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Cook County, Illinois

Originally Submitted by Margaret Jasperson
pub. Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly
Volume XIII Number 2 Summer 1981

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Jenkins
Proofread by Angela Skelton

The Eastman National Business College was located on the corner of Randolph and La Salle Streets, Metropolitan Hall, Chicago, Illinois. My maternal grandfather, Henry Harrison ORENDORFF, who attended this college, obtained many autographs of the students in beautiful and sometimes illegible Spencerian script. These autographs may be significant because Metropolitan Hall was in the disaster area of the great fire of 1871. Students were in attendance from many states, a fact of which their descendants may be unaware. The following list is from the autograph album of Henry Harrison ORENDORFF, Canton, Illinois.



Illinois County


ALLEN, D. K.      
ANDREWS, R. G. Iowa City, Iowa   25 April 1866
AUSTIN, C. G., Jr. Cass, Illinois Cass 25 April 1866
AYRES, S. P. Geneseo, Illinois Henry 24 April 1866
BAINTER, C. J. Goshen, Indiana    
BALL, George Dixon, Illinois Lee  
BANER, A. W. Nauvoo, Illinois Hancock 20 April 1866
BARR, Geo. N. Princeton, Illinois Bureau  
BIRKLE, John Dubuque, Iowa    
BLANCHARD, Geo. ? F. Hopkinton, New Hampshire   18 April 1866
BLOCHER, Henry S. Amboy, Illinois Lee 24 April 1866
BOUGHTON, Jno. W. Appleton, Wisconsin   25 April 1866
BRACE, Calvin N. Grand Rapids, Michigan   26 April 1866
BROWN, G. S. Edgerton, Wisconsin    
BRYAN, A. M. Fairfield, Iowa   22 April 1866
BRYSON, James 179 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, Illinois    
BUDD, Geo. E. Lancaster, Wisconsin    
BULLOCH, H.? M. Fort Wayne, Indiana   26 April 1866
BUSHNELL, D. ? Boonsboro, Iowa   25 April 1866
? CANTER, ? O. Fairbury, Illinois Livingston 20 April 1866
CAPRON, A. B. Chicago, Illinois    
CASEBEER, Geo. Winthrop, Iowa    
CHAPIN, A. H. Hinsdale, New York   25 April 1866
CHAPMAN, S. Minnie Oswego, Illinois Kane  
CLARK, ? Hawn Middleville, Michigan   29 May 1866
CLIPFEEL, H. T. Mendon, Michigan   23 April 1866
CONVERSE, ? A. R. Windsor Massachusetts   25 April 1866
? COOR New York    
DAVIDSON, W. LeClaire, Iowa    
DAVIS, S. W. Hudson, Michigan   26 April 1866
DE EPANA, Avila (cannot read)    
DENISON, O. W. Geneseo, New York    
DEY, Robt. Wyocena, Wisconsin    
DILLER, A. Morristown, Illinois Henry  
DOUGLASS, N. B. Chariton, Iowa    
DUDLEY, N. H. Leverett, Massachusetts   26 April 1866
EASTMAN, E. J. ? (Died 10 May 1864)    
EDWARDS, H. C.      
ELLIS, W. F. Chicago, Illinois   25 April 1866
EMMERT, O. W. Mantonville, Minnesota   16 April 1866
EMMERT, J. P. Geneseo, Illinois Henry 10 April 1866
EVANS, P. N. Geneseo, Illinois Henry  
FELT, H. S. Farmington, Illinois Fulton 25 April 1866
FELT, L. Coldwater, Michigan    
FIELD, H. N.      
FIELD, J. D. Chicago, Illinois, Box 1136 Chicago, Illinois 26 April 1866
FISHER, H. H. Beloit, Wisconsin    
FORBES, Jno. A. Hillsdale, Michigan   26 April 1866
GARRISON, T. J. McLanesboro, Illinois Hamilton 25 April 1866
GERBER, Joseph Saugatuck, Michigan    
GILLETT, M. N. Wawkon, Iowa    
GISH, John H. Eddyville, Iowa    
GRANDY, L Kane, Illinois Greene 17 April 1866
GRAY, S. P. Wesley, Indiana    
HALL, George Chicago, Illinois    
HESS, Jasper N. Goshen, Indiana   30 March 1866
HESS, L. M. Goshen, Indiana   29 March 1866
Hewitt, Henry Menasha, Wisconsin    
HINMAN, C. Tiskilwa, Illinois Bureau  
HITCHCOCK, Y. Galesburg, Illinois Knox 25 April 1866
HUNTER, J. M. Uniontown, Illinois (5 towns in Illinois at this date.)    
HURD, C. A. 220 Warren St., Chicago, Illinois   26 April 1866
HUTCHINSON, Geo. W. Waukegan, Illinois Lake  
INGHAM, H. B. Chillicothe, Ohio    
JACKSON, Alex H. Galena, Illinois Jo Daviess 26 April 1866
JONES, A. C. McGregor, Iowa   26 April 1866
JUDKINS, Will H. Mishawaka, Indiana   24 April 1866
KEITER, Chas. I. 194 Carpenter St., Chicago, Illinois    
KIMBALL, Geo. P. Wheaton, Illinois DuPage  
KING, H. ? J. Chicago, Illinois   26 April 1866
KINGSLEY, E. P. Chicago, Illinois    
KINNEY, J. J. Potosi, Wisconsin    
KNOT, Albert Princeton, Illinois Bureau  
LEE, J. S. Eagle, Iowa   26 March 1866
LITTLE, A. F. Farmington, Illinois    
LOOMIS, W. Columbus, Wisconsin    
LOWE, J. A. Chicago, Illinois    
MAINE, H. Galva, Illinois Henry  
MANCHESTER, ? Aela C. Battle Creek, Michigan   30 March 1866
MANLY, W. L. Chicago, Illinois   6 April 1866
MARSHALL, John ?P. B.K. Supt. E.B.C.    
?MARTLING, Geo. R. Mishawaka, Indiana   24 April 1866
MASON, --- M. ---    
MASON, Henry B. Chicago, Illinois   26 April 1866
MATSON, C. R. Chicago, Illinois   20 April 1866
MAXWELL, G. A. Bloomington, Illinois McLean  
McKIBBEN, Amanda Mount Vernon, Ohio   26 April 1866
MILLER, Christian Lebanon, Illinois St. Clair or Sangamon  
MITCHELL, William F. Uniontown, Illinois Knox  
MOFFATT, W. S. Wheaton, Illinois DuPage 30 March 1866
MOORE, John R. Grand Rapids, Michigan   9 March 1866
MORGAN, Helen J. Snachwine, Illinois Putnam  
MOSER, Geo. W. Chicago, Illinois   26 April 1866
MOSS, Geo. B. Belvidere,Illinois Boone 25 April 1866
MUNYON, A. J. Coldwater, Michigan   6 April 1866
PALMER, S. D. Grinell, Iowa    
PANTON, V. W. Clintonville, Illinois Kane  
PATTERSON, Jno. Waterloo City, Indiana    
PETERS, R. A. Chicago, Illinois   6 April 1866
PIERSON, James G. Flint, Michigan   30 March 1866
PLACE, E. H. LaPorte, Indiana   26 April 1866
POLLARD, C. R. New Columbia, Illinois   30 March 1866
POWELL, J. C. Wheeling, Iowa   8 April 1866
RANDALL, ?B. E. Cicero, Illinois   29 March 1866
RANDALL, W. H. Minooka, Illinois Grundy  
REYNOLDS, G. H. Galena, Illinois Jo Daviess  
REYNOLDS, J. W. Griggsville, Illinois Pike  
RILEY, Lewis A. Columbus City, Iowa   20 April 1866
ROCHFORD, John Chicago, Illinois    
ROCKWOOD, G. D. Janesville, Wisconsin   26 April 1866
ROLF, A. G. 192 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, Illinois    
ROSE, Leonard A. Toronto, Canada West    
ROUSSIAN, A. Y. Hennepin, Illinois Putnam  
ROWLAND, William Augusta, Illinois Hancock  
SAMSON, L. M. Crawfordsville, Iowa    
SCHOFIELD, ? A. New York    
SCOTT, J. A.      
SHEPARDSON, ? E. P. Belvidere, Illinois Boone  
SHERWOOD, W. D. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin   25 April 1866
SHIRLEY, F. M. LeClaire, Iowa   25 April 1866
SIMMONS, C. W. Chicago, Illinois    
SIMMONS, E. Griggsville, Illinois Pike  
SINCLAIR, P. J. Caledonia, New York   29 March 1866
SMITH, W. E. Chicago, Illinois   25 April 1864
SNOW, N. J. Lodi, Illinois Clark  
SNYDER, Valley Moweaqua, Illinois Shelby  
SPELMAN, J. A. Oneota, Minnesota    
STAFFORD, Edwin Tamworth, Canada West   26 April 1866
STEELE, Geo. M. Roaver Montano, ?    
STEVENSON, L. Henry Greencastle, Indiana   20 April 1866
STEWART, Geo. A. Chicago, Illinois    
STEWART, O. P. Elkader, Iowa    
STONE, Arch Norton Hill, New York   25 April1866
SWAIN, Wm. A.      
SWEET, A. Marble Ridge, Wisconson    
SWOBE, Thomas Niles, Michigan    
TALLANT, Thos. B Chicago, Illinois   26 April 1866
TEAGARDEN, E. Chicago, Illinois   25 April 1866
THOMPSON, C. A. Door Creek, Wisconsin    
TILLOTSON, T. T. Fremont, Indiana   5 April 1866
WATERS, Jno. H. Chicago, Illinois    
WHEATON, Willis Kalamazoo, Michigan    
WHITING, J. S. Rochester, Minnesota    
WILLIAMS, L. C. Chicago, Illinois    
WIMPLE, ? W. Freedom, Illinois LaSalle or Monroe 26 April 1866
WITHERBY, Helen Essex, Vermont    
WITKINS, W. W. Lyndon, Illinois Whiteside  
ZOOK, D. Oregon, Wisconsin    

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