Chicago Illinois St. Anne's School of Nursing
Class of 1921


[Transcribed by Shauna Williams for Genealogy Trails]

(Top left to right: Florence Padden, Caroline Germain, Ruth Nicholson, Beulah Blonigen, Mary Boyle, Marie Lamers & Ann Schmich   Bottom: Rose Rensman, Madeline Harkins, Helena Walderbach, Mary Foytek & Katherine Gallagher)

*Beulah Bloniger Aubey-2430 E. Miffin. Madison, Wis. Worked with Chicago VNA from 1922 to 1925. Then worked in Public Health nursing until 1960-four years with Illinois Bell Telephone Co., sixteen years with Metropolitan life Ins. Co., and fifteen years with Madison Visiting Nurses. Retired in 1960 but still did occasional relief work. Married in 1954, a widower with three children. Now has ten grandchildren. Husband is retired chemist from Ray-O-Vac Co.

*Ann L. Schmich-600 S Brearly, Madison, Wis. AL 5-3288 Worked as staff nurse Chicago VNA, Supervisor Fort Wayne, Ind. VNA, Director Madison Wis. VNA. Has BS degree in Public Health. Retired in 1956. Very active in volunteer work and many community and nursing activities.

*Sister M. Emelia, P.H.J.C.-Loretto Hospital, New Ulm, Minn. 354-4124 Sister was a graduate of the class of 1921-the first class of Sisters to complete the course in nursing-Sister Willia, Sister Williamina and she. After graduation taught bedside nursing until 1927. Then left St. Anne's and went to St. Joseph's, Fort Wayne, Ind., where she had charge of a 60 bed medical floor. Left. St. Joseph's in 1935 to take a post graduate course in surgical procedures at St. Elizabeth's went to St. Joseph's, Mishawaka, Ind., where she had charge of surgery for three and one half years. Then went to La Porte for three and one half years; here, too, was in charge of surgery. In 1942 was transferred to Loretto Hospital. The following year took the anesthesia course at St. John's, Springfield, Ill. having completed the course she returned to Loretto as anesthetist and supervisor of the Surgical Department. Served in this capacity until May 28, 1963. on this date Sister was appointed  Administrator of Loretto hospital, new Ulm, Minnesota. Se reports every moment in the nursing profession has been deeply cherished.

*Katherine M. Gallagher-Deceased 1961

*Florence Padden-Deceased

*Caroline Germain-5832 W. Lake St., Chicago Ill. Has been doing private duty since graduation and is still active.

*Sister M. Willia, P.H. J.C.-Convent Ancila Domini, Donaldson, Ind. After graduation in 1921 Sister was active in the different departments of St. Anne's Hospital. received her BS degree from Loyola University. In 1939 was appointed Director of the School of Nursing. In 1949, the Nurses Home was completely remodeled and converted into a modern Nurses Residence with special teaching facilities. In 1952 the school received National Accreditation, which was a great asset to the school. in the Spring of 1952 a new wing was opened to the Nurses residence, a modern construction with additional offices and classrooms and a beautiful auditorium with all the latest equipment. In September of 1952 Sister was transferred to St. Joseph Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana as Supervisor of a Surgical Floor. In 1961 she celebrated the Golden Jubilee of her profession which she reports was a  day of great joy and happiness. In September of 1961 Sister was transferred to the Motherhouse in Donaldson, Indiana as Infirmarian. In 1962 she had the privilege of visiting relatives in Germany whom she had not seen for 32 years. A non stop jet plane took the party from Chicago to Frankfort in eight hours, a delightful flight. For three weeks she was with her relatives in her own old homestead. Every day new surprises awaited her. One Sunday a young priest from Spain celebrated his first holy Mass, the pastor, a German, celebrated his Silver Jubilee; the sermon was given by a priest from Portugal and Sister, from the U.S.A., was honored to participate for her Golden Jubilee, so there were four nationalities represented. Afterward a banquet was given in the hall of the home of Sister's late grandparents. After five weeks of happy visiting they flew back to the good U.S.A., and were happy to be home again.

*Mary Boyle Steele-327 St. Patrick St. Rapid City, S. Dakota. FI 2-2226 Married in 1923. 1924 Supt. of Contagious Hospital, Portland, Ore. Public Health Nursing Course at university of Oregon. Private duty in Toledo, Ohio 1930-1935. Superintendent of Crippled Childrens Hospital, Toledo. Now retired. husband had his own business and is also retired.

*Mary Foytek Premroat-No information

*Madeline Harkins-%Sisters of the Poor, 5148 S. Prairie Ave. Chicago 15, Ill. No information

*Ruth Nicholson Glenn-No information

*Marie Lamers Cornwell-838 B 19th St. Santa Monica, Calif. No information

*Rose Rensman Snider-No information

*Sister M. Williamina P.H.J.C.-St. Catherine's Hospital East Chicago, Ind., Medical floor supervisor at St. Anne's for several years. Transferred to St. Catherine's East Chicago, where she is still supervisor of Medical floor.



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