The Brushy Ridge School was located Northeast of Greenup

Pictured hereis the Brushy Ridge School, northeast of Greenup, in the year 1915-1916.  The picture belongs to Berniece Wateres of Kankakee and was furnished this office for publication. 

First Row L-R: Noble Grissom, Craig Philippi, George Easton, Edna Enyart, Myrtle Cutright, Gladys Husher, Harry Enyart
2nd Row L-R: glen Easton, Fred Husher, Ghuela Neely, Estaline Miller
3rd Row L-R: Lorene Neely, Mae Cutright, Dolph Bland, Sylvester Perisho (Teacher), Kathryn Bland, Faye Neely, Ivan Grissom, Guy Smith and John Cutright

FEBRUARY 28, 1917

First Row: Goldie Fields,Craig Phillippi, Fern Wetherholt,Ernest Henderson,Paul Henderson,Helen Enyart, Ernest Denny, Gladys Husher, Noble Grissom
Second Row: Edna Enyart,  Redith Wetherholt, Harry Enyart,Lorene Neeley,Glen Easton, Fred Husher
Third Row: Isa Spesard Winnett (teacher), Catherine Bland, Glo Neeley, Guy Smith, Don Easton,Fay Neeley, Johnny Cutright, Ivan Grissom

Pictures submitted by Jim Winnett

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