Crawford County, Illinois
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A complaint was filed with the county clerk the first of last week asking for the appointment of a conservator for George McDaniel, alleging that he is incompetent to transact his business.  Mr McDaniel is entirely blind, having lost an eye during his service in the Union army, and the other a few years ago.  He is drawing a petition of $30 a month.  The jury returned a verdict tht Mr. McDaniel is a sane man.  There is talk of trying the case again, alleging that he is a spendthrift. [The Sumner Press (Sumner, Illinois) 18 Jan 1900]

Percy J. Talbot and L. H. Barlow, late of Robinson and now of the Garden City (Kas.) Democrat, have been sued for $120,000 damage in libel, by a number of real estate firms for saying that they had been disbarred from practice before the U.S. land office. [Newton Press, April 13, 1887 - KY - Sub by FoFG]



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