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Young Farmer Found Dead  NEW
Elmer Chiddix, a young farmer who resides near Heathsville with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Chiddix, was discovered in an upstairs room late Sunday evening dying from a pistol shot in the head.  Young Chiddix had gone to his room and shortly afterward his mother heard the report of a gun, and hastening up stairs found him unconscious, with the gun beside him, and portions of his brains scattered about the room.  Chiddix lived for an hour after the shot but did not regain consciousness.  Whether young Chiddix's intentions were suicidal, or whether his death is due to accident, is not known.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 28 SEP 1910]

Shirley B. Davis Killed  NEW
The remains of Shirley B. Davis, of Mt. Carmel, formerly of Palestine, were brought here Friday morning enroute to Linton for burial.  Mr. Davis, who was a railroad man, was killed by falling under an engine.  He was for several years a resident of Palestine and is well known here.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 28 SEP 1910]

Four Hurt in Collision
Lawrenceville, Ill., July 4 - Four persons were critically injured today in a head-on automobile collision one mile east of Lawrenceville.  They were Mr. and Mrs. Don Parr and their son, Ralph, of Oblong, Ill., and Freeman Scott of Lawrenceville.  [July 5, 1938; Morning Star (Rockford, IL) - KT, Sub by FoFG]

Dead men found on the River Bank near Lawrenceville, Ill.
A Drunken Row at a Funeral, Ruffianism at the Open Grave, and Flight to Avoid Arrest.
Lawrenceville, Ill., Feb 8 - Your correspondent wired the fact of the finding of three dead men seven miles above this place yesterday.  Coroner Leach and a posse of citizens reached the spot designated about 9 o'clock last night, and found the bodies all stiff in death, and the faces went to show they had been dead about three weeks.  Lying a hundred yards inland, on a little knoll, the men, wet, col, and hungry, had probably perished by exposure.  They were last seen at the funeral of James Price, in the lower edge of Crawford County, where they resided, all more or less under the influence of whisky, and it is remembered that they indulged in some of the most disgraceful conduct imaginable, cursing, carousing, etc., which was wound up by one of the being pushed into the open grave made for the old man Price.  The friends complained more or less at this lawless state of affairs, and strong talk of arresting and fining them was indulged in.  The young men becoming acquainted with the feeling entertained by the neighbors in regard to the matter, prepared to leave the county, and, repairing to the bank of the Embarrass River, where an old and dilapidated boat was tied up, they stole it and launched it in the swollen stream at nightfall, bound for Cairo.  From the place of launching the boat to where the bodies were found it is about 14 miles, and it is supposed the trip was made that far without mishap.  Near where they were found it is supposed the boat struck an eddy or swirl and capsized them, and being near a large drift in the river, they either swam ashore at once, or waiting till morning dawn gave them an idea of their whereabouts, then made the trip to the little knoll a hundred yards inland.  A man living 3/4 of a mile from where they were found now remembers to have heard hallooing from that direction three weeks ago last Sunday.  It is plain that, surrounded by water as they were, and not knowing which direction to go, they were in hopes of someone coming to their rescue until, west and benumbed by cold, they finally perished.  Marks and tracks are plainly visible where they had run around the trees near by in their efforts to keep warmth in their bodies.  An inquest was held and the bodies conveyed to their friends in Crawford County.  [February 9, 1882; Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL)]




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