Chicago Illinois St. Anne's School of Nursing
Class of 1917

[Transcribed by Shauna Williams for Genealogy Trails]


(Photo from center top to the right: Helen Walderbach, Supt; Elizabeth Korthals; Theresa Buckley; Mary C. Stern; Nora Gibson & Joan Baiwir)


*Joan Baiwir Yusken- Very active in many civic activities in Gage Park, Ill. School chairman of Health and Dental committees and treasurer for two years. Member of VWW I for 25 years. Also a member of Grandmothers Club. Married in 1922 and had two sons. Son John has PhD. Son Anthony is an Electrical Engineer. Has two grandchildren.

*Sister M. Beatrice, P.H.J.C. (Formerly Nora Gibson)- Deceased

*Sister Mary Virginia, Ursuline (Formerly Mary Stin)- Deceased

*Elizabeth Korthals- No information available

*Theresa Buckley Gibbons- 1035 N. Lockwood Ave. Chicago, Ill. Was night supervisor at St. Anne's for many years. President of the Alumnae Assn. for several terms. Married in 1918. Husband died in 1960. Has a daughter, Loretta, who is a graduate of St. Anne's hospital class of 1941. Has four grandsons and granddaughter, Maureen, who is presently a student nurse at St. Anne's.




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