Worth, Cook County, IL
1880 Mortality Schedule

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This Census Includes Enumeration District 207

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"The Census Year begins June 1, 1879 and ends May 31, 1880"

Page No. 19
Supervisor's Dist No. 1
Enumeration Dist No. 207

Schedule 5 - Persons who DIED during the year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in Worth in the County of COOK, State of Illinois, C.B. Sammons, Enumerator

Transcriber's Note: Columns are as follows:

Number of the family [as given in column on Schedule 1, Name of deceased [last name,first name], Age, Sex, Color, Marital Status, Place of Birth, POB of Father, POB of Mother, Occupation, Month Died, Disease/Cause of Death, How long a resident of the county, Where the disease was contracted if not at the place of death, Name of physician (which the transcriber is leaving out)

--, Rickert, Caroline, 43, f, w, m, Prussia, Prussia, Prussia, --, May, Puerpial Fever, 18
--, Fuchs, Sophia, 34, f, w, m, Mecklenburg, Meck., Meck., --, March, Lung Fever, 15
--, Feck, Christina, 57, f, w, m, Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg, --, April, --, 5
--, Krueger, Phillip, 60, m, w, m, Prussia, Prussia, Prussia, worked on farm, Feb, Paralysis, 6
--, Palmer, Harritt, 37, f, w, m, N.York, England, Ireland, --, Feb, Consumption, 4
--, Kreiggsman, Amelia, 1, f, w, s, IL, Saxony, Mecklenburg, --, May, Lung Fever
--, Heim, Emil, 1, m, w, s, Ill, Ill, Mecklenburg, --, April, Brain Fever, 1
--, Busch, Henry, 2/12, m, w, s, Ill, Ill, N.Y., --, Nov, Paralysis
--, Mullet, Elizabeth, 69, f, w, m, Prussia, Prussia, Prussia, Keeping House, Sept, Dropsey, 21
--, Vandenburg, Almira, 7/12, f, w, s, Ill, Ill, At Sea, --, Nov, Bronchitis, --
--, Klein, John, 43, m, w, m, Saxony, Saxony, Saxony, Butcher, July, liver complaint, 31
--, Green, Alice, 3, f, w, s, Ill, Ill, Ill, --, Jan, Diphtheria
--, Green, Diadana, 73, f, w, w, N.Y., Mass, Vt, --, Jan, Heart Discease
--, Hohman, Alice, 6, f, w, s, Ill, N.Y., Saxony, --, Nov, Diphtheria
--, Hohman, Martha, 4, f, w, s, Ill, N.Y., Saxony, --, Nov, Diphtheria
--, Biederman, August, 74, m, w, m, Prussia, Prussia, Prussia, Tailor, Sept, Brights Discease
--, Drake, --, 68, f, w, w, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, --, Feb, Apploxy


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