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1920 Federal Census


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Montgomery Township

dated 7 Jan. 1920
enum. by H.C. Higgins

Household 69/69...... Higgins, J.E., head, 0F, mw, 27, m, yy, IL, IL, IL,y, farmer, farm, oc 33 [p. 110B, src.#1]
Flossie B, wife, fw, 27,m, IL, OH, OH, y, household
Myrtle I., dau., fw, 6, s, IL, IL, IL, y, at school
Royal Martin, son, mw,2, s, IL, IL, IL, at home
Ollie M, dau, fw, 9/12, s, IL, IL, IL, at home

Household 76/76.... Duncan, Eliza J., fw, 65, wid, y, y, IL, IL, IL, y, can't read Occ. [p. 110B, src.#1]
Seaney, Lucy L., sister, fw, 48, s., yy IL, IL, IL, y

Household 68/68.... Kent, Thomas R., mw, 31, m., nyy, IL, IL, OH, farmer [p. 121B, src.#1]
Lottie M., wife, fw, 32, m., nyy, IL, OH, PA
Perry H., son, mw, 6, yyy, IL, IL, IL
Frank F., son, mw, 2 of 11/12, nnn, IL, IL, IL
Wilma G., dau, fw, 1 of 11/12, nnn, IL, IL, IL

Household 67/67..... Higgins, Alvin, head, O, F, mw, 47, m, IL, IL, IL, farmer [p. 122A, src.#1]
Ollie O., wife, fw, 46, m, IL, OH, IL
Ruby M., dau., fw, 22, s, IL, IL, IL
Lula F., dau., fw, 18, s, IL, IL, IL
Archie K., son, mw, 8, s, IL, IL, IL
Byrl W., son, mw, 7, s, IL, IL, IL
Edith I., dau, fw, 5, s, IL, IL, IL

? .....Wesner, S.D. head, mw, 62, m, yy, IL, IL, IL,farmer [p. 122A, src.#1]
Carrie F., wife, wf, 62, m., yy, IL, OH, Ireland

?/?...... Roberts, Marshall, head, mw, 64, m., nyy, IN, KY, IN, farmer
Sahara F., wife, fw, 63, m, nyy, IN,
--, --, canít read, none

Robinson Township, Pct.2

Household 40/40.... Woods, William, head, mw, 61, m., IL, OH, OH, farmer, retired [p. 188B, src.#1]
Emma, wife, fw, 58, m, IL, VA, OH
Ella, dau, fw, 25, s., IL, IL, IL
Millard, son, mw, 21, s., IL, IL, IL
Chapman, Giles, nephew, mw, 11, s., IL, OH, IL

Household 59/59.....Chapman, (?)Itra H., head, mw, 43, m., IL, KY, IN [p. 189A, src.#1]
Bertha, wife, fw, 40, m., IL, KY, KY
Johnson,? , none, mw, 13, s., IL, IL, IL

Household 62/62.....Martin, George, head, mw, 63, m., IL, IN, IN, retired, farmer [p. 189B, src.#1]
Margaret, wife, fw, 58, m., IL OH OH

Household 182/182....Chamblin, David, head, mw, 40, m.,VA, VA, OH, general farmer [p. 154A
?, src.#1]
Mary, wife, fw, 35, m., IL, OH, OH


#1 = Brenda Boyer

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