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Reni Cardot, a young man about 20 years old, who was in Robinson visiting his sister, Mrs. Nathan Hall was shot at the Big Four depot last Thursday by Leander Walls, a colored man, from lawrenceville, and now lies at the home of his brother in law, with but slight hopes of recovery.  Leander Walls was at once arrested and committed to jail.  [The Sumner Press (Sumner, Illinois) 25 Jan 1900]

Geo. W. Ford, of Crawford county, charged with poisoning his wife, was tried in the Richland Circuit Court, and acquitted.
[The Newton Press, (Jasper County, IL) Thursday, Nov. 25, 1875]

William Forsyth, the murderer of Robert Ashmore, in Crawford county, Ills. in 1855, is to be executed on the 29th inst. He is sixty years of age.  [The Evansville Daily Journal (Evansville, Ind), January 14, 1858]

Crawford County is full of horse thieves. On Thursday night the 11th inst, two horses were stolen from the barn of Peter Henry, living six miles northwest of Robinson. A reward of $175 is offered for the horses and thieves, but we haven't a description of either.
[The Newton Press, (Jasper County, IL) Thursday, Nov. 25, 1875]

John L. Kohn, of Wapakoneta (OH) who was brought back to that city a couple of weeks ago from Robinosn, Ill., where he was found living under an assumed name, was arrested Wednesday evening on a charge of assault with intent to kill Fred Weimert, the groceryman of that city, who was horrible beaten up and almost killed several weeks ago.  The charge was preferred by the assaulted man's father, Sebastian Weimert.  Kohl plead not guilty when arraigned in a justice's court at Wapokoneta and was bound over to court in th esum of $15,000.  Unable to furnish bond he was sent to jail.  Kohl protests his innocence, and maintains he knew nothing of the crime when taken in charge at Robinson.  Weimert condcuted his grocery in a business room leased of Kohl, and the two had had words.  Weimert is recovering. [The Celina Democrat (Celina, O. [Ohio]), 06 June 1913]  NEW

A big sensation has been created at the little town of Morea, Crawford County, by some citizens finding a lot of goods concealed in a barn that were supposed to have been burned some time last spring when a store building was consumed by the fiery element. Patrick Seamy is the man! The community sympathized with him and thought Pat had met with a great misfortune, but they congratulated him when reminded that there was considerable insurance on the stock that was supposed to have been burned. To make a long story short Pat had set fire to the building himself, hid the goods in order to have them left and get the insurance, too. Fortunately, however, the insurance company had not yet paid off the policy. Pat has lit out for parts unknown. [The Newton Press, (Jasper County, IL) Oct. 7, 1875]

Tries To Die With Old Year.  R.C. Wiggs, an Insurance Man, Cuts His Throat in His Room At Woodworth Hotel.  A well dressed and nice appearing young man registered the name of R. C. Wiggs at the Woodworth Hotel shortly afternoon last Friday, and was shown his room.  There was nothing in his manner to create suspicion at this time.  It was not long however until he came down in the lobby with a bad gash in his throat and his shirt saturated with blood.  He apologized to the clerk for the manner in which he left the room and asked to be taken to a doctor.  The porter went with him to a physician's office.  His wound, which was found to be a very bad one, was dressed and he was questioned.  Nothing but a disconnected story could be got from him, and he seemed to be either suffering from insanity or the effects of drugs.  He said he came to Robinson from Marion, Ill., on the 10 o'clock train, that he was a representative of a Life Insurance company and that he came to Robinson on business for his company.  He gave the name of B.F. Hazelton as his friend, and said Mr. Hazelton was in Robinson or would be here.  He was taken to the hospital and a man employed to watch him during the night.  Communication was made with Marion, Ill., and Mr. Hazelton, to whom the unfortunate man referred, was finally located at Carbondale.  He came up on Saturday to look after the young man's welfare and has been here since, as his company instructed him to remain here as long as needed and spare no pains to insure Mr. Wiggs comfort.  The mother of Mr. Wiggs, who was visiting in Indianpolis, was notified and she came down Sunday to be with her son.  While his condition is improving and thought to be of only temporary duration, yet it was thought best not to remove him from the hospital for a few days.  It seems that the young man had once held a more responsible position with his company, but was transferred to a field, superintendency, and this is attributed largely the cause of his condition.  He developed acute melancholia at times and this grew on him.  When at himself Mr. Wiggs is a very popular and bright young man, of pleasing address and manners, and his condition is certainly unfortunate.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 5 JAN 1910]


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