The Eastland Disaster

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A plaque was erected in 1989 and subsequently stolen. A new plaque, which sits on the bridge at LaSalle and Wacker, was dedicated in 2003.





List of IDENTIFIED Dead as of July 25, 1915
as reported in the Chicago Tribune

Transcriber's note: This is
NOT a complete list of victims, nor is it completely accurate. It is helpful in that addresses of the victims are given and occasionally the names and relationships of those who identified the bodies.

As the bodies were removed from the water, they were taken to the Second Regiment Armory on W. Randolph St., to be laid out for identification. [This building later became Harpo Studios, where the Oprah Winfrey Show is produced.] After identification, the bodies were taken to various funeral homes -- the names of some of which are noted in this list.

Every type of story that could be associated with this tragedy was printed in the newspaper, from the funeral homes who took advantage of the surviving relatives to criminal accusations against the captain and crew.... and everything in between. View these stories on the microfilm of both the Chicago Daily News and the Chicago Tribune newspapers.

Many of the victims are buried in the Bohemian National Cemetery at 5255 N. Pulaski.

This list was typed as originally printed, including misspellings and obvious duplications of names. 8's, 3's and 5's all looked the same on this scan of the original newspaper. Add the fact that this was still very recent reporting of this tragedy and the newspaper did not as yet have all the facts, leads me to strongly suggest that the researcher try and verify the below information further before accepting it as fact. From what I've read, there was no formal "passenger list" for this excursion, folks just bought a "generic" ticket and showed up to board one of the 4 chartered ships. Tickets were not free and there were some reports of the employees from past years' picnics being laid off by Western Electric if they did not purchase a ticket. It should have been about a 30 to 45 minute boat ride over to Michigan City, Indiana, after which the passengers would participate in a pot-luck picnic with sporting events organized by the company.

The S.S. Eastland was the first ship to leave the dock.


ADAMA, George, Hawthorne
ADAMS, Miss K.
ALEXANDER, ---, Dept. 2487, Western Electric Co., identification incomplete by O. Edelman and A.M. Pekeret.
ALLEN, Miss K.
ANDERSON, Minnie, 5424 Woodlawn av.
ANDERSON, Miss, 18 years old, 1430 S. 58th av., Cicero; identified by John Haas, neighbor
ANDERSON, Miss Anna, 28 years old, 2346 S. 50th av.
ANDERSON, Albert, 2301 S. Karlov av.
ANDERSON, Anna, his wife, same address
ANDERSON, Morris, their child, same address
ANDERSON, Maurice, 2801 Kolin av.
AUSTIN, Mrs. Cartherine, living in Ogden av., near S. Western av.; a cook employed in the Cable Shop restaurant.

BANNACK, Miss Bessie, 3002 S. St. Louis av.
BEAL, no address. Body at Second Regiment armory
BENDER, Charles, 4350 W. Twenty-fifth pl.
BLINSKE, Mrs. Clara, 1714 Brigham st.
BLOWINSKI, Roman, 4824 S. Racine. Second Regiment armory
BLOCK, Charles, 4317 S. Maplewood; 21 years old; employed by Illinois Central R.R.; identified by brother, Hart Block
BOALOWSKI, T., 18 W. 19th st.
BOROWSKI, George, 560 W. 12th st., 20 yeas old
BOUFFARD, Oliver J., 1820 W. Harrison st., Second Regiment armory
BOUFFARD, A., 25 years, 5710 S. Paulina st
BOYLE, Peter, 23 years, 110 E. Illinois st.
BRADLEY, Frank J., 23 years, 5007 West End av. Body at Second Regiment armory
BRENNAN, John, 1520 S. 48th ct., Cicero
BRENNAN, Miss Anna, 21 years old
(can't read), Henry, tool handler, no address

CARIVANCE, James, 1538 S. Grove av., Oak Park
CARPENTER, Miss Mary; formerly lived at 2418 Prairie av
CEPAK, Miss Bessie, 1811 S. 57th ct
CHRISTIANSON, Miss Margaret, 23 years old, 1730 S. Karlov av
CHRISTENSON, Margaret, 23 years, 730 N. Karlov av by Alma Zeisler, 3435 Schubert av.
CHRISTIANSON, Freda, 1730 N. Karlov av
CLARKE, Alice B., 2646 N. Western av
CLARK, Ella, 6 months old
COONEY, Thomas, 1 ½ years
COONEY, Mrs. Mattie, 1444 S. Sawyer av
COOPER, Mary, 1233 S. 51st av
CULLEN, Rose, 4829 W. 22d st., 29 years old

DUNDA, Theresa, 1405 Karlov avenue, Second Regiment armory.
DANDA, Miss Theresa, 20 years, 1405 S. Karlov av.
DAWSKA, George, 5560 W. 12th st
DETAMBLE, Mrs. Carrie, 27, 4549 W. North av
DOBBERMAN, F. A., 27 years old, 2216 S. Keeler av; official photographer of Western Electric company
DOLL, Charles, 17 years old. 2029 N. Kedvale av; identified by two uncles, Chas. and Frank Schabu, 2218 N. Kildare av
DOLL, Robert, 25 years old, 2029 N. Kedvale av.
DOUBEK, Catherine, 40 years, 5420 W. 27th st., Cicero
DRURY, Florence, 17, 508 W. 22d st

EHICK or ELUCK, Charles, 4317 Maplewood av
EHRHARDT, Mrs. Clara, 31 years old, 1418 N. Campbell av
EHRHARDT, --, husband of Clara, brother of Fred, 1415 N. Campbell av
EHRHARDT, Fred J., 32 years old; 1418 North Campbell av.
EICHOLZ, Fred - 4621 W. 23d st
ERLANDSON, Carrie, 22 years, 792 Noble st.; Body at Second Regiment armory.

FENIK, James, 35 years, 5626 W. 23d pl
FENLION, William, Morton Park; in Gavin's morgue
FIEGMAN, William, 3003 (?) N. Whipple st
FITZGERALD, Emma - 5216 W. 20th st
FITZGERALD, John, 5216 W. 20th st
FITZGERALD, William, 5216 W. 23d place
FIEGMAN, William, 3003 N. Whipple st.
FLIECZ, Emil, 2407 S. 56th av
FORST, Miss Ann, 4008 W. 16th st. Notify Lawndale 7720
FORST, Mrs. Anna, 4008 W. 16th st., Notify Lawndale 7720
FOSTLE, Chester G., 24 years, 1442 S Central Park av.
FOSTER, Mrs. Harry, Madison and Hamlin
FOSTER, Harry, Madison and Hamlin
FRISINA, Miss Anna, 2988 46th st
FRISINIA, Mrs. Anna, 19 years old, 2913 S. 48th ct., Cicero
FUCHWALKOR, Jacob, 4350 S. Mossart st.

GALLAGHER, Michael, address unknown, department 4534 Western Electric company
GARNER, E.H., 19th st. and Lawndale av. Identified by A. Gunderson
GEZOSOLG, Alma, 3435 Shubert st
GINSBAG, Philip L., age 12, 3628 W. Grenshaw st. Second Regt. Armory
GOTTSCHALK, Henry, 681 N. Ridgeway
GOYETTE, Charles, 16 years old, 195? Hamlin av; body at Second Regiment armory
GRANDT, Clara, 12 years old, 4315 S. Whipple st
GRANDT, Mrs. Tilly, 4318 S. Whipple st
GREEN, Arnold Martin, 50 years old, 1822 N. Artesian av; identified by his son, Thomas
GRESKOWIAK, Miss H. 19 years, 1924 S. Washtenaw av.
GROCHOROFKI, Katrzyna, 1920 West Harrison street. Second Regiment armomry
GROCHOWSKA, Kitty, 18 years old, 1637 W. 17th st.
GROSSMAN, Emma, 2406 W. 12th st.
GUNDERLOCK, Mary E., 4834 North Winchester avenue
GUNDERSON, GUNDER, 1014 N. Richmond st
GUNDERSON, Hawthorne, Ill.
GUNDERSON, Mr. - no address; official photographer and blue print expert of Western Electric company

HALCONDE, F.R., 30 years old, 1846 S. Sawyer av
HANSEN, H. 1809 Richmond st
HANSON, Miss Carrie, 20 years old
HILL, Mrs. Harry, 3506 Reta st.
HIRST, Adolph, age and address not given. Identified by C.C. Nelson, a foreman of Western Electric plant
HOFFMAN, Mrs. Martha, 22 years old, 3524 Wabansia av.
HOLCOMB, F.P., 1846 Sawyer av; body at Arntzen's 810 N. Clark st.
HUBBARD, Miss Ruth, 22 years
HULLIS, T., 705 S. Halsted st.

JACOBOWSKI, Ignatz, 17 years old, 4839 S. Lincoln st.
JAKOBAWSKI, Ignatius, 4321 S. Paulina st.
JANNISCH, Mrs. Anna, 21 years, 2724 N. Artesian av (transcriber's note: listed twice)
JANSEN, Miss Tillie
JEALEMSON, Lottie, 28 years; address unknown
JENKIE, Emil, 25 years old
JERORSKA, Miss Julia, 17 years old, 2 13t st and B. Crawford
JEVERISKI, Julia, 17 years old, Crawford av and 30th st; identified by Miss Ada Becker, 2544 S. Hamlin av
JOHNSON, Mrs. Ida, 2212 N. Rockwell st.
JOHNSON, Louis H., 2212 N. Rockwell st
JOHNSON, Henry, 2748 W. 24th st.
JOHNSON, R., 2743 w. 24th st
JONES, Joseph H., 5209 W. Twenty-fifth st.
JONGWIRTH, Mamie, 17 years old. 55th av and 22d pl
JOVORSKA, Julia, 17 years old, W. 13th st. and S Crawford av
JUBUBOWSKI, Ignatz, 17 years, 4839 S. Lincoln st.
JUDGE, MARTY - 1 year old, Ogden and Central Park
JUDGE, Morris
JUNGWIRTH, Mamie, 17 years old, 61st av and 23d pl, Cicero

KAMBERG, FRIEDA, 8221 (3221?) Armitage av
KASPER, Miss Nellie, 17 years; 4817 S. Wood st.
KASPERSKI, Miss Agnes, 4920 W. 30th st
KEEVEL, Catherine, 2415 Cicero av
KEELER, John, 1987 N. Kedvale av
KGNAR, Mrs. Mary F., 2029 North Kedvale avenue
KLOGDA, Anna, 8242 Komensky av
KOMMER, Mrs. Margaret, 2029 N. Kedvale Av
KONER, Mrs. Margaret, 2029 N. Kedvale Av
KOWALSKI, Anna, 18 years, 5016 W. 34th pl
KRAHANICEK, Walter, 3112 S. Kolin av
KRATZAICK, Walter, 2112 Kolin av
KRAWEL, B, 1651 N. Avers av
KRAWLL, B. 1651 N. Avers av
KREBEL, Catherine, 25 years old, 2314 W. 50th st
KUBEAK, Miss Anna, 17 years, 5044 W. 80th pl, Cicero

LAGORGE, Joseph, Larrabee st and Clybourn av
LARSON, Miss Ella, 19 years, 3536 S. Albany av
LARSON, John, 24 years, 846 Aldine av, identifed by father, Sigfred Larson
LAVALLE, Margaret, 4946 W. Congress st.
LEN, Edward, 21 years, 3050 Belmont
LEW, Edward, 21 years old, 3050 Belmont av; Jordan's
LILLIE, Neumann, 1748 Barry av (Transcriber's note: FIRST and LAST names are probably reversed: NEUMANN, Lillie)
LITSKI, IRWIN, 2806 S. Karlov av
LOMLEWICZ, Mamie, 4406 W. 16th St
HUBBARD, Miss Ruth, 22 years
LYNCH, John E., 1214 Millard av

MCGLYNN, Mary C., no address
MCLAREN, Miss Mary, 22 years old, 4010 W. 22d st.
MALONEY, THOMAS, 44 years old, no address
MARES, OTTO, W. 27th st and S. Lawndale (transcriber's note: listed twice)
MENGES, C.H. - at Reid-Murdoch's
MEUTH, Mrs. Katherine, 50 years old, 2787 S. 41st av; identified by her son, John Meuth, 1211 W. 15th st.
MEUTH, JOSEPH, 56 years old, 2737 S. 41st av
MEUTH, WILLIAM, 21 years old, 1211 W. 15th st
MILLER, Mrs. Clara, N. Paulina and Brigham sts
MOLDT, ROSE, 19 years, 1500 Kostner av
MOOLET, Rose, 1500 Kostner av
MONTH, Mrs. Catherine, 2737 S. 41st st
MURPHY, D. 26 years, 4010 W. 22d st
MURPHY, Mrs. David, 4010 W. 22d st
MURPHY, Mrs. Mary, 20 years, 4010 W. 22d st
MYCZKOWSKI, Anna, 5022 W. 51st pl

NADENIK, Ewan - 1830 S. Hamlin av
NEWMAN, Lillie, 1743 Barry av (transcriber's note: probably the same as
Lillie, Neumann listing above)
NOVOTNY, James, 5527 W. 24th pl; identified by Charles Neirtinek, brother-in-law
NOVAK, Frances, 19 years old, 3043 S. 49th av; Jordan's

OBLISKA, Clara, 1714 or 1717 Brigham av. Identified by Susie Groves, 1743 16th st
OBLINSKE, Mrs. Clara, 1714 Brigham st.
OERTER, Mrs. Rose, 25 years, 1423 S Sangamon st
OLSON, John, 4851 W. 28th st, Cicero
OLSON, Miss ---, 19 years, 2725 S. 58th st, Clyde
O'NEILL, Margaret, 21 years old; 1236 S. Kolin av. Gavin's
ORBST, Eleanor, 2113 N. Western av
O'REILLY, Catharine, 752 S. California
O'REILLY, Patrick, 1318 Elmwood av; Second Regiment armory.
OSEN, Pearl, 2725 S. 58th ct, Second Regiment armory
OSTERHOTT, Miss Iona, 22 years, Clyde, Ill.
OTTO, Mares, 27th and S. Lawndale av.

PARTY found with card bearing name of HOLCOMB, identified as Geo. ADAMS, Hawthorn, Ill, by Herbert Franzen
PANSECRAN, E.A., 5133 S. Artesian av
PASCH, Anna, 2723 S. Keeler av; 2d Reg. armory
PAYNE, James H. jr., 2121 S. Crawford av.
PETERSON, CHAS jr. - 11 years, 2236 Cromwell st
PETERSON, Peter, 1423 S. 50th av. body at Second Regiment armory
PETERSON, Ruth, 11 years old, 1111 Newport av
PIERCE, Charles F., 5241 Berteau av; Second Regiment armory
POLETA, J. no address
POSEN, Minnie, 326 S. Albany av
POZESKY, Martha, 30 years old, Cicero, Ill
PRAZNICK, Walter, 2112 N. Kolin av
PUTZ, Mrs. May, 37 years, 1210 Addison st

QUAINE, Miss Anna, 18 years, 1444 S. Sawyer av; identified by Policeman John Quaine
QUWANS, Martha, 23 years old, 4118 W. 25th st.

RAISZ, --, address unknown; Second Regiment armory
REHOR, Frank, 1524 S. Harding av
REINHARDT, Elsie, 19 years, 3045 S. Kolin av
RIEDL, Mary, 24 years old, 2806 S. Lawndale av
RIEDL, Miss Rose, 19 years, 2806 S. Lawndale av
ROBEL, Morris, 853 King place; identifed by Sigfred Larson
ROBINSON, Thos. 26th st and S. Homan av
ROSE, Thomas, 28 years old, Cicero, Il
ROSER, Mrs. Minnie, 45 years; 326 S. Oakley av
ROSSOW, William, foreman, Western Electric, Dept 2324; address unknown, except Austin
RESTOW, William, 939 Lathrope av. Forest Park
ROWELLS, Michael, 54 years, Madison and Robey sts
ROZCKI, Monicka, 1819 N. Hermitage av
RYNAR, Rose, 20 years old, 2939 S. Loomis st; identified by Frank Rynar, a brother, who lives at 927 W. 33d st.

SAGE, H.A. - 10 years, no address
SAXE, A.J. - 1140 av, Oak Park, Ill
SALLWASSER, John, 6424 W. 82d st
SALLWASSEY, 6426 W. 82nd st
SCHAEFFER, Mabel; no address
SCHAEFER, E.W., 19, no address
SCHINTZ, J., 2823 Hawthorne av
SCHMELZ, E.J., carried a Shriner's emblem
SCHMALZ, T.J. 4828 W. 21st pl.
SCHMIDT, George E., 1329 Sedgwick st., Second Regiment armory
SCHULTZ, Mrs. Joseph, 1911 W. 17th st; identified by sister, Mrs. Mary Gannon
SCHULTZ, J.S., 2883 S. Paulina st
CHULZ, Sabina, 20 years, 431 S. Sangamon (Transcriber's note: There's a space for the first letter of her last name in the original. Name should probably be SCHULZ, Sabina)
SCHRIEZYER, Frank, 28 years old, 1720 W. 20th st
SCHROLL, Julius, 4736 Throop st, Burkhardt
SCHROLL, Emma, 4736 Throop st, Burkhardt
SCHWARTZ, Mrs. John - 5023 W. 30th st., identified by Frank Millcoski
SCYMANSKI, Miss Josephine. 17 years, 5024 W. 29th pl, Cicero
SEIGMAN, William, 8003 N. Whipple st., Second Regiment armory
SEMOISM, William, Morton Park
SHERIDAN, Catharine, 21 years, 3847 (? hard to read) W. Congress st
SHERRY, William - address unknown
SHRIEZYN, Frank, 1720 W. 20th st
SIEGMAN, William, 3005 N. Whipple
SKALA, Helen, 5047 W. 25th st, Second Regiment armory
SLOWINSKI, ROMAN, 4856 S. Racine av
SMOLA, Frank, 44 years, 15 N. Parkway av
SOUKUP, William, 16 years, 2516 S. Trumbull av
SPOLS, Frank, 15 N. Parkside av
STAKER, Polly, 4736 Throop st
STAKER, Anna, 4736 Throop st
STAMM, Mrs. Anna, 2001 W. 21st
STANDER, Miss Martha, 1709 Francisco av
STEFFEN, Miss Hattie, 25 years, 2820 W. 23d st; by brother Paul Steffen, 2115 S. Central Park av and fiance; John Phoenix, 4813 W. 23d st.
SPENDER, Martha, 1709 N. Francisco av; Second Regiment armory
STENDEN, Martha, 1709 N. Francisco av
STORE, Gertrude, 15 years old, 1027 Circle av., Forest Park
STRUZIANA, Victor, 1720 W. 20th st
STUMP, Mrs. Mary, wife of Harry Stump, 1741 Ogden av at 533 N. Clark
SUERTH, N.H., 3238 Potomac av (also listed under the "Z"'s)
SUERTI, Nicholas, 3228 Potomac av
SULZMANN, Mrs. Adolph, 5036 W. 22d pl
SWANSON, Margaret, 5028 Frink st
SZYNAMSKI, Josie, 17 years, 5024 W. 29th pl

TEMPENSKI, Anna, 20 years old, 1924 W. Ohio st
TEMPENSKI, Miss Anna, 20 years old, 1929 W. Ohio st
THEIL, Louise, 1715 N. Sawyer av
THEYER, Harry, 5028 W. 33d place
THEYER, Helen, 5028 W. 33d place
THOMAS, Rose, 2818 Fiftieth av
THOMSON, U., 2233 S. Springfield av
TIEL, Mrs. R.C., 1715 N. Sawyer av
THULLIS, 205 S. Halsted st
THYER, H.A., 5208 W. 23d st, Cicero.
TISMER, Ernest, 21 years old, 1722 W. 13th st
TUREK, Albert, 2533 S. Avers av

UNTERICH, Mrs. Albert, W. 24th pl and Racine av, 29 years old
UNTERICH, Robert, 24th pl and Racine

VANTAK, Mrs. Paulina, 44; 3306 3 Winchester av. three children missing
VASENOWSKI, 718 W. 19th st; now at Reid-Murdoch's
VASENOWSKI, WOMAN, 718 W. 19th st
VELAT, brother of Grace, 1634 S. Komensky av
VERILLA, Mrs., 47th av and W. 20th av
VERILLA, Miss Anna, W. 20th st and 47th av, Cicero

WALLER, H.C., 1214 S. Highland av, Oak Park
WERTEL, Miss Anna, 24 years, 2820 S. Tripp av

YOKUSHETZ, Agnes, 1907 Allport st

ZANETAH, Mrs. Paulina, 3306 (? hard to read) S. Winchester av
ZAJICEK, George, 24 years, 3146 (or 8146? hard to read) W. 12th st; armory
ZAJICEK, George, 3146 (or 8146? hard to read) W. 12th st, a bookkeeper
AZAETRA, Julie, 20 years, 4307 W. 25th pl
ZINTAH, Paulina, 8886 (??very hard to read) Winchester av; Second Regiment armory
ZNWAS, Martha, 23 years old, 4118 W. 25th st, identified by her sister, Gertrude
ZCYGETRA, Julie, 4307 W. 25th pl
SUERTH, N.H., 3435 Potomac av
ZWOCLAN, Alma, 3435 Schubert st.

At 2:30 o'clock this morning fourteen bodies remained unidentified at the Second Regiment armory. These, with their tag numbers and descriptions, were:

No. 729 - Man, 28 years old, five feet seven inches tall, dark brown hair, black suit, black shoes and hose.

No. 353 - Woman, 42 years old, five feet four inches, 150 pounds, brown hair

No. 394 - Woman 36 years old, five feet eight inches, 133 pounds, brown hair, black stockings.

No. 679 - Woman, 26 years old, five feet five inches, 108 pounds, sandy hair, dark complexion, full face.

No. 683 - Woman, 18 years old, light brown hair, dark complexion, black skirt and waist.

No. 189 - Woman 38 years old, five feet eight inches, 130 pounds, brown hair, black shoes.

No. 592 - Woman, 28 years old, brown hair, 140 pounds

No. 4?7 - Woman 23 years old, curly black hair, black slippers

No. ?? - Boy, 11 years old, short; brown hair, black rubber sole shoes, brown suit

No. 91 - Man, 27 years old, light hair, gray mixed suit.

No. 17, Woman, 19 years old, five feet eight inches, 135 pounds, black hair, full face, black slippers.

No. 470 - girl, 18 years old, five feet four inches, brown hair

No. 288 - Woman, dark hair, dark complexion, full face, 23 years old, white middy blouse, black sotckings, black cloth top shoes.

No. 520 - Woman, 21 years old, black hair, tan waist, black trimmings on waist, black oxfords


Exhume Body of Eastland Victim Buried in Error

Mistake Made in Case of Two Women Righted at the Grave.


Edition: Chicago Tribune
August 19, 1915

The body of beautiful blonde girl was exhumed yesterday in the Bohemian National cemetery by Coroner Peter M. Hoffman. A short while later the body of another girl, who in life might have passed for her twin sister, was placed in the same casket and lowered into the open grave without funeral obsequies.

On Saturday the other body will be started on a second journey toward the same cemetery. Girl Scouts and members of civic organizations will form an escort of honor. It will be a public funeral -- the funeral of the last of the Eastland victims to find a final resting place.

All of the Eastland bodies now are identified.

Among the victims who were lost on the Eastland was Miss Emma Meyer, who lived with her widowed mother at 2545 South Hamlin avenue. She was 21 years old and worked at the candy factory of] Rueckheim Bros. & Epstein. She was of athletic build, a striking blonde, and was a favorite among her fellow employes at the factory. She had one sister who was married and the mother of two children.

Search in Vain for Body.

Emma left her home early on the morning of the disaster. That was the last seen of her. For days her relatives and friends searched the morgues in vain for her body. One by on the bodies were claimed and buried. Finally only one body remained. It lay at Sheldon's morgue. It bore the number 571.

Body 571 was that of a blonde girl. Hundreds viewed it and more hundreds viewed the photograph. No one could identify it. No one came to claim it. It began to look as if, after all, the Eastland would have its mystery.

Members of the Girl Scouts sought permission from Coroner Hoffman to bury the body with honors, just as the Boy Scouts had done for Willie Novotny, the "little feller."

Miss Meyer's Friends Doubtful.

Civic Organizations and lodges also offered to pay the expense of the funeral. Coroner Hoffman refused, still hoping the body would be claimed. Relatives and friends of Miss Meyer were positive it was not that of the missing candymaker. She had not been as physically strong as Miss Meyer, and there was no scar on the forehead and no mole on the left shoulder blade, they pointed out.

Friends of Miss Meyer went to the office of City Custodian Cregier, where the effects of the victims had been taken. There they found her coat. This proved nothing, however.

Coroner Hoffman was just on the point of acceding to request of the organizations to be allowed to bury 571 when he decided something might be disclosed by a search of the envelopes in which the jewelry had been placed.

The envelopes had gradually dwindled in number, but there still remained a large number which had not been tuned over to relatives. A city fireman obtained a description of the jewelry worn by Miss Meyer on the day of the disaster and furnished Coroner Hoffman with this. The jewelry in envelope 571 did not tally.

Then the searches came upon an envelope bearing the name of Mrs. Emma. Schroul. It was learned the body of Mrs. Schroul had been buried. She was the wife of Julius Schroul, who perished with her. Her sisters, Anna and Pauline Straka, also were drowned.

Suspected the Mistake.

In the Schroul envelope was found a scroll bracelet bearing the initial E. M. Coroner Hoffman immediately suspected. there might have been a mistake made in identification. The body buried as Mrs. Schroul might have been Miss Meyer.

Mrs. Engelschaler would not consent to the exhumation of her daughter's body. Her condition was so critical Coroner Hoffman did not Persist. But other relatives came to the coroner yesterday and admitted there might have been a mistake and gave the necessary authority for the exhumation. Mrs. Engelschaler was not to be informed, for fear the news might prove too great a shock.

The body was taken up. Miss Meyer's sister made the identification by means of the soar on the forehead and the mole on the left shoulder blade. An Oak Park dentst who had treated Miss Meyer made identification positive by an examination of the teeth.

Grave Gets Other Body.

Body 571 was then placed in the grave. There were no funeral services and there probably will be none.

As soon as the news of the identification of Miss Meyer's body reached the factory, the girls there asked to be permitted to attend the funeral in a body. Accordingly the funeral was set for 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, when they will be able to attend.


Last known survivor of the Eastland disaster dies

BERWYN, Ill.--- Friends and family members report the death earlier this month of Libby Hruby (HROO'-bee), the last known survivor of the July 1915 Eastland disaster in the Chicago River.

Mrs. Hruby, who was 99, died November 6, 2004 at MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn IL.

She was ten years old when she got on the excursion boat Eastland in downtown Chicago to go to the Western Electric Company's annual picnic in Michigan City, Indiana. About 26 hundred people were on board. As the boat pulled away from its dock between LaSalle and Clark Streets, it suddenly rolled over and capsized.

Mrs. Hruby later said she was standing on the upper deck with her sister and future brother-in-law, and they all managed to get to safety. Those on the lower decks were not as fortunate, and 844 of them drowned



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