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Irving Park
Cook County, IL


Irving Park is a neighborhood in Chicago, located on the northwest side.


The original name chosen for the new suburb was "Irvington" after the author Washington Irving, but since another town in Illinois had already used that name, it was changed to Irving Park.

NEIGHBORHOODS contained within Irving Park:

Kilbourn Park --- Old Irving Park --- The Villa


1843: Major Noble purchased a 160 acre tract of land from Christopher J. Ward, and established a farm. His house on the East side of Elston just south of Montrose doubled as the Buckthorn Tavern.

1869: Four New Yorkers, Charles T. Race, John S. Brown, Adelbert E Brown and John Wheeler, purchased the farm for $20,000. They purchased an additional 80 acre tract south of the Noble farm from John Gray for $25,000.

1872: The area’s first church, the Dutch Reformed Church and Society of Irving Park was built on the southeast corner of Keeler Avenue and Belle Plaine. It was the only house of worship until 1885

1889: Irving Park, along with the rest of Jefferson Township, was annexed to Chicago.

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