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Annual Report Supervising General of Steamboat Inspection - 1903

Source - Annual Report Supervising General of Steamboat Inspection - 1903

Steamboat-inspection Service,
Office Of U.S. Supervising Inspector,

Chicago , Ill. , January 5, 1904.

Submitted to Genealogy Trails by Tina Easley


Sir: In compliance with the provisions of section 4410, Revised Statutes, I submit the following report of the general business transacted in the third supervising district during the year ended December 31, 1903:



January 1.—While lying at her dock, Chicago River, the fire steamer Geyser caught fire in some unknown manner, and was damaged to the amount of $300. The fire occurred about 10 a. m.

April 9.—Steamer Alfred Mitchell in tow of tug Success, going up Chicago River, collided with steamer Boston, lying in ordinary at Lehigh Valley dock, on port quarter. Damage to steamer Boston, $1,000; to steamer Alfred Mitchell, none.

April 27.—Steamer Kanawha ran on expired certificate of inspection on the route between Buffalo and Chicago, on April 22, 23, and 24. Violation reported to United States collector of customs and the United States district attorney, Chicago, Il1.

May 15.—After steamer Tuscarora had unloaded its cargo, a man, name unknown, attempted to jump to the dock from the steamer, but fell into the Chicago River and was drowned. The coroner's verdict was accidental drowning.

June 5.—Steamer Charles S. Neff struck rocks at Canadian ???, damaging her bottom and breaking her wheel. Steamer was towed off by tug General. Damage to steamer, about $3,000.

June 18.—Steamer Mary lost her wheel when about 15 miles out from Michigan City, Ind., on her way to Chicago, I11. While the boat was violently shaken up, no one was hurt. The customary distress signals were given and steamer towed into Chicago by a tug sent to her assistance.

July 3.—During the night the steamer Glenn, while lying at the Ship Owners' dry dock awaiting repairs, caught fire, and before the same could be extinguished suffered a loss of approximately $5,000. No one was injured,

July 5.—George Parkinson, owner of the steamer Viking, pleasure yacht, ran that steamer on Sunday, July 5, 1903, at or about the hour of 6.30 p. in., on an expired certificate of inspection; ran said steamer without properly licensed officers and carried passengers for hire on a "pleasure-yacht" expired certificate of inspection. Relative to section 4465, Revised Statutes, said George Parkinson carried 27 passengers in said steamer Viking when allowed but 12 passengers on his certificate of inspection. Customs officer notified July 6, 1903.

July 16.—Steamer City of South Haven, while exchanging billets with steamer Manitou, became unmanageable, colliding with the steamer Manitou and striking the abutment to Rush Street Bridge. No damage was done. On July 17 made inspection of steamer and found the signaling apparatus was defective. Ordered the necessary alterations and repairs.

July 17.—During the severe storm that prevailed in and about Chicago and on Lake Michigan, July 17, one F. Bradley, a deck hand on the steamer Mary, received serious injury to one of his limbs by having a ballast barrel roll against the same.

July 18.—Steamer F. L. Vance, in tow of tug 0. B. Green, while coming around bend of Chicago River at the National elevator, collided with steamer Andy, lying in ordinary, on port side. Damage to steamer Andy, $500; to steamer F. L. Vance, none.

July 22.—Steamer John P. Hopkins ran on an expired certificate of inspection. The above violation occurred, we believe, by reason of neglect. The name of the master commanding said vessel is not known to this board. Violation reported to proper authorities.

July 32.—Steamer Eastland, while winding at Lake Street Bridge, Chicago, with the assistance of a tug, collided with the tug Gardner by reason of the. tow line breaking, resulting in the sinking of the Gardner. Tug Gardner had been laid up for some time and was not in commission at the time of accident. Damage to steamer Eastland, none.

July 23.—At 4.30 a. m. steamer City of Kalamazoo, while approaching her dock in the Chicago River, with the engine in the backward motion, broke coupling bolts in the forward coupling of the intermediate shaft. No one injured. Damage l,500.

July 26.—On Sunday night, July 26, the steamer Petoskey was navigated on an expired certificate of inspection from South Haven, Mich., where she had been laid up, to Chicago, to take the place of disabled steamers belonging to the DunkleyWilliams Company, the inspectors at Grand Haven being unable to comply with request for inspection at that time. Violation reported to proper authorities.

July 26.—At about 8.35 p. m. the counterbalance on the low-pressure crank shaft of the steamer Mary broke and crashed into the engine frame and bedplate, thereby causing great damage to the engine. The low-pressure engine was at once disconnected, and the vessel was able to resume her course by working the high-pressure engine. No one injured. Damage, $7,000.

August 26.—At or about 1.15 a. m. a man named Barney O'Neil, mess-room waiter on the steamer City of South Haven, fell from the forward part of the boat overboard and was drowned. Steamer was lying at its dock near Rush Street Bridge, Chicago.

September 6 and 13.—Steamer Eastland neglected to renew excursion permit, which had expired September 1, and on the 6th and 13th of September carried 504 and 111 passengers more than her regular number. Her equipments for excursionists, however, were all on board, and this board is of the opinion that it was simply a case of oversight in not renewing excursion permit.

October 28.—Steamer Alfred Mitchell, in tow of a tug, was caught by current and struck steamer Neosho lying at dock. Estimated damage to steamer Neosho, $350; to steamer Alfred Mitchell, none.

October 30.—At 4.35 p. m. Steamer Vaunatam, bound for South Chicago, stranded on an unknown obstruction off Belmont avenue, Lake View, Chicago. Estimated damage to steamer, $15,000.

November 6 to 19.—Steamer Chicago, fire boat, was inspected November 6, at which time repairs were ordered to be made to the lifeboat, and the letters of her name on sides of her pilot house enlarged to comply with section 4495, Revised Statutes. At this time this board was assured same would be promptly complied with, but up to November 19 none of the work has been done, nor could we get any assurance that it would be done. On November 12 the steamer was navigated from Chicago to South Chicago without her certificate of inspection being on board, it not having been issued at the time. Violation reported to the proper authorities.

November 13.—In some manner unknown to the officers of the steamer General Orlando M. Poe, a delivery boat, with supplies for the steamer Penobscot, lying in the same slip, got between the above-named steamers and was crushed badly. Estimated damage to the delivery boat, $250; to the steamers Poe and Penobscot, none. No lives lost or persons injured.


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