Cook County Illinois Genealogy Trails


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[IMPORTANT: As with any transcription, please make sure to verify all information yourself from the original source. E's and C's looked alike on my copy. All info typed "AS IS" - some typos were theirs, and I'm sure some are ours.

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Pearson, Charles, patternmkr, house 276 Division
Pearson, Charles, teamster, house 20 Penn
Pearson, Charles T., mnfrs. agt. 52 Dearborn
Pearson, Charles W., clk. 211 Lincoln av.
Pearson, Edwin, painter, house 215 (old no.) Laflin
Pearson, Emil, carp. house rear 88 Townsend
Pearson, Eugene H., sec. Perry-Pearson Co. 242 South Water, house Saginaw, Mich.
Pearson, Frank, manager 45 Lasalle, h. Woodlawn
Pearson, Gabrial, lab. house rear 89 Ohio
Pearson, George, painter, house 17 Nixon
Pearson, Gustav, lab. gds. 66 Illinois
Pearson, G. house 208 Larrabee
Pearson, Helen Miss, dressmkr. 2520 Cottage Grove av.
Pearson, Henry, house 252 S. Desplaines
Pearson, Isaac N. com. mer. house 948 Egan av.
Pearson, James H. (J.H. Pearson & Co.) 361 Lumber, v. pres. Perry-Pearson Co. 242 South Water, house 248 W. Washington
Pearson, Jennie, wid. Andrew, house 73, 25th
Pearson, John, brklayr. house 261 S. Jefferson
Pearson, John, cabinetmkr. house 124 Front
Pearson, John, carp. house 242 N. Franklin
Pearson, John, clk. 96 Michigan av. bds. 294 N. Wells
Pearson, John, coachman, h. rear 2918 Michigan av.
Pearson, John, porter, house 112 Dearborn av.
Pearson, John, tailor 142 W. Indiana, house 66 Cherry av.
Pearson, John E., clk. 251 Madison, h. 122 Sedgwick
Pearson, John E., clk. P.O. house 112 Dearborn av
Pearson, John H., cook 18 S. Elizabeth
Pearson, John L., (Pearson & Stookey) 40 Metropolitan blk. house 373 W. Washington
Pearson, Joseph, painter, house rear 309 W. Huron
Pearson, J. W. Mrs. clk. P.O. house 68, 31st
Pearson, J. H. & Co. (James H. Pearson, William J. Neebes and Granger Farwell) lumber 361 Lumber
Pearson, Lewis, lab. house 196 Henry
Pearson, Lewis, teamster, bds. 2947 Archer av.
Pearson, Louis W. bkpr. 73 Monroe, house 221 Hermitage av.
Pearson, Margaret Miss, house 810 Larrabee
Pearson, Margaret, wid. Joseph, house 215 (old no.) Laflin
Pearson, Mongus, lab. hose 44 Chatham ct.
Pearson, Nelson P., physician 126 Milwankee av. house 655 Lasalle av.
Pearson, Oliver, printer, house 207 Townsend
Pearson, Peter, acct. 3, 173 Lasalle av. house 3012 5th av.
Pearson, Peter, blksmth. house 2734 Portland av.
Pearson, Peter, feeder, house 207 Townsend
Pearson, Peter, painter, bds. 2921 Butterfield
Pearson, Peter, printer, house 207 Townsend
Pearson, Robert N. clk. S. Canal so. cor. Lumber, house 248 W. Washington
Pearson, Robert N. clk. P.O. house 605 W. Vanburen
Pearson, Roger B. tel. opr. bds. 48 Centre av.
Pearson, Samuel A., meatmkt. 375 W. 12th
Pearson, Silias, grocer 211 Lincoln av.
Pearson, Simon, teamster, house 31 Otis
Pearson, Thomas, clk. 145 Monroe, house 431 State
Pearson, William, cigarmnfr. 27 Washington, house 221 Hermitage av.

Pease, James M. painter, house 660 Lincoln av.
Pease, John F. 279 S. Clinton
Pease, Laura S. Mrs. house 31 Grenshaw
Pease, Lewis A. clk. 215 Madison, bds. 1330 Michigan av.
Pease, Orlando, teamster, house 835 W. Indiana
Pease, Sarah Miss, matron House correction, W. 26th nr. S. California av.
Pease, Samuel C. bds. 207 Lincoln av.
Pease, Thomas H. lawyer 617 First nat. bank bldg. house 181, 25th
Pease, Wendell S. house 31 Grenshaw
Peask, Edmund S. calciminer, house 3007, 5th av.
Peaslee, Edward S. bkpr. 250 Madison, house 59 Bryant av.
Peaslee, G. bds. hotel Brunswick
Peasley, Ann, wid. Daniel, house 93 Ontario
Peasley, August, coachman, h. 1800 Michigan av.
Peasley, Charles, clk. 5 Ranoph, house 1031 W. Vanburen
Peasley, George Mrs. artist 7, 27 N. Clark
Peasley, James C. treas. C.B. & Q.R.R. 207 Adams, house 309 Huron
Peasley, Minnie S. Miss, music teacher 8, 27 N. Clark
Peasley, William T. lab. house 93 Ontario
Peat James, cook, house 42 Edson av.
Peatee thomas S. insp. bds. 1341 Bowen av.
Peatie John C. engines Michigan se. cor. N. Franklin, house 181 Lincoln av.
Peats William H. salesman 95 South Water, house 1542 Wolfram
Peattle Robert B. reporter Herald, h. 83 W. Pearson
Peaus Anthony, tailor, house 22 Cleaver
Peausha Joseph, lab. house 111 Maxwell
Peavey George, shooting gallery 106 Clark, house 19, 173 Randolph
Pebbles Frank M. artist 55 Lakeside bldg. house Oak Park
Pebbles Harry R. clk. 47, 115 Monroe, h. Oak Park
Peblinski Michael, lab. house 41 Fay
Peblo John, lab. house 907 W. 20th
Pech Albert, cutter, house 197 Chestnut
Pech James, blksmth. house 189 Taylor
Pech Joseph, sign painter 10 Clayton
Pech Mary Mrs., hair goods 10 Clayton
Pechaly Robert, dry goods 2700 Wentworth av. h. 80th cor. Wentworth av.
Pecher, Frank, musician, house 323 Aberdeen
Pecher, Henry A. agt. house 33 Newberry av.
Pecher, John, shoemkr. house 323 Aberdeen
Pecher Isidore, house 3647 Stanton av.
Pecher, Joseph, carp. house 321 Aberdeen
Pecher, Joseph, lab. hose 323 Aberdeen
Pechnor Harry (H. Pechnor & Co.) 161, 5th av. h. 3647 Stanton av.
Pechnor H. & Co. (Harry Pechnor) clothing 161, 5th av.
Pechota Ezra, planer, house 48 Burlington
Pechota Frank, saloon 386 W. 18th
Pechota James, notions 388 W. 18th
Pecina John, lab. house 170 Ewing
Pecival Barbara, wid. Anton, house 212 W. 20th
Pecival Frank, lab. house 212 W. 20th
Pecival Joseph, lab. house 212 W. 20th
Peck Alfred P. manager 195 Michigan, h. Winnetka
Peck, Allen S. ins. adjuster 168 Lasalle

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