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Court News

George McDaniel Competency Hearing
A complaint was filed with the county clerk the first of last week asking for the appointment of a conservator for George McDaniel, alleging that he is incompetent to transact his business.  Mr McDaniel is entirely blind, having lost an eye during his service in the Union army, and the other a few years ago.  He is drawing a petition of $30 a month.  The jury returned a verdict that Mr. McDaniel is a sane man.  There is talk of trying the case again, alleging that he is a spendthrift. [The Sumner Press (Sumner, Illinois) 18 Jan 1900]

Percy Talbot & L H Barlow Sued
Percy J. Talbot and L. H. Barlow, late of Robinson and now of the Garden City (Kas.) Democrat, have been sued for $120,000 damage in libel, by a number of real estate firms for saying that they had been disbarred from practice before the U.S. land office. [Newton Press, (Newton, IL) 13 APR 1887 KY - Sub by FoFG]

Jennie Morrison Henderson Will NEW
Property Bequeathed to Husband and Relatives - $800 to Presbyterian Church - M.E. Cox Executor.  The will left by Mrs. Jennie Morrison Henderson has been delivered to Manford E. Cox, who is nominated as executor, to be probated.  The will was made by Mrs. Henderson, in Denver, Colo., on Friday, the day before her death.  By its provisions her husband, Alonzo Henderson, gets the homestead on North Jefferson street during his life, after which it is to be sold by the executor and a bequest of $200 paid to harriett Patton, of Palestine, and a $100 bequest paid to Carrie F. Bailey, of Summers, N.Y., to be used in erecting a tombstone at the grave of Ira Morrison, a brother of Mrs. Henderson.  Not to exceed $500 is to be spent for a Morrison family monument in Robinson.  $800 to be paid to the trustees of the Robinson First Presbyterian Church and any balance to go to the children of Ben Morrison, nephews and nieces of the testator living in N.Y.  Her farm of about 120 acres, just north of Robinson, is given to her brother, H. Morrison during his life and Henry Mace is given the right to farm it under the same terms that he now holds it.  At H. Morrison's death Henry Mace is given all of the farm in excess of 100 acres, which then goes to Benjamin Morrison and his heirs.  The remainder of the estate is given to Alonzo Henderson.  This will embrace all personal property of every kind.  The estate is estimated at about $25,000 and was derived by Mrs. Henderson from her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Wilson.  The value has been largely increased owing to the development in this city.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 11 MAY 1910]

People vs. Wm. Wehrwein NEW
The case of the People vs. Wm. Wehrwein, tried last week resulted in a verdict of not guilty, and defendant was discharged.  This disposes of the criminal charge in this case but James W. Taylor, the prosecuting witness, who had both arms shot off by Wehrwein, has a suit for damages pending, which has been continued for this term of court. [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 16 MAR 1910]

Circuit Court Notes (March 16, 1910) NEW
Judgment was rendered by agreement against the Big Four Ry. Co in the following:  Geo. E. McQueen, $500; A.W. Mate, Admr. etc. $750; Leslie Dunnegin, $250.  In the case of G.F. Schmidt vs. W.A. Bradley, the plaintiff submitted to a voluntary non suit, Chas. S. Miller dismissed his suit against W.A. Bradley and C.A. Thoele. 
Chas T. Burch got a judgment for $5000 against Fred R. Castle by default.
Pearley Hope and John Perkins entered a plea of guilty to keeping gaming house and were fined $50 each which goes to the city of Robinson.
Ira C. Huff got judgment for $30 against Duffield Bros. & Ray and had two-thirds of the cost to pay.  First National Bank vs. Jennie A. Markham judgment for $900.81 on note.  S.F. Montgomery  vs. Shrader & Good, judgment of $1,050.
Wm. J. Miller vs. Phillip Kennedy, jury trial-judgment $1, Crawford Co. State Bank vs. Wm. Hugerson, $1215.75 on note.  Mann & Parker vs. John & Jennie Markham, trial by court, judgment $137.50.
The case of Kitchell Cox vs. C.C.C. & St. L. Ry. which was returned from Appellate Court was redocketed and is set for this Tuesday.  Warren La Barte filed a cross ball against Grace La Barte and secured a divorce on same. 
Lillian P. Clark vs. John F. Clark, Bill etc., trial by court - divorce granted - injunction made perpetual.
Ollie M. Larrabee vs. Jennie Hargis et all partition granted - L.M. Biggs, P.A. Metheny and G.H. Miman appointed commissioners.
The grand jury was dismissed Saturday, having finished it's work.  21 indictments were returned, Forgery, 1; murder, 2; incest, 1, selling liquor without license, 8; disturbing religious meeting, 4; disturbing the peace, 2; nuisance, 1 and rape 2.  The report on county farm and county jail were referred to the board of supervisors [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL ) 16 MAR 1910]

County Court Jury (May 4, 1910) NEW

The following jurors have been selected for the June term of court:  Hutsonville - Geo. Ferguson, Henry Krise, John Voorheis, C.E. Lindley.  Prairie - Eldridge Cox, Wm. Bryan, Chas. Morris.  Licking - Leslie Shoemaker, Clinton Wiman.  Oblong - John Walter, David Taylor, Lewis Jones.  Robinson - Fred Van Horn, Arthur Mann, John Coulter, M.P. Marbry, L. E. Gleeck, Joe A. Midgett, Benj. Baker, Henry G. Eagleton, Jas. Barrick.  Lamotte - Edward Higgins, Willis Springer.  Montgomery - F.M. Shaw, John Lockhart, Wm. Buser.  Martin  - Rolla Hall, John F. Haskin, John Coulter.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 4 MAY 1910]

Doings In The Circuit Court  NEW
Cases Disposed of at First Day's Session.  Circuit Court convened Monday morning with Judge Enoch E. Newlin presiding.  All the grand jurors were present with the exception of Savilla Shipman, Arley Beeley being chosen in his place.  George L. Walter was selected as foreman of the jury, and work commenced.  The petit jury was called yesterday, and since part had been legally excused, six more names were drawn and a venire to complete the panel issued to the sheriff returnable at 9 o'clock this morning.  The following cases were disposed of Monday:
People vs. Hubbard Hulse and Lewis French, burglary and larceny, Nolli By States Attorney as to both defendants, final discharge.
People vs. Glenn Henderson, larceny, continued by agreement.
People vs. Wm. Bird, forgery, off dockett with leave to re-instate.
People vs. Fred E. Courson, embezzlement, continued.
People vs. Bert Frederick, forgery, continued.
People vs. Marion Midgett, murder, case continued.
Jones & MacHatton vs. Paul Otey, attachment, dismissed.
Carrie Elrod, adm. vs. Red Bank Oil Co. et al, judgment $300 in favor of plaintiff.
Geo. E. Turpen vs. Lewis W. Ford, settled and dismissed by agreement.
Stella Stewart vs. Clarence Bradford, assumpsit, dismissed.
Ohio-Indiana Pipe & Junk Co. vs. Sweet & Fisbeck, attachment suit settled and property released.
D.K. Midkiff vs. Mary Stewart, attachment, settled and dismissed.
Newton Griswold vs. J.H. Culver, attachment, settled and dismissed.
Pearl Walters vs. Mell Parrott, assumpsit, settled and dismissed.
John Miley vs. Jane Efaw, et al, assumpsit, off dockett.
Savilla Shipman, et al, vs. Andrew Burner, et al, assumpsit, settled and dismissed.
A. R. Short vs. Indianapolis Southern R.R. Co., settled and dismissed.
W.M. Dabney vs. Locke Mfg. Co., et al, settled and dismissed.
Abner P. Woodworth vs. R.F. Sutfin, assumpsit, judgment against defendant, $310.83.
J.D. Hurn & Son vs. C.E. Larrabee et al, bill etc., settled and dismissed.
Catherine M. Wilkin, et al vs. Milo T. Wilkin, et al, partition, settled and dismissed.
Max Bernstein vs. Sandals, Griffin, & Co., Foreclosure, etc., judgment against defendants $29,666.66.  Louis Rubin appointed receiver.
Sarah L. Sponsler vs. Oscar O. Highsmith, et al, foreclose, judgment against defendants, $774.40.
E.E. Lindsay Oil Company vs. The Ohio Oil Co. assumpsit, dismissed.
P.G. Manley vs. Mary Hale Van Cleve, et al, foreclosure, dismissed.
Crawford Building & Loan Association vs. Wm. T. Sullinger, et al, foreclosure, continued.
Brubaker & Son vs. Wm. Muchmore et al, foreclosure, continued.
Ira I. Wilkin vs. J.M. Dudley, et al, bill, etc., continued.
John W. Kessler vs. C.F. Athey et al, petition, etc., settled, off dockett.
Priscilla Miller vs. Floyd W. Musgrove, et al, foreclosure, continued.
People vs. Harry Eagle, attempt to bribe, continued.
Vinton Price vs. Clifford Wilson, et al, dismissed.
Charles Da? vs. Charles B. Poe et al, foreclosure, judgment for $777.48.
Nellie vs. Jos. D. Seaney, divorce, dismissed.
Maude vs. Charles W. Smith, divorce, continued.
May vs. Oscar Pearce, divorce, continued.
Divorces were granted as follows:  Edward vs. Lettie Engle; Carrie L. vs. James F. Long; Clarence W. vs. Ida M. C?; Kate vs. Herbert Stewart.
[Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL ) 7 SEP 1910]

Doings in Circuit Court  NEW
The following cases were disposed of last week:
The people vs. Samuel Goff, murder; acquitted.
The City of Robinson vs. Burns Malone, appeal; dismissed without costs.
Ferdinand T. McQueen vs. C.C.C. & St. L. Ry. Co., appeal; judgment for $45 and costs by agreement.
James W. Taylor vs. William Wehrwein, trespass; settled at costs of plaintiff.
Frank Burner vs. Indianapolis Southery Ry. Co., case; settled at costs of defendant.
Solether Oil Co. vs. Michael T. Scarey, appeal; settled at costs of defendant.
John Miley vs. Jane Efaw and Frank Efaw, assumpsit; off docket.
George E. McQueen vs. C.C.C. & St. L. Ry. Co., case; judgment for $500 by agreement.
William H. Conrad and Pearl Conrad vs. Francis Wesner, partition; decree of partition.  William MacHatton, Robert Young, Robert Tedford, commissioners.
Earl C. Bankston vs. Lora L. Bankston, divorce; decree as prayed.
Heloise Parker, et al vs. Blanche Parker, partition; decree of partition, Attorney fee of $200 allowed.
Emma Huddleston vs. Holman Huddleston, divorce; decree as prayed.
Harry C. Brown vs. Palmer L. Woodworth and Jessie G. Woodworth, foreclosure, judgment for $400.65.
David L. Baugher, et al vs. A. McDonald, et al, bill; decree by default.
Ira Higgins vs. Mary E. Higgins, divorce, decree as prayed.
Myrtle Cronin, et al vs. Kilgore D. Adams, et al, partition; decree of partition.
Charles Furguson vs. Wm. and Effie Walker, appeal; case continued.
City of Robinson vs. Welschner-Stewart Music Co., attachment; dismissed, no costs.
Morgan & Steed vs. The Insurance Company of the State of Illinois, judgment in favor of plaintiff for $840.
Morgan & Steed vs. Farmers' & Merchants' Insurance, judgment in favor of plaintiff for $910.
W.P. Barbers vs. J.T. Newlin, assumpsit; continued.
[Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 28 SEP 1910]

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