Army & Navy Dead and Wounded
Reported by the Office of War Information
and published in the newspaper


25 May 1945 Report


25 May 1945 Report


25 May 1945 Report


4 Feb 1945 Report

The final official government casualty lists are here:




25 May 1945 Report


25 May 1945 Report


Army Dead - reported 4 Feb 1945 - Chicago Tribune (IL)

303 Illinois Men Named in Casualty List.
Washington, D. C., Feb. 3. -- The war department today made public the names of 3,914 United States soldiers killed in action. The list includes 303 Illinoisans, 156 of whom are from Chicago and vicinity. Most of the casualties occurred in the European area. Those in the Mediterranean area are indicated by [M]. Next of kin have been kept informed of any change in the status of casualties that may have occurred since this list was compiled, the war department reports.

Allen, Pvt. William B. -- Mrs. Dorothea S. Allen, wife, 921 Cambridge av. [M.]
Altier, Corp. Daniel J. -- Mrs. Mary Altier, mother, 1925 Walnut st.
Anderson, Pvt. 1st Class Frank W. -- Mrs. Beatrice X Anderson, wife, 1207 W. Lill av.
Antonelli, Pvt. Elmer A. -- Mrs. Ann T. Antonelli, mother, 1303 N. Ridgeway av.
Bandosz, Pvt. 1st Class William J. -- Mrs. Constance Bandosz, mother, 1016 Vine st., Joliet. -Will Co.
Barnes, Pvt. Clarence L. Jr. -- Mrs. Olive Barnes, mother, 8448 Prairie av. [M.]
Bartusis, Sgt. Ben -- Mrs. Casimere Bartusis, mother, 3105 W. 39th pl.
Beisler, Sgt. Robert P. -- Mrs. Mary Beisler, mother, 7131 1/2 W. Grand av.
Bentel, Pvt. Fred L. -- Mrs. Vendela C. Bentel mother, 1307 Sunnyside av.
Bennett, Pvt. 1st Class Clifford T. -- Mrs. Edena G. Bennett, wife, 5440 Hutchinson st. [M.]
Blizek, Pvt. 1st Class William R. -- Mrs. Ruth L. Blizek, 3027 Oak Park av., Berwyn.
Brady, Pvt. 1st Class Leo J. -- Mrs. Josephine Brady, mother, 2138 W. Cortez st.
Braun, Pvt. Robert C. -- Mrs. Frances G. Braun, mother, 10030 South Charles st. [M.]
Bredt, Pvt. 1st Class Thomas P. -- Mrs. Margaret Brett, mother, 1548 W. 62d st.
Bricks, Pvt. 1st Class Peter B. -- Mrs. Mary Bricks, mother, 1270 N. Wood st.
Brown, 2d. Lt. John R. Jr. -- John R. Brown, father, 420 Sunset rd., Winnetka.
Brzostowski, Pvt. 1st Class Richard -- Mrs. Stella Brzostowski, mother, 5104 S. Throop st.
Buckley, Tech. Sgt. William G. -- Mrs. Adele C. Buckley, wife, 155 W. 46th pl.
Burg, 2d. Lt. Elmer J. - Mrs. Betty J. Burg, wife, 659 W. 43d pl. [M.]
Caccavalle, Pvt. 1st Class John -- Mrs. Caroline Napolitano, mother, 1842 South Drake av. [M.]
Callow, Pvt. 1st Class William J. -- Mrs. Margaret Callow, mother, 166 Larch st., Elmhurst [M.] -DuPage Co.
Carlson, Pvt. Carl O. -- Mrs. Dorothy B. Carlson wife, 7248 N. Odell av.
Catenazzo, Pvt. 1st Class Charles A. -- Mike Catenazzo, father, 515 N. Wood st.
Chapman, Pvt. 1st Class Roger J. -- Mrs. Janet E. Chapman, wife, 4740 N. Central av.
Clark, Pvt. 1st Class Allerton M. -- Mrs. Lorraine Clark, wife, 2119 N. Long av.
Cochran, Pvt. 1st Class Lloyd L. -- Mrs. Geraldine K. Cochran, wife, 1317 Bond st.
Cook, Pvt. Charles T. -- Mrs. Ella Cook, mother, 1241 W. 78th st.
Consiglio, Pvt. 1st Class Guido -- Mrs. Jennie C. Colona, sister, 1102 S. Hermitage av. [M.]
Cullen, Pvt. 1st Class Lawrence P. -- Mrs. Ann Cullen, wife, 2850 E. 96th st.
Czernia, Pvt. Joseph J. -- Mrs. Evelyn F. Czernia, wife, 1122 W. Chestnut st.
Dietzen, Pvt. Anton R. -- Mrs. Mary L. Dietzen, wife, 6224 N. Oakley av.
Doranski, 1st Lt. Warren J. -- Mrs. Virginia H. Doranski, wife, 3017 N. Kimball av.
Ellione, Pvt. 1st Class Felix E. -- Mrs. Lenora G. Ellione, wife, 5105 North Clark st. [M.]
Ellis, Pvt. Harry F. Jr. -- Mrs. Margaret Ellis, mother, 10731 Cottage Grove av. [M.]
Fiala, Pvt. Stanley -- Mrs. Evelyn M. Fiala, wife, 2242 South Clarence av., Berwyn. [M.]
Erickson, Pvt. 1st Class Kenneth O. -- Mrs. Anna Olson, mother, 2200 W. 120th st., Blue Island.
Fitzgerald, Corp. John J. -- Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald, mother, 7610 S. Marshfield av.
Flanigan, Sgt. Robert F. -- Mrs. Lavra M. Flanigan, mother, 7927 S. Hermitage av. [M.]
Flassig, Pvt. 1st Class Loyal -- Mrs. Lilly Flassig, mother, 2446 Orchard st., Blue Island.
Fleming, Pvt. Duane W. -- Mrs. Ruth A. Fleming, wife, 5520 South Drexel av. [M.]
Gaddini, Pvt. Dino P. -- Mrs. Pearl G. Gaddini, mother, 323 W. Evergreen av.
Globis, 2d Lt. Edward A. -- Joseph A. Globis, father 3961 S. Campbell av.
Goeiz, Pvt. Robert A. -- Mrs. Bernice W. Goeiz, 4214 North Wolcott st. [M.]
Grabowski, Pvt. Stephen P. -- Mrs. Alexandria Y. Grabowski, mother 3616 W. 56th pl. [M.]
Grindrod, Pvt. Edward P. -- Mrs. Lavelle K. Grindrod, wife, 416 Madeline st., Joliet. - Will Co.
Gronemann, Sgt. Bernard W. -- Mrs. Marguerite E. Gronemann, wife, 622 N. Broadway, Joliet. - Will Co.
Gross, Pvt. Richard A. -- Mrs. Elizabeth Gross, mother, 6934 S. Winchester av.
Gross, Staff Sgt. Walter W. -- Mrs. Mary L. Gross, wife, 8141 S. Michigan av.
Gushiken, Pvt. 1st Class George -- Mrs. Kiyo Koide, sister, 5215 S. Kimbark av.
Guthier, Capt. Glenn L. -- Roy E. Guthier, father, 2731 Carmen av.
Hacker, Pvt. Harry I. -- Mrs. Eva F. Hacker, wife, 320 Franklin st., Waukegan. [M.]
Hamby, Pvt. 1st Class Eugene L. -- Mrs. Valetta J. Hamby, wife, 215 S. Bell av.
Hassmer, 2d Lt. Harry F. Jr. -- Mrs. Cornelia Hassmer, mother, 3763 N. Kostner st. [M.]
Heimann, Tech. 4th Grade Henry H. -- William A. Heimann, father, 162 Palmer av. Crystal Lake. - Mc Henry Co.
Hoyer, 2d Lt. William C. -- Mrs. Mildred B. Hoyer, wife, 1241 Loyola av.
Huhnke, Sgt. Richard W. -- Mrs. Mamie R. Huhnke, mother, 2047 Farwell av. [M.]
Jennings, Flight Officer Russell K. -- Dwight R. Jennings, father, 940 W. Main st., St. Charles. - Kane Co.
Johnson, Pvt. 1st Class George W. -- Mrs. Dorothy Johnson, wife, 4027 Ellis av.
Katz, Pvt. Sam -- Mrs. Pearl Katz, mother, 1631 S. Drake av.
Kaszak, Pvt. Chester V. -- Mrs. Bertha C. Kaszak, wife, 223 Pulaski rd., Calumet City. [M.]
King, 2d Lt. Byron D. -- Mrs. Alfhild Charlotte King, mother, 7258 S. Artesian av. [M.]
Kirner, Pvt. Robert E. -- Mrs. Katherine Kirner, mother, 756 East 130th st. [M.]
Kolacki, Pvt. Chester A. -- Mrs. Stella Kolacki, mother, 4324 S. St. Louis av.
Kotz, Pvt. Oscar M. -- Mrs. Isabella Kotz, mother, 1914 Sheffield av. [M.]
Kozlowski, Pvt. Bernard E. -- Mrs. Julia L. Kozlowski, mother, 5044 S. Justine st. [M.]
Kozubowski, Pvt. Bruno J. -- Mrs. Antoinette Kozubowski, mother 4812 S. Racine av.
Kruder, Pvt. Robert G. -- Mrs. Ruth A. Kruder mother, 3621 Southport st.
Ksiasek, Pvt. Frank S. -- Mrs. Anne Ksiazek, mother, 1511 Fry st. [M.]
Ladwig, Pvt. 1st Class Edward A. -- Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ladwig, wife, 224 W. Harrison rd., Lombard. - Du Page Co.
Lambersky, Pvt. 1st Class George W. -- Mrs. Bessie Lambersky, mother, 3915 West 26th st. [M.]
Lamson, 2d Lt. John S. -- Mrs. Mary S. Lamson, mother, 108 N. Garfield st., Hinsdale . Du Page Co.
Landon, Pvt. Edward A. -- Mrs. Myrtle M. Landon, mother, 212 East 14th st., Lockport. [M.] - Will Co.
Livingston, Pvt. George D. -- Mrs. Elvera S. Livingston, mother, 8335 S. Kerfoot st. [M.]
Lovato, Tech, 5th Grade Attilio -- Mrs. Elisa Lovato, mother, 534 W. 117th st.
Lovgren, Staff Sgt. Harry B. -- Mrs. Tillie Lovgren, mother, 4848 N. Seeley av. [M.]
Lorusso, Pvt. Michael J. -- Mrs. Dolores Lorusso, mother, 1406 West Hubbard st. [M.]
Lustro, Pvt. George J. -- Mrs. La Verne T. Lustro, wife, 4418 S. Wallace st.
Lyons, 2d Lt. Jerry F. -- Mrs. Lorraine F. Lyons, wife, 1334 West Barry av. [M.]
Lynch, Pvt. 1st Class John J. -- Mrs. Margaret S. Lynch, mother, 18 S. Kildare st.
Macias, Pvt. Samuel. -- Mrs. Trinidad V. Macias, wife, 452 North Carpenter st. [M.]
Maher, Staff Sgt. Lawrence J. -- Mrs. Mary E. Maher, mother, 2921 McLean av.
Mann, Tech. 4th Grade Claude -- Mrs. Mabel Jenkins, sister, 6505 Champlain st.
Mattsen, Staff Sgt. Mads S. -- Mrs. Christine H. Mattsen, wife, 1310 E. 75th st.
McCarthy, Pvt. 1st Class Gavin -- Mrs. Helen G. McCarthy, mother, 419 Prospect av., Lake Bluff - Lake Co.
McGarry, Pvt. Philip A. -- Dr. Charles P. McGarry, father, 1249 Granville av.
Melchiori, Pvt. 1st Class Clarence -- Mrs. Yvonne Melchiori, wife, 549 Belmont av. [M.]
Miller, Pvt. 1st Class Arthur L. -- Mrs. Oma Belle Miller, mother, 3615 W. Altgeld st.
Miller, Pvt. 1st Class William -- Mrs. Sally W. Miller, wife, 7412 Vincennes av. [M.]
Miller, Pvt. 1st Class Frank C. -- Mrs. Betty [MISSING-TEXT] sister, 570 S. Elston av., Lombard. - Du Page Co.
Morris, Pvt. Patrick J. -- Miss Nora Morris, sister, 6328 N. Fairfield av.
Moser, Pvt. 1st Class Kendrick B. -- Mrs. Muriel T. Moser, wife, 703 Brompton av.
Nebe, Pvt. Rudolph H. -- Mrs. Regina G. Nebe, mother, 4348 W. Armitage av.
Neivelt, Pvt. Sam -- Mrs. Minette Neivelt, wife, 7926 S. Kingston av. [M.]
Nelson, Staff Sgt. Laverne W. -- Peter Nelson, grandfather, 129 Ellsworth st., Crystal Lake. - McHenry Co.
Nielson, Pvt. Arthur O. -- Mrs. Roxie M. Nielson, mother, 158 S. Western av.
Nieman, Corp. Edward F. -- Mrs. Leona H. Nieman, wife, 2635 N. Harding av.
Noel, Pvt. Edward A. -- Mrs. Anna Noel, mother, 4512 W. Adams st.
Novak, Pvt. 1st Class Victor W. -- Mrs. Catherine Novak, mother, 5142 S. Ada st.
Nuccio, Pvt. Jack P. -- Mrs. Anna Nuccio, mother, 933 S. Hoyne av.
O'Boyle, Pvt. 1st Class Clarence -- Mrs. Mary O'Boyle, mother, 4218 Talman av. [M.]
O'Brien, Pvt. 1st Class Stephen B. -- Mrs. Helen K. O'Brien, wife, 7227 Stewart av.
O'Dowd, Staff Sgt. John -- Mrs. Annie G. O'Dowd, mother, 8116 S. Hermitage av.
O'Mott, Pvt. Philip L. -- George O'Mott, father, 6264 Stony Island av.
O'Neill, 2d Lt. Vincent M. -- Mrs. Ann D. O'Neill, mother, 2102 Humboldt blvd.
Owles, Pvt. Arthur J. -- Vincent Owles, father, 7914 S. Carpenter st.
Paluch, Pvt. Joseph E. -- Mrs. Mary P. Paluch, mother, 3659 South Hermitage av. [M.]
Papak, Pvt. 1st Class Stanley A. -- Mrs. Agnes Papak, mother, 1309 W. Haddon av.
Pazdan, Pvt. Joseph -- Mrs. Bessie S. Pazdan, mother, 2826 West 21st st. [M.]
Poulin, Staff Sgt. Arthur, A. -- Mrs. Ebba M. Poulin, mother, 4819 Hirsch st.
Puleo, Sgt. Peter J. -- Mrs. Vita Puleo, mother, 816 S. Garibaldi pl.
Pyrce, Pvt. Stanley T. -- Mrs. Sophie Pryce, mother, 4307 South Sawyer st. [M.]
Ramos, Pvt. 1st Class Carmen V. -- Mrs. Lucille M. Ramos, wife, 1938 W. Washburne av.
Raubas, Staff Sgt. Michael A. -- Mrs. Josephine Depeso, sister, 1326 Wentworth av., Chicago Heights.
Reda, Pvt. Michael -- Mrs. Genevieve T. Reda, wife, 9526 Escanaba av. [M.]
Reding, Pvt. 1st Class Raymond E. -- Mrs. Margaret K. Reding, mother, 1761 Lunt av.
Rees, Pvt. Ruben J. -- Mrs. Ruby D. Rees, wife, Percy. [M.]
Reitmaier, Pvt. 1st Class Robert E. -- Mrs. Hedwig Reitmaier, mother, 914 Agatite. [M.]
Rhein, 2d Lt. Charles R. -- Charles E. Rhein, father, 2014 Orrington av., Evanston. [M.]
Richard, Tech, 4th Grade Roger P. -- Mrs. Minnie Madiener, mother, 4843 S. Ridgeway.
Richman, Tech. 5th Grade Robert L. -- Mrs. Ester Ratner, sister, 4517 N. Central Park av.
Rodriguez, Pvt. Robert M. -- Mrs. Virginia Luna, mother, 223 S. Utica st., Waukegan.
Rooney, Pvt. 1st Class Richard L. -- Mrs. Margaret Rooney, mother, 4438 Van Buren st.
Sabieniec, Pvt. Joseph R. -- Mrs. Adeline B. Sabieniec, mother, 2224 S. Troy st.
Sample, Pvt. 1st Class Edwar L. -- Mrs. Bessie Sample, mother, Swift rd., Lombard. [M.] - Du Page Co.
Sarlas, Pvt. George L. -- John J. Sarlas, father, 3608 W. 60th pl.
Sayre, Pvt. 1st Class Nathan S. -- Mrs. William Fitchene, sister, 2705 W. Washington.
Scott, Pvt. David D. -- Mrs. Betty S. Scott, wife, 412 N. State st.
Scott, Tech. Sgt. James H. -- Mrs. Evelyn E. Scott, wife, 5004 S. Hermitage st.
Sersen, Tech. 5th Grade Ted M. -- Mrs. Agnes Sersen, mother, 1533 W. Fry st.
Shukas, Pvt. Peter -- Harry Shukas, father, 3801 W. Lake st.
Siok, Pvt. Edmund -- Mrs. Alice H. Siok, wife, 1827 N. Hermitage av.
Sirota, Staff Sgt. James F. -- Mrs. Anna Sirota, mother, 2508 South Christiana st. [M.]
Slattery, Pvt. Thomas J. -- Mrs. Mary C. Slattery, wife, 8536 South Throop st. [M.]
Smith, Staff Sgt. Archie J. -- Mrs. Vera J. Smith, wife, 5520 S. Whipple st.
Smolinski, Staff Sgt. Joseph J. -- Mrs. Evelyn B. Smolinski, wife, 8211 Houston av.
Solomon, Sgt. Charles -- Mrs. Marie Solomon, wife, 1157 North Sedgwick st. [M.]
Spisak, Pvt. 1st Class Elmer J. -- Mrs. Mary Spisak, mother, 219 N. Bluff st., Joliet. - Will Co.
Stern, Corp. Fred R. -- Mrs. Grace Stern, mother, 1525 S. 48th ct., Cicero.
Stitt, Sgt. George R. -- Mrs. Susanne Stitt, mother, 6737 South Peoria st. [M.]
Stovich, Pvt. 1st Class Reymond J. -- Mrs. Tillie Stovich, mother, 2640 S. Kedzie av.
Strong, Pvt. 1st Class David S. -- Mrs. Josephine W. Strong, mother, 1377 Tower rd., Winnetka.
Swiderski, Pvt. 1st Class Joseph A. -- Mrs. Ruth L. Swiderski, wife, 3809 Diversey av.
Teschke, Sgt. Nicholas J. -- Mrs. Clara M. Teschke, mother, 1750 Cleveland av.
Truffa, Pvt. Secondine -- Mrs. Louise Truffa, wife, 10542 State st. [M.]
Turkiewicz, Pvt. William E. -- Mrs. Frances Turkiewicz, mother, 5504 Wrightwood av.
Vanacora, Pvt. Dominick J. -- Mrs. Catherine Weir Vanacora, wife, 8032 Ingleside av. [M.]
Wallenbarg, Pvt. Frank -- Mrs. Juanita L. Wallenberg, wife, 4827 W. Strong st.
Weaver, Pvt. Donald C. -- Mrs. Marie M. Weaver, mother, 1364 62d st.
Weir, 2d Lt. George J. -- Mrs. Katherine C. Weir, mother, 7820 Escanaba av.
Wozniak, 1st Lt. Julius D. -- Mrs. Gladys L. Wozniak, wife, 6525 S. Fairfield av.
Yokubaitis, Pvt. 1st Class Raymond -- Mrs. Florence Kilderhouse, sister, 11719 S. Morgan.
York, 1st Lt. Robert W. -- Walter A. York, father, 227 E. 68th st.
Young, Pvt. 1st Class Charles W. -- Mrs. Ellen Young, mother, 9317 Ridgeland av.
Zielinski, Pvt. Andrew -- Mrs. Nettie Zielinski, mother, 534 Hartlan ct. [M.]
Zoll, Pvt. Stephen J. -- Stephen Zoll, father, 11155 Spaulding av.
Zollinger, 1st Lt. Kenneth J. -- Roy H. Zollinger, father, 10600 S. Eberhart st.
Zygmunt, Pvt. 1st Class Michael C. -- Mrs. Katherine Zygmunt, mother, 3619 West Wolfram st. [M.]

NAVY DEAD. - 1945-05-26 - Chicago Tribune

Bachelor, Charles B., Pfc., USMCR -- Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Bachelor, 1305 W. Addison st.
Balard, Louis L., Pfc., USMCR -- Husband of Mrs. Louis L. Ballard, 4939 Whipple st. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Ballad, 3312 Bryn Mawr av.
Clements, Richard O., Pfc., USMCR -- Son of J. L. Clements, principal, Ela Township High school, Waukegan rd., Lake Zurich.
Kickler, Robert H., Pfc., USMCR -- Son of Ms. Neil Kickler, 521 S. Lawndale av.
Larson, Leonard M., Pvt., USMCR -- Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Larson, 10726 Avenue H.
Rikk, Julius L. Jr., Corp. USMC -- Son of Mr. an Mrs. Julius L. Rikk Sr., 4621 N. Sheridan rd.
Rinas, Gustav Ludwig W., Pvt., USMCR -- Husband of Mrs. Gustav L. W. Rinas, 8940 Escanaba av.
Stark, Wesley Edwin, Lt. [j. g.], USNR -- Husband of Mrs. Corinne Bernice Stark, 1130 N. Latrobe av.

NAVY WOUNDED - 1945-05-26 - Chicago Tribune (IL)

Badzioch, Edward J., Pfc., USMCR -- Son of Mrs. Karolina Badzioch, 4947 Cornelia av.
Bakos, Edward, Pfc., USMCR -- Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bakos, 1002 W. 18th st.
Banulis, Samuel J., Pfc., USMCR -- Husband of Mrs. Elvira Banulis, 2755 W. 39th pl.
Cosley, David F., Corp. USMCR -- Husband of Mrs. Shirley Cosley, 6528 N. Talman av.
Cowell, Arthur F., Pfc., USMCR -- Husband of Mrs. Arthur F. Cowell, 7754 Berwyn av.
Craig, Robert F., Pvt., USMCR -- Son of Mrs. Ann E. Juckniess, 558 Belden av.
Kilkus, Alex B., Pfc., USMCR -- Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kilkus, 4352 S. Washtenaw av.
Owczarski, Frank John, machinist's mate 2c, USNR -- Son of Mrs. Katherine Owczarski, 2214 N. Leavitt St.
Payne Marvin Reed, seaman 1c, USNR -- Son of Mrs. Mittle Louella Payne, 2816 Elizabeth Ave., Zion.
Ritchie, Madison S., Cpl., USMC -- Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Ritchie, 5742 S. Wood St.
Rizzo, Alexander J., Pfc., USMCR -- Husband of Mrs. Alexander J. Rizzo, 5725 N. Austin Ave.
Smith, Frank Joseph, electrician's mate 3c, USNR -- Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henry Smith, 7959 S. Carpenter St.
Syrek, Benjamin Eugene, seaman 1c, USNR -- Son of Mrs. Mary Magdeline Syrek, 13532 Mackinaw Ave. Brother of Mrs. Josephine Gregory, 13031 Avenue N.

Rinehart, Clarence A., Pvt., USMCR -- Husband of Mrs. Kathleen J. Rinehart, 715 Kilbourn Ave., Rockford.
Roberts, James A., Cpl., USMCR -- Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvie Roberts, 216 McReynolds Ave., Peoria.

NAVY MISSING - 1945-05-26 - Chicago Tribune (IL)
Edward Joseph, electrician's mate 1c, USN -- Son of Mrs. Caroline Szczech, 3137 N. Ridgeway Ave.

St. Clair,
Harold William motor machinist's mate 3c, USNR -- Husband of Mrs. Dorothy Marie St. Clair. Son of Mrs. Martha Ann St. Clair, 129 Edgehill Ave., Creve Coeur, Peoria.

ARMY WOUNDED [European Regions] - 1945-05-26 - Chicago Tribune (IL)

Cesak, Walter W., Pvt. -- Husband of Mrs. Violet Cesak 2033 W. 18th st.
Christian, Frank J., Pvt. -- Husband of Mrs. Ann M. Christina, 820 N. Taylor av., Oak Park.
Gibson, Ralph C. Jr., 2d Lt. -- Son of Mrs. Hazel D. Gibson, 529 Michigan av., Evanston.
Kapustinec, John G., Pfc. -- Son of Mrs. Mary Kapustinec, 1801 S. Carpenter st.
Kooyumjian, Edward H., Pfc. -- Brother of Miss Ann Kooyumjian, 4503 N. Magnolia av.
Marcucci, Emil, Pvt. -- Son of Mrs. Marie Marcucci, 5131 W. School st.
Maziak, Valentino A., Pfc. -- Grandson of Mrs. Mary Maziak, 3637 S. Maplewood av.
Mazziotta, Anthony J., Pvt. -- Son of Mrs. Augustina Mazziotta, 310 W. 25th pl.
McCullough, Clay E., Lt. Col. -- Husband of Mrs. Dorothy B. McCollough, 1607 S. 6th av., Maywood.
Thuermer, John F. M., 2d Lt. -- Son of C. H. Thuermer, 5737 Maryland av.

ARMY WOUNDED -- [Pacific Regions] - 1945-05-26 - Chicago Tribune (IL)

Arndt, Robert M., T/Sgt. -- Grandson of Mrs. Anna Just, 5329 School st.
Blessen, Elmer A., Pvt. -- Husband of Mrs. Ruth C. Blessen, 2115 N. Keystone st.
Buczkowski, Albert, S/Sgt. -- Son of Walter Buczkowski, 2340 N. Damon av.
Delany, Joseph F., Pfc. -- Son of Mrs. Estelle Delany, 6342 Winthrop av.
Gebhardt, Floyd B., Sgt. -- Brother of John Gebhardt, 8242 Maryland av.
Klupar, Jack J. Jr., Pfc. -- Son of Mrs. Myrtle G. Klupar, 4544 N. Mamora av.
Macievic, John R., Pfc. -- Husband of Mrs. Francis L. Macievic, 550 W. 43d st
Miller, John A., Sgt. -- Son of Mrs. Florence Miller, 1407 S. 5th st., Aurora.
Oliveto, Anthony, S/Sgt. -- Son of Mrs. Mary Oliveto, 2620 N. Austin av.
Pearce, Wilbur K., Pfc. -- Husband of Mrs. Virginia Pearce, 433 Division, Elgin.
Podborny, Leonard R., Pfc. -- Husband of Mrs. Lorraine Podborny, 1702 W. Washburn av.
Pope, Chris N., Pvt. -- Husband of Mrs. Ora Pay Pope, 4301 W. Monroe st.
Racinowski, Stanley S., Pfc. -- Husband of Mrs. Eleanor Racinowski, 3153 S. May st.
Rigsby, James T., Pvt. -- Son of Mrs. Alma C. Rigsby, 307 W. Evergreen av.
Thompson, George R., Sgt. -- Son of Mrs. Mata Thompson, 2314 W. 112th st.

Lowry, Robert W., Pfc. -- Son of Mrs. Leta Lowry, 711 E. Washington st., East Peoria. [European Regions]
Moore, Kenneth B., Pfc. -- Son of Mrs. Pearl A. Moore, 1224 Brooke rd., Rockford. [Pacific Regions]

ARMY MISSING [European Regions] 1945-05-26 - Chicago Tribune (IL)

Allbright, Richard D., 2d Lt. -- Son of Mrs Mildred A. Allbright, 4237 Western av., Western Springs.
Chudzynski, Robert E., Pvt. -- Brother of Clifford Chudzynski, 1701 W. Augusta st.
Moniak, Edward C., S/Sgt. -- Son of Mrs. Mary Moniak, 2833 W. 25th pl.
Perella, John Jr., 2d Lt. -- Son of John Perella Sr., 506 Grant st., Joliet.
Proctor, Edward J., Pfc. -- Son of Mrs. Lottie K. Proctor, 764 Kane st., Aurora.
Slobodian, William S., Pvt. -- Husband of Mrs. Eleanor Liszka Slobodian, 1326 N. Maplewood