnell, Peter, 242, 21st
Phillips, James, 86 W. VanBuren
Rix, John, 440 N. Ashland av.
Schamper, Matthias, 131 Archer av.
Wochie, Julia, 194 N. Clark

ALLEN, MACKEY & CO., 233 State
FIELD, LEITER & CO., State ne. cor. Washington
Hollister & Gorham, 221 State
NICKERSON, SOLON, 178 and 180 Madison
Peck, Spencer H., 195 Wabash av.
Sanberg, N. John, 362 Division
West, Joseph, 81 State

ALLEN, MACKEY & CO., 233 State
FIELD, LEITER & CO., Madison ne. cor. Market

TENBROEKE, C. O., agt., 183 and 185 Wabash av. and W. Randolph cor. Ann
JONES, W. T. & BRO., 743 W. lake, also successors to the "California Carriage Mnfg. Co." and
-----manufacturers of all styles of first-class light work.

BOUTON, SMITH & CO., 26 Lake

CHILDS, S. D. JR. & CO., 115 Franklin

CARRIAGE SPRINGS - Manufacturers
Bruce, E. & Co., 39 N. Union

August, Herman, 379 S. Clinton
Case, William, 228 Michigan

HEYNER, A. H., 115 Franklin

Barrows, Carpenter & Co., 202 Lake
KIMBARK, S. D., 80 and 82 Michigan av.
Loomis, Avery 7 Co., 23 Randolph
Scribner, L. S. & Co., 217 Randolph
Stow, Nelson L., 29 S. Canal

CARRIAGES - Children's
Bradley, George L., 45 Monroe
Colby, Rhorer & Co., 395 W. Madison
NOVELTY MANUFACTURING CO., (A. Shoeninger, supt.), 495, 497 and 499 N. Wells
Thomas, James B., 114 N. Peoria
VERGHO, RUHLING & CO., 138 to 142 State
Will, Henry & Co., 378, 5th av.

CARRIAGES - Manufacturers and Dealers
Anderson, Andrew E., rear 453 N. Wells
Bates, George, 46 W. 18th
Beal, Richard J., rear 142 W. Madison
Bergsteman & Leiwenich, 1400 State
Blaisdell & Aldrich, 44 Pacific av.
Bohanon, George W. & Co., 60 W. Madison
Brems & Hoeft, 985 Milwaukee av.
CALIFORNIA CARRIAGE MNFG. CO., (Jas. G. Read, Gen. Agt.), 843 to 847 State, have sold out
-----good will and material to W. T. Jones & Bro., 743 W. Lake. Patent "California Buggies" a speciality.
Campbell, P., 261 S. Canal
Card, Oscar E., Ogden av. nw. cor. Madison
Clark, A. B. & Co., 400 W. Madison
Clow, George E., 80 Weyman
Coan & TenBroeke Carriage Manufacturing Co., (C. O. TENBROEKE, Agent, Successor), 363 W.
Connell, Patrick, 296 W. Polk
Connelly, James J., 175 W. Adams
Edwards, Henry J., 220 Wabash av.
Eich, Nicholas, 508 Throop
EXCELSIOR CARRIAGE WORKS, (William Erby, prop.), 166 N. Wells
Frees, Ph. & Bro., 288 Milwaukee av.
Gebhardt, August, 232 Michigan
Hathaway, L. F., 600 State
Hayde & O'Brien, 731 State
Herzog, Ephraim, 65 Wendell
Hicks, Philip, 107 Fulton
Hill, Edgar A., 213 Wabash av.
Hill, H. B., 29 S. Clinton

PAGE 1157

CARRIAGES - continued
Hopka, John, 692 S. Canal
Hopkins, Michael, ss. Ferdinand nr. Lincoln
Hotchkiss, J. W., 175 Wabash av.
Hottua, Nicholas, 446 S. Halsted
Hull, Charles J., 243 Bushnell
HUNTER & COLWELL, 373 and 375 Archer av.
Jack & Carpenter, 1061 State
Jarrett,E. M., 228 Franklin
Johnson & Thornquist, 228 Michigan
JONES, W. T. & BRO., 748 W. Lake
Kaws & Mencel, 82 Kramer
Kimball, Isaac K. & Co., 45 Cottage Grove av.
Kirkland, James L., 374 W. Lake
Kirkowsky, F., 811 W. Lake
Kline, William L., 56 W. Adams
Koch, nicholas, 111 N. Market
Koehler, B., 175 S. Canal
KRZIKOWSKY, F., 811 W. Lake
Kuhnen, George, 214 Superior
Little, William J., 314 W. Lake
McIlwee & Dammarell, 153 S. Canal
McLaughlin & Topp, rear 163 Adams
Meckel, Louis C., 109, 12th
Michel, Frederick, 210 N. Sangamon
Moninger & Sons, 364, 24th
Moore & Bostwick, 50 N. Canal
Nichols, H. L., 339 W. Lake
O'Brien, James, 1245 State
Oosterman, Samuel, rear 339 Walnut
Ortmann & Schuster, 277 W. Lake
O'Shaughnessy, John A., 296, 31st
Osterling, L., 90 N. Market
Parmenter, Horace D., 1534 S. Halsted
Parrott, Sidney, 1245 S. Halsted
Patterson, R., 743 State
Pennoyer & Co., 302 Wabash av.
Perrigo & Bourke, 160, 20th
Phillips, John R., 39 N. Union
Pitts, Alexander J., 272 N. Clark
Rehkopf, F. A., 941 Wabash av.
Rehkopf, Henry L., 91 N. Robey
Riley & Piper, 83 Franklin
Saunders, Joshua, 652 State
Shaw, Robert, 108 N. Desplaines
Shaw & Hamilton, 218 Wabash av.
Shouldice & Anderson, 453 N. Wells
Smith, Peter & Co., 53 N. Wells
Smith, P. L., 298 Wabash av.
Spear, Frank R., 12 S. Jefferson
Standish, J. Miles, 269 W. Lake
Stewart & McDonald, 621 W. Madison
Stone, Calvin, 418 W. Lake
Studebaker Bros., 265 Wabash av.
Svendsen & Iversen, rear 357 W. Indiana
Swedman, John, 110 Indiana
TENBROEKE, C. O., agt., 183 and 185 Wabash av. and W. Randolph cor. Ann
Tower, I. S. & Bro., 107 S. Clinton
UNION PARK CARRIAGE WORKS, W. T. Jones & Bro., 743 West Lake. Patent California Buggies
-----and Road Wagons a Specialty.
VanHorn & Webber, 44 Eldridge ct.
Voltz Bros., 361 S. Halsted
Weidinger, George, 1069 State
WESTON & CO., 196 Washington
Wetterlund, Gustav, 143 W. Lake
Whitehair, Nicholas, 79, 35th
Willets, Henry, 80, 12th
Withey, J. B., Noble ne. cor. W. Ohio

Doll, Robert, 182 W. Chicago av.
FROST, W. E. & CO., 144, 16th
Ibburh, Fred, 147 Adams
Iffland, George, rear 282 Division
Parelius & Nerdium, 376 Carroll av.
Scott, Isaac E., 208 Wabash av.
Seaver, John N. & Co., 29 N. Jefferson
Tonk, Max, 87 W. Lake
Wiser, Albert H., 216 W. Lake


CAST STEEL - Manufacturers
Hussey, Wells & Co. (J. J. Young, agt.), 146 Lake

MASON & DAVIS, 347 and 349 Illinois

Harms, Charles, 955 Wabash av.
Kinsley, H. M., 66 Washington
Wright, John, 173 Wabash av.

SQUIRE, WILLIAM F., 433 W. 12th

KOCH, GUSTAV, 73 Dearborn

WHITCOMB, R. S. & CO., es. Morgan s. of 22d

CONSTANTINE, T. S., 81 Randolph

Smith & Albright, 13, 171 Randolph

CEMENT - See also Lime, Plaster, etc.
CHICAGO UNION LIME WORKS, (F. E. Spooner, agt.), 153 Market
DEE, WILLIAM M., 217 to 225 Franklin
Kerr, William & Co., 30 W. Monroe
MONTAGUE, JOHN J., 84 Market
NEELY, ALBERT E. & CO., 16 Clark
Uttica Cement Co., (Giles B. Kirtland, sec.), 46 Clark
PHILIP WADSWORTH, 198 to 210 Market Street, IMPORTER, and dealer in all the best brands of
-----the famous English Portland Cement.
WESTERN CEMENT CO., (James Clark, pres.), 98 market
WILLIAMS, N. A. & CO., 3 W. Washington and 219 Washington

CEMETERIES - See also Appendix, page 64
GRACELAND CEMETERY CO., (T. B. Bryan, pres; Bryan Lathrop, sec. and treas.), room 8,
-----94 Dearborn
WALDHEIM CEMETERY CO., (F. Maas, pres; Wm. Istel, sec; G. F. Geist, treas; B. L. Roos,
-----manager), 87 Dearborn, with Chicago Life Ins. Co.

Chicago Chain Works, (S. G. Taylor, prop.), 100 Indiana
HUBBARD, GILBERT & CO., 226 to 230 S. Water
Lane, C. H. & Co., 54 N. Franklin

CHAIR DEALERS - Cane and Wood
HALE, A. L. & BRO., 200, 202, 204 and 206 Randolph
PHILLIPS, JOHN, N. Green nr. W. Erie
STRONG, W. W., FURNITURE CO., 266 and 268 Wabash av.
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PAGE 1211

CHICAGO HOMOEOPATHIC PHARMACY, (Halsey Bros. props.), 25 Washington
Seebach & Delbridge, 48 Madison
Storey & Parker, 183 W. Madison
Werkmeister, Martin, 131 Archer av.

PERRINE, C. O., 7 Market

HOPS, MALT AND BARLEY - See also Malt Houses
FALK, H. B. & BRO., room 2, 202 Kinzie
Free, John A., 156 Washington
Hull, Lidell & Watkins, 131 Lake
LEWIS & TUTTLE, 195 and 197 Randolph
Minkler, W. S., 69 S. Water
Rae, Francis, 116 S. Water

HORSE CLOTHING - Manufacturers
Garfield, A. G. & Co., 59 and 61 W. Washington

MORLEY'S COLLAR BLOCKS, Stitching Horses, Stuffing Rods and Mallets, Factory, 641
Weinrich, Willard & Co., 56 Lake

HORSE NAILS - Manufacturers
NORTHWESTERN HORSE NAIL CO., (N. Corwith, pres; A. W. Kingsland, sec; G. L. Smalley,
-----supt.), manufacturers of Patent Hammered and Finished Horse Nails. Factory 56-68 W.
-----VanBuren; office, 68 W. VanBuren st., Chicago
UNION HORSE NAIL CO., (George B. Noble, agt.), Ashland av. nr. 22d

HORSE POWERS - See also Farm Machinery

BANKS, W. H. & CO., 34 and 36 S. Canal cor. Washington

BANKS, W. H. & CO., 34 and 36 S. Canal cor. Washington

HORSE SHOERS - See Also Blacksmiths
Barnes, Matthew, 146 Ontario
Bectin, Joseph, 30 Kinzie
Bourke, Henry, 12 Archer av.
Bourke, Patrick, 72 W. Indiana
Britt & Toomey, 38 Blue Island av.
Cass, Edward D., 216 W. Adams
Costello & Dorcey, Wood se. cor. Blue Island av.
Crowley, John T., 174 Michigan
Dennis, Paul, 322 Ogden av.
Denver, James, 729 S. Canal
Donnelly & Eager, 1059 State
Doyle, John, 613 W. Madison
Eich, Nicholas, 502 Throop
Engers, Albert, 324 North av.
Fallon, Thomas, 155 N. Union
Foley, John, Paulina sw. cor. 22d
Fuchs, Jacobs, 253 Cottage Grove av.
Gassette, S. R., 728 State
Graves & Loomis, 90 Washington
Hass, Louis, 91 Franklin
Hickman & Skinner, 225 W. Lake
Hincha, William, State nr. 49th
Hopkins, Michael, ss. Ferdinand nr. Robey
Howie, Adam, 387 N. Wells
Joadwine, John, 311 W. Lake
KANOUSE, E., LaSalle se. cor. Indiana
Keady, Joseph, rear 271 Milwaukee av.
King & Co., 121 Michigan av.
Lister, Thomas, 542 S. Canal
Lynch, Robert, 265 W. Lake
Madden, James, rear 43, 14th
Martindale, Henry H., 441 W. Lake
McConnar, William, 486 W. Chicago av.
McDonald, Thomas, 224 Division
McGiveran & Regan, 52 Pearson
McGUIRE, PATRICK, 250 Michigan
McGUIRE, P., 389 Erie
McNicholas & Bros., 373, 22d
McSweeney, James, 187 W. Randolph
Murray, Edward, 169 Adams
Nelson, William, 485 S. Halsted
O'Bradey, Jeremiah, 18th cor. Blackwell
O'Callaghan, Daniel, 801 Blue Island av.
O'Connell, John, 431 Milwaukee av.
O'Connell, Michael, 535 S. Halsted
-----years experience in all kinds of horse shoeing, and have given attention to the diseases of
-----horses' feet. I am prepared to treat any case of lameness, and shall let my work speak for itself.
Palmer, William, 846 W. Lake
Porter, Andrew, rear 791 State
Redmond, James, 69 W. Lake
Rehill, John, 36 Blue Island av.
Richards & Stanndish, 267 W. Lake
Riley, John, 619 S. Halsted
Roberts, David C., 200 W. VanBuren
Smith, George L., al. bet. State and Wabash av. nr. 16th
Urbanus, Mathias, 400 North av.
Walsh, Thomas, 199 N. Halsted
Welsh & Burns, 198 VanBuren
West, Lucas, 323 State
Whelan, Michael, 879 S. Halsted
Williams & McKillip, 1002 State
Wilmot, Robert, 96 Indiana
Worden & Carpenter, 1208 State
Zech & Gehris, 657 Milwaukee av.

HORSE SHOES - Manufacturers
Hale, Robert & Co., 15 N. Clinton


BANKS, W. H. & CO., 34 and 36 S. Canal cor. Washington

HOSE - All Kinds
HALLOCK, HOLMES & CO., 174 and 176 E. Randolph

Grimm, Charles, 77 Clybourn av.
Hodge, E. D. Mrs., 157, 22d
Kuerner, Leonard, 127, 12th
Loescher, A. Mrs., 68 N. Clark
Smith, Harrison, 70 Blue Island av.


SPEAR, EDWIN, (agt., Holmes Electrical Annunciators), 141 LaSalle
Western Electric Mnfg. Co., 220 Kinzie

CHILDS, S. D. Jr. & CO., 115 Franklin

LESTER, M. W. & F., 57 Lake
WILKS, STEPHEN, 106 lake

WILCOX, W. W., 88 Lake

Adams House, (S. F. Hawley, prop.), foot lake
Atherton House, (E. A. Batchelder, propl), 973 Wabash av.
Atlantic Hotel, (Newman & Sullivan, props.), VanBuren sw. cor. Sherman
Aurora House, (Dwain O. Becker, prop.), 178 N. Clark
Becker's Hotel, 181 W. Lake

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HOTELS - continued
BENSON'S HOTEL, (James Benson, prop.), 981 and 981½ State
BETHEL HOME, 32 N. Desplaines
BISHOP COURT HOTEL, (Albert Stone, prop.), 511 W. Madison
Blenis House, 29 W. Randolph
Bolte, William H., 579 State
BREVOORT HOUSE, (H. M. Thompson, prop.), 143 and 145 Madison
Briggs House, (Rickords & Moss, pops.), Randolph ne. cor. 5th av.
Burdick House, (Munger Bros., props.), Wabash av. sw. cor. Adams
BURKE'S EUROPEAN HOTEL, 140 and 142 Madison
Burlington House, (A. Belanger & Co., props.), 680 S. Canal
CENTRAL EUROPEAN HOTEL, (Horn & Pirrung, props.), 13 S. Water
CENTRAL HOTEL, (J. Appleton Wilson, prop.), Market cor. Washington
City Hotel, 101, 16th
CLARENDON HOUSE, (L. A. White, prop.), N. Clark cor. Ontario
Clifton House, (Wilton A. Jenkins, prop.), Monroe nw. cor. Wabash av.
COMMERCIAL HOTEL, (Pulling & Ingraham, props.), Lake nw. cor. Dearborn
Cosmopolitan Hotel, 164 Madison
Cottage Grove Hotel, (B. W. Riggs, prop.), Cottage Grove av. cor. 32d
DE FOREST HOUSE, (Mrs. Jane Miller, prop.), 172 N. Clark
Delavan House, (John Upham, prop.), 143 N. Clark
DUCHARME HOUSE, (Ducharme Bros., props.), 70 and 72 Randolph
Eagle Hotel, (Patrick W. Maloy, prop.), 80 W. Water
Eagle House, (Peter Abt?, prop.), 93 S. Canal
Eldridge House, (Mrs. Mary E. Munger, prop.), 183 W. Washington
Elmore Hotel, 120 S. Halsted
European Globe House, 330 Clark
Exchange Hotel, (M. & P. Lynch, props.), 124 N. Canal
Farmer's Hotel, (G. Teske, prop.), 510 Wentworth av.
Farmer's Hotel, (Hartwig Weber, prop.), 348 Wentworth av.
Fifth Avenue Hotel, (Kelly & Wilborn, props.), 179 Adams
Garden City House, (M. Eichinn, prop.), 103½ N. Wells
Gardner House, (A. E. Goodrich, prop.), Jackson sw. cor. Michigan av.
GAULT HOUSE, (J. H. Cummings, propr.), W. Madison ne. cor. Clinton
Gay's Hotel, (O. A. Cox, prop.), 118, 5th av.
German Hotel, 78 Kinzie
Grand Pacific Hotel, (John B. Drake & Co., props.), Clark cor. Jackson


Market Street, Chicago
Bet Madison and Washington

Commercial Travelers and the traveling public will find every accommodation that is offered in a first-class hotel. Extra large sample rooms, with fire-proof vault attached. Passenger Elevator running day and night. The best $2.50 per day House in the city, and the ONLY ONE at that rate having a Passenger Elevator.

The best commercial house in Chicago,
is situated in the immediate vicinity of the principal places of amusement, and the Wholesal Dry Goods, Boot and Shoe, Hat and Cap and Clothing Houses.


J. A. WILSON, Proprietor

GREEN TREE HOTEL, (John Albin, prop.), 113, 12th
Harrison Court Hotel, (Thomas Nolan, prop.), 268 S. Halsted
Hatch House, 29 N. Wells
Hotel Frankfurt, 69, 5th av.
Hotel Denmark, (Haus Theligaard, prop.), 9 Milwaukee av.
Hotel Dannevirke, (Christian Hausen, prop.), 15 Milwaukee
Humboldt House, (William Ellinghausen, prop.), 141 N. Clark
Hygienic Institute and Hotel, 114 W. Madison
Irving House, 218 Washington
Kenosha House, 91 Kinzie
KLEINE, HENRY, private hotel, 100 N. LaSalle
Kuhn's Hotel, (Kuhn & Thorp, props.), 147 Dearborn
Lawndale Hotel, (George W. Perkins, prop.), es. Milard av. nr. 22d
Louis House, 48 W. Randolph
LOUISVILLE HOTEL, (Charles Zapp, prop.), 245 Kinzie
Mariners' House, (Joseph H. Leonard, supt.), Market ne. cor. Michigan
MASSASOIT HOUSE, (Albert W. Longley, prop.), Central av. sw. cor. Water
Matteson House, (Robert Hill & Co., props.), Wabash av. ne. cr. Jackson
Maulton House, (John H. Maulton, prop.), Kinzie ne. cor. Market
Merchants Hotel, (S. H. Gill, manager), 130 Lake
Metropolitan Hotel, (Ira T. Swift & John E. Rowland, props.), 94 State
NEVADA HOTEL, (Thomas Kendrick, prop.), 148 and 150 Wabash av.
Northwestern Hotel, (John Hannigan, prop.), 86 W. Water
OGDEN HOUSE, (Barker & Forrey, props.), Franklin, nw. cor. Washington
Palmer House, (Potter Palmer, prop.), State cor. Monroe
Parker House, (Warren T. clark, prop.), 187 W. Madison
Randolph House, 29 W. Randolph
Reaper House, (Liberat Danner, prop.), 1200 Blue Island av.
Schaumberger Hotel, (Hnery Rodick, prop.), 112 W. Lake
Sherman House, (Bissell & Hulbert, props.), Clark cor. Randolph
SKINNER'S HOTEL, (Benjamin H. Skinner, manager), madison ne. cor. Canal
St. Caroline's Court, (D. H. Dnaolds, prop.), 18 S. Elizabeth
ST. CLAIR HOUSE, (George Leander, prop.), 134 and 136 Michigan
ST. DENIS, (E. S. Spinney, prop.), Madison cor. Desplaines
St. Julian Road House, (Mrs. J. W. Johnson, prop.), ss. Bowen av. nr. Grand boulevard
ST. NICHOLAS HOTEL, (Edward Harity, manager), 116 and 118 N. Clinton
THOMPSON HOUSE, (Mrs. Frances H. Thompson, prop.), 163 S. Clark
Transit House, (Tucker & Sherman, props.), Union stk. yds.
Tremont House, James Couch, prop.), Lake se. cor. Dearborn

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HOTELS - continued
Union House, (Anson H. Buck, prop.), Canal sw. cor. Madison
United States Hotel, (John Q. White, prop.), Cottage Grove av. se. cor. 31st
Viaduct House, 624 S. Halsted
Victoria Hotel, (H. Kuhlman, prop.) 52 Sherman
Wheeling House, 82 W. Lake
Western Avenue Hotel, 969 W. Madison
Williams Hotel, (James Hennessy, prop.), 61 Kinzie
Woodruff Hotel, (J. W. Boardsman & Co., props.), 950 Wabash av.
WOOD'S HOTEL, (O. Sands, prop.)34 and 36 Washington

HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS - See also Stoves and Hollow Ware
BARKER & JACKSON, 115 and 117, 18th
Bannerman, James D., 197 N. Clark
CHURCH, MERWIN, 45 and 47 Jackson
HATCH & BREEZE, 50 State
JACKSON, WILLIAM H. & CO., Union Square, New York,
Moorehouse, William, 220 W. Lake

Bauer, Joseph, 164 W. 14th
Baumhard, Conrad, Irving pl. nw. cor. Polk
Bjornson, Abraham, 119 W. Washington
Burke, James, 898 Fulton
Crowe, James, 434 W. 14th
Crowe, M., 433 W. Indiana
Haussman, Charles, 36 Nutt
Hollingsworth & Coughlin, 35 W. Adams
Kitchen, William, 841 W. Lake
McAuley, Leonard, 823 Carroll av.
McAuley, Robert, 236 Walnut
Meuses, Peter, 99 Mohawk
Nelson, Daniel, 41 N. Morgan
Neuhaus, August, 167 Wentworth
Pagel, Daniel, 365, 3d av.
Ryberg, August J., 73 N. Sangamon
Sioncen, Charles, 408, 3d av.
Welch, James, 172 Madison
Zapel, Frederick, 74 Mohawk


CORSE, C. J. & CO., 113 W. Madison cor. Desplaines
HEADLAM'S AGENCY, room 4, 148 Madison
Hyde, Asa D., 152 LaSalle
SAMS & FURBER, room 2, 166 Washington

Barton, Charles L., 868 State

HUSKING GLOVES - Manufacturers
Hall Husking Glove Co., 143 S. Clinton

CREGIER, CLARKE & CO., Market cor. Huron

ICE CREAM - Manufacturers
Brazelton, W. P. & Co., 96 Madison
Edmanson Bros., 215 S. Halsted
Wright, John, 171 Wabash av.

BANKS, W. H. & CO., 34 and 36 S. Canal cor. Washington

BRAND & SON, 210 W. Clybourn pl.
Guthrie, O. & W., Butler sw. cor. 24th
Hutchinson, R. F. & Son, 197 W. 18th
Kurtz & Heagan, rear 724 N. Halsted
Leahy, William, 284 Sedgwick
Leanaburg, Frederick, ss. 34th ct. nr. Halsted
Piper, A. N. & Co., ns. Levee nr. Ashland av.
Reed, W. T. B., Chicago av. cor. Western av.
SMITH, JAMES P. & CO., Dealers in ICE. Office, 145 Monroe st., Chicago. Branch Office,
-----786 Indiana Avenue near C B. & Q. Passenger Depot. ICE HOUSES: Batavia, Kane
-----County; Riverside, Cook County; Cold Springs, Cook County; Indiana Avenue, corner
-----Railroad Crossing.
SWETT & CROUCH, Dealers in ICE. Office, Rooms 1 & 2, No. 167 Clark Street. ICE
-----HOUSES: Willow Spring, Chicago & St. Louis R. R.; Calumet River, Illinois Central R. R.;
-----Geneva Lake, Wis., C. & N. W. Ry. and Oconomowoc, Wis.
Tewes, Henry, es. Arnold nr. 25th
Thorn, Charles, 7 W. 20th
THOMPSON, MARK S. & CO., (Mark S. Thompson and Jas. H. Thompson), The only Dealers
-----in STONE LAKE ICE. Principal Office, 191 Clark St. Branch Offices and Depots: L. S. &
-----M. S. R. R. Yard, 12th St.; 97 & 99 N. May St.; 243 & 245, 26th St. near Clark; cor. N.
-----Franklin and Pearson Sts. Principal Storage, Stone Lake, LaPorte Co., Ind.
WADHAMS, WILLARD & CO., Dealers in ICE. Office, room 4, Superior Block, 79 Clark
-----Street, Chicago
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