(This is not a list of every person but just a list of some)

Toledo and Sumpter Township

Ashwell, John F.
wife Viola Decius
Atchison, J.B.
wife Minnie M. Myler
Brewer. Hon. Thomas
1st wife Mary Hutton
2nd wife Sarah Hutton Kirkling
3rd wife Mary Bloxam Smith
Brewer, Levi N.
wife Eliza J. Vandyke
Brewster, William L.
wife Sarah E. Brewer
Chambers, Dr. John E.
Chapman, Dr. Daniel F.
wife Kittie Miles
Decius, Lewis
Deppen, William T.
Everhart, W.S.
Goodwin, Dr. J.W.
wife Martha Davee
Green, David B.
wife Lucy E. Starkweather
Green, Henry W.
1st wife Margaret McAlliister
2nd wife America J. White
3rd wife Mrs. Hulda Moore
4th wife Mrs. Hattie E. Munford
Hander, Charles
wife Malonia Strug
Heid, F.J.
Holsapple, S.C.
wife Harriet Carrel
Hughes, Alexander
wife Mary E. Keys
Humphrey, Western R.
wife P.Ann Daughty
Judson, D.D.
wife Sarah Hickle
Lee, Capt. Andrew J.
wife Mary J. Rader
Lemen, Guy M.
wife Mary E. Peters
Logan, Williams
1st wife Elmyra Eskridge
2nd wife Alice M. McCon
3rd wife Sarah E. Prather
Lovins, A.A.
wife Nancy George
McCandlish, James A.
wife Melcenia Johnston
Miller, Samuel C.
Mumford, W.D.
1st wife Ella Fletcher
2nd wife Almyra Tossey
Park, Dr. W.W.
wife Hannah Perry
Prather, T.P.
Pugh, I.J.
Reeves, A.J.
wife Adella Farmer
Rhoads, Henry
wife Margaret E. Shull
Ross, Levi B.
wife Eliza J. Phoads
Starger, George
wife Rachel Marher
Tossey, John B.
Yanaway, Dr. J.H.
wife Rebecca Haines

Greenup Township

Arthur, Robert (Deceased)
Arthur, James W.
wife Mrs. Minerva Houghton
Battey, Joseph
Borden, Joseph D.
wife Fannie R. Wheat
Bowman, H.
1st wife Lucinda Robinson
2nd wife Luciinda Dabnor
Colliver, Dr. Richard
Campbell, William
wife Lucinda Reed
Catey, William H.
wife Sarah J. Williams
Clark, Samuel W.
wife Rosanna Harner
Conzet, Charles Sr.
wife Mary Snearry
Conzet, John
wife Hannah H. Houghton
Conzet, Julius C.
wife Hannah D. Arthur
Cook, Joseph M.
wife Almira Smith
Dees, John C.
wife Sarah E. Williams
Dunn, John
wife Susan Yelton
Ewart, William
1st wife Elizabeth Titus
2nd wife Sarah Kirkpatrick
3rd wife Elmira Connor
Fonocher, Nehemiah
wife Ellen LaDow
Green, John
wife Ann M. Gardner
Grim, John
wife Catherine Coldsmith
Huffcutt, Silus W.
wife Rachel Shull
James, Dr. Nathaniel G.
wife Margaret L. Vandewort
Jenuine, Jacob
wife Mary L. Matheny
Jones, Charles G.
wife America E. Jobe
Lee, Mahlon R.
wife Sarah Jessup
Leggett, Lemel
wife Loretta A. Williams
Lewis, Chapman A.
wife Cynthia A. Earl
McCann, William
wife Susan Fritts
McDonald, William H.
wife Sarah Campbell
Matheny, Reuben N.
wife Ann M. Shattuck
Mattoon, Edwin
wife Nancy B. Langdon
Monohon, G.
wife Isabella H. Robertson
Nisewanger, Charles
1st wife Susan Gilbert
2nd wife Mary Laney
3rd wife Martha Smith
4th wife Sarah Smith
5th wife Sarah Warden
6th wife Elizabeth Pickering
7th wife Lucy Philbrook LaDow
Ozier, William H.
1st wife Dorcas T. Goe
2nd wife Elizabeth Close
3rd wife Mary A. Hartshorn
Park, Harlow
wife Martha L. Mattoon
Rice, James
wife A. E. King
Robertson, Dewitt C
wife Susan Talbott
Rothrock, Isaac
wife Sarah Grim
Sapp, Frank M.
wife Arabella Talbott
Severns, John J.
1st wife Josephine McDonell
2nd wife Elizabeth Love (Lane)
Sherwood, Harlow O.
wife Mary J. Duer
Sperry, Mark
wife Lucy A. Durant
Sperry, Hubbard F.
wife Alice Snearly
Stewart, Marshall
wife Matilda, Laughlin
Stewart, William
wife Mary C. Stockwell
Stockbarger, Michael
wife Philena Osborn
Talbott, Edward
1st wife Mrs. Jane Wolf
2nd wife Esther Ann Reese
Tobey, Will S.
wife Elenora M. Gould
Troxel, Nicholas F.
wife Harriet M. Quiston
Tutewiler, Thomas C.
wife Esther B. Aleshire
Underwood, D.C.
wife Lydia S. Giffin
Walden, Samuel
wife Cordelia E. Guyton
Ward, Thornton A.
wife Elizabeth E. Crozier
Wetherholt, John
wife Mary Peffers
Willson, William C.
Winslow, Henry
wife Mary E. Brooks
Wylde, William
wife Laurinda Vandyke


Allen, Charles J.
wife Rachel Whorton
Allenbaugh, Samuel
wife Ann M. Gossard
Arnold Samuel F. (decd.)
wife Sarah Hocker
Barkley, Martin
Baumgardner, Edward
Burnett, Peter
wife Jane Trees
Copeland, Craven
wife Fanny Ribble
DeBord, William H.
1st wife Eliza Sanford
2nd wife Elizabeth Yelton
Dorsey, Albert G.
wife Mary E. Cole
Finney, Jonathan S.
Freeland, John
wife Mary B. Jenuine
Fritts, Henry N.P. (decd.)
wife Hannah Kellogg
Kelly, Timothy
1st wife Mary Griffith
2nd wife Nancy Lawson
Kelly, John A.
wife Mary B. McCash
Kelly, Michael
wife Nancy J. McPherson
McBride, James
wife Elizabeth Zimmerman
McCash, Andrew J.
wife Frances J. Finney
Radar, Adam  (decd.)
wife Nancy Sarter
Ruffner, Martin J.
1st wife Lutecia Fox
2nd wife Helen V. Waters
Sanford, David H.
wife Hulda Barkley
Sarter, George W.
1st wife Nancy J. Radar
2nd wife Sarah A. Reeds
Smith, Jonathan J.
wife Harriet Spring
Smith, Solomon
wife Eliza Carson
Spohn, Jonathan O.
wife Catharine Shivler
Travis, Capt. James W.
wife Frances A. Rue
Wade, John
wife Martha Featheringill
Welker, Samuel
wife Matilda DeVall
Welker, William
wife Annie Yates
Yelton, Robert
wife Jeanette Jerhard 


Beals, David
wife Mary E. Coleman
Beals, Simon O.
wife Sarah M. Bresee
Bloomfield, Reuben
1st wife Eliza Jane McBride
2nd wife Charlotte Goodwin Beck
Carrell, James A.
1st wife Sarah A. Heddins
2nd wife Hepay J. Starbuck
Doyal, William A.
1st wife Rebecca McCord
2nd wife Jane McCord
Grafton, Alonso
wife Sallie Heath
Heddins, John
wife Catherine Carpenter
Lake, William E.
wife Henrietta Kemper
McCandlish, William R.
wife Emma Holsapple
McPherson, Baxter W.
wife Annette Jones
Michael, David
1st wife Lucy Alexander
2nd wife Mrs. Mary Oakley
3rd wife Mrs. Jane Hays
Miller, Francis
wife Nancy Mock
Randolph, David F.
wife Martha A. Vaughn
Reed, Samuel P.
wife Emily Gill
Rodgers, Carson P.R.
1st wife Catharine W. Rickie
2nd wife Martha J. Veatch
Rodgers, Wallace M.
wife Mary E.D. Bovell
Shull, Dr. Jonathan Wilson
wife Mary A. Cook
Snodgrass, John W.
wife Sarah J. Fairbanks
Tate, Garrison
1st wife Jenette Adams
2nd wife Mrs. Elizabeth McCartney
Whitacre, Izatus
wife Harriet A. Phipps
Williams, Henry
wife Lucretia Beals

Albin, Dr. G.W.
wife Cynthia C. Dryden
Albin, James  M
wife Mary J. Goddard
Clark, James
wife Lucinda Buchannan
Caldwell, David A.
wife Ann E. Mount
Casstevens, L.M.
wife Amanda McCartney
Cole, William J. (decd.)
wife Mary Baker
DeVore, P.L.
wife Sallie E. Parks
Dow, Morton
wife A.M. Gale
Dougherty, Dr. G.F.
wife Gilla Sawyer
Ewing, James
1st wife Rachel Ewing (cousin)
2nd wife Mary Alexander
Ewing, James M.
wife Prudentia T. Stone
Greene, C.D.
wife Sarah E. Bell
Hancock, Thomas R.
wife Vinia E. Graham
Hancock, William H.
wife Huldah J. Shore
Hickernell, Wesley
wife J.E. Woods
Hunter, Robert M.
wife Sarah C. Bailey
Kelly, John K.
1st wife Mary A. Manaugh
2nd wife Mary McLain Neal
Lacy, Thomas
1st wife Evaline E. Long
2nd wife Mrs. Mary A. Elder
Lawson, B.H.
wife Mary Kelly
Miller, J.W.
wife Louisa E. Ketcham
Neal, David
wife Martha Rainier
Peters, John
wife Louvisia Hugle
Phillips W.B.
wife Nancy McCourtney
Rex, Harry H.
wife Harriet Ewing
Short T.J.
Singer, W. H.
wife Mary A. Lewis
Spencer, B.R.
wife Emaline Davis
Stone, J.M. (decd.)
wife A.E. Bradman
Vaughn, Luke
wife Mary Groscup
Voris, Franklin D.
wife Lockie McMum
Votaw, Captain Mahlon
1st wife Josephine Baker
2nd wife Delilah Reece
3rd wife Mrs. Marcella Comstock
Wallace, J.T.
wife Laura Stevens
Welman, Captain A.T.
1st wife Sarah J. Pruett
2nd wife Mary Greenlee
Welshimer, Captain Phillip
1st wife Julia Pickering
2nd wife Malinda McNutt
White, William Richard
wife H.E. Keller
Wilson, S. F.
wife Sarah E. Shaw
Young, Joseph M.
1st wife Matilda Van Cleve
2nd wife Mary E. Keller
Young, W.H.
wife Margaret A. McColloch 


Bell, Dennis
1st wife Rachel Mass
2nd wife Mary Tucker
3rd wife Barbara Boswell
Black, Samuel A.
wife Lizzie Gill
Carpenter, Nathaniel
wife Julia A. Mann
Clossom, William
wife Lucy McMillan
Collins, Lewis
wife Elizabeth Brown
Devinney, Levi
wife Martha J. Ryan
Edwards, Elijah
wife Jane Baumgartner
Edwards, P.W.
wife Flora Chancellor
Fancher, C.C.
wife Lydia Tutewiler
Gill, James
wife Diadama Neal
Gossett, James
wife Ann E. Roberts
Haughn, Nicholas
wife Margaret Connor
Henderson, G.S.
1st wife Rebecca Yanoway
2nd wife Mrs. Elizabeth Mathena
Jennings, Amos
wife Martha Stultz
Miller, John C.
wife Mahala Fancher
Miller, William M.
wife Mrs. Mary A. Clauson
McMillen, Charles
wife Harriet Bennett
Neal, William
1st wife Rebecca C. Ryan
2nd wife Sarah Delap
3rd wife Jane Hubbard
Neal John T.
wife Lettie A. Roberts
Stallings, John E.
1st wife Mary E. Grosshart
2nd wife Rachel J. Grosshart
Strockbine, Joseph W.
wife Harriet Nigh
Walling, W.G.
wife Eliza A. Pennington
Yanoway, Isreal
wife Effie Sturgeon
Yanoway, S.S.
wife Mary E. Decker 


Brown, Bazil
wife Laura A. Farmer
Moudy, Dr. Martin
wife Margaret McClure
Booth, J.W.
wife Emma Henbest
King, Joseph
wife Macy A. Russell

Adams, John B.
wife Annie Cramer 
Faunce, Leman
wife Julia D. Garrett
Schooley, Lewis
1st wife Elizabeth Walker
2nd wife Jennette Watson


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