Greenup Schools


1908 Third Grade
Alta Yago, Teacher
The above picture was brought to the office byLora (Buck) Gressel and identification was made by him.
It is the third grade of Greenup in 1908-1910.  They are identified as

First Row Left to Right: Mina Lovings, Maggie Mitchell, Audrey Rowe, Lucy Cox, Rene Ozier,
Herman Ewart, Ethel Holt, Cleo Coleman, Alora Ward, Irene Templemton, Esther Hardy, Eunice McCullough, Teacher, Alta Yago
Second Row Left to Right: Bernard Cash, Oliver Hubbart, Bernetta Vanover, George Gressel,
Bryan McMorris, Unidentified, Walter Johnson, Dewey Quinn, next two identified, Leonard Eveland, Lora Gressel, Guy Freeman
Back Row Left to Right: Edward Fitch, Unidentified, Ray Fritts, Irene Parker, Kate Gressel

1929 Fifth Grade
Alta Yago, Teacher
This picture (Above) was brought to the office by Helen Ware Hayden, it was sent to her by Glen Ruffner, Jr.
This picture is the fifth grade class of Greenup Grade School, Taught by Alta Yago in the year 1929. 
The class will be observing their fortieth anniversary in 1976, and plans are being made for a first reunion to be held somtime during the summer. 

Seated first row, left to right: Marian Smith, Marian Freeman, Ellen Bowman, Arletta Jobe,
Bernetta Jobe, Lucille Rhodes, Myrna Conkel, Jennie Borden, ____ _____
Second Row: Francis Devall, Helen Benson, Lloyd Ozier, Glen Ruffner, Jr, Forrest Smith,
Harold Waterford, Ted Shull, Helen Ware, Carolyn Carrell, Mrs. Yago
Third Row: William Robertson, Marjorie Miller, Clifford sherwood, Helen Wheat,
"Windy" Dettro, Ada Richardson, Delbert Rhodes, Rosalee Slater, William "Bill" Waldrip.
Mrs. Yago, Helen Wheat, Harold Waterford, and Rosalee Slater are now deceased.

1934 Eigth Grade
Elsie (Sherrick) Clark, Teacher
Greenup Jr. High School 8th Grade  1934-35
Back Row left to right: Joh William Coble, Robert Smith, John Dooley, Marshall Hawes, William J McMorris, Clifford Troxel
Middle Row left to right: Alice Wickiser Taylor,Dougherty, Martena ______ Elam,
Florence Scales Sparks, Dorothy Neese Carver, John Waldrip, Teacher, Evelyn Bright Moody,
Mary Dora Bancroft Kincaid, Marjorie Phillipi Miller, Elsie Sherrick Clark, Teacher.
Front Row Left to Right: Betty Stewart Quinn, Absent, Florence Cox Dooley,
Virginia Weaver Freeman, Lucille Parker Winnett, Mildred Duvall Tipsword, Ila Stewart Hayden,
Dorothy Ware Carem, Merle Brandenburg Kuhn, Mary Lee Bland Ross.

1935 Second Grade
Mrs. Alberta A (Jenuine) Ewart, Teacher

Front Row L to R: Helen Dooley, Marie Gressel, Clara Biggs, Bud Mitchell, Bob Phillippi, Dorothy Ghast, Donna Green, Helen Torbit
2nd Row L to R: Joe Hayden, Robert Holsapple, Bill Bright, Lyle Reisner, Tom Matteson,
Laverl Spessard, Kenneth Sowers, Charles McNeeley (doc),  Bill Hardy

3rd Row L to R:  Mrs, Ewart, Teacher, Marie Neese, Roy Lyons, Bob Rhodes, Bill Brown,
Charles Phillippi, Johnny Hawes, Nilan Owen, Tommy Ware, and Eleanor Hardy
Lets have a large class reuinion this year.  Please get in touch with Roy Lyons Greenup, Illinois

1938 First Grade
Miss Martha Reeder, Teacher

1st Row: Marshall Sturts, Jim Winnett, Jerry Hardy, _______, Ramon Benson, Louella Smith,
Rosemary Hesler, Kathleen Fults,Wanda ______, Kathryn Bright

2nd Row: Kenneth _____, John Underwood, John (Buster) Roberts, Paul Benson, Felecian Bright, Charles Williams,
Burl Sowers, Dorothy Van Dyke, Kathleen Thomas, Marie Smith, Leroy Holt, Miss Martha Reeder, Teacher.

1940 Third Grade
Miss Estaline Miller, Teacher

1st row sitting:  John Underwood, Kenneth_____, John (Buster) Roberts, Jim Winnett, Ramon Benson, _________.
1st row Standing: Marilyn Williams, _____, Teynoll Tedman, Mary Carson, Marshall Sturts,
Louella Smith, Wanda Underwood, Betty Lochonour.

2nd row standing: Kathleen Thomas, Bobbie Haga, Felecian Bright, Paul Benson, _____,
CharlesWilliams, Dorothy VanDyke, Rosemary Hesler, Elsie Fults, Kathryn Bright,

Miss Estaline Miller, Teacher

1943 Fifth Grade
Mrs. Alta Yago, Teacher

Sitting:  Marshall Sturts, Jerry Hardy, Rose Marie Coglianse,Marilyn Williams, Rachel Sue Tutwiler,
Louella Smith, JeanRoberts, Rosemary Hesler, ______Pieffer??, Kathryn Bright, Mary Roberts

Standing: John (Buster) Roberts, Carl Smith, Jim Winnett, JohnUnderwood, Felecian Bright, Mary Carson,
Dorothy Van Dyke, Marilyn White Eleanor Trimble, Paul Benson, Bobbie Haga, Ramon Benson, Richard Coglianse,

Mrs. Alta Yago, Teacher

Greenup Junior High 1938 (grades 6, 7, 8)
Above( all left to right)
Row 1 :
John Bright , Richard Kuykendall, Jimmy Pfieffer, Harold (Buss) Reed, Ewell Winnett, Lloyd Frizzelle,
Bill Lyons, ___?___ Brandenburg, Gene Oakley, Bill Hardy, Bill Brown
Row 2:  ___?____ Scales, Lowell Rhodes, Nade Peters, Darrell Owen, Eddie Holt, ___?___
Junior Underwood, Wendell Letner, Maz Shull, Lewis Baugess, Kenneth Torbitt
Row 3:  Kathryn Rominger, Jean Winnett, Marie Gressel, Donna Marie Green, Lavada Brown,
Ruth Marie Neese, Helen Dooley, ___?___, Dorothy Richards, Iula Peters, Rosallie Smith, Clara Biggs, Mary Jane Holt, Betty Lou Van Dyke
Row 4:  Principal Guy Kimpling, Teacher Dorothy Dearnbarge, Teacher Lena Sherrick, Rosemary Eubank,
Hellen Torbitt, Helen Draper, Phyllis Button,  Jean Stockbarger, ___?___Devall, Eva Smith, Edith Hawes, Evelyn Heddins,
Corenne Reed, Ernestine Martin, Reba Cox, Betty Sturts, ___?___ (crack), Rowena McCullough, Bobbie Claire Bowman,
Teacher Edna Baker, Teache Alice Wickiser, Teacher Maurice Taylor.
Row 5:  Bob Philippi, ___?___ McNeeley, Bob Holsapple, Laverle Spessard,
KennethFritts, ___?___, ___?___, ___?___, Charles (Bud) Mitchell, Billy Bridges, Dick Rominger,
Don Stewart, James (Judge) Parker, Jack Cutright, Kenneth Sowers, ___?___, Shay Scales, Merle Devall, Richard Bright,
The students in this picture were identified by Bobbie Claire (nee Bowman) Goodman


1944 Sixth Grade
Miss Lena Sherrick, Teacher(Above)

On Ground: Richard Cogliance, Jim Winnett, Wayne McCormick, Marshall Sturts,Reynoll Redman, Jerry Hardy
Sitting: Kathryn Bright, Rose Marie Cogliance, Rosemay Hesler, Lyle Dunn, John Underwood,
Paul Benson, Rachel Tutewiler, Mary Roberts, Louella Smith

Standing: Bobie Haga, Ramon Benson, Felecian Bright, Vern Bland, Norma Adamson, Jean Roberts, Janice
Carr, Eleanor Trimble, Marilyn Williams, Marilyn White, Dorothy Van Dyke, Mary Carson, Shirley Travis

Mrs Lena Sherrick, Teacher

Thanks to Jim Winnett for submitting these photos.