Pictures taken by Barbara Moksnes May 2005

The covered bridge of Cumberland County is located just outside the county’s oldest town, Greenup. 
It is the longest single span covered bridge [200 feet] with no restrictions, in the United States
This bridge was built with the help of Abe and Thomas Lincoln and Dennis Hanks in 1832 and spans
a portion of the Embarras [pronounced Ambraw.] River, it was lovingly restored and dedicated in 2000. 
There have been many theories as to why bridges were covered, including the myth that farm animals
thought they were headed for the comfort of a building resembling their barn, and they would not panic. 
In truth, after many bridges collapsed in a relatively short amount of time, the bridge builders of the day
discovered that the flooring and rails lasted much longer if they were kept out of the elements and it also
gave over all strength to the structure.

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