Crawford County, Illinois
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Residents of Palestine in 1826

January 25, 1826

We, whose names are heretofore subscribed, do certify that we have resided in the County of Crawford the most of us upward of five years, and have been acquainted with Joseph Kitchell during that time, and that we have never before heard any charge against him for breaking or opening any Jail for the purpose of letting out any person or persons which had been committed for any crime whatever, and we further state that we fully believe that if any act of that kind had ever taken place that we certainly should have heard of it.

William Wilson

Stephen Gaines

Edward  H. Piper

Ithra Ereshire

John Houston

John Lamb

D. W. Stark

William Shaw

Robert Smith

James Shaw

Joel Phelps

John L. Myers

John Cochran

Daniel Funk

John Parker

Benjamin Myers

Elisha Fitch

John Funk

Juba Hale

Daniel Myers

John C. Alexander

Lewis Little

Daniel Boatright

Jeremiah Murphy

James More

Jeremiah Johnson

Isaac Walters

James H. Wilson

Robert Watts

Humble Johnson

Ezekial Watts

Zachariah Simons

Joshua Barbee

John Veach

Andrew Arnold

James Caldwell

John Watts

James Parker

John Boyd

John Higgons

Richard Easton

James Johnson

Harmon Gregg

Thomas Dunlap

Benjamin Wilson

Levi Dotey

Allen McGabey

J. W. Barlow

Osmund McGabey

William Hicks

William Barrack

James McCord

William Carrett

Blanton Brashear

John Martin

John T. Vandeveater

Alpheus Pickard

Fergus Hill

John Johnson

Isaac Meek

Andrew Montgomery

Thomas Kennedy

Joel Cheek

James Miller


James Crews


A. H. Houston


Thomas Fuller


Jesse York

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