Cumberland County, IL Pictures

1st row, (bottom), Ray Miller, Betty Moyer, Harry Wells, Verda Swinehart, Burl Bauer, Alice Wright, Leonard Grisamore and Warren Kepp

2d row, Redith White, Warren Carruthers, Esther Van Scyoc, Edwin Brown, Ruby Coen, Freeman Gruenewald, Helen Fosbender

3rd row, Herschel White, Principal Ray Duncan and Jack Lowe

4th row, Dorothy Claybaugh, Bob Blomquist, Doloris Patterson, Mildred Curry, Foster Soliday and Ruth Short.

5th row, John Swanson, Floriene McClean, Victor Wallisa, Theda Swingler, Hubert Curry, Ruth Wallisa, Grant Capps and Vera Erwin.

"The Kid from Trilla and Kenneth Scoles are missing."

Many thanks to Darin Clapp for contributing this picture, Bob Blomquist for providing the names, and Bob Young for bringing it all together.

Neoga Basketball Team

Coach Colin
No. 10, Edwin Brown, '38
Jack Lowe, '38
Warren Kepp, '38
No. 12, Wayne Whitaker, '37
No. 5, A kid from Trilla, '38
Perry Lewellen, '39

No. 6, Carl Braden, '37
No. 11, probably Leland Collins, '39
No. 3, Ernest Greeson, '37
No. 4, Son of ME pastor, '36?
No. 8, Loren Whitaker, '36 or '37
No. 7, Wayne Graves, '37

Many thanks to the following people:
Darin Clapp for submitting this picture;
Bob Blomquist, [Class of 1938], for providing the names of the pictured folks;
Bob Young for his investigative efforts to track down the names

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