Greenup High School

High School
back of photo
Greenup Illinois High School Built in 1897, 1898 was first class to graduate from this building of which I was one. No. in class 4 girls 5 boys
Sadie Harris - Maude Rowe - Pearl Sandefur - May Travis - Harold Bright
Garfield Borden - Hallie Lowe - David Carson - Lewis Markwell
Wm C. Brandenburg School Supt. Note: by Berta May (Travis Thomen

My first grade school room was on the first floor to the left of the door. Miss Heath was the teacher. Travis' first grade room was in the addition on the southwest corner of the building, at the rear. Victoria Thoman was his teacher.
Harold Thomen

Class of 1909

To the best of our knowledge, the picture reads as follows. Glen Ruffner brought the picture to the office and some of the
names were on the back,
with the aid of Mrs. Hattie Goodman Williams the rest were identified

Back Row L-R: Henry Nees, Kent Morgan, Emil Parker, Fred Green, Lyle Ward, Teacher
Alice Cash, Clara Hopper, Henry Carrell, Thelma Cook, Maggie Anderson, Hattie Ewart,
Gladys Fitch, Bonnie Fitch, John Dees, Edgar VanDyke, John Carey,
Lester Rose, Ila Monahon, Wayne Bancroft, Charles Aldrich.

Greenup High School
Class 1911

Seven young adults were the sum total of the Greenup High School graduating class.
One of these graduates, Zula Williams, authored the Class History, as recorded in the Greenup High School Annual of nineteen hundred and eleven.
Charles Hutzel
Erma Fitch
Geneva Peters
Georgia Dillon
Ruby Stafford
William Thomas
Zula Williams

Charles Hutzel
Erma Fitch
Geneva Peters
Georgia Dillon
Ruby Stafford
William Thomas
Zula Williams

Greenup High School
Class of 1915

Greenup High School 1915
Left to Right
Wayne Travis -  Hugh Fitch - -Pearl Travis -  Dewey Van Dyke
Kerns Shade - Oscar Myers - Morris Cook - Stacey Bowman
Winnie Matteson - Bonnie Beeman - Reba Crouch
Contributed by Marion Cook


The above picture is the graduating class of 1928 from Greenup High School. 
The picture was taken in in February 1927 in the
new gym (according to Vera Stanberry)
Back Row L-R: Paul Moarton, Evelyn Wiley, Elsie Waterford, Alta Paul, Lucille Richardson, Eleanor Wood,
Opal Wetherholt, Alma Jones, Juanita Loving (advisor) and Arnold Ozier
2nd Row L- R: Phillip Eubank, Arnold Richardson, Edgar Jobe, Howard Ogden,
Russell Waterford, Harlan Titus, John E Waldrip, Ralph Wickiser.
Front Row L-R: Opel Griffith, Inez Matteson, Oneita Perisbo,
Vera Stewart, Merle Carlen and Helen Enyart

Greenup High School
Freshman Class

Above is a photograph of the Freshman Class of Greenup High School in the mid forties. 
A lady brought the photo to the office and said it was 1943, but we have found out differently (the Press).

Lower Row L-R:  Marilyn Williams, Eleanor __annie, Jane Henderson Jean Statler, Doris Soweres, Retha Ann Evans, Hazel Denny,
Eileen Price, Janice Carr, Louella Smith, Barbara Kuhn, Betty Carver, Mary Carson, Dorothy VanDyke, Dorothy Sherrick,
Anita Sowers, Ruth Flood, William Wicke, Joan Cox
Middle Row L-R: Wayne McCormick, Jim___, David Woolever, Eugene Alumbaugh, David Dudley, Buster Roberts,
Leon Adaman, Everett Carrico, Marilyn White, Rachel Sue Tuteweiler, Kathryn Bright, Shirley Travis, Helen Brome,
Mildred Brewer, Norma Jean Cox, Rosemary Hesler, Lawrence Mitchell, Farrent Adamson, Billy Shaw, Robert Kingery,
Jerry Hardy, Wayne Huddleston, Lyle Dunn, Wayne Wade
Upper Row L-R: Marshall Startz, Reynold Redman, Leonard James, Don Carr, Fish Bright, _____ _____,
Bobby Hags, Dean Sherrick, Cecil Shaw, Bill Stearns, Charles Jones, James Cody,
Fred Bensun, _____  _____, Bill Cody, Sidney Walker, Ladell Davison, John Underwood.

Greenup High School
All School, 1943-44

he students in this photo have not been identified. 
 The girl in the striped shirt in the front is Bobbie Claire (Bowman) Goodman. 
If you can identify any of these students please contact

Brenda Duckworth

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