Cook County Illinois Genealogy Trails


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[IMPORTANT: As with any transcription, please make sure to verify all information yourself from the original source. E's and C's looked alike on my copy. All info typed "AS IS" - some typos were theirs, and I'm sure some are ours.

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PEC 1326


Tools, Pocket Cutlery, Etc. the John Wilkinson Co. 55 State Street


Pech Frank, painter, h. 681 Allport
Pech John, h. 152 Forquer
Pech John jr. car. bds. 152 Forquer
Pech Joseph, lab. h. 753 Loomis
Pech Joseph, painter, h. 9 Clayton
Pech Mary Mrs. hair goods 9 Clayton
Pecha John, ins. agt. h. 834 S. Ashland av.
Pechan Vojtch, machinist, h. 735 W. 18th
Pechek Charles, tailor 1118 Vanhorn
Pecherny Anton, butcher, h. rear 190 W. 20th
Pecher, Elizabeth Mrs. midwife 323 Aberdeen
Pecher Fredrerick, lab. h. 973 W 20th
Pecher, Henry A. agt. h. 33 Newberry av.
Pecher John, butcher, h. 323 Aberdeen
Pecher Joseph, brklayer. h. 973 W. 20th
Pecher Joseph, carp. h. 393 S. May
Pecher Joseph, lab. h. 323 Aberdeen
Pecher Paul A. finisher, h. 323 Aberdeen
Pecher Wencel, shoemakr, 2513 1/2 S. Halsted, h. 2800 Wallace
Pechir Antonia, brklayr. h. al. rear 217 W. Vanburen
Pechoisek Joseph carp. h. rear 24 Fisk
Pechota Vaclav, painter, h. 388 W 18th
Pechots Joseph, clk. 342 Divison, bds. 149 North av.
Pecival Babara Mrs. meatmkt. 212 W 20th
Percival Joseph, clk. 212 W. 20th
Peck Abram, clk. 380 State, h. 415 State
Peck Ada Miss, dressmkr. 178 Lasalle av
Peck Adelbert H. dentist 122 Wabash av. h. 106 S. Centre av.
PECK ALLEN S. ins. adjuster 5, 200 Lasalle, h. LaGrange
Peck Allen W. ins. h. 319 Belden av.
Peck Annah B. wid. Harold S. 28, 95 Dearborn h. 2446 Michigan av.
Peck Anning R. bkpr. 38 Wabash av. h. Irving Park
Peck Arthur s. detective, bds. 944 W. Taylor
Peck Benjamin F. com. trav. h. 87 Dekalb
Peck Bros. & Co. Oliver D. Peck, sec. brass goods 23 Washington
Peck B. w. carp. h. 938 Walnut
Peck B. W. clk. bds. 375 Washington boul.
Peck Celia Mrs. dressmkr. 2139 Michigan av.
Peck Charles, butcher, h. 577 S. Halsted
Peck Charles, forman, bds 1246 W. Madison
Peck Charles, tailor h. 377 W 14th
Peck Charles, typecaster, h. 292 Sedgwick
Peck Charles E. h. 3960 Drexel bolu.
Peck Charles G. clk. N. Sacramento av. cor. Carroll av. h. 732 Warren av.

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Transcribed by Source #71