Jesse W. JOHNSON, b. 28 Sep. 1833, son of George W. JOHNSON (b. 7 Feb. 1799,
N.C.) - Mary Ann HUFF (b. 8 April 1802). [undoc., prob. His. Cumb. Co., IL., 1886.]
Thomas Jefferson JOHNSON, b. 5 Sep. 1841, son of George W. JOHNSON - Mary
Ann HUFF. Had 9 children, and 2 that d. infancy, [undoc. prob. His. Cumb. Co., IL., 1886]
Martha F. JONES, b. 1846, dau. of William Harrison JONES by 1st wife(m. 1844), Rebecca WALL. [His. Cumb. Co., IL, 1886, p. 483.]
Mary E JONES, b. 1848, dau. of William Harrison JONES - Rebecca WALL. [His. Cumb. Co., IL., 1886, p. 483.]
George Moses JONES, b. 19 Dec. 1847, son of William Harrison JONES-Rebecca WALL. [His. Cumb. Co., IL., 1886, p. 483.]
Lucy Adaline JONES, b. 1849, dau, of William Harrison JONES-Rebecca WALL. [His. Cumb. Co., IL., 1886, p. 483.].
Charles Graham JONES, b. 1851, son of William Harrison JONES-Rebecca WALL. [His. Cumb. Co., IL., 1886, p. 483..]
Mary A. KEITH, nee MILLER, b. 9 June 1851, Morgan Co., IND., dau. of Mrs. Eliza Ann ELDER HUFFMAN (d. Feb. 1885), was in Cumberland Co., EL, about 1854 and was raised by Eli HUFFMAN and Eliza Ann ELDER, his 2'd wife. [Fam. Rec., Obit,.
Mary Alice HILL, b. 21 Dec. 1852, nr. Johnstown, IL., dau. of James HILL-Tabitha WRIGHT. [History Cumberland Co., IL., pp. 230-232; film 875142, S. L. Archives.]
Allison M. MITCHELL, b. 29 Dec. 1852 in Charleston, Coles Co., IL., child of Rev. Robert A. MITCHELL and wife, Anne E.. [History of Coles Co., IL, p. 524.]
Adam M. PETERS, b. 21 August 1856, Sumpter Tp., Cumberland Co., IL.. [History of Cumberland Co., IL..„ p. 588.]
Adae L. PETERS, b. 11 Dec. 1857, Greenup Tp., son of Karl PETERS (b. Germany) and Margaret STONEBARGER, b. Pennsylvania, [film 587588, prob. Misenheimer's His.]

Mary E. PETERS, b. 16March 1858, dau. ofSamuel M. PETERS-Matilda HETZER. [undoc.]

Abraham Lincoln JONES, b. 1860, Cumberland Co., IL, to William Harrison JONES, (b. 20 Aug. 1820, Tenn.) & Elizabeth WRIGHT, (b. 1823 Tenn.- 2'd wife.). [History Cumberland. Co., 1886, p. 483.]
Louis (dup. Lewis) BEAVERS, b. 1 May 1860, in Mutton to Matthias BEAVERS &
Elizabeth ENSLEY. The wife of Louis BEAVERS, Eva, b. 15 Dec. 1865-25 Aug. 1934, aged 68 yrs., 8 mos., 10 days, bur Maple Hill (dup. Good Hope C, Westfield. [Beaver Fam. Rec.; Clark Co., IL., Cemetery Rec..]
Janette P. "Nettie", b. 1 Oct 1860, Greenup Tp., to Karl PETERS-Margaret STONEBARGER. [film, #587588, prob.Freda L. Misenheimer's His. of Cumb..]

William Asbury HUFFMAN, b. 26 March 1861, Cumberland Co., IL., l'st child of Philip HUFFMAN-Adaline Harriett E ASTON. [Fam. Rec..]

Emma SMITH, b. 16 April 1861 (dup. 1862), Prairie City, dau. of Thomas SMITH (b. Engl.) - Susan Elizabeth HANNA, b. N.Y.,.
[Emma SMITH'S Bible Records, rec. from Flora Winifield (Stewart) HUFFMAN.]

James Henry STEWART, b. 12 Nov. 1861, Ashmore, Coles Co., IL., son of William STEWART-Talitha BEAVER. [Stewart Family Records.].

Emma K. PETERS, b. 9 Oct. 1862, Greenup Tp., dau. of Karl PETERS-Margaret STONEBARGER. [film #587588, His. Cumberland Co., IL.. ]

Sarah J. PETERS, b. 9 Oct 1863, to Samuel PETERS-Matilda HETZER. [undoc] Mary Luella JOHNSON, b. 10 Oct 1863, to Jesse JOHNSON-Jane Erissa BERKLY, who also had Thomas, no date. [Freda Landrus.Misenheimer,....]

Sarah Louisa JOHNSON, b. 21 Oct. 1864, Cumberland Co., IL, to Jesse JOHNSON-Jane Erissa BERKLY. [Freda Landrus Misenhcimer,....]

Philip Washington HUFFMAN, b. 15 Oct 1864, Cumberland Co., IL.. His father, Philip HUFFMAN, injured in a RR accident during the Civil war, had leave until his badly set bones in his left forearm healed When he returned to his Regiment, his wife, Adaline Harriet E ASTON was pregnant with this 2'd child. [Fam. Rec..]

Dora Bell JOHNSON, b. 25 Dec. 1865, dau. of Jesse JOHNSON-Janc Erissa BERKLEY. [Misenheimer,

William Clement JOHNSON, b. 19 May 1867, Cumberland Co., IL, son of Jesse JOHNSON - Jane Erissa BERKLY [Misenheimer,....]
Alma Bell HOLSAPPLE, b. 9 Oct 1867, of Cottonwood Tp., dau. of George W.
HOLSAPPLE-Sarah ALDRICH. [History Cumberland Co., IL., pp. 230-232, film 875142, S L. City Archives.]

Lucrctia E. HUFFMAN, b. 19 Feb. 1868, Cumberland Co., IL. dau. of Philip HUFFMAN-Adaline Harriett EASTON. (Family Records.]
Ross P. BARGER, b. 28 May 1868, Coles Co., IL., to George BARGER-Eliz.NISWONGER. [History of Cumberland Co., IL., film 875142, S.L City, UT. Archives]

James H. Washington STARWALT, b. 21 Jan. 1869, Cottonwood Tp., to John STARWALT-EIizabeth STATNWOOD. [Misenheimer, (prob) Johnstown, pp 698,699.)
George H. JOHNSON, b. 1 March 1869, of Cumberland Co., IL., son of Jesse JOHNSON-Jane Erissa BERKLY. [Misenheimer...].

Nora L JOHNSON, b. 9 June 1870, of Cumberland Co., IL., dau. of Jesse JOHNSON & Jane Erissa BERKLY. [Misenheimer,.....]

Ida May BARGER, b. 9 Aug. 1871, in Cumberland Co., IL., to James Washington BAROER- Mary Alice HILL. [Fam. Rec..]
Rosa JOHNSON, b. 19Nov. 1871, to Jesse JOHNSON-Jane Erissa BERKLY. [Misenheimer,....]

Elnora Blanche BAROER, b. 6 Feb. 1873, Cumberland Co., IL., dau. of James Washington BARGER-Mary Alice HILL. [Fam. Rec.,]
Uncle Johnny AMOR has a baby at his house. Is this not a prolific country? Well, Uncle Johnny, we hope it may live to be a blessing to you, when you do get old. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 17 October 1873, p. 3, c. 3.].
Susie JOHNSON, b. 13 Nov. 1873, of Cumberland Co., IL., to Jesse JOHNSON -Jane Erissa BERKLY. [Misenheimer....].

Anna V. BORUFF, b. 6 Jan. 1874, nr. Johnstown, dau. of Frank BORUFF-Fidelia LIGHTFOOT. [Misenheimer, Johnstown Story, pp. 698,699.]

Riley HUBBARD was the recipient of a fine holiday's present, and he is very exultant over it It is a fine girl' and he is now ready to attend the 'Grangers' again. [Cumberland Democrat, Friday, 23 January 1874, "Letter From Montrose," p.l, a. c. 5.]

The wife of Hon. Thomas BREWER gave birth to a still bom child on Friday last. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday,_February, 1874, p. 3, c.l.]..

Levi ROSS has a fine girl at his house, a young "Flora Granger."
SCRANT had also been adding to the population in his end of town. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Feb. 1874, p. 3, c. 1.

Jim RYAN has reached home and brought the baby' with him. [Cumb. Democ., M. P., 2 April 1874, p. 3, c. 4.]. James RYAN promises to resume the Historical Notes shortly. James is excited as they have a new baby at their house. [Cumb. Democ., M.P., 17 April 1874, p. 3,c. 1].

HUBBARD. Jesse H. HUBBARD of Neoga, has a 'what is it,' He says it is a fine fellow; the Doctor, with equal gravity, says SHE is a fine girlt When doctors and parents disagree, what?" [THE MAIL., 10 Sep. 1874, p, 4, c. 2.]

Uncle Jimmy ELDER is extremely happy. He has a fine boy at his house and says mother and child are doing well. Uncle Jimmy we congratulate you that the long looked for boy comes at last! May he live and grow in goodness and be an honest man, like his worthy progenitor and that when he attains his majority, he may commence the world right by voting Democratic. [Cumberland Democrat, abt 16 Oct 1874.]

George Lewis BARGER, b. 9 Dec. 1874, Cumberland Co., IL., son of James Washington BARGER-Mary Alice HILL. [Fam. Rec]

Tom STORM has a very boy-ass-trous quadruped on his farm near this place and one that delights in the music of his own voice. Prairie City can boast of his male, however. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 14 January 1875.].

Tom WARNER was made the happy recipeint with a bouncing baby boy on last Sunday morning [Cumberland Democrat, 21 Jan. 1875, "Woodbury Items." p.2-3, c. 5.].

Newt MYERS was the recipient of a fine present from his wife, a bouncing big girl. Since that time, neighbors have had to go in and sit up with him, it takes four or five to wait on the baby. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, 11 March 1875, p _, c 4]

James O. NEWLIN, b. 26 June 1875. [Undoc.]

Lower Branch. 11 July, 1875. Mrs. Algemoon SARTOR1S, daughter of President GRANT, gave birth to a ten and half pound baby boy. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point,July 1875.].

Mr. LAKE had a nine and half pound boy. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, 15 July 1875.].

Dick LONG's wife had a baby. Dick is not so slow on the baby question. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, 22 July 1875.].

R P. THOMPSON had another baby, Thursday. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, 26 August 1875, p. 3.].

Frank DONLEY'S little boy came in and asked for scales so he could weigh the new baby. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 2 September 1875.].

Mr. and Mrs. PETERS have a fine girl at their home. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 2 September 1875.].

George Gregg HUFFMAN, b. 25 Jan. 1876, Cumberland Co., IL., to Philip HUFFMAN-Adaline Harriett EASTON. [Fam. Rec.]Levi BREWER had a son born recently. [Cumb. Democ., 15 March 1876.].

Cumberland Democrat, Births, cont

Oscar EASTON, b. 11 June 1876, son of Leander EASTON-Martha C. ESTES. [Easton Fam. Rec.]

Mrs. Stella NEWLIN, b. 8 Oct. 1877. [undoc.]

Mr. Ira RUE, son-in-law to D. D. JUDSON, had a "bran new bom" son. This makes
Dave a grandpa. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 14 Feb. 1877.]

Mrs. Miles MOORE had a new daughter at 11 1/2 pounds. [Cum. Democ, 2 May]
Mrs. A. B. HARRIS, at Mattoon, gave birth to triplets, boys. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 2 May 1877.

Mr. and Mrs. James HASTINGS had a baby girl last Friday in Majority Point [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 6 June 1877.]

Carrie Tabitha BARGER, b. 5 August 1877, in Cumberland Co., IL., dau. of James
Washington BARGER-Mary Alice HILL. [Fam. Rec; Misenheimer, Johnstown Story, p. 462.].

Hon. John "REDEN" and wife had a dau. bom to them the l'st. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., IS Aug. 1877.].

Major DAY, a grand dad now. Greenup.
Miss Jessie JAMES, dau. of Dr. JAMES, of Greenup, (two separate items?) [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 5 Sep. 1877.]
Tom ENSLEY say's he's a pap now, a daughter. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, 5 December 1877.]

WISEMAN'S had twins, one died when one day old. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, "Greenup News," 6 Feb. 1878]

A new baby at Theadore GRANTs Saturday night; twins at David CLEM's. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, 6 Feb. 1878.]

John TEELER of Diona has a new boy. [Cumb. Demo., 13 Feb. 1878]

Lists of Registered Births Since 1'st January and Since
Jan. 8'th, to Nancy and Hiram BOWMAN, a son, un-named;
Jan. 10'th, to Emaline and J. T. ANDERSON, a son, un-named;
Jan. 12th., to Hester S. and C. W. STARBACK, a dau., un-named;
Jan. 21'st, to Melissa and J. W. DELSAVER, a son, un-named;
Jan. 31'st, Urns E. and J. R. RICHARDSON, a dau., Mary Alberta
Feb. 1'st, Malinda J. and Levi BEALS, a son, Charles Oran.
Feb. 1'st, Melvina J. and F. F. VANDERHOFF, dau. Zolaura;
Feb. 7'th., Mary Rand J. A. JANES, dau. Florence;
Feb. 7'th, Mary A. and T. LAWSON, son Perry;
Feb. 9' th., Mary A. and John PRICHARD, dau. Martha J.;
Feb. 10'th/ 13th. Mary A. and J. H. B. KINGERY, son, not named;
Feb. 10'th/ 13th., Mary and George PARKS, a dau., not named;
Feb. 13'th., Mary J. and P. G. CARRELL, a son, not named;
Feb. 13'th., Hester A. and G. W. MADISON, a son, not named.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 20 Feb.1878,"]

Feb. 1878, To Mary E. and Henry C LOSS EN, a son, unnamed;
Feb. 1878, to   Sarcptha and Rufus CALLAHAN, dau., Ettie Florence;
Feb. 1878, Malinda M. and James ATCHINSON, a son.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed....1878]

Births recorded for this week
To Martha M. PARK and Barlow PARK, 14 Feb. 1878, a son;
Ephcna GRANT and Theadore GRANT, 1 Feb. 1878, a son;
Sarah E. ARMOR and Wm. M. ARMOR, 4 Feb. 1878, a son;
Rebecca ELDER and Gabriel ELDER, 14 Feb. 1878, a boy,
Mary E. LACY and Leander M. LACY, 24 Feb. 1878, a girl;
Elizabeth FELLER and Louis FELLER, 22 Feb. 1878, a girl;
Sarah A. ELDER and Tilford ELDER, 27 Feb. 1878, a boy,
Mary A. NICHOLES and John H. NICHOLES, no date, a boy,
Mary L. JOHNSON and Francis JOHNSON, no date, a dau.;
Catharine VINCENT and Obediah VINCENT, 3 (or 5) Feb. 1878, a girl.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 6 March 1878.].

Doc. ELDER had a son Tues. p.m... [Cum. Dem., M. Pt, Wed., 6 Mar. 1878, "Local"]

Births received at the County Court House last week.
To Clarissa E. and John S. COLE, 3 Feb. 1878....
Emma J. and James BALLANGER, 1 Feb. 1878....
Eunice J. and Philander W1SELEY, 17 Feb. 1878....
Jane and Lafayette RAY, 28 Feb. 1878....
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 13 March 1878.]

John CONZEL, had a daughter bom 26 March in Greenup. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 3 April 1878.]

John KELLUM had a daughter Sunday night (abt 12th. May). [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 15 May 1878.]

H. C. COOK family had a new boy. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 4 Sep. 1878, "Greenup Items."]

Charles McELWEE had a baby Friday, (abt 1'st Nov. 1878.) [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 6 Nov. 1878.]

To BUTTON and wife. Wed. a boy, a one button kid. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 18 Dec. 1878, "Greenup Items."]

Leonard Burton BARGER, b. 1 August 1879, in Cumberland Co., IL., son of George Washington BARGER [Fam. Rec., Misenheimer, The Johnstown Story, p. 462.)

Jim HASTINGS had a baby this week. [Cumb. Democ., Wed., 27 Aug. 1879.]

9. Robert FINNEY, 1668-1755, fought Battle of Boyne, Serge, of Londonderry, Ire., 1720, set. nr. New London, Chester Co., PA., m. Dorothea, (1670-1752),
8. Lazarus FINNEY, (d. 1740), kept l'st tavern at New London, PA., m. Catharine SYMONTON:
7. John FINNEY (1730-'82), m. 1758, Ruth LLOYD, dau. Jos. LLOYD.
6. Joseph FINNEY, (1765 ca.1840), schl. teach., from Surry Co., N.C. to Parke, IN.; m. 1783, Rachel BARKLEY (d. ante 1800).
5. Joseph (1784-1867), War 1812, m. 1805, Mary "Polly" LONG (1786-172-1872?)
4. Robert FINNEY (1806-1861, of Parke Co., IN., m. 1835 Malinda HUNT, had David Wesley FINNEY, Lt. Gov. of KS, 1881-85. Finney Co., Ks. named after him.
[Compendium of Amcr. Genea., 1'st Fam., V.7, p. 161.]

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