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Marriage Announcements


Abbott - Goddard
Will Be Married This Evening.  The marriage of Miss (Jacqueline) Abbott to Mr. Henry Houts Goddard, of Mt. Carmel, will take place at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Abbott, this evening at 6:30.  The young couple will leave on the 10:45 train for Chicago, where they will be the guests of the family of the groom's uncle, L.A. Goddard, president of the State Bank of Chicago.  Details of the wedding next week.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 5 JAN 1910]

Borrowman - Galloway  NEW
Indiana Couple Married Here.  Robert Borrowman, of Vincennes, Ind., and Miss Blanche Lee Galloway, of Kokomo, Ind., were married here Friday at about midnight by Rev. White, pastor of the Presbyterian church.  Later it was learned that Miss Galloway had been visiting relatives in Vincennes and that she and young Borrowman eloped to Lawrenceville where it was their intention to secure a license and be married.  Borrowman and his bride are both under age and a license was refused to them at Lawrenceville.  They immediately came on to Robinson and giving their ages as twenty-one and eighteen, respectively, secured a license and were married.  Borrowman is a high school student and it was the intention to keep their marriage secret until his graduation next year.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 17 AUG 1910]

Bradbury - Goff  NEW
Wedded at High Noon Today.  A quiet home wedding was that of Miss Frances Cleveland Bradbury to Mr. Alonzo Joy Goff, which was solemnized at high noon today at the home of Hon. and Mrs. P.G. Bradbury, parents of the bride.  There were no attendants, and only the immediate family of the bride witnessed the ceremony at which Rev. H.W. White, of the Presbyterian church officiated.  The bride wore her going away gown of blue cloth with hat and gloves to correspond.  The various roomas were beautiful with huge bouquets of carnations and roses.  Immediately following the ceremony an elegant wedding breakfast was served.  Mrs. Goff, who is one of Robinson's most charming young ladies, is the only daughter of Hon. and Mrs. P.G. Bradbury, and her graceful manner and many accomplishments have made her a favorite not only with the younger society set but with all who number her among their acquaintances.  She is a graduate of St. Marys-of-the-Woods, and has spent two years in the Georgtown, Ky. college.  Mr. Goff, whose home is in Pittsburg, Pa., has been here the past three years as general office manager and book-keeper for the Ohio-Indiana Pipe & Junk Company, and during his residence here has made many friends.  His pleasant manner and sincerity have made him popular socially as his bright and honorable character have won the respect of his business associates.  Mr. and Mrs. Goff left at 1:26 for Pittsburg to spend two weeks with his mother and to visit points of interest in the east.  Upon their return, they will occupy the Perkins house, 204 West Plum street, which they have already furnished and in readiness for their return.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 14 SEP 1910]

Cawood - Locke NEW
Last night at nine o'clock at the M. E. parsonage in our city, occured the marriage of our prominent fellow-townsman, A. Vance Cawood to Mrs. Sarah A. Locke.  The only guests present were the groom's sister, Mrs. Noah Reed, and husband.  Mr. and Mrs. Cawood left this morning for California by way of New Orleans to be gone a month.  When they return they will be at home at Mr. Cawood's residence on East Plum Street.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 20 APR 1910]

Cooper - Roberts  NEW
Surprised His Friends.  Harry T. Cooper Weds Margaret Roberts at Effingham.  Friends of Harry T. Cooper, of our city, were greatly surprised to learn of his marriage on Thursday of last week to Miss Margaret Roberts, also of Robinson.  The wedding was not only a surprise to friends of both Mr. Cooper and his bride, but was also unknown to Mr. Cooper's immediate family.  The wedding occurred Thursday afternoon at the home of Rev. J. G. Harmon, pastor of The Methodist church of Effingham.  Following the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper left for Chicago to spend a few days and after a lake trip, will return to Robinson.  Their neat cottage of S. Webster street, which is nearing completion will be ready for occupancy in a short time.  Mr. Cooper is the younger son of Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Cooper and is a prominent young druggist.  His bride is a stranger in our city, having been here but a short time visiting a sister.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 20 JUL 1910]

Crawford - Strance  NEW
Robert Crawford and Miss Strance Wedded in New York Today.  Today in one of New York's churches will occur the marriage of Robert D. Crawford to Miss Laura M. Strance, of Oil City, Pa.  Mr. Crawford is the son of J.B. Crawford, millionaire treasurer of the United Gas Company, at Oil City, and is connected with his father in the development of the Illinois field.  Mr. and Mrs. Crawford will reside here.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 12 OCT 1910]

Dickinson - McQueen  NEW
Married At Effingham.  Dickinson-McQueen Nuptials Occurred Wednesday.  Miss Elizabeth Dickinson, of Palestine, and Mr. Ferdinancd T. McQueen, of our city, were married Wednesday last at Effingham, Rev. A.G. Taylor, pastor of the Presbyterian church of that city, officiating.  They were accompanied by Miss Rebecca Dickinson, a sister of the bride and Miss Julia Highsmith.  Immediately following the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. McQueen left for a short visit in Chicago, and from there they go to St. Joseph, Mich., to spend some time.  Upon their return to our city they will be at home after july 17, in a cozy cottage just completed and furnished by the groom, on South Franklin street.  Mrs. McQueen, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George J. Dickinson is a prominent young lady of Palestine and has a host of friends in Palestine, who will regret to lose her from their midst.  Mr. McQueen is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Georg E. McQueen of our city, and has a responsible position in the post office here.  [Robinson Constiution (Robinson, IL) 29 JUN 1910]

Douglas - Brimhall NEW
Sam P. Brimhall, of our city, and Mrs. Minnie Douglas, of Sapulpa, Okla., were married at Effingham, Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock.  Mr. Brimhall is one of Robinson's popular young business men.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 11 MAY 1910]

Holmes - McKnight  NEW
The marriage of Miss Laura Lodema Holmes to Mr. John G. McKnight took place last Sunday at the house of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Holmes, of Prairie Township.  Rev. M.C. Foltz, of Oblong, performed the ceremony.  The bride was becomingly attired in a gown of white silk and chiffon.  Miss Theo Stanfield acted as bridesmaid and Mr. Robert McKnight, a brother of the groom, as best man.  Decorations were of chrysanthemums, both in the parlors and in the dining room where the wedding breakfast was served to forty guests.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 2 NOV 1910]

Kitchell - Welsh NEW
Miss Nora Kitchell and Mr. Ray Welsh drove to Robinson late yesterday afternoon and were married at the Christian parsonage by Rev. McGaughey.  The bride is the popular and pretty daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Garvin Kitchell, and the groom is a fine young man and the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Welsh.  The WABASH PEARL joins their many friends in extending congratulations.  They will reside on the Smith farm 6 miles southwest of town.  W.F. Smith moved yesterday to Flat Rock and will engage in the insurance business.  Mrs. Laura Smith will reserve two or three rooms and spend part of her time on the farm. - Wabash Pearl [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL ) 9 MAR 1910]

Kincaid - Funk NEW
Estmere Funk, of near Flat Rock, Ill. and Miss Leona Kincaid, of near Palestine, Ill., came to this city Saturday and after procuring the necessary papers, went to the residence of Rev. L.W. Porter, pastor of the Grace M. E. Church, where they were united in the holy bonds of wedlock.  Mr. Funk is one of Crawford County's successful teachers, and the bride is the daughter of Willoughby Kincaid, a well-to-do farmer.  They were accompanied by Mrs. Audrey Robb of Stoy, a sister of the groom.  May long life and success attend them.  - Newton Press [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 16 MAR 1910]

Lowe - Wilkinson  NEW
Dr. A. L. Lowe to Wed Greencastle Lady.  Tomorrow evening at 6 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Wilkinson, of Greencastle, Ind., will occur the marriage of their daughter, Josephine, to Dr. A. Lyman Lowe of our city.  Immediately after the wedding the young couple will leave for Indianapolis and Chicago and upon their return will be at home at the Lowe residence on West Main street.  Dr. Lowe is the eldest son of Judge A.L. Lowe and is one of our city's prominent young physicians.  He is a graduate of our public schools and graduated from Depau University in 1902.  The bride-elect is also a graduate of Depau in the same year.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 15 JUN 1910]

Miss Wilkinson A June Bride.  Beautiful Wedding at the Home on South College Avenue on Thursday Night.  One of the most beautiful weddings of this or any other season occured on Thursday night at th ehome of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wilkinson, on South College Avenue, when their daughter, Josephine, became the bride of Dr. A. Lyman Lowe, of Robinson, Ill.  The bride and her friends had planned a pink wedding and the plans matured beautifully.  Pink tapers, tied with pink ribbon gleaned from amid pink roses throughout the rooms, except in the north parlor where an arch of ferns and palms waited the bridal couple.  The whole decorative scheme was particularly beautiful.  Just at six o'clock to the strains of the wedding march played by Mrs. Alma John Woodson, and preceeded by little Athena Robbins bearing the wedding ring in a lily, the bridal couple approached the arch.  The bride was accompanied by her sister, Mrs. J.C. Lheets, as maid of honor.  With the groom was Dr. Clarence Lowe as the best man.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. K.W. Robbins, of College Avenue Church.  Before the service Mrs. Robert Spencer sang beautifully, "Beloved, It Is Morn."  After the ceremony the wedding supper was served.  The bride and bridal party were seated at a long table in the dining room.  The other guests were placed at small tables in other rooms.  The pink decorations still held sway, and the dining room, like the rest fo the house, was beautiful with pink roses and pink tapers.  After the congratulations of the evening the couple left for Chicago where they will spend several days before starting for a two weeks trip upon the northern lakes.  After this trip Dr. and Mrs. Lowe will be at home in Robinson, Ill. where Dr. Lowe is a practicing physician.  The bride is one of Greencastle's most able and capable as well as most charming young women.  She is a graduate of DePauw of the class of '03, and also a graduate nurse, having taken two and one-half years training in the Presbyterian Hospital at Chicago, and later taking a diploma from the Methodist Hospital at Indianapolis.  Her education is unusually broad and practical, and her social graces have made her a favorite in Greencastle society.  She is a Kappa Alpha Theta.  The groom is also a graduate of DePauw, of the class of '02 and has already achieved success in his profession of medicine.  He is a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity -- Greencastle Herald.  Judge A.L. Lowe, Dr. Clarence Lowe, Coke Lowe and Misses Florence Lowe and Gladys Meserve, of our city, and Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Hurst Mrs. Sarah McNutt and W.B. Hurst, of Hutsonville, were among the out of town guests present at the wedding.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 22 JUN 1910]

McQueen - Welton NEW
As we go to press meager data is at hand in regard to the marriage of one of Robinson's charming yound ladies, but enough has been obtained to insure at least brief mention.  Miss Georgia McQueen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.E. McQueen, who has been attending school at Greencastle, Ind. threw her musty books into a remote corner and fled to the protecting arms of Mr. Clarence Welton, a young gentleman from Ohio, also a student at Greencastle, last Thursday at Paris, and came on here for the paternal blessing of the bride's parents.  The happy young pair left today for Birmingham, Alabama, where they will make their future home.  We are truly sorry not to be able to give more minute particulars of this happy romance, but hasten to join the young lady's many friends in congratulations and well wishes.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 16 MAR 1910]

Morrison - Henderson NEW
Word has been received here from friends of Miss Jennie Morrison, who went to Colorado last week, that upon her arrival in Denver she was married to Alonzo Henderson, formerly of this city.  Mr. Henderson is engaged in the grocery business in Denver.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 30 MAR 1910]

Newlin - Hawkins
Married, Dec 10th, at the residence of the bride's parents north of Oblong, Haden Newlin and Miss Etta May Hawkins, Rev. A. ___-hirst officiating. [The Sumner Press (Sumner, Illinois) 27 Dec 1894]

Newlin - Stewart  NEW
Harvey Newlin of Witchita, Weds Wealthy Kansas Girl.  Following is an account clipped from a Wichita paper of the marriage of Harvey E. Newlin, son of J.T. Newlin, of our city, to Miss Stewart, of Wellington, Kansas:  A host of friends of Miss Minnie Stewart, daughter of the late John T. Stewart, of Wellington, were foiled in their attempts to give the bride a boisterous send-off immediately after they discovered that she had been quietly married early yesterday morning at Wellington to Harvey E. Newlin, traffic manager of the Wichita Union Stock Yards company.  The bride, whose father at his death a few years ago, left one of the largest estates in Kansas, had planned that her friends should not know the exact day of the wedding, which had been announced to be held about the middle of this month.  She was a member of the Polka Dots, composed of a number of young society girls of Wellington, and was especially anxious to avoid any pranks whichh her clubmates might plan if they knew when the ceremony was to be held.  The wedding was held at the home of the bride's mother, on North F street, in Wellington, at 7:30 o'clock in the morning.  The bride and groom then intended to go quietly to the station and get out of town before the Polka Dots heard the news.  The Polka Dots, however, seem to have a nose for news, and fully half an hour before train time knew all about the wedding.  They made a quick raid on the grocery stores and provided themselves with enough rice which, if properly applied, would last a young married couple for several years.  They planned to donate the rice however, all in one fell shower.  Mr. and Mrs. Newlin, however, decided that they did not care to have their rice that way, and so they also made some hasty plans.  They ordered up the Stewart automobile, and pressed Foster Stewart the bride's brother, and S.J. Buckingham, the bride's brother-in-law, into a conspiracy to foil the Polka Dots.  With the automobile the bridal couple were spirited away to Riverdale, the first station this side of Wellington, and the Polka Dots were left standing at the Wellington depot with all the rice on their hands.  Mr. and Mrs. Newlin went to Kansas City over the Rock Island, and will return to Wichita Sunday.  They will make their home at the Belzar apartments on North Lawrence avenue.  The wedding ceremony was attended only by members of the family.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Mr. Schweiter of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Mrs. S.J. Buckingham, the bride's sister, attended her.  Others present were the bride's mother, Mr. Buckingham, the Misses Ruth and Marguerite Stewart, and Messrs. Will, Foster, and John Stewart, Jr.  In addition to his official position with the stock yards company, Mr. Newlin is associated with Ben Ross in an order buying house.  Until the first of the year Mr. Newlin was secretary and treasury of the stock yards company.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 28 SEP 1910]

Routh - Correll
At 6 o'clock p.m. on Dec. 29th, at the home of the bride's parents, in the presence of a few relatives and friends, occurred the wedding of Miss Stella Routh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Routh of West Union, to Lester Correll, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Correll, of Trimble.  Rev. Wheeler of Lawrenceville officiated.  Refreshments were served and the young people were recipients of many beautiful presents.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 5 JAN 1910]

Teepel - Meskimen  NEW
Harry Meskimen was married last week at Paris to Miss Neva Teepel, of Charleston, Ill.  Rev. Mr. Christy of the M.E. church officiated.  After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Meskimen came to Robinson for a short visit with the groom's mother, Mrs. I.D. Mail, who entertained at a family dinner in their honor.  Mr. Meskimen was a former Robinson boy, and was for some time proprietor of the Arcade.  He is now conducting a similar business at Charleston in partnership with his brother-in-law, Enrle Teepel.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 28 SEP 1910]

Westerman - Snider  NEW
Chester Westerman Weds Toldeo Girl.  Chester Westerman left Thursday of last week for Toledo, Ohio, for a visit with Miss Charlein Snider.  On Saturday he and Miss Snider were married at the Methodist church parsonage in that city.  Mrs. Westerman is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Snider, who until a few months ago resided here.  Until a short time ago, when she removed with her parents to Toledo, Mrs. Westerman was an operator for the S.E. L.D. Telephone and Telegraph company and has many friends here who welcome her back to Robinson.  Mr. Westerman, who is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Westerman is a worthy young fellow and a host of friends join us in wishing him and his bride a happy wedded life.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 17 AUG 1910]

Willard - Dennis  NEW
The home of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Dennis, on East Pine street, was the scene of a pretty wedding on last Wednesday evening, when their daughter, Miss Alta Amelia Dennis, was wedded to Mr. Arthur Willard, of Oblong.  The ceremony at which Rev. J.B. Norvell officiated was performed at 6:30 in the presence of only the bride and groom's immediate relatives, and Mrs. C.H. Bell, who played the wedding march.  The bride wore a pretty white crepe de chine gown.  The library and parlor were decorated in ferns, autum leaves and flowers.  In the dining room where the luncheon was served immediately after the ceremony, white satin ribbon embellished the chandeliers and the table.  Mr. and Mrs. Willard have been spending several days with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Willard, parents of the groom, who reside in West Martin township.  They returned to Robinson Saturday evening and expect to reside at the Dennis home on Pine street, during the absence, this winter, of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and daughter in Florida.  Mr. Willard has a position as bookkeeper with Oil Belt National Bank at Oblong.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 26 OCT 1910]

Wolf - Fry  NEW
A Pretty Home Wedding.  Sunday at high noon occured the wedding of Mr. George Wolf to Miss Letha Fry, at the home of the bride's parents in the southeast part of the city.  It was a very quiet affair, the only guests in attendance being the minister, Rev. J.B. Norveil, and family and Herman Hancock, of Vincennes, Ind.  The groom is a machinist and has been in the city for two years.  He is a brightyoung man whose moral character is fine.  The bride is a handsome young lady whose courage is marvelous; for she has actually succeeded in capturing a real live Wolf, and is proud of it.  The happy couple will start in a few days for Oklahoma to visit the groom's people.  May peace, prosperity and unbroken joy be theirs forever, is the wish of their many friends.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 28 SEP 1910]

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