Early Churches of Cumberland County
Rev: Joseph Wilson, Thomas Goodman, Battey White, Benjamin Davee, D.S. Conner and Hull Towar
Preachers: George Henson, W. E. Smith, and William Owens and others

History of Harmony Church   

Harmony Cemetery Pictures

Long Point Chapel
Official Board at this time
Dr. W.H. Arbogast, Conf.  Supt., Rev. T.H. Decker, Pastor, Mrs. Carrie Chrysler,
Class Leader, Paul Arney,  S.S. Supt, Mrs. Frank Middleton, C.E. President,

Mrs. Charles Queen,   Jr.  C.E. Supt., Mrs. Carrie Chrysler,
Pres. Ladies Aid, Mrs. C.M. Kunz, Pre_____?????

Cottonwood Church
Dedication Newspaper Notice

Cumberland County Churches
from the book 1843-1993

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