British King Does Honor to Chicago Boys

George Pins Medals on Breasts of U.S. Heroes
by Frederick A. Smith
(by cable to the Chicago Tribune)

©Transcribed by Kim Torp

AMERICAN HEADQUARTERS AT THE BRITISH FRONT, Aug 13 [1918]. --- Visiting an old chateau back of the lines today, I saw a squad of American soldiers standing in line under beautiful elms. The King of England, dressed in the uniform of a field marshal and accompanied by a staff in picturesque dress, was going from man to man pinning upon their breasts medals in recognition of their share in the recent glorious victories over the Germans. Most of the boys in khaki thus honored were Chicagoans. There were even others lying wounded in hospitals that were similarly honored today at the king's order.

Afterwards in a quaint road in the corner of the chateau, King George met Generals Pershing and Bliss and privately conferred upon them the Order of the Bath and St. Michael and St. George respectively.

The awards to the officers and the privates today came as a recommendation for their heroic conduct at Hamel on the Fourth of July.

Heroes Awarded Honors

Military medals were awarded the following:

Private C.W. Keane
Sergt. J.E. Krum
Corp. Andrew Shabinger
Corp. Lester C. Whitson
Private William M. Linsky
Private J. Sweredo
Private Fred B. Wilkins
Sergt. Frank A. Koljane

Military crosses were awarded those whose names follow:

First Lieut. Frank E. Schram
Second Lieut. Michael Komorbreski
Second Lieut. Harry Yagle

The distinguished conduct medal was awarded to:

Private Harry Shelly

For the wounded the military cross was awarded to:

First Lieut. Albert Jefferson

Military medals were awarded to:

Corp. H. Zyburt
Corp. Raymond H. Powell
Sergt. A. Erhard

Distinguished conduct medals were awarded to:

Corp. Thomas Pope
Corp. Albert E. Painsipp (Palnsipp?)
Corp. John Desmidt

How They Won Decorations
Corp. Pope rushed a machine gun single handed, bayoneting several of the crew, and standing astride of the gun, he kept the remainder of the detachment at bay until the arrival of reinforcements, when the Germans were either all killed or captured.

Corp. Shabinger was wounded at the beginning of the engagement, remained in charge of the squad, controlling the men until they had mopped up the enemy before he asked to be sent to a first aid dressing station.

Corp. Powell volunteered to capture an advance post, leading his section through a violent shell fire and bombing the enemy out of the post and enabling the line to advance.

Private Linsky, although wounded in the right arm by shrapnel, continued to carry his Lewis gun in the assault on the village Hamel.

Private Shelly, with one Australian, captured an enemy sniping post and eight prisoners.

Bombs out Gun Crew
Corporal Painsipp singly attacked a machine gun in the face of direct fire and tried to upset the gun, but was wounded in the leg. He stood his ground, however, and bombed out the crew, saving the advancing troops severe casualties. Wilkins' exploit was similar.

Lieut. Yagle and Sergt. Koljane, with two Australians, rushed a machine gun and captured eight prisoners.

Private Keane, in the area swept by the machine guns, where both stretcher bears had been killed, forced the German prisoners to carry off the wounded.

Corporal Desmidt's platoon was under heavy machine gun fire until he and an Australian crept up, seized the gun and forced the crew to carry it back to our lines.

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