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Frank C. Souhrada, was the son of Matej and Veronika Souhrada; born July 26, 1871, Cleveland, Ohio.
The family emigrated from their native Czechoslovakia in 1870 and son Frank C. Souhrada was the first generation born in this country.

As a young man, he left the family farm to travel to Chicago, Illinois where he enrolled in college to study the Law. He pursued that course of study for some years, and on June 13, 1892 Mr. Souhrada graduated from the Lake Forest University School of Law. He was admitted to the Bar of Cook County on June 24, 1892, and admitted to practice on July 26, 1892 in Cook County, Illinois.

Law Offices of Frank Souhrada 1898
Law Offices of Frank Souhrada, c. 1898


While in the practice of Law for over 63 years, he held the following positions:

  • Government Appeal Agent for the Selective Service System during World War One under Governor Frank E. Lowden.

  • Assistant Corporation Counsel under James Hamilton Lewis.

  • Assistant City Prosecutor in Chicago

  • Assistant State's Attorney under MacClay Hoyne, a Democrat, and under Robert E. Crow, a Republican.

  • Attorney for the Board of Education, District No. 91.

Forest Park 1922 School Board
Forest Park Public School Board - 1922
First Row: Sid Wilson, Leslie Smith Sr, George Wilcox, Robert McAuley, William Arnst
2nd Row: School Supt. Rudolph Miller, Lee Pittman, Henry Strunk, Secretary Gustav Olsen, Attorney Frank Souhrada


He was a member of the Illinois State Bar Association in which he held the title of Senior Counselor. He also held memberships in various Catholic fraternal and religious organizations, and helped in the selection and purchase of the original site on which St. Procopius College is situated.

Anton Cermak and Frank Souhrada
Frank Souhrada and Political Friends
Anton Cermak, Mayor of Chicago is pictured...


[Notice of Selective Service Law Legal Advisory Board, appointment as permanent member:]

"Chicago, Illinois, January 2, 1918
Hon. Frank C. Souhrada"
Dear Sir:-
You are hereby notified that you have been appointed Associate Member of Legal Advisory Board of the 25th Division. According to the Declaration of President Woodrow Wilson you are to report at this board Jan. 3, 1918 at 7:00 p.m. and the following days hereafter.
Sincerely Yours,
Vincent G. Ponic
Chairman of the Local Board"

June 7, 1946 at Springfield, Illinois:
Certificate awarded by the Illinois State Bar Association:

"Has conferred the privilege of the title of Senior Counsellor on Frank Souhrada"
"In recognition of more than fifty years of honorable service at the bar of Illinois, and continued interest in the advancement of the profession of law as an active member of the Illinois State Bar Association.
He has set an inspiring example of devotion and fidelity to the duties and obligations of an attorney and counselor at law, of leadership and unselfish participation in the public affairs of his community, state and nation, and of those commendable personal qualities that characterize those who best exemplify the high ideals of the profession of the bar as officers of the courts in the administration of justice.."


In 1931 Mr. Souhrada ran an unsuccessful race for the Mayor of Forest Park, Illinois



[Newspaper article from unnamed source: Dated about June 14, 1942]:

Receives Honor for 50 years Of Honorable Service at Bar
Fifty years of service given with apparent honor, according to the legal code of ethics, are the two requirements for the conferring of the title of Senior Counselor by the Illinois State Bar Association. Among this year's 43 members to be so honored was Frank Souhrada, who served the Benedictine Press as legal adviser under one of its first editors, the late Rt. Rev. Abbot Valentine Kohlbeck, O. S. B.

Lawyer Souhrada was born in Cleveland on June 26, 1874. He passed his law examination at the age of 20, and on June 14, 1912, he celebrated his Golden Jubilee as a lawyer.

He expressed hope at that time that he would live to see 25 more years of activity. "Never before have I felt younger, healthier, and stronger," he said. He lately rendered valuable service to THE SUPPLEMENT by contributing to our analysis of the Vashti McCollum case, which we ran in a series of articles.

He pointed out that blasphemy is a criminal offense at common law, and that, in his opinion, both the procedure in court and the press handling of the case were offenses against the criminal law against blasphemy."

Then a resident of Cedar Lake, Indiana, he joined the Indiana Bar in 1952, at the age of 81 years.

Swearing In Ceremony
Swearing In Ceremony
Oct. 18, 1952


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