CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Apr. 23, 1902

[contributed by Source #27]

E. Patterson ] ..........$ 1 Same property, April 15 [ B. E. Patterson to Gertrude C. Fowler ] .....$ 1
Webster-av., 241 e of Robey-st., s.f. 25 to alley. April 19 [ J. Sinda to Joseph Kaczmarek ]..........2,200
Fullerton-av., 220 e of Ashland, s.f. 25x125, March 27 [ A. Viert et al., by M. in C., to Emilie Baumgardt ]......2,350
18th-st., s w cor Rockwell, n f. 50x125, April 21 [ H. Groth to Wm. H. Birk].....5,000
Indiana-av., 235 n of 63d-st., w f. 25x160 1-6, April 14 [ R. M. Peache to Edward McCormick ] ....2,000
Peoria-st., s w cor 62d. e f. 48x124 1/2, April 16 [ J. M. Morrie to the Swedish Evangelical Luth. Bethel Church ]....2,100
Ada-st., s e cor Fulton, w f. 30x103, March 12 [ G. Bartee to Jane Bartee ].....1
Same property, March 14 [ Jane Bartee to James Welch ] .....2,300
Orchard-st., 386 n of Fullerton-av., e f. 50x125 3/4, April 18 [ A. L. Wood et al., by M. in C., to C. F. Gates ] .....4,827
Lincoln-av., 65 n of Jackson-st., e f. 32x121, April 19 [ C. Kein to Andrew Nystrom ].....1,500
12th-st., 100 w of S. 40th-av., s f. 25x125, April 21 [ P. Peichert to AgnesLedl ].....1,500
N. 56th-av., n w cor Carpenter-st., e f. 173x214. April 14 [ A. A. Brock to Harry L. Brock ].....2,500
Carpenter-road, or N. 56th-av., 250 s of N. 62d-st., e f. 200x125, & other property, April 1 [A. M. Dickson to Andrew A. Brock ].....7,500
Carpenter-ct., 125 n of N. 56th-ct., e f. 50x125, April 14 [ A. A. Brock to Nellie B. Brock ].....1,800
Millard-av., 814 s of 16th-st., w f. 70x133, April 9 [ G. L. Wiles to Henry J. Kimman ] .....3,200
Millard-av., 779 s of 16th-st., e f. 35x133, March 24 [ G. L. Wiles to Anna Novak ]......1,700
Rogers Park e 30 L. 18 B. 16. April 21 [ C. H. Stoelting to A. D. F. Gardner ]......4,500
Lafayette-av., s w cor 68th-st., e f. 38x175, inc. $2,000, April 21, [ H. F. Foster to Kathryn T. Shean ].....3,500
Indiana-av., s.w. cor. 59th-st., e f. 103x142, April 21 [ John Bell to John W . Coutts ].....15,000
62d-st., 218 e of Normal-av., n f. 40x128, April 17 [ W. W. Doolittle to Francis C. B. Macfarlan ] .....3,700
Loomis-st., 247 s of 60th, w f. 25x124 1/2, April 21 [ A. M. Pollard to Mary E. Berry ].....2,000
Justine-st., 220 s of 58th w f. 25x124, April 21 [ W. Kramer to Gustav Kramer ].....2,500
Butler-st., 100 s of 54th, w f. 24x125, March 19 [ C. T. Mason to Lucy C. Higgins ].....1
47th-pl, 72 w of Wallace-st., s f. 24x125, April 21 [ M. E. Brooks to Alonza E. Britton ].....2,800
Carpenter-st., 191 n of 51st e f. 25x124, April 19 [ E. Kreiss to Friedrich Schodrowski ].....2,400
50th-pl., 199 e of Peoria-st., s f. 25x125, April 18 [ J. F. Lockrey to Wm. L. Horne ].....1,325
Vincennes-av., 250 n of 44th-st., e f. 47x125, inc. $13,000, April 21 [ J. W. Coutts to John Bell ].....26,000
Calumet-av., 95 s of 32d-st., w f. 30x125, April 16 [ T. H. Hulbert to Josiah Little ].....20,000
Halsted-st., 192 s of 33d, w f. 24x124 1/2, March 10 [ M. Ryan to Margt. Cooney ].....1,700
Shields-av., n w cor 33d-st., e f. 147x125, Feb. 1 [ J. Leyendecker to Fredk. Bromm ].....6,000
Butler-st., 250 s of 30th, e f. 25x125, Feb. 1 [ H. Leyendecker to Frederick Bromm ].....1,200
28th-st., 125 e of Butler, s f. 25x124 9-10, April 14 [ J. Doornek to Anna M. Effertz ].....1,600
Princeton-av., 149 s of 26th-st., e f. 24x124, April 21 [ A. A. Perkins to Ada E. Crowell ]....2,000
Central Park-av., 491 n of 22d-st., w f. 25x146, April 21 [ E. E. Lauterman to Anne Masterson ]....3,500
Turner-av., 75 s of 21st-st., w f. 25x125, Feb. 10 [ E. Creighton et al., by C.., to John H. White ]....1.950
Polk-st., 125 w of Sacramento-av., n f. 25x125, April 21 [ J. Windelschafer to Adolph Triner ].....1,700
Madison-st., 125 e of St. Louis-av., n f. 25x91, April 10 [ C. E. Stut to John W. H. -----

REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS FILED FOR Record on Thursday, Dec. 24, 1903.
CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Dec. 25, 1903.
[contributed by
Source #27]

Hayes-av., B. N. Dupee to Albert J. Gels (or possibly Geis).

Kenmore-av., Walter C. Foote to Chas. A. Zietz.
Wrightwood-av., Ludwig C. Ewertsen to Frank H. Restorick

Albany-av., A. C. Lewis to Rose B. Peters.
California-av., J. F. Condon to Anton B. Nelson.
Columbia-st., J. Mills to Christopher C. Wilkins.
43d-av., M. T. Hun to Emma Kappus.
Irving Park-blvd., A. H. Holmes eyt al., by M. in C., to Chas. H. Hamill.
Same ppty., C. H. Hamill to State Bank of Chicago.
Linden-av., E. A. Walter et al., by M. in C. to A. M. Steel.
Mozart-st., A. B. Nelson to Margt. Condon.
Springfield-av., S. E. Cross et al., to Frank C. Osburn.

Franklin-av., A. G. Bagley to Fredk. M. Fett.
Huron-st., F. J. Fadner to Christian Ousaud.
Willow-av., A. E. Jewett et al., to Chris J. Lovig.

Augusta-st., est. of J. Wesolek to Magdalena Wesolek.
Austin-av., True Plan H. B. and L. Association to Salvatore Giaziano (or possibly Glaziano).
41st-av., A. Hedbabny to Frank J. Fingerhut.
44th-av., A. Quinn to John D. Maskill.
51st-av., C. Onsrud to Richard A. Connell.
Fairfield-av., H. D. Wells to James J. Stepina.
Fillmore-st., A. Kennedy to Harriet L. Hutchinson.
Flournoy-st., J. Foster to Mary H. Clark.
Flournoy-st., C. C. Worley to Edward F. Cranley.
Halsted-st., Samuel B. Goldberg to Samuel Ladanyl (or possibly Ladanyi) et al.
Peoria-st., B. Fishman et al., by M. in C., to Samuel Fononsky.
Sacramento-av., Irma Poss to Geo. Herrmann.
13th-pl., B. Fishman et al., by M. in C., to Beckie Fishman.
26th-st., G. J. Hanlon to Karolina Moravec.
Warren-av., E. P. Benedict et al., by M. in C., to Chapin National Bank.

Emerald-av., G. Conroy to Mary Smith.
State-st., N. Shanahan to David Webster.
Wentworth-av., J. G. Baumann et al., to N. Kramer.
Same ppty., N. Kramer to John G. Baumann.

Avenue K., A. Ringman to Anders P. Carlson.
Avenue M., E. E. Tayler to Robt C. James.
Calumet-av., Thies H. C. Sievers to Henry Kahn.
Champlain-av., William R. Anderson to John B. Anderson.
?0th-st (unreadable: possibly 10th or 40th-st), R. Bartlett to James H. Soden.
118th-pl., J. J. Boomker to James B. Harnish.
Superior-av., S. J. Lowe to Electus Ramsdell.

41st-st., J. Brick to Nickolaus J. Brick.
Lowe-av., National Life association, et al., by M. in C., to estate of
William G. (or possibly C.) Hibbard.
Justine-av., C. S. Peterson to William J. Smith.
May-st., J. A. Murray to Clarinda W. De Witt (DeWitt)
Private-st., s.e. cor. 45th, produced, w f. 301 x198, U. S. yards, Dec. 21.
[John Roberts et al. to Roberts & Oake, inc.]...(no price is listed.)
60th-st., L. Osterberg to Thomas McGarrey.
65th-pl., P. Mayhew et al., by M. in C., to John Dupee
65th-pl (same to same.
Wentworth-av., Eunice A. Martin to City of Chicago.

Paulina-st., E. Holste to Benj. F. Riddle.