Cook County Illinois Genealogy Trails


Agard Deaconess Rest Home-Lake Bluff.
Altenheim - (See German Old People's Home).
Angel Guardian Orphanage-2001 Devon Ave.
Apollo Commandery Asylum No. 1-919 North Dearborn St.
Augustana Central Home-1346 North La-Salle St.
Augustana Home for the Aged-7542 Stony Island Ave.
Augustana Nursery-1346 North LaSalle St.
Augustana Nurses' Home-351 Garfield Ave.
Augustana Women's Home-1307 East 54th St.
Bacon Home lor Missionaries' Children- 11016 South Irving Ave.
Baptist Old People's Home-316 South 4th Ave, Maywood.
Bethany Home for the Aged-5015 North Paulina St.
Bethany Home for Young Ladies-824 Center St.
Bethany Home of Swedish M: E. Church-5015 North Paulina St.
Bethlehem Creche Day Nursery-235 West 53d-St.
Bethesda Day Nursery-1902 West Monroe St.
Beulah Home-2144 North Clark St.
Bohemian Old People's Home-5061 North Crawiord Ave.
Chicago Baptist Missionary Union Home- 5740 Lafayette Ave.
Chicago Baptist Orphanage-Maywood.
Chicago Deaconesses' Home-22 West Erie St.
Chicago Home for Convalescent Women and Children-1516 West Adams St.
Chicago Home for Girls-5024 Indiana Ave.
Chicago Home for Incurables-5535 Ellis Ave.
Chicago Home for Jewish Orphans-Drexel Ave and 62d St.
Chicago Industrial Home for Children-Office, 1132 West Washington Blvd.
Chicago Light House-3321 West 22d St.
Chicago Lying-in Nurses' Home-1227 Newberry Ave.
Chicago Municipal Lodging House-162 North Union Ave.
Chicago Nursery and Half Orphan-2801 Foster Ave.
Chicago Orphan-5120 South Park Ave.
Chicago Shelter Home-547 Maxwell St.
Chicago State Hospital-Dunning.
Chicago Woman's Shelter-1356 West Monroe St.
Children's Home and Aid Society-440 South Dearborn St.
Christopher House Day Nursery-1616 Fullerton Ave.
Church of God and Saints of Christ Day Nurseries and Orphanage and Home--5405 S Dearborn St
Church Home for Aged Persons-5435 Ingleside Ave.
Cook County Home (for Poor)-Oak Forest.
Cook County Kinderheim-1356 North Rockwell St.
Coolidge Memorial, The- 2636 (could be 2696) Prairie Ave.
Co-Operative League of Chicago (Homes for Business Mothers and Their Children) - 2217 and 5131 Calumet Ave.

Danish Lutheran Orphan -. 3320 Evergreen Ave.
Danish Old People's Home-6809 Hurlbut St.
Emerson House Day Nursery-1906 Emerson Ave.
Evangelical Deaconesses' Home-408 Wisconsin St.
Faith Missionary Home-300 West 74th St.
Florence Crittenton (sic) Anchorage-2615 Indiana Ave.
Foundlings' Home-15 South Wood St.
Frances Juvenile Home-433 East 42d St.
German Baptist Deaconess Home and Hospital Society-3264 Cortland St.
German Deaconesses' Home-824 Center St.
German Hospital Nurses' Home-2329 Cambridge Ave.
German Old People's Home-Forest Park, 111.
Hebrew Sheltering Home-1336 South Morgan St.
Helen Day Nursery-702 Barber St.
Home for the Aged-West Harrison and Throop streets.
Home for Aged Jews-Drexel Ave and 62d St.
Home for Aged and Infirm Colored People- 510 West Garfield Blvd. :
Home for the Aged and Infirm Deaf-4539 Grand Blvd.
Home for Destitute Crippled Children-1653 Park Ave. .
Home for the Friendless-Vincennes Ave and 51st St.
Home for Jewish Friendless and Working Girls-53d St. and Ellis Ave.
Hope Hall-6036 Ravenswood Ave.
House of the Good Shepherd-1126 Grace St.
Illinois Industrial Home for the Blind-1900-1932 Marshall Blvd.
Illinois Industrial School for Girls - Park Ridge.
Illinois Masonic Homes-LaGrange and Sullivan, Illinois
Illinois Manual Training School Farm-Glenwood, Illinois. Office, 608, 160 WestJackson Blvd.
Illinois St. Andrew Society Old People's Home-Riverside, Illinois
Immanuel Women's Home-1505 North LaSalle St.
Indiana House-12 East Grand Ave.
Institutional Church Day Nursery (colored) -3825 South Dearborn St.
Jackson Park Sanitarium-64th St. and lake.
Jane Ridley Home for Soldiers' Widows (colored)-3852 Forest Ave.
Jewish Infant Home-California Ave and Hirsch Blvd.
Jewish Shelter House-1316 Turner Ave.
Josephine Club--515 South Ashland Ave.
Juvenile Detention Home-771 Gilpin place.
King (James C.) Home for the Aged-Garfield Blvd. and South Park Ave.
Lawrence Hall (home for boys)-2850 Lawrence Ave.
Louise Training School for Colored Boys- 6130 South Ada St.
Lutheran Orphans' Home-Addison, Illinois.
Margaret Etter Creche-2421 Wabash Ave.
Marks Nathan Jewish Orphan-1550 South Albany Ave.
Martha Washington Home-North Western Ave and Irving Park Blvd.
Mary Crane Day Nursery-818 Gilpin place.
McKinley Home for Working Girls - 561 South Ashland Ave.
Mercy Home-2834 Wabash Ave.
Methodist Deaconess Orphanage-Lake Bluff.
Methodist Episcopal Old People's Home-1417 Foster Ave.
Miriam Club, Homes for Jewish Working Girls-4815 Champlain Ave.
Mission of Our Lady of Mercy-1138 West Jackson Blvd.
National Park Seminary Day Nursery-329 West 24th St.
North Ave Day Nursery - 2138 West North Ave,
Norwegian-Danish Deaconess Home-1925 North Sawyer Ave.
Norwegian Lutheran Bethesda Home-2244 Haddon Ave.
Norwegian Lutheran Children's Home-Edison Park.
Norwegian Lutheran Deaconess Home-1138 North Leavitt St.
Norwegian Lutheran Mission Home-1700-1710 North Kedzie Ave.
Norwegian Old People's Home-6054 Avondale Ave
Ogontz Day Nursery-1600 Allport St.
Old People's Home-4724 Vincennes Ave.
Orphan and Convalescent Home of St. Mary of Nazareth- 4423 North Paulina St.
Orthodox Jewish Home for the Aged-Albany and Ogden avenues.
Park Ridge School for Girls-Park Ridge.
Parting of the Ways Home-112 West 22d St.
Paulist Day Nursery-919 South Wabash Ave.
Phyllis Wheatley Home-3530 Forest Ave.
Presbyterian Home--Highland Park Protestant Association Home for Children- 310 Normal Parkwy
Providence Day Nursery-3052 Grattan Ave.
Resthaven-3360 South Park Ave.
St. Augustine's Home for the Aged-Fullerton and Sheffield avenues.
St. Charles School for Boys-St. Charles. Illinois.
St. Elizabeth Day Nursery-906 North Franklin St.
St. Joseph's Home for the Aged - 5148 Prairie Ave.
St. Joseph's Home for Aged and Crippled-2649 North Hamlin Ave.
St. Joseph's Home for the Friendless-Lake Park Ave and 35th St.
St. Joseph's Home for Working Girls-1100 South May St.
St. Mary of Nazareth Home-4438 North Mulligan, Ave.
St. Mary's Home for Children-2822 West Jackson Blvd.
St. Mary's Mission House-850 Washington Blvd.
St. Mary's .Nursery - 2823 West Jackson Blvd.
St. Mary's Settlement and Day Nursery-656 West 44th .St.
St. Mary's Training School for Boys - DesPlaines.
St. Vincent's Infant Asylum-721 North LaSalle St.
Sarah Hackett Stevenson Memorial Lodging House for Women- 2412 Prairie ave
South Chicago Day Nursery-9011 Burley Ave.
Susanna Wesley Home-3143 South Michigan Ave.
Swedish Baptist Old People's Home-11404 South Irving Ave.
Uhlich Evangelical Lutheran Orphan Asylum-2014 Burling St.
Volunteers of America Children's Home-Evanston: day nursery, 1213 Washington Blvd.
Walther League Hospice Home-4331 Calumet Ave.
Western German Baptist Old People's Home-1851 North Spaulding Ave.
Working Men's Home and Life Boat Mission-32 North State St.
Young Woman's Christian Association Home -830 South Michigan Ave.
Young Woman's Christian Home-318 South Ashland Blvd.

Source: Chicago Daily News Almanac and Yearbook, 1928


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