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Sick List News

These are in loose alpha order based on the surname of the first person mentioned in the story.

Dr. Jas. M. Barlow, of Annapolis, has been lying very low for some days and not expected to recover -- quick consumption. [Originally From the Robinson Constitution, quoted in the Jasper County Newton Press on Aug. 19, 1875]

From the Robinson Constitution (as quoted in the Newton Press): A young girl named Butler was accidentally shot by her brother last week, 6 miles outwest of Robinson. We did not learn the particulars. July 9, 1874

It was reported last week that young Cannon, who had his arm torn off by a threshing machine, had his arm amputated in two different places. The father of the boy informs us that the arm was not amputated at all -- that the machine took the arm almost square off. The young man is doing as well as could be expected.
[Originally From the Robinson Constitution, quoted in the Jasper County Newton Press on Aug. 19, 1875]

Hurt By Fall From Buggy.  Mrs. Clark Latham who lives south of Gordon, was badly hurt Saturday afternoon.  In company with her husband and daughter, Mrs. Latham was driving along East Main street when her horse became frightened at an automobile, and wheeled suddenly around, throwing Mrs. Latham against the curbing.  No blame is attached to the driver of the automobile, as there probably would have been no serious accident had not the end of the buggy seat broken off.  Mrs. Latham received a bad cut on the right side of the head, which caused slight concussion of the brain, leaving her unconscious all afternoon and night.  She was taken to the home of Dr. Carlisle, where she remained until Sunday morning, when she was taken to her home.  [Robinson Constitution (Robinson, IL) 25 MAY 1910]

J.P. McDonald, who was a soldier in Co. I, 21st Ill Vols., going from this county, has written his comrades here that he is now in the Soldier's Home at Danville. [The Sumner Press (Sumner, Illinois) 25 Jan 1900]

James Shipman got the end of his finger sawed off, at his mill at Hardinsville last Saturday. [The Sumner Press (Sumner, Illinois) 25 Jan 1900]

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