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Welcome to Illinois
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Welcome to IL Trails
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Welcome to Illinois Genealogy Trails History
Cumberland County Website

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I am your Host Barbara Ziegenmeyer

If you have any information you would like posted, ie: obits, photos, family info,
or anything else pertaining to this county, please Email me
Check back often if you are looking for data, as we add information frequently. 


However, I would love to hear from you if you are related!
If you are looking for the names Davee, Ward, Paul, Hendricks,  please contact  Barb Z.

We hope you enjoy Cumberland County, and good luck with your search. 

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Where to find information in Cumberland County

Cumberland County Clerk
P.O. Box 146
Toledo, Illinois 62468

Cumberland County
Circuit Clerk Court House
P.O. Box 145
Toledo, Illinois
Cumberland County Historical &
Genealogical Society

Box # 582 Greenup, Il. 62428
Greenup Public Library
101 North Franklin Street
Greenup, Illinois
Cumberland County Historical &
Genealogy Society
Cemetery Listings

 A Cumberland County site with lots of free data


 Maps of Cumberland County

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