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Monarch Brewing

Did Business As:

Joseph Hladovec Brewing Co. 1892-1895
Monarch Brewing Company 1892-1892
Monarch Brewing Co., aka Monarch Brewery (United Breweries) 1898-1909
Monarch Brewery (2419/2443 West 21st Street) 1909-1922
Monarch Beverage Co. 1923-1932
Monarch Brewing Company, Inc. 1932-1936
Monarch Brewing Company 1936-1958
Van Merritt Brewing Co. 1958-1967 (aka Bohemian Brewing, House of Augsburg, Monarch.)

Brands Produced:

  • Monarch
  • Bullfrog
  • Encore
  • Malvaz Tonic
  • Old Times

Adolph Dirian

Brief History

Monarch Brewing was founded in 1890 as the Josef Hladovec Brewing Company in Chicago. In 1898 Monarch became part of the United Breweries Company along with twelve other local breweries. The new United Brewery managed to hold off failure for a few years but consolidating and cutting expenses, but the parent company was still losing money and in 1903 it filed for bankruptcy and reorganization. The reorganized company survived until 1920, when Chicago finally went officially dry with the coming of national prohibition. In 1922 it was sold to a new ownership group from Chicago.
The new owners, including Frank Schrader, Adolph Dirian, Joseph Hein and Henry Rose, would run the brewery through the rest of Prohibition and after repeal in 1933. Dirian had been associated with Monarch before prohibition. A native of Bavaria he had arrived in the U.S. in 1890. He became an apprentice brewer at Monarch in 1891 and worked in that position three years. He moved from job to job, learning his trade, and returned to Monarch in about 1900 as assistant brew master under George Grabner. In 1903 he enrolled in the Zymotechnic Institute in Chicago. After working in Pittsburgh he returned to Chicago, against working for United Breweries, but this time as the master brewer at Citizens Brewing. In 1912 he returned yet again to Monarch as master brewer and in 1922 was made Vice-President. Monarch s president was Frank Schraeder. (source: condensed from - submitted by Ida Maack Recu)


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