The baby of Thomas STORM, died with whooping cough last week.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 12 January 1872, p. 3, c. 1.].

Henry WEBSTER died on Tuesday morning.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 23 February 1872, p. 3, c. 2.].

The youngest son of Henry and Ellen RHOADES, "Brother", died 20 August 1872, Tuesday evening, age 5 years, 9 months. Having named this child, "Little boy".
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 29 August 1872, p. 3, c. 2.].

The infant son of John S. and Erisa EASTON, died 3 January 1873.
[Easton Fam. Rec.; Cumb Co. Ceme., "Union Ceme. (or Johnson Ceme.)." McCandlish].

Mrs. George RUSSELL, of Woodbury Tp., died last Saturday (abt Aug. 9th. 1873). Monteville, son of Trav. RAY, about 15 years, died Monday last after a brief Illness. He was a good and promising boy.

An infant of Mr. and Mrs. Silas BARTLET died last week.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 15 August 1873, p. 3, c. 1.].

Mr; John F. STIMMEL, an old and respected citizen, died last Friday, (abt 15 Aug.) at his residence in this City. In Memorial, Hall of Ronslo..., No. 356,1.O.O.F.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 22 August 1873, p. 3, c. 2,3.].

An infant child of Henry LINEBERRY of Cottonwood Tp., died August 19th, 1873. Mr. SHOEMAKER, near Montrose, died very suddenly on last Monday with congestive chills and sick but a very short time. "Letter from Woodberry."
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 29 August 1873, p. 3, c. 3,4.].

The wife of John THOMAS, died Monday (abt 14 September 1873).
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 18 September 1873, p. 3, c. 1.].

Mr. Zack DAVEE, an old citizen of Greenup, died at his residence in that city, last Saturday. Mr. DAVEE had many warm friends in this city.
[Cumberland Democrat, Friday, 3 Oct 1873, p.3, c.2]

Nettie BROOKHART, child of Dr. BROOKHART, age 3 (or 8), died of membranous Croup.
[Cumberland Democrat, Maj. Point, Friday, 31 October 1873, p. 3, c. 4.J.

Freddie D. CLARK, son of Mr. and Mrs. Volney B. (or E) CLARK, died night, October 26,1873, aged 20 months.
Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 31 October 1873, p. 3, c. 4.].

Wm. F. THORNTON, died Tuesday. [Cum. Dem., 31 Oct 1873, p. 4, c,]

Mr. J. B. BUCHANAN, died a few days ago.
[Cum. Dem., Maj. Pt, Fri., 7 Nov.1873, p. 3, c. 1.].

Mr. McOUTOSH or McONTOSH, who died some three weeks ago, at age 83 years, raised in the state of New York, was the father-in-law of Mr. Charles "SELEY".
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 28 November 1873, p.3].

On Wednesday, November 26,1873, Johnny A. SMITH, son of Joel SMITH of age 4 years, 9 months, 26 days of membranous Croup. Ill only a few days,
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 28 November 1873, p. 3, c. 4.].

Sermon at Cottonwood Chapel, last Sunday in memory of Mrs. BUTLER who died September last She left a husband and four children.
Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 5 December 1873, p. 3, c. 4.].

Warren COVILL, an old Greenup Pioneer, d. last Monday (abt 15th Dec.),
[Cumberland Democrat, "Greenup Items, 22 Dec. 1873". Fri. Jan. 1874]

Isaac PUGH, son of H. PUGH, died on Sunday and was buried Monday at the City
Cemetery  [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 6th Feb. 1874].

An infant child of Clifford HOLESAPPLE [Ibid, p. 3, c. 1.].

Mr. A. L. MORRISON died at his residence in Pleasantville (Incorp. into Jewett) on 31 January, 1874, in the 39th year of his life. Lem was a good citizen and a good man, kind father and husband. He leaves many friends to mourn his loss.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, February 6,1874, p. 3, c. 1],

Died on Wednesday, Feb. 18th 1874, John MORGAN, brother of Joseph H. MORGAN of this city. John was a very good young man and leaves a large number of friends to mourn his loss.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 20 Feb. 1874].

Also, Uncle Peter THOMPSON, on Tuesday last Uncle Peter  THOMPSON was an old and respected citizen of this county and leaves a large circle of friends to moan the departure of the old patriarch.
Also, on Tues. last. Miss Celia FREEMAN. [Cumb. Democ., MP, Fri, 20 Feb, 74]

Also, at his residence in Union Township, Mr. A- F. HUGHES, on last week. Mr. HUGHES was a man well respected and his loss will be felt by the community.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 20 February, 1874.].

An infant child of Henry ADKJNS died last week with spotted fever. Before the child died, his arms were drawn tightly up to it's chin.
[Cumberland Democrat, week ending the 20th, February 1874, p. 3, c. 1].

The death of Mrs. C. C. BAKER, in Woodbury Tp., on February 18th, 1874, at age 23 years, 10 months, 23 days of Dropsey.
"Mollie" was born in Morgan County, Indiana, March 21,1850 and came with her father to Jasper County, Illinois in 1858, where she lived ever since. She was married to C. C. BAKER in Effingham September, 1872 by the Rev. Dr. HAWLEY. Since that time she has lived in Woodbury Township. She was respected by all who knew her. She leaves a husband and a large circle of friends.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, 27 February, 1874 "Woodbury, Ill.,Feb. 19,1874", p. 3, c. 4.].

Died on Wednesday, March 17th, 1874, Mrs. Nancy MICHAEL, wife of David A. MICHAEL of Cottonwood Township, in her 28th year. The deceased was a lady of good and noble qualities and leaves a husband and three children to mourn her loss. Mrs. MICHAEL was the daughter of William SCOTT and the niece of Charles SCOTT.

The funeral of Mrs. C. C. BAKER will be preached at the Island Creek Church, Jasper Co., on Sunday, April 12th, 1874, at 11 am. by Rev. Mr. FARRIS, of the M.E. Church.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 20th (or 27th) March 1874, p. 3, c. 1.].

Henry COOK of Greenup, not dead as reported.

Louis T. WIGFALL died in Galveston, Texas, on the 21st One of the prominent acts of his life was the receipts of the surrender of Fort Sumptor.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 13 March 1874, p. 1, last column.].

Died on Thursday, March 5th, 1874, Mr. William BREWER, in the 83'd year of his life. The deceased was born in North Carolina and afterwards removed to the State of Tennessee, where he resided for several, from whence he removed to Wayne County, Indiana, about 35 years ago. In the spring of 1838, Mr. BREWER left Wayne County, and removed with his family to Cumberland County, Illinois. He has lived here up until the time of his death. Mr. BREWER was in many respects, a very remarkable man and was endowed with extraordinary physical strength and a constitution possessing almost the strength of iron, and which seemed to hold out, and do him good service, even up to the very verge of the grave. Upon the very day of his death, the old gentleman was looking ahead to a future crop. Only two hours before his death, he was stepping off his ground to sow timothy seed, and after the ground was laid off, he started after her to complete the job, when the Angel of Death overshadowed him with his wing, and the old pioneer spirit took its flight to that land when spring eternal reigns, and the flowers of the fields never fade in death.
When we look around us, we see but few men now living in this county, who can be called the early pioneers of the country. The old pioneers like the old things of the past, are fast passing away, and new ideas and new men are filling their places. And a few years more, and the early land marks of the county, will have perished, and the old pioneers, the man who braved the Indian, upon his own hunting ground, and drove the Buffalo and Elk before them, will also have passed away, and be remembered only in the traditions of the times, past and gone.
Mr. William BREWER, was the father of our respected and honored fellow citizen, Hon. Thomas BREWER, and leaves a large circle of friends and relatives to endure his departure. He died without a struggle in the presence of James LEE and Samuel WALL.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 13 March 1874.].

Steve LOWRY, the last survivor of the notorious band of Robinson County, N. C., outlaws, was instantly killed in the upper part of Robinson County, by three citizens. He was tuning his banjo preparatory to playing for some wagoners, when three shots were fired at him, taking effect in his head, and killing him instantly.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 13 March 1874].

Died on Sunday evening, March 15th, 1874, Mr. Pleasant E. OAKLEY, in the 46'th. year of his life. Mr. OAKLEY was an honest, industrious man, and leaves a wife and seven children, in addition to a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn his loss. His remains were followed to the grave by a large number of friends who assembled to pay the last sad duty to him, who in life, was a man of warm heart and generous feelings. Mr. Marion OAKLEY and the widow return their thanks to the friends for their kind attention during the illness of the deceased and their sympathy to the family.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, a. 20-27 March 1874, p. 3, c. 4.].

Died on Wednesday, March 18th, 1874, Mrs. Mahala HOLT, mother of William HOLT, in her 67th year. The deceased was born in Green Co., (Pa?-faded), and moved to Ohio with her parents and thence to Illinois in the fall of 1864, where she resided until the time of her death. Mrs. HOLT was a member of the Old School Baptist Church and was a good Christian woman, endeavoring by her good examples to be an ornament to society. For the 30 years she was a member of that church, she endeavored to live a Christian life and died in the full belief of a glorious hereafter. She leaves a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn her loss..
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 20-27 March 1874, p. 3, c. 1.].

Old man DAVEE died very suddenly on Saturday. He worked in his blacksmith shop until ten o'clock and by noon he was dead.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Pt, Fri, 3 April 1874, "Greenup In Scraps", p. 3, c. 3].

Mrs. John BROWN, living in the northwestern portion of this Township, died very suddenly on Wednesday night, 26 March 1874. She went to bed in her usual health and in the night her husband says, he was aroused by the crying of the baby. Upon getting up, found his wife dying and so far gone that she knew nothing and died in a few moments after.
Mrs. BROWN was reported as being a stout, healthy woman but had been complaining a little for 8 few days past, but nothing was thought the matter. She was buried the next day without any medical examination.
The case is a very singular one.
P.S. Mr. BROWN was arrested upon suspicion of causing his wife's death. Upon a preliminary examination, it was discharged, DECIUS appearing for rum.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority PL, Fri., 3 April 1874, p. 1, c 2J,

Mrs. BROWN, the woman who died last week, was, according to Dr. LEE'S testimony, afflicted with Dropsey of the heart, and liable to die any moment Mr. BROWN was discharged upon tie evidence of the doctor and others.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Fri, 10 April 1874, p. 3, c 1.].

Obituary-Auston Ross FERGUSON, son of J. B.and J.R. FERGUSON, died 2 April 1874, age 6 months, after about 35 hours of sever suffering with cerebral spinal  meningitis's. We attended the funeral services at Bethel, April 3'd and followed the remains to the Salem Cemetery. Brother and Sister FERGUSON have many friends who sympathize with them. I often think of the language of the poet when I attend the funeral of a little lamb. "They are happy now and we soon if s happiness see".
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point Friday, 10 April 1874, p. 3, c. 3.].

Died on April 1st, 1874, Thomas Alexander McMORRIS, infant son of S. and Betsey J. McMORRIS, age 2_ months and 15 days (believe this is 2 months, 15 days). The little sufferer was sick 18 days and all the skill of Dr. Tom McMORRIS...could not save him.
[Cumberland Democrat, 10 April 1874, p.   c. 1.].

The infant of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. PETERS died after a brief illness. The small body was taken to Neoga for burial
[Cumb. Democ., Majority Point Fri, 24 April 1874. p. 2. c.l.]

James SHOAFF, Esquire, his decease. It is seldom we are called upon to chronicle the demise of a brother editor.. In the present instance it is the more sad and mournful, that we chronicle the death of our fellow townsman and confrere in journalism. James SHOAFF, Editor of the Edgar County Gazette, which transpired on Sunday, last at three o'clock and ten minutes. The circumstances and incidents preceding, and attending his death, were a highly dramatic character. On last Saturday morning the sun of Heaven or had more warm and devoted friends, than himself His funeral was very largely attended by sympathizing friends and relatives whom came to pay their last testimonial to the worth of him who had passed from this life to the reward of an honest and wormy man.
[Cumberland Democrat,Majority Point, Friday, 12th or 19th June 1874.p. 3.c 1]

Mrs. WAIT, 50 yrs., died in Jasper Co, IL, 10 miles Southwest of this dry. on Wed, 17 June 1874, of congestive chills. She leaves a family of four children.
[The Mail, Majority Point, Ill, 25 June 1874, p. 5, c2]

Mrs. Ann PIERCE, who died at Salisbury, Mass., 4 May 1874, age 65 yrs., assisted in 386 births, 213 weddings
[The Mail, Maj. Pt,TH, 2 July 1874.p.7,c.2.]

Died on 28 June 1874, Mrs. Amanda M. ALESHIRE, wife of Benjamin ALESHIRE, in the 54'th year of her life. The deceased had been suffering from consumption for several years, and since February last, had been confined to her bed. Mrs. ALESHIRE leaves a husband and five children to mourn her loss, in addition to a large circle of friends and relatives. The deceased was born 1828 in Lawrence Co., Ohio, but for many years had been a resident of Cumberland County. Mrs. ALESHIRE was a lady very much respected by all who knew her, for many years a consistent and worthy member of the M. E. Church.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 10 Jury 1874, p. 2. c. 3.)

On June 30th, a young man by the name of William WOOD, jumped from the Express train as it came into Jewett and was horribly mangled. Surgeons from Effingham and Dutch Town and your city, arrived a few hours after the accident, but no medical skill could do the poor fellow any good, as it was evident from the beginning. his case was too hopeless, and that he would die from nervous prostration before reaction would ensue and at about 7 o'clock p.m. he breathed his last He was sensible up to a few minutes of his death.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Fri., 10 July 1874. "Jewett p. 3, c. I ].

Obituary. Died at the residence of her husband, Mrs. Fannie JOHNSTON, wife of James H. JOHNSTON and daughter of Rev. N. and E. P. HAWLEY of Effingham, IL. The deceased was born at New Hebron, IL, on October 1st. 1848. and died at Olney, IL, on July 4th, 1874, after a long and protracted illness. Mrs. JOHNSTON leaves a husband, an infant son and a large circle of friends to mourn her loss, w.w.w. Less than two years ago, we published the marriage of Mr. JOHNSTON and Miss HAWLEY, and little at that time did we trunk, that we would so soon be called upon to record the death of the fair young bride and loving wife..but alas, such is the case, and she who a short time ago, started upon life's journey with bright hopes and happy prospects, now sleep that sleep, that knows no waking..while her sorrowing companion weeps for his fair young bride! (There are two poems following this. One by the editor of the Democrat. The other, "Respectfully inscribed to James H. JOHNSTON, of Olney. IL. With much sympathy in this hour of trial! I am yours....., Harry E REEVES. Olney.IL. July 8th, 1874."
[Cumberland Democrat,Maj.Pt,Fri, 17July 1874,p3.c.4.]

Miss Rosa KNIGHT, age 18 yrs.. Died on Sunday, very Suddenly of congestive chill.

Died on Sunday at Johnstown, the infant of Mr. and Mrs. Robert CATHER.

Died of consumption, on Tuesday, at 12 o'clock in Jewett, Mrs. BOWMAN, aged 51 years. The funeral took place 10 a.m. Wednesday.
[The Mail, Majority Point, Ill, 30 Jury 1874, p.5, c3.]

The many friends of Mrs. Emily LITTLE, nee ROUTLEDGE, will regret to learn the sad news of the death of her husband, Major William B. LITTLE. He died at his home in Pana, IL., on Tuesday morning last, after an illness of three weeks. He was a prominent citizen of the State and at the time of his death was the Democratic nominee for Treasurer of State. Mrs. L. has the sympathy of many friends residing in this city. {Journal}. The above, copied from the T. H. MAIL, is newsy down this way. While we regret his death, we cannot forget that Maj. LITTLE, was the Temperance, not the Democratic, candidate for Treasurer of this State.
[The Mail, Majority Point, Th., 6 Aug. 1874, p. 1, c. 4]

DIED. Aug. 3'd, in Woodbury Tp., of cholera-infant urn, an infant of Mr. and Mrs. William GOOD.

The death by lightning of Grant DAVEE, recently, calls to mind the fact that of five sons, the Rev. Ben DAVEE, who grew to manhood, but one remains; and he unfortunately is a cripple for life-some time last winter, we believe, a tree having fallen on him, breaking his legs.
[The Mail, Majority Point, Th. 6 Aug. 1874, p. 4, c 3.]

"Death by Lightening." From The Mattoon Gazette. Sunday afternoon during the Thunder shower, the edge of which reached Mattoon, two young men by the name Frank MILLER and Joseph JANES, were struck by lightning in an open prairie land near the Okaw timber and not very far from the iron bridge. Mr. JANES was killed instantly having his clothes burned off and his body shockingly mangled. His companion, MILLER, was rendered insensible and remained in that condition some 12 hours or more and hopes of his ultimate recovery are entertained. The unfortunate young men by some time when the bolt struck them before they were discovered. The first news reached town Sunday night by a messenger, who came for the Coroner. From the Journal of Tuesday, we learn that James has been a victim of misfortune, having come near freezing to death near Torre Haute when on his way to Ohio on foot.
[The Mail, Th., 20 Aug., p. , c. 3.]

A five year old daughter of Mr. BLY, of Washington, Tazwell County, was given a quantity of candy by a couple of young men working for BLY. They then induced her to drink out of a bottle of whiskey that they had. The little thing became intoxicated, went into a spasm and died.

Major KAY, and old and respected resident of Neoga Township, died suddenly on last Friday evening with a congestive chill, after a few hours sickness.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, abt. 22 August 1874, p. 3, c. 3,5.].

Died at the residence of her (parents?-cut off), Sunday last. Miss Susan PUGH, daughter of Hezekiah PUGH, aged eighteen years—
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, abt 29 August 1874, p. 3, c 3.].

Lewis N. BARBOUR, a breakman on the I. & St L. RR, was killed at the Wabash bridge last Saturday morning. He will be remembered as the man who ran away with and married the daughter of a Mattoon Hotel keeper last winter, when the young lady was expected to marry a livery stable man in our city. It is reported that his friends announce their intention of bring suit against the company for $5,000 upon the grounds that the train was running at more than regulation speed.- Mattoon Gazette
[The Mail, 3 Sep. 1874, TH., p._, c1]

Funeral Notice. The funeral service of William N. HARRAH will be preached, Sunday, 20 September 1874, at 11 A.M., by the Rev. Mr. HARBIN of the M.E. Church at Montrose, Effingham, IL.. The deceased was born, 15 April 1820 in Shelby Co., Kentucky, where he lived until 1836 when, with his father and family, removed to Putnam County, Indiana, where he grew up to manhood and married 30 June 1843 to Miss Sarah JOHNSTON. They removed, with his family, to Jasper County, II.. .February, 1852, where be continued to live until his death which took place, 20 April 1874.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Friday, 11th or 18th September, 1874, p. 3, c. 5]

We published an account of a tragedy that occurred in Indianapolis last week. Mr. HARDING was formerly a resident of Charleston, and for several years the publisher of the Coles County Ledger. Miss HARDING's mother is now a resident of Charleston, having some years ago been divorced from Mr. HARDING, and married a man by the name of MORRIS. Miss HARDING was brought back to Charleston for burial.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Friday, 11th or 18th September 1874, p. 3, c3]

Child of Sylvester BERRY, died 28 Sept. 1874, aged 1 year.

Child of Andrew CRUSE, died 30 Sept. 1874, aged 2 years.

Child of Henry DAUGHERTY, died 1'st Oct 1874, aged 1 year.
[The Mail, Majority Point TH., 1 Oct 1874, p. _c. 4.]

Mr. A. J. COCHRAN'S son, a young man and his dau., 13 years, on the night of 30 Sept. 1874, with two other young persons were attending the Protestant Methodist Conference at the Keene Chaple near Toledo. On their return, they were overtaken by a wagon driven by Johny WILSON who attempted to pass them. Young COCHRAN gave the rein and a lively race ensued. All went merry until they were near Mr. J. D. THOMPSON'S, when they ran upon some cattle: The two rear wheels passing over one, throwing Mr. H. C. FINCH, the little girl and the seat all out together. Mr. FINCH escaped with some slight bruises. The hindmost wagon passed over the girl. She was soon placed in the carriage and taken to Mr. and Mrs. THOMPSON'S. Dr. FINCH was called and upon examination found that the skull was broken. Dr. HENDEE was then sent for and the girl removed to her father's, two miles north of Larkinsburg. When the Dr. arrived he found that a portion of the top of her head was driven in and various other wounds, which rendered every effort of the Surgeon to save life of no avail, and her case was pronounced hopeless.
{Tribune, Louisville} [Mail, Maj. Pt, TH., 1 Oct 1874, p. 5.]

Mrs. Mary TRUE, wife of Frank TRUE, died Wednesday, 7 October 1874, of inflammation of stomach.
[Mail, Maj. Point Th., 8 Oct 1874, p._. c1]

Silas ADKINS, a brother-in-law of A. D. MORTON, died on last Friday night Mr. ADKINS was a quiet inoffensive man, a good citizen and a kind husband and father, and was respected by all that knew him. He leaves a wife and child as well as a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn him.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Fri., a. 16 Oct 1874, p. 3, c. 2.].

Joseph STRICKLAND, aged about 37 years, died at the residence of Josiah WHITE, Esq., last Friday night 23 October 1874. Mr. STRICKLAND was here visiting relatives when he was taken sick and died. His wife and two children are in Windfield, Kansas.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Friday, about 30 October 1874.].

William D. BRUSTER and S. R BRUSTER, lost their little daughter, Hattie, Sunday, 25 October 1874....It has been over a year ago, that they lost their little Mollie. Hattie was born soon after Mollie died.
[Cumb. Democ., Maj. Point Friday, 30 October 1874.].

Died on Sunday, November 8th, 1874, Barbara, infant daughter of David and Angeline SMITH. Age, 1 year and 7 months.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Friday, 12 November 1874, p. 3, c. 2.].

We are sorry to say that Mrs. ABERNATHY, sister to M. R. LEE and mother of John ABERNATHY, died on last Friday night Mrs. ABERNATHY was a lady of good qualities and dies regretted by all.
[Cumb. Democrat, Maj. Point Fri., 20 Nov. 1874.].

We are very sorry to say that the son of James DOBB's little boy died last week. Joseph COOPER, of Jasper Co., died in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Dec. 15, aged 60 years.

Uncle Jo ELDER, who is dead and gone, was the first man in this township to pay his taxes last year and this year, Uncle Jim ELDER was the first man to pay his taxes.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Friday, 24 December 1874, p. 3, c. 2.].

Nathan DOBBS son died last week after a protracted illness. The old gentleman was very much attached to the young man and when he died, fainted away several times. Young Mr. DOBBS was a very good young man and was a great help to his parents and was greatly liked by all that knew him. (This must be where pub. day changes to Thurs.).
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, 30 December 1874, p. 3, c.4].

Mr. Levi FARMER, an old and respected citizen of Woodbury Township, died on last Sunday after an illness of about ten days. Uncle Levi has long resided in this county and was respected for his many fine Christian qualities. He was buried at the City Cemetery by the Odd Fellows of Monday, of which Order he was a worthy member.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday, 30 December 1874].


Mr. WOOTON's infant child died on Monday. [Cumb. Dem,, M. P., Th., 7 Jan.75].

Mr. WOOLENS infant child died on Monday.

Allie YOUNG, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. YOUNG, died New Years am., 1875, age, 16 years. She was a young lady of much promise and had she lived, would no doubt been a bright ornament to society. She was of sweet and gentle temper and was a particular favorite with her young acquaintances.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 7 January 1875.].

Levi FARMER died. He was 61 years, 8 months and born at Guilford County, North Carolina. He married February 1834....and moved to Kentucky and in 1851, to Indiana.. In 1856 they moved to Cumberland County where he lived up to the time of his death, 27 December 1874. He was a worthy member of the M.E. Church and a good citizen and a honest, upright man. He told his children, before he died, not to grieve him alter be was gone as be was perfectly satisfied to go.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 7 January 1875.].

Mr. FELTCAMP, of Germany, had a child, not more than two years old, died Wednesday after a kettle of scalding water fell on it at 10 am.. The child died at 5 p.m.. The mother was preparing to wash. Dr. VANZANDT was called immediately and he did all he could.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 14 January 1875.].

Sam REED's infant child died.
[Cumb. Democ., Majority PL, Thurs., 21 Jan. 1875.]

An infant child of Harvey GREEN died last week while Mr. GREEN was away to Indiana on a visit
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point 21 January 1875, p. 3, c 2].

Death of Lou T. LAWRENCE, accidentally shot by bis brother on Sunday. Almost every day our exchanges bring us news of accidental shootings of boys and men who have been killed by careless handling of fire arms....blowing in the muzzles of guns and pistols "to see if they were loaded," by snapping them at one another in sport, and in a hundred other ways that tell us that all pistols and guns are dangerous weapons and should be avoided by all, more especially by the young and careless. This time it is our painful duty to record a terrible accident of this character-one affecting our own community and our own family, the particulars of which follows:
At ten and a half o'clock on Sunday morning, Mrs. M E LAWRENCE, a sister of the publisher of PLAINDEALER, went to the Christian Church, leaving home two boys, Sibley and Lou T., the one seventeen and the other thirteen years of age. Having witnessed the play, "French Spy" a few nights previous, they thought to while away the time by rehearsing a portion of it in which a terrible battle is fought between "Mahommet" and the "Arab boy," and accordingly equipped themselves with an empty pistol and an old knife, the larger boy having the pistol. Tiring of this, the pistol was laid aside and the larger boy, for some purpose, went out of the room. In his absence, the little fellow picked up the pistol, and finding cartridges, slipped it into the empty barrel, perhaps for the purpose of shooting at a mark. But in a few minutes, the older one returned, and it is supposed that Lou T. forget all about having loaded the pistol, for he handed it back to Sibley and again they began the rehearsal. The little fellow swooping down, and moving sidewise, approaching his brother, who waited until Lou T. was quite near when he cocked the pistol, raised it and fired! The ball hit the younger brother in the back of the head or neck, at the base of the brain, knocking him to the floor. Calling for assistance, the larger boy ran for the doctor, who found the wounded boy unconscious, in which state he lingered until half after three o'clock on Monday afternoon, when death relieved him of his suffering, and took the pure spirit to the home of the blessed.
'Charleston Plainsdealer[ Cumberland Demo., Maj. Point, Thurs., 21 Jan. 1875, p. 3, c.5]

Obit It is with sad heart we take up our pen to record the death of our darling little girl, Ella Alice HUFFMAN who departed this life Jan. 19th, 1875. Age 2 mos., 3 days. She was taken severely ill on Monday morning, and suffered intensely, and even after the hand of the dread Destroyer was laid upon her, her sweet face spoke of the bliss of that beautiful world her angelic soul was entering. Jesus came and from the shores of time.
Her happy soul he bore;
Now in that blissful clime
She lived to die no more.
We laid our darling beside our other babe who left this world of sorrow eight years ago.
.   Our affliction is deep, but we do not sorrow as those who have no hope, and while our grief is severe, we know that the time won't be long before we will be called to join these dear ones who have gone before.
We shall ever feel thankful to our kind neighbors and friends who attended with us and administered to our wants during the labors of our deep distress.
Philip and Adaline HUFFMAN. [Aunt Lu's Collection, undoc]

Edmund RICHARDSON, died 30th January 1875.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point, Thursday, 4 February 1875, p. 3, c. 2.].

A son of Sam SHUP died last Sunday. Sam REED's infant child died recently. (The cd. dup. this notice which I did not catch until starting to print-A.H.)
[Cumb. Demo., Th., 4 Feb. 1875, p. 3, c. 2.].

Thomas BREWER's wife gave birth to a still-born child 00 Friday last;

An infant child of Clifford HOLSAPPLE died on Thursday last; At his residence in Pleasantville on  Jan-21'st 1874,

Mr. A. L. MORRISON, in the 59th yr. of age Lem was a good citizen, a kind father and husband. He leaves many warm friends to mourn his loss.
[Cumb. Democ, Feb. 1874 ("6th" but must be incorrect Prob. on p. 3, c. 1.]

Sarah H. CHOATES, died at the residence of her husband, John E. CHOATES, in Neoga Tp., on Jan. 13,1875. She was sick for nearly 2 years and during her long and painful illness, was resigned and uncomplaining. Mrs. CHOATES had many warn friends and was universally loved by all who knew her. She leaves a family of several children to mourn her loss.
[Cumb. Democ., Prairie City, TH., 4 Feb. 1875, p. _c.1]

Obituary-Allen JOSEPH, was born in Ohio, March 7,1840 and died in Neoga, Illinois, February 6th. 1875. He was united in marriage with Malissa HANCOCK, November 24th, 1861, with whom he lived pleasantly, until his death.
In 1862, when armed foes threatened to destroy the government and all the country was in awful commotion, he, at the call for volunteers, enlisted in the 97th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers and went in defense of human rights. He was in the first attack on Vicksburg, where so many of the bravest fell.
Surviving this fearful engagement, he marched on to conquer or die. When in the charge at Arkansas Post, he was severely wounded, which at last caused his Heath; died as
many others, a martyr to, the cause of liberty.
Brother JOSEPH has been a member of the ME. Church for several years, during which time he enjoyed many happy seasons and finally died in the faith, as the last enemy approached the darkness which prevailed a few days before gave way, and light and love filled his weary soul. He was also a member of the Masonic Fraternity of this place which turned out as a body and honored his by giving his body the rights of their burial services. His funeral took place from the ME. Church, Sunday at 11 o'clock am. attended by a large concourse of citizens. Bro. Joseph leaves a wife and two children and many friends to mourn his loss, and yet their loss is doubtless his gain-"For we mourn not as those who have no hope." Mark the prefect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace.' Rev. P. SLAGLE.
[Cumberland Democ, Maj. P., Touts, Feb. 1875]

Christin DITERS, our old friend, died on last Friday week. He was a good man and his loss will be felt by the neighborhood.
[Cumb. Democ, Maj. PL, TH, abt. 27 Feb. 1875]

Mrs. N. C. DOBBS, a very good woman & sister of J. _ BERRY, died last week. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer "RANCH" had a child die Sunday. Elmer "RAUCH" m. 23 April 1874, Amelia WOOD (see BK-2, p. 144) so this was probably their 1st child.
Joel SHERMAN died last Wed. after protracting illness. He left a family.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thurs, 11 March 1875.]

Old Mrs. BLOOMFIELD, Reuben's mother, died last Thursday about 5 o'clock. The funeral was at the residence of Mr. R. BLOOMFIELD.
[Cumb.Demo, Th,l April 1875J

Doc. ELDERS' baby died last Friday and was buried Saturday.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 1 April 1875].

Henry BECKTOLD or BEEKTOLD, shot himself with a revolver at Spring Point Tp.. He came in the house, talked with the family a few minutes. He wrote on a slate, 'God Bless You, my children, I am getting old and unable to work, so I will die. Dated and Signed. Laid down the slate, walked into the butcher shop and took his own life, shooting himself in the head. He did not die immediately. His wife rushed in and asked who had shot him. He shot himself about 1 p.m. and died 1 a.m.. "10th April."
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, abt 15 Apr. 1875.].

One of Dee SPARK'S children died last Friday and in consequence of the Muddy being up, they could not reach the graveyard to bury it.
[Cumb. Demo, Thursday, 6 May 1875].

Stark COLEMAN, last son of Mr. & Mrs. Elias COLEMAN, died 7 May 1875, aged 20 years.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 13 May 1875.].

Charlotte CASTILLO, aged 24 years, 4 months, who had been diseased for four years, died 18 June 1875 at her sister's, Mrs. TALBOTT, residence in Greenup.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 1 July 1875.].

Harlow WISELY died last week from an accidental pistol shot.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 15 July 1875.]

George and Vina THORNTON'S daughter Emma, died 9 July 1875, aged two years.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 15 July 1875.].

James JACKSON'S wife died Friday last. She was a daughter of Jonas SEELEY.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 15 July 1875.].

Gen, Frank P. BLAIR is dead.
[Cumb. Democ, Maj. Point, Thursday, 15 July 1875.].

Obit-David CARSON, at age 73 years, 10 months, 3 days, died at his residence, one mile south west of Greenup, 10 July 1875. He was born in New York, 7 September 1799, one year after the origin of the Federal Government. He went to Philadelphia and became a tanner. He then went to Cincinnati and married September 1837 to Margaret GORE, or GOLE and soon after followed the National Road to Greenup, then to Clark County and lived there for 37 years. She died 1840 and was buried in the orchard near the house. There were two children Andrew, the present County Clerk, and Elizabeth, who died some years since. In February 1841 (he 2'd married Miss Elizabeth SPOON, who died two years ago and is buried next to the first wife. By her he had eight children. For many years he was with the Swedenburgen faith but later converted by Alexander CAMBELL.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 15 July 1875.].

Engineer EAMES was murdered last Sunday at the Doggery.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 15 July 1875.].

D. K. JOHNSON, deceased. Estate noticed advertised. Dated 15 July 1875.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 22 July 1875.].

' Mr. Curd BUSICK, your brother James A. BUSICK and his father-in-law, Solomon DUNHAM, were killed by Indians or Mexicans, on Thursday last. Mr. DUNHAM'S died to Iowa family....1? Letter, Thursday, 15 July 1875..Major P. MASON, from San Sara, Texas, dated 23d March 1875, to Mr. Curd BUSICK.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, IS July 1875].

Andrew JOHNSON died last week and was buried with full Masonic honors at Greenville, Term., last Friday.
[Cumb. Demo, Maj. Point, Thursday, 12 Aug. 1875.].

Mrs. Al lie LOGAN, wife of William LOGAN died 13 August 1875, Sunday a.m. at 4 am.. She was a daughter of Rev. J. C. and C. J. McCANN, and was born in Livonia, Indiana. She was married 8 October 1873 in Prairie City to William LOGAN. Burial in Paris, Edgar County, Illinois.
[Cumb. Demo, Maj. Point, Thursday, 26 August 1875.].

Hon. Jno. B. WELLER, ex-governor of CA, died in New Orleans yesterday, aged 70 years.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 26 August 1875.].

Mrs. Jeptha OWTNGS died Saturday.
[Cumb. Demo, Maj. Pt, Thur, 26 Aug. 1875.].

A small child of Jacob MUMPER died at Mullen and is to be buried.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 16 September 1875.].

Uncle Hi BOWMAN'S only daughter died a few days ago.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 16 September 1875.].

The aged wife of Uncle Sammy HILTON died Monday, am. (at Mrs. M. T. KELLYs of Terre Haute, Indiana-check this.. Mrs. Kelly may be ano. item..
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 16 September 1875.].

B.H.LAWSON, Uncle Tom APPERSOKs step-son....died? .
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 16 September 1875.].

Jacob CUTLER, an old citizen of Stelbyville, died last week.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 30 September 1875.].

Mr. and Mrs. William BADER's infant died in the night while on her breast, and neither of them knew it
[Cumb. Democ, Maj. Point Thursday, 30 September 1875.].

James A. MORRISON died at the residence of his sister, Mrs. N. J. BOGGS in Terre Haute, Indiana at 1:30 a.m.. Monday of consumption, 29 September 1875. He was 42 years old and leaves an aged mother. James A. BOOGS.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Thursday, 7 October 1875.].

Harriet Louisa OAKLEY, wife of Marion OAKLEY, died Friday morning, 1 October 1875, after a long painful illness, leaving seven children and her husband. She was 42 years old, born and raised in Morgan County, Indiana.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Thursday, 14 October 1875.].

Jeremiah CROSS, Sen., died Sunday last after a brief illness of only a few days. He was 49 years on the 26th of this month. He was a former citizen of Morgan County, Indiana, where he lived many years.
[Cumberland Democrat, Maj. Pt.Th, 140ct 1875]

Mrs. Henry WISHARD died last week leaving three children.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Thursday, 14 October 1875, "Neoga Items".].

Franklin WARNER, Wat SANDERS and Andrew CREAMER, have each lost a small child within the last three weeks.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point, Thursday, 21October 1875, "Mullen Notes,".].

The infant child of Armer and Aleinda SHEPLER, died last Thursday and bur. Fri.
[Cumberland Democrat Maj. Point Thursday, 21 October 1875, "Mullen Notes"].

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Anseley ARMER, died 14 October 1875 at 4 p.m., aged eight days.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, 28 October 1875.].

Mr. WHITE, an uncle to Harvey and John J. WHITE, died 15th October 1875, aged 70 years, 6 months, 6 days. He had moved from this county and died at Springerton, White County, Illinois.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point Thursday, 28 October 1875.].

A little child of Alee CARROL's died last week.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Thursday, 28 October 1875.].

Wife of Thomas ARMER died Sunday evening about 4 p.m., after an illness of one week. She is a sister to Mrs. Thomas BREWER.
[Cumb. Democ, Th, a. 28 Oct. 1875].

Rev. W. C. SMITH will preach at Ihc funeral of late Mrs. Jane HILTON al Morton's School House on Sunday, 31st October. [Cumb. Democ, Tburs, a. 28 Oct 1875.}. Mrs. Rhoda KIRKLAND died Monday lasL She was the widow of Jerry
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority PomL Thursday, 4 Novernber 1875],

David WATSON, an old resident of Coles County, died in this city very suddenly of apolexy at his local residence. He will be buried in the Mound Cemetery, Charleston, tomorrow.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority PoinL Thursday, 11 November 1875.1.

Mrs. BREWER, known as "Aunt Gillie," died last week. Also a little girl of a family, with the name of WARMAN.
[Cumb. Democ, Maj. Pt, 25 Nov. 1875-"Greenup News")

Scott Erwin MUMI'ORD, infant son of W. D. and Ella MUMFORD, aged 5 months and 28 days.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 2 December 1875.].

Joseph H. MORGAN, aged about 45 years, died Saturday night about 10JO p.m. at the Brown House, Majority PoinL He was buried Monday am. at the Washington Cemetery, south of Greenup.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 2 Dec 1875.].

The small child of Uncle Johnny ARMOUR died recently.

The child of Harvey GREEN died Saturday night, last week.

The infant child of T. R. STORM, of Cumberland County, died Tuesday am. (abt 30 January, 1876).
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 2 February 1876.].

Dr. John W. rra, b. 13 Jan 1829 in Shelbyville, d. 28 January 1876, Friday am., at the age of 47 years, 15 days. He settled in Prairie City in 1853. A wife and adopted
son mourns his loss. [Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, TH, 2 February 1876.]

Miss Nancy HARRAH, about 18 years old, ill the last two years with pulmonary disease, died 7 January 1876 at the residence of her mother in Jasper Co, Illinois.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 12 January 1876.].

J. W. SNYDER, died last Saturday.
[Cumb. DemocraL, Maj. PL, Th, 18 Jan. 1876.].

Tommy DECIUS, son of Simon DECIUS, died and was buried in the Prairie City Cemetery Monday last.
[Cumb. Democrat, Majority PoinL Thursday, 9 February 1876.].

Findley P. WILSON, prominent resident of Neoga, died there recently.
[Cumberland Democrat, Thursday, 1 March 1876.].

Elmyra HALL, daughter of Levi HALL of Woodbury Tp, died ihc 20th al age 24 years, 11 months.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 1 March 1876.].

Daniel NEEDHAM, an old pioneer, resident of Spring Point Tp, was gathered to his father's at the advanced age of 93 years, on Thursday, the 17th (February).
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 1 March 1876.].

William E. LAKE'S infant child, died and was buried in the Prairie City Cemetery.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Thursday, 22 March 1876.].

Hon. U. F. UNDER, at one time a prominent lawyer of Charleston, died in Chicago last week.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, after 23 May-June 1876, p. 3, c. 1.]

We are pained to record the death of "Uncle" Samuel FAIRBANKS of Cottonwood Tp, last Monday.
[Cum. Democ, W.D. MUMFORD, Pub, 12 Sep. 1876, p. 3, c.1]

Many of our citizens will be sad to hear of the death of Mr. Thomas SMITH who died yesterday morning at his residence a mile and a half north-west of this place.
[Cumberland Democrat, 12 Sep. 1876, p. 3, c. 2.]

Ebenezer Brown BISHOP, died Tues, 2 Jan. 1877, abt 5:30 am. at the home of Hoa R. N. BISHOP in Paris, Edgar Co, IL.. The deceased was the son of Rev. Dr. BISHOP of Farmers College, Cincinnati, and b. 1812, Lexington, KY.. He graduated from Miami University at Oxford, Ohio. In 1834 he mar. Laura W. CHURCHELL, in Miami, Oh. He removed from Ohio and went to Mt. Sterling where he taught several years and also at Winchester, KY.
[Cumb. Democ, Maj. Pt, Wed, 10/17 Jan. 1877.]

Minerva _ MUMFORD, died Wed., 10 Jan. 1877 in the evening of consumption, aged 30 years, 4 mos,_days.. Lost an infant son, leaves Jessie, her only girl.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 17 Jan. 1877.]

Frank WARNER, younger brother of Thomas, of this city, died on Tuesday of last week.
[ Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 14 Feb. 1877.]

Mrs. Susan C. MILLER, wife of Martin MILLER, deceased, was born 6 Jan. 1791 and died 6 Feb. 1877, aged 86 years, 1 month. She converted to Lutheran Church. She had 9 children and many great grand children. Neoga, IL. Sent in by J. W. ANDERSON.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, 14 Feb. 1877.]

Ira NORTH WAY of Greenup, died Sunday, 25 February 1877. He took sick the evening before. On Sunday evening, he got out of bed, placed his chin on the foot board of his bed and died.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wert, 21 Feb. 1877.]

Robert GLENN died near Greenup last week in his 78*th year. He was born at old Fort near Cincinnati. His father was a soldier in the Revolution War.
 [Cumb. Demo, 28 Feb.]

Mr. CHAPMAN'S father, of the northern part of the state, died.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed, 7 March 1877.]

Eva C. SINCOX, dau. of Stover and Sarah A. SINCOX, died 14 March 1877 aged 12 years, 11 mos, 26 days.
[Cumb. Democ, Maj. Point Wed, 21 March 1877.]

James RUSSELL, of Woodbury Tp, died last week on Tuesday.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed, 28 March 1877.]

An inmate of the County Poor House died last week.
[Cum. Dem, 4 Apr. 1877]

Wife of Drury S. WALL, died last Thursday of Consumption.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed, 11 April 1877.]

Alice GREEN, daughter of D. B. GREEN of Majority Point died Tues, 17 April 1877 at 11 a.m. of lung fever. She had been ill several days.
[Cum. Dem, Wed, 18 April 77.]

Sarah L, BOSWORTH, wife of A. K. BOSWORTH, died 16 April 1877,at 9am,of lung fever.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed, 25 April 1877.]

George WILSON, died when a man named LAME became involved in a difficulty which resulted when LAME threw a brick box which struck WILSON on the head. WILSON died withing 48 hours. No arrests were made.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point "Greenup News," Wed, 25 April 1877.]

"Old" Mr. STARNS, was reported by his son-in-law, James M. BEACOM, to have
died during their move from Cumberland Co, IL, to Pike Co, IL..
' [Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed 23 May 1877.]

Mrs. Sylvester BUTLER of Cottonwood, died last Saturday and was buried Sunday.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed, 6 June 1877.]

Wife of F. DUCUSING (DEUNSING ?) died Mon. p.m. last week.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed,. 6 June. 1877.]

Uncle FRANCES died Tuesday, 15th May 1877.
[Cum. Dem, MJ, Wed. 6 June '77]

Dr. MORRIS died of lung fever last Friday at Neoga.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 13 June 1877.]

Henry GOO C H, of Greenup, died Thursday of congestive chills.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 13 June 1877.]

"Old Lady" McMORRIS, mother of Dr. Tom. McMORRIS of Diona, died very suddenly last Wed of Dropsy aged 77 years.
[Cumb. Democ., M.P, Wed. 20 June 77]

A canon explosion killed a young man named STANFORD, aged 17 years, on the 4th of July 1877.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed.,11 July 1877.]

Died in Foresyth, 16 June 1877, Cora Odelis SHIPLOR, age 3 yrs, 10 mos, the only child of B. F. SHIPLOR and Molly.
[Cumb. Democ, Maj. Point, Wed, 25 July 1877.]

___MITCHELL, killed by the damp in a well at Greenup last Thursday. A new well, he was working at the bottom and had men pull him up but at the top, he fell and was killed by striking his head. They had to pull him up with hooks which badly tore his body.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 8 August 1877.]

A son of Mr. SHOOTS and brother of Mrs. George BREWER, was thrown from a horse last Monday at 11 a.m. and died at 4 p.m..
[Cum. Democ, Wed, 8 Aug. 1877.]

A daughter of Thomas BRUSTER died last Thursday night, (a 20th. Aug.)
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 27 Aug. 1877.]

John BRANDOM, died Sat. 7 Oct. 1877, at his res. in Pleasantville, age 77 yrs.. He was born VA, arr. from Wade tp, Jasper Co, and was a propr. of a Drug Store in Jewett Grant HUFFCUT, son of Silas HUFFCUTT, res. of this place many years, died Wed. eve. of last week after a long and painful illness. Grant was 12 years old.

An old man named HIGHLAND, partly deaf, from the vicinity of Mattoon, was killed on the main track of the Vandalia road, at the Jewett station, Thursday. The 5 p.m. fast train, which did not whistle and was traveling 40-60 m.p.h.. This train seems to be tired of killing horse and cattle and has turned to killing people.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., a 10th Oct. 1877.]

Miss Amande HOUSER, died last Sat. of typhoid, age 18 yrs. She lived 3 miles S. of Greenup.
[Cumb. Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 10 Oct 1877, "Greenup Items."]

Mattie LOVTNS, daughter of A A. LOVENS, of this city, died last Thursday night of
inflammable rheumatism. [Cumberland Democrat Maj. Point, Wed, 24 Oct 1877.]

A daughter of W. MATTISON, died of typhoid fever on Sunday night last- They lived 3 miles south of this place,
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, "Greenup News," Wed, 14 Nov. 1877.]

Mrs. Elizabeth NORMAN, wife of Thos. L. NORMAN, Esq, died last Sat, on the 10th., in Greenup. She was 39 years, 3 months and 10 days old {Jasper Co. Times}
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 14 Nov. 1877.]

A man by the name ALLEN, was run over and killed near Altmont last Friday morning by a freight train on the Van Line. He was walking on top of the cars and fell between them, mangling him in a shocking manner. {Effingham Republican.)
[Cumb. Democrat, 12 Feb. 1879, p_, c. 3.]

Mrs. Wiley SHAW, died Monday evening, 19 Nov. 1877, at 7 o'clock at her residence in this city of Philhisec (phlebitis?).
[Cumb. Democ, Maj. Point, Wed, 21 Nov. 77.]

Mrs. DAY, mother of Mrs. Mattie SMITH, (died?).
[Cumb. Democ, Maj. Point, Wed, 9 Jan. 1878.]

A son of Mr.WARNER of Greenup, died Friday last week from congestive chills.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 30 Jan. 1878.]

One of WISEMAN'S twins died at one day old
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, "Greenup News," Wed, 6 Feb. 1878.]

Mr. Robert CAIN, died Friday morning last week in his residence at Greenup.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, "Greenup News," Wed, 13 Feb. 1878.]

Mr. Allen BARSICK died at his residence in Greenup.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, "Greenup News," Wed, 13 Feb. 1878.]

Mrs. BAKER received word Saturday, that her husband who has been living in Texas is dead.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 13 Feb. 1878.]

John S. JACKSON, of Brazil, Indiana was killed while attempting to jump on the dump car at the Railroad crossing.
[Cumb. Democ, Maj. PL, Wed, 20 Feb. 1878.]

John W. WALTERS, died 2 Feb. 1878.
[Cumb. Dem, MP, Wed, 27 Feb. 1878.].

John and Rebecca SHULTZ lost their youngest child Tuesday, last week. Greenup.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 27 Feb. 1878.]

Mrs. Rachel WILCOX, died at her residence, Thurs. last week, aged 70 years. She settled in Greenup in the fall of 1858, mem. of ME church. About 40 years ago, mar. in Barnsville, Belmont Co., OH., Samuel WILCOX. Her son cared for her in her declining years.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 6 March 1878.]

Deaths Recorded
Robert GRAIN of Greenup, d. 8 Feb. 1878;
John JACKSON of Greenup, d. 16 Feb. 1878;
James A. BUSIE, of Greenup, d. 8 Feb. 1878;
Henry TREASH of Neoga Tp., d. 26 Feb. 1878;
Mr. John J. BALL, hermit of Cavans Point, N.Y., d. last week, aged 76 yrs., in Florida,
during Seminol War, Sol. Mexican War, served in army at Potomac.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 6 March 1878.]

Old Mrs. BROWN, mother of Bazel BROWN of Jewet, d. last Sat and was bur. Mon..
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 13 March 1878.]

Lavina and Alsina L ARENA, in an attempt to cross the Brush Creek on foot log, about 2 miles north of Neoga, fell in. One was rescued. The other drowned and was not found til the next day.

Mrs. Jake HOOVER, from Altmont, died at her fathers, Dr. GLADVILLE, 28th of last month. "Jewett Items."

Albert CUTRIGHT, an old citizen, died on Sat last at his res., 11/2 miles W. of Greenup.
[Cumberland Democrat, Maj. Point, Wed., 20 March 1878]

Emmanuel GRUBB, found hanging last Sat, believed to be a suicide.

Wife of Parris CARRELL, who lives 3 miles N. of Greenup, died Sat, 16 March 1878.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 27 March 1878.]

John and Mary BRIGHT, lost their only child, Wed. 27 March 1878. Greenup.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 3 April 1878.]

Mrs. TUCKER, of Danville, while crossing a stream with a child in arms, fell in and the child drowned.. ,

Amasa LORD, 59 years, at Elgin died Sat, 16th, leaving wife and two children.. Wm. P. MATHES, died 8th April 1878 of lung fever.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 24 April 1878.]

Miss Rosa TRENT, dau. of M. J. TRENT, died at her father's residence near the Aleshire schoolhouse. "Mullen Items."

Uncle Radley LARKINS, died at his res., 11/2 miles E. of Montrose on the 28'th. inst.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 8 May 1878.]

Mr. John DAYs youngest child died Thurs. last week.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 15 May 1878]

Jacob SWTTZER died at the rer. of his step-father. Dr. Samuel W. QUINN.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 5 June 1878, "Greenup Items."]

Julius and Hannah CONZETT, lost their 22 month old infant dau.. Wed. am, 12 June.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 19 June 1878, "Greenup Items."]

Stanley A. TURNER, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. James B. TURNER, died last Thurs., evening. The remains were taken to Windsor, Shelby Co., for burial.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 26 June 1878.].

John "ALSHIRE" died Sunday, 6th. Inst of Consumption. (There was a crack in the film over the date. Only the "6" shows.)"Mullen Items" This item is a future item mixed in with the 3 July edition..
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 3 July 1878.]

The youngest child of W. W. and Anna VANOVER, died Wed. of last week. Greenup.

The funeral sermon of Jacob SWTTZER will be preached at the ME Church next Sun. by Rev. TOTTLE-Greenup.
[Cumb. Democ., Maj. Pt, Wed., 10 July 1878.]

John and Mary CARSON lost their 3 year old son, who died Thurs. last week, 1 mile South of town.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 17 July 1878.]

Old Mrs. KENSEL, mother of G. M. TRUE and H. V. KENSEL, was found by  J. W. WALKER near his res., in the vicinity of Johnstown, dead from sun stroke, 15th Mon., Inst
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 24 July 1878.]

Mr. C. A. LEWIS, absent from town Sat last, attending the funeral of a grand child, at the res. of a son, who lived 3 miles from
"Greenup Items.".

Willie STITTS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ezra STITTS, d. Sunday, 11:40 p.m. after a few days illesss, aged 11 yrs., 7 mos..
[Cumb. Democrat, Maj. Point, Wed., 31 July 1878.]

Elias ARMOR, died last Tues. a. 1:30 of dropsy and buried Wed. at Prairie City Ceme. Mrs. Margaret DEVORE, died monday of last week at Greenup.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed., 14 Aug. 1878.]

Jack NIGHTs 12 year old son was killed when shot accidently, 6 miles from town. Dr. Harrison RHODEBAUGH of Union Tp., died suddenly Th., 8th inst. at his home. Mrs. CLEM, lost one of her twins when her youngest child, ae 8 mos., died last Sunday.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed., 21 Aug. 1878.]

J   Osker MATTISON's youngest child died Monday of last week

Eddie JOHNSON, shot himself Sunday last, abt 5 pm, Eddie, aka Eddie KNIGHT, almost 14 years old, lives near Long Point, at res. of Mr. John W.LATTA. (unsure if he died or not)
[Cumb.Dem. M. Pt. Wed,28 Aug1878 "Greenup Items']

Old mother REESOR, died at her res. in Greenup, Thurs. of last week. Allee M., dau. of R. S. and Mary E OZIER, age 6, died at the res. of her father of congestive chill, Sunday a.m. last, one mi. S. of Greenup.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed, 4 Sep. 1878.]

Wilbert ARMOR, only child of Anslem and Bell ARMOR, died 18 Sep. 1878, aged 1 yr., 6 mos. 21 days.

Dr. Tno's McMORRIS, died last Friday (a. 20'th.).
[Cum. Dem., Wed. 25 Sep. 1878.]

Mr. Warner CANFIELD's child died Sunday, last week.
"Greenup Items."

Darnel and Josephine GABRIEL'S dau., age 8 yrs., died at their res., 4 mi. S. of town Wednesday & buried at Greenup Thursday.

C. F. CARR, son of M. C. CARR of this place, died Wed., abt, 1:00 am, age 21 yrs., of consumption. His mother died a little over a year ago, also of consumption.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed., 2 Oct. 1878.]

John and Sarah DEES, lost their 5 year old son Tuesday, last week. Sarah was visiting her father when the child came down with congestion. "Little Charley" was their only son. His father was in St Louis, Missouri and reached her in time to see his child before it died.

Hiram FANCHER died Sunday, 29 Sep., on premise of John W. SHULL. He went to swat a fly from his horse and was kicked in the abdomen. He died Monday at 12:00, aged 46 years, 5 mos., unmarried. Burial in Casey.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed., 9 Oct 1878.].

Calvin GREESON, res. 3 mi. S of Greenup., lost his youngest child Tuesday last

Mrs. Wm. HUDSON died of consumption Friday am. last week. Greenup.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed., 16 Oct. 1878.].

Son of F. and Zerelda M. S. TOSSEY, Taney TOSSEY, died Sat. p.m., 26 Oct 1878, aged 1 yr., 7 mos., 14 days, bur. Sunday at the Prairie City Ceme..
[Cumberland Democrat, Maj. Point, Wed., 30 Oct 1878.]

Mm. David KESTER, died Thurs. last after four months of illness. "Greenup Items." Also, last Thursday, the little baby of George BLOOMFIELD died and was buried in the City (prob. Prairie City) Ceme. Friday.

Thomas MILLER'S little child fell into a fire about 4 weeks ago, died last Thurs.."Mullen Items."
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed., 4 Dec. 1878.]

Mrs. FURGESON, wife of James FURGESON, who lived 3 miles north of the city, died last Thursday of remitting fever and was boned Friday in Prairie City Cemetery.

Mrs. Nancy LONG, died at her res. in the north part of town on Sat. a.m. leaving five children.
[Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Wed. 18 Dec 1878]


George TITUS, died on the 25'th Inst.
[Cum. Dem., M. P., Wed, 29 Jan. 1879.]

John GOOD, old settler of Woodbury Tp., died on the 20th. Inst of Lung fever.

Child of Wm. McSHAN's of Montrose, bur. Mullen Ceme..

Wife of Alex SAY / SEY of Effingham Co., d. 23'rd, bur. Mullen Ceme. on the 24th..
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed., 5 Feb. 1879, "Mullen Items."]

Lawrence STULL of Union Tp., died Feb. 31 'st aged 93 years old. This venerable man we are informed, was one of the first settlers of that part of the county, having lived in that locality for near forty years. He was an excellent citizen and had many traits of character that made him highly respected by all who knew him.
[Cum. Dem, 12 Feb. 79]

Michael L. SULUVANT, late of Burr Oaks, Ford Co., IL., who became famous as the owner of the largest farm in the United States, died on Thurs. last at Evansville, IN..
From being the proprietor of 47,000 acres of fine farm land, whose product in marketing required 200 mules to do the hawling, he died penniless and in debt
{Paris Gazette} [Cumberland Democrat Majority Point 12 Feb. 1879, p __, c. 5.]

John STEVENS was killed a few days ago, by a limb from a tree on which be was chopping, falling on him. He was a young man about 21 years old and lived near the Aleshire school house.
[Cumberland Democrat Maj. Pi, 8 Jan. 1879, "Mullen News."]

Lewis HARVEY, died 3 March at 5:30 a.m. of dropsy aged 57 yrs. He was born 8 Jan. 1822, Johnson Co., IN., rem. 1827 to Parke Co., IN and in 1850, to this place...left a wife and several children.
[Cumb. Democrat Majority Point Wed., 12 March 1879.]

Billy WISLEY died at the residence of Samuel WESLEY, Sunday, a.m., an old pioneer.
[Cumberland Democrat Majority Point Wed., 19 March 1879.]

The wife of Henry SHAW, who we reported being brought home from Kansas badly burned, died last Thursday night
[Cumb. Democrat Maj. Point Wed., 9 April 1879.].

Mrs. Hannah HARDING, died on Thursday, 17th of April 1879, at the residence of Henry RHOADS. She was of Hidalgo, Jasper Co., IL., recently of Charleston, IL.. Mrs. HARDING had recently rented the business house of Henry RHOADS for the purpose of conducting a Millinery store. She arrived here on the evening train on Wednesday the 16th, and was quite unwell when she arrived, so much so that she could not sit up. Mr. Rhoads being at the depot when the old lady was helped off the train, saw her condition and at once gave assistance in conducting the old lady to his residence' where she was kindly received by Mrs. RHOADS.
A doctor was summoned to see her and all the aid that could be rendered was done by Mr. and Mrs. RHOADS and the good lady citizens of our town. Mrs. HARDING died on the 17th, only living but a few hours after she was taken sick. She was 62 years of age and was nightly respected by all who knew her. The good ladies of our town deserve great praise for their kindness and respect shown in this case. Mrs. RHOADS and her husband deserves the thanks of all for their tender care and the kind treatment to this old lady and her bereaved children.

Mrs. HARDING was a very consistant member of the Christian Church and died in the triumphs of a living Faith.' Her remains were taken to Jasper Co., near Hidalgo on Friday the 18th. for interment
[Cumb. Democrat Maj. Point, 23 April 1879, p.3, c.4]

Old Mrs. CROY, mother of Mary and Ann, died last Friday and was buried in the village cemetery (now Toledo Ceme.)
[Cumb. Democ., 27 Aug. 1879, p._c._]

Rachel SHEPLER, dau. of the late Phillip SHEPLER, died at the residence of John GREEN, last Tuesday morning of consumption.
[Cumb. Democ., 1 Oct 1879, p. _c. ]

Henry S. OHL (or SOHL) of Spring Point died last Thursday of Congestive chills.
[Cumb. Democ., 15 Oct 1879, p    c. _]

Mr. George FULKERSON of Union Tp., died last Thursday.
[Cumberland Democrat 3 Dec. 1879, p. c. ].

The infant of James HASTINGS died Thursday and was buried Saturday, (abt. 4th Dec. 1879).
[Cumberland Democrat Wednesday, 10 Dec. 1879, p. _ c._]

Obit. Laura Louisa, the daughter of William H. and Louisa R. RESSLER, died 1 Dec. 1879 in the home of her Aunt Mrs. FAN CHER. Laura was bom in Cumberland
Co., IL, 25 yrs. ago. [Cumberland Democrat 11 Dec. 1879, p.    c. _]

David BOBPs daughter died Saturday and was buried Sunday.
[Cumberland Democrat 31 Dec. 1879, p._, c._].

Thomas B. ROSS, father of the late Meredith B. ROSS, died 31 Dec. 1879 at Cowley, Kansas, aged 85 years, 2 mos,, 25 days. He was a former resident of Prairie City.
[Cumberland Democrat 14 Jan. 1880, p.    c.    ]

Henry DELP, brother of Mrs. Joel ADKINS, was buried at Webb City, MO-, on Tuesday, of last week. He was formerly a resident of this county.
[Democrat, Toledo, 1L., 10 Feb. 1892, p. 1, a 3.]

Asbury EASTON, died at the residence of his son, two and a half miles northeast of town last Friday evening. The remains were interned at the Gordon Cemetery, north of Janesville, on Sunday. The deceased was about 58 (ink blotch) of age and was raised in Cottonwood Township. He leaves a family of grown children. (He m. abt. 1861-2, Lavina Evaline "Elvina" STRADER, b. abt 1840 IL., dau. of Joseph STRADER and Nancy BLOOMFIELD, both of her parents were born in KY. Asbury was the son of Richard W. EASTON and Cynthia WALDROP.).
[Obit. Cumberland Democrat, Toledo, 10 Feb. 1892, p. 1, c. 4; Misetiheimer, The Johnstown Story, pp. 508-516.)


Obit In memory of Paula Irene, daughter of Philip Washington HUFFMAN and Sarah ESTES. Paula Irene was 5 years, 2 months and 6 days, who departed this life March 22 1893 after an illness of nine days. Paula was a bright child, possessed with an unusual degree of intelligence for one of her years. She brought joy and sunshine into the home and departing left an aching void which time can never fill. She was the oldest child and it is natural that she should have a deep hold on their affections. She was a kind and affectionate heart that endeared her to all who knew her. God called her home and we find consolation in the word of our Blessed Savior, who said, 'Suffer little children to come unto me, forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.
[Aunt Lu's Collection]



No. 9. reported, July 20,1894, Lizzie DOTES, wife  age 32 yrs, 1 mo., 9 days, died June 30,1894, married, Nationality, German, lived in IL. 32 yrs., died at Spring Point Tp. IL, of Phtisios (Phtisis) Pulmonics, (form of tuberculosis), duration of disease: 149 days; bur. at Sigel July 1st, Undertaker John DULKS at Teutapolis. Physician, R. L. REUTS,of Sigel.
No. 10. Reported: July 23'd. 1894. Fannie O. PICKERING, f/w, 9 mos. 15 days old, died Jury 15th 1894, born Am, lived in IL., lived in this State, life; died at Johnstown, IL., of Pneumonia, ill for 14 days; place of burial; "rough ceme.", July 16,1894. Undertaker, Chas. HANKER of Toledo, IL, Physician: J. W. SHULL, of Johnstown.
No. 11  Reported: undated. George BINE / PINE, m/w, age 56 yrs, 3 mos, 21days  d. 6 July 1894, 4 pm, married. Nationality, Am, b. Ohio, lived in IL. 50 yrs., died in Greenup Tp., Cumberland Co., IL. of Malaria with the complications of chronic diarrhea during the "whole" (?) of sickness of 14 days. Bur. at Greenup, Undertaker, Henry GOLDSMITH of Jewett, IL., Physician, C. (or E.) A. FISHER, of Greenup, IL.
No. 12. Date reported undated. Ollen (?) A. WILDMAN, age 39 yrs, 29 days, teacher, died 7 Sept. 1897,6:30 a.m., single, nationality, Am., b. in Wisconsin, in this State 36 yrs., died in Toledo of Typhoid fever, Complications, abdominal tumor, ill about 3 weeks; bur. Lebanon Ceme., Moultrie Co., Sept 8th, 1894; Undertaker, Charles HANKER of Toledo, Physician, R. COETS (?), of Toledo.
No. 13. Date reported undated. Robert H./M FOLLOWELL, m/w. age 68 yrs. 10 mos., 11 days., laborer, died 24 Sept. 1894, married, Nationality, Am., b. IN., lived in IL., 43 yrs., died at Johnstown, of Gastritis, Complications of Rheumatism, ill 4 months, bur. Jsudon (Gordon Ceme?), Sept 25th '94, Undertaken HADDOCK, Lerna, IL.; Physician, J. W. SHULL, of Johnstown.
No. 14. Reported: Oct 19,1894, Adaline HUFFMAN, f/w, age 50 yrs., 10 mos., 17 days, housewife, died Sept. 27.1894,11:30 a.m.; married, American, b. Alton, Madison Co., IL., In IL. during life, died at Spring Point Tp., Cumberland County, Illinois, Diabetes Mallitus, ill seven years, buried Berry Cemetery, Undertaker, Chas. HANKER, Physician, U.R. CARTER (?), Toledo, H..
No. 15. Date reported not given. Jessie BENNIEFIELD (BROWNFIELD?), m/w, age, 7 yrs., 10 mos, 25 days, farmer's son, died Sept. 18,1894, at 6 a.m., single, Nationality, Am, b. Coles Co., IL., lived in IL. during life; died in Neoga Township, Cumberland Co., IL., of Typhoid fever, ill four weeks, bur. at Dry Grove Ceme., Sept. 19th, 1894, Undertaker, FANCHER, Physician, C. H. BISHOP.
No. 16. No date reported. Katherine A. LANDERS, f/w, age 74 yrs., died 11 July 1894, at 11 a.m., widow, Nationality, Am., b. KY., lived in IL., 66 yrs., died in Cottonwood Tp., Cumberland Co., IL., d. of Typhoid fever, ill, 21 days, bur. Beals Ceme., Undertaker, HADDOCK, of Lerna, IL., Physician, C. W. BISHOP, of Etna, IL.
[Cumberland Co., IL., County Court House, Toledo, Register of Deaths.]

These books are large and for this year, each death recorded was four lines, two pages. Most of these records are so fragile, that the County Clerk will no long copy, but type up the data, I was fortunate enough to get several copies before they stopped photo copying. The record forms for this year, are different from some of the following years and it appears that the forms change periodically. The last visit I made to the Court House was about 1996, and they did permit me to look through the big, heavy books but it is possible that at this date, everything will go into computers. There is a Death Book Index, from which I hand copied only a few names, due to the shortness of time.

Although I had wanted to do everything chronologically, which would be much easier, and would possibly avoid duplication, but because of the disappearance of records, pictures and other irreplaceable treasures, either lost from moving around so much, or from... scavengers, I have decided to share what I have, while I still have it
Died-At her home five miles west of this place. Sept 27,1894, Mrs. Adaline HUFFMAN, aged 50 years, 11 months and 17 days. Adaline EASTON, daughter of G(eorge) "W(ashington)" EASTON and Margaret R. LARUE was born at Alton, IL., Oct 10,1843. At the age of fourteen she became a member of the Church of Christ and continued a faithful member up to the time of her death. She was married to Philip HUFFMAN March 22,1860 (in Cumberland Co., IL.).
She was confined to her bed the greater part of the last six months of her life and bore her suffering with that fortitude and patience which only a Christian can do. She often spoke of the near approach of death and exhorted all her family to not neglect to make the necessary preparation to meet her in heaven. She took each member of the family by the hand and bid them farewell. On the last evening of her life she called on the family to join her in singing; as they used to do, but all being too much affected to sing, she sang the old familiar hymn, "Nearer my God to Thee," in a clear, strong voice, and then sang another, after which her mind wandered most of the time until just before the fatal . moment, when she revived and once more bid farewell to family and friends and passed peacefully away. She leaves a husband, four sons and a daughter to mourn her loss. Mrs. Charles KELLY, who had been visiting her sister, Mrs. Philip HUFFMAN and other relatives near here since last spring, started for her home at Colton, C A., Tuesday. While visiting her brother, Leander EASTON at Roslyn, she was taken sick and did not fully recover for several weeks. Mr. EASTON and family, Mrs. Julia "SRWART" (STEWART or STIRWALT?), Mrs. Sarah RUSSELL and Mrs. Samuel McELHTNEY and other neighbors of Mr. EASTON were extremely kind to Mrs. KELLY during her long sickness, and she requested us to express her heartfelt thanks to them in these columns for their kindness and sympathy.
Adaline HUFFMAN, wife of Philip HUFFMAN, died of cancer of the stomach at her home near Croake (P.O. address in Spring Point Tp.) at 11 o'clock a.m. last Thursday, and was buried in the Berry cemetery at 2 o'clock p.m. Friday, in the presence of about 300 relatives and friends. Mrs. HUFFMAN was a devoted member of the Christian church and lived the life of a consistent Christian. The EXPRESS unites with the many friends of the family in extending sympathy to the bereaved father and the five children in the hour of their affliction and sorrow. (A person can suffer from cancer for a long period of time but the cause of death can be from another illness-place of their marriage from Phillips Pension Application).
[Obit, Toledo Democrat, Toledo, Aunt Lu's Collection.]


OBIT. WILLIAM BROOKS DEAD. Well known Resident of Coles Co, Pisses Away. Willie BROOKS, of Charleston, formerly of Diona, died Friday morning. He had been sick for about three weeks with the fever. Mr. BROOKS was 29 years old and had lived in Coles most of his life. He was married to Miss Maude BUTLER, daughter of Doctor BUTLER. To this union, two children was born, one of whom has gone to a better world. The other, Letha, is left with its mamma to try to comfort her in her deep sorrow. Besides the daughter and Maude, the kind and loving wife, he leaves a father and brother. Pet BROOKS, who lives in Greenup. Also eight half brothers and sisters, who thought just as much of Willie as they would an own brother. Besides he leaves many friends and relatives to mourn his loss.
The remains were brought to the Hurricane Church Saturday evening, where Mr. Will STALLINGS gave a brief sketch of his life. Then the friends and relatives viewed the remains for the last time here on earth. The Modem Woodman then took charge of the body, Willie being the first one in their lodge to depart from this world. The pall bearers were George TOMBERLIN, Tilden ANDERSON, Bertie HOSENEY, Lee ADAMS, Oren STALLINGS, Ira COLEMAN. The lodge and friends of Maude extend their sympathy to her....     
[Democrat, Toledo, 21 July 1904, p. 4, c. 4.]

Mrs. EASTON DEAD. Death came to relieve the sufferings of Mrs. John EASTON at her home at Dorans this morning at 3:15 o'clock. This is the lady upon whom a surgical operation was performed a few days ago, an abscess being removed from her brain. At the time it was feared she could not survived the ordeal. Deceased was aged about 40 years and leaves to mourn a husband and six children. She was a good mother and a faithful wife. Mrs. EASTON was the niece of Perry SWICKARD of this city and the daughter of Clinton SWICKARD of Bradbury. (This may be who Aunt Lu called "Lyb.") The remains were taken south this afternoon at 3:15 for burial in the Swickard family lot near Bradbury. {Mattoon Journal). The funeral of Mrs. EASTON was preached by Rev. A. L. CASELEY Wednesday forenoon.
[Toledo Democrat, Toledo, 21 July 1904, p.4, c.4]


P(eter) B(rookhart). HUFFMAN was called to Decatur Friday by the illness of his sister, Mrs. Mary KEITH, who died and whose remains he accompanied here Saturday afternoon, [c.3] ....She died at her home last Friday, and her remains were taken to the home of her sister, Mrs. B. A. GRISSAMORE, where the funeral services were held at 3 o'clock, and conducted by Rev. J. C. BELL, of the M. E. Church, after which the interment took place in Toledo Cemetery.

Mary A. MILLER was born in Morgan Co., IN., June 9,1851. Her father having died just prior to her birth. At four years of age she was brought to Illinois. When sixteen years old, she united with the Christian Church and at eighteen was united in marriage to Charles BRADLEY, of Charleston, IL.. He departed this live April, 1880. In 1883, she was married to James KEITH, of Decatur, EL. Her mother, Eliza Ann ELDER, was the 2'd wife of widower, Eli HUFFMAN, died in February 1885. Mary died March 29,1907, being 55 years, 9 months and 20 days old. She leaves three sisters, Mrs. Barbara GRISSAMORE, Rose M. BARGER and Elizabeth HENDRICKS and four brothers, Peter, John, Frank and Robert HUFFMAN to mourn her death.
[Toledo Democrat, Toledo, Cumb. Co., IL., April 4,1907, p. 5, c. 3-4. IL State His.Libr.]

Death of Mrs. Leander EASTON
Martha ESTES, was born June 18,1858, at Neoga, IL., and died March 30,1907, at the home of her brother, George ESTES, in Neoga. She was married to Leander EASTON, Sept. 28,1875. Ten children were born to this union, of whom five died in infancy. She acknowledged Christ as her personal Saviour when quite young. Her life was that of a consistent Christian, earnest, hopeful; a true friend and an interesting companion. She was a member of the A. C. AT Roslyn at the time of her death. She was a sufferer for fifteen months. Three weeks ago she was taken to Neoga, to the home of her brother, thinking the change would help her, but she only grew weaker. She passed away, surrounded by her family, a brother and two sisters. She leaves to mourn, a husband, one son, Oley EASTON, and four daughters, Mrs. Maggie TAYS, Mrs. Anna ELDER, and Mary and Grace EASTON, a mother 85 years of age, one brother and five sisters, with a host of other relatives and friends, but now she is resting sweetly.
[Toledo Democrat, Toledo, 4 April 1907, p.5, c,4. IL. State Historical Library Collection]


"34." Death Record, No. 3
Andrew Jackson HOLT, m/w, married, b. IN., Oct 11, 1856, age 54 yrs., 4 mos, 20 days. Died 1 March 1911 at about 10 a.m„ Laborer, died in Cumberland Co., IL., buried Toledo, March 3'd, 1911,12 o'clock. He had lived in Illinois 48 yrs.. Informant: Thurman B. HOLT, Toledo, IL„ Undertaker, F. G. ROBERTSON, Toledo, IL.. Medical Certificate of cause of Death: I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from Nov. 20th 1911, to March 1,1911, that I last saw him alive on the 28th of Feb., 1911, that death occurred on date stated above, at about 10 o'clock a.m. and that to the best of my ability, death was as hereunder written...(blank ). Dated 9 March 1911, Will L. SMITH, M.D., Toledo, filed 26 June 1911, Philip MEYER, County Clerk.
[Cumb. Co., Court House Death Record]

Certificate and Record of Death
Emma J. STEWART, Aw, married, b. Illinois, April 16,1862, age 48 years, 10 months,.... Died on the 2 March 1911, at about 3 p.m., housewife, died in Sumpter Tp., Cumberland Co., IL., bur. Toledo Cemetery, March 3,1911, at 1 p.m.. She lived in the State all her life. Her father was Thomas "STEWART b. England, (This should read, Thomas SMITH, b. Engl.. There are errors found on death certificates) Her mother was Susan HANNA, b. New York. Informant: J. H. STEWART, Toledo, IL., Undertaker, F. G. ROBERTSON, Toledo. Medical Cause of Death: I hereby certify that I attended deceased from Dec. 1,1908 to March 2'd 1911, that I last saw her alive on the 26'th day of Feb. 1911, That death occurred on date stated above, at about 3:15 a.m. and that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the cause of her death was., .bone tumor. Dated: 8 March 1911, Will L. SMITH, M.D., Toledo, filed for Record this 26th day of June 1911, Philip MEYER, CG.
[Cumberland Co., IL., County Court House, Toledo, Death Records.]

Certificate and Record of Death
of John BOWMAN, m/w, b. Sumpter Tp., (date of birth not given), died on the 31'st day of March 1911, at about 10:p.m. at Toledo, Cumberland Co., IL., burial, Toledo Ceme., Toledo, April 1,1911, at 10 a.m.. Son of Wm. BOWMAN, b. IL.; mother, Cora STRAYTON, b. IL.. Informant, Wm. BOWMAN, of Toledo. Cause of death: Placentu Previa in mother. Wit. this 6 April 1911 by W. R. RHODES of Toledo, (cut off)
[Cumb. Co., IL, Co. Court Toledo, Death Records]


Obit. Mrs. Elizabeth MOORE, died at the home of her son, Thomas J. MOORE, in Flemington, Thursday morning, Aug. 8,1912. She was born April 10,1824; was baptized into Christ when about sixteen years old by Nathan J. MITCHELL, one of the old pioneers of this country. She is survived by her son, four daughters, eleven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren Funeral was conducted at the disciple church. Interment in Fleming Cemetery. Chas. A. SWISHER. Howard, PA..
[Aunt Lu's Collection, undocumented. The above Obit, was printed above another Obit, for Philip HUFFMAN, ]

"p. 84" DEATH RECORD, No. 3
Certificate and Record of Death.  Register No. 39398.
Doris DECIUS, f/w, single, born Toledo, May 31,1911. Age 1 year, 2 months, 2 days, 8 hours. Died 8 August 1912 at about 7 a.m., in Toledo, Cumberland Co., IL.. Buried Toledo Ceme., Aug. 9th, 10 a.m.. Lived in State, all of her life. Dau. of Owen DECIUS, b. IL., and Eva CASTELO, b. IL., informant, Owen DECIUS, Toledo, IL. Undertaker, F. G. ROBERTSON, Toledo. Medical Certificate of Cause:
Apart from his immediate family, he has three surviving brothers, viz.: John S. EASTON, of Casey; Stephen R. EASTON, of this city and Charles M EASTON, of Danville, IL.. The funeral will be conducted from the First M. E. Church on Tuesday at two o'clock p.m.. The obsequies which will be under G. A.R. auspices will be in charge of the Rev. Mr. PETERS, assisted by the Rev. B. F. SHIPP. Interment will be made at Edgar Cemetery.
[Beacon, Paris, Ill.18 Aug. 1913, p. 4, c. 4. IL. State His. Lib. Col]

Obit Henry Everett EASTON, was bom in Cumberland Co., IL., Aug. 12,1881, and died at his home six miles west of Toledo on Sunday afternoon, April 25,1915.
On July 31,1904, he was married to Miss Mary TATE. To this union were bom four children: Orcn, Vernon, Golden and Moldy.
He leaves to mourn his death a wife and four children, a father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. EASTON, one sister, Mrs. Rosa GENTRY, five brothers, William, George,
Ulysses, Logan and Albert EASTON, together with many other relatives and friends. The funeral services were held at his late home on Monday at 10 a.m.. Rev.YOUTSIER of Toledo, having charge of the service. The interment took place at the Berry Ceme..
[Democrat, Toledo, IL., 29 April 1915, p. 5, c. 3. IL. State His. Libr. Col.]
Obit Nancy Augusta CROSBY, daughter of Jas. and Henrietta CROSBY, was born Feb. 14,1847, and departed this life April 6,1915, aged 67 years, 1 months and 9 days.
She was bom in Indiana and was united in marriage to W. R. BATES, 34 years last November. She leaves to mourn their loss a kind husband, five brothers, one sister and a host of relatives and friends.
Funeral services were held at the home in Diona, April 7,1915 at 3:00 o'clock by Wm. H. STALUNGS. Burial at Hurricane Cemetery. The husband has me sympathy of the friends and neighbors. May God's grace be sufficient in this sad bereavement and may all live so as to hear the Master say, "Well done," when our pilgrimage is ended here. A friend.
[Democrat, Toledo, IL., 29 April 1915, p. 5, c. 3. IL. State Hist Libr. Coll.]


OBIT. Mary A. KELLY. Mrs. Mary A. KELLY died last evening at a brief illness of 10 days. She was 58 years of age, a native of IL., and had lived in this City for over 34 years. She came west but a young woman and has lived in the State for 38 years. She made her home at 653 Third Street and leaves to mourn besides her family, Chas. F. KELLY, two sons, Jesse and Allen of this city. She was a member of San Bernardino Council #3373 of the Security Benefit Association (1) Her funeral, by Milton E. FISH, Pastor of 1'st Bapt Ch., bur. at Mountain View Mausoleum. (2); Mary Ann KELLY, b. 1859, Majority Point Tp., Cumberland, II,., dau. of George "Washington" EASTON & Margaret R. LARUE, at Clear Creek in 1860 (3-4) mar. 20 October 1881,(4) to Charles F. KELLY..Mary was a beautiful woman and spoken of highly by all who knew her. There is a photo of her in her apron, with her two son's, and husband Charles, in front of their barber shop in Colton, CA., at the turn of the century. A photo of her son Jesse at Catalina with a huge fish was among Aunt Lu's photo's. (l)Sun Telegraph, San Bernardino, Calif., 14 Dec. 1920; (2) Ibid, 15 Dec. 1920; (3).
Aunt Lu Oakley, nee Huffman; (4) Kenneth Easton;]


60. Stale of Illinois, Standard Certificate of Death, Cumberland Co., Sumpter Tp., Reg.
No. 186, Primary Dist. No. 6343 Reg. No. 18. William STEWART, m/w, married, b. April 8, 1838, age 83 yrs., 3 mos., 7 days, farmer, b. Illinois, son of Robert STEWART, b. KY. and Elizabeth MORRIS, b. KY., Informant, J. H. STEWART, Toledo, IL., Filed July 16,1921, Jerry POE, Registrar. William STEWART died 15 July 1921. I hereby certify, that I attended deceased from July 15,1921 to July 15,1821, and that death occurred on the date stated above at 9 p-m.. The cause of death was acute nephritis, cystitis, general debility, chronic nephritis. Contributory, old age. Diagnosis was made by general symptoms. R. F. STEPHENS, M.D., Toledo, IL., dated July 16,1921, Telephone 29. Burial: Toledo Ceme., July 17, 1921. Undertaker, F. O. ROBERTSON, Toledo, IL..
[Death certificate. Cumberland Co., IL., County Court House, Toledo, Death Rec.]


Talitha STEWART's Death Certificate
11- Reg. Dist. No. 186, Cumberland Co., IL,, Sumpter Tp., Primary Dist. No. 6343, 853, Reg. No. 5. Talitha STEWART, wife of William STEWART, bom 15 February 1840. Age 82 years, 11 mos., 15 days, housewife, b. Hutton Tp., Coles Co., IL.. Father
UNKNOWN, Maiden name of mother: BEAVERS. Informant, scratched out Toledo, IL, filed Jan. 31,1923, Jerry POE, Registrar. Medical Certificate of Death, 164. I hereby certify, that I attended deceased from Jan. 21,1823 to Jan. 30,1923, that I last saw her alive on Jan. 27,1923, and that death occurred on the date stated above at 10 p.m.. The cause of death was as follows; general senile disab. (ink blotch). Old age, heart trouble, kidney. Disease contacted at home. No autopsy, cause confirmed by general 'symptoms. Signed, R. F. STEPHENS, Toledo. Bur. Toledo Ceme., date of burial, appears to be 23 Jan. 1923 (type fuzzy). Undertaker, J. F. YANAWAY, Toledo, (her dau. rel. that her mother had told her she was born in Westfield. There is much confusion regarding her birth. She was said to be a COX, raised by the BEAVER's but she signed her mar. lic, Telitha BEAVERS, and her grandfather, William BEAVERS in his will calls to her daughter or grandaughter. The confusion is pos. because there is a relationship to a COX who did marry a BEAVERS, or vice versa, and I did find a Talitha living with a COX family on the 1850 census at Pike Co. or a neighboring Co.. I have not yet compared the birth dates. It is pretty much. confirmed though that her father's name is "Unknown." Her mother was Elizabeth BEAVERS, who latter married, 6 Jan. 1848 in Coles Co., IL., to Charles MILLS, by John GOODMAN, MG ECC and had a few other children, also mentioned in the will of William BEAVERS..
[Death Certificate, Cumberland Co., JL.Co.Ct Hse, Death Records; Coles Co., Mar. Index, 1831-1850, Inclusive, p. 49, compiled by the Coles Co. Genoa. Soc^ and Marriage Certificate; Wills, William BEAVER.]


OBIT. CHARLES F. KELLY. Another long time resident of San Bernardino was claimed by death when Cnarles F. KELLY died Thursday, April 7,1927, at the age of 68 years. He had lived in San Bernardino for more than 40 years, most of that time following his trade as a barber. He had been ill for some time. Mr. KELLY was a native of IL.. He is survived by two sons, Allen KELLY and Jesse KELLY, both of San Bernardino.( 1)
FUNERALS. CHARLES F. KELLY. Funeral services for Charles F. KELLY will be held from the Mark B. SHAW Co. Chapel, Tuesday at 3 p.m.. it was announced yesterday. Interment will be in Mountain View Mausoleum. Mr. KELLY died Thursday....(2) Upon checking the Mountain View Cemetery records, we found that the remains of his wife, Mary A. KELLY, nee EASTON, had been moved from the mausoleum to the ground area in 1937, next to Charles.(3) Charles F. KELLY, b. 7 Oct 1856, Charleston, Coles, IL., was the son of Ebenezer S. KELLY and Mary SHOOTS. His first son, Allen C. KELLY was bora May ! 882 in Coles Co., IL., and mar. abt 1910 in CA., to Margaret IRVIN, b. 6 May 1891, in Little Rock, Arkansas. They had Fawn KELLY, b. 8 Dec 1908 and Laye KELLY, b.a. 1908. These two children performed with the Siegfield Follies. (3,4,5) [(1). San Bernardino Daily Sun, Sat, 9 April 1927; (2) Ibid, Sun_10 Apr.1927; (3) Dates, Obit copies, Kenneth EASTON; (4) Aunt Lu OAKLEY, nee HUFFMAN; (4) Uncle Minor HUFFMAN.].

James P. ADKINS, d. 29 June 1927, m/w, age 63 yrs_, single, general labor, b. Prairie City, IL., son of Joel ADKINS, b. Cumb. Co., IL., and Mary DELP. Informant: J. C. WALDRIP, of Greenup. Death Certificate filed, 29 June 1927, with Jerry POE (Registrar) of Toledo, IL. An Inquest was held and his death was due to dropsy of leakage of the heart (signed) J. C. WALDRIP, Greenup, IL, 29 June, 1927. Bur., Toledo
Cemetery, 29 June, 1927. Undertaker C. H. MARK WELL, Casey, IL (tombstone says: b. 25 April 1863-27 June 1927) [Place of death, Cumberland, Reg. Dist No.: 186; Primary Dist No.: 4330; Street & No., 1349. Reg. No. 14 (nonsecutive No.] Death Cert


Obit O(scar) C. EASTEN. Funeral services for O. C EASTEN, 60, of the Grand Hotel, who died Sunday evening at Lake View Hospital, will be held at 10 o'clock Thursday morning at the Pape Memorial Funeral Home. Burial will be in Greenwood Cemetery. The Rev. Gay C WHITE officiated. The Moose Lodge in charge of services at the grave.
[Commercial News, Danville, IL., Jury 31,1928, p. 4, c. 6; IL. State His. Lib.Col.]

Obit Frank D. M'KINSTRY. Funeral services for Frank D. McKINSTRY, 68, former resident of Danville, died Sun. at his homo In Crete, IL.. will be held at 10 o'clock Wed. am at A. B. HEATHERINGTON's home, 524 Meade St, Danville. Bur. Greenwood Ceme.
[Commercial Newt,Danville,IL. 31 July 1928,p.4,c.6. IL, llli.Llb.Collection.)

Death Records and Obituaries, cent
J. D. WADiZ. Funeral services for J. D. WADE, 61, of Collison, who died Sunday rooming at St Elizabeth Hospital, were held at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the Collison M. E Church. Burial was in Enberg Cemetery, near Colllson.
[Commercial Newt, Danville, IL, July 31,1928, p. 4, c.6. IL. State Historical Library Collection.)

Mrs. Mary VASTTNE. The body of Mrs. Mary VASTINE, 70 or 79 yrs, of near Campbell Station, northeast of Danville, who died Sunday morning, was sent to Covington, KY., Tuesday rooming by Edmund A Dickson, funeral directors, for burial.
[Commercial News, Danville, IL, July 31,1928, p. 4,c. 6. IL State Hit. Libr. Collcc.]

Obit Newton McDERMOTT, Funeral services for Newton McDERMOTT, 84, Civil War Veteran, who died Monday morning at the Soldiers' Homo Hospital, were held at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the Protestant Chapel. Burial was in tho Soldiers' Home Cemetery.
[Commercial News, Danville, IL, July 31,1928, p.4, c.6.. IL Stale Hit. Libr.]

Pneumonia is Fatal to 7 Month Old Child.
Mary E BROWN, 7 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Foster BROWN, 1309 North Collett Street, died at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning at her home. Death was caused by pneumonia. Surviving the little girl are her parents and three small sisters. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.
[Commercial News. Danville, IL, July 31,1928, p. 4,c. 7. IL State His. Library Collec.)

Obit Word has been received that Emberry HUFFMAN passed away at Monrovia, CA. August 11,1928, at tho age of 88 yrs., 6 months and seven days. Ho was a son of Ell HUFFMAN and Elizabeth (HOLCOMB). Ho was bom in Polk County, Indiana. February 4th, 1840, and rem. to IL, with his parents to IL. when a boy and lived on the farm on Ccnlerllno, known as tho Emanuel STIERWALT farm. When only a boy, ho enlisted In the Fifth Illinois Cavalry, When the war was over, he went west and took a claim. In his early days he was quito a wanderer, but finally settled in Monrovia, CA., and had lived there over twenty-flve years. Ho was noted for his integrity and industry. His ready wit won him friends wherever he went
He leaves to mourn his departure two brothers, (Eli) Til HUFFMAN, Trilla, IL.; Shade HUFFMAN, Trenton, MO.; three half brothers, child, of Eliza Ann ELDER, John HUFFMAN, Monrovia, CA., Pete HUFFMAN, of this place, half sister, Lizzie HENDRIX, Mattoon, IL., and a host of nieces and nephews In Illinois, Missouri and California, that will greatly miss Uncle Emberry, as he was a favorite of all. He was laid to rest in Monrovia, California.
[Cumb. Democrat, undated. Aunt Lu's collection, wife, of Charles F. OAKLEY.]  This is probably Parke Co., IN. as the Huffmans owned land in Liberty Tp. and in an adjoining Township.

Joe B. GREEN, son of the late Henry W. GREEN of Toledo and American Jane GREEN, passed away at his home, 2934 North Place, Oklahoma City, OK., August 23'd
of a heart attack, aged 88 years and five months.
Mr. GREEN was born in IN., March 23 "1875" (prob. March 23 1841* Obit. & death cert often have errors due to grief of the informant, and lack of actucal error. Printers also make error's.). His mother, infant brother and sister passed away while he was very young. He was married to Harriet Ellen THOMAS on April 4,1878. To this union were born three daughters and three sons, Janie THOMPSON of the home address, Carrie HODGES, Oklahoma City, Rt 5, Taressie HAMPHILL of Oklahoma City, Rt 8; Louis P. GREEN of El Reno, OK.; two sons, Willie and Joda passing away many years ago. Also, eight grandchildren, Richard J. THOMPSON, Harriet W. McCONNELL, Joe H. GREEN, Betty Luc GREEN, Billy HEMPHILL, Lowell HODGES, Charlenc BACON and Wayne HODGES; also seven great-grandchildren, Richard Joe THOMPSON, Margaret Ann McCONNELL, Joe H. GREEN, Shirley Jean HODGES, Sandra Kay HODGES, Jimmy L. HODGES and Larry Wayne HODGES, and two step-grandchildren, Bobbie and Do res, or Doris BACON, also a great host of friends.
Harriet Ellen THOMAS, or Mrs. GREEN, passed away at their home in Oklahoma City on Aug. (torn) 1929. Mr. GREEN and his family moved to Oklahoma City from Illinois on Aug. 28,1894, owning and living on his 400 acre farm thirteen miles west of the city until 1918 when they moved into the city. The body was laid to rest near his wife in the Fairlawn Mausoleum, Oklahoma City.
[Democrat, Toledo, Aunt Lu's Collection.]

OBIT. Bell HASTINGS Dead. In a letter from Mrs. Lydia H. SMITH of Booneville, Arkansas, the Democrat is informed of the death of Belle HASTINGS, a former resident of Cumberland County. She passed away Sunday evening, December 8, at 10:30 o'clock from the effects of flu complicated by heart trouble.
The following obituary appeared in the Booneville Democrat: Bell HASTINGS daughter of James J. HASTINGS and Elizabeth McNESEE was bom in Toledo, IL., 7 April 1869. Died December 8,1929, near Booneville, Arkansas.
She never was married but lived at home with father and mother as long as they lived, was deeply affectionate and tender towards all the family, taking the burden of their care upon herself. She was never a member of any church, yet always concerned about the word of God, since her health became broken and shut her in, has had but few opportunities of attending divine worship. Her love for the needy was manifested secretly in relieving their distress, trusting Him who seeth in secret for her reward. It can be well said of her. She has done what she could. The last several years of her life has been spent with her sister, Mrs. W. B. SMITH and family who have tenderly cared for her.
She was conscious of her passing out of this worid and told the family giving instructions regarding being laid away, choosing that her burial be here, saying that the Lord could find her here as well as in the land of her girlhood. She leaves one sister, the only remaining one of a family of eight, also the husband of the sister, one nephew, one niece, a cousin, Mrs. Eleanor Mae ROBERTS of Baziman, Mont, who has liberally given to her support through the years of her illness.
Funeral services were held at the home of W. B. SMITH, by Rev. L. G. BEARS; assisted by Rev. M. F. LANGLEY and burial at Glendaie, Dec. 10th..
(From the collection of Aunt Lu, 2'd wife of Charles F. OAKLEY, from the Cumberland Democrat-undated.]


Mrs. George EASTON Passed Away On Saturday. She was in ill health for several week, death not unexpected....sadness fell over the county Saturday when it became known that Mrs. Ann EASTON had passed away. Mrs. EASTON had been ill several weeks and while her death was not unexpected, we are not quite prepared for the summons of our friends and neighbors when it comes. Yet the summons comes and we are shocked to find our friend has crossed the river and entered the country from which none return.
Although bom in Indiana, Mrs. EASTON spent practically her entire life in Cumberland. She was a congenial woman and her home was exceptionally hospitable, enjoying the friendship of practically all who were acquainted with her. The funeral services were conducted Monday afternoon at 1:30 at the Christian Church by Elder C. W. FREEMAN. Miss Minnie HEDDIN, Mrs. Laura PARKER, Mrs. C. W. FREEMAN and Mrs. R. B. GRISSOM sang, 'Abide With Me,' and 'God Will Take Care of You.' Mrs. GRISSOM sang The Pearly White City."
The flower girls were Mrs. Philip HUFFMAN, Mrs. John HUFFMAN, Mrs. Bertha EASTON and Mrs. C. F. OAKLEY (Aunt Lu).
The pallbearers were Dr. C. C. MASSE, W. C. PARK, V. J. ELLIOTT, O.C. MILLER, Chas. A. MYERS and Floyd CUTTS. Interment was at Berry Cemetery.
Those who attended the funeral from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Chas. EASTON and family of Decatur, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse SNYDER and family of Springfield, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles LAWRENCE and son, Mr. and Mrs. Henry BOHEN (scratched) and son, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene CREAN and Henry EASTON, all of Mattoon.
Mrs. Ann EASTON, dau. of Isaac and Polly Ann ROSE, was bom in Green Co., IN., 9 July 1849 and departed this life 29 March 1930. She came to IL. with her parents when a small child and lived in Neoga Tp. until about 35 years ago when she moved to Toledo, where she resided until death called her home.
She united with the church under the preaching of Rev. Bartholomew WHITE when about sixteen and continued steadfast in the faith.
She was united in marriage to George W. EASTON 16 Sep. 1868. To this union nine children were born, five of whom are still living.   They are Mrs. Ida PETERS and Walter EASTON of Toledo; Charles EASTON of Decatur; Mrs. Lydia SNYDER of Springfield, and Mrs. Mollie MATTHEWS of Los Angeles, CA.. Mr. EASTON died about thirteen years ago.
She leaves to mourn her departure five children, 11 grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild, and many other relatives and friends. She was a loving mother, lived only for her children. CARD OF THANKS. We wish to thank the neighbors and friends who so kindly assisted us in our sad bereavement and also for the beautiful floral offerings. The children.
[Toledo Democrat, undated. Aunt Lu's Collection]

Eli Tillman HUFFMAN
Death Certificate, Reg. Dist No. 187, Primary Dist No. 6341/1789, Neoga Tp., Cumberland Co., IL., Reg. No. 32. Filed Dec. 12,1930, by W. R RODEBAUGH, Co. Cleric Eli Tillman HUFFMAN, m/w, widower, d. Nov. 6th, 1930, aged 85 yrs., 9 mos., 3 days. He was b. Febr. 3W, 1845. He was the husband of Elinore HUFFMAN. A retired farmer, b. Parke Co., IN., son of Eli HUFFMAN, b. N. C, (mother's maiden name listed as "unknown". It was Elizabeth HOLCOMB, of North Carolina) She died betw. 1850- 1853). Informant, C. B. HUFFMAN, Neoga, R.R. 2, IL., filed Nov. 8th, 1930 by Percy L. CLAYBAUGH, Registrar. Medical Certificate of Death, date of death, Nov. 6th., 1930, "I attended deceased from Feb. 26th. 1930, to Nov. 6th 1930, that I last saw him alive Nov. 5th, 1930, at 4 a.m.. The cause of death, paralysis of the insane, ill for 8 mos., signed, N. A. JONES, M.D., Tri 11 a, IL., dated. Nov. 6th, 1930, Telephone 8068. Bur. Dnimmond Ceme., Neoga, Cumberland Co., IL., 8th Nov., 1930. Undertaker, Free. B. SWENGEL, of Neoga.

Eli "Tilman" HUFFMAN
OBIT. Eli Tilman HUFFMAN, was bom in Parke Co., IN., Feb. 3,1845, and departed this life Nov. 6,1930, aged 85 yrs., 9 mos., 3 days.
He was the son of Eli HUFFMAN and Elizabeth (HOLCOMB). He came with his parents to Cumberland County in 1850 and lived on the farm now owned by 1 link "SIREWALT" west of Toledo until he became a man. The rest of his life he lived near Trilla with the exception of three years when he lived in Kansas. He was married to Marinda STIREWALT, 9 Feb.1870, who preceded him to the great beyond thirty years ago. He was the father of five children, three of whom are now living; Emma MITCHELL; Chas. HUFFMAN and Hattie THOMAS, all of near Trilla. Minnie and Walter preceded him in death.
He married again to Elinor UNDERWOOD, 17 Sep. 1906. faded...died 27 Feb. 1917. He leaves to mourn, one son, two daughters, nmet..granchildren and ten great grand children, one brother....Sparks.....The remains were followed to the Drummond Cemetery by a large concourse of sorrowing friends and relatives where interment took place. Uncle Till was well liked by all who knew him, was noted for his integrity and Uprightness. He will be sadly missed. His life spoke for its self, ever a kind father and a good neighbor.
Those from Toledo who attended the funeral were, Mr. and Mrs. Robert HUFFMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest HUFFMAN and daughter, Marjory, Mrs. C. F. OAKLEY, P. B. (C.B.?) HUFFMAN, Mrs. Glen BREWER, Mr. and Mrs. John HUFFMAN and daughter Madge, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. HUFFMAN, Mr. and Mrs. George HUFFMAN and daughter Doris, Mr. onJ Mrs. Philip HUFFMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Hink STIREWALT, and Mr. and Mrs. Clema STIREWALT and family. [... Democrat, Aunt Lu's Collection.]

Elizabeth ADKINS
Death Certificate, Reg. Dist., 186, Place of Death, Sumpter Tp., Primary Dist. No. 6343. Reg. No., 32. County Clerk, W. H. RODEBUROUGH.
Elizabeth ADKINS, f/w, widowed, wife of Henry ADKINS. She was bom, 22 Sep. 1842, died at age 90 years, 1 month, 1 day. Housewife, bom in Ohio, dau. of David SPIKER, b. Pennsylvania, mothers maiden name, LOWER, birth place unknown. Informant: Martha M. KINGERY, of Toledo, IL, filed Oct. 24th, 1932, with Jerry POE, Registrar, Toledo.
Elizabeth ADKINS died 23 Oct 1932. Doctor' certified that he attended her from Oct 9'th,1932 to Oct 23'd. last seeing her alive, Oct 22'd, 1932 at 2:30 am. She died of Chronic intestitial nephritis, which she had for the duration of approximately 10-15 yrs. Contributory to her death, Chronic Myconditis. It is unkn if the disease was contracted. No operation or autopsy. Diagnosis was confirmed by urinolysis. Signed, Floyd M. BRAYSHAW, M.D., of Toledo, dated 23 Oct, 1932, Telephone 29. Bur. Toledo, . 25 Oct 1932, in Sumpter Tp., Toledo, Cumberland, IL. Undertaker, L C. MARKWELL of Toledo, IL. Supplemental Report: Correction of Death Record, Cumb. Co., #109. (date of occurence, Oct 23,1932), filed Oct. 24,1932, Dist. No. 186, Reg. No. 32....I. L. H. MARK WELL, Und., ....should read as follows: Item No. 2a, should read, more than 50 years (length of residence in city or town where death occurred. Nov, 30,1932.
[Cumberland Co., IL, Co. Ct. Hse, at Toledo, Death Records.]


William A. HUFFMAN
William A. HUFFMAN, a life long resident of tho Toledo community, passed away at his home three and one-half miles west of Toledo this morning at 8:30 o'clock from a combination of ailments incident to ago. (hand written above, Oct. 20,1937). Ho was 76 years of ago.
Mr. HUFFMAN had been critically ill for two weeks and little hope had been held for his recovery.
Funeral services will be held at the family residence Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock with Rev. Vernon MORGAN officiating. Burial will be in the Berry Cemetery.

Mr. HUFFMAN, a son of Philip HUFFMAN and "Adeline" EASTON, was born March 26, 1861, a half mile from His place he had made his home for so many years. On 19 June 1887, he was united in marriage to Miss Bessie SEELEY at Toledo, IL.. He was a member of the Christian Church at Corinth.
Besides his widow, he is survived by four children, Harry HUFFMAN, John HUFFMAN, Mrs. Fern ROBERTS and Mrs. Gladys ELDER, all of the Toledo community, and 9 grand-children. Surviving also: one sister, Mrs. Lou OAKLEY of Toledo, and three brothers, Philip HUFFMAN of Toledo, Alvah HUFFMAN of San Joe, IL., and George HUFFMAN of Deming, (Roswell), New Mexico. The Obitutary will appear next week.
[.....Democrat, undated, Aunt Lu's Collection.]

William A. HUFFMAN, b. in Cumberland Co., IL., 26 March 1861 and departed this life, October 20,1937, aged 76 years, 7 months, 19 days....same as above... He united with the Church of Christ at Corinth about forty years ago and has always kept the faith. He has been a sufferer for many years. He was a devoted husband, a kind and loving father, a good citizen and neighbor. He was of a generous nature, always ready to help the needy. His home has often been open to the aged and orphans. He always had a pleasant word for every one he met Funeral services were conducted from the family home Friday afternoon, October 22, with Rev. C.G.HALL, pastor of the Toledo Methodist Church officiating. Internment was made in the Berry Cemetery.
A grand-daughter, stated that he was self-taught to play the fiddle and before he was married, played for dances.
[....Democrat, undated. Aunt Lu's Collection; 'from a Huffman-Elder History, compiled by Bill and Pat ELDER, at the Illinois Historical Library, Springfield, IL.] ,

Philip Washington HUFFMAN
Philip Washington HUFFMAN, son of Philip HUFFMAN and Adeline EASTON, was born Oct 15,1864. He was one of a family of five children, William, now deceased, Mrs. Lu OAKLEY, 2'd wife of Charles F. OAKLEY, RFD 3, Toledo, IL., George Gregg of Roswell, New Mexico, and Alva of San Jose, IL..
He grew to manhood on his father's farm, west of Toledo (nr. Croak P.O., Spring Point Tp.), and on 4 July 1884, he was united in marriage to Sara(h) I. ESTES. To this union they had six children: Paula and Lois who preceded their father in death; Austin of Decatur, IL.; Henry of Martinsville, IL.; George of Toledo and Logan of Brocton, IL..
This couple began their happy married life on a farm in Spring Point Township, later moving to Martinsville, where they entered the milling business and continued this until 1919 when they returned to a farm near Toledo where on July 4,1936, they happily celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary, with a host of friends, relatives and immediate family. They moved to their present home in Toledo in 1937 where the father passed away on Nov. 6,1941, at the age of 77 years and 22 days.
He was an ardent lover of music and had a number of hobbies and avocations. Many years ago he became interested in the making of violins and while operating the mill at Martinsville, during his spare time be made many violins. A large number of these instruments are to be found around Martinsville and Toledo. He played the violin himself.
His musical ability led him to organize a number of singing schools, which continued with success for many years. He composed one song, writing both the music and words; which was sung at this service by a men's quartet
He was always interested in civic work, and during his younger days served on the cit council at Martinsville, also be served as a member of the city school board of that city.
In his passing he leaves a golden bundle of unselfish deeds, and a memory of a good life in the hearts of his loved ones. He leaves a faithful, loving companion, the four sons six grand-children, two brothers and a sister, other relatives and a host of friends.
Funeral services were conducted by Rev. C. 0. HALL from the Christian Church in Toledo, Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Music was furnished by Mrs. Lucille GRISSOM, soloist, and a quartet composed of Ben WILLIS, W. A. CARR, Chas. M. CONNOR and John TABER. Burial was in the Berry Cemetery.
Flowers were in charge of Dorothy HUFFMAN; Doris Jean HUFFMAN, Goldie HUFFMAN, Madge HUFFMAN, Norma HUFFMAN, Mrs. Evelyn KITCHEN. Maude HUFFMAN, Gladys ELDER.
Pallbearers were Clint ELDER, Harry HUFFMAN, Johnnie HUFFMAN, Edward J. BENES, Carl OAKLEY and Jerry KITCHEN. [.Dcmoc.,TH.,Nov. 13,1941, Aunt Lu's


F(rancis). M(arion) EASTON died at 11:15 o'clock Wed. p.m., 15 April 1942. at his home four miles south of M at too n. He was 62 years old.
The funeral will be held at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the Miller Funeral Chapel in Charleston. Burial will be in Greasy Point Cemetery near Charleston.
Mr. EASTON was born 7 June (dup. July) 1880, near Janesvillo, a son of Jasper (Newton) EASTON and Susan HILL. Ho was engaged in farming virtually all his life. He leaves his wife Cora Evelyn (DAVIS): six sons: Hugh; Fred and R. M. EASTON of Mattoon, Woodrow of Toledo and Robert and Thomas at home; four dau's, Mrs. Ralph ADAMS of Minneapolis, Minn., Mrs. Ruth WOODARD of Detroit, Mich., Mrs. Lynn HILL, Mrs. Fannie REYNOLDS of Charleston; two sisters, Mrs. M. U. CLAYBAUGH of Gays, Mrs. M. B. SCHMIDT of Reno, Nov., and 13 grandchildren.
[Journal Gazett i Commercial Star, Mattoon, IL., Apr. 16,1942, p. 12, c. 1. IL. His. Libr. Collection.]

1943 .

War Department Report on Lieut Mac HUFFMAN
Since the official report of the death of Lt Mac HUFFMAN, on a bombing raid over Germany, Mrs. Vera HUFFMAN and Mr. and Mrs. Harry HUFFMAN, parents, have received several letters from members of the Air Force in England, giving some of the details of the fatal flight A sister of the pilot of Mac's plane recently wrote stating that the pilot is a prisoner of war in Germany. Members of the formation noticed that Mac's plane was severely damaged by flac while over the object of their attack and that it left the formation and undoubtedly landed safely and was a prisoner.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry HUFFMAN recently received the following letter from the Adjutant General's office at Washington:
Dear Mr. and Mrs. HUFFMAN:
It is with deep regret that I am writing to confirm the recent telegram informing you of the death of your son, Second Lieutenant Mac W. HUFFMAN, 0-749,433, Air Corps, who was previously repoted missing in action since 1 December 1943 over Germany.
Information has now been received from the German Government through the International Red Cross stating that he died on 1 December 1943. This would indicate that he was killed in action on the date he was previously reported missing in action and it has been so recorded on the records of the War Department
We realize the burden of anxiety that has been yours since he was reported missing in action and deeply regret the sorrow mis message brings you. May the knowledge that he made the supreme sacrifice for his home and country be a source of sustaining comfort to you.
'I extend to you my deep sympathy, Sincerely yours, J. A. ULLO (or ULTO), Major
General, The Adjutant General.
[Toledo Democ., Aunt Lu's Collec.,. of C.F. OAKLEY, Undated.]


ROBERT SHAW, a highly respected and lifelong resident of Toledo, died at his home Wednesday afternoon. He had been in ill health for the last seven years, for the last several weeks     condition....(paper creased when copied, concealing lines) the Christian Church in Toledo on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 29, at 2:30 O'clock. Burial will be made in the Toledo Cemetery.
Mr. SHAW is survived by two sons, Lewis SHAW of Toledo and Harlan SHAW of Houston, Texas. A grandson, Robert SHAW, is in the U. S. Army, at the present time being stationed in Germany.
Robert SHAW, son of Wiley and Phoebe SHAW, was born October 16,1862 in Crawford County and departed this life Sept 26,1945, at the age of 82 years, 11 months and 10 days. The obituary will appear next week.
[... Aunt Lu's Collection, undoc.]


Harry Wayne HUFFMAN
Funeral services for Harry HUFFMAN of Toledo, World War I veteran, were held at the Christian Church in Toledo, Sunday afternoon at 2: o'clock with Rev. Chester GROVES officiating. Following the church service, the body was laid to rest in the Toledo Cemetery with military services at the graveside. He was 53 years of age.
Harry was stricken with a heart attack last Thursday morning at 11 o'clock and died within a few minutes. His death came as a shock to the community for his had given no indication of illness. At the church services a quartet composed of Ben WILLIS, Ray LANE, M. C. EVERHART and Wilson CARR, accompanied by Mrs. Margaret OHMEN and Mrs. Lore Ann NEAL, sang....PalIbcarcrs were Masons and World War I veterans. Flowers were from the nieces of Mr. HUFFMAN. Harry was a life long member of the community and hod been In farming practically all his life, his farm being located southwest of Toledo about two miles. He was an expert carpenter and between fanning seasons he was generally busy with building and carpentry work. He took interest in local Masonry and Legion work, and donated much of his time to the building of the local American Legion post hall on the square in Toledo.
Harry Wayne HUFFMAN was born near Toledo, May 25, 1896, son of William A. HUFFMAN and Bessie SEELEY. He passed away at his home, April 28,1949 aged 52 years, 11 months and 2 days. On August 23,1919, he married Miss Maude PINKARD and had Mac Wayne, who lost his life in tho service of his country.
He is survived by his widow, his mother, tho following brothers and sisters, John; Mrs. Fern ROBERTS; Mrs. Gladys ELDER, one grandson, Mac Wayne, Jr., and a host of relatives and friends.
He was a member of the Christian Church, the WILE Y-MUM FORD Post of the American Legion and the local Masonic Lodge.
Out of town friends and relatives who attended tho funeral were: Mr. A Mrs. Cecil SEELEY of Fairmont; Mr. and Mrs. Earl LUTZ, Mr. and Mrs. Alex SUMMERS, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. SCUOOLH Y of Mattoon, Wm. ELDER of North Carolina, Mr. and Mrs, Oliver STIERWALT of Humboldt, Lester SEELEY of Shumway, Raymond HUFFMAN of Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. Alvah HUFFMAN of San Jose; Mr. and Mrs. Herman McCONNELL and sons of Robinson; Logan and Dorothy HUFFMAN of Champaign, Alvan GORDON of Trilla; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. LOGAN; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley SMITH; Mr. and Mrs. W. GARRET of Mattoon, Mr. and Mrs. Tom GATHERS of Neoga, Mr. and Mrs. Milton McKINNEY of Montrose, Mr. and Mrs. Marion WALKER of Slgel, Mr. and Mrs.D...HUFFMAN; Everett OAKLEY of Greenup, and Mr. and Mrs. HENRY of Martinsville.
Also from out of town: Mr. and Mrs. Will HAYES, Neoga; Mr. and Mrs. Mack HAYS; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald HAYS; Dr. and Mrs. R. G. JONES, Mattoon; Mr. and Mrs. James HEMMINGHOUS E, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn HAYS, South Bend, IN.; Mrs, Gertrude HALL; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth GRAFTON and sons; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard HENDERSON, Casey; Miss Eunice HALL, Chicago; Robert LEONARD; Mr. O. B. BALUNGER; Mr. and Mrs. John WH1TLER; Mr. and Mrs. Joe WHITLEY; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest WHITLEY; Miss Lois PINKARD, Mattoon. Card of Thanks: Mrs. Maude HUFFMAN; Mac Wayne HUFFMAN; Mrs. Bessio HUFFMAN and family.
[Toledo Democrat, TH., 5 May 1949, contributed by Kenneth EASTON; Collection of Aunt Lu, wife of Charles F. OAKLEY. RFD 3, Toledo]


HARLAN R. TRAVIS. Chrisman, IL, Nov. 20, Harlan R. TRAVIS, 88 yrs.. who suffered a fractured hip three weeks ago near his home six miles southeast of Chrisman, died at 2 p.m. Thursday at Paris Hospital.
He was born in Russell County, KY., on May 25,1865. His wife preceded him in death on 11 March 1947.
Survivors are four sons, R. A. of Hammond, IN., Homer H., of Clinton, IN., Aubrey of North Platte, Neb., and Fern of Chrisman; and one dau., Mrs. Faye JOHNSON of St Bemice, IN.; 10 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Funeral Services conducted by Rev. Earl VAUGHN  Logan Methodist church at two o'clock Sunday afternoon. Interment will be at the Franklin Cemetery. The body is at the Scott Funeral home.
[Paris, IL, BEACON, 20 Nov. 1953, p. 2, c. 5, *6. Obit Collection at IL State His. Library, Springfield, IL. starts center of c. 6, circled in red, hopefully by librarian.]

CHARLES ROY WRIGHT. Terre Haute, IN., Nov. 20,1953. Funeral services for Charles Roy WRIGHT, 63 yrs., native of Centenary, IN., who died from a heart attack Thursday at his home here, will be held at two o'clock Saturday at the Martin Funeral Home, and burial will be at Roselawn Memorial Park. For 20 years he had operated a drug store at Twenty-Fifth Street and Washington Avenue. His wife, Helen, and two children, three brothers and five sisters are surviving.
[Paris, IL. Beacon, IL. State Historical Library, Springfield, IL., Collection]


Douglas JANES, d. 12 August 1958, Cumberland Co., inside the City limits of Toledo, IL., lived in the City limits of Toledo, 10 years, m/w, widowed, retired farmer, son of Thomas JANES and Martha KINGERY, never entered any U.S. Armed Forces, nor had a social security number. His usual place of residence, Cumberland Co., IL.,, Village of Toledo, for 99 yrs., res. on a farm. He was born 2 Jan. 1859, in Illinois, U.S. citizen. Age 99 years old at death, 12 Aug. 1958. Informant, Martha STROUD, his daughter. Cause of death, Coronary Occlusion, due to Arteriosclerosis and Senility. Interrval between onset and death, 30 Min. 15-20 yr.. No autopsy. I herby certify that I attended the deceased from July 1,1954 to Aug. 12,1958, that I last saw the deceased alive on Aug. 11,1958, and that death occurxred at 12:30 p.m.. Date 8-12-58 L.E.

M. D. MASSIE, Vik 9-4151. Bur. 8/14/58 Toledo Memoria, Sumpter Tp., Funeral Director: Markwell LASHMET, Toledo. Signed E. J. LASHMET, Lic. NO., 3900. Removed for filing on Aug. 18,1958, signed by Kenneth KIRK.
[Cumberland Co., IL., County Court House, Toledo, Death Records. Death Certificate]

Source FHL US/CAN Film  1440441 Items 1 - 3

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