U.S. Census Index Greenup Cumberland County
(This is an Index it gives you the Dwelling and Page Number)

Dwelling 1

Fayette J Mattison  abt 1875 Head
Ethel L Mattison abt 1891 Wife
Gerald R Mattison abt 1912 Son
Eugene J Mattison  abt 1914 Son
Reba H Mattison  abt 1920 Daughter
Harlen W Mattison  abt 1925 Son

Dwelling 2

Walter E Mitchell  abt 1905  Head
Iva F Mitchell  abt 1903 Wife
Kathleen D Mitchell  abt 1925 Daughter
Charles W Mitchell  abt 1928 Son
Wilma M Mitchell  abt 1919 Daughter
Charles M Mitchell abt 1875 Head
Homer W Mitchell abt 1911 Son
Kenneth T Shade abt 1901  Head
Mabel Shade abt 1903 Wife

Dwelling 3

Ernest J Bancroft abt 1882  Head
Fannie M Bancroft abt 1885 Wife
George E Bancroft abt 1912 Son

Dwelling 4

Harlie R Cutright abt 1899 Head
Bessie L Cutright abt 1897 Wife
Wanda M Cutright abt 1916 Daughter
Oral O Cutright abt 1919 Son
Billie W Cutright abt 1928 Son

Dwelling 5

John A Troxel abt 1886  Head
Alice L Troxel abt 1893 Wife
Edith I Troxel  abt 1914 Daughter
Leland D Troxel   abt 1916 Son
John G Troxel abt 1917 Son
Clifford V Troxel abt 1920 Son
Eyota I Troxel abt 1923 Daughter

Dwelling 6

Dora E Roby  abt 1869  Head

Dwelling 7

Ralph Steers abt 1862 Head
Iran D Steers abt 1910 Son

Dwelling 8

George F Wood  abt 1878  Head
Cory I Wood abt 1893 Wife
Emma L Taylor abt 1869  Mother

Dwelling 9

Ellery E Benson abt 1866  Head
Mattie Neese abt 1864  Boarder

Dwelling 10

Benjiman F Drake abt 1887  Head
Nancy J Drake abt 1896 Wife

Dwelling 11

Clifton A Addison abt 1891  Head
Lewis E Addison  abt 1920 Son
Mary A Addison abt 1921 Daughter
Richard C Addison abt 1923 Son
Jane Addison abt 1864 Mother

Dwelling 12

Dave D Stukey abt 1859  Head
Cara A Stukey abt 1867 Wife

Dwelling 13

Joe Brown abt 1888  Head
Minnie Brown abt 1882 Wife

Dwelling 14

Sam C Patrick abt 1872  Head
Hattie Patrick abt 1874 Wife
Hannah E Patrick abt 1920 Daughter
Mary R Patrick abt 1917 Granddaughter
John Patrick abt 1919 Grandson
Pauline Patrick abt 1920 Granddaughter
Freda Patrick abt 1923 Granddaughter
Samuel W Patrick abt 1924 Grandson
Betty June Patrick abt 1926 Granddaughter

Dwelling 15

John W Benson  abt 1875  Head
Myrtle O Benson abt 1882 Wife
Bernetta E Benson abt 1915 Daughter
Helen J Benson abt 1919 Daughter

Dwelling 16

Alice S Handley abt 1867  Head

Dwelling 17

Robert L Rhoads abt 1893  Head
Vera M Rhoads abt 1892 Wife
Thelma L Rhoads  abt 1914 Daughter
Delbert A Rhoads  abt 1916 Son
Ida L Rhoads  abt 1918 Daughter
Raymond T Rhoads  abt 1922 Son
William L Rhoads  abt 1925 Son
Robert G Rhoads  abt 1927 Son

Dwelling 18

John Dooley abt 1885  Head
Martha L Dooley abt 1884 Wife
David E Dooley abt 1910 Son
Clyde O Dooley abt 1913 Son
Lellie E Dooley abt 1916 Daughter
Lloyd G Dooley abt 1918 Son
John Dooley abt 1921 Son
Fred E Dooley abt 1925 Son
Helen I Dooley abt 1928 Daughter

Dwelling 19

David M Howe abt 1853  Head

Dwelling 20

Pete Parker abt 1887  Head
Emma L Parker abt 1885 Wife
Chester O Parker abt 1911 Son
John C Parker abt 1914 Son
Maggie M Parker abt 1916 Daughter

Dwelling 21

Lizzie Edwards abt 1868  Head
Milo M Edwards abt 1893 Son
Roy Edwards abt 1896 Son

Dwelling 22

James W Harrell abt 1873  Head
Rose Harrell abt 1874 Wife

Dwelling 23

Sarah C Mc Donald abt 1846 Head

Dwelling 24

Oscar E Mattison abt 1852 Head
Lizzie M Mattison abt 1857 Wife

Dwelling 25

Frank T Benson abt 1876  Head
Mary Benson abt 1877 Wife
Walter C Benson abt 1907 Son
Evelyn A Benson abt 1910 Daughter

Dwelling 26

Arthur G Berson abt 1903  Head
Clara G Berson abt 1907 Wife

Dwelling 27

Rufus A Carrell abt 1889  Head
May L Carrell abt 1895 Wife
Keith R Carrell abt 1921 Son
Doris K Carrell abt 1923 Daughter

Dwelling 28

Daniel C Mitchell abt 1867  Head
Hartley R Mitchell abt 1880 Wife
William E Mitchell abt 1914 Son
Lewis A Mitchell abt 1917 Son
Janes R Mitchell abt 1919 Son
Mary J Mitchell abt 1921 Daughter

Dwelling 29

Bert W Pangle abt 1876 Head
Cora D Pangle abt 1877 Wife
Clemont L Pangle abt 1899 Son
Alice L Pangle abt 1904 Daughter

Dwelling 31

Amanda A Williams abt 1862  Head
John P Fitch abt 1914  Grandson

Dwelling 32

May Denuman abt 1858 Head
James E Robertson abt 1913 Grandson

Dwelling 33

George D Houser abt 1899 Head
Marie R Houser abt 1899 Wife
Frances A Houser abt 1923 Son

Dwelling 31

Andrew M Bell abt 1867 Head
Martha J Bell abt 1883 Wife

Dwelling 32

Sarah F Cook abt 1854  Head

Dwelling 33

Earl S Bridges abt 1904  Head
Ruth E Bridges abt 1909 Wife
Billie B Bridges abt 1927 Son
Bobby D Bridges  abt 1929 Son

Dwelling 34

Roy C Bradbury abt 1892  Head
May Bradbury  abt 1894 Wife
Charles P Bradbury  abt 1913 Son
Robert L Bradbury abt 1918 Son

Dwelling 36

Garland S Garrett  abt 1892 Head
Golda F Garrett  abt 1893 Wife
Walter S Garrett abt 1915 Son

Dwelling 37

Louisa J Carrell  abt 1853 Head

Dwelling 38

Charles W Cox abt 1898 Head
Edith M Cox abt 1905 Wife
Calvin L Cox abt 1922 Son
Raymond R Cox abt 1925 Son
John R Cox  abt 1928 Son
Leo M Cox Son
Joe E Cox abt 1868 Father

Dwelling 39

John W Ward abt 1865  Head
Lodosha L Ward abt 1874 Wife

Dwelling 40

Clarah F Fitch abt 1870  Servant

Dwelling 41

Bertha Freeman abt 1875  Head

Dwelling 42

Alice V Freeman abt 1847 Head 
Fern White abt 1896  Boarder

Dwelling 43

Janes A Bensen abt 1873 Head

Dwelling 43

Minnie Bensen abt 1884 Wife
Cleo Bean abt 1907  Daughter
Dorothy J Bean abt 1924 Granddaughter

Dwelling 44

Charles E Goodman abt 1897  Head
Hattie Goodman abt 1896 Wife
Charles E Goodman abt 1920 Son
Betty L Goodman abt 1925 Daughter
Charles E Hiles abt 1904  Roomer

Dwelling 45

Hunter, Waterford  abt 1873  Head
Edna M Waterford abt 1883 Wife
John R Waterford abt 1910 Son
Elsie D Waterford abt 1911 Daughter
George P Waterford abt 1917 Son
Harold W Waterford abt 1919 Son

Dwelling 46

Clem Shelton abt 1885  Head
Georgia E Shelton abt 1890 Wife
Deon M Shelton abt 1910 Son
Jessie M Shelton abt 1913 Daughter
Wandalee L Shelton abt 1918 Daughter
Hazle R Shelton abt 1925 Daughter

Dwelling 47

George J Beeman abt 1848  Head
Violet L Beeman abt 1857 Wife

Dwelling 48

Guy V Freeman abt 1900  Head
Alma C Freeman abt 1901 Wife
Lowell Freeman
 Iven Freeman abt 1923 Daughter

Dwelling 49

Charles M Stafford abt 1862 Head
Florence Shepard abt 1884  Niece

Dwelling 50

Gar Borden abt 1881  Head
Leila Borden abt 1884 Wife
Jennie F Borden  abt 1920 Daughter

Dwelling 51

John R Ward abt 1857 Head
Annie E Ward abt 1858 Wife
Ivo W Dunning abt 1897 Head
Nora D Dunning abt 1897 Wife

Dwelling 52

Lenious W Fogleman abt 1881 Head

Dwelling 53

Glen W Ward abt 1894  Head
Lulu A Ward abt 1905 Wife

Dwelling 54

George Dillier abt 1891Head
Lucila J Dillier abt 1895 Wife
Ina L Dillier abt 1920 Daughter
Robert E Dillier  abt 1921 Son

Dwelling 55

Elza G Haden abt 1888 Head
Kate Haden abt 1888 Wife
Mildred Haden abt 1913 Daughter
Donald Haden abt 1922 Son
Walter Haden abt 1910 Head
Grace Haden abt 1911 Wife

Dwelling 56

William E Hayden abt 1881 Head
Bertha M Hayden abt 1883 Wife
Ernest C Hayden abt 1902 Son
Edith M Hayden abt 1912 Daughter
Richard C Hayden abt 1916 Son

Dwelling 57

Jasper J Lewis abt 1890  Head
Dessie C Lewis abt 1890 Wife
Harold Lewis abt 1916 Son
Everett A Lewis  abt 1918 Son
Edward C Lewis  abt 1920 Son

Dwelling 58

Sylvester C Perisho abt 1882 Head
Ada Perisho abt 1892 Wife
Wayne Perisho abt 1914 Son

Dwelling 59

William Morris abt 1872 Head
Candace Morris abt 1873 Wife

Dwelling 60

Oron Easton abt 1885 Head
Samantha B Easton abt 1888 Wife
Dale A Easton abt 1912 Son
Delbert G Easton abt 1917 Son
Violet Bright abt 1908  Daughter

Dwelling 61

Alt T Brady  abt 1878 Head
Ellen A Brady abt 1875 Wife

Dwelling 62

Clara A Mcnary abt 1875 Head

Dwelling 63

Ralph Brassell abt 1888  Head
Cora M Brassell abt 1884 Wife
Betty J Brassell abt 1924 Daughter
Ed E Elstun abt 1855 Head
Eva M Elstun abt 1864 Wife

Dwelling 64

Olive L Lawyer abt 1869  Head
Gladys M Lawyer abt 1907 Daughter

Dwelling 65

Theodore R Callahan abt 1902  Head
Bertha M Callahan abt 1904 Wife
Leonora M Callahan abt 1924 Daughter
Eleanor T Callahan abt 1926 Daughter
Donald E Callahan abt 1920 Son

Dwelling 66

David McElravy abt 1867  Head
Walter McElravy abt 1876 Brother

Dwelling 67

Mahala A Mullen abt 1856  Head
George W Mullen abt 1858 Brother

Dwelling 68

Ollie Boots abt 1874 Illinois Head
Dorsey C Boots  abt 1896 Son
Helen M Boots  abt 1901 Daughter
Harlan W Suffield abt 1905  Head 
Mildred M Suffield abt 1904 Wife

Dwelling 69

John P Ewart abt 1885  Head
Lima M Ewart abt 1890 Wife
John A Eoff abt 1865  Head
Sarah C Eoff abt 1870 Wife

Dwelling 70

Gladys Walker abt 1874  Head
Elmira Cook abt 1851  Mother

Chuyler C Wright abt 1895 Head
Katherine T Wright abt 1907 Wife
Margareta Baumgartner  abt 1882   Head

Dwelling 71

Alta M Yago  abt 1889  Head  
Mary E Yago   abt 1918  Daughter

Dwelling 72

Emiln M Kohler  abt 1883  Head

Dwelling 73

Ed S Hibben  abt 1870 Head
Natt Hibben abt 1876 Wife  
Low Wylde  abt 1848  Mother  

Dwelling 74

Frank R Carroll abt 1869   Head  
Leota L Carroll  abt 1876  Wife  
Glen E Carroll  abt 1913 Son
Mary A Carroll  abt 1918     Daughter  

Dwelling 75

Willis Ozier abt 1869  Head  
Ella L Ozier abt 1872     Wife 

Dwelling 76

William A Ewart abt 1858  Head  
Leah Ewart abt 1871     Wife  
Fred Ewart abt 1883     Son

Dwelling 77

Paul Robey abt 1871  Illinois  Head  
Flora F Robey abt 1870     Wife  

Dwelling 78

Vernon Freeman abt 1892  Head  
Bertha K Freeman abt 1893     Wife  
Virgil Freeman abt 1912     Son

Dwelling 79

George E Brandenberg abt 1866 Head  
Stella A Brandenberg abt 1872     Wife 

Dwelling 80

Harry W Pierson abt 1877 Head  
Susie Pierson abt 1880     Wife
Dorothy R Pierson abt 1917  Daughter

Dwelling 81
John S Walls  abt  1849  Head
Etta Walls  abt 1867   Wife  
Mary J Noland abt 1851  Mother 

Dwelling 82
Ada M Eckard  abt 1850  Head 

Dwelling 83

Adaline York  abt 1870   Head  
Troyt B York  abt 1900     Son

Dwelling 84

Fred E Wylde abt 1886    Head  
Jessie Wylde abt 1890     Wife  
John W Wylde abt 1915     Son  
James E Wylde abt 1917     Son

Dwelling 85

Ethel Shuey  abt 1884 Head

Dwelling 86

Mathias G Jones abt 1850  Head  
Tabitha E Jones abt 1848     Wife

Dwelling 87

Melissie E Cochran abt 1846 Head

Dwelling 88

Burley Mcmain  abt 1887 Head 

Dwelling 89

Jessie Grissom  abt 1873 Head

Dwelling 90

Roxana Shaner  abt 1861  Head  
Thomas Drum  abt 1890  Son 

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