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-- Typhoid fever appears to be raging to a considerable extent in some parts of Crawford county. A mother and two daughters of one family died of this disease last week.
[Paris Gazette, Paris, Edgar Co., Illinois Wednesday November 8, 1882]

Announcements for Election  NEW
State Representative:  We are authorized to announce William F. Finley, of Bridgeport, Lawrence County, as a candidate for member of the State Legislature, of this, the 48th Senatorial District, subject to the Democratic primary.
County Judge:  We are authorized to announce Henry O. Simith as a candidate for County Judge of Crawford county, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary.
For County Clerk:  We are authorized to announce Charles V. Coulter as a candidate for County Clerk of Crawford county, subject to the Democratic Primary.
County Superintendent:  We are authorized to announce William H. Earnhart, of Honey Creek township, as a candidate for County Superintendent of Schools, subject to the Democratic Primary.
For Sheriff:  We are authorized to announce H. E. Highsmith as a candidate for Sheriff for Crawford County, subject to Democratic Primary.  We are authorized to announce John Hill as a candidate for Sheriff of Crawford County, subject to Democratic Primary.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 24 AUG 1910]

T.S. Apgar for Sheriff  NEW
Republican Ring Hard Hit.  T.S. Apgar, Republican candidate for nomination for sheriff, has not the indorsement of the big chiefs of his party in his candidacy for he is out in a circular denouncing the "ring" and making an appeal to free and untrammeled Republican voters to give him the nomination.  It will be a great thing for Mr. Apgar if he is able to regenerate the republican party and it may be a good thing to commence in this county.  If he can break the ring here the good work may spread and go on until even Aldrich and Cannon see the hand writing on the wall.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 24 AUG 1910]

Hon. H. C. Bell Delivers Oration  NEW
Hon. H.C. Bell will deliver his oration on The Immortality of the Soul, at the church in Annapolis, Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock p.m.  It was near Annapolis that Mr. Bell taught his first school, more than forty years ago, and he would be glad to see as many of his old friends as possible at the church in Annapolis next Sunday.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 30 NOV 1910]

Charles V. Coulter for County Clerk  NEW
For County Clerk.  In this issue Charles V. Coulter submits his name for the consideration of the Democratic voters of the county as a candidate for the office of County Clerk.  Mr. Coulter has filled the office of sheriff for the past four years and during that time has made a record to be proud of.  The work of the sheriff's office during his term has been the most exacting in the history of the county, yet Mr. Coulter has met ably and well every demand put on him by the office, has discharged his duty faithfully and kept his faith with the poeple of this county.  The law prohibits a sheriff from holding the office for consecutive terms, or Mr. Coulter could be re-elected by a greatly increased majority.  He is fully competent to fill the office of County Clerk and the people of the county can rest assured that if Mr. Coulter is nominated and elected, their interests in the County Clerk's office will be well looked after.  He asks that every Democratic voter in the county investigate his qualifications and if satisfied of his fitness for the office to cast the ballot for him at the primary September fifteenth.  He will be a credit to the people, the county and the office.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 27 JUL 1910] 

Constitution Moves  NEW
New Home and New Machinery.  Constitution Will Move August 1st to South Cross Street.  The CONSTITUTION will move August first to its new home at 105 South Cross street, where is will occupy the largest and best arranged printing office in this part of the state.  In addition to having a new office specially adapted to the work it will be supplied with a large line of new machinery, including Miehle newspaper press folder, C. & . P. jobber, wire sticher, etc.  We purchased last week the entire printing plant of the late J.N. Hall, of Fulton, Ky., formerly used in publishing the "Baptist Flag."  Mr. Hall was an enthusiast on good machinery, and had his plant equipped with the very best.  It was considered the best plant in Fulton, a city of over 5000 with seven printing plants.  The Miehle newspaper press is guaranteed to run 2300 an hour and is a much better press than is ordinarily used in a country office.  Some of the machinery we will have in duplicate and after we get the new plant arranged will dispose of such as is not needed.  Our forman, Mr. H.O. Cole, went to Fulton last Thursday to pack and load the plant for shipment, which he completed Monday.  After the first of the month we will be glad to have our friends call at our new home, make us a visit and see our new plant.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 20 JUL 1910]

William H. Earnhart for County Superintendent  NEW
County Superintendent Schools.  Wm. H. Earnhart Democratic Candidate Worthy and Well Qualified.  Wm. H. Earnhart, whose announcement was made last week for the democratic nomination for County Superintendent of schools, is a man worthy and well qualified for the office he seeks.  He graduated in the course of pedagogy in Danville, Ind. Normal college in 1897 and in the Eastern Illinois State Normal at Charleston in 1906.  He passed an examination and secured a state life certificate at Springfield in 1908.  Mr. Earnhart taught seven terms of school in this county, in Honey Creek and Montgomery townships.  For the past four years he has done high school work in Edgar, Iroquois and LaSalle counties.  Since graduating Mr. Earnhart has spent his vacations in Normal school work at various places.  In fact he makes school work his life work.   His progress along educational lines is due to his enthusiasm and love for the work.  He acquired his education under very unfavorable circumstances his parents not being able to send him to school.  By working on the farm and teaching in the winter, after he was able to teach, he made his own way through school and has constantly devoted himself to the work.  In Honey Creek township, where he lives about five miles west of Flat Rock, he was elected assessor twice and collector once, which offices were given to him by friends who were willing and anxious to aid a young man who was putting up a good fight in the battle of life to attain greater progress than his environments would ordinarily give him.  There is no doubt of Mr. Earnhart's nomination, he having no opposition in the primary, and in case of his election in November the people of Crawford County will have a man devoted to the best interests of their public schools.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 17 AUG 1910]

Hagerson Store Sold NEW

Allison & Newlin, the Purchasers, Re-establish Business.  The Hagerson Hardware stock of goods was sold Friday in pursuance of the Federal court order in the bankruptcy proceedings against Wm. Hagerson, Geo. H. Allison and Thomas J. Newlin being the purchasers.  Their stock had been appraised at $9,483.78, and the purchase price was 63 per cent of this amount, i.e. $5,974.78.  A confirmation of the sale was secured from the court at Danville by wire and the store opened for business Saturday morning by the new firm, Allison & Newlin.  Mr. Allison will be in active charge of the store, and while hardware is a new line for him, there is no doubt but he will make a success of the business.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 4 MAY 1910]

Dr. George Henry Locates in Robinson  NEW
Robinson is far famed for her long list of able doctors and she is now to be congratulated upon securing another disciple of Aesculapius who will add further luster to the medical fraternity of the city.  Dr. George H. Henry, of Oblong, has located here, taking office rooms on the south side of the square over Allison & Newlin's hardware store, with Dr. LeRoy Newlin, the style of the firm being Newlin & Henry.  Dr. Henry graduated this year with high honors from the Medical Department of Northwestern University, of Chicago, and has since passed examination before the State Medical Board.  He is not unknown to many of our people for he served two terms as principal of our high school, with honor to himself and advantage to the school.  He is a thorough student, with an exceptionally well endowed and trained mind.  He is conscientious in the highest degree and any profession or business is fortunate when such a man comes to it.  The Constiution again congratulates Robinson upon Dr. Henry's coming.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 7 SEP 1910]

H.E. Highsmith for Sheriff NEW
The many friends of Harmon E. Highsmith will be glad to learn that he has consented to become a candidate for sheriff of this county.  As deputy, Mr. Highsmith is making a record which will insure his election to the office.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 30 MAR 1910]

John Hill for Sheriff  NEW
Announces for Sheriff.  In this issue will be found the announcement of John Hill for Sheriff, subject to the Democratic primary.  Mr. Hill is a young man of sterling qualities and is well qualified for the honor he seeks.  During the extra heavy work in the sheriff's office he served as a deputy under Sheriff Coulter, in which capacity he proved his ability to serve as chief.  Mr. Hill will make a good sheriff if nominated and elected.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 20 JUL 1910]

John Long Will Become A Physician  NEW
John Long, of this city, went to St. Louis, Monday, to enter medical college.  John is a graduate of the Robinson High School, is a good studious boy and will make good in his chosen profession.  His father, Wm. M. Long, accompanied him to St. Louis, returning yesterday.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 21 SEP 1910]

Big Fire At Oblong  NEW
Our neighboring town of Oblong was visited Thursday morning last by one of the worst fires in its history, seven business rooms and a dwelling being totally destroyed.  Six of the rooms were occupied, a general merchandise stock, a jewelry store, restaurant, pool room millinery and racket store.  The fire was discovered about two a.m. and the origin is unknown.  The estimate value of the buildings is placed at $10,000 aside from heavy loss of plate glass in adjoining buildings.  On the contents, R.J. Bogard, loss $3,000, insurance $2,000; F.T. McKenzie, $5,000, insurance, $2,000; Morgan pool room, $3,000, insurance $2,400; McKnight Bros. $800, no insurance; G.C. Apple, $500, fully covered; J.L. Laffoon, $300, no insurance; Mrs. Forcum, loss $500, no insurance.  Oblong has no water works, but the citizens did valiant work with buckets.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 22 JUN 1910]

The Prohibitionists Select a Slate  NEW
County Convention Held In Robinson Saturday.  The Prohibitionist held their county convention at the court house in this city last Saturday.  There was a good gathering of the "dry" forces, and it was an enthusiastic meeting.  Hon. Alonzo E. Wilson, of the State Committee, was present and made two addresses in the afternoon and evening.  Mr. Wilsonis a gentleman of pleasing personality and undaunted enthusiasm in his work, and his addresses were able and convincing.  The convention presented a list of candidates for the various county officers to be filled at the fall election.  These names, comprising two for each office, will be submitted to the state law next month, when a choice will be made for the ticket.  The list is as follows:  For County Judge, John H. Buss, Oblong, and John F. Adams, Palestine; for County Clerk, J.H. Sturgell, Robinson, and Ellsworth Tobin, Robinson; for Sheriff, George Ruddell, Oblong, and Theodore Newbold, Oblong; for Treasurer, E.H. Burridge, Palestine, and William Wilson, Trimble; for Superintendent of Schools, Mrs. P.G. Bradbury, Robinson, and Bascom Sturgell, Robinson.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 17 AUG 1910]

Commencement Exercises at Robinson High School NEW
Will be Held June 9th at New High School Building.  The first commencement exercises of The Robinson Township High School will be held in the auditorium of the new building on Thursday evening, June 9.  Prof. H.W. Shyrock, professor Literature and Elocution in the Southern Normal of Carbondale, Ill. will address the graduating class.  In addition to the address by Prof. Shyrock, there will be an oration by Bayard Heath, a declamation by Louis Rabold and a reading by Miss Sina Springer.  The chorus of the high school is preparing some very excellent music for the occasion.  Following the exercises, will be the presentation of diplomas by Frank L. Dewey, President of the Board of Education.  Nineteen pupils compose the graduating class of 1910 - Grace Jessup, Estelle Harper, Sina Springer, Grace Ames, Florence Apple, Jessie Howard, Ernest Coulter, Harry Beam, Lloyd Mann, Louis Rabold, Bayard Heath, Will Walker, Fred Kaley, Will Dorsey, Florence Whitaker, Cleo Highsmith, Madge Herod, Nina Brigham and Vernon Brigham.  Rev. G.S. McGaughey, pastor of the Christian church, will preach the Baccalaureate sermon on Sunday evening, June 5, at the Methodist Episcopal church.  The Juniors have arranged for their banquet to the teachers and Seniors on Wednesday evening, June 1.  An excellent program has been prepared, and will be given at the Whitaker home on North Jefferson street.  Following the program, the Juniors and their guests will repair to the basement of the Christian church where the banquet will be served.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 11 MAY 1910]

George Ruddell for Sheriff  NEW
Candidate for Sheriff.  George Ruddell, the Prohibition nominee for Sheriff, was born in California, and came with his parents to Crawford County when he was two years old.  Resided one and one-half miles east of Robinson with his parents until he became of age.  Meantime he learned the blacksmith trade with Beam Brothers, at Robinson.  Afterward he lived at Annapolis two years when he removed to Oblong, where he has since resided.  He has been a citizen of Oblong for the last twenty years, and has been elected as Justice of the Peace of that township, and it is the unanimous opinion of every lawyer of the Robinson bar that he is one of the best Justices of the Peace in the county, well informed as to the law for one of his opportunities and absolutely honest in all his decisions.  He is a member of the M.E. church, and stands for all things honest and upright as a citizen.  He has also served several terms as Village Trustee of Oblong, and if elected Sheriff will put an end to the bootlegging and gambling conditions which are so common in almost all parts of the county.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 12 OCT 1910]

B.S. Smith for County Treasurer  NEW
Nomination papers were filed Saturday for B.S. Smith, of Oblong, for County Treasurer, on the Democratic ticket.  Mr. Smith is very popular, and will make a winner in November.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 17 AUG 1910]

Declines To Be A Candidate.  B.S. Smith, of Oblong, whom it was announced would be a candidate for County Treasurer, on the Democratic ticket, has withdrawn from the race giving as a reason that it would conflict with other business arrangements to such an extent that it would prove a sacrafice of personal interest, hence the withdrawal.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 24 AUG 1910]

E. G. Stifle for County Treasurer
Candidate for County Treasurer.  E.G. Stifle, of Prairie township has consented to become a candidate for county Treasurer, subject to the Democratic primary to be held tomorrow.  This is purely a case of the office seeking the man, for it seemed that no democrat in the county was anxious to care for the people's money, at least non came forward and asked for the honor.  Mr. Stifle was in the city Saturday and several of his friends from various parts of the county besought him to stand for treasurer and finally prevailed upon him to make the race.  It being to late to file nomination papers for Mr. Stifle, his name could not be printed on the ballot, but instead a blank line will be found under the head "For County Treasurer," where his name should be written by democratic voters.  Mr. Stifle is a young man of good, clean habits.  He was born and raised in Oblong township, being a son of Chas. Stilfe, one of the honored and respected pioneers of that township.  He now lives on a farm in the west side of Prairie township and is the first county candidate presented by this township since it was formed.  [Robinson Constiution (Robinson, IL) 14 SEP 1910]

Dr. F.M. Vantrees Will Deliver Baccaleaureate and Memorial Sermons NEW
The baccaleaureate sermon for the class of 1908-1909 Robinson High School will be delivered by Dr. Van Trees in the M.E. church next Sunday evening.  The above named pastor will also deliver the Memorial sermon for the G.A.R. at the Christian church Sunday morning.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 20 MAY 1909]

Henry O. Smith for County Judge NEW
The announcement of Henry O. Smith, of Palestine, for County Judge was made in his paper, The Wabash Pearl, last week and appears in the CONSTITUTION this week.  Mr. Smith is a young lawyer of ability, energy and integrity.  He was born and raised in Montgomery township, being son of the late I.P. Smith, than whom, no better man ever lived.  Henry read law with Bradbury & MacHatton in this city and located in Palestine to practice his profession.  He is also owner, editor and publisher of the Wabash Pearl, which sheet shows improvement under his management.  From our canvass of the situation we doubt if there will be any other candidate in the democratic primary for the office of County Judge, which will give Mr. Smith the nomination, and beyond question insure his election.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 1 JUN 1910]

Form City Cemetery Association NEW
The Grounds Allotted for Burial Ground, Becoming Inadequate.  That our city cemetery conditions are becoming seriousis obvious to all, and like most other things there are usually but a few to take the maintive steps to change conditions.  The ladies have looked after the cemetery in an admirable manner, but the time has come when they must have help and others must enlist their aid and influence.  The cemetery grounds, as they now stand are almost totally taken up, and as the ground to the east has been leased for other purposes, and not much other available surrounding territory, the question will soon become serious.  With this proposition in mind, a few met in P.G. Bradbury's office Monday night, and perfected the following organization:  President, P.G. Bradbury; Vice President, Mrs. G.N. Parker; Secretary, H.V. Carey; Treasurer, H.E. Green.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 20 MAY 1909]

Sunday Base Ball  NEW
The Robinson Base Ball club has been reorganized under new management and new players and an effort is going to be made to show some good ball.  The first game has been arranged for at Highland park at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, the 19th instant, between the home team and the Vandalia Club of Terre Haute.  The battery of the latter being Harris and Lovell and of the Robinson team Taylor and Jones.  There is a large expense attending these games and in order to sustain them a charge of twenty-five cents will be made.  Ordinarily no charge is made for admission to any part of the park ground on Sunday, but it is not believed that any one who wants to see a good game of ball will object to a small admission and help to make the game possible.  In case any one is small enough to demand admission to the game without pay it is not likely that their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness will be interferred with.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 15 JUN 1910]

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