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Railway Head Is Killed By Robber
Pinkertons Claim Murder.
positive assertions for the first time by the Pinkertons that they have gathered sufficient evidence to prove tot he Coroner's jury Wednesday night that Ira G. Rawn was murdered by a burglar and the announcement by illinois Central attorneys that Mr. Ranz's death will not stop exposures in the Illinois car fraud probe, if he was guilty were the principal developments Sunday in the Winnetka tragedy.
The Pinkertons claim that not alone is there no evidence of the Monon president having taken his own life, but there existed absolutely no reason for him to commit suicide.  They announced that they had conducted an investigation of their own into the Illinois Central car frauds and were satisfied that Mr. Rawn was not implicated and had no reason to fear, nor did he fear, either civil or criminal action.
Coroner Hoffman has announced that he has received information that led him to believe that Ira G. Rawn was murdered for revenge.  Hoffman announced that there would be an arrest before night.
"I have obtained  a new clew," said Hoffman, "and the information looks good.  There is also information concerning the identity of the alleged slayer but I do not care to make that public until I confer with acting chief Schuettler." The Bourbon news, Paris, Ky, July 26, 1910
July 20, 1910
Racine Daily Journal
Railway Head Is Killed By Robber
Chicago, July 20—Ira G. Rawn, president of the Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville railway (the Monon route) was shot through the heart and instantly killed at 1:30 this morning by a burglar who entered his summer home in Winnetka, a suburb 15 miles north of Chicago....
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