Autograph Book of Matilda Paradine Jackson Harp

(Contributed by Brenda Duckworth)
January 3, 1880
Presented to Matilda P Jackson
October 1st, 1883
When the Golden Sun is setting
And your mind from care is free
And of other friends your thinking
Will you sometimes think of me?
Emma I Oglesby
January 18, 1885
May all your days of life
be peace and may your walk
Be close with God and Heaven yours forever
From Your Friend
RH Laughlin
December 3rd, 1888
Dear Fred and Wife  (this is Fred Harp, Matildas Husband)
May a life of happiness be yours, and sorrow fall so gently
as to sweeten the ills of life, is the hearty wish of
Your "Coz"
#26 Nassau Street
Chicago, Ill
To Mrs. M.P.J. Harp
May your life be one of sunshine and happiness,
terminating in peaceful rest beyond,is the wish of your friend ,
Mt. Pulaski, ILL.  Oct. 30, 1881
Mt. Pulaski, ILL.
Dear Friend Matilda,
Leaves may wither,
Flowers may die,
Friends may forget you,
But never will I. 
Nettie Jackson
Feb. 14, 1880
Friend Matilda
Happy days and many to this is the life I wish
for you.
Sarah Scott
Oct. 19th,  1883
Not like the rose should our friendship wither,
and like the evergreen live forever.
Minnie M Ewing
`Mt. Pulaski, Logan County Illinois
These days that has past and gone,
The Happy you have seen I hope,
That you may always be happy
Sam Huffman
Chestnut Illinois
March 30th, 1885
Dear Neice
When this you see remember me,
Though many miles apart,
When this you see rembember me,
And place me in your heart
Christena Cantrell
July 19, 1886
Friend Matilda
Happy May you live
Happy may you die
Sitting in the woodpile
Eating Custard pie.
Yours Truly
Laura A Scott
Mt. Pulaski Ills.Dec. 27th, 1886
Friend Matilda
May you ever remember and obey the Golden Rule,
That is do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
Yours Truly
HF Walker
Think of me when away,
Casey, ILLs.  Sept 21, 1905
Dear Mother,
Remember me dear mother,
Remember me in love,
Remember that I want to meet you in Heaven above.
Your loving daughter,
Casey ILL
Jan. 30, 1903
Father and Mother
Thought and thought and thought in vain, and thought again,
and thought I would wright mine name.
Mary Harp
Mt. Pulaski, ILL
October 28th, 1880
To Mrs. M Harp
I hope you a happy bride will be,
and nere a shadow cast,
On your voyage down lifes sea,
But live in sunshine till the last
Is the wishes of R. G. L.
Casey ILL
Dear Mother,
I wish you health
I wish you wealth
I wish you golden stars
I wish you heaven
After Death that can wish you more
Remember me is all I Ask

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