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Cumberland County Biographies transcribed from the Book Cumberland County Illinois 1843-1993


David WINNETT, the eighth child of Nathan and Elizabeth (PHILLIPS) WINNETT, was born in Guernsey County, Ohio, 14 April 1861. Early spring 1863, his father Nathan WINNETTand family moved to Long Point Precinct, later Union
Township, Cumberland Counly. Illinois, settling north of Vevay Park. Illinois, to the tee road, then west about one-quarter of a mile This move was made in Covered Wagons, traveling on the Old National Highway or Old Cumberland Road, through Columbus. Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana. Terre Haute, Indiana. Marshall. Illinois, and Cumberland-Casey. Clark County, Illinois   Upon their arrival, David's mother, Elizabeth (Phillips) WINNETT died during child birth on 14 June 1863. the child lived and was named Bethshaba WINNETT On 25 March 1866, David WINNETTs father Nathan WINNETT. married Sarah Elizabeth (MCMECHAN) KLINE, whose husband Zephaniah KLINE died 29 January 1863 in the Civil War at Joliton. Tennessee David WINNETT spent his childhood in this area, attended the Reed School through the fourth grade. He then worked with his father at farming until the age of nineteen when he moved to a home of his own and started farming. Marriage Records. Union Township, Cumberland County. Illinois, David WINNETT, age 27, born 14 April 1861, Ohio, and Hattie Barbara MCMILLAN, age 25. born. 3 June 1863, Union Township. Cumberland County, Illinois, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Elizabeth (COOK) MCMILLAN, was married at the brides parents home, 11 December 1887, Witness; Ben & Mary MCMILLAN, Justice of the Peace, Alonzo A. SMITH.  David and Hattie WINNETT
were blessed with nine children, seven boys and two girls They first lived with her parents. Benjamin and Mary Elizabeth (COOK) MCMILLAN, the home located, first cross road south of Union Center, then to the west about one fourth mite, then south down a lane (See Picture Below)   On 14 October 1888 their first child Grover Cleveland WINNETT was born in this home. 1889, Dave and Hattie went to housekeeping on the Reed Place, a log home, located south from the Reed School House to the first dirt lane that went back west to a dead in. There Cote Cteo WINNETT was born 20 November 1889 and Benjamin Leonal WINNETT was born 11 July 1891 During the spring of 1892. they moved to the WEAVER place, located one mite south of Union Center, Illinois, and about one and one/half mite west on the south side of the road The house was made of togs and had three rooms, a loft, and a shed kitchen. At David and Hattie's. 50th Wedding Anniversary, the children, remember their mother sweeping snow from the kitchen floor before breakfast. They lived there for eleven years and Robert Palmer WINNETT was born in 29 October 1893, Mary Inez WINNETT. born in 25 October 1895, Byrd Bryan WINNETT, born 15 September 1897 and Lois Alma WINNETT on 12 September 1899. November 1901 The family made arrangements to move to the William "Eb" STEWART farm, two and one half miles north of Greenup on the Charleston Road, now State Route #130   The family moved there 25th Jan 1902   Within a month Marshall David WINNETT was born 19 February 1902 There ninth child John Maxey WINNETT was born 19 June 1905 In 1904 Dave and Hattie purchased the farm and remodeled the home   October 1912 the home burnt to the ground Immediately Dave and Hattie started building a new home (see picture) and they lived there until their deaths. Lois Alma WINNETT. a daughter passed away on 23 March 1915 during a Flu Epidemic, buried Harmony Cemetery David and Hattie celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on December 11. 1937. (see pictures) their 55th Anniversary on December 11.1942 (see pictures) and their 60th Wedding Anniversary on December 11.1947. (see pictures) Hattie passed away May 14. 1948 and David passed away July 9th, 1953. They were married sixty one years All nine children along with the parents are buried in the Harmony Cemetery near their farm home
On December 11, 1987. on the One Hundredth Wedding Anniversary of David and Hattie (MCMILLAN) WINNETT. The only surviving Son. John Maxie WINNETT and relatives met at the Dutch Pantry Restaurant. Greenup, Illinois, for Dinner to honour his parents marriage and life after with the children and relatives. See attached pictures year 1987.
Information from the 1968 Cumberland History book page 786 and 1993 Cumberland History Book page 437.

1870 Federal Census, Union Township. Cumberland County. Illinois. David WINNETT, age 9, was living with his father. Nathan Winnett. and step-mother, Elizabeth (KLINE) WINNETT and other children

1880 Federal Census, Union Township, Cumberland County, Illinois. WINNETT, David, age 19. Farm Laborer, born Ohio . living by himself, father born Pennsylvania, mother born Ohio..................

1900 Federal Census, Union Township #1. Cumberland County. Illinois, lists
House #200, WINNETT. David, age 39. born April 1861 Ohio. Farmer, Married 12 years, father born Pennsylvania, mother born Ohio,     Hattie B.. wife, age 37, born May 1863 Illinois, father born Ohio, mother born Ohio.    Grover C . son, age 11. born Oct 1888 Illinois, father born Ohio, mother born Illinois.     Cole C, son, age 10, born Nov 1889 Illinois, Leonal. son. age 8, born July 1891 Illinois,    Robert, son, age 7. born Oct 1892 Illinois,     Inez, Dau . age 4, born Oct 1895 Illinois.        Birdie, son. age 2. born Sep 1898 Illinois, Lots A.. Dau , age 9/12s. born Sep 1899 Illinois I

1910 Federal Census. Greenup Township. Precinct #1. Cumberland County. Illinois,
House #62, WINNETT. David, age 49. Fanner, born Ohio, father born Pennsylvania,
mother born Pennsylvania,    Hattie. wife, age 46. Keeping House, born Illinois. Father
born Ohio, mother born Ohio,    Robert, son. age 16. Farm Laborer, born Illinois, father
born Ohio, mother born Illinois.    Ina, dau., age 14, born Illinois.    Bird, son, age 12. born Illinois,    Lois, dau . age 10, born Illinois,    Marshall, son, age 8. born Illinois, Maxie, son, age 5. born Illinois...................

1920 Federal Census. Greenup Township, Precinct #1, Cumberland County, Illinois, lists:
House #5, WINNETT, David, age 58, Farmer, born Ohio, father born Pennsylvania, mother born Ohio,     Harriet B. wife, age 56, born Illinois, father born Ohio, mother born Ohio,     Grover C, son. age 31, born Illinois, father born Ohio., mother born Illinois,     Cole C, son, age 30, born Illinois,     Byrd B., son, age 22, born Illinois,    Marshall, son, age 18, born Illinois,     Maxie John, son, age 14, born Illinois..................

1930 Federal Census, Greenup Township, Precinct #1. Cumberland County, Illinois, lists:
House #62, WINNETT, David, age 69, Farmer. Age at 1st Marriage 28. born Ohio, father born Pennsylvania, mother born Ohio;   Hattie B., Wrfe, age 64, Housekeeper, Age at 1st Marriage 23, born Illinois, father born Ohio, mother born Ohio; WINNETT, Marshall D., son, age 28, Age at 1st Maniage 24, born Illinois, father born Ohio, mother born Illinois,     Dorothy H, wife of Marshall, age 22, Age at 1st Marriage 18, born Illinois, father born Illinois, mother born Illinois. Mary Jean, Dau. of Marshall & Dorothy, age 3, born Illinois, father born Illinois, mother born Illinois,    WINNETT, John Maxy, son of David, age 24, single, born Illinois, father born Ohio, mother born llinois...............
Research Notes were taken from the Federal Census of 1870, 1880,1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930.
Information from the 1968 Cumberland County History Book page 786, and 1993 Cumberland County History Book page 437.
As I resided with my Grand Parents for the first five years of my life, and spent most of my early childhood on the farm. I well remember visitors at the farm who was either relatives or friends. I also remember names and friends, alive and dead, that they mentioned and conversed about. As David was in his last year, he would sit in his chair and just start talking about his early life. He said he was two years old when they traveled in a covered wagon from Guernsey County, Ohio, to Cumberland County. Illinois. That when he and Grandma were married, all they had was a horse and wagon, a side of bacon and sack of flour. They lived in Log Homes until they moved to the farm north of Greenup, January 1901   He stated he finished the fourth grade of school at the Reed School and then fanned for his father till he was eighteen years old. From the earliest picture, he looks like he would be a strong rugged hard working person.
Information by Grandson, James Winnett.
Attached please find pictures of David, Hattie (MCMILLAN) WINNETT, and relatives listed in chronology order of time.
David Winnett

David Winnett
1891 Winnett & McMillian Family

1891 Winnett & McMillian Family
Hattie Barbara

Hattie Barbara
Sarah Elizabeth (Cline) (Winnett) McMechan
Sarah Elizabeth (Cline) (Winnett) McMechan

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