Crawford County, Illinois
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Website Updates

Here are some of the updates made over the years to this site.

June 2016:  obits for JOHNSON, FORD, PRICE, PREACHER, THOMPSON, HASKETT, NEWLIN.  Court news for MCDANIEL.  Sicklist:  SHIPMAN.  Crime News: CARDOT.  Court News:  MCDANIEL
Jan 2016:  bios for BEACH, KING, PAYNE.  Picture of
COBB and 1st national bank
June 2015:  1915 Class Picture of Star School; Miscellaneous News story re: KENNEDY; Crime news for FORSYTH

Dec 2014:  Crime News Story on Elizabeth Reed
Aug 2014:  1883 Pensioners
Feb 2014:  Obit for MURPHY;  Burials in Kitchell cemetery
Dec 2013:  baseball team picture from 1916 (under miscellaneous data)
Oct 2013:  News stories of Unknown Dead men found;  Accident news story re: PARR and SCOTT
Jan 2013: NEWLIN bio
Feb 2012: 1850 Mortality Schedule


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