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In the early history of Cumberland County, the prevailing family remedy or cure-all for the shakes, ague, chills, fever, malaria, milk sickness and other ailments was roots, barks, berries and whiskey. Many families would have a jug containing this concoction and all members of the family were given a swig each morn­ing, the old man usually partaking of a double swig. No doubt the only benefit received was the stimulation the whiskey provided, but many believed in it.

Physicians were few and located at distant points, but if this had not been the case, the settlers did not have the money to employ them for every recurrence of the familiar illnesses. For­tunately, along came the old-time doctor with his quinine, dovers powders, squills, paragaric, castor oil, blue mass pills and a vari­ety of poultices. There were also in all communities one or more women who practiced as mid-wives at childbirth and usually without receiving any pay for their services.

The first doctor coming to Prairie City (Toledo) was Dr. Lewis Brookhart, who came in 1855. Other doctors in Toledo were John W. Lee, J. H. Yanaway, John Chapman, Mintor, Edward Miles, Joseph Eskridge, W. W. Park, A. J. Reeves, D. C. Chambers, R. G. Megath, Robert Bloomfield, G. E. Lyons, Virgil Carter, McCarthy, Hershel Donivan, Charles R. Bird, R. F. Stephens, William Smith, F. M. Brayshaw, M. M. Brayshaw, Supple, W. R. Rhodes, and David Boyce and Dr. Phillippi.

 The current doctors in Toledo are Dr. Lowell E. Massie, Dr. L. E. McNeill and Dr. Robert J. Wochner.

Two early doctors in Greenup were Dr. Harrison Rodebaugh and his wife, Mary Good Rodebaugh. Other doctors in Greenup were Jonathan Shull, Lafayette Mintor, J. W. Goodwin, Samuel W. Quinn, N. G. James, W. L. Lechrone, W. Frank Wetty, An­thony Goodwin, James Ewart, Richard Colliver, C. J. Duncan, A. J. Peters, C. J. Hancock, C. G. Cochran, F. A. Fisher, Elver Gar­rison, C. M. Brown, N. J. Haughton, Joseph Miranti, N. J. Beck, and Laszlo Varju. Dr. Varju is still in Greenup. Some of the smaller towns had doctors in the earlier days of history. Hazel Dell had B. F. Little, Charles Cochran, J. F. Adams, W. E. Harris, and George Thorns. Diona had Franklin, Butler and O'Connor. Jewett had L. Downs, James, Myers, Mondy, Frisbie, Zobrist and Rawlins and his son, John Rawlins.

The present doctor in Neoga is Dr. Robert F. Swengel.
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