JULY 3RD, 1917

Main Street Jewett, Illinois. Charles Hoover and Marcus Morgan had a gun battle here on July 3rd. 1917.
Both Charles and Marcus had been in the Army, having lived in the Jewett area all their lives. had returned to their homes in Jewett. Illinois Apparently their fathers, Tom Hoover and Val Morgan were arguing over a horse.
They both left where their fathers were arguing and went to a Saloon.
There they continued to defend each fathers argument and they decided to go home for their guns. Returning to Main Street, they started walking down main street towards each other apparently firing their guns Both were killed in front of the Barber Shop and watering trough. One lived longer than the other, so he put another shot into the other man No one seems to know who lived the longest
There was a storage room in the Barber Shop, the bodies were carried to the storage room until a coroner could make a report. Dr. A. J. Reeve of Toledo took charge of the inquest. Then the undertakers took charge. Ed Peters of Greenup was in charge of Hoover's arrangements and Squire Holt of Greenup was in charge of Morgan's arrangements. Charles Hoover's body was carried to his home, as they crossed the yard a bullet dropped onto the ground Grandma Greeson picked it up and saved it through the years.
My heart goes out to the family after all these years, they must still feet grief and shock at what happened that day long ago Mary Harper of Toledo lived with her Aunt Letta Hoover and was very bitter about the incident

Death Certificate of Charles Hoover, Carpenter

Died instantly of gunshot wounds. Dr A.J. Reeve of Toledo took charge of the inquest Place of burial, Jewett Cemetery. Undertaker. Ed Peters. Greenup. Illinois. He was born 1877. the son of Thomas Hoover and mother, Letha Smith, both parents born in Illinois Certificate filed July 7. 1917. C L Ray Registrar

Death Certificate of Marcus Morgan, Farmer

Died instantly of gunshot wounds Dr A J Reeve of Toledo took charge of inquest. Place of burial, Jewett Cemetery. Squire Holt was the Undertaker from Greenup, Illinois Marcus Morgan was born May 31, 1891. in Indiana, the son of Val Morgan and Damaris Trueblood of Indiana Filed
July 6th, 1917, C L. Ray. Registrar.

The death of these two men was so needless The names of Marcus Morgan and Charles Hoover will be long remembered. The heartbreak and grief it brought to a whole town was such a tragedy Small children watched from behind buildings How fearful they must have been.
This Article by: Author Unknown

The third page consisting of pictures one through four are pictures of Marcus Morgan's Tombstone in the Jewett Cemetery. Also a picture of his father Val Morgan's farm home and Marcus Morgans home as taken by the Unknown Author. Also there is a picture of the Tomb- stone taken on August 24th, 2009. the homes not available at this time. Pictures five through nine are Charles Hoover's Tombstone in the Jewett Cemetery along with a picture of the Charles Hoover Home
and his father. Thomas Hoover home by the Unknown Author Also there are pictures of Charles Hoover's Tombstone and the homes of Thomas Hoover and Charles Hoover as they look on August 24th 2009
Picture number ten is Jewett Main Street, August 24th. 2009. looking west. The shooting occurred in the street near the front of the tall building Apparently the Barber Shop and Watering Trough were near this building and is no longer in existence

Source: This information taken from the Author Unknown, re-submitted by James Winnett.

War veterans Mr. Marcus Morgan (cousin of Ben, Herbert and Nellie Morgan) and Mr. Charles Hoover, both of Jewett have died of gunshot wounds—inflicted upon each other in a duel, the result of an argument in the defense of their respective fathers. Their fathers had been arguing over a horse, which resulted in an argument between Marcus Morgan and Charles Hoover, who both went home and returned with guns. In the street in front of the barber shop and watering trough they began walking toward each other. No one knows who fired the first shot, but immediately following the first shot a second shot rang out. One of the men had fallen to the street but was still alive and rose up to put another round into second man who was wounded but still standing. Both men then expired in the street from their mortal wounds. Both bodies were carried into a storage room of the barber shop to await the coroner’s report. Dr. A. J. Reeve of Toledo took charge of the inquest, after which the undertakers took charge. Ed Peters of Greenup was placed in charge of Hoover’s arrangements, and Squire Holt was in charge of Morgan’s arrangements. Both men were buried head-to-head in the Jewett Cemetery, where they remain to this day. An interesting side note: As Hoover’s body was being carried to a wagon a bullet dropped out of his body onto the ground, and was picked up and retained by a Ms. Greeson. In a quote from the time; “The deaths of these two men was so needless. The names of Marcus Morgan and Charles Hoover will be long remembered. The heartbreak and grief it brought to the whole town was such a tragedy.”
(Gun Battle of Jewett – July 3, 1917)

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