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Droegamiller, William, boots and shoes, 290 W. North av.
Drognitz, Frank, lab., house 1352 Wentworth av.
Drognitz, Gottlieb, (Drognitz & Grom), 687 Milwaukee, house 68 Bauwans
Drognitz & Grom, (Gottlieb Drognitz and Erasmus Grom), paints and oils, 687 Milwaukee av.
Drogosch, August, tanner, house 58 Burling
Drohe, John, lab., house 48 Blackhawk
Drolbordt, Gustave, carp., house 701 Hinman
Drolenga, Gerrit, lab., house rear 59 Fry
Drolet, Edward, shipcarp., house 454 W. 16th
Droll, Frank, carp., house 69 Fisk
Droll, Ignatz, lab., house 399 W. 16th
Droll, John, lab., house 822 W. 21st
Drom, James E., meatmkt., 768 W. Lake, house 146 Walnut
Drombowsky, Henry, lab., house 61 Kansas
Drone, Fritz, lab., house 722 W. 20th
Droney, Lawrence, fireman, house 150 Maxwell
Drongatz, Gottlieb, carp., house 68 Bauwans
Dronen, John, shoemkr., house 145 Blue Island av.
Drongens, Charles, lab., house 52 Crossing
Dronisch, Flourian, house 393 W. 16th
Drop, Frederick, lab., house W. 20th nr. S. Leavitt
Drorak, Vaclav, saloon, 121 DeKoven
Droschinsky, Casimir, shoemkr., 305 N. Wells, house 176 Bissell
Drosco, Bertram, sawyer, house 561 W. 14th
Drought, James, lab., house 1379 State
Drover, Thomas D., sailor, house 34 Concord pl.
Drown, Oscar A., conductor, house 176 S. Green
Drowny, Caspar J., turner, boards 656 Throop
Droyer, Daniel, coachman, 223 Michigan av.
Droylet, Edward, cabinetmkr., house 542 W. 16th
Drozdowitz, Philip, trimmings, house 359 Clark
Druaut, Louis, baker, house 933 Clark
Drucker, Charles, house 374 Oak
Druckry, Frederick, carp., house 100 Fry
Drueck, Gustavus, tinner, house 207 N. Wells
Druecker, John, lime, 48 N. Clinton, h. 450 N. Clark
Druecker, John P., bkpr., 48 N. Clinton, boards Germania house
Druehl, Charles, janitor, 30 Staats Zeitung bldg.
Druehl, Frank A., drugs, 422 W. 12th, h. 151 Lytle
Druehl, John L., house 422 W. 12th
Druehl, Louis E., grocer, 422 W. 12th, h. 142 Henry
Druetzler, Gustav N., switchman, h. 1546 Butterfield
Druetzler, Michael J., switchman, h. 1546 Butterfield
Drufki, John, lab., house 43 W. Blackhawk
Drugan, Terry, teamster, house 488 Centre av.
Druid, Henry, goldsmith, house 185 W. Huron
Druliner, David L., salesman, house 125 Vanburen
Druliner, Elizabeth, wid. William, house 929 Wabash av.
Druliner, Eunice A. Mrs., dressmkr., 125 Vanburen
Druliner, Ida Miss, milliner, h. 929 Wabash av.
Druliner, James, clerk, house 292 Wabash av.
Drum, Richard C., col., (U.S.A. asst. adjt. gen. mil. div. of the Mo.17), 110 Lasalle, h. 678 Michigan av.
Drum, Walter S., (Munn & Drum), 677 State, house 224 Clark
Drumm, George, driver, 166 Michigan av.
Drummond, Alonzo J., photo. engr., 95 Blue Island av., house 246 S. Halsted
Drummond, Andrew, physician, 201 W. Indiana
Drummond, Arthur H., machinist, h. 21 Sedgwick
Drummond, B., bkpr., house 189 W. Madison
Drummond, Duncan, foreman, 35 S. Canal, house 467 W. Madison
Drummond, Edward A., dep. clerk, (U.S. cts.), 48 Arcade bldg., boards Grand Pacific hotel
Drummond, Henry, piano tuner, bds. 46 Vanburen
Drummond, Thomas, judge, (U. S. circuit ct.), 41 Arcade bldg., house Winfield
Drummond, Thomas, sailor, house 72 Deering
Drury, Edward B., trav. agt., 57 Lake, boards Palmer house
Drury, Edwin, (Carne & Drury), 56 Lasalle, house Wilmette
Drury, Horace G., clerk, 46 Lasalle, house Wilmette
Drury, James C., house 204 Forquer
Drury, John, lab, house 95 W. Quincy
Drury, John, tuck pointer, house 92 Oak
Drury, John H., artist, 268 Huron, house 361 Ohio
Drury, J. Wilson, solicitor, (C.R.I.&P.R.R.), house 26 Indiana av.
Drury, Lucius H., supt. 6, 154 Lake, house 1014 W. Adams
Drury, Lizzie B. Miss, housekpr., (Matteson house)
Drury, Michael, finisher, boards 216½ Sherman
Drury, W. R., boards 696 Fulton
Dryden, David, house 193 W. Washington
Dryden, David D., yardman, boards 4125 S. Halsted
Dryden, Edward W., (Smith & Dryden), 74, 15th, house 470 State
Dryer, Albert, brickmkr., house 509 N. Ashland av.
Dryer, Charles, lab., house Kroger cor. Racine av.
Dryer, Emily Miss., 100 Park av.
Dryer, H. W., salesman, 231 State, house Western av. ne. cor. Hamburg
Dryer, Webster, trav. agt., house ss. Hamburg, nr. N. Western av.
Dryfuss, Adolphus, clothing, 523 S. Canal
Drynan, W. J., conductor, boards 904 Cottage Grove av.
Drysdale, Andrew, (A. Drysdale & Co.), 76 Vanburen, house Englewood
Drysdale, A. & Co., (Andrew Drysdale and John McWade), mantels, 76 Vanburen
Drysdale, George, mantelmakr., house 42 Ayers ct.
Drzemalla, Antony, shoemkr., house 701 W. 22d
Drzemalla, Joseph, molder, boards 6 Currier
Duane, Alice, wid. William, house 398, 22d
Duane, Catharine Miss, dressmkr., house 398, 22d
Duane, James, lab., house 162 W. Kinzie
Duane, Thomas S., pressman, house 400, 22d
Dub, Peter, painter, house 262, 21st
Dubach, Andrew, carp., house 1395 Wentworth av.
Dubach, Andrew jr., machinist, boards 1395 Wentworth av.
Dubach, Frank, machinist, bds. 1395 Wentworth av.
Dubach, John, machinist, bds. 1395 Wentworth av.
Dubach, Nicholas, capt., (eng. co. 8), 16 Archer av., house 1411 Wentworth av.
Dubarry, Edmund L., supt., (C.D.&V.R.R.), 97 Dearborn, boards Grand Pacific hotel
Dubbelt, Charles, tailor, house 124 Cornelia
Dubbs, Henry, opr., house 6 N. Oakley av.
Dube, T. C. Mme., dressmkr., h. 1433 S. Dearborn
Dube, Theopulius, machinist, h. rear 1433 S. Dearborn
Dubeson, George, lab., house 1534 S. Lasalle
Dubetz, Samuel, house 571 State
Dubey, henry, painter, house 175 W. Monroe
Dubia, Henry F., cash., 50 Randolph, h. 345 S. Morgan
Dubia, Monroe, porter, boards Woodstock house
Dubitz, Henry, peddler, house 729 S. Morgan
Dubkee, August, cabinetmkr., house 205, 13th pl.
Dubois, Anson, cooper, house 61 N. Wells
Dubois, Charles L., painter, house 171 Randolph
Dubois, Chretien, tailor, house 32 Dussold
Dubois, Daniel, bartndr., house 25 Bryant blk.
Dubois, Erani, painter, house 342 S. Halsted
Dubois, Gustave, actor, house 325 W. Polk
Dubois, Justin H., student, boards 88 Harrison
Dubois, Irene, painter, house 342 S. Halsted
Dubois, Helen M., wid. John, dressmkr., 187 W. Vanburen
Dubois, Leon, painter, house 140 Chicago av.
Dubois, William, cooper, boards 74 N. Wells
Dubois, William, draughtsman, bds. 20 N. Sangamon
Dubridge, George H., brakeman, h. 733 W. Kinzie
Dubrock, August, banker, 398 Larrabee, h. Lake View
Dubrod, Frank, saloon, 119 S. Canal
Dubuis, Oscar F., architect, house 93 N. Ada
Dubuisson, Desire, wiper, house 1534 S. Lasalle
Dubuque, Jules, shoemkr., house 48 Johnson
Dubuque Shot Tower Co., (C. H. Vehmeyer), agt., 4 State
Duby, Michael, lab., house 124 Hickory
Ducasse, John R., carp., house 112, 13th pl.
Ducat, Arthur C., (Ducat & Lyon), 155 Lasalle, house Evanston
Ducat, Robert, horseshoer, boards 39 W. Adams
Ducat & Lyon, (Arthur C. Ducat and George M. Lyon), ins. agts., 155 Lasalle
Ducek, Annie, wid. John, house rear 84 Fisk
Ducek, Frank, lab., house 84 Fisk
Ducek, Frank, lab., house 423 W. 17th
Ducek, James, lab., house 416 W. 17th
Ducek, John, lab., house 9, 18th pl.
Ducek, John, lab., house rear 84 Fisk
Ducek, Joseph, lab., house 84 Fisk
Ducetcoilt, James, carp., house 284 W. Polk
Ducette, John, cook, (Sherman house)
Ducha, John, teamster, house 237 W. 20th
Ducha, William, coal, house 83 Wade
Ducharme, Alonzo, prop., (Ducharme house), 70 Randolph
Ducharme, Gustave, lab., house 28 Dussold
Ducharme House, (Alonzo Ducharme), prop., 70 Randolph
Ducheck, Jacob, lab., house 527 S. Morgan
Ducheck, Joseph, milk, 141 DeKoven
Ducheck, Thomas, bridgetndr., house 119 W. 15th
Ducher, Samuel, bartndr., house rear 184 S. Green
Duchine, Charles, carp., house 306 S. Desplaines


Dunnigan, John, plasterer, boards, 1693 S. Dearborn
Dunning, Andrew, (L. H. Coupland & Co.), 14, 70 Lasalle, house Jefferson
Dunning, A. E., wid. William S., h. 507 Carroll av.
Dunning, Charles W., clerk, house 867 W. Adams
Dunning, Cyrus A., house 674 W. Washington
Dunning, C. P., com. mer., 100 S. Water, house 157 Park av.
Dunning, George A., cutter, h. 170 S. Washtenaw av.
Dunning, Henry W., bkpr., 92 Lake, h 67 Avon pl.
Dunning, James C., rubber stamps, 709 Wabash av.
Dunning, James S., house 709 Wabash av.
Dunning, John, lab., house 132 N. Green
Dunning, Mary Mrs., boarding 81 N. Peoria
Dunning, Oscar W., house 674 W. Washington
Dunning, Silas H., clerk, boards 390 W. Vanburen
Dunning, Seth W., lawyer, 53, 161 Lasalle, house Englewood
Dunning, Virginia Miss, teacher, bds. 340 N. State
Dunning, William, clerk, boards 390 W. Vanburen
Dunning, William, teamster, house 81 N. Peoria
Dunning, William C., salesman, 105 Wabash av., house 867 W. Adams
Dunnivant, George F., printer, house rear 200 Blackhawk
Dunnot, Joseph, musician, house 153 W. 19th
Dunphey, George E., clerk, house 930 W. Lake
Dunphey, George W., engineer, house 930 W. Lake
Dunphey, Nicholas, bartndr., boards 237 S. Canal
Dunphy, Henrietta, wid. James, h. 290 S. Desplaines
Dunphy, James, lab., house 165 DeKoven
Dunphy, John M., contractor, h. 831 W. Jackson
Dunphy, Thomas, packer, house 56 Ashley
Dunphy, Stephen N., machinist, house 411 State
Dunphy, William, clerk, house 44 Sigel
Dunsar, John, driver, house 634 Sedgwick
Dunsen, Henry, engineer, house 130 Canalport av.
Dunsing, Frederick, house 716 W. Madison
Dunstan, Basil, clerk, house 17 Flournoy
Dunstan, Edward H., clerk, house 221 S. Robey
Dunstan, James, tinner, boards 76 W. Adams
Dunstan, Robert W., (Dunstan & Co.), 14, 152 Dearborn, house 221 S. Robey
Dunstan & Co., (Robert W. Dunstan and ------), loans, 14, 152 Dearborn
Dunton, Frank H., prop. (Spirit of the Turf), 34, 164 Washington, house 338 N. State
Dunton, George B., house 232 Park av.
Dunton, George W., lawyer, 10, 122 Clark
Dunton, Nellie Miss, teacher, house 417 Warren av.
Dunton, Rufus S., trav. agt., 22 Lake
Dunton, Thomas F., com. mer., 121 Kinzie, house 417 Warren av.
Dunton's Spirit of the Turf, (Frank H. Dunton), prop., 34, 164 Washington
Dunwell, C. W., (Dunwell & Ford), 52 Madison, house Rogers Park
Dunwell & Ford, (C. W. Dunwell & C. W. Ford), engravers, 52 Madison
Dunworth, Peter, lab., house 742 Emerald av.
Dupee, Charles A., (Hitchcock & Dupee), 44 Portland blk., house 584 Wabash av.
Dupee, Charles B., prov., Clark sw. cor. 16th, house 46th nw. cor. Woodlawn av.
Dupee, C. Fred, bkpr., Clark ws. cor. 16th, h.23, 33d.
Dupee, Horace M., (H. M. Dupee & Co.), 223 Kinzie, house Kenwood
Dupee, H. M. & Co., (Horace M. Dupee and ------), prov., 223 Kinzie
Dupee, John, lumber, 14, 165 Washington, house 68 Oakwood boul.
Dupee, John jr., com. mer., 165 Washington, house 234 Park av.
Dupee, Peter, lab., house 287, 21st
Duperry, Louis A., paperhanger, house 188 Larrabee
Duperry, M. J. Mrs., dressmkr., 188 Larrabee
Dupil, Frank, painter, house 198 N. Sangamon
Dupinger, James, tailor, house 133 Bunker
Dupke, Henry, tailor, house 205, 13th pl.
Dupke, William, lab., house 205, 13th pl.
Duplains, Francis P., machinist, house 30 Cornell
Duplessis, Charles O., supt., 65 Washington
Dupont-Hansen & Co., hardware, 309 W. Indiana
Dupont-Hansen, Frederick, (Dupont-Hansen & Co.), 309 W. Indiana
DUPONT'S GUNPOWDER, (J. J. Whitehouse), agt., 7 State
Dupre, Catharine, wid. Victor, house 495 S. Union
Dupre, Charles C., clerk, house 495 S. Union
Dupre, Louisa, wid. Frederick, h. rear 202 W. 14th
Dupre, Marcus W., clerk, house 554½ W. Indiana
Duprey, Paul, painter, house 364, 3d av.
Dupuis, Achille, cook, house 84 Sigel
Dupuis, August, goldbeater, house 34 Sigel
Dupuis, Etienne, painter, house 220 Centre av.
Dupuis, Frederick, yardmaster, (P.C. & St.L.R.R.), house 267 W. Indiana
Dupuis, Isaac, switchman, boards 16 Arbor pl.
Dupuis, Thomas, tel. opr., house 22 Gold


Dupuy, Henrietta, teacher, (Newberry schl.), Orchard cor. Willow, house Lake View
Dupuy, Henry, clerk, house ws. N. Halsted nr. Fullerton av.
Duqueane, Joseph, wines, Clark nw. cor. Adams, house 37 Pearce
Duqueite, Louis, salesman, 110 Wabash av., house 404 S. Wood
Durack, John, lab., house 479 W. Erie
Durand Bros. & Co., (Charles F. and Joseph B. Durand and Melville R. Doty), grocers, 229 S. Water
Durand, Calvin, (Durands & Co.), 44 Wabash av., house Lake Forest
Durand, Charles F., (Durand Bros. & Co.), 229 S. Water, house 77 Calumet av.
Durand, Edward, lab., house 24 Cherry av.
Durand, Elliott, reporter, (Tribune), boards St. Carolines Court hotel
Durand, Frank, packer, boards 400 W. 15th
Durand, George P., bkpr., 242 Madison, house 272 S.Leavitt
Durand, Harriet Mrs., seamstress, house rear 714 Indiana av.
Durand, Henry C., (Durands & Co.), 44 Wabash av., house Lake Forest
Durand, Henry S., adjuster, 155 Lasalle, house Racine, Wis.
Durand, John M., (Durands & Co.), 44 Wabash av., boards Grand Pacific
Durand, Joseph, packer, house 400 W. 15th
Durand, Joseph B., (Durand Bros. & Co.), 229 W. Water, house Milwaukee, Wis.
Durand, Louis, buyer, boards 4205 S. Halsted
Durand, Louis, shoemkr., house 268 W. Harrison
Durand, Mary Mrs., boarding 268 W. Harrison
Durands & Co., (John M., Henry C., and Calvin Durand and C. C. Connolly), grocers, 44 Wabash av.
Durant, Charles R., clerk, house 55 S. Paulina
Durant, Charles F., clerk, house 671 Wabash av.
Durant, C. F., student, (
Bryant & Stratton Business College), State se. cor. Washington
Durant, Horatio W., agt., (Richardson match co.), 13 Michigan av., house 471 W. Adams
Durant, H. W. (Durant & Co.), 640 W. Madison, house Adams cor. Loomis
Durant, James T., 178 Madison
Durant, William P., house 671 Wabash av.
Durant, William H., (Durant & Co.), 640 W. Madison, house 55 S. Paulina
Durant & Co., (William H. and H. W. Durant), grocers, 640 W. Madison
Durbin, Eva C., Miss, teacher, boards 186 Howe
Durbin, Sarah C., wid. James, house 186 Howe
Durbrow, Washington jr., (Smith & Durbrow), 26, 116 Lasalle
Durell, William M., trav. agt., 495 N. Wells, house 306 W. Adams
Durfee, Cyrus B., physician, 170 31st
Durfee, Edward C., contr. agt., house 136 Madison
Durfee, Frank G., house 170, 31st
Durfee, Joseph A., trav. agt., boards 505 Calumet av.
Durgin, John C., bkpr., 240 S. Water, house Evanston
Durham, Albert, teller, 179 W. Washington, house S. Evanston
Durham, Benjamin, clerk, (Exposition bldg.), house Ridgeland
Durham, Benjamin M., house 1, 18th
Durham, Charity, wid. Samuel, house 45, 3rd av
Durham, Charles, driver, boards Metropolitan hotel
Durham, Charles, tailor, house rear 216 Larrabee
Durham, C. Wheeler, civil engineer, 77 Major blk., house 166 Pine
Durham, Isaac, manager, 208 Wabash av., h. 45, 3rd av.
Durham, James, solicitor, house 393 South Park av.
Durham, Sophia Miss, teacher, bds. 1020 Indiana av.
Durham, Warren J., lawyer, 21, 183 Lasalle, house Ellis av. nr. Brook
Durien, Emil, tanner, house 84 W. Division
Durk, Dora, wid. John, house 483 N. Franklin
Durkan, Miles, teamster, house 38 Cherry av.
Durkee, Albert, chromos, 112 Monroe, h. 449 S. Leavitt
Durkee, George B., patternmkr., 253 S. Canal, house 241 W. Vanburen
Durkee, Jane L., wid. George, house 308 Indiana
Durkee, Richard P. H., student, bds. Woodruff house
Durkee, Samuel C., machinist, house 1480 Butterfield
Durken, James, plasterer, boards 115 Harrison
Durken, Patrick, plasterer, boards 115 Harrison
Durkin, Anthony J., livery, rear 1159 W. Madison
Durkin, Bernard, puddler, house 632 Elston av.Durkin, Bernard, sailor, house 1347 Garibaldi
Durkin, Edward J., clerk, boards 988 Indiana av.
Durkin, Edward P., lab., house 764 Elston av.
Durkin, Elizabeth Mrs., house 199 N. Halsted
Durkin, Ellen Miss, house 31 N. Grove ct.
Durkin, James, house 715 S. May
Durkin, James, timekpr., house rear 52 Rebecca
Durkin, John, blksmith, house 353 W. 21st
Durkin, John, teamster, house 44 Galena av.
Durkin, Martin, lab., house 20 Huron
Durkin, Michael, hackman, house 27 Illinois
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Eggleston, Surrial G., driver, house 742 Hubbard
Eggleston, William S., salesman, 47 Lasalle, house Evanston
Eggleston, William W., vet. surg., 372 W. Madison, house 342 W. Washington
Eggold, Henry J., clerk, house 800 N. Halsted
Eggold, John, contractor, house 800 N. Halsted
Eggstin, John, teamster, house 553 N. Lasalle
Egle, Charles, lab., house 310 W. Chicago av.
Egle, Ignatz, porter, house 617 Sedgwick
Edlind, Emil, sailor, house 116 Wallace
Egman, Margaret, wid. James, confectr., house 289 W. Polk
Egmer, August, tobacconist, h. rear 212 Rumsey
Egmer, Theodore, lab, house 96 Lock
Egner, Charles, butcher, house 300, 23d
Egner, Frank, teamster, house 210 Dayton
Egnovski, Frank, lab., house 43 Bradley
Ehardt, William, peddler, house 1459 S. Lasalle
Eheim, George, carp., house 121 Front
Ehinger, Bernard, blksmith, boards 355, 5th av.
Ehinger, Herman, police, house 26 Portland av.
Ehlan, Frank, printer, house 193 Hubbard
Ehlan, Frederick, wagonmkr., house 193 Hurlbut
Ehle, August, clerk, house 157 North av.
Ehle, Catharine Mrs., dressmkr., h. 394 W. Congress
Ehle, Christ, gardener, house 195 Dashiel
Ehle, Hattie J. Miss, milliner, 394 W. Congress
Ehle, John H., builder, house 394 W. Congress
Ehlen, Frederick, carp., house 28 Alaska
Ehlen, Henry, cooper, house 611 S. Jefferson
Ehlen, Joseph, tel. opr., house 193 Hurlbut
Ehlen, Sarah Mrs., boarding 135 W. Monroe
Ehlendt, Herman, lab., house 98 Lock
Ehlendt, August, house 25 Church pt.
Ehlens, Max, lab., house 47 Orchard
Ehler, Frederick, porter, house 26 Iowa
Ehlers, Charles, cigarmkr., house 38 Sedgwick
Ehlers, Frederick, lab., house 214, 13th pl.
Ehlers, Frederick, tailor, house 78, 13th pl.
Ehlers, Frederick C., cigarmkr., boards 78, 13th pl.
Ehlers, Henry, bartndr., 87 Clark
Ehlers, Henry, lab., house 209 Dashiel
Ehlers, Henry, plasterer, house rear 115 Hastings
Ehlers, Henry, shoemkr., house 360 N. Lincoln
Ehlers, Henry, tinner, boards 78, 13th pl.
Ehlers, Hermann, shoemkr., house 200 Blackhawk
Ehlers, Julius, clerk, house 119 Stigel
Ehlers, William, cigarmkr., house 73 W. 13th pl.
Ehlert, Anna Miss, tailoress, boards 768 Alport av.
Ehlert, August, cigarmkr., house 768 Alport av.
Ehlert, Claus, coal, 177 Rumsey, house 168 Rumsey
Ehlert, Frederika Miss, tailoress, boards 768 Alport av.
Ehlert, Fritz, lab., house 768 Alport av.
Ehlert, John, express, house 30, 27th
Ehlert, John, peddler, house 288 Samuel
Ehlert, John D. V., express, boards 381, 4th av.
Ehlich, Frederick, clerk, boards 25 Hammond
Ehlie, Heinrich, cooper, house 611 S. Jefferson
Ehman, Charles, (Ehman & Co.), 380 S. Canal, house 80 Ewing
Ehman, Charles, varnisher, boards 120 DeKoven
Ehman, Nicholas, (Ehman & Co.), 380 S. Canal, house 80 Ewing
Ehman, Peter, carp., house 138 Kossuth
Ehman & Co., (Charles and Nicholas Ehman), furniture, 380 S. Canal
Ehrdmann, Charles, teamster, house 689 S. Morgan
Ehren, George, porter, 77 Jackson
Ehrenberg, Erhart, mason, house 256 Bonfield
Ehrenberg, John M., lab., house 360 Orchard
Ehrenberg, John M. jr., lab., boards 360 Orchard
Ehrenberger, John, peddler, h. 204 Canalport av.
Ehrenfels, Henry, clerk, house 32 Mohawk
Ehrenpreis, Ludwig, billiard tablemkr., house 241 Townsend
Ehret, Jacob, lab., house 57 Hurlbut
Ehret, Julius, (Shufart, Ehret & Co.), 3, 170 State, boards 319 Michigan av.
Ehret, Michael, cigar boxes, 141 Sedgwick
Ehret, Mrs., House 141 Sedgwick
Ehrhardt, August, cigarmkr., boards 140 W. Indiana
Ehrhardt, August, locksmith, house 262 Forquer
Ehrhardt, August, student, boards 105 W. Erie
Ehrhardt, Charles, barber, house 302 W. Chicago av.
Ehrhardt, Charles S., cutter, house 34 Cornelia
Ehrhardt, Charles W., engineer, house 142 Townsend
Ehrhardt, Christ, broom mkr., house 160 Bremer
Ehrhardt, Edward, cooper, bds. 160 Milwaukee av.
Ehrhardt, Emma, milliner, bds. 802 W. Chicago av.
Ehrhardt, Gustav, shoemkr., house 745 N. Halsted
Ehrhardt, Henry W., clerk, house 142 Townsend
Ehrhardt, Jacob, saloon, 302 W. Chicago av.
Ehrhardt, Johanna, wid. Joseph, h. 39 Gardner
Ehrhardt, Julius, saloon, 220, 18th
Ehrhardt, Louis, carp., house 500 Union
Ehrhardt, Louis, flour, 216 N. Wells
Ehrhart, August, lab., house 253 W. 18th
Ehrhorn, Gustav, music teacher, h. 1390 S. Dearborn
Ehrhorn, Henry, clerk, house 1390 S. Dearborn
Ehrich, Julius, shoemkr., 167 Cottage Grove av.
Ehrke, Frederick, tailor, house 195 Blackhawk
Ehrler, John, saloon, 1541 S. Halsted
Ehrlery, Bridget, wid. Patrick, h 58 Canalport av.
Ehrlich, Aaron L., carp., house 85 Chicago av.
Ehrlich, Adolph, liquors, 284 Maxwell
Ehrlich, Marcus, liquors, 369, 31st
Ehrlich, Nathan, furrier, 152 State, h. 85 Chicago av.
Ehrlich, Samuel, trav. agt., 143 State, house 100 Delaware pl.
Ehrlich, S. L., trav. agt., 83 Wabash av.
Ehrman, Charles, varnisher, boards 130 W. Madison
Ehrman, Jacob, dry goods, W. 22d, se. cor. Hovne av.
Ehrman, John W., drugs, 387 State, house Oak Park
Ehrns, Frederick, lab, house 1948 Butterfield
Ehrsam, John, saloon, 577 W. Indiana
Ehrsam, Max, engraver, boards 577 W. Indiana
Ehrwart, Peter, lab., house 561 Emerald av.
Eibert, William H., carp., house Toronto av. nw. cor. Grand av.
Eich, August, brklyr., house 32 Will
Eich, Christopher, fireman, house 349 Larrabee
Eich, Frederick, (Eich & Merkel), 1088 W. Madison, house 1090 W. Madison
Eich, Jacob, house 1090 W. Madison
Eich, John, clerk, (P.O.), h. 57th cor. South Park av.
Eich, Matthew, shoemkr., house 358 Larrabee
Eich, Michael J., saloon, 1090 W. Madison
Eich, Nicholas, blksmith, 504 Throop
Eich, Peter, saloon, 65 Polk
Eich & Merkel, (Frederick Eich and Henry Merkel), cigars, 1088 W. Madison
Eichelberg, August, lab., house 57 Burling
Eichelberg, Hannah, wid. Francis, h. 57 Burling
Eichelberger, Daniel, machinist, h. 34 S. Clinton
Eichelmann, John, (Straube and Eichelmann), 39 N. May ex.
Eichen, John, boots and shoes, 1478 Wentworth av.
Eichenberger, Samuel, steamftr., h 270 Clybourn av.
Eichener, Anton, brklyr., house 235 Southport av.
Eichenfelt, John C., machinist, house 13, 18th pl.
Eichengreen, K., milk, house 625 W. Vanburen
Eichenold, Christian, tailor, house 3940 Butterfield
Eichenstein, John, lab., house 12 O'Brien
Eichert, Frederick, teamster, house 890 W. 20th
Eichert, William, lab., house 890 W. 20th
Eichheim, Meinhard, prop., (Garden City), house 103½ N. Wells
Eichhold, Abraham, com. mer., 8 Chamber commerce, house 614 Michigan av.
Eichhorn, Killian, lab., house 36 Cornelia
Eichman, August, lab., house rear 661 Hinman
Eichman, Louis, carp., house 659 Hinman
Eichman, William, shoemkr., 183 Cornell
Eichmann, Charles, carp., house rear 118 Cornell
Eichmann, John, horseshoer, 391 Milwaukee av., house 37 Crittenden
Eichmann, William, lab., house 801 Archer av.
Eichner, Frederick, barber, 356 S. Canal
Eichnowsky,, Frank, yardman, house 43 Bradley
Eicho, Ernest, carp., house 121 Hurlbut
Eichoff, Henry, carp., house 200 Orchard
Eichsted, Ferdinand, lab., house 786 Hinman
Eichsted, Jon, molder, house 721 W. 21st
Eicke, Albert, potter, h. ws. Elston av. nr. Snow
Eickenberg, Henry, lab., house 226 South Park av.
Eickenberg, Charles, saloon, 307 W. Lake
Eickenberg, C., clerk, house 147 N. Wells
Eickenberg, Frederick, (Eickenberg & Co.), 116 Randolph
Eickenberg & Co., (Frederick Eickenberg and H. H. Brown), barbers, 116 Randolph
Eicker, Christian, watchman, house 9 Penn
Eicker, Henry, tailor, house 216 Mohawk
Eickert, Charles, lab., house 780 Hinman
Eickeson, Charles, police, house 33 W. Indiana
Eickhoff, John, peddler, house 19 McReynolds
Eickhoff, William, clerk, house 19 McReynolds
Eickhorst, Charles, carp., house 65 Hurlbut
Eickmann, C. J., (Eickmann & Bock), 10 Clark, house 89 Vedder
Eickmann & Bock, (C. J. Eickmann and Albert Bock), saloon 10 Clark
Eickmeier, Henry, druggist, 118 State, h. 129 N. Clark
Eicksman, Frederick, custodian, h. 334 Larrabee
Eicksman, John, conductor, house 566 Larrabee
Eicksmann, Christian, bartndr., house 89 Vedder
Eickstaedt, Herman, hostler, boards 521 S. Union
Eickstein, John, mason, house 363 Larrabee
Eidler, Joseph, wagonmkr., house 41 Boston av.

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Eidsberg, Christian, lab., house 273 W. Erie
Eierdan, Conrad, shoemkr, house 461 S. Jefferson
Eierdan, Jacob, house 1379 Wentworth av.
Eiffert, Jacob W., clerk, house 17 Starr
Eigel, Lewis, woodwkr., house 160 Bremer
Eigendorf, Charles, lab., house 228, 13th pl.
Eigenmann, Christian, saloon, 792 Archer av.
Eigenser, Adam, lab., house 35 Block
Eighme, Charles, driver, house 1004 W. Lake
Eighme, George, driver, h. 927 Cottage Grove av.
Eighme, Joseph, house 1973 W. Lake
Eight Per Cent Savings Bank, (Truesdell & Brown), props., 178 Dearborn
Eighth Presbyterian Church, W. Washington av. cor. Robey
Eigel, Catharine, wid. Louis, house 160 Bremer
Eiglan, James, watchman, 201½ Church
Eihe, Regenbert, saloon, 265 Blue Island av.
Eika, John, finisher, house 152 Bunker
Eikenberg, Charles, clerk, boards 147 N. Wells
Eikenberg, M. Mrs., milliner, 147 N. Wells
Eil, Christian, tailor, 212 Milwaukee av.
Eilas, Conrad, engineer, house 113 Armitage av.
Eilenberger, Herman, carp., h. 147 Newberry av.
Eilerich, Julius, lab., house 26 McReynolds
Eilers, Edward H., notions 274 W. 12th
Eilers, Henry W., milk, house 567 S. Desplaines
Eilers, Herman, carp., house 138 Rucker
Eilers, Martin, driver, house 166 Chestnut
Eilert, Alexander, furrier, house 32 Mohawk
Eilert, Charles G., brklyr., house 80 Rees
Eilert, Henry, lab., house 236 Burling
Eilertsen, E., lab., house 273 W. Ohio
Eilertson, Henry, (Olson & Co.), 256 S. Water, house 138 Sophia
Eiles, Charles W., bkpr., 135 Franklin, house 303 Milwaukee av.
Eilinghoff, John A., grocer, 55 W. North av.
Eilisan, Elling, Rev., house 469 W. Erie
Eilmeister, Charles, lab., house 633 N. Ashland av.
Eils, Frederick, tailor, house 303 Milwaukee av.
Eils, William F., tailor, 303 Milwaukee av.
Eimbecker, Henry, harnessmkr., house 1369 Wentworth av.
Eimers, Engelke, janitor, 62 Major blk.
Eimstad, Conrad, clerk, boards 64 Division
Eimstad, Knud, caulker, house 64 Division
Einarsen, S., draughtsman, house 77 W. Erie
Einbecker, George, finisher, h. 1369 Wentworth av.
Einbecker, George, saloon, 1369 Wentworth av.
Einfeldt, Christian, gardener, h. es. S. Sacramento av. nr. Barry Point rd.
Einfeldt, Frederick W., gardener, house es. S. Sacramento av. nr. Barry Point rd.
Eingertine, Joseph, lab., house 721 N. Paulina
Eingle, Ed., painter, house 640 State
Einhorn, Barbara Miss, boards 123 Front
Einhorn, Joseph, saloon, 330 S. Canal
Eininger, Louis, carp., house rear 641 S. Canal
Einspahr, John, peddler, house 785 N. Wood
Einstein, Arthur M., salesman, 66 Wabash av., house 844 Prairie av.
Einstein, Benjamin M., (Clayburgh, Einstein & Co.), 66 Wabash av., house 844 Prairie av.
Einstein, George, (Stettauer Bros. & Co.), 234 Madison, house New York
Einstein, Morris, (Clayburgh, Einstein & Co.), 65 Wabash av., house 844 Prairie av.
Einwalter, William, hardware, 1527 Wentworth av.
Eirdam, C., lab., house 461 S. Jefferson
Eireiner, Stephan, boots and shoes, 766 Archer av.
Eiry, Kate Mrs. boarding rear 149, 18th
Eis, Joseph, lab., house 156 Orchard
Eischen, John, painter, house 195 Hurlbut
Eischer, Henry, lab., boards 1196 Blue Island av.
Eisckof, Phillip, lab., house 88 Butterfield av.
Eischler, August, agt., house 133 Hanover
Eiscube?s, Joseph, lab., house rear 279 Division
Eisel, August, brewer, h. rear 250 Cottage Grove av.
Eisele, Charles H., clerk, house 548 S. Morgan
Eisele, David, butcher, house 172 Clybourn av.
Eisele, Gottielb, butcher, house 12 Goethe
Eiseman, John, boards 232 Cottage Grove av.
Eiseman, Marx, boots and shoes, 39 W. Randolph
Eisemann, John, foreman, Kingsbury se. cor. Ohio, house 147 Hurlbut
Eisen, John, hatter, house 147 Hurlbut
Eisen, William P. H., janitor, house Prairie av. se. cor. 26th
Eisenbach, Rosa, wid. Philip, house 185 Erie
Eisenberg, Maurice, grocer, 164, 4th av.
Eisenberth, Stephen, lab., house 12 Cleaver
Eisenbis, Elizabeth Mrs., boarding 259 State
Eisenbrandt, John E., carp., house 185 W. 16th
Eisendrath, Abraham N., salesman, 10 Lake, boards 812 Wabash av.
Eisendrath, Benjamin, (Shoeneman & Co.), 108 Lasalle, house 25 Forest av.
Eisendrath, Benjamin W., (Schnadig, Foreman, & Co.), 210 Madison, h. 812 Wabash
Eisendrath, B. D., (B. D. & W. N. Eisendrath), tanners, 55 N. Sangamon ex., h. 54 N. Sangamon ex.
Eisendrath, B. D. & W. N., (Barueh D. and William N. Eisendrath), tanners, 55 N. Sangamon ex.
Eisendrath, Cosman, (H. Regenshurg & Co.), 30 N. Wells, house 207 Erie
Eisendrath, David, treas., (Kehiloh Rodef Scholom), N. May se. cor. W. Huron
Eisendrath, Joseph N. bkpr., 55 N. Sangamon exten., house 812 Wabash
Eisendrath, Julius, junk, h. 46 N. Sangamon exten.
Eisendrath, Leonard, bkpr., house 231 N. Franklin
Eisendrath, Louis, trav. agt., 29 Washington
Eisendrath, Moritz, tanner, boards 54 N. Sangamon
Eisendrath, Moses S., grocer 231 N. Franklin
Eisendrath, Nathan, house 812 Wabash av.
Eisendrath, Oscar L., bkpr., 62 Wabash av., house 467½ Michigan av.
Eisendrath, Samuel, clerk, boards 207 Erie
Eisendrath, Sigmund L., bkpr., 216 Madison, boards 467½ Michigan av.
Eisendrath, William N., (B. D. & W. N. Eisendrath), tanner, 55 N. Sangamon exten., house 812 Wabash av.
Eisenhart, Charles, butcher, house 367 Larrabee
Eisenmenger, Louis, meatmkt., 205 W. Huron
Eisenschmid, William, shoemkr., house 225 Noble
Eisenstaedt Bros., (Isidor, Rudolph and Solomon H. Eisenstaedt), neckties, 210 Madison
Eisenstaedt, Isidor, (Eisenstaedt Bros.), 210 Madison, house 46 Boston av.
Eisenstaedt, Leopold, trav. agt., 210 Madison, boards 46 Boston av.
Eisenstaedt, Rudolph, (Eisenstaedt Bros.)210 Madison, house 38 Pearce
Eisenstaedt, Solomon H., (Eisenstaedt Bros.), 210 Madison, house 38 Pearce
Eisenhart, William, lab., house N. Oakley av. sw. cor. Berlin
Eiser, August, Lab, house 422 W. Chicago av.
Eiser, Charles, shoemkr., 9 Block
Eiser, Nicholas, saloon, 105 North av.
Eiser, William, brushmkr., house 270 North av.
Eisert, Henry, foreman, 60 Wabash av., h. 151 Lytle
Eisert, Henry, lab., house 761 S. Jefferson
Eisfeldt, William, confectr., 173 Southport av.
Eisfeldt, William jr., meatmkt., 1280 Wentworth av.
Eisinger, Emanuel, salesman, 116 Franklin, house 1410 Calumet av.
Eisinger, Frederick, saloon, 191 W. Lake
Eismuller, Christ, meatmkt., 257 Cottage Grove av.
Eisner, Joseph, clerk, house 369 Division
Eisner, Morris, cuttr., house 369 Division
Eissenmaker, Julius, machinist, boards 324 W. Chicago av.
Eiszner, John, cooper, 221 W. Kinzie, house 287 W. Kinzie
Eiterman, John F., coal, 85 Hawthorne av., house 413 N. Wells
Eiterman, John H., clerk, boards 413 N. Wells
Eitler, William, machinist, house 17 Dix
Eitther, Charles, lab., house 245 W. Huron
Eivers, George, sailor, boards 37 Kinzie
Eizinger, John, police, house 333 Mohawk
Eizinger, Joseph, police, house 142 North av.
Ek, Christina, wid. Martin, house 122 Sedgwick
Ek, Milton N., lab., boards 97 Wrightwood
Ek, Olous, furniture, 276 N. Market
Ek, Swen, carp., house 161 Larrabee
Ekberg, Gustav, tailor, house 104 Townsend
Ekdahl, Andrew F., tailor, house 148 Huron
Ekdahl, Axel, clerk, boards 709 S. Halsted
Ekdal, Louisa Mrs., house rear 88 Townsend
Ekeberg, John, carp., house 70 Oak
Ekeblad, K. F., pianist, boards 216 Vincennes av.
Ekestrom, B., cabinetmkr., house 119 Chicago av.
Ekholm, C. F., tailor, house 295 Larrabee
Ekholm, Frank O., carp., house 102 Oak
Ekholm, J. G., wid. Charles F., house 6 Dale pl.
Ekholm, S., tailor, house 191 Bremer
Ekhonm, Frederick, tailor, house 295 Larrabee
Eklund, Charles, cabinetmkr., house 102 W. Ohio
Eklund, Charles, cigarmkr., house 186 Townsend
Eklund, Charles, lab., boards 138 Townsend
Eklund, Charles, lab., house 170 Bremer
Eklund, Wolfried T., (Eklund & Petterson), 193 Townsend
Eklund & Petterson, (Wolfried T. Eklund and Solomon Petterson), grocers, 193 Townsend
Ekoup, Frederick, cabinetmkr., house 490, 40th
Ekschon, Louis, polisher, house 690 W. 17th
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