Masonic, Camp near Murfreesboro Tenn... 21st Ills. Vols. February 22, 1863
.....Members of various Lodges...announce the death of

Bro. Thomas T. Robinson. He died on the 31st of December, 1862, at the battle of Stone River... (Signed) Phillip Welchimer, Neoga Lodge, No. 279
Ed. Kice (Rice),
Wabash Lodge, No. 179
T.B. Sayers,
Wabash Lodge No. 179
A.Y. Hart Sr.,
Wabash Lodge No. 179
E.D, Coxe,
Fraternal Lodge, No. 56
C.B. Steele,
Moultrie Lodge, No. 181
John W. Nasworthy, Moultrie Lodge, No. 181
B.F. Reed, Tuscola Lodge, No., 332
J.L. Wilson, Ewington Lodge, No. 149
Robert Neely, Macon Lodge, No. 8
P.A. Roberts, Macon Lodge, No. 8
John Rickets, Macon Lodge, No. 8
D.S. Blackburn, Prairie Lodge, No.77
S.D. Russell, Annapolis, Ind. Lodge No. 127
E. Mack, Clinton, Ind. Lodge No. 99
J.L. Cox, York, Ill Lodge No., 313
W.R. Hunter, Prairie Lodge, No. 77
John E. Jones, Chancellor, Ohio, Lodge, No. 138
Thomas T. Robinson,
Wabash Lodge, No. 179
(Mattoon Gazette, 20 May 1863)

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